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19 Jul 2024 10:14:45
Reading Ivan Tony’s asking price has been dropped to below 50m, definitely think he would be a great addition and could be an absolute monster for us.

Jaydee ynwa

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool has no interest in him and has other priorities.}

1.) 19 Jul 2024 11:44:43
Worth a punt at 50m, odds are he'll do well, if i was a betting man.

2.) 19 Jul 2024 12:00:55
@Vango - drop the £50m off at the club mate. I’m sure they’d happily accept the money if you think it’s worth the risk.

3.) 19 Jul 2024 12:25:35
WDW3 : you might have missed Vango’s humour there mate.

4.) 19 Jul 2024 19:40:04
Quite possibly - apologies @Vango - obviously had a glitch with my humour detector.



01 Apr 2024 09:28:55
Although Pep Lijnders has confirmed that he is also leaving at the end of the season have any discussions been held regarding him possibly taking over and is this seen as a viable option by Edward’s and the new sporting director.

Jaydee ynwa

{Ed002's Note - He is leaving and Liverpool are considering other options.}

1.) 01 Apr 2024 10:13:02
Wow - which bit of I’m leaving is hard to understand?

2.) 01 Apr 2024 10:19:15
Thanks Ed002 ?
Very clear and very obliging with your answers, it is greatly appreciated.

3.) 01 Apr 2024 11:45:34
WDW I remember Gerrard saying he was leaving once, I remember Furguson saying he was leaving once, I handed my notice in once at a previously before being offered a better package and like the previous 2 mentioned I had a change of heart and stayed put, Edward’s wasn’t back at the club and we hadn’t appointed the new sporting director, for me it would make perfect sense and simply asked with the return of Edward’s could it be an avenue that had previously not been explored! So “I’m leaving” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s set in stone
But thanks for the response Ed.

{Ed002's Note - He is talks with another club.}

4.) 01 Apr 2024 12:26:59
What do Gerrard and Ferguson have to do with anything? King Kenny said he was finishing and he did. Suarez said he wanted to leave and he did. Firmino said he wanted to leave and he did. They have nothing to do with it either. Lijnders said he wants to leave and I believe he is talking to Ajax. He’s Dutch. perhaps managing the biggest name in Dutch football appeals to him.

5.) 01 Apr 2024 12:41:51
The fact that Klopp informed fsg of his decision to step down in November and this wasn’t revealed till several weeks later along with the whole back room staff would suggest the new manager coming in is already sorted. They would have known Barcelona and BM would be looking for a new coach so it would have been stupid of Fsg to just sit on their hands and do nothing once Klopp informed them.

6.) 01 Apr 2024 12:28:27
We all used to blame Lijnders for every single defeat.
Now because we see names like de Zerbi and Southgate we’re all begging him to become manager ?.

7.) 01 Apr 2024 14:34:39
Southgate would be another Hodgson.

8.) 01 Apr 2024 14:48:52
It's quite amusing LiverpoolFC8, seeing how emotionally charged the debate has become. Gareth Southgate would be an illogical choice mind you. There is no evidence he can succeed at club level and his tactics are stagnant, putting it politely.

As for Roberto de Zerbi, I think there's been a lot of hyperbole about him from both ends of the spectrum. Some say he's a genius and the natural Guardiola successor. Others say he's absolutely useless. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. Brighton are great to watch, but I think he needs to fine tune his philosophy for a few more years because I enjoy his teams as a neutral but not sure it'd be quite so fun if I had a dog in the fight!

9.) 01 Apr 2024 15:12:31
Mc scouser 100% agreed this is exactly why I would like to see pep taking over which to me makes perfect sense and should be an almost seamless transition similar to how things used to happen back in the day with promotion from within the boot room, after alonso I’m not really that excited about anybody else coming in maybe Amorim who will have a completely different philosophy and it will take time to implement wholesale tactical changes, now xabi is no longer an option maybe Edward’s and fsg may also see this as an option, the last thing we want is a panic signing like Hodgson, amazing how people believe circumstances opinions and choices can’t alter.

10.) 01 Apr 2024 15:38:01
Acered, I very optimistically thought exactly the same way when the announcement that Klopp was leaving was made but the longer it goes on I think we are far from anything being set in stone.

11.) 01 Apr 2024 16:03:07
What if Pep doesn't want the job?
He might be perfectly happy as a coach, not having to deal with all the day to day issues that a manager does.

