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26 May 2022 22:30:55
Mane to Bayern €30m
If true I’ll miss that man what a player he’s been for us! Absolutely top professional head down and plugged away never a word!
They don’t make many like him no more!

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26 May 2022 22:07:22
Interesting (if unsurprising) stat:

Jurgen Klopp has the highest win %age of any Liverpool manager - 62.9%, next best is King Kenny's first spell at 60.9%.

Also, the CL final will pull Jurgen level with King Kenny in terms of games (if you combine Kenny's 2 spells) - 381 games.

He's currently sitting 4th, behind Paisley, Shankly and Dalglish, in terms of major honours won. He'll be 1 closer to Kenny by Sunday!

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26 May 2022 14:31:06
Great article on BBC Sport celebrating the Liverpool Class of 22 - mini bios on the players. Enjoyable read!

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25 May 2022 08:58:29
Hi eds,

I was wondering if you knew anything about Kapital Football Group (KFG) : what academies do they own, and what football clubs have they been interested in acquiring?


{Ed002's Note - I don't know much about the acadamies aside from them being in South America and Africa, but Kapital Football has the shark-like Joseph DaGrosa and Hugo Varela still looking to pick up a noteworthy club after failing to buy Inter Milan. Ex Bordeaux owner Joseph DaGrosa and ex plaVarela (who works as an "intermediary" and runs the "for profit" soccer schools) have formed Kapital Football with a view to emulating the City Football Group using Qatari money to back them. They have targets clubs in the second tier in Belgium (which provides the link to Africa), and have discussed "opportunities" with Southampton, Alverca and Cruzeiro. They asked for information when the Dildo Brothers were seeking investment in West Ham.}

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25 May 2022 13:02:55
The Dildo brothers 😂.

26 May 2022 16:29:42
Love that Ed002's.

26 May 2022 22:32:09
😂😂😂😂 the dildo brothers! Pmsl.

24 May 2022 21:21:16
I am extremely proud of LFC this year, and I don’t mind coming 2nd to an incredibly talented city squad, but I can’t help but think about that Rodri penalty v Everton. Lots of red mistakes get made but this one stick a little as it the one decision that the refereeing body fully admitted they got wrong and said sorry. They got it wrong and it’s turned out to be a title deciding clanger. (Maybe, they probably would of gone and scored 5 times in the last 3 minutes just to be annoying! ) I’m not bitter in the slightest as I say I am so proud to be an LFC fan right now and it’s been an incredible season regardless of how the weekend coming up plays out. But I think this is a prime example of how the standards need to be raised. Stuff like this shouldn’t happen in the richest league in the world. Subjectivity needs to be removed from the game to avoid scenarios like this from occurring again. I feel not much is being made about it due to LFC being successful this season regardless so we should just ‘be happy with our lot’ and I am. But I bet it would be a different story if Everton got relegated by a point. Given the refereeing body admitted they got it wrong would there be grounds to claim damages in that scenario I wonder? I find the hypothetical output of things like this very interesting although ideally it wouldn’t happen at all. Oh well we can but hope we reach such a day!

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24 May 2022 21:42:02
Had they rightfully been awarded it, we will never know if they would of scored the resulting penalty.

What done us was we had more "Draws than Marks and Spencer" in the end.

25 May 2022 14:28:08
I disagree 007. We had 92 points which is a very good points tally and should’ve won us the league.
Had that penalty been given there is a very good chance it would’ve been scored and therefore a very good chance City would now be sitting on 91 points.
As the PGMOL actually apologised to Everton for getting that decision wrong I can’t believe there’s not more being said about how that has ultimately made the difference for City.
It’s actually scandalous in an age when we have VAR for the title to be decided on an incorrect handball decision.

{Ed0666's Note - it could also be said that it was decided by Salah missing a sitter against Leicester or us letting Brighton draw after we were 2-up or even gifting Brentford an equalizer in the last minute when we were leading 3-2. I’m sorry mate I think It’s preposterous for us to blame an inept VAR for us not winning the Prem.

