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14 May 2018 19:17:09
When it rains it pours! Just read that Ox not only injured his acl but the medial ligament and hamstring too. So we may not see him on the field in 2018 again. Recovery is going to take time and effort. Really empathize for the guy. Was beginning to come onto his own, and carve his own place in the team. 😒 🤞.


1.) 14 May 2018 20:08:53
Big shame for the lad, was coming into his own as well - hopefully he can make a full recovery.

2.) 14 May 2018 20:12:19
If that's true, everything else will be healed by the time his ACL has healed. It isn't like only 1 thing heals at a time.

3.) 14 May 2018 20:24:10
Don't count on seeing Ox until December 2018.

4.) 14 May 2018 20:53:15
He will be like a new signing for the second part of the season and all being well he will come back big and strong.

He has really impressed both on and off the pitch.

Got a feeling the Ox is going to pick up plenty of trophies with us in the next few seasons.

Let’s get number 6 to give him a boost.

5.) 14 May 2018 21:23:47
A bad blow and an area I get increasingly worried about. With Coutinho gone and Can likely to leave this summer we have a shortage in midfield, we have Keita arriving which eases some of the worry but now Chamberlain isn’t due back until December.

As it is we have.

Henderson (some injury issues) .
Can (leaving in summer) .
Chamberlain (out until December) .
Lallana (likely to leave) .


It seems Ceballos is highly likely which if happens gives us.


Plus Coutinho still needs replacing which hopefully mean Fekir or Pulisic arrives. Given Chamberlain is out until at least December and the possibility of any of the front three being injured or out of form, should we look to sign Ceballos, Pulisic and Fekir?

Would give us great depth and quality in midfield and attack.

6.) 14 May 2018 21:26:36
Chambo actually sourced 2 tickets for a father and son he met near the end of the season.

class act on and off the pitch!

hope he stays positive through his injury and can get through this!

7.) 14 May 2018 22:44:10
I kept thinking we got lucky with being him injury free compared to his arsenal days and now he's crocked. At least he's got the summer to recover and hopefully he can make it back before the busy christmas period.

8.) 14 May 2018 22:57:46
Hopefully he doesn't lose his pace and explosiveness. Really liked him this season, and offers a good option in the middle or wide. We Definetely need cover out wide, pace and the option to play as a forward or attacking midfielder too. Fekir ticks that box for me.

9.) 14 May 2018 22:42:25
Jonesred I understand your concerns and I’ve just been having a near identical conversation with a mate as he had the same worries. But I personally think that if we sign our targets (Cellabos and AM) along with Keita, then we will have sufficient players to cope with Ox’s injury.

If we use this seasons formation as an example and look at the squad hypothetically with those signings. Hendo, Keita and Fekir start with gigi, Milner and Cellabos in reserve is plenty, even if let’s say we lose hendo and Fekir to injury, we still would have a midfield of Cellabos, Keita and gig/ Milner, and then gives players like Trent and Woodburn the opportunity to play in midfield. Especially if we sign a rightback as the eds have mentioned.

I’d say signing another midfielder on top of all that could end up being more disruptive than productive.

10.) 15 May 2018 01:10:48
Don’t forget about TTA.

11.) 15 May 2018 05:57:23
Terrible shame. Ox had become an automatic starter in the midfield. An explosive player. He was outstanding against City in the CL.

This is clearly a very serious injury to his knee. It is entirely possible he will come back as good as before. Also entirely possible he will never be the same player.

At this point, the club has to plan for life without him. "Back in December2018", "nine months" etc are all just guesses.

So we very much need to bring in another midfielder now, in addition to Keita.

12.) 16 May 2018 15:27:32
No way Lallana leaves this summer - I expect him to make an impact when he gets subbed in in the 65th minute of the CL Final.

That being said, I only think we'll bring in 1 or 2 additional midfielders.

I personally get excited about the potential of a Milner, Keita, Ox midfield, and I don't think it's the end of the world if Lallana starts the season in Ox's spot

Bottom line, I'm not too worried about our midfield depth, even though it looks rough for the CL Final.

13.) 17 May 2018 15:58:50
He is only 24 yo. I remember Mane was injured and got back in 2 months.




ArAy1969's banter posts with other poster's replies to ArAy1969's banter posts


19 Oct 2020 16:36:36
You know that moment when the ball crosses the goal line and you get this sudden rush of joy and pleasure? That scream and fist pumping and dancing around the chair, after watching the goal scorer do the same on the field?