12.) 01 Apr 2024 17:19:49
I think Ljinders next job is a coach, just not Liverpool and I’m happy enough with that. He’s going to have to get used to the day to day issues pretty quick.

13.) 01 Apr 2024 19:24:08
Given that we haven’t signed a manager yet we can, logically, hardly be accused of making a panic signing. The way it was presented by the club was that they were looking for a DoF before they looked to sign a manager. We now have a CEO in place and a DoF. It would seem logical that they are now looking at options, and taking advice under consideration in selecting a manager. In the meantime, after Jurgen’s announcement Lijnders and other members of the back room staff said they are leaving too and, ‘the people’s choice’ has stated that he is staying at Leverkusen. We (the fans) are now leaning towards Amorim as our choice but, in terms of what FSG are thinking, who knows?

Of course, it’s possible that Klopp or Lijnders, as examples, may change their minds but neither seem like they are reconsidering - the former reiterated last week that he is taking a sabbatical and the latter seems to be in talks with another club. With Lijnders, and as has been said by more than one of us - perhaps it is as simple as him just not wanting the job?

14.) 01 Apr 2024 20:55:41
I think FSG will leave it to Edwards/ Hughes.

15.) 01 Apr 2024 22:21:24
What a problem Southgate would have with Trent if he became manager of LFC or would that mean that Trent is off?

16.) 01 Apr 2024 23:04:02
WDW what have Gerrard and co got to do with it? Well they said they were leaving and changed their mind. It’s not inconceivable that Pep could have a change of heart if it suited him. At this stage it’s all unlikely, but stranger things have happened in football.

Personally I’d go for someone fresh, I don’t always buy the assistant angle. I recall Sammy Lee taking over Sam Allerdyce at Bolton and that was supposed to be seamless and it was dire.

17.) 02 Apr 2024 06:48:55
Southgate has never been considered by FSG as an option to replace Klopp that is pure newspaper nonsense!

18.) 02 Apr 2024 09:34:17
Even FSG get that Southgate would be a deeply unpopular choice to be the incoming manager. Suspect it will be Amorim, which is the best of the rest by a very long way.

19.) 02 Apr 2024 11:39:41
Big Sam and Sammy Lee, what a dream team.
Isn't Pep rumoured to be in talks to take over at Ajax? Personally, I think that is a very smart choice for him - big, historic club which he would likely be familiar with but also slightly out of the limelight of the PL, allowing him time and space to develop.



27 Dec 2022 16:19:10
So it was this morning when I read about Gakpo signing, I've tried to look through the recent posts and archives to see when the rumours started circulating before the news actually dropped and who was first to post it? Was somebody or any of the Ed's actually in the know before it became public knowledge and secondly is anybody or any of the Ed's in the know about any other signings liverpool might be currently working on?
Many thanks.

Jaydee ynwa

{Ed002's Note - December 13 saw an approach for Gakpo as I understand matters. The player was keen on a move to Manchester United but they made no offer and Liverpool did.}

1.) 27 Dec 2022 17:29:00
Are the club looking to sign a midfielder in January Ed002 if one becomes available and do you think one that the club is looking at will become available. Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Yes and I think a couple of options will be available as previously explained.}

2.) 27 Dec 2022 18:03:37
Hi Ed002, my apologies for asking this question. I did try searching and couldn't find the note. Can you kindly repost some of the available January midfield options that may interest Liverpool?

{Ed002's Note - I can only say where I know of interest, I cannot say about the timings of transfers with any confidence Davey.}

3.) 27 Dec 2022 18:07:34

4.) 27 Dec 2022 17:49:16
Have we bid for Enzo eds? Reports say the release clause has been met by 2 clubs.

{Ed002's Note - He has no pre-contract with Liverpool and no agreement has been made over his buy out clause at this time.}



03 Apr 2014 20:46:39
Dear ED's, its been a while since I've been on but I've had a good read through tfp and all I see is Liverpool are not interested, he won't be joining and no chance, do any of the ed's know of any players at all that Liverpool are showing any serious interest in.
cheers eds

Jaydee ynwa

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool are looking for a wide forward, one, perhaps central midfield players and seemingly a left back. Anything else will be driven by folks leaving.}




Jaydee ynwa's banter posts with other poster's replies to Jaydee ynwa's banter posts


20 Jul 2024 14:49:50
Inacio - koopmieners and Ivan Tony would be a great addition to the spine of the team.

Jaydee ynwa

1.) 20 Jul 2024 15:31:33
Koopmeiners isn’t a defensive midfielder so we’d still be weak through the middle. He’s very similar to Mac Allister so I’m not sure what the point of him signing would be unless Mac Allister was being sold.

