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08 Aug 2021 11:58:45
We're offloading players to balance the Konate fee.

I really don't see any other first team ready players coming in during this window.

We all know how FSG work.

You never know Keita ight surprise is all this season as he should get more game time with Gini gone - if he can stay fit.


1.) 08 Aug 2021 12:14:12
Keita? 2 hopes there Bob and no! ’.

2.) 08 Aug 2021 12:21:10
FSG seemed to work quite well with Alison and VVD both of who cost world record fees for their positions when bought.

3.) 08 Aug 2021 12:19:50
When Keita is fit Klopp often plays him, he is just not fit often enough. How do FSG work? Last year they bought 3 players, 2 first teamers. This year they bought Konate of course they will buy another player if Klopp wants one or two.

4.) 08 Aug 2021 12:29:22
Another season of the comedy “football” stylings of Naby Keita, sigh. Hopefully the Penny will drop within the club that he’s utterly hopeless and be sold next summer after another disappointing season. £50m down the khazi.

5.) 08 Aug 2021 12:41:15
Slop slating our best player on form.

6.) 08 Aug 2021 12:50:34
No he’s absolutely spot on. Keita is not good enough and has been nothing but a waste of time and money. Also, even when on form he’s not even close to our best player.

7.) 08 Aug 2021 13:00:32
West Derby Wanderer, you do realise that Coutinho’s fee paid for Allison and VVD.

8.) 08 Aug 2021 13:01:05
Has been in every game recently.

9.) 08 Aug 2021 13:39:43
I'm going to get behind the lad - if it wasn't for his injury record he'd be a far better player than Wijnaldum by now. Hopefully he can avoid any more lay-offs, and fulfil the potential we saw before he signed.

10.) 08 Aug 2021 13:50:57
IPC12 - you took the words right out of my mouth there!

WDW obviously doesn't realise that fact.

Markp08 - let's just wait and see. What I posted above is my opinion of course, and I could be wrong. 3 weeks to go to see if I am or not.

11.) 08 Aug 2021 14:17:32
Our form player it’s embarrassing to even hear or see people say that! Friendly games they mean Notting mix b match team against the same!
Keita is a klopp dud buy as 02 has said klopped cried for him and he got him he will stick by him too most disbelief!
That lad needs a solid boot in the hole!

12.) 08 Aug 2021 14:29:21
Kieta hasn’t been on form since he signed for us. He got his big move and big pay cheque and went straight into semi retirement.

13.) 08 Aug 2021 15:12:22
He’s a liverpool player who represents the club. Maybe afford him and the manager and the club a little respect! Fans? You give us a bad name. Sometimes things don’t work out as we all hope they would. That doesn’t mean you should turn into an arsehole because it’s hasn’t gone to plan. Fan = supported not some childish boo boy who knows f all about f all.

14.) 08 Aug 2021 15:28:43
We can’t sell Keita because no one will buy him but let’s keep abusing him, that’ll make him play better.

15.) 08 Aug 2021 15:54:24
I know Keita had a torrid time with injures and never really lived up to his true potential with us. While I'm fine if he's sold, but if he's not, let's hope he finally comes good. At the rate that we're signing players this season, we really need the existing players to step up. Rant all we want, if you love Liverpool, stand behind the team. Otherwise, you're free to support PSG or City.

16.) 08 Aug 2021 16:14:01
Posters like IPC12 and KBL amuse me. Do they think that the acquisition and decision to sell Coutinho was nothing to do with the club's management.

17.) 08 Aug 2021 16:18:34
Well said DAPred.

18.) 08 Aug 2021 17:16:45
You lot are embarrassing. constantly slagging off players and the owners. Really tiresome reading it all. Its called support for a reason and you lot clearly ain't supporters.

19.) 08 Aug 2021 17:17:54
Redman and thunderbird. well said, the others are a joke.