26 May 2022 00:08:18
Hi Ed666 I get your point but those instances you mention is just part of the game. If we don’t win a game and therefore dropped points because we missed our chances or didn’t play well then fair enough I can accept that. Refereeing decisions are out of our hands though and wrong decisions should not be a part of the game. Isn’t that why we have VAR? I have never ever heard the refereeing body actually comment after a game admitting they got it wrong. That on its own is massive and add into the factor City won the league by a point even more so. Yes the pen could have been saved or city might have scored again afterwards, we’ll never know. But given most pens are not saved and how close to the end of the game it was, I am just surprised it isn’t being made more of. We all have seen refs make obvious mistakes in the past and moved on because they stay silent. If the refereeing body had said nothing I probably would have forgotten it even happened, but they did and now there exists and very realistic scenario whereby the only time I can remember where they have admitted they made an incorrect decision, could very well of altered the final destination of the league title. That’s not part of the game, that’s just BS. Worth an internal review at least! Maybe they just need to stay quiet in future like they used to, who knows.

{Ed0666's Note - we have to agree to disagree here mate. Even if there was a vendetta by the authorities against us we had more than enough opportunities to put a spanner in the works that’s on us not the referees and whatever anti Liverpool bias/agenda they may have. And I don’t want referees to stay quiet, I want them to be held accountable and have a voice.

26 May 2022 09:18:15
Another top reason we finished second was our appalling record against teams down South and London, two drawn games versus Spurs (Harry Kane should of walked for doing Robbo) Brighton at home 2-0 up, Brentford Draw 3-3, West Ham we got done on two corners, Chelsea Away 2-0 up, at home 1-1. too many drawn games in the end done us.

26 May 2022 08:40:47
Ed0666 I can accept Refereeing mistakes but some of the var decisions city have had the Everton and wolves handballs and the Arsenal pens are awful let alone are pen in the spurs away game. It all leaves a very sour taste, never felt like this on the other 2 occasions city pipped us to the title I just looked back at points we dropped but this time seemed different. Even my mate a spurs fans said about the pen at there ground let alone the Kane challenge.

26 May 2022 19:14:35
Regardless the draws and var decision going against us we didn't best anyone in the top four this season. Win one of those and we would have pipped city.

24 May 2022 18:35:19
If Tchouameni is not happening, with Carvallo signing in July , do Liverpool go for someone else for next season or do they extend Milner and Keita, sell the Ox and Taki and try secure a deal now for LFC supporting Bellingham for next summer .

That would easily provide a strong enough midfield for next season alongside Hendo, Fab, Thiago, Jones and Elliot, give Jones and Elliot vital game time with 5 subs from next season and put in place a proper replacement long term for Milner who will definitely only have 1 more season max after this one at this level and Hendo over next 2/ 3 seasons .

A possibility? ?

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24 May 2022 20:05:15
Milner by all means Naby has to go he's been awful.

24 May 2022 23:55:53
I don’t think we should sell naby he’s a great squad player but I unfortunately don’t think he is a starter. we need a big squad if we are going head to head with city and keeping a player like naby who we can bring on with 20-15mins to go every game is something we should take into consideration.

24 May 2022 12:28:31
A question for Ed02 if I may. Do you think the new 5 subs rule for next season will enable more clubs keep hold of more players as the chance of game time is increased due to the rule change . For instance will it help Liverpool keep Salah Mane Jota Bobby Taki Diaz? Will it help when it comes to us signing players with the option to come of the bench more likely. One downside to this rule in my opinion is that it will help the bigger sides with the better benches as you can change half your team and replace with huge quality but the smaller sides will not be able to and will increase the gap further . Do you know what the general consensus is around the inner circle of football? Thanks for your time and all your hard work throughout the season it’s much appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - I don't see that it will impact transfers directly.}

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24 May 2022 13:14:28
Thanks Ed much appreciated. I guess it could allow more academy players game time from all the clubs and maybe a few gems will be unearthed from that point of view I think it would be a good idea .

{Ed002's Note - Perhaps.}


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