2.) 20 Jul 2024 16:00:12
Not sold on this koopmeiners just an average squad player that doesn’t improve us. We need a better squad than last season.

3.) 20 Jul 2024 17:23:42
Ivan Toney (rolls eyes) ….

4.) 20 Jul 2024 19:20:59
1jj… let me guess Danns should be given the chance to step up.

5.) 20 Jul 2024 19:30:19
I’m hoping for Inacio and Gordon still. The DM/ CM targets like Ederson, Rabiot and Koopmeiners all seem to be low on the priority list. I’m not of the opinion that we’re desperate for a DM to be fair. I think most of our defensive issues came from the back 4 being unsettled due to injuries. Before the last 8 games went to pot everyone was praising Klopp for such a brilliant midfield rebuild. It’s funny how easily we forget that. I really like Endo and we don’t even know how Slot plans to utilise Trent yet. I would personally really like Koopmeiners, but not if he has his eyes on Juventus. We need players who want to be here.

6.) 20 Jul 2024 20:48:40
Agree with mk.

Up until 10 games to go we were tied with arsenal for best defence in the league. So where this clamour for a DM has come from I don't know.

Most teams don't even use a DM. Even rodri plays more like a box to box. United play with a DM ask united fans how it's worked out.

Most teams just play with a very good and organised pressing game negating the need for a bruiser in midfield.

7.) 20 Jul 2024 21:35:36
My thoughts exactly Nevada. City just smother teams high up. Rodri spends more time in the opposition half than his own and regularly contributes in the final 3rd. I think Bruisers are becoming obsolete. Kroos played “DM” for Real Madrid. Would anybody categorise him as a destroyer?

8.) 21 Jul 2024 04:39:57
MK - we could just pay Koomeiners to want to be here like how manU paid Yoro!?

Tend to agree that our midfield isn’t the most urgent area of need to address.

9.) 21 Jul 2024 08:18:18
Isn’t that the point tho MK, the need for that Rodri type of “DM”? I mean Endo is good at what he does and I’ve no complaints about that but I think he is limited.

On a side note I thought Kante was great for France in the Euros. The way he pops up all over the pitch to win balls and his distribution was great also. His PL career has gone but I can still appreciate a quality footballer irrespective of who they play for ?.

10.) 21 Jul 2024 09:50:00
How many Rodri’s are there though Irish? We need our own solution and I’m sure Slot and Hughes have ideas in mind. I’m just not sure we’ll sign a tough tackling destroyer like some people want. Pep never replaced Fernandinho like for like. Arteta couldn’t wait to bin off Partey for the more technically gifted Jorginho. The best teams in the league are moving away from brutish DM’s. As Nevada said, Rodri plays more like a box to box player. They defend as an 11 man high press.

11.) 21 Jul 2024 11:31:28
I’d say Rodri has been the best midfielder in the world for the past four or five years. The only time City look vulnerable is when Rodri is injured / suspended. I’d have him at the club ahead of everybody in World Football at the moment, including Mbappe and Bellingham and whoever else anyone can think of.



10 Jul 2024 19:35:27
Really looking forward to hopefully seeing some of the loan players getting an opportunity this season, beck Morton and especially svdb who by all accounts had a great season and appears to have finally come of age, exactly what loans are meant to achieve, still not convinced by carvalho and i think this season is make or break for bajetic who is love to see nail down the dm position, hopefully dans will get a lot more opportunities as he looks like a real threat, all in all I’m not to concerned about any incoming transfers that could potentially hinder the progress of the players mentioned, you just gave to look at the likes of mainoo, palmer, Wharton, branthwhaite and our very own quansa and Bradley that prove giving them a fair crack and not blocking their progress can literally save millions.

Jaydee ynwa



10 Jul 2024 19:25:53
Any news on Ben doaks recovery from injury has he arrived for preseason training?

Jaydee ynwa

1.) 10 Jul 2024 19:36:04
Was back early with a personal trainer so pretty sure he should be ok and at kirkby with everyone else.

2.) 10 Jul 2024 19:37:32
Yes he arrived the other day for Arnes first session with the players.