Well, it's almost all gone for me. Because you now sit and wait for the all clear from VAR, after every goal. And you don't even know, as a fan or spectator, what the reasoning is behind an acceptance or refusal of a goal. That's what is killing the game for me. And I don't feel like sitting through 90 minutes of watching anymore, when they're gradually taking away those moments in their blind search for accuracy and "advancement".


1.) 19 Oct 2020 17:12:10
Am with you ArAy And we’ve all said it for a while now the odd offside is bad enough them trying to convince us that a player is off side when clearly there not. But now they just take everone for fools and change rules to suit the cock ups! The Beauty game of football is gone am afraid. Sad times.

2.) 19 Oct 2020 18:00:38
OP, I have an NFL mentality so I am used to having a mental wait-time in my head after a goal is scored cos I know the goal will be reviewed cos in the NF, every touchdown is reviewed and I am used to that.

3.) 19 Oct 2020 20:46:33
Spot on aray. Absolutely. I was bouncing when captain incredible touched in mane's cross. Was a killer when it was disallowed.

I don't understand how some whizz kid doesn't make some software that can say for sure if there are offsides.

It's gone mental, I'd rather it back like it was in the 80s. if someone is offside the play is stopped. Simple.

4.) 19 Oct 2020 22:05:51
RM, well that's why football is the most popular sport in the World and the NFL is not. 😛.



17 Oct 2020 14:38:30
VAR needs to be removed for the sake of the game. I'll be happy going with the ref's decisions. Enough is enough. If Sane was offside, then VVD was certainly not offside, and consequently we were robbed of a penalty. No comment on Gomez. Everyone else will happily fill in the dots.


1.) 17 Oct 2020 14:40:42
VAR is not the problem. It's the way it is being used. Absolutely disgusted today 2 shocking decisions and daylight robbery.

2.) 17 Oct 2020 14:40:59
The 2 decisions were an absolute joke. First time I've been truly outraged by VAR.

3.) 17 Oct 2020 14:46:37
It was a cracking game of football ruined by that nonsense.
Get rid of it please.

4.) 17 Oct 2020 14:47:41
Absolute joke.

5.) 17 Oct 2020 14:51:12
It was poor to say the least, Pickford should have been sent off and if Mane is offside for the third goal, then the game has gone.

6.) 17 Oct 2020 14:53:30
Can live with the offsides its been silly for seasons. But that Pickford challenge to go completely missed is just unacceptable. Absolutely madness VAR only job is to check decisions yet according to ESPN they didn't even check it because they where checking the offside. thought BT and Peter Walton covered well tbf.

7.) 17 Oct 2020 14:54:28
2 possible career Ending tackles. First thing var (the refs) is there for the safety of players. It failed massively. If that challenge on VVD was from an outfield player not in the pen box he’s a gonner. The offside is just a Beyond a joke!

8.) 17 Oct 2020 15:00:59
Yes VAR is are enemy today, but are other enemy is our own defense, might be time for neco Williams to step in for trent he looks like he needs a rest . Sounds insane but give nat Phillips a chance he is better in the air than gomez and a more aggressive defender, gomez has baggage at the minute .

9.) 17 Oct 2020 15:01:01
don't get it at all? NFL has replay and there needs to be irrefutable evidence to overturn a call. I wish VAR was the same.

10.) 17 Oct 2020 15:02:52
the technology is fine, it's just really confusing how it's implemented, how it's communicated, how they come to decisions, how the lines are drawn, who makes decisions.

11.) 17 Oct 2020 15:04:06
OP, VAR is not my problem. It is the consistency that is my problem. On the VVD tackle, I don't know how anyone can say that was not a red card. I have seen games where players are penalized for fouls after a play is blown dead by the ref and SENT OFF. Also and that was not a tackle. It was assault, end of. There is NO rule that says a player can be assaulted by another player just cos the play is blown dead. Where was the VAR for that?

Then on the Everton first goal, people are yet to mention that Keane grabbed Fab's shirt hence, preventing him from jumping and Fab can't jump and Keane gets a free header. It was clear on replays YET not a peep. Where was VAR for that?

But NOW that Everton are about to lose, they pull out the VAR ASAP to find some offside that NOBODY else can see. THAT IS MY PROBLEM.