20.) 08 Aug 2021 18:00:49
Aye, its embarrassing all right. Its like nearly willing him to fail just so some can be proved right. Weird!
Its a week until the season starts, if he stays then support. He certainly won't get any better ridiculing him.

21.) 08 Aug 2021 19:18:22
We’re in year four of the Naby Keita project and he’s shown nothing in competitive matches in the previous years to suggest he’s got what it takes. It baffles me how people can be so gushing in praise and effusive of someone who has never put even a minute fraction of the hard work and effort that Gini Wijnaldum did and yet Gini used to come in for a lot of grief. If Keita left tomorrow, the club would not miss him, however I can be sure that Gini will be missed as he was reliable, always match fit and put a shift in, all things that Naby has never done.

22.) 08 Aug 2021 19:37:42

23.) 08 Aug 2021 20:11:25
Red planet? What are you talking about? You sell a player, you reinvest… isn’t that what a logical team does?

24.) 08 Aug 2021 20:30:02
IPC12 and KBL. In the 2 transfer windows we purchased VVD and Allison 'with the Coutinho money', we also purchased Keita, Fabinho and Shaq.
With other sales, we actually spent £70ish net, taking into account the Coutinho fee.

25.) 08 Aug 2021 20:43:30
Just wondering how FSG work - enlighten me.

26.) 08 Aug 2021 21:28:12
IPC12 I understand that outgoings at least notionally help balance the books and fund incomings yes.

I also understand - at a basic level at least, having sat at the back of the class when we did maths at school - that FSG invest in assets when they see an asset adding to the value of the club. I also understand that some assets are purchased based on the forecast return from future revenue streams. Over the past 18 months one of the revenue streams has been severely impacted, and as of now continues to be so. So, we don’t have enough money, or certainty of sufficient future match day revenue at the moment to ‘splash the cash’. Even if we did we are also stuck because of the issue of home grown / non-home grown players. Can’t say too much about this because I dropped geography before o-levels but I think it has something to do with coming from Widnes or further away.

I think though, given FSG being a company that is keen to make a profit on their assests and with the proof of the caliber of players they have brought into the club, the state of the art training complex they have built and the upgrades to the ground which will see us with a 67,000 capacity (and more income for us to all play wannabe Premier Manager each transfer window) that they deserve a bit more respect than they sometimes get on these crass threads that people start because we haven’t bought the latest name that some hack with no knowledge thinks up.

Anyway on we go - I read a bit earlier that we are thinking of bidding for some 34 year old Argentinian who is a feee agent …….

27.) 08 Aug 2021 21:47:04
Don’t buy a Porsche if you can’t afford the petrol, John. If someone somewhere could really clarify how one of the most historical clubs, biggest names and very recently super successful with many record breaking sponsorship deals do not have a pot to p. in?

28.) 08 Aug 2021 23:08:46
They do have a pot to pee in. But it sprung a few leaks.

29.) 09 Aug 2021 00:48:16
I did this management course a few years back and they were banging on about data leading to information leading to knowledge leading to wisdom and one of the things they covered in passing was a little thing about knowledge :

There are things you know that you know, for example, your name, address, date of birth.

There are things you know that you don’t know, for example how Margaret Thatcher got elected

There are things that you don’t know that you don’t know, for example as a football fan how the finances of an international brand Premier League football club works ….

30.) 09 Aug 2021 07:00:17
More hopeful and excited for Kieta staying jnjury free and kicking on this season tha I am about new signings.



31 Jul 2021 09:48:35
No more incomings for us this year I'm afraid.


1.) 31 Jul 2021 09:52:26
Will this nonsense stop?

2.) 31 Jul 2021 13:07:14
There was a fella the other day saying there would be bids for Bissouma, Bowen and someone else ‘in a few days …… I love the transfer window.



19 Feb 2021 12:25:59
Alisson out tomorrow - and Kelleher injured too!


1.) 19 Feb 2021 13:11:55
Klopp just confirmed he's fine.

