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07 Nov 2023 18:46:10
Reports suggesting our interest in Andre Trindade has cooled and that Fulham is the frontrunners.

There's no suggestion as to where our attention has turned, if at all.


1.) 08 Nov 2023 10:32:23
We can have Palhinha off them then. Great ball winner. Good on the ball and a bit of a goal threat in the air too.

{Ed002's Note - He is of no interest to Liverpool.}

2.) 08 Nov 2023 12:16:05
Seems a surprise unless the plan is to rely on Endo unit Bajcetic is fit, as none of the others is a top class number 6. Personally I thought he was ideal, so a real shame.

{Ed002's Note - The situation has been made a little complicated with Andre but Liverpool can still strike a deal, but as you know there is interest from elsewhere. There remain other DM options for the club. Perhaps looking again at the more versatile Thuram might be an idea.}

3.) 08 Nov 2023 13:40:39
Do you think we will add a dm in January eds? Surprised but does look like Andre is heading to Fulham, no idea why he'd want to go fulham mind.

{Ed002's Note - There are other clubs interested in him including Fulham if they were to lose Palhinha, but they are not the only interested side. As I said there is a further complication but Liverpool will be able to try and get something done. Else they could look to the other targets they have identified.}

4.) 08 Nov 2023 15:34:03
What about the player. Is Andre favoring joining a particular club at this point?

{Ed002's Note - I really have no idea. He will have to look at his opportunites, will he be a starter, what the contract offer is etc..}

5.) 08 Nov 2023 16:06:27
Ed’s will be able to confirm, I’ve read/ heard Arsenal are looking at Andre too,

Tbh, I like the look of him (Andre), he can use 2 feet, he looks nippy across the park, I’ve seen him slot in at left back cos Flume did an injury rejig, I’ve seen him spray passes 40+ m with both feet, he also plays short to keep the team moving.

On attacking corners he generally last man, must be the quickest in Flume mind you some of them pushing 40. Andre from what little I’ve seen also communicates well with players around him too.

{Ed002's Note - Yes Arsenal are an interested side and Edu has been complimented. He can use both feet, else he would fall over.}

6.) 08 Nov 2023 16:17:51
Thanks Ed! Still interesting to hear what you've heard/ read.

7.) 08 Nov 2023 19:46:36
TY Ed002, lol on the sarcasm.

8.) 08 Nov 2023 22:44:28
I won’t ask what the further complication is….

9.) 08 Nov 2023 23:47:05
i thought i read somewhere about possible 3rd party ownership of the player which would need resolving first.

10.) 09 Nov 2023 08:47:59
Andre will be a LFC by the end of January and the defense will be attended to in the summer with a couple of signings.

11.) 09 Nov 2023 16:57:10
Quansah is possibly better than anyone you could sign across Europe. How lucky are we! maybe a right sided CB may be needed next season.



26 May 2023 21:31:24
Ed002, in your opinion, have our transfer plans/ targets changed drastically since the turn of the year or would you say they are broadly the same.

Wondering whether we’re at risk of a scattergun period like that of the Rodgers era or getting back on track to well thought out business.


{Ed002's Note - They will always be massaged a little, but that is true of every club, but I am not aware of radical changes.}

1.) 26 May 2023 22:38:50
Cheers, Ed. Appreciate it.

2.) 27 May 2023 09:02:36
New rumour is Bellingham fee is 86 mill to Real.

Surely that’s within our range.

3.) 27 May 2023 09:19:26
JK the fee probably is, but all the other values, wages agents, jurgen tapping up tax and possibly how dortmund wanted it paid meant a deal wasn’t feasible.

We all would of loved him at Liverpool, but we are not in a position to add one player to a great midfield, we have an aging midfield and need 2 or 3 to get it back to where we need it and we couldn’t stretch that far.

4.) 27 May 2023 09:19:42
The Klopp tax is real.

Plus, the club have already reverse ferreted now. They’ve put in the hard PR yards to remind us of how we can’t afford nice things. Would they undo all of that?

We do things differently. Say it enough times and it becomes a badge of honour.

5.) 27 May 2023 09:54:41
I wouldn’t be suprised to see us make a late low ball bid for Bellingham so the club can be like look we tried but we can’t compete with real and the likes of .

Nothing surprises me with our club anymore so Il just wait and see what happens.

The 1 bit of solace I’ve got is I don’t think it’s hard to improve our midfield at all so whoever comes in should be an upgrade .

Bellingham is obviously the no1 I’d love but can’t cry over something we haven’t got .

Mac allister looks really promising . And I think he would flourish at our gaff

Mount I’m on the fence here with him as their is a player their but I think we are in need of a different style player over him .

