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09 Apr 2024 19:07:58
Hearing new info that Postecoglu is favourite to be our new manager, and not Amorim.

Anyone else hearing this?


1.) 09 Apr 2024 19:19:44
Amorim is 90% done. Always that 10% but we aren’t talking to Ange currently.

2.) 09 Apr 2024 20:04:56
I really hope not. Can't see him leaving Tottenham if I'm honest, especially this early, think he still thinks he has a lot to do there.

3.) 09 Apr 2024 21:21:58
no chance.

4.) 10 Apr 2024 09:46:23
Always intrigued about what people hear and where!?

5.) 10 Apr 2024 12:53:19
I happen to know for a fact that Liverpool is Ange’s ultimate goal so he would jump at the chance.

I hope we don’t go for him though he still has a lot to prove for me.

6.) 10 Apr 2024 13:41:35
I’m intrigued how anyone can say that it’s 90% done.

7.) 10 Apr 2024 14:01:15
Your right Irish, its 95% .

8.) 10 Apr 2024 16:32:52

“Big Ange new Liverpool manager”.

[[ logs on ]]

I’m hearing Ange is getting the job now.

9.) 10 Apr 2024 22:36:25
Irish Rover - trust me, I know.

10.) 11 Apr 2024 09:05:02
1jj - trust me, no you don't.

11.) 11 Apr 2024 10:52:39
I think he will set us back tactically
Offensively, he is at best on par with Klopp
Defensively, worse off
Personality, not sure how people will take to him after his high horse nonsense after the game against us
People management, I’m unsure about that too
So a no for me but I’m not in charge.

12.) 11 Apr 2024 14:05:50
68% of all statistics are made up.

13.) 11 Apr 2024 14:39:58
KBL your post won’t date well.

14.) 11 Apr 2024 17:01:29
1jj Amorim has come out and denied any agreement or even a meeting with the club. Of course he could just be lying.

15.) 10 Apr 2024 19:26:58
Hope not. Can’t stand that man, absolute hypocrite him, he was happy to say we should soak up the bad decisions against Spurs but whined like a little girl when it happened to Spurs. He can stay as far away as possible. Can’t see FSG being as stupid as to employ that man.

16.) 11 Apr 2024 18:46:59
Wouldn’t touch ange with a barge pole he’s just not good enough maaate.

17.) 12 Apr 2024 08:15:54
1jj - I'm not saying that Amorim won't be our next manager, but I am saying that you don't know one way or another - unless of course you are his agent, or employed in a most senior capacity at LFC.

18.) 12 Apr 2024 09:00:27
KBL so if he doesn’t join you’ll say told you so and if he does join you’ll say I didn’t know. Genius.

You have no idea who I am or what I know.

19.) 12 Apr 2024 11:33:22
1jj - why would I say I told you so? I've never said he is or isn't coming. You've got a 50% chance of being right (or wrong) . If you know he's coming why only rate it at 90%.

I don't have any idea who you are or what you know, but vice versa my fellow red.

20.) 12 Apr 2024 11:44:18
1jj - why would I say told you so? I've never said he will come or not. Let's face it you have a 50% chance of being right, and a 50% chance of being wrong.

Amorim may well come, and if he does, no doubt you'll be on here telling all and sundrie how you were right.

I don't know you or what you know, and vice versa, but my comments about you knowing for sure that he is coming is led by all the cli ckbait I feel. I hope you are right though, because I think it would be a good appointment.



18 Mar 2024 22:15:51
I'm reading that Nunez has pulled out of the Uruguay squad with a reported hamstring injury, and also Diaz has a similar problem.

Hope neither is true, but that is what I have read.

Anyone else heard anything?


1.) 19 Mar 2024 00:48:45
I wish he would go with Uruguay. Put him in the shop window.

2.) 19 Mar 2024 05:14:27
What you been smoking Ron?

3.) 19 Mar 2024 10:54:41
Ron!? Really!?

4.) 19 Mar 2024 11:13:46
It actually seems to be positive news in that Uruguay are working with LFC in managing Nunez and resting him so he is fit for rest of the LFC season and then the Copa America.

5.) 19 Mar 2024 11:25:31
@Ron, i agree, anyone who does not turn up with games vs ManU deserved to be sold.

6.) 19 Mar 2024 11:26:30
Ron has lost the plot have a word with yourself.

7.) 19 Mar 2024 12:12:58
You know your opinion is dead wrong when Leekuanyew agrees with you :')

8.) 19 Mar 2024 13:45:05
Lol spot on dracred, my God I don't think I'd ever be seen again on here if leek agreed with me. Would be too embarrassing. Ron give your head a good wobble mate and get over it you silly sausage :) .

9.) 19 Mar 2024 14:40:20
Leeky is the Garth Crooks of this site.

10.) 19 Mar 2024 15:54:59
Ron's recent posts have me picturing Eamonn Dunphy's "hang on, you've jumped the fence baby! " moment with Liam Brady.

11.) 19 Mar 2024 19:47:51
100 percent. Leek agrees and you know its bs!

