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28 Mar 2020 12:43:14
Just putting this season aside does anyone think we will see a 20/21 season? Personally I think it's going to be a long long time before we and other fans see their teams competing.

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{Ed033's Note - It'll be interesting to see if Trump can get permission to allow U.S. Citizens out of lockdown this April like he said he was going to try and do.

28 Mar 2020 11:58:52
Hi all. I'm currently working from home and I work nights. I am really annoyed at how many people who are ignoring the lock down laws. Between 4-5 this morning I counted 9 people walk past my house. Some dressed in pyjamas so were obviously not going to work. Then some walk past with blue bags so obviously had to catch the offy before it closes at 5. After the amount of deaths and confirmed cases shot up yesterday I really hope people start taking this situation more seriously.

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{Ed002's Note - At present folks can still leave the house to take some exercise (I suspect that might change at some point) - and there is no dress code.}

28 Mar 2020 14:32:10
Give it a week and we will all be confined to barracks 😐.

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28 Mar 2020 11:16:03
ed002 to get away from the league. with next season cl and el can you see that not happening because countries are all at different stages of the virus and if Italy get over it the last thing they want is some fans coming from other countries and reinfecting there country again. I really don't see this being gone all of Europe by September. after traveling around India when I was younger I really don't know how they will cope if it hits them like Italy so I can see this being around for a long time.

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{Ed002's Note - I suspect with countries becoming clear to play at different times will need UEFA to look at different formats and timing for the EL and CL. Knowing UEFA well there would be someone considering options on how to make it work.}

28 Mar 2020 11:03:07
Thinking about the increasingly likely voiding of the season and turning the narrative on its head - surely we will go down as one of the greatest teams to miss out on a title given our record this season.

Be great to win no.19 this year, don't get me wrong but it would be added to the stats and the detail fogotten eventually.

The manner of the way this season pans out will not be forgotten so quickly and our story will forever be linked to the season that wasn't and in a way will be more enduring.

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28 Mar 2020 11:43:19
If they cancel it then it pushes the Prem even further behind the UCL. Its so far behind already I can see it becoming the FA cup mark 2.

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28 Mar 2020 07:39:02
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 28th March 2020

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27 Mar 2020 13:20:38
Hi all, just wondered if anyone had an android football management game they could propose?
Gonna need something to keep us busy the next few weeks.
Thanks in advance πŸ‘Œ.

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27 Mar 2020 14:29:29
Nothing beats good ole championship manager lol.

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27 Mar 2020 15:49:51
Sports Interactive are probably furiously digging around their old servers for the Football Manager Live code as we speak.

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27 Mar 2020 23:30:51
πŸ˜‡ ole championship manager but doing great at United 🀣.

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27 Mar 2020 07:39:02
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 27th March 2020

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27 Mar 2020 23:35:07
Thanks ed stay safe mate don't forget to check in on full devil ed 666 he must be classed as vulnerable at his age πŸ˜‰.

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26 Mar 2020 12:25:20
Well with the league all but done for I have finally found a positive. I will get to keep my negative name and my prediction of klopp not winning the league in his time here.

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{Ed002's Note - The intention is to still try and complete the season - nothing has changed.}

26 Mar 2020 12:53:07
I do genuinely hope so but in all seriousness more to life than football with the worlds current position.
Just hope it's not affecting people too much in regards to health and money problems.
Appreciate the efforts made by the Edd's and posters keeping the site going.

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27 Mar 2020 07:17:39
Toward the end of last season I suggested you'd be happy for us to lose Walter, just so you could say you were right. You responded that I was being ridiculous I think. This comment reinforces my feelings, even though you say you're just finding a positive amongst the negative. If we aren't officially crowned champions, only a fool would suggest we aren't the realistic champions and that Klopp has indeed delivered.

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27 Mar 2020 07:31:54
My dear boy it was a joke. Been waiting 30 years for us to be champions. I'll be over the moon when we finally win it.
All the best to you stay safe.

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28 Mar 2020 11:47:12
Some of us still get your humour negative! Probably in the minority mind you!

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