2.) 19 Feb 2021 13:19:27
Klopp just said Alisson is fine.

KBL, do you have your info from a reliable source, or is it from a site that saw he missed training yesterday (as is being widely reported)?

3.) 19 Feb 2021 13:21:43
Bum steer there people - Klopp's just said Ali's fine. My bad. Twitter twaddle again.

4.) 19 Feb 2021 13:29:18
Just because they weren't seen in the training photos? Chill out with the histrionics please.

5.) 19 Feb 2021 16:23:09
Nothing to do with training pictures JM - I had several messages from normally reliable sources.

I've suitably reprimanded the culprits though.

6.) 19 Feb 2021 16:40:12
Usual story, see a story on Twatter and of course it must be true.
Even though most folks know about Twatter by now, it never ceases to amaze me how many read this sort of crap and instantly swallow the bait.

7.) 19 Feb 2021 17:05:46
Don't be so harsh on KBL this is a rumours site! KBL you owe me wireless mouse that I threw across the room after reading your post mate.

8.) 19 Feb 2021 18:06:54
In fairness to KBL, nearly every rumour of injuries on twitter this season have turned out to be true. Usually its 99% rubbish, but all the rubbish ones seem to be true. Thank god its rubbish this time.

9.) 20 Feb 2021 12:41:05
Hey FlashTheRed - I'm not even on Twitter, and I still got it wrong.

MMR - love it. Just the kind of thing I do.



09 Oct 2020 09:35:29
Has anyone any idea how long Alisson will be out? The club tend to keep these things very close. Like when Henderson was injured, Klopp said it was absolutely nothing, but he was out for ages.

I have been hearing whispers that Ali won't be back before Christmas.

I really hope those whispers are way off the mark.


1.) 09 Oct 2020 10:13:39
I read somewhere (might've been on here) 6-8 weeks.

2.) 09 Oct 2020 10:24:55
Thanks Salah - I hope you're nearer the mark buddy.

3.) 09 Oct 2020 10:43:15
i think those whispers have been from everton fans. the injury he has sustained is around 4-6 weeks recovery.

{Ed025's Note - cheers doc.. :)

4.) 09 Oct 2020 10:44:04
Fingers crossed mate.

5.) 09 Oct 2020 13:15:54
Southern Red - what is his injury actually? I have only heard it's his shoulder, but nothing else.

6.) 09 Oct 2020 15:09:45
“He has no chance to play against Everton, " Jurgen Klopp said after the Villa game, also backing Adrian to step up. “I don't want to put a timeframe but four weeks is possible, six weeks more likely. "

it was a shoulder injury i believe a collision in training.

7.) 09 Oct 2020 16:56:40
Shoulder injuries are nothing to mess around with. If he comes back too soon, and reinjures, then it's likely he will need surgery that will come with a recovery time that would likely cost him the season.

8.) 09 Oct 2020 14:12:49
No worries Ed.



31 Aug 2020 18:14:16
Rumour has it that Thiago on way to Arsenal.

Anyone else heard this?


1.) 31 Aug 2020 19:29:15
Why would he leave Bayern for Arsenal 🤣.

2.) 31 Aug 2020 19:35:27
I’ve heard they have been in discussion with Bayern, so I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve also heard that Wijnaldum to Barcelona is pretty much a nailed on thing too, so I can only presume that Grujic is staying and taking Wijnaldum’s place in that case?

3.) 31 Aug 2020 19:50:16
Yeah we play them again in a couple of weeks don't we so they meant that might be his first game!

4.) 31 Aug 2020 19:55:12
If Grujic was replaying Gini he would have started vs Arsenal.

5.) 31 Aug 2020 20:20:17
2 + 2 = 5.

6.) 31 Aug 2020 21:04:29
If I'm not mistaken ed02 has said bayern are expecting an offer from Liverpool soon for tiagho. We know he wants Liverpool so I doubt he'd agree to join arsenal just yet until we have spoken to bayern.