Ugarte looks like the klopp had ballsed that up

Thuram looks like others are ahead of us but I’d be pushing them out the way to get this lad (politely mind)

I’ve got a feeling we will end up signing koopmeiners
Il be honest not really seen much of him but what I have seen I’d be a little underwhelmed .

Hoping for a proper left field signing like fabinho that not been spoken about and comes in and tears it up ??????????.

6.) 27 May 2023 10:34:23
Jk23 mate depends on payment structure. If Dortmund want single payment upfront then we don't have any chance.

Our biggest problem have been not having money in the bank despite doing really well financially on the paper.

Most of our signings have come by spreading payment structure 3-5 windows except 1-2 which has really hamstrung us compare to our rivals.

FSG have done unbelievable job of balancing the books and Klopp overachieving and being our most successful manager in last 3 decades which says a lot how special he is.

But now with todd boehly spending like there's no tomorrow, arsenal City UTD even spurs and Newcastle spending more then us have really changed the scenario for us coz neither we have any assets left to supliment our transfers which has been our bedrock under FSG.

Think this transfer window will make more things clear for us which direction will be heading especially when massive rebuilding is needed.

7.) 27 May 2023 10:53:19
I just hope now the stadium and training facilities are complete this year the increased revenue along with trimming the oversized squad (saving on wages) we can add a new 50/ 60 mill player when needed without it harming us financially and try keep ourselves ahead of the curve rather than always trying to play catch up .

No one knows the budget other than the owners and the club and I’d imagine the more we sell the more we can buy
But we have a wealth of youngsters that need loaning out or given chances also some of which are going to be to be top class professionals

Clubs not in as bad a shape as people make out .
We just need a little refinement in certain areas and also some quality brought in and promote some youngsters to pad the squad out and we are good to go . It’s then over to the manager and coaching staff to get the best out of what we’ve got .

Big year next year I can feel it.

8.) 27 May 2023 12:02:18
I don’t think anyone feels that the club is unhealthy.

What rankles is we do not act with ambition when the opportunity is there to. And the club have convinced us all that it’s ok to be that way.

9.) 27 May 2023 12:41:34
Don’t we still owe money to the owners on the stadium expansion loan?

{Ed002's Note - Yes.}

10.) 27 May 2023 13:52:48
When you say ambition do you mean spend more money I don’t see that just spending more than a rival guarantees anything it helps il grant you that but look at Spurs for example they have spent a fortune compared to us and let’s be honest without Kane and sons goals their mid to low league .

Not saying you were on about money either mate just I see lots on here that just want to spend a fortune . I just want us to win I couldn’t care less what we spent I just want us to be the best we can be and I know spending does help that but so does many more aspects of the game aswell.

11.) 27 May 2023 15:17:04
Hello ed2 hope u well. On above question from jk23 as regards loan on stadium, I had ast similar question a while back about loan and you said loan was from a credit facility fsg have. Did u mean we taking loan directly from fsg or from a lending company/ bank that fsg have a working relationship with?
Thanks for your time.

{Ed002's Note - There are loans from the owners and from banks that Liverpool owe.}

12.) 27 May 2023 18:22:39
Dhfc - we have clear needs - a new midfield and to derisk Gomez/ Matip injury records.

I’d expect a club that wants to be successful and features in the top three of the revenue league to be able to recruit in top tier players in the positions needed.

We might not be able to spend like PSG, City and Real but we can compete with the rest.

This embarrassing poverty dance we do is just, well, embarrassing.

13.) 27 May 2023 23:21:57
kopforever, City might spend, but the amounts of money they generate from internal sales for players who've played minimally for them, if at all (Lavia, Bazunu making 2 senior appearence between them) means their net spend won't be horrific, we're replacing 2 highly important squad players (Milner and Bobby) which will raise our summer expenditure (likely £60-100m which is part of the midfield revamp), and it's been mentioned here that we've priced our fringe players too high to generate much in the way of funds, so I don't know where the summer funds are coming from if we're still in a 'sell to buy' model.

14.) 27 May 2023 23:47:26
@FPF - how do you ‘derisk …. Injury records’? Have to say that’s the best way of saying sign someone that I’ve seen since the last transfer window.

15.) 28 May 2023 08:58:16
Digger the annul accounts release in Feb this year stated we owe FSG 71 mill still (down from 110) and other lenders 88 mill.

Which on the grand scheme of things makes me feel a lot better about my debt with my mortgage and car finance.

16.) 28 May 2023 09:11:02
Totally agree on needing them positions and agree about the poverty cries from the club but also the club have been upgrading their infrastructure aswell and as much as I hate to say it the yanks are doing ok by us in some ways With the stadium and training facilities. Now I just hope we can trim the squad down and get rid of loads of fringe players we need to be ruthless this summer .
Nat Phillips
Rhys Williams

Could easily fetch 50 mill in transfers on top of the wages saved say another 10-15 million for the season and we could easily replace them players with youngsters from within the club .