12.) 17 Oct 2020 15:22:46
Ed001 has said for months the lines are subjective, I don't get why there needed its not like goaline tech where its black and white.
Get them removed, use the naked eye and let the game be. It will be so much better for it.

13.) 17 Oct 2020 15:48:51
the lines are there to make it objective. Using naked eye is a terrible idea.

What they should do, imo, is change the wording so that the feet are the only factors for the offside line. that would be far clearer than drawing a line part way up the arm.

14.) 17 Oct 2020 15:07:31
Ed025 well you got the draw you were hoping for. As a blue what do you make of the VAR decisions and Pickford's challenge on Virgil?

{Ed025's Note - i think pickford should be in a police cell now jeff, never been a fan of VAR mate even though it seems we were the benificiaries today mate..

15.) 17 Oct 2020 16:16:15
Nice one, Ed25. I am just happy that VVD's season was not ended by that clown of a GK. He is also known to be a piece of work off the pitch, as well. Now we see why.

{Ed025's Note - hes a knobhead on and off the pitch RM, you wont find me defending him under any circumstances mate..

16.) 17 Oct 2020 16:47:18
var is good just the bent corrupt/ incompetent persons using it would be interesting to see the betting on 2-2.



16 Oct 2020 21:52:28
Just read an interesting story on Ryan Babel today. It seems he's amassing quite a real estate portfolio and investing in a variety of businesses, while helping other footballers do the same and not drink and dance their millions away. He's not exactly become a multi-millionaire like Mathieu Flamini (ex-Arsenal), who's a principal in a bio-chemical company, but it's still a far cry from what we always read about Babel, being an average footballer by day and DJ party guy at night.

Happy to see it and wish more footballers did the same after (or even during) their careers.


1.) 17 Oct 2020 08:32:04
Isn't God like in the top 10 richest football players list or something because if his property portfolio too?


2.) 17 Oct 2020 10:38:08
Saw a documentary about Flamini and his business venture and look out cos we may well be looking at the first billionaire ex footballer should the business go the way it is trending.

3.) 17 Oct 2020 11:16:31
Ha he must’ve got better at paying his bills then remember when he played for us one of the agents in the office I was working at for a certain energy co. got the call from Ryan’s advisor as his gas was about to get cut off for not paying his bill 😉.



21 Sep 2020 16:17:21
Yes, Thiago showed us a glimpse of what it's going to be like with him in there (even though it was against only 10 men) . I understand why many are salivating.

But let's not forget the other Master we have and give credit when it's due. Henderson's pass to Mane, before the mauling and penalty, was absolute world class, pinpoint accuracy. Crucial penalty that set the tone for the second half.


1.) 21 Sep 2020 17:03:29
Henderson is crucial for us no doubt at all, if he is injured I wonder if we will keep grujic?

2.) 21 Sep 2020 17:41:57
Big up, OP. Thiago is amazing and we all knew that before he came to us. BUT Hendo is the heart and soul of our team and that pass (just like his defence splitting pass vs Flemengo) is what did Chelsea in and paved the way for our win. Big up, to Captain Legend.

3.) 21 Sep 2020 17:48:33
Honestly, Jordan Henderson may be my favourite player ever. He's such a fantastic person. I've got so much respect for the guy. What a player, what intelligence, what compassion and what intensity. People point to vvd, Alisson mane and salah. But I'm telling you, I don't think we're the dominant liverpool without him.

Jordan Henderson = Absolute legend.

4.) 21 Sep 2020 18:11:23
Robbie, I can't agree more mate.

5.) 21 Sep 2020 18:24:28
We didn't get a penalty.

6.) 21 Sep 2020 18:56:19
Robbie as they say in the NFL, "We may not win with Hendo. But we're sure NOT going to win without him".

7.) 21 Sep 2020 19:06:19
That bent my brain RM. So true tho.

8.) 21 Sep 2020 19:27:29
Hendo is everything that typifies the success of this team

Shame he can’t run - right?

9.) 21 Sep 2020 19:50:19
Sorry, you're right Rigsby. We didn't get a penalty. I was thinking red card and for some reason penalty entered into my mind.

10.) 21 Sep 2020 19:54:58
Can't run, Drogie? He's good enough. If they all had to be like Usain Bolt, they'd be in athletics and not football. Much easier life, just as much money.

11.) 21 Sep 2020 23:05:37
I believe Drogies can’t run comment was in reference to comments made by whisky nose if I’m not mistaken.