7.) 31 Aug 2020 21:41:24
Grujic is surely leaving? Not sure his WP is in place to play in England either tbh.

8.) 01 Sep 2020 04:01:23
out of interest, when people ask 'has anyone heard this' are you asking in case someone here is a friend of said player, or are you just asking if someone has read the same click bait you have?

9.) 01 Sep 2020 07:28:14
Faith, it's a rumours site, stop the bitchy comments hey.

10.) 01 Sep 2020 10:13:10
Faith - the reason I asked if anyone else has heard anything is because I was told it by someone else, so nothing to do with click bait. I was of the impression that some of my fellow LFC supporters might have known better than me which is not too difficult to be honest. But I guess some people try to make you look stupid, so thanks for that buddy.

11.) 02 Sep 2020 01:22:42
If I was trying to make you look stupid I would have called you a stupid name. that is why I started off the comment with "out of interest".

the general rule of thumb should be that no one knows anything except when it's official in the rags or is confirmed here by the eds. otherwise anything that anyone of us hear is likely hearsay. oh well, unless someone is actually itk!

12.) 03 Sep 2020 00:39:02
Why would thiago want to join arsenal and step down to a team who finished 8th and haven't competed domestically or in Europe for a while now. His whole career is full of league titles and CL wins with 2 clubs, he's just won the European cup and arguably the best CM in the latter stages yet would choose to play for a club who can't even be sure to nail down Europa league places for the coming years he has left in his career. Nonsensical.




KBL's banter posts with other poster's replies to KBL's banter posts


28 Aug 2021 15:07:38
AArrgh, Oh no - my missus has asked her family round this afternoon for a bank holiday p. up. Sounds good, and it normally is, but the bad news is that every single time we see her lot when Liverpool play, we lose, and that includes the 1988 cup final against Wimbledon.

She just never learns.


1.) 28 Aug 2021 15:30:52
You don't learn. whys she still your missus?

2.) 28 Aug 2021 15:37:04
Quite simply, you have to leave her NOW!

3.) 28 Aug 2021 15:38:34
Just leave before they get there and go to the pub to watch the match.

4.) 28 Aug 2021 16:30:07
Pretend that you’ve got a persistent cough and have to “self isolate” until you can get a PCR test. That should keep them away for a few days.

5.) 28 Aug 2021 16:33:49
She has to go KBL.



22 Mar 2021 09:08:19
Good morning Eds and Redmen.

I was thinking about the reported investment into FSG by Redbird.

I have read that FSG are maybe looking into expanding their football interests in Europe.

I wonder what that would mean - taking a share of another club/ buying another club? What would this mean to all their other ventures in terms of support moving on.

Would this be diluted across the group?

Just a thought.


{Ed002's Note - It would mean a link up with Toulouse who are already owned by Redbird and run by Damian Comolli. More ambitious plans to buy in to other clubs at some point. But keep in mind the bad place the Red Sox are in as well.}

1.) 22 Mar 2021 13:49:36
Interesting - thanks Ed002.

2.) 22 Mar 2021 14:41:25
why is commoli held in high regard? not exactly impressive track record is it?



25 Feb 2021 08:48:56
First Klopp's mum and now Ali's dad.

So tragic and puts the importance of football into perspective.

Jose was only 57 too!


1.) 25 Feb 2021 09:35:46
Terrible for Ali!
More important things in life then football players can get home etc it’s stuff of nightmares!

2.) 25 Feb 2021 11:08:34
Let this season be over and done with, at this point.

3.) 25 Feb 2021 12:31:12
Oli on a plus note at least the other 7 teams you support are still doing well lol.

4.) 25 Feb 2021 18:48:28
JK, and what teams are those?