23 Apr 2024 09:22:37
Not long after klopp made his announcement I had a small wager on Gary O’Neil being announced as the new manager! I’d definitely prefer him to a lot of the names being touted about, I’d rather give him a couple of seasons and potentially wait for xabi, I 100% understand his decision to stay at Bayern and admire the loyalty he is showing, guaranteed next season will be far more difficult than this. I can see Edward’s and the new S. D going for an up and coming British manager with premier league experience.

Jaydee ynwa

1.) 23 Apr 2024 09:27:25
Xabi will be going Real Madrid so we would be waiting a long long time am afraid!

2.) 23 Apr 2024 10:04:44
He hasn’t done anything at Bournemouth or Wolves. Easy pass surely.

3.) 23 Apr 2024 10:05:17
Of the managers we've been linked with who working in premiership at min, de zerbi, frank etc i would pick o neill ahead of them as well.

4.) 23 Apr 2024 10:09:07
The prpblem is the structure, Amirom wants to be involved in the transfer dealing and Edwards and Hughes wouldn't allow it, Plus there is a 30 mill euros in compensation and I doubt FSG have an interest in paying that sum.

5.) 23 Apr 2024 10:15:51
I'm getting worrying vibes that it might be De Zerbi you know. If Amorim is being courted by West Ham as the media are suggesting then it sounds to me like we aren't actively pursuing him (IMO no-one with any sense would even speak to WH if Liverpool wanted a chat) .

6.) 23 Apr 2024 10:23:56
No idea or inside knowledge obviously but if Liverpool don’t give Amorim the kind of role he wants and west ham does, then why would he continue with us?

7.) 23 Apr 2024 10:47:01
Simple answer Faith - compromise. If a manager prefers WH to Liverpool purely because of the underlying management structure then good luck to him, he's on a hiding to nothing there with no CL football and zero chance of winning anything in the next 5 years. Moyes deserves the freedom of London for winning the trophy last season.

8.) 23 Apr 2024 11:34:48
Onekiss- how much better at wolves or Bournemouth do you think klopp or guardiola would have done?

9.) 23 Apr 2024 11:21:15
Sounds a bit high horse to me.
It’s a tough job to be in if you put aside a fundamental part of how you want to manage.
Much better to walk away and take another project.

10.) 23 Apr 2024 11:51:32
Digger10, that is a VERY low bar though.

I think that’s an irrelevant point Jaydee, Klopp was hired because going down the Brendan Rodgers route failed spectacularly, so we appointed the best man for the job who had not only a track record of actual success and winning titles, but doing so as the underdog. Due respect to O’Neill but managing Bournemouth, Wolves and our U23’s isn’t really comparable.

11.) 23 Apr 2024 12:26:29
Viktorvaughn - had the players under Rodgers not bottled at the final stage like we appear to be doing again this year then klopp has only won one more title than Rodgers did in almost a decade of being manager.

12.) 23 Apr 2024 12:33:38
Jaydee, Wolves and Bournemouth went from mid table to mid table under O’Neill. Howe done better at Bournemouth and Nuno done better at Wolves and neither of them should be getting a Liverpool job. Pep and Klopp are two of the greatest managers of course they’d have done better there. We’ve tried these types of managers with Rodgers and Hodgson before. We need someone who knows how to win titles.

13.) 23 Apr 2024 13:03:29
Onekiss - just for clarity let me make it crystal clear I’m not hoping for o’Niel as our next manager I’m saying it’s plausible, your last statement is flawed however as all of houlier Benitez daglish souness Hodgson and Rodgers have also won titles, and in the last 32 years only houllier Benitez and Rodgers have managed to finish second, Klopps done one better once.
Exited to see who we get and whoever it will be will get my 100% support but it’s clear nobody has a clue who it will be at this stage which seems to be the Edward’s way.

14.) 23 Apr 2024 13:05:07
What about Andoni Iraola?

I wonder who recruited him at Bournemouth!?!

15.) 23 Apr 2024 13:12:05
Jaydee, I can’t remember us winning a title under Rodgers.

Klopp has also won a champions league, world club championship and every other trophy possible. He’s also been up against a club owned by a nation state with unlimited funds and been competitive, we’ve missed out by fine margins.

Rodgers had one good year and he still failed in that one good year. We literally fell apart and Rodgers was shown for the fraud he is when Suarez left.

