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19 Nov 2019 22:13:32
Has anyone watched the Diego Maradona documentary on netflix? Was a great footballer but my God, what an idiot he is!

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19 Nov 2019 20:24:49
Not so much Liverpool related, but as joint Champions League finalists last season im blown away Spurs have sacked Poch! They won't get a better manager than him he's revolutionised the way we see Tottenham.

{Ed001's Note - is this a wind up? Poch is ridiculously overrated.}

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19 Nov 2019 20:30:33
He’s done well considering levy is his chairman Ed who your thoughts on there next manager! Have to say I liked poch wish him the best.

{Ed001's Note - done well? He is a big part of the problem there. He does not discipline the players and can't coach improvements. No idea who is next, they should go for ten Hag though.}

19 Nov 2019 20:38:55
So what's gone wrong there Eds001, players downed tools (wages) / Poch's disappointment at lack of signings filtered to the players.

Last few years they've been around best of the rest, this year a embarrassment, the squad ain't this bad.

{Ed001's Note - he bought crap, enforced no discipline and constantly messes about with tactics and formations. Then he got whiny about not being given more millions to waste on dross. I have no idea why people rate him so highly when not one player has ever shown improvement under him in the long term.}

19 Nov 2019 21:13:15
Spurs have been nothing for 50 years. Now they are constantly playing in the Champions League. We forget who they are, they've no right to be there.

19 Nov 2019 21:22:32
Can u see levy opening the purse now! any chance we can pursue son now lol 😆.

19 Nov 2019 21:26:48
Poch gets a free pass because Spurs haven't spent the kind of money on players that we have, or City have in the past few years.

But if you look at the signings he has made, it doesn't make for good reading. Yeah, he wasn't able to spend £75m on a CB and £65m on a goalie like we did, I'm not going to pretend otherwise. But he still had decent money and didn't use it wisely.

Sanchez was the thick end of £40m. Completely unsuited to the Prem.
Sissoko, who actually bothers to apply himself four times a season at most, cost £30m in the same transfer window that we signed Wijnaldum for £25m.
He signed 3 strikers (Janssen, Llorente and N'Jie) for more than £45m between them that collectively have scored less than 5 league goals.
Aurier cost more than £20m and he's dreadful.

I can see two really good signings he's made. Alderweireld and Son. That's it. Nearly anybody else I can think of who's been consistently good for him was already at the club when he arrived.

Same at Southampton btw, his record signing was that Italian bloke who lasted half a season.

Hope he goes to Man Utd and sets them back another 3 years.

17 Nov 2019 00:52:52
Wow 3.5 million for Brendas house that is unbelievable and then give it to Klopp rent free is that not a brilliant thing for LFC to do for Jurgen! Prem or your out on your arse Jurgen my friend lol.

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16 Nov 2019 17:54:25
I'm sure that I'm not the only one but I really find International week's depressing. Bring on next weekend.

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16 Nov 2019 11:09:01
Just read Matteo recovering from brain surgery get well soon Dom YNWA.

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16 Nov 2019 04:46:40
Tony Evans with an interesting article on Sterling and his time at (and the leaving of) Liverpool in The Independent.

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17 Nov 2019 06:13:28
It's a pretty one-sided article. "only on £35,000 per week" he was 17 years old.

17 Nov 2019 11:52:33
I know, you’re right there.
Evans has consistently been supportive of Sterling’s side of the story.
There’s always two sides to consider of course but Tony Evans seems to be firmly with Sterling on this, I’ve heard him rip into a Liverpool fan on the radio who was criticising Raheem.

15 Nov 2019 06:46:27
Ed01 the way gomez handled this that's really mature. unlike someone.

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15 Nov 2019 07:28:34
Saw sterling’s tweet after Gomez got booed. May have had an idiotic moment but I do believe he is honest at heart, and trying to do right overall. Fair play for owning up, and I do hope there’s a pin in it now - if this happened to a player 10 years ago, we wouldn’t have even heard of it.

