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10 Jul 2023 18:51:05
Hi Eds, I haven't seen much on Kelleher in the news lately. Is it now looking like he's staying at LFC? Seems other clubs that were previously interested have sorted out their keepers with other options.


{Ed002's Note - Right now Liverpool will block his departure.}

1.) 10 Jul 2023 19:08:56
That seems silly. We should let the lad go and grow his career.

2.) 10 Jul 2023 19:39:24
Liverpool need a top Class second goalie if we want to challenge. One injury to Allison in game one would mean no challenge without one. He has a contract. If we can’t find another top Class back up in time then it helps our cause. With city’s money and squad You cannot have any weakness in your back up
Players. This is elite sport.

3.) 10 Jul 2023 21:14:22
Interesting 1jj, do you consider Stefan Ortega, Manchester City's backup goalkeeper top class? How about Matt Turner, Arsenal's backup goalkeeper?

4.) 10 Jul 2023 21:21:06
Thanks, Ed! Appreciate it!

5.) 10 Jul 2023 22:12:07
Thunderbird, is having an advantage in that area disadvantageous? What are you getting at?

6.) 10 Jul 2023 22:53:29
Have to say @TB, we need the strongest squad we can get and if our squad players are better than other clubs’ squad players then all the better for us.

7.) 11 Jul 2023 06:47:03
If our backup goalkeeper who never plays is better than their goalkeeper that never plays then I’d call that a score draw.

8.) 11 Jul 2023 07:03:23
Jesus Thunderbird you’ve seen our injury record in recent seasons. It’s sensible until a good back up can come in.

9.) 11 Jul 2023 07:42:01
Thunderbird firstly Allison has had injury problems before and we had problems with our back up goalie you may remember?

Secondly ManCity often had De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva coming off the bench last season and we had Ox and Keita. They are champions and we are playing catch up. If this gives us a potential advantage are you not for it?

10.) 11 Jul 2023 09:26:11
Didn’t Kelleher play when we won a couple of cups not so long ago?

11.) 11 Jul 2023 17:13:29
1jj, where are you going to find a top class goalie who's prolly starting every week for his top club, and convince him to come to LFC and warm the bench?

12.) 11 Jul 2023 18:09:07
Oil - Kelleher.

13.) 12 Jul 2023 11:04:01
Oil? That's not my name, bro. Either way, I got your point. Peace.




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05 Sep 2023 17:56:48
Ed, I'm sorry if this has been addressed. I didn't see it after searching the recent threads.

Is there anything to the rumor going around that Edwards and Ward are both being courted for a possible return to LFC?


{Ed001's Note - I don't know sorry.}

1.) 05 Sep 2023 18:35:00
If Salah leaves and Jurgen gets the lot, plus the Moises cash, with Ward and Eddie on the laptops, we will be in a good place.
Dom and Alexis are likely the best business of the season-more of that please.

2.) 05 Sep 2023 18:57:04
Moises cash ????.

3.) 05 Sep 2023 19:10:37
And last years midfielder cash ?.

4.) 05 Sep 2023 20:09:22
IF FSG scrimp during Jurgens final 3 seasons, with now being the best time to convince players to join, they will be shooting themselves in the foot.
The Saudi experiment means we can have much more cash to spend than usual, and we do tend to use our cash quite well.

5.) 05 Sep 2023 21:24:23
The Cash-eido?

6.) 05 Sep 2023 22:40:14
Apparently they are coming in for half a day to fix the broken spreadsheet.

7.) 05 Sep 2023 22:47:19
Edward come back to blow even more money on agents? I don't get this love in with him at all.

8.) 06 Sep 2023 03:16:26
Getting business done is one thing, can’t fault Edwards or Ward for that, but the amount of money wasted in the last few years on high wages for bit part players was not good. It’s no surprise to me that the temp SD remit was to clear the books, something E or W could never do because why would anyone leave? Ox and Keita have been living the high life for the past few years whilst doing almost nothing. I don’t blame them if do the same, not their fault the club offered them so much money they had no incentive to move on.

