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27 Dec 2022 16:19:10
So it was this morning when I read about Gakpo signing, I've tried to look through the recent posts and archives to see when the rumours started circulating before the news actually dropped and who was first to post it? Was somebody or any of the Ed's actually in the know before it became public knowledge and secondly is anybody or any of the Ed's in the know about any other signings liverpool might be currently working on?
Many thanks.

Jaydee ynwa

{Ed002's Note - December 13 saw an approach for Gakpo as I understand matters. The player was keen on a move to Manchester United but they made no offer and Liverpool did.}

1.) 27 Dec 2022 17:29:00
Are the club looking to sign a midfielder in January Ed002 if one becomes available and do you think one that the club is looking at will become available. Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Yes and I think a couple of options will be available as previously explained.}

2.) 27 Dec 2022 18:03:37
Hi Ed002, my apologies for asking this question. I did try searching and couldn't find the note. Can you kindly repost some of the available January midfield options that may interest Liverpool?

{Ed002's Note - I can only say where I know of interest, I cannot say about the timings of transfers with any confidence Davey.}

3.) 27 Dec 2022 18:07:34

4.) 27 Dec 2022 17:49:16
Have we bid for Enzo eds? Reports say the release clause has been met by 2 clubs.

{Ed002's Note - He has no pre-contract with Liverpool and no agreement has been made over his buy out clause at this time.}



03 Apr 2014 20:46:39
Dear ED's, its been a while since I've been on but I've had a good read through tfp and all I see is Liverpool are not interested, he won't be joining and no chance, do any of the ed's know of any players at all that Liverpool are showing any serious interest in.
cheers eds

Jaydee ynwa

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool are looking for a wide forward, one, perhaps central midfield players and seemingly a left back. Anything else will be driven by folks leaving.}




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30 Nov 2023 16:37:44
Any news on potential return dates of Conner Bradley and bajcetic.

Jaydee ynwa

1.) 30 Nov 2023 18:51:49
Looks like Bradley is on the bench tonight.

2.) 30 Nov 2023 18:52:12
Cancel last, Bradley named on bench, great stuff big hopes for that kid, hopefully he can kick on and make the right back position his own while moving Trent into midfield.

3.) 01 Dec 2023 09:53:50
Bradley actually played last night so that's definitely progress.

4.) 01 Dec 2023 18:34:27
What is not so good is that Alisson is due back by mid December and Jota only by the end of the month. Thiago by end January (has he had body parts replaced or what is going on exactly? ) .



12 Nov 2023 17:41:26
The only players that we should be signing now are players that improve the starting 11, it’s literally no more complicated than that.

Jaydee ynwa

1.) 12 Nov 2023 18:05:03
Totally agree we are very close to having a world class squad but how urgent is the club about actually making it happen? Hopefully january!

2.) 12 Nov 2023 18:34:48
We need a world class DM and a world class LCB. £150 mill combined.

3.) 12 Nov 2023 18:38:46
Habibi you’re not allowed to use the word “we”.

Please stick to the rules.

4.) 12 Nov 2023 18:39:30
We are 1 point from top why oh why do Liverpool fans just find something to moan about? Just enjoy the day the team won its Sunday relax a bit!

{Ed014's Note - it’s not the moaning it’s the exaggeration that made me laugh! ?

5.) 12 Nov 2023 19:06:41
Give over kloppers we aren’t pulling up trees and if that team had of been stretched today the bench was in bits! We do me a a solid dm and a few others!
B#%#%x to this wait til it happens we’ve been there before and klopp knows well!

6.) 12 Nov 2023 19:20:13
@Jk ???????. Sorry my bad. “LFC” need.

7.) 13 Nov 2023 07:54:00
I’ve come to accept that we live with people who will never be satisfied until we win every game of the season by a comfortable 2-3 goal margin in every game.

Back here in the real world, we have fantastic youth in Elliot, Jones, Gravenberch and Baj to supplement the ballers we have in midfield already. It’s really sound recruitment and with the long term in mind as well. Good on the recruitment team for overhauling the midfield in one summer.

8.) 14 Nov 2023 08:44:14
@Jaydee - do you really think it’s that simple? What happens when our world class starting team has 3 or 4 injuries and a suspension or two? More and more the modern game is about the squad rather than the team and increasingly about bringing through youngsters to meet ‘hone grown’ requirements. I honestly don’t think it’s ‘that simple’.



30 Sep 2023 21:15:03
Simple as! to absolutely reject the clear undeniable accusation of corruption within pgmol this game 100% absolutely without question has to be replayed or the game is ruined.

Jaydee ynwa



29 Aug 2023 18:33:21
It couldn’t be any clearer or obvious the fa, Howard Webb and all their cronies have got it in for us and that’s no mistake.

Jaydee ynwa

1.) 29 Aug 2023 20:39:34
Howard Webb could end up getting Man Utd’s player of the year award 15 years after winning it last.

2.) 29 Aug 2023 23:27:26
Apart from when they rescinded Macca’s red card last week ….



02 Aug 2023 14:01:25
We definitely need to play a dedicated right back as it’s clear Trent has absolutely no interest in playing anything other than midfield, the teddy has been well and truly throw from the pram, not a great example from the vice captain.

Jaydee ynwa

{Ed025's Note - it’s a different mentality now Jaydee. Years ago if you said you don’t want to play in a position to the likes of Brian Clough his answer would be…”well there’s the door”. Too much player power these days mate if you ask me..