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15 Nov 2019 23:26:45
Let’s be honest it sounds like Sterling has just gone for him with no provocation at all. He’s gone to the England camp harbouring these feelings and planning to confront and attack a team mate.
Although I agree with most that Southgate has handled it badly and put both players in the firing line for these morons to target, Sterling’s actions were despicable. There’s no room for that kind of personality in any squad. The words he’s used are even worse in my opinion. ‘’You think you’re the big man now? ’ That shows a complete lack of respect. Like trying to say ‘I’m better than you and don’t forget it’. It’s bullying. If one of my kids did that in school I’d be absolutely disgusted with them.
The apology is ok and needed to be done but I can’t help thinking that’s just a ploy to protect his reputation which he’s worked hard on over the past couple of years.
The facts are he’s spiteful enough to do it in the first place which says a lot about his character.
This wasn’t a training ground spat that was heat of the moment he had a full 24 hours to think about how he would react when he saw Gomez at St George’s park and he’s decided to go for him. The fact he’s had to come out in defence of Gomez tells you it was with no provocation and the rest of the squad are disgusted with him. And so they should be.

16 Nov 2019 02:18:18
It is the favourite pastime for the British media and public to bring down exceptionally talented young people, especially when they are from a disadvantaged background. Sterling and Lewis Hamilton are prime examples.

Sterling is a fantastic professional and an exceptional player who played brilliantly for us. He has received enough abuse from people already and I think people should now leave him alone. Plenty of average folk get into rows at workplace or in the streets on an occasional basis - we should cut him some slack for letting the hostile environment of Anfield and the ignominy of losing get to his head.

99.9% of the public has no idea what he is like as a person. We should cut him some slack for losing his temper and point the finger to the England set up for not being able to resolve a simple dispute discreetly.

I bet the large majority of people who are criticising Sterling have never worked as hard as he had to as a teenager, and never came through adversity as he did with his troubled childhood. Yes we can give him some stick for leaving for Man City but who would blame him for leaving after enduring that woeful season under Rodgers. We have no idea what Sterling is like as a person so let's not jump to any strong opinions based on tiny snippets put out in the media. How would we like people judging us in public using one-sided information about a row we may have had in our personal or professional lives?

The society has a an amusing way of playing along with the sensationalised news stories which the private media corporations put out to maximise click bait and ratings. First we vilify them (or silently observe when they are vilified) and then a few years later we claim that they are our heroes (Hamilton, John Barnes come to mind) .

16 Nov 2019 10:09:23
Hani you are really making more of my comments than they were supposed to be. I’m not talking about disadvantaged backgrounds or Lewis Hamilton or John Barnes or anything like that. I’m talking about a grown man who has basically gone in to work to bully a more junior member of the workforce because he thinks he’s better than him or worth more than him.
I couldn’t care less about Sterling’s background that really doesn’t have anything to do with this issue. His actions and the words he used are that of an insecure, cowardly bully and nothing more.
It seems that the rest of the squad have come together and agreed that his actions were abhorrent too and they’re the ones that know exactly what happened.

16 Nov 2019 14:47:59
Hi Beckers mate, my comment wasn't specifically addressed to you. It was addressing the collective attitude of public and media, which in turns affects the thinking of individuals like me and you. Whenever we operate with limited information we tend to fill in the gaps of information with general perceptions- for heroes, we fill it with benefit of the doubt, and for the villains, we fill it with suspicion.

I don't know if you generally make your mind up about matters and characters based on tiny bits of information but if you do, you trust your judgement far more than I do! I'd rather give a young person some slack and if I must judge him then I'd judge on his overall character (he conducts himself amicably) and then also give him the benefit of the doubt.

If 2 of my nephews fight like Gomez and Sterling did, I'd tell them to grow up and patch it up and move forward as opposed making one of them the culprit and other the victim.


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