9.) 06 Sep 2023 03:17:53
@Centrepoint, go on I’ll take the bait - FSG have nothing to do with transfers. There is no way they will scrimp on transfers because they have nothing to do with it.

10.) 06 Sep 2023 03:36:02
If we do get £200m perhaps we’ll be able to buy Man United and use them as our feeder club. 18.22% fall in share price in a day - like I said the other day, it’s fun watching them.

Whenever the idea of ‘fans’ owning a club comes up ( like in Germany, I think it is) it always makes me smile to think what would happen if Liverpool fans pitched in and bought United - it would be fun for a while. If the share price continues to plummet ….

11.) 06 Sep 2023 03:42:55
Centerpoint, not sure the club handjes money or cash by staging it away in a mattress or in shoe boxes. There is no Caicedo money, Bellingham money or whatever jus dotting there waiting to be spent. Transfers don’t work like that.

12.) 06 Sep 2023 06:09:34
LFC have spent less than many other EPL sides, but there comes a point where a bit of risk is worth it, in certain circumstances, IE Jurgens last few years during a rebuild.
Yes they can take a few more risks, as Jurgen has suggested, which is all that I'm suggesting.

13.) 06 Sep 2023 07:43:22
WDW of course the owners have something to do with transfers. They make certain monies available for transfers but set a pretty rigid framework. If new owners bought the club it’s extremely likely more money would be available and we would have a better chance to compete year on year.

14.) 06 Sep 2023 08:18:32
If we spent more money to compete would City, and some others, spend even more to finish above us?

15.) 06 Sep 2023 08:41:54
Maybe they would spend more. But we don’t need to spend for the sake of it though. However we need to be able to address more that one issue at a time. Atm we are very reactive in the transfer market and not proactive. We need to get back near the top and manage the squad from a position of strength.

16.) 06 Sep 2023 08:48:49
Seriously the owners have nothing to do with transfers? Absolutely they don’t go out and pick the players we buy but they own the club and set out the operation model of the club and most importantly the money flow!

17.) 06 Sep 2023 08:53:19
Markp, how much did FSG. ‘Set aside’ for the recent window?

How can you say something is “extremely likely” without having the first clue who might buy the club or what their plans for the club might be?

If you are going to make stuff up without the benefit of any tangible evidence to present can you make sure to start your input wit ‘in my opinion’? Just because you want something to be the case doesn’t make it a fact.



10 Aug 2023 22:44:28
From where I'm sitting the current state of things appears to be the result of JK needing a proper boss, and in the absence of that he was able to win some sort of power struggle sometime in the last 18 months that has some relevancy to why both Edwards and Ward (and others) have left the club.

In the aftermath of that, he's trying to do too much and is giving input on things he isn't equipped (doesn't have the time or knowledge) to give input on, and it's creating dysfunction.


1.) 10 Aug 2023 23:21:55
Based on what?

2.) 10 Aug 2023 23:43:49
What a weird theory. The window is really in many heads. Roll in the start of the season!

3.) 10 Aug 2023 23:52:12
From where he's sitting, Footyfan.
It could be anywhere but I don't want to sit there.

4.) 11 Aug 2023 00:39:08
I can buy the theory that there has been a power vaccum at the club, but only from the day FSG announced the club was for sale until the day FSG announced that only partial investment was needed. This was about six months I would say, and that's when Mike Gordon (the "extension" of FSG sitting in England) and really responsible for the operations of the club, was away.

I see the theory of Klopp usurping and accumulating power as not very plausible. Why would FSG let him even do it when they have their own man sitting at the club? And if Edwards and Ward felt overshadowed by Klopp, like Buvac, it's not really his fault. If you don't assert your power then it's gone. Lesson for Edwards and Ward, I guess.

5.) 11 Aug 2023 01:19:51
what? lol.

6.) 11 Aug 2023 08:16:05
@OP, I’m guessing that’s the good stuff you are on, mate?



17 Jul 2023 19:26:55
Are there any new notes on Sangare? I thought he was likely off to PSG, but now I am seeing Forest have made an offer to PSV. He seems like a good one-for-one replacement for Fabinho given his skillset and style.