Maybe this is why jorg has been brought in.

17.) 28 May 2023 09:55:31
The interpretation of the annual accounts is not quite correct. The club owns $71.4mil to FSG (intercompan loan) and $88mil via the holding companies bank facility ($200mil available and matures in 2025).

The bank facility was amortised by $40mil in 2022 (the balance was $128mil in 2021), one would assume this will be cleared by the end of next season all things being equal (I am not sure if further funds are required to complete the stadium expansion)

Importantly, it seems the $71.4mil intercompany loan has not been paid down (i. e. the club has not yet paid this back) nor is any interest being charged on this facility. One can assume the club will pay back this facility once the interest bearing bank loans are extinguished.

The club actually generated $110mil in free cashflow in 2022 and $80mil when increase/ decrease of debtors and creditors is netted out, prior to player registration purchases and sales.

18.) 28 May 2023 10:43:25
If we generated £110m cashflow why can’t we buy Bellingham?

Sorry couldn’t help it.

Being serious, great explanation / insight Peeps. Thanks for that ?.

19.) 28 May 2023 11:26:27
Dhfc - we do need to be better at selling. Problem is that we’ve left ourselves with little to sell and now little choice but to invest in a market that has been distorted by Chelsea’s actions in January. Players like Kone Thuram Lavia Ugarte are twice the price now.

It was the Neymar to Barcelona move that last distorted the market this way.

With Newcastle reaching Champions League ahead of schedule and United possibly getting their hands on Gulf State money - there’s a good chance the top end of the market will only head in one direction.

The other owners can see this happening and have already moved to multi-club ownership.

FSG need to rubbish or get off the pot.

20.) 28 May 2023 12:02:30
@WDW2 remember this relates to financial year 22 (the picture may look different now) and is also before the $40mil debt repayment plus any amounts owing for player registrations which may have been spread over a number of years (again I am assuming this is how the accounts are prepared, standards may differ as compared to here in Australia)

Also apologies for my use of ‘$’ instead of ‘£’ - force of habit being an Aussie.



03 Jan 2023 12:39:02
Ed, it looks like more and more Premier League clubs are going straight to source in South America now due to the changes in requirements post-Brexit.

Do you know if Liverpool plan to exploit this? Apart from Joao Gomes, we've not really been linked with anyone in South America from recollection.


{Ed002's Note - Not more than they already do with the South American scouts they have.}

1.) 03 Jan 2023 12:50:17
Apart from Allan (didnt work out) and Arroyo (still out on loan I believe), has the scouting network in SA yielded any value?

{Ed002's Note - Yes but likely not in a way you will understand.}

2.) 03 Jan 2023 13:01:28

3.) 03 Jan 2023 16:25:40
In an afternoon full of unrest. Both Ed2’s answer and Fly Pelican’s response made me chuckle. Probably way more than it should have.

4.) 03 Jan 2023 17:09:27
I’ve spent the afternoon in deep shame after that burn :)

Back to work tomorrow.

5.) 03 Jan 2023 17:27:57
Put some cream on it, Fly. You'll be fine!

6.) 03 Jan 2023 17:59:34
You might have been in shame by that burn, but it’s heated my house and cooked my dinner.

7.) 03 Jan 2023 20:05:10
Ed002 has an arsenal of 50 megatonne replies at his disposal. He is a nuclear deterrent. The cold war dragged on for years because the USSR knew he was in San Francisco and they daren't cross the USA whilst they had a Rodeo Clown capable of dropping bombs via Editors notes on any part of the globe from the comfort of his own home, without warning. If we'd had him during WW2 Hitler would've surrendered in 1940. Sadly all we had back then was a middle aged Ed025 who drank so much you could've stuffed a lit rag in his mouth and thrown him like a molotov.

8.) 03 Jan 2023 21:34:12
hope you're alright mate.

9.) 03 Jan 2023 22:05:44
I wonder if we could train a chatbot with Ed002 ripostes? How far do the archives go back?

10.) 03 Jan 2023 23:28:38
We did raid South America back in the day Sebastian leto, lucas leiva and Mark gonzalez may as well have shopped in Luxembourg.



30 Oct 2022 13:39:57
Ed, do you anticipate that we will try to do any business in January? Also how do you anticipate the World Cup to have any influence on the business done in this January window? Ie less, more, same.


{Ed002's Note - If a suitable player is available and the fitness of Arthur Melo may need to be considered. The WC should not make much difference with some clubs having already agreed transfers.}

1.) 30 Oct 2022 14:54:09
Cheers Ed. Hopefully we do something as we desperately need fresh legs in midfield.

2.) 30 Oct 2022 19:29:44
Arthur has been a bit of a waste of a wage TBH. Think we need to cut our losses on that deal and send him back to Juventus. Looked a decent player previously but I don’t feel like it’s going to work out so may as well call it off now (if we can) .