12.) 19 Mar 2024 23:25:18
The amount of burn that Thunderbird gave leek there he can heat his house for the next ten years without paying another gas bill.

13.) 20 Mar 2024 08:36:59
on the assumption we have the same source via the world wide web, then I'v enot heard anything different.

14.) 20 Mar 2024 15:33:31
For naysayers, let's stick to facts, not emotions or whatever "burns"

i ask only 1 question, did Nunez play well in ManU game? Yes or No.

In the biggest derby that determine quruple, he failed to turn up. I rest my case your honour.

{Ed025's Note - as a Liverpool supporter you have no "Honour"lee, and as for Ron im very surprised mate, yes he never played well but has been one of your most effective players this season and scored a lot of goals, i get the disappointment with the loss to Utd but this is knee jerk and i have to say i expected better from such a seasoned poster like yourself..

15.) 20 Mar 2024 16:20:16
He assisted mac he had a shot saved which led to the second goal, and u say he never turned up, nunez is pure quality and will get at least to 22 goals or even 25 which is up there with sadio n Bobby numbers, I like most here was upset about losing on Sunday esp as we should have wrapped in up in second half but you cannot win them all, we have a brilliant team and will only get better as we move forward and was you saying the same when Nunuez scored the winner against forest?

16.) 20 Mar 2024 17:23:45

Did any of them play well against Utd? They were all off the pace, but they are bound to have a bad day at the office once in a while, just a pity it was against Utd. They have played 7 games in 21 days maybe that has something to do with it.

17.) 20 Mar 2024 18:10:04
Spoken like a man well burned Leek.

18.) 20 Mar 2024 22:04:34
Marty McFly 11, 2shoes, Klopp4pm, Dracred, Salah, Something Red,

I’ll just collect these receipts for when the new manager comes in.

I don’t rate him, we all see football differently.
If you can’t handle that, it’s your problem not mine.

If we put Nunez on the transfer list, I think we’d struggle to recoup 40 million. If some team offered 40 million I’d take it.

19.) 21 Mar 2024 01:55:21
If you are proven right and Nunez is deemed to be a lemon, I would willingly come on here to say you were right and I was wrong. I just don't see that happening though as I think there has been more things good about his game than there has been bad.

Conversely, I would hope that you would do the same too when Nunez shines and performs under the new manager ;)

20.) 21 Mar 2024 13:04:33
Nunez is improving constantly. If you can't see it, then like Klopp often says, I can't help you. He is well on his way to becoming elite. Still has a few steps to make but he is making them all the time.

He also played a big part in both goals against United so he was far from bad. Really good first half but tired.

He is well on his way. I had a bit of concern a year ago if he could make the necessary steps but his improvement this year has allayed any of those fears. I have no fear now he will become a top class player.

21.) 21 Mar 2024 13:05:18
The Nunez of last season I could see your point a bit Ron but at times he’s been fantastic this season so no you’re way off base and plain wrong.

22.) 21 Mar 2024 15:12:02
leekuanyew. your nick is blemishing the good name of the legendary leader.
played 1 bad game, out you go?
and for the Man U game, is he the only bad player?
Gakpo was shocking when he came on. Sell him by your logic.
Bradley was not up to speed. Sell him.
Elliot lost the ball which lead to winner for Man U. Sell him.

Shocking post.

23.) 21 Mar 2024 18:19:58
Nunez is more a 'battering ram' type of striker. His strength and ability to hold off other defenders whilst bringing in other players on i. e. Salah, Jota, Diaz. He mixes it with the defenders so that they draw onto him and allows others to score.

His scoring record recently has been fantastic. He is a real team player. He is unselfish.

He will get better and he is only 24.

What's not to like?

24.) 21 Mar 2024 18:31:27
Ron, if you want to 'save receipts' go right ahead. I should warn you though that I'm waiting to see will a certain poster who claimed an ex-LFC player working in punditry told him we're only signing free transfers and one other cheap player and will sell Gomez and Kelleher to balance the books last summer will crop up on here again.

So when it comes to being a total Sad Ken who remembers everything, you'd do well to get the better of me. I still remember bs people came out with when Rafa Benitez was the manager.

25.) 21 Mar 2024 19:42:18
Now to be fair I am a big fan of Nunez. However if his recent injuries continue I think we have seen the best of him.
Obviously I hope he's never injured but these type of injuries can really affect his play. He's not an out and out goal scorer.
So if he's not scoring goals and loses his pace and that bit of strength he won't bring enough to the pitch.

26.) 21 Mar 2024 21:52:53
Ron and Leek I couldn’t have a more opposite opinion to you pair regarding Nunez but keep your opinions coming.



13 Jun 2022 07:19:10
Benfica have announced to the relevant authorities in Portugal (a legal requirement) the agreement to sell Nunez to LFC.

So it is done subject to the medical.


1.) 13 Jun 2022 07:52:57
I still won't believe it's done until he s played three seasons with us.

2.) 13 Jun 2022 09:00:03
And don't forget the Liverpool lean?.

3.) 13 Jun 2022 13:05:36
He's faster than Torres according to his stats. I mean not many have been faster than Torres. He's going to be lightning fast.