1.) 18 Jul 2023 02:51:40
He was offered to Klopp after missing on Tchouaméni and Klopp wasn't interested at all.

2.) 18 Jul 2023 10:23:23
Kopforever, he was?



19 Jan 2023 17:31:38
I find the timing weird that all of a sudden it's being reported that Jude Bellingham hasn't had any direct contact with Klopp. Why does that info need to be independently offered up?

Related to this, I saw a juicy rumor that Bellingham's dad has been talking directly to Klopp, angling for a job with the team in exchange for delivering Jude and also the younger brother. This *feels* like something Liverpool would pull, but I'm curious if anyone has heard anything else on this that makes you think it's true. If true, I assume Ed02 has some strong opinions on this.


1.) 19 Jan 2023 17:52:22
We can't wait for Bellingham. We need to spend now to get top four.
Forget about building a team that could win the League or CL AGAIN, it's all about qualifying for the CL.
I want signings NOOOOOOOOW!
And if Bellingham doesn't come, I can say that he would never have come anyway because the owners won't spend any money.

2.) 19 Jan 2023 18:08:29
Why would anyone want Bellingham or Caicedo in the summer? The fans want Musah or McKennie NOW NOW NOW. Only fools think long-term. We need to win the January transfer window remember.

3.) 19 Jan 2023 19:10:30
It’s essentially just journalists regurgitating the same thing over and over again and using Bellingham’s name for exposure. They know nothing will happen until the summer and most have no real idea what is going on, so they say plausible sounding things that are vague and non-commital enough for them not to be called out as lying about anything in particular. May as well just ignore it.

4.) 19 Jan 2023 22:30:32
Klopp's not spoken directly to Jude Bellingham.

His brother Jobe, mother Jane, grandma June, cousin Judy, and uncle Joel on the other hand have all been staying in a Caravan together just outside Blackpool. Draw your own conclusions from that!

5.) 20 Jan 2023 13:02:17
Getting nothing now Rigsby and sure you know it. Shocking really. Bought gakpo just for future profits for me.

6.) 20 Jan 2023 14:15:56
We'll buy at least one midfielder in the summer, Magico.
I'll give you my word on that ?.



18 Jul 2020 14:01:31
Leeds have officially made it up. Any chance Milner joins them?


1.) 18 Jul 2020 18:46:13
I really hope not. He's apparently a very important person in the dressing room motivation-wise. He's also the only player in the squad that had won the Premier League before this. A proper winning mentality.

I forgot to mention that he'll probably win the Ballon D'Or when he's 47 too.

{Ed025's Note - now hes a proper player EP, im full of admiration for milner hes the consumate professional and would make a great manager imo mate..

2.) 18 Jul 2020 19:30:07
I completely agree Ed025. City made a huge mistake letting him go. If I had to choose a mentality that is perfect for any player, it's James Milner's.

{Ed025's Note - absolutely mate..




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16 Jul 2024 15:06:29
Interesting. 60M EUR does seem like a lot of money for Juve right now, for a player of Koopmeiner's ilk. Great player, but the demand seems greater for LFC (greater the need - greater the willingness to pay) than it does for Juventus. I'm interested to see how this develops.




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13 Jul 2024 14:20:15
van den Berg wanted out before having any interaction with Slot. I know he said some stupid things, but he's young and could make things right before the scenes just walking things over with his coach man to man. I hope he stays too as I also rate him.




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12 Jul 2024 16:24:24
Kelleher has more or less said he wants to leave too, but did so in a very respectful way.




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05 Jul 2024 15:59:46
I don't have concerns over the sudden Anthony Gordon focus. Opportunities sometimes arise quickly, and you have to be nimble enough to move on them before the competition can (similar to MacAllister and Szoboszlai last summer) . He could be a stellar Diaz replacement, and if that bridge has been burned this appears to have been a lifeline that has come LFC's way. I feel things will be much more secure with Gordon as the first choice left wing. Gakpo is still finding himself in the PL and Jota gets a lot of random injuries.




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03 Jul 2024 19:08:43
I know this stuff is all so nuanced, but that's a very exciting update on Gordon. Thanks, Ed!





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