{Ed025's Note - I think he’s on loan for the season Johnny..

3.) 31 Oct 2022 07:18:49
Did the recruiting team and coaches know how much out of shape Arthur was in? He had not been playing for a considerable time, and it was well known. Surprising that they went ahead if they knew and how stringent our physical exams are.

4.) 31 Oct 2022 07:31:57
Surely we can still cancel the deal though Ed025 if it’s not working out? Not sure how that type of contract works TBH.

{Ed001's Note - it would mean paying a fee to end it, which is pointless. You may as well just keep him and let him recover as it would cost the same. If we want players to show us loyalty, we have to treat those we have with respect and honour our end of the deals. We are not Barca-scum, we have a reputation built up over our entire history of looking after our players. It is part of what entices players to join.}



13 Oct 2022 22:17:54
We’ve been been linked with Yunus Musah today. No idea if credible.


1.) 14 Oct 2022 00:01:03
Sounds like the kind of fake name you'd get on Sensible Soccer :D
Is it possible that you mean Kylian Mbappe? lol.

2.) 14 Oct 2022 10:27:37
Probably Kevin Mbappe, Faith.

3.) 14 Oct 2022 11:06:46
SWOS > Sensible Soccer.

This Musah kid is 19 years old, plays for the US seniors, spent time in the Arsenal academy and is now at Valencia. Looks like a ball carrying midfielder with great physical attributes.

4.) 16 Oct 2022 18:35:54
Musah is a US National Team regular. Very good player. Has played well in Spain at a young age. Don't know how he would fit at Liverpool, but a good kid and a hard worker.

5.) 16 Oct 2022 20:50:43
But I do love Kevin Mbappe.




FlyPelicanFly's banter posts with other poster's replies to FlyPelicanFly's banter posts


06 Feb 2024 09:54:05
When I heard Szobo and Darwin would be out, I feared for the selection. Klopp has got most selections and subs right this season but Gravenberch has been a blind spot for him. He’s miles off it. Elliott deserved to start yesterday.

On to the next one. It’s still in our hands.


1.) 06 Feb 2024 10:19:20
Just a blip mate. We'll win every game now and go win the league.

2.) 06 Feb 2024 10:32:03
Szob out for 7-8 games is the report.

On Nunez and Elliot they hardly covered themselves in glory on Sunday when they did come on.

3.) 06 Feb 2024 10:40:20
It was the starting formation that cost us yesterday more than selection imo, if Endo was here he would of started instead of Gravenberch, we lack a really DM, that's our main problem in big away games.

4.) 06 Feb 2024 12:57:25
Key is still going to be beating City at home - do that and we deserve to go on and win it. If not then it’s going to be tough.

5.) 06 Feb 2024 14:34:33
Elliot in front of Trent imo would have made very little difference. We have a good game at the weekend to get back on track and we need a much improved performance. Then another week of training and the likes of Trent, Robbo, Salah should be up to speed.

6.) 06 Feb 2024 14:47:02
Spot on, Salah. All that could go against us, went against us. The issue with this here is that the parts we could control, we did not and that is what frustrated me the most. Several of the stuff was just simply avoidable esp. the team selection esp. on that right side with Gravenberch in that midfield.

We left Macca on his own and he got overrun. VVD going to press Odegaard deep left the gap in behind for Havertz to run into with Konate left out on his own. He took himself out of the game, right there. I mean, I can keep going but I think I'll stop now and look forward to rebounding come the weekend vs Burnley.

7.) 06 Feb 2024 14:04:43
Guessing Endo might be back in time for the next game? Depending on Bradley's situation I'd be tempted to stick him back in at RB and go with MacAllister, Endo, TAA in midfield. Just not feeling it with Gravenberch at the moment, he needs to improve quite a lot.

8.) 06 Feb 2024 18:23:29
TAA over Curtis? Not for me.

9.) 06 Feb 2024 18:31:54
Seeing as we are discussing midfielders, who does everyone think will need to be moved on, as I think we have too many central mids now. In order of importance for me at this precise moment:
1. Trent - He needs to be in midfield. Been saying it since he broke through, argued with Ed001 at the time and I will die on this hill. He has a special 'KDB ESC' ability and isn't the best defender.
2. Endo - We look so much better with him holding. Big gap at DM at the moment.
3. Jones - Made starting spot his own. Holds the ball well, gets around well, adding end product.
4. Szlob - Brings so much control and balance, our best B2B IMO.
5. Macca - Great versatility and vision. Prefer him at CM to DM.
6. Bajectic - The future of our DM position IMO. Untimely injuries hampered his progress, but people shouldn't forget how good he was performing. Great vision and passing ability plus protected the back 4 well. Looking forward to his return.
7. Elliot - Great energy and ability going forward. He presses hard but he leaves big gaps in the midfield that get exposed by teams that don't panic. More suited to a 10 role in Alonso system than an 8 in ours I think.
8. Grav - Victim of his own all round footballing competence and versatility I think. Definitely ability there and he could be great, but I worry he's got to much competition here to get the run he needs to develop into his potential at Anfield. I hope I am wrong and he develops into a great player as I don't hate him like some on here, but likewise it wouldn't suprise me to see him be surplus to requirements quite soon.
9. Thiago - Great player but can't be relied on to stay fit. Surplus.
10. Morgan - As above with Grav. Great potential but can't see it happening with us given those above.