{Ed077's Note - what stats? Is there even stats(video games withstanding) out there of acceleration/burst of pace?



08 Aug 2021 11:58:45
We're offloading players to balance the Konate fee.

I really don't see any other first team ready players coming in during this window.

We all know how FSG work.

You never know Keita ight surprise is all this season as he should get more game time with Gini gone - if he can stay fit.


1.) 08 Aug 2021 12:14:12
Keita? 2 hopes there Bob and no! ’.

2.) 08 Aug 2021 12:21:10
FSG seemed to work quite well with Alison and VVD both of who cost world record fees for their positions when bought.

3.) 08 Aug 2021 12:19:50
When Keita is fit Klopp often plays him, he is just not fit often enough. How do FSG work? Last year they bought 3 players, 2 first teamers. This year they bought Konate of course they will buy another player if Klopp wants one or two.

4.) 08 Aug 2021 12:29:22
Another season of the comedy “football” stylings of Naby Keita, sigh. Hopefully the Penny will drop within the club that he’s utterly hopeless and be sold next summer after another disappointing season. £50m down the khazi.

5.) 08 Aug 2021 12:41:15
Slop slating our best player on form.

6.) 08 Aug 2021 12:50:34
No he’s absolutely spot on. Keita is not good enough and has been nothing but a waste of time and money. Also, even when on form he’s not even close to our best player.

7.) 08 Aug 2021 13:00:32
West Derby Wanderer, you do realise that Coutinho’s fee paid for Allison and VVD.

8.) 08 Aug 2021 13:01:05
Has been in every game recently.

9.) 08 Aug 2021 13:39:43
I'm going to get behind the lad - if it wasn't for his injury record he'd be a far better player than Wijnaldum by now. Hopefully he can avoid any more lay-offs, and fulfil the potential we saw before he signed.

10.) 08 Aug 2021 13:50:57
IPC12 - you took the words right out of my mouth there!

WDW obviously doesn't realise that fact.

Markp08 - let's just wait and see. What I posted above is my opinion of course, and I could be wrong. 3 weeks to go to see if I am or not.

11.) 08 Aug 2021 14:17:32
Our form player it’s embarrassing to even hear or see people say that! Friendly games they mean Notting mix b match team against the same!
Keita is a klopp dud buy as 02 has said klopped cried for him and he got him he will stick by him too most disbelief!
That lad needs a solid boot in the hole!

12.) 08 Aug 2021 14:29:21
Kieta hasn’t been on form since he signed for us. He got his big move and big pay cheque and went straight into semi retirement.

13.) 08 Aug 2021 15:12:22
He’s a liverpool player who represents the club. Maybe afford him and the manager and the club a little respect! Fans? You give us a bad name. Sometimes things don’t work out as we all hope they would. That doesn’t mean you should turn into an arsehole because it’s hasn’t gone to plan. Fan = supported not some childish boo boy who knows f all about f all.

14.) 08 Aug 2021 15:28:43
We can’t sell Keita because no one will buy him but let’s keep abusing him, that’ll make him play better.

15.) 08 Aug 2021 15:54:24
I know Keita had a torrid time with injures and never really lived up to his true potential with us. While I'm fine if he's sold, but if he's not, let's hope he finally comes good. At the rate that we're signing players this season, we really need the existing players to step up. Rant all we want, if you love Liverpool, stand behind the team. Otherwise, you're free to support PSG or City.

16.) 08 Aug 2021 16:14:01
Posters like IPC12 and KBL amuse me. Do they think that the acquisition and decision to sell Coutinho was nothing to do with the club's management.

17.) 08 Aug 2021 16:18:34
Well said DAPred.

18.) 08 Aug 2021 17:16:45
You lot are embarrassing. constantly slagging off players and the owners. Really tiresome reading it all. Its called support for a reason and you lot clearly ain't supporters.

19.) 08 Aug 2021 17:17:54
Redman and thunderbird. well said, the others are a joke.

20.) 08 Aug 2021 18:00:49
Aye, its embarrassing all right. Its like nearly willing him to fail just so some can be proved right. Weird!
Its a week until the season starts, if he stays then support. He certainly won't get any better ridiculing him.

21.) 08 Aug 2021 19:18:22
We’re in year four of the Naby Keita project and he’s shown nothing in competitive matches in the previous years to suggest he’s got what it takes. It baffles me how people can be so gushing in praise and effusive of someone who has never put even a minute fraction of the hard work and effort that Gini Wijnaldum did and yet Gini used to come in for a lot of grief. If Keita left tomorrow, the club would not miss him, however I can be sure that Gini will be missed as he was reliable, always match fit and put a shift in, all things that Naby has never done.

22.) 08 Aug 2021 19:37:42

23.) 08 Aug 2021 20:11:25
Red planet? What are you talking about? You sell a player, you reinvest… isn’t that what a logical team does?

24.) 08 Aug 2021 20:30:02
IPC12 and KBL. In the 2 transfer windows we purchased VVD and Allison 'with the Coutinho money', we also purchased Keita, Fabinho and Shaq.
With other sales, we actually spent £70ish net, taking into account the Coutinho fee.