1.) 02 Aug 2023 14:16:33
what about the genious of Klopp playing this system? it will be nightmare trying to play this system this season. well, I'm sure we'll be involved in some exciting high-scoring games.

2.) 02 Aug 2023 14:31:59
It's just not feasible to play DM and RB. It's not just a case of dropping back into defence like it is with a CB moving into a DM role. If Trent is needed to fill in at DM because we refuse to spend any money then we need to play a right back (like we were doing before Bradley picked up an injury) .
Also worth noting that on that showing Jones cannot play the 6 role either. I love him as a player but a number 6 he is not!

3.) 02 Aug 2023 14:36:11
Yeh get used to these high scoring games. We’re not going to win anything this season but it’ll be a rollercoaster that’s for sure.

4.) 02 Aug 2023 15:03:01
Jaydee, what the football are you on about? Where did you hear or read that Trent has no interest in playing anywhere but midfield? Where you on the pitch when he threw his toys out tha pram cos I saw him come off and none of that happened.

You can’t just come on here and start assassinating a player’s character just cos you didn’t get what you wanted from a dumb preseason game or cos the club is not doing what you wanted so please provide evidence to support your accusations.

5.) 02 Aug 2023 15:45:34

Bang on mate.


6.) 02 Aug 2023 17:20:19
I get what lads are saying, but a pre season game with the great BM, is def not a dumb game, think we all learned something from this game, Gomez Matip and the Greek lad look lost, like 1st game for Liverpool kind of thing, so with the injuries that will happen, so many games to play, just how many new players do we need .
really should have started this Finding new players two seasons ago .
doesnt look like we will bring in all the players that we need,
just hope that we score more goals than them .
still its going to be a great season, and its coming real soon .

7.) 02 Aug 2023 17:56:33
Olired, so I’m assuming we’ve been watching a different player for the last season because the one I’ve been watching absolutely refuses to put his head on anything or put a decent tackle in, he’s been so far off the pace it’s been ridiculous, you just have to look at his body language to see how disinterested he is, it doesn’t take a genius to see he wants to play midfield which btw is exactly where I think he should be playing, friendly or no friendly no game is meaningless.

8.) 02 Aug 2023 18:29:04
Jaydee, so you're a body language expert now? Oh please, nobonobody ever accused you of being a genius either so miss me with all that stuff.

Give it a rest, bro. I ain't buying any of that for a second. Mo Salah has sulked multiple times in games and nobody has ever said he is too big for his boots and has no interest in playing on the right wing or wherever. VVD was doing the same all thru last season and so did multiple players as well and many others. Did you level these accusations against VVD and the others, oh mighty Body Language expert or did you lose your powers when the others did the same thing you are attacking Trent for?

So essentially you have assasinated the character of a player you do not know, have NO background info about, have no concrete evidence of the wretched accusations you have levelled against him, deliberately did not attack others for doing the same thing and all you have is your own interpretation of "body language"?

Absolutely disgraceful. With fans like you, who needs rival fans when we have our own "fans" doing a bang up job of destroying our own players? Disgusting.

9.) 02 Aug 2023 19:22:19
A proper 6 and good CBs behind him this inverted role will work. We're trying to play a system we don't have the players for and aren't buying the players for.




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20 Nov 2023 07:59:10
Admittedly I could of phrased my comment better however it’s clear that many seem to be buying the same rose tinted glasses from the same shop
While also suffering from blind loyalty very similar to JK’s condition.
Elliot when we bought him was a top bracket championship level player very similar to carvalho, one of which one has been shipped out on loan the other remains and while he has had a good few decent performances hasn’t improved much more than that, he’s absolutely nowhere near the starting 11 when the squads fit and will never be more than a Decent squad player, when was the last time we poached from the championship and bought a teenager that now competes in the first team, if we want to compete we need to be buying players that improve the first 11 and trust the youth teams to bring through the next generation which seems to be working out ok.

Jaydee ynwa



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12 Nov 2023 17:39:30
Hopefully not it will just be another Harvey Elliot signing.

Jaydee ynwa



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17 Sep 2023 21:29:21
Personally I see Trent moving on next summer if an extension to his contract is not agreed, he’s too valuable to let leave on a free, but I don’t see him getting the assurance that’s he will be played in midfield which is clearly where he sees his future, I don’t see him playing midfield for us anytime soon on a regular basis.

Jaydee ynwa



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21 Aug 2023 15:10:09
I’d take him on loan for a season with option to buy.

Jaydee ynwa



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20 Aug 2023 22:11:20
What we don’t want to be doing is paying 60 million for players and not being able to include them in the Match day squad ?.

Jaydee ynwa




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30 Nov 2023 18:52:12
Cancel last, Bradley named on bench, great stuff big hopes for that kid, hopefully he can kick on and make the right back position his own while moving Trent into midfield.

Jaydee ynwa



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12 Nov 2023 17:46:56
We won 3:0.

Jaydee ynwa



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28 Oct 2023 08:44:52
Agreed ED I honestly cannot understand the relentless calls for a defensive midfielder when we have endo, I think it may be down to his size but macherano was only small In height and was phenomenal.

Jaydee ynwa

{Ed001's Note - his size shouldn't be an issue, he is very good in the air as he showed midweek.}



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05 Oct 2023 19:20:22
You really not a fan of liverpool at all eh ????.

Jaydee ynwa



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04 Oct 2023 10:11:41
Let’s just pray it hasn’t had the opposite effect.

Jaydee ynwa



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