10.) 06 Feb 2024 18:53:06
Every single player was trash on Sunday we never looked like winning the game or even drawing. One of the worst performances under Klopp for sure. Konate was back to his best headless chicken bambi on ice impressions, Jota was disgusting on the ball would take too long to mention how poor the players where. Can’t wait to have Bradders back in the team next game. Also can anyone please explain Lucho’s obsession with holding on to the ball for an age without passing so many occasions he should release quickly and go for a one two. Needs to get his head up a lot more and release so frustrating. Gakpo is a very average player along with Grayback.

11.) 06 Feb 2024 19:49:14
@johnnyr1970: play our best dm at rightback and our right back in mf. c'mon mate, there is 3-4 midfielders at the club who start if fit and if young Conor carries on playing at the chelsea game level Trent starts on the bench ( wow I actually said that out loud)

12.) 06 Feb 2024 20:13:41
@nicolBecker who is Lucho and Grayback?

13.) 06 Feb 2024 20:21:13
There are way more examples of games where we’ve started poorly and come back to win thanks to impact from the bench and/ or change in tactics. One thing I hate about many fans analysis is the absolute statements that are made when they finally get the result that backs up their hypothesis.

14.) 06 Feb 2024 22:09:59
Phil_LFC, the new prospects he has been scouting for the new DOF coming in next season.

15.) 06 Feb 2024 22:23:04
Thank you Faithinworks. I was beginning to think I was on my own.

The thing is we probably played better in this game than we did in the FA Cup game at Arsenal but in that game we somehow managed to keep a clean sheet and picked them off at the end. I didn’t see the amount of hyperbole after that game that I’m seeing now and Arsenal were actually creating chances in that game.

This game could quite easily have gone the same way had we not gifted them a goal and the narrative would’ve changed to how resilient we are.

The end result clouds the analysis with most people but as we all know you can play well and lose just as you can play poorly and win. We played poorly but ultimately limited them to very few chances and only lost because of an individual error.

I’d have loved for us to be totally dominant and tear Arsenal up on their own patch and win 4-0 but was that ever really a possibility? Maybe it was if only we’d played Elliott instead of Grav and Nunez instead of Gakpo. Somehow I really don’t think so.

Everyone’s an expert after the event.

16.) 06 Feb 2024 22:48:13
The game showed the squad is still too short of quality. Few injuries and its panic stations. Diaz right back etc ?.

17.) 06 Feb 2024 23:34:35
LFC8 I think you’ll find Diaz went to right back because we were down to 10 men and needed a goal so took a risk.

We have more than enough quality options all over the park but especially in the fullback areas. Trent, Bradley, Gomez, Robbo and Tsimikas. That’s 5 quality players for 2 positions.

18.) 07 Feb 2024 00:54:17
Crazy how people twist the truth just to push a narrative.

19.) 07 Feb 2024 07:46:44
BP - I have watched the match back a couple of times now, and I have to say that I agree with your comments.

It's funny how watching after the live game when the apprehension and nerves are not involved gives you a different overall impression.

It's true Arsenal were 'at it' more than us in the first half, which I'm sure everyone would have expected, but they had very few direct attempts on goal.

Second half we were very comfortable until the gift.

In fact it was Arsenal that were looking more likely to concede.

So they had a huge slice of luck at Anfield when we were refused a stonewall penalty, and again on Sunday with the late Christmas present from Ali and Virg, oh and the fact that Gabriel should have been sent off too.

20.) 07 Feb 2024 08:57:19
@ScouseJohn - where did I suggest playing a DM at right back? Endo, MacAllister, TAA in midfield with Bradley at Right Back was my suggestion.

21.) 07 Feb 2024 08:58:09
@LiverpoolFC8, we have a very good squad but we have injury problems (oddly just like other clubs who are compelled to play every 3 or 4 days at an extremely high level of skill and intensity) . The game was an aberration compared to the overwhelming majority of 30 or so games we’ve already played this season - it was an exception. As an aside if you thought the squad was deficient you should have called it out in the transfer window.