25.) 08 Aug 2021 20:43:30
Just wondering how FSG work - enlighten me.

26.) 08 Aug 2021 21:28:12
IPC12 I understand that outgoings at least notionally help balance the books and fund incomings yes.

I also understand - at a basic level at least, having sat at the back of the class when we did maths at school - that FSG invest in assets when they see an asset adding to the value of the club. I also understand that some assets are purchased based on the forecast return from future revenue streams. Over the past 18 months one of the revenue streams has been severely impacted, and as of now continues to be so. So, we don’t have enough money, or certainty of sufficient future match day revenue at the moment to ‘splash the cash’. Even if we did we are also stuck because of the issue of home grown / non-home grown players. Can’t say too much about this because I dropped geography before o-levels but I think it has something to do with coming from Widnes or further away.

I think though, given FSG being a company that is keen to make a profit on their assests and with the proof of the caliber of players they have brought into the club, the state of the art training complex they have built and the upgrades to the ground which will see us with a 67,000 capacity (and more income for us to all play wannabe Premier Manager each transfer window) that they deserve a bit more respect than they sometimes get on these crass threads that people start because we haven’t bought the latest name that some hack with no knowledge thinks up.

Anyway on we go - I read a bit earlier that we are thinking of bidding for some 34 year old Argentinian who is a feee agent …….

27.) 08 Aug 2021 21:47:04
Don’t buy a Porsche if you can’t afford the petrol, John. If someone somewhere could really clarify how one of the most historical clubs, biggest names and very recently super successful with many record breaking sponsorship deals do not have a pot to p. in?

28.) 08 Aug 2021 23:08:46
They do have a pot to pee in. But it sprung a few leaks.

29.) 09 Aug 2021 00:48:16
I did this management course a few years back and they were banging on about data leading to information leading to knowledge leading to wisdom and one of the things they covered in passing was a little thing about knowledge :

There are things you know that you know, for example, your name, address, date of birth.

There are things you know that you don’t know, for example how Margaret Thatcher got elected

There are things that you don’t know that you don’t know, for example as a football fan how the finances of an international brand Premier League football club works ….

30.) 09 Aug 2021 07:00:17
More hopeful and excited for Kieta staying jnjury free and kicking on this season tha I am about new signings.



31 Jul 2021 09:48:35
No more incomings for us this year I'm afraid.


1.) 31 Jul 2021 09:52:26
Will this nonsense stop?

2.) 31 Jul 2021 13:07:14
There was a fella the other day saying there would be bids for Bissouma, Bowen and someone else ‘in a few days …… I love the transfer window.




KBL's banter posts with other poster's replies to KBL's banter posts


16 Apr 2024 12:39:26
I don't know about anyone else, but I have a funny feeling that the Europa tie with Atalanta isn't over.

There's just something in the back of my mind that keeps telling me we can still get through, far fetched as that might seem.

I guess it's because there has to be some semblance of hope, otherwise no point in turning up.

We could be like a firework that didn't go off, and when you approach it, it explodes. Here's hoping we explode and don't implode.


1.) 16 Apr 2024 13:32:31
Keep it up KBL we need some unapologetically positive people right now.

2.) 16 Apr 2024 13:39:10
Anything can happen, but if we play the way we have been playing since the United defeat in the FA cup, we will lose another 3-0.

3.) 16 Apr 2024 13:46:50
Have the same feeling if we get back to our free flowing football. They won’t cope with us if we get anywhere close to our best.

4.) 16 Apr 2024 15:44:40
I have that weird sense that we don’t pick all our “first team” players and instead with let a few kids play.

Then they show us how it’s done.
Is Danns out injured or something. I’d like to see him given a go.

The way we’re playing - it’s completely finished. But with some brave big changes you never know.

5.) 16 Apr 2024 15:58:06
KBL we score in the first 15mins, anything can happen. We shall see.

6.) 16 Apr 2024 16:04:32
I agree with u Ron as regards danns I'm v surprised he hasn't got a run latel. I know he suffered concussion after forest game so he would've been ruled out for a while after that. but I would've thought in games of late he would've been worth a shot, in bits I've seen of him he looks what we need, cool and composed in front of goal.

7.) 16 Apr 2024 16:23:40
Start with:

Nunez on the left
Jota and Salah up top
Diaz on the right

Fully throttle in their face.

They have the ability to roll Atlanta over but they have to do something different and go at them.

8.) 16 Apr 2024 17:39:51
Ignoring the fact we start slowly, concede sloppy goals regularly, can’t put chances away and seem to be unable to keep a clean sheet to even the most feeble opponents, yeah, we’ve every chance.

9.) 16 Apr 2024 21:06:14
I desperately want us to win. Just see us losing 2 or 3 nil. I believe if we had played them earlier in the season we would be beating them relatively easy.
This game has unfortunately came too late for us in our season.

10.) 16 Apr 2024 22:51:03
Unfortunately it's wrong timing for us, I think they'll look to get an early goal to finish us off and give us all they've got, they know we're in a bad patch and they'll use it to their advantage. If we get through I'll be absolutely gobsmacked.