Replacing a bonafide world class manager with a mid table manager on the basis of potential and who hasn’t won anything is a ridiculous risk which will likely go horribly wrong and take years to recover from.

16.) 23 Apr 2024 13:31:06
Iraola, guess we’re looking to consolidate that mid table position next year then.

17.) 23 Apr 2024 13:46:50
It's alright talking about getting managers with titles behind them and all the rest but once alonso decided to stay at leverkusan i don't think the list of managers available is too great. In fact its decidedly average the pool available. Amorion seemed next best but I'd say 90% of lfc fans didn't know who he was 6 months ago. Slot the same.
Always going to be an outrageous task to replace klopp anyway but at this minute in time there ain't much about.

18.) 23 Apr 2024 14:55:00
What mid table position, Vik?
We are second.

19.) 23 Apr 2024 14:57:53
@ViktorVaughan Seems to have been turned down for the LFC Sporting Director role.

Richard Hughes and his gigabytes of of analysis might be better qualified.



20 Apr 2024 07:44:48
Darwin is still a kid give him time.

Jaydee ynwa

1.) 20 Apr 2024 09:28:51
He's nearly 25 ?.

2.) 20 Apr 2024 09:41:09
He’s had 2 seasons.

3.) 20 Apr 2024 10:17:34
I'm not convinced about him. Hope he proves me wrong.

4.) 20 Apr 2024 10:21:01
I believe and the data is there to prove that Darwin has already improved massivelly from last season and that is clear for all to see.

It is also true that he needs to go up a level or two in his finishing, decision-making and composure in front of goal. If we quit on him now, we will regret it, IMO.

However and I love him to death, he AIN'T no kid. That's just not true.

5.) 20 Apr 2024 11:11:00
I think the move came a season or 2 too early for him, and he's playing catch up in development.

On the other hand, playing this slow turgid footy the club seem to be obsessed with doesn't help him either. he needs more direct game with balls over the top, crosses being banged in, game played at pace so he has to act more on instinct rather then over think.

Maybe whoever comes in, with a new tactics might be the one to bring out the best in him more consistently.

6.) 20 Apr 2024 11:17:04
Nunez is a tricky subject. for all his hard work n never giving up his finishing for a top striker is poor, I go the games n there's a fella behind me who says captain chaos equals chicken head, while others praise his talents. think he worth sticking with for at least another season, if he put half of his chances away he'd be unstoppable.

7.) 20 Apr 2024 12:10:39
I’m starting to give up on this front line.

8.) 20 Apr 2024 12:29:30
I like Nunez as he’s plays with his heart on his sleeve and does bring energy to the forward line.

I’d love to see him more composed in front of goal because in occasions he’s scored some screamers and then missed some sitters.

His goal record in the league this season has been ok where he has scored jn 9 of his 30 games but he hasn’t quite managed score against any of the big boys when you want your forward to turn up.

His record is

Newcastle - 2
West Ham - 1
Forrest - 2
Burnley - 2
Brentford - 1
Sheff Utd - 1
Bournemouth - 2

What we do know though is will be a new manager in charge next season so could be a new system and way of playing that suits him or it could be the polar opposite and he’s not a regular CF or gets moved wide.

9.) 20 Apr 2024 13:53:58
Nunez needs the ball being played faster than it often is. Some of the problems are down to team mates not getting there heads up quickly enough. Trent and Macca can be the making if him.

10.) 20 Apr 2024 14:53:24
What do we think Nunez really needs to bring our the best in him? IMO it's better crossing and better balls slipped through from midfield.

At the minute I see hardly any decent crossing and our corners are pretty poor. I see lots of tidy passing in midfield but little in the way of decent through balls for a striker to run onto. I reckon Haaland would struggle for goals playing this way.

It's easy to pick holes from afar but small tactical tweaks could probably see a higher goal return from Darwin.

11.) 20 Apr 2024 15:31:25
I don’t know, composure in the box doesn’t rely on the perfect ball. You can see composure and you can see a lack of it. He lacks composure, he puts his head down and his foot through the ball. He doesn’t look up to see the keeper, or his position in relation to the goal. That’s why he’s not clinical. He relies on pure power. At a lower standard it’s enough, at the top level, it isn’t.