22.) 07 Feb 2024 14:19:29
Lucho is Diaz’s nickname and I call Gravenberch Gravyback don’t know why. I just wish Diaz could improve his general team play releasing the ball faster and making a run to receive a through ball. He try’s to beat his man every time and hardly ever does in fact he is quite easily dispossessed mostly. I think Trent Mac and Curtis can do the business in midfield whilst Szob is out. I can’t see Bradley losing his place now his energy and enthusiasm is contagious and benefits us greatly.

23.) 07 Feb 2024 19:48:40
Aah thanks nicolBecker. Sorry I was genuinely confused. I would agree that diaz is probably trying a bit too hard atm but in last couple weeks i reckon he has improved. Not sure I agree about your view on Gakpo. He works hard and does well linking up players. But yeah Gravenberch is someone Im still undecided about. can't work out whether he has been badly trained or just thinks defending is beneath him.

24.) 07 Feb 2024 20:37:46
LFC8, that's not true. Before the game, we were all (prolly you included) waxing lyrical about how deep our squad was literally 3 dadays befor the game and after we smoked Chelsea.

Suddenly, you and many others changed their tune after we played our worst game of the season, as if anyone could help what happened to Bradley, Szobo getting injured a day before the game, Darwin struggling with a bad foot with Robbo and Trent being not fit enuff to start but had to play due to the last minute absences. Give over, bro. It's boring now with the hindsight schtick.

25.) 07 Feb 2024 20:41:10
@BP, I fully agree with you and KBL. Arsenal outworked us overall esp. in the first half and it was VVD's mistake that exposed us for the first goal. We fight our way back with Diaz not giving up on the play with Saliba waffling about and we scored.

In the second half, we weathered their storm and frankly, it was an even game with both teams canceling each other out (tho, we had very little in terms of chances) and the gift happens and it's all over. I stand by that cos like you, I watched the game with no emotion attached cos I knew the score before hand. We let them off the hook cos we could have done SO much better and so much more. We move.

{Ed025's Note - you never actually had them on the hook Oli..

26.) 07 Feb 2024 21:01:26
there was only one team up for the win first half, very lucky to draw level just be4 half time, fitting that it was an OG, as we never looked liked scoring, what I did see, was the difference i the team when big Joe Gomez went at right back, plus for me Gomez should have started the match there, as Trent was nowhere ready for such a big game, we had enough players to go left back,



18 Jan 2024 09:49:25
This squad is the most technical Klopp has had to date imo.


1.) 18 Jan 2024 17:03:20
Got some mad tekkers in there, I must say.

2.) 18 Jan 2024 19:08:57
You have to have a lot of luck to win any competition, we have had some, bad luck Arsenal and Spurs and we have also had some good luck Fulham and Newcastle.

3.) 18 Jan 2024 22:01:16
@Langland I know what you mean and as a general principle I agree with the idea that every season you get both good and bad luck and I genuinely don’t have a problem with that. That being said, the Spurs game wasn’t bad luck - it was crass ineptitude by the match officials both on and off the park.

4.) 18 Jan 2024 23:12:40
WDW I completely agree with you. Coming back from losing positions as many times as we do has nothing to do with luck. Especially the Fulham and Newcastle games. It’s about the squad we have and their mentality.

The Spurs game was the worst example I’ve ever seen of officials affecting the result of a game. They literally gave us no chance of winning that game and we did well to stay in it right until the end. That’s not down to bad luck, just officials who seemed to have a preconceived objective.



16 Dec 2023 19:31:33
Love how energised Klopp seems to be. Love the position we're in.

Not loving the tactics. We are winning besides them, rather than because of them.

Hope that improves.


1.) 16 Dec 2023 20:35:18
Send Klopp an email and tell him where he's going wrong then.

2.) 16 Dec 2023 22:04:48
It could be argued that if Liverpool played with different tactics at any point this season then they wouldn't be in the position they currently find themselves in.
The football season is a long one, the best is yet to come.

3.) 17 Dec 2023 11:23:13
Pelican, I may have my doubts about the inverted FB tactic however, you have to always remember that despite our position in the table which is more than commendable, we are still in a rebuild and still trying to figure things out and decide who we want to be this season. So for me, these are just growing pains, at this point overall.

Like you, I'm loving the energy Klopp has seemed to regain this season cos the players are showing great effort, desire and potential to be really effective in getting things done despite the up's and down's in performances so in the end, let's be patient and see what happens.



27 Nov 2023 19:00:51
A third of the way through the season and I would say we are well ahead of schedule in terms of position and performance.

What a difference not having to carry so many injury prone players has on things. And the fresh legs is helping enormously. Being able to bring on players like Gravenberch, Elliott, Diaz and Gakpo is the difference. Long may it continue.

Really happy for Tsimikas who has stepped up in the last couple of games. Having the luxury of knowing he'll get a run of games is clearly helping him settle his mind a bit.