I'd love to be wrong of course, I'm hoping for one of them incredible Liverpool European nights to get us all positive again, we can dream :) .

11.) 16 Apr 2024 23:33:57
It's not worth getting out of bed in the morning is it, Vik?
When it's to get out of your pit, think Istanbul, Dortmund and Barcelona not Palace at home or United away, mate.

12.) 18 Apr 2024 00:39:49
I remember getting up on the day of the Barcelona game and having a discussion with my wife about whether I was going to go to Anfield or not that day. It’s an 8 hour round trip for me and we were 3-0 down after the first leg against arguably the best team in Europe at the time.

‘We’ve got no chance of winning, I’m too busy at work, it’s a waste of time’ I was saying to her. She just said ‘yeah but what if they do it and you didn’t go? ’

I went and had probably the best football experience of my life and there have been hundreds.

One thing I have learned throughout my life as a Liverpool fan is that if any team can do the seemingly impossible, we can.

This tie isn’t over by any stretch of the imagination.



28 Mar 2024 08:23:14
Hi Guys, I keep reading about loads of players that we are supposedly interested in signing - probably all clickbait I know.

Surely with Klopp going, am I correct in thinking no players will come in until a new manager is in position.


1.) 28 Mar 2024 08:47:26
If LFC know who the new manager is, then he will probably be informed about any new players? Just because Jurgen is going, it doesn't mean we should sit on our laurels or we will go backwards like in the 90s.

2.) 28 Mar 2024 13:09:11
To go backwards in the 90s we would need FSG to suddenly sit on their hands and just watch other clubs continue to grow the commercial side and assume that our recent glories will just fall back into place. I’ve seen nothing in the entire time of FSG to suggest that is how they would operate.

3.) 28 Mar 2024 19:25:47
I imagine that while Klopp may have some mild input into new players from now until end June, it will be Hughes, the new manager and the group of Fallows and Hunter that woud have the biggest say in making new player purchases.

Although Klopp has grown into a larger than life persona at the club, I'm relieved that the structure at the club will not change. Edwards will take over from Mike Gordon as the FSG man, Hughes will take over what Edwards' role was and the ne manager will takeover from Klopp. This will help in alleviating the inevitable "hole" I think we will all feel with Klopp's departure.



24 Mar 2024 13:04:37
What is everyone's opinion on rescheduling the derby game in berween 2 other away games, one of which is another 12.30 kick off. That means 3 away games in 6 days which is crazy.

Fulham, Everton and West Ham.

I know we have to fit the derby in somewhere, but I think there are better options.


1.) 24 Mar 2024 13:34:16
3 games in 6 days is always going to be tough regardless of where they are. The fact the 3 are away is going to be a bigger ask but if there is a silver lining then one of the away games is within walking distance of a home game so travel shouldn’t be a factor.

Games coming thick as fast is the down side of a team being successful. In the 6 days we have these fixtures City and arsenals are slightly better as they have 3 games each in 8.

In 27 days of April we have 8 games which works out a game every 3 and a half days.

Arsenal have 8 in 28 days and City have 9 games in 28 days so City actually have the worst fixture schedule of the 3 teams In April.

2.) 24 Mar 2024 15:17:45
KBL, it is what it is. They had to fit the game somewhere, right? For me, at least we now know when all the games in in the PL and CL will be played and the great thing here is that we will have all our players back by mid April (I think) so we have fresh legs to rotate and attack all the games with high levels of energy and determination. Let the games begin.

3.) 24 Mar 2024 15:17:51
The club knows how to manage times like this, we have a good squad with brilliant depth, and that depth has been tested this year and came flying through it. So not worried about the fixture list.

4.) 24 Mar 2024 19:14:44
It's actually four away games on the bounce w Atalanta away first. If we have an almost fully fit squad I'm not too worried. Everton don't have the squad to play 3 times in a week so for me that's advantage us. Everton also have Forest home before they play us. That's much more a must win (or must not lose) game for them than getting a result against us. Hopefully we can start the run with a good win at home to Atalanta in the first leg. West Ham have only 1 less game than us in April so they'll be in a similar situation to us. Hopefully they go through and have a focus on the EL rather than the PL. Biggest worry if Fulham away. Good side, the new striker Munoz looks very good. That for me is the biggest of those four games away.

5.) 24 Mar 2024 19:32:02
My sentiments exactly, Mikey.

6.) 24 Mar 2024 19:58:40
Everton have a 9 day break before they play Forest, which is a massive advantage before we play them. Hopefully we can get some players back and they get up to speed asap.

7.) 25 Mar 2024 13:48:02
Can i also point out that the main issue with away games in succession is the travel. I don't think there is too much in the way of a travel issue commuting to Goodison Park ? it's as good as having a mid week home game if people stop bleating for long enough to be objective.



08 Mar 2024 14:14:19
Just listened to Klopp's pre match Presser, and I don't think Konate will play on Sunday. He said they are waiting for scan results.


1.) 08 Mar 2024 16:37:22
Quansah or Gomez?

Gomez hasn’t played a lot at centre half this season but is young Quansah now ahead of him.