12.) 20 Apr 2024 16:34:28
If Chelsea are still interested I'd get rid. He's so wasteful when you can't afford to be if you want to be at the very top. We need a striker with more composure to compete with Jota. Diaz and gakpo are plenty cover for the left and we will. jave to address the right this summer. Maybe Elliot and a new signing, bakayoko came from psv like gakpo and is left footed could be available for a decent price.

13.) 20 Apr 2024 17:33:37
I suppose I’ve been spoilt by watching the likes of Rush, Aldridge, Fowler, Owen, Torres and Suarez.

Unfair to expect any player to live up to that, but that’s what you need in the tight games which win you trophies.

14.) 20 Apr 2024 18:37:13
Johnnyr1970, part of that is true and I have mentioned it multiple times. We do not whip crosses into the box anymore for Darwin and Diaz who are pretty lethal in the air to feed on. In our pump, we had both TAA and Robbo whipping delicious balls in yet we had just Sadio and Bobbie (tho good in the air) and sometimes, the crosses would go begging and many on here used to say we need a typical no. 9.

Now that we actually have one who thrives on such service, what do we do? We literally stop doing this in favor of the slow buildup rubbish and the inverted fullback schstick and we are all shocked Darwin is struggling so much. I get it, he needs to do better BUT parts of our tactics do NOT help him. Multiple things can be true at the same time.

15.) 20 Apr 2024 19:57:18
He needs a new manager for a start, and maybe play on left like he did for benfica. But Ron, name a striker out there right now who could be the level of all those legends you mention.

16.) 20 Apr 2024 20:39:31
Nunez has missed the most big chances in any of the top flight leagues but yes the problem is the team aren’t creating chances for him.

Honestly couldn’t make it up.

17.) 20 Apr 2024 21:47:20
Are Diaz and Nunez lethal in the air Oli? Based on what evidence?




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19 Jul 2024 09:50:43
For that money I’d be going all in for inacio however I’d prefer svdb given a try and more game time for quansa.

Jaydee ynwa



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17 Jul 2024 11:37:52
VV or playing with an actual back 4 or 3 with wingbacks and drop the whole inverted right back debacle that left us exposed time and time again. Hopefully different coaching methods will remedy the issue.

Jaydee ynwa



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17 Jul 2024 11:34:22
I’d much rather them flip-flop, roly-poly or even cartwheel between targets rather than spend a fortune on players based on potential and flop or have long term ambitions of playing elsewhere.
Right players - right price - right attitude and if they are not available then give the youth prospects or returning loan players a go, I’m sure statistically svdb has a better season than yoro.

Jaydee ynwa



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29 Jun 2024 14:47:14
WDW - solanke.

Jaydee ynwa



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28 Jun 2024 22:05:43
Come off it Ed that is hilarious ?
hugely success and stayed at the club for years. In recent times, Reece James, Loftus-Cheek, Mount, Christiansen, Colwill, Gallacher, Abraham

Literally Reece James when fit hasn’t been bad and Christiansen but the rest please

John Terry and Graham lesaux (excuse spelling) are the only decent players Chelsea have grown while understanding the potential they had and not letting them go, churning out ???, + rice olise ake guehi they became the players they are under other managers nothing to do with the quality of the youth team, decent players educated by better management
Everyone else has been kak, not to mention the first team players Chelsea has dismissed and discarded, salah for example.

Jaydee ynwa

{Ed002's Note - It is simply degraded in to the usual embarrasing abuse.}




Jaydee ynwa's banter replies


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16 Jul 2024 20:51:04
I be think Trent would be better right midfield/ right wing I don’t see a centre/ defensive midfielder there.

Jaydee ynwa

{Ed025's Note - im with you there Jaydee, he could even be a stand in for Salah on the right possibly mate, but as you say not in the midfield..



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11 Jul 2024 00:32:30
Nobody said you can’t attempt
A block in the penalty area but when you do that with studs up and strike the opponent then it’s up for interpretation, I’m certain I saw mac vvd and Curtis all sent off for less last season, it is what it is, I’ll see you Sunday.

Jaydee ynwa



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11 Jul 2024 00:28:39
Maybe Southgate is an absolute genius and nobody else can see it.

Jaydee ynwa



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10 Jul 2024 19:39:14
Couldn’t disagree more, I think he’s finally come of age and that’s what loans are for, I hope he’s given a good chance this season which I believe he will get under slot.

Jaydee ynwa



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09 Jul 2024 07:05:50
Beckers pecker :- we absolutely didn’t land on the moon ?.

Jaydee ynwa



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