While I have been pretty open on here that we didn't do enough in the transfer market again, and that I still think we are tactically overthinking it at times, I am still happy to admit that we are doing much better than I thought possible.

I still believe we should try to bring in a defensive midfielder in January if we can.
And I'd like to us to stop feeling our way into the start of every game and opt to go for the throat of the weaker teams. We have the quality and firepower to dispatch half of the teams in the Premier League without overthinking it.

Can we win the title? At the start of the season I would have said top 4 at best. However, based on the points haul so far and the questionable quality level of our opponents, then I am happy to change that opinion to Yes. If we keep the squad fit and stop overthinking tactics for what should be routine wins, then why the heck not?


1.) 27 Nov 2023 19:28:27
A few underrated and under appreciated posters on this page were crying loud for the need of an out and out DM back in May. Victor dedicated his entire life rallying posters on the need of a DM.
A top class DM and a center back and Liverpool is right back for the Title.

2.) 27 Nov 2023 19:49:31
Eds, do you think we will sign a dm and who is your shout? Obviously Andre is going elsewhere.

{Ed002's Note - I have explained the situation.}

3.) 27 Nov 2023 20:01:27
Pelican, it's all nice and good hoping we get a DM and/ or CB BUT if you cannot say or provide options we are actually interested in in both spots, I don't see the point talking about it.

Now if you know who we are interested in in both positions who could be available in Jan then, Im happy to listen. Just keep in mind that any club that has a top CB or DM will sell to us in Jan without paying over the odds which I doubt we will do.

4.) 27 Nov 2023 21:32:52
If Thiago and Baj are back at the end of the month we might be able to make do. Klopp obviously wants a DM so I don’t see the problem with posters saying we need a DM to compete for the title. I doubt Mac can play a full season at number 6.

5.) 27 Nov 2023 20:58:37
Ed’s can we re introduce the thumbs down again and can we hit it multiple times for the likes of calling people out like @olired does

A tad condescending when you don’t know who we are after like 99% of the people on here

Wind ya neck in people can post and bring up anything they want . It’s up to the Ed’s what to post not you .

Nothing wrong with your post @pelican ?? 100% agree on that assessment.

{Ed033's Note - How does anyone know exactly what a thumbs down really means in the mind of the 'thumb-downer'? How about verbalising a 'thumbs down' in a post [like you just did]?

6.) 27 Nov 2023 20:59:29
Oli, are you saying I need to provide the recruitment options before I am allowed to say I hope we bring in a DM in January? Weird flex that.

7.) 28 Nov 2023 04:42:09
I don't see anything wrong with what FPF posted. I actually do agree that we would have a more complete squad if we had a DM. We have seen how stable we have been when Endo plays. So a better DM would, in theory, mean that we would be able play better too. There's no need for FPF to come up with players whom he thinks can fill that role.

8.) 28 Nov 2023 06:35:19
Gave you a thumbs up for that ed33 ?.

{Ed033's Note - thanks.

9.) 28 Nov 2023 07:00:16
I’d just discount Thiago - he has turned into this season’s Arthur. Sightings of him actually on the pitch are as rare as a Preston Guild.

10.) 28 Nov 2023 12:30:46
Oli telling people their posts are pointless ? oh the irony!



24 Nov 2023 18:37:34
Who do you think would be a good fit for the LFC DM position to come in possibly in January or next summer?


1.) 24 Nov 2023 19:13:07
Personally I'd be all over Youssef Fofana. But I never see any proper links.

I really want an athletic tackling monster. I ve seen links to Lucas gourna doath from Salzburg. He looks to fit the bill perfectly from clips but I'd need to see him play full game to judge properly.

2.) 24 Nov 2023 20:21:16
I know these won’t happen but I’d love Bruno Guimarães, Youssef Fofana, João Palhinha. Kimmich would be my stand out player
I actually think we could move Trent to 6 and play joe or buy a LB.

{Ed025's Note - Trent as a 6 Longthing?, a No6 should be positionally aware, be able to tackle, good in the air and have high concentration levels, that rules Trent out completely im afraid mate..

3.) 24 Nov 2023 20:34:40
I don’t think I’ve seen Trent head a ball.

{Ed025's Note - exactly..

4.) 24 Nov 2023 20:52:36
There is a rumour on here that ed001 thinks Trent is a good defender!

5.) 24 Nov 2023 21:39:21
While formations are fluid and the team changes as players come and go and stats only tell part of the story, Trent’s best contributions came when he was right back. I’m yet to see the evidence that he improves the team overall ‘inverting’.

6.) 24 Nov 2023 22:00:09
☝️ yep.

7.) 24 Nov 2023 22:36:09
Trent for me is an 8. Endo is the player we have and should be playing to get up to speed.
No different to Minamino. Not going to get better just sitting on the bench.

{Ed025's Note - i agree Faith..