I think the team will be Kelleher, Bradley, Vvd, Gomez, Robbo, Endo, Szob, Mac, Salah, Nunez and Diaz.

Elliot and Gakpo the senior players on the bench then.

2.) 08 Mar 2024 16:58:10
And if the scan results say he's fine? they were always going to have a scan i would have thought.

3.) 08 Mar 2024 17:39:35
I think it will be Quansah with Gomez on the bench as cover for multiple positions.

4.) 08 Mar 2024 19:06:10
@OP, I think if Konate was out he would have said so - he tends to tell it like it is based on what he is told by the medical team. Not saying Konate will play just that it was unknown if he’d be fit or not at the time of the press conference.

5.) 08 Mar 2024 19:56:01
My issue I thought Robbo was lacking last night and I like the balance that Gomez at LB brings. So Bradley at RB and Gomez at LB for me but that means Quansah has to play CB and that is asking quite a lot of the lad so really hoping Konate is fit.

6.) 08 Mar 2024 19:32:26
I think if Konate is injured it will be Gomez at RB and Quansah at CB. You can't play two younguns on the same side of the backline against City.

7.) 08 Mar 2024 19:41:22
I'd go Gomez CB myself but I'll back Quansah if that's the choice.

8.) 08 Mar 2024 23:04:19
IronDan - I agree with you about Robbo. I thought he had a very poor game against Sparta, but I also think he should play against City on Sunday.

Gomez had played well at left back, but he isn't a natural fit there.

Whoever is selected will have a tough time against them, and I just have a feeling that we will not be good enough to take the points this time.

This is a game we need ALL our top players in I feel. Unfortunately, that won't be the case.

9.) 09 Mar 2024 02:32:09
It doesn't matter who we have on, the lads are too focused, bring City on. We'll get the job done, I have no doubts about it. I'd take a draw to be honest but I believe 100% we'll get the win.

10.) 09 Mar 2024 07:19:47
I'm sill waiting for the implosion, wheels to fall off and mid table mediocrity.

11.) 09 Mar 2024 09:40:06
Robbo has been poor for 2 seasons, yeh he's an energiser bunny. But I believe he gets caught out of position to often. He's doing the Hendo 5 yard passing to the side and backwards in his own half, but when he plays it forward it gets cut out, his crosses really beat the first man anymore and his shooting, well he may as well not bother and stick to making a 5 yard pass.

12.) 09 Mar 2024 16:05:23
His 18. assists in the last 2 seasons would suggest otherwise.

13.) 09 Mar 2024 18:59:39
Facts are unimportant @TIR. Uninformed opinion is all that counts in this glorious age of modern ‘Social Media’.

14.) 09 Mar 2024 20:36:30
He Had 8 assist last season and 1 this season. That's 9 when I went to school. So my opinion is backed by facts. I have also noticed we kept 7 clean sheets in 11 games he missed compared to 2 clean sheets in the 14 he started. If you don't agree that he as dropped off the last 2 seasons fine. You don't have to agree with me.

15.) 09 Mar 2024 22:50:58
To be fair, if Robbo was playing on his own the goals conceded could be put down to him. Is it a fact he was the only player we had on the pitch? There’s a bit of a gap between fact and statistic as well fact and opinion.

16.) 10 Mar 2024 02:39:51
Itstrue, you're speaking utter nonsense if you can't see that lads quality. Pull your head out of your backside please mate, maybe you'll see a little more clearly.

17.) 10 Mar 2024 10:28:34
Spot on, @Salah. @ItsTrue, @IR said Robbo had 18 assists in the last 2 season (21/ 22 and 22/ 23) hence, NOT including this season. Not sure what school you went to or if you ever atteneded math class at all BUT your calculation is a math trainwreck from the off. Thanks for playing, tho.



29 Feb 2024 08:23:09
So after 2 great results by Kloppie's Kiddie army, what are your thoughts on Saturday's game?

With Everton having 4 points refunded it puts Forest down to 4th from bottom, with Luton having a game in hand on them. So they are in a real relegation battle, and battle they will do.

I think we really need some of our senior players back for this one, because it might be a bit too much for the kids.

Also, anyone who might come back in will need to quickly get up to speed again.

3 points needed to keep our noses in front of the chasing Mancs and Loons.


1.) 29 Feb 2024 08:41:20
Yes I have to agree. Whilst it's been good to see the young lads do well I think some of the senior players need to get back playing if deemed fit.
We're going to have a big battle for top 5 on our hands in the coming weeks. We need to get some points on the board.

2.) 29 Feb 2024 08:54:33
Alright Walter, I'm going to but for this one ?

Utd are currently sixth spot and they are 16 points behind us with 12 games to go. For us to drop out of the top 5, we would need to lose 6 games out of the 12 games remaining while United and the other teams between us winning those 6 games. Considering we have only lost two games all season until this point, I don't see how you can see that being possible regardless of how negative you are ?.

3.) 29 Feb 2024 08:55:08
I understand what you're saying but personally I'm not concerned about this game, I think we'll annihilate them whoever we put on the pitch. I've got something in my mind now and I genuinely believe we'll go ahead and win every single game of the season.