12.) 22 Sep 2020 06:25:25
Oh that's right Scootinio. Now I get it. It slipped my mind, and I didn't catch it when I read Drogie's comment. Sir WhiskyNose is now from a bygone era. Less and less relevance as times goes along.

13.) 22 Sep 2020 08:14:21
Hendo is very quick.



17 Sep 2020 16:23:05
Am surprised that nobody has said it yet, but it seems we now have a real Brazilian Brigade (4 members now), our own Samba Boys. Let the Carnival begin! 🎭.


{Ed0666's Note - You can write short posts I’m impressed ArAy...

1.) 17 Sep 2020 17:42:11
Thiago is Spanish.

2.) 17 Sep 2020 18:10:39
Apart from having two parents both born in Brazil, yes he's Italian (the country of his birth) .

3.) 17 Sep 2020 18:24:39
I'm fairly sure Thiago is a Brazilian, born in Italy, who learned his trade in Spain. Maybe i have that wrong though.

4.) 17 Sep 2020 18:37:55
Thiago is a citizen of the world and that is the way I like it. Also, he speaks impeccable English.

5.) 17 Sep 2020 16:44:14
Hold your horses there Ed0666. I can easily do a Har92 or a Robbiesline, if you wish. Be careful what you wish for. You seem to be the "cruising for a bruising" types, Lol
. 😅.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m sorry mate I must have confused you with Wordsworth I mean Har92. Lol

6.) 18 Sep 2020 08:26:52
Guys, Thiago Alcantara's father is Mazinho Nascimento, the right back who has played (and very well) for the Brazilian national team. His mother is Spanish. Thiago plays for the Spanish national team. His younger brother Rafinha (also a Barcelona academy product) turns out for the Brazilian national team.




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30 Oct 2020 17:38:14
Is he even as good as Jota, forget our front 3? Serious question.




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30 Oct 2020 17:35:36
Highly doubtful. He doesn't fulfill any urgent requirement. And why are we suddenly looking at players who are 28 years and above?




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21 Oct 2020 09:28:48
Thanks Ed002. I'm not surprised by any of this. Nothing new, and it's all around us from morning to night. It's business as usual; make money and maximize shareholder value.




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21 Oct 2020 09:35:20
Agreed Har_red. But they came in second, and were still a potent force during the season. I suspect you're going to see a title winner with at least 8-9 loses this year. Compressed shorter season, no home-field advantage to speak of, players in and out due to catching c. v., and the usual injuries. I don't see how any team can play consistently in the face of such havoc and disruption.




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20 Oct 2020 15:23:02
That's the whole idea behind a squad of 25, isn't it? And to build a squad of 25 (not just 11) that is as cohesive and similar in quality as possible, so that there's no let down when injuries happen. ManC did just fine without De Bruyne one season, and without Laporte the other. And Aguero is not fit half the time. Suck it up and move forward. Let the chips fall where they may.





ArAy1969's banter replies


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30 Oct 2020 18:45:59
At optimal fitness levels, Matip and Gomez are the best CB pairing. Fabinho is far more effective, and needed, in midfield.




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30 Oct 2020 17:42:04
LFCDas, while agreeing with you about Matip being an overall better CB than Gomez, I would place Nat Philips before Rhys Williams. Why he hasn't been played ahead of Williams recently, is a question I can't answer.




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30 Oct 2020 17:30:11
We've all had first hand views of how difficult it is to fully recover from these types of injuries, in recent years. It takes a year usually to recover, and sometimes more. Sturridge, Ings, Gomez, and Ox come to mind. Too early still to say if being injured altered Ox's game, but it definitely derailed Sturridge's. Ings and Gomez seem to be over them.




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29 Oct 2020 18:36:28
Robbie, what is wrong with Rhys? He does all the simple basic fundamentals well. No flashy stuff, no blinding speed and no unnecessary touches. Gets the ball and gets rid of it as quickly as possible, as any youngster should do to avoid any error that millions of eyeballs are staring at. Which is what you want from your 4th choice for the position. He'll get the positioning right, in time. He's just a no nonsense young player.




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26 Oct 2020 22:34:56
"Subjective"? Trying to wrap up a player's body with both arms from behind, especially during a jump for a ball is more WWE body slam technique, than football. And it's a clear foul anywhere on the field. In the box, it's a penalty. The most incredible thing is that 4 refs on the field, plus one somewhere in some control room, saw it as clean football play.