8.) 25 Nov 2023 02:13:56
Kimmich and Palhinha both too old and Trent isn’t a defensive midfielder. We should look at Fofana or Andre as they’re a good age and look good prospects. I suspect we won’t bother and will continue down the route of square pegs in round holes.

9.) 25 Nov 2023 02:27:42
An 8 who has never played 8 for our first team. he is a right back, he needs to get on the ball and get forward down the flank. He should work on deficiencies and focus on getting passes in behind and crosses in the box. 4 of our forwards are good in the air. oh, and if we don't purchase a dm then bajetic or endo.

10.) 25 Nov 2023 02:38:38
Gabriel Moscardo as he is apparently available in January and fits the bill. Young with the potential to develop into a world class talent and already has the build to cut it in the Prem, despite being only 18 years old. Top talent IMO, although quite a few teams are after him. Also like the look of Lucas Gourna-Douath.

11.) 25 Nov 2023 08:15:52
Scouse john L8, then you need to watch the club you support a lot closer if you think you have never seen Trent head a ball. Just saying.

12.) 25 Nov 2023 08:18:43
@Alonso, how many games have you actually seen Moscardo play?

13.) 25 Nov 2023 09:55:24
I hear people saying that this young lad Bajcetic has some credible experience and bags of potential.

14.) 25 Nov 2023 10:18:47
I think that's why there is this trepidation with filling out the DM position with a solid DM for the present and mid to long term. Everyone is looking sideways at Bajcetic and wondering when and where to use him best, now and in the future.

But then we went all out for Lavia and Caicedo. Or didn't we?

I'm glad I don't make those decisions. Happy just watching games.

15.) 25 Nov 2023 12:09:44
Dont get the obsession with this tough tackling Cattermole-like No.6.Them days days are gone its more about everyone doing their job to close the space as a team.

16.) 25 Nov 2023 12:19:46
would that be Lee Cattermole who only got a start because his dad was coach at Sunderland.

17.) 25 Nov 2023 13:21:57
@West Derby. 3 games and loads of YouTube highlights. And the same question right back at you. How many games have you actually seen him play?

18.) 25 Nov 2023 14:59:10
Well I seen Trent head it twice today ?.

19.) 25 Nov 2023 15:24:19
Trent had a very good game today against a difficult opponent.




FlyPelicanFly's rumour replies


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13 Apr 2024 23:28:32
Ron - sounds like another way of describing being scared :)

By the same token, these managers that are hoping to rebuild their reputations would have pretty poor judgement to take a job whereby the fanbase is split on their ability and reputation.




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13 Apr 2024 23:24:09
Fuser, you can break your own revenue records too.

As for City’s revenue - less said the better.




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13 Apr 2024 15:56:52
Wouldn't trust a football agent in the wild as far as I can throw him/ her.

Liverpool is an attractive job for any ambitious manager/ coach. We have record breaking revenues, good youngsters, excellent training facilities and are proactively strengthening the football structure again under someone who has a track record of success with us. Klopp is not leaving a mess behind him. And most importantly, Liverpool fans are always patient, supportive and hopeful as long as you take some time to understand the culture and avoid the Hodgson and Rogers-style "charm".

If an incoming coach is frightened of Klopp's legacy even after us not having won one of the big prizes (CL or PL) in 5 years, then they are not the right guy for Liverpool.




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28 Mar 2024 23:31:37
BossKlopp - what’s wham about it?




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28 Mar 2024 21:39:34
Real Madrid wins again.





FlyPelicanFly's banter replies


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13 Apr 2024 11:35:46
Well written, deep stuff AW.

I hope it is not as deep as that but rather than we've been putting tactics above intensity over the last few weeks. We've been trying to either match and/ or out-think the opposition of late and it has taken the edge of the intensity and sharpness of mind.

We need to get back to being compact in midfield and to attack and defend in numbers without making it so tactical. We're at the point of the season where the size and physicality of our squad should tell. This is not the time to outwit midtable managers at their own game.




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12 Apr 2024 15:16:48
It's almost like we go narrow because we are petrified of being counterattacked or counterpresses being broken.




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12 Apr 2024 11:35:16
I do wonder whether the last 5/ 6 fixtures being very tactical clashes have also contributed to the loss of form.

The games against City, Brighton, United x2 and now Atalanta have been against teams where we have had to adjust the way we play.

Have we overthinked (is that a word? ) our way out of form?




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12 Apr 2024 10:29:22
A bad night all round. It could have been 0-5.

Atalanta bullied us all over the pitch with their man to man system.

Strange selection choices by Jurgen.

Perhaps this is a timely smack in the chops.

Up to Klopp now to re-light the fire. 7 more.




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11 Apr 2024 11:39:07
I'd be looking to give Virgil, Macca and Lucho a break today if possible.




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