4.) 29 Feb 2024 09:02:19
Morning Nrw - I think we are nailed on for a top 4 finish already.

There are 2 games between us and City and that is not a lot for any returning players to fully get up to speed - that's assuming any of them will be available of course.

It was clear last night, that although the younger boys did a good job, some of them are still too lightweight at this stage of their development, and I don't think are 'man' enough for the PL battles ahead,

5.) 29 Feb 2024 09:05:56
Cool - ‘normal’ service resumed. Who would you include in the battle for top 5, @Neg?

6.) 29 Feb 2024 10:00:10
Judging by Klopp’s comments after the game I think Dom, Salah, Endo and Nunez will be back for Saturday.

He said the kids have done well but asked the media to leave them alone now ‘in the corner’ as they still have a lot to learn. He also said that there would be times moving forward when they will be used but it didn’t sound like he thought he’d be relying on them like he’s had to in the last week.

Personally I think if the cup final had been City at home in the league then Dom, Salah and Nunez would’ve played but Klopp has resisted throwing them in as he wants them fit and firing for the run in.

I’d expect a much more experienced line up from here on in.

7.) 29 Feb 2024 10:27:21
I tend to agree beckers peckers - I think the kids this week have (hopefully) allowed, mo, dim, Darwin and endo the time they need to recover for the run in. I would however like to see Danns and Clark kept in the match day squads. I think those two particularly have talent and can be used as squad players whilst we’re a little light on numbers.

8.) 29 Feb 2024 11:41:00
Tbh - just enjoying the ride to the end. Am letting go of all the fine details and just looking to each game and seeing the culmination of years of work that FSG and Klopp have been doing to rebuild the club from bottom to top.

9.) 29 Feb 2024 11:42:56
Battle for top 5? In the words of John Mcenroe “you cannot be serious?! ”.

10.) 29 Feb 2024 12:00:46
Spot on, Semibythesea3. Absolute waffle.

11.) 29 Feb 2024 12:09:39
I feel he has reached a new height here with this one.
Though at least he has revised his original prediction of a top half finish being the best to hope for.

12.) 29 Feb 2024 12:16:01
Keep casting that rod Walter.

Probably the closest title battle between 3 teams for years.

We only have Klopp for another 2 and a bit months so we might as well enjoy it whilst we can.

What will be will be.

13.) 29 Feb 2024 12:57:40
I really hope Walter is a troll because if he’s not it’s actually quite sad that a person can live their life with that attitude.

Life is to be enjoyed Walter you don’t always have to protect yourself with impending doom scenarios.

If we don’t win it then we don’t win it but at least try to enjoy the ride. 99.9% of fans worldwide will never know what a title race feels like!

14.) 29 Feb 2024 13:24:31
Completely agree JK and BP.
Such a short time to reflect upon whilst enjoying Klopps tenure and what a season it has been so far.
I try to be delicate with Walter as he’s been a poster on here for so long and has always had the same sort of tone to his posts which I find hard to understand but at the same time I respect as everyone has their view of the world and all that contributes to that is our various experiences of life.
That said, I am starting to have my doubts that Walter isn't just a professional troll who commits years to the act?.

15.) 29 Feb 2024 16:25:45
I get I am not the most liked or sharpest tool in the box on here. However I only say things as I see it. Yeah I am just the way I am. I am never out to hurt or upset anyone.
To the poster asking top five it could be anyone currently in the top 6 positions. My concern is with where Liverpool finish.
I can see us loosing enough points to finish 5th or 6th. We have city utd to play both desperate to take points off us . Could lose both. We still have spurs to play could loose or draw. West Ham have gotten a result against us recently. Fulham if I recall have took many points off us in recent years. Villa spanked us recently 8.2 they will want a victory for their European qualification. Then there's Brighton that have the potential to be a banana skin.
All in I think some people believe the league is in the bag I happen to think the league is there to be lost unfortunately.
I'll be the happiest LFC supporter if we win it I just don't have blind faith we will.
To be fair the team has done wat better than my expectations this season I genuinely thought we would be around where Chelsea are so I am great full for our season so far.

16.) 29 Feb 2024 18:06:36
Always thought we’d be top four comfortably. If we can beat City I think we’ll go on and win the league. Simple as that. We’re showing incredible resilience at the moment, every game is a cup final between now and the end of the season and as Chelsea found out, we’re quite handy at them.

17.) 29 Feb 2024 18:22:02
West Ham last got any points off us back in 2021.

The Villa humbling was back in 2020.

What are you on about Walter?

18.) 29 Feb 2024 20:59:35
"Could dot this. Could do that. Could succeed. Could fail. Could lose this trophy. Could win that trophy. Could finish in x position. Could finish in first position and win the title".

Walter, you're all over the place here. Take the night off, man. It's been a long day, obviously.

And referring to things that happen in 202 and 2021 to support your point despite the teams being different from the one we have now is just proof of your erratic and negative mindset. Like I said. Sleep well. You need it.

