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06 Dec 2023 02:14:35
So, not only do we have to contend with Matip being out with a knee ligament injury, for months, we also learn that Konate will be out for 3 weeks with a hamstring injury. You honestly couldn't write this.

I'm sorry, but Konate can not be trusted. He needs to be moved on and a similar, but far more able bodied, centre back brought in. Matip will be out of contract, and we will need to find a replacement for him too. So, ideally two centre backs to be brought in.

I was hoping for us to bring in a DM in January, as highest priority. Now, I think we will need one centre back too. We can't wait for the summer to get two, one needs to come in as soon as possible.

Just have to hope Gomez doesn't get injured, which, considering his injury record, does not bode well. And, Quansah is ready to play significantly more football than Klopp must have envisioned this season.

Might be being harsh but I am completely done with Konate. Matip, you have been a great player for this club, and I will have nothing but positive things to say, despite injury concerns in the latter point of his career. Konate, nah, had his chance and we need to be ruthless now. No point keeping him, when we need him, he always gets an injury. Always, at the most inopportune time.

Sick of it.


06 Dec 2023 03:49:22
Why do you think he is injured?

05 Dec 2023 17:18:00
Good evening ed002

Can I ask a quick question regarding shirt sales, merchandise sales and the Nike deal

Does the club receive additional income from shirts sales outside of its own club retail vehicle ( club shop etc ) ? Say from the mike of sports direct and kit bag? I would say not but just thought I'd pick your brains on the topic


{Ed002's Note - Over a certain amount but it is far from significant as they have agreed a deal for a larger amount that is guaranteed with adjustments to top it up.}


05 Dec 2023 22:02:10
Thanks Ed 002.

05 Dec 2023 17:15:25
"My feeling today is we are going to win the Premier League. If you ask me, we are going to win the Premier League. If we play at the level we played against Liverpool and Tottenham, we are going to win it again.

The people don't believe it already because of three draws, but we are going to do it again, knowing that it is not easy, because no team has done it yet [won four titles in a row].

That's why the difficulty is there. But if you ask me today, 'what are you feeling? ' We are going to do it again. "

Thanks for the encouragement Pep.

Pin that at the training ground, pin that in every changing room home and away for the rest of the season. If you needed any extra motivation boys there it is.


05 Dec 2023 08:22:45
If Salah did decide to go in the summer, could he be replaced by Frimpong?

Not directly but Frimpong at Rb TAA at 8 and Dom at RW and when on the ball Frimpong could get high and wide as he does Trent could drop back a bit in this scenario into his half space and Dom could invert back inside to where he plays now?

Anyone has any thoughts I'd be interested but as a not direct replacement I think it could work? And potentially reduce the reliance on Trent and almost changing the whole style of play when he is not there.


05 Dec 2023 10:34:11
People constantly criticise Trent for his defending. Frimpong is much more attack minded than him, and from what I have seen a poorer defender in a league which doesn't really care about defending. We will be still having the same problems with the exception that we would have moved from Salah to Frimpong, who aren't really comparable. In short, I don't think he can play as a FB, he is suited to a WB position.

04 Dec 2023 21:51:51
Here's my lyrics for a Szoboszlai song - tell me what you guys think?

(To the tune of ‘Best Years of Our Lives’ by Modern Romance).

Ohhhh oh oh oh, he’s our number 8,
Ohhhh oh oh oh, he plays f. in' great,
Ohhhh oh oh oh, he’ll score every time,
Ohhhh oh oh oh, Dominik Szoboszlai!

(You sort of need to force Dominik into 2 syllables to make it fit the song).


04 Dec 2023 19:46:24
I think you need games like the Fulham thriller every now and again. We are coming into the most relentless part of the season and comebacks like that can give you a second wind.

They pull everyone together and can give you a new lease of life. Mac Allister has been criticised and scores a screamer which will give him bags of confidence moving forward.

Endo has been a bit part player and comes on and scores a great goal for the equaliser. All of a sudden he feels more part of the team.

Trent drags the team forward from the jaws of defeats so he will now be fired up and play with bags of confidence.

You can pick holes in the performance if you like but for me these comeback wins are vital when building a unified squad and getting the players and fans closer together.

I thought it was brilliant and it gives me so much confidence for the rest of the season.


05 Dec 2023 00:33:29
Too right. Games like that are what football is about. Anyone complaining about it is wrong.

05 Dec 2023 08:21:06
This game was what being "mentality monsters" was all about in the past, and Klopp is putting together a new group that is showing similar qualities once again. Feels amazing to be a Liverpool follower. And puts doubts and fears in opponents' minds.

04 Dec 2023 10:00:47
TAA, what a conundrum. Great on the ball, fantastic passing range, creative, lethal with time on the ball, eye for a goal etc. Will he ever become a top fullback or central midfielder? I don’t think he’s anywhere near that level at the moment when out of possession. Interesting to hear your thoughts.


04 Dec 2023 12:39:16
He has to play in midfield! He is on a completely different level to most other midfielders. Please Klopp just play joe at LB or go buy one. This just has to happen.

04 Dec 2023 14:39:09
I'd still say leave him where he's at at the moment. Him and the rest of the team are only going to improve as the continue playing this system.

04 Dec 2023 23:24:58
Playing him at RB gives us so many options if we need to change things up. He can play the hybrid role and still affect the game then if we need to be more attacking we can bring Gomez on and push him into midfield.

Start him in midfield and it’s not working then what do we do?

I say leave him where he is and keep the other teams guessing.

{Ed001's Note - if its not working you can bring on a midfielder and move him to right back. I don't see the issue, you are making as little sense as this idiotic inverted full-back nonsense.}

05 Dec 2023 08:31:20
The question I always ask myself is how much more does he give to our play and abilities, as a midfielder rather than a RB? I asked that question on the last live chat and I got two answers saying "not much, if anything". I'm on the fence in this regard, can't conclusively make up my mind. Only because of the goal he scored while in a position as a midfielder. He wouldn't have been there if he was playing RB. But I'm convinced he's more of an offensive threat as an RB rather than a midfielder. He doesn't add anything defensively as a midfielder anyway, other than a theoretical overload of the opponents midfield (we let in 3 goals in the last game) . Mac Allister and Szoboszlai are running their socks off doing the defensive work.

05 Dec 2023 15:40:59
Defensively at right back and in midfield he’s a liability. Lucky he’s scouse or he’d come under a lot more scrutiny. Absolutely fantastic on the ball though. What a conundrum!


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