21 Feb 2021 11:33:37
I think the soul of the club has been left behind at Melwood - we have been awful since we moved.


1.) 21 Feb 2021 13:05:26
We are having issues before we left Melwood and btw, us leaving or staying at Melwood would not have stopped VVD, Gomez and Matip from being out for the season or made our finishing better in games we have not won. I don’t think so, anyway.



17 Feb 2021 03:12:17
Very much improved performance from the lads there - and for once it wasn't us making the mistakes.

Stuck at it the whole game and came away with the right result.

My only negative comment though is that they did create 4/ 5 very presentable chances to score, so we will need to tighten up more against our PL opponents.

Overall - well done!


1.) 17 Feb 2021 06:29:29
Fully agree, KBL. It was a very solid performance. Our boys were dogged, focused and up for it. The defending could have been better and RBL could have scored at least 2 goals with the chances they created. This win is a huge shot in the arm with Everton coming up.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m not sure how it can be a very solid performance with the chances we let them have but it was much improved and a good foundation to build on.

2.) 17 Feb 2021 08:34:44
Improved for sure. Still think Mane and Firimino are a little off it when on the ball. Salah looked sharp. Looking forward to Fabinho coming back and hopefully staying fit going to be interesting to see Klopps first 11 then.

3.) 17 Feb 2021 09:08:16
I think RBL will always create chances, they are a very decent side. What is important, is how we reacted to those chances and Ali making some very confident saves.

4.) 17 Feb 2021 09:28:06
We were the better side just nice to finally win after playing better then teams confidence will be sky high the press game is back thankfully let's beat Everton the weekend and keep the momentum going.

5.) 17 Feb 2021 09:44:41
ED666, I think it was a solid performance overall even tho, the chances they created could have undone us for sure. I totally agree on that part but Like Klopp said, that is normal due to the way they play and the issues we have at the back. Just my take.

{Ed0666's Note - I hear ya mate. But that could easily have been a 2-2 result or worse if they didn’t make unforced errors.




KBL's rumour replies


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08 Aug 2021 13:50:57
IPC12 - you took the words right out of my mouth there!

WDW obviously doesn't realise that fact.

Markp08 - let's just wait and see. What I posted above is my opinion of course, and I could be wrong. 3 weeks to go to see if I am or not.




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20 Feb 2021 12:41:05
Hey FlashTheRed - I'm not even on Twitter, and I still got it wrong.

MMR - love it. Just the kind of thing I do.




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19 Feb 2021 16:23:09
Nothing to do with training pictures JM - I had several messages from normally reliable sources.

I've suitably reprimanded the culprits though.




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19 Feb 2021 13:21:43
Bum steer there people - Klopp's just said Ali's fine. My bad. Twitter twaddle again.




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18 Oct 2020 18:40:48
Info on website says knee ligament injury - not necessarily ACL.





KBL's banter replies


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20 May 2021 11:12:34
Oh Mane Mane - totally agree with you there bud. Nat has proven to be a slid and reliable PL defender, and there would be a number of clubs who I feel would be interested in him. Next season if VVD / Gomez and maybe Konate around and hopefully back to their old levels, Nat would have very limited game time.

He's at an age now where he needs to play every week, and I am sure will want to do so.




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25 Apr 2021 08:40:24
JK23 - the problems in defence have been and still are a major issue though JK. OK we did win games without VVD and were top at Christmas, but teams can manage like this on a short term basis, and don't forget we still had Matip playing very well at the back. We also had Henderson in the middle.

When Matip got injured that changed things so much for me. I think with our full strength defence we win last week and yesterday - but we are where we are.

I thought our build up play was really good yesterday, but you are right, the finishing was woeful.




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20 Apr 2021 16:52:24
I don't think Liverpool FC would post the details on their official website if this project was not already a 'goer'.




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20 Apr 2021 16:48:31
Akira - Liverpool will probably not be in the UCL next season anyway, so won't need kicking out.

RedFlag - totally agree with your comments.




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22 Mar 2021 13:49:36
Interesting - thanks Ed002.