19.) 29 Feb 2024 21:24:12
@oli cheers for the feedback. I am fully aware I am not the average supporter but I am allowed my opinion.
I hope we win every game would be great I just have the opinion we won't.

20.) 29 Feb 2024 23:30:25
Neggy, if you can’t enjoy it now you never will.
I’m really sorry to do this to mate, but there will be much worse times than this in the future of LFC.

Sorry for being so negative, but it’s true, just enjoy the moment bud.

Unless of course you’re being overly negative for a bit of fun. ??.

21.) 01 Mar 2024 00:46:17
Think we need to be near perfect to win the league which should be the priority target. Arsenal I think will stumble but City Are machines in the run in. If they beat us at Anfield I think that'll be that but every chance we can win the league. CL place pretty much guaranteed now.

22.) 01 Mar 2024 01:19:30
This trolling is boring now. "Battle for top 5".
Man Utd in 6th, 44 points from 26 games, or 1.69 ppg so far. At their current form, they'll finish on 64 points. We're on 60 already. So by Walters logic we're in a "battle" to pick up 5 points from 12 games.
There's negativity, then there's trolling. Walter is the latter.

23.) 01 Mar 2024 07:37:15
Everyone is allowed an opinion but everyone is also allowed to pick holes when your leave a gaping canyon in the logic mate and then the evidence you use to back up your points lol.

24.) 01 Mar 2024 08:45:13
It's almost Flat earther logic :)

25.) 01 Mar 2024 08:49:34
“Always thought we’d be top four comfortably”. @VV what’s your definition of always? I assume ‘always’ doesn’t extend back as far as last summer’s transfer window.

When I was a boy some things had a ‘lifetime’ guarantee which occasionally meant what it said. A couple of years back I saw some cutlery advertised that had a “lifetime” guarantee of 7 years.

26.) 01 Mar 2024 08:55:24
Too many of you are taking Walter too seriously, he's having a mess around and always does. I love his input, we all can't be this positive, he offers something different and does it on purpose. He's probably more positive then I am and that's saying something.

Keep it up Walter mate, you make me laugh every time you post lol I absolutely love it. It's even funnier when people bite!

27.) 01 Mar 2024 12:46:03
You are a decent human being @Salah.

28.) 01 Mar 2024 13:48:36
Thank you very much WDW.

29.) 01 Mar 2024 19:34:25
After we signed MacAllister and Szoszlai WDW, that improved our midfield 110%. We did enough last summer to get us back in the top four comfortably, shame we left the midfield a summer too late as it cost us a top four place last season.

30.) 02 Mar 2024 01:14:44
So not always then.




KBL's rumour replies


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26 Apr 2024 12:56:56
Having travelled the world for 30+ years with my work, I can offer an opinion on which is the best city, and for me there is 1 standout - Liverpool. The best city in the world.




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12 Apr 2024 11:44:18
1jj - why would I say told you so? I've never said he will come or not. Let's face it you have a 50% chance of being right, and a 50% chance of being wrong.

Amorim may well come, and if he does, no doubt you'll be on here telling all and sundrie how you were right.

I don't know you or what you know, and vice versa, but my comments about you knowing for sure that he is coming is led by all the cli ckbait I feel. I hope you are right though, because I think it would be a good appointment.




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12 Apr 2024 11:33:22
1jj - why would I say I told you so? I've never said he is or isn't coming. You've got a 50% chance of being right (or wrong) . If you know he's coming why only rate it at 90%.

I don't have any idea who you are or what you know, but vice versa my fellow red.




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12 Apr 2024 08:15:54
1jj - I'm not saying that Amorim won't be our next manager, but I am saying that you don't know one way or another - unless of course you are his agent, or employed in a most senior capacity at LFC.




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11 Apr 2024 09:05:02
1jj - trust me, no you don't.





KBL's banter replies


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29 Apr 2024 08:55:15
I know all teams are affected by bad refs decisions, and VAR, but IF we had been given the blatent penalties against Arsenal, and City we would have another 4 points, not to mention the debacle at Tottenham too.

Rub of the green could have been kinder.

So with all the problems we have faced this season, I for one think we have exceeded my pre-season expectations.




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29 Apr 2024 08:40:25
I agree with you there Davey Sulls. Also, I definately think if we still had a proper leader like Henderson, he would never have allowed the team to play without total commitment or fight like we have been doing for a good few matches now.




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23 Apr 2024 15:55:13
I'll have whatever you're drinking kim.




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18 Apr 2024 10:40:20
RR - I think the West Ham game is also away, so 4 away games on the trot - very difficult to get maximum points from those. In fact, I think we have the toughest run in of the top 3.

The one for me is Everton, because I can see them turning us over next week, especially if we play like we have in the past 3 games.




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10 Apr 2024 10:51:05
Agree with you totally about the Konate issue ED001.

I could not understand why he started Quansah instead.

No doubt we should still have won that game though.


{Ed001's Note - we should still have been good enough, but this was defo a game for Konate. I said as much to Bazza before the game, I was really uneasy once I saw the team. I do like Quansah, I do feel he will grow into a player good enough, but right now he is not the man for the big games when there is Konate there.}



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