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12 Apr 2024 11:25:40
I must take responsibility for the loss last night. I've only missed four games this season and we lost them all. Arsenal, United (fa cup), royale Union SG and Atalanta. I did watch the spurs game but we all know about what should've happened that game.


12 Apr 2024 16:23:41
In that case go support Arsenal and Man City for the rest of the season and don’t go to their games either!

12 Apr 2024 07:28:18
Well, that defeat has been coming for a long time. We have been terrible for a few weeks now. I can't remember when i last enjoyed watching us play. We have looked slow and devoid of ideas up front. Anyone think its partly down to knowing klopp is leaving? It feels like we need a change upfront. Id definitely lose Diaz. he's not looked like a world beater to me and has been pretty average. Salah will leave in the summer and the right decision. I Don know what gone wrong but we won't won't winning thecleague playing like this. Let's hope we get back to winning ways at the weekend!


11 Apr 2024 23:21:59
He's been excellent for us this season, and kept us in many games, but I'm afraid Kelleher was at fault tonight for 2 of their goals.

A fit Alison stops 2 of those shots tonight.

Nevertheless, no excuses, we got nothing because we deserved nothing, and it will be a miracle if we get through this tie now.

I was also very bemused by the team selection, but that was not the only reason we got smashed tonight.


12 Apr 2024 05:30:02
Only the first was his fault.2nd no chance n third he made a good save but they had players over . defence was awful today like the team.

12 Apr 2024 07:59:46
Stromsgodset, the 3rd goal came after he fumbled a very weak shot. Alison would have kept hold of it. I'd agree with you if the Atalanta player had put some welly into his shot, but it really was very weak.

12 Apr 2024 10:50:53
KBL . I'm no goalkeeping expert buti know Alison is brilliant. but 3rd goal Atlanta player was through 1-1 centrally. I get what you mean it was weak shot but he still saved it . n other players were coming through but our defenders were all dawdling back. have to agree to disagree on this one . just a very bad performance all round n we got what we deserved.

11 Apr 2024 23:08:31
Sack Klopp … oh, hang on.


11 Apr 2024 22:21:52
How do you play a stronger team, in a dead rubber European match, but a weaker one in an important first leg Quarter in the same competition?

I am genuinely baffled by that. Klopp has confounded me before, but this is a new low.

Also, people talking about us being able to score at least 3 at Atalanta's home ground, sure, fine, let's pretend Nunez has a stormer. But do you honestly see us keeping a clean sheet.

This is not the same Liverpool that were branded mentality monsters. This Liverpool is very different from that, and either tactics, ability or motivation has scuppered our chances. Personally, I think the players genuinely don't care, but could be wrong.

That could be Klopp's last European home game, and it ends like that. Shameful from the players, and Klopp too, for that joke of a selection.


11 Apr 2024 23:12:00
Yes we got beat and played badly but come on 1st defeat at anfield in 14 months, we not out of it yet and I know its unlikely we will overturn it but let's get behind the team, could be worse, we could be Everton.

11 Apr 2024 23:18:46
The down side of announcing that you are leaving the job, but hanging around for another 6-7 months is that the employees (the players) will, at some point, start looking past the departing Boss and towards their future. And I think we saw confirmation of that tonight. Slow plodding body language, no urgency whatsoever, and no focus on tactical imperatives. I didn't see any signs of leadership anywhere. And there is that the manager decided to field his B team for a quarterfinal tie in a European Cup.

There doesn't seem to be a focus on what the team has agreed to achieve by the end of the season.

11 Apr 2024 23:36:05
The results been coming, we've been poor for a month or so.
We were dominated tonight. Really puts a dimmer on the squad as a whole. Sunday is make or break, sadly I don't see klopp trying to fix the obvious defensive gaps that get exploited week in week out. Wonder if he's already started checking out.

12 Apr 2024 06:46:39
Unfortunately I cannot disagree with anything you said Mango.

It was a complete disaster and failure by Klopp last night.

This performance lies on him and his technical team. He totally disrespected Atalanta and paid the price for it.

The other thing I want to mention, is why Gomez suddenly feels he has the ability to shoot at any given point in time.

I may be wrong, but it feels as though he has the most shots in every game compared to the everyone else. His need to get a goal is now becoming detrimental to our play

He's been great this season, having to play in multiple roles, but I feel he just needs to understand the situation, and whatever will be will be.

11 Apr 2024 22:19:17
I seriously hope we don’t have a parade end of the season if we just win the league cup. Klopps last season or not. It’ll look absolutely pathetic.


11 Apr 2024 22:37:23
Knowing FSG the parade will be every trophy Klopp has won at Liverpool, and not realise how pathetic that looks.

11 Apr 2024 23:43:21
It won't look pathetic at all, it's our send off for Klopp which he deserves to have, he's a legend of this club.

12 Apr 2024 07:31:12
Klopp isn’t the messiah he’s made out to be, we’ve had as many woeful seasons as decent ones.

Dreadful to watch football for 18 months then it picked up for a bit this season, we’ve been riding our luck for a while now and starting to get caught out. Couldn’t beat Utd in 3 attempts and lost one this year! It’s not great to be honest.

Onwards and upwards, it’s better this way that having a manager that’s irreplaceable. Who’s to say the next manager won’t be better. It won’t be as hard to find as some think.

{Ed025's Note - a bit disrespectful that if you dont mind me saying so Mr Bean, you basically had 30 years in the doldrums before Klopp came and he has brought a lot of success as well as making you a real force again, now it seems he was never really that good anyway?...come on mate get a grip ffs..

12 Apr 2024 09:01:05
Ok fair enough but we won 1 league and 1 champions league.

Rafa won a cl and Rodger’s nearly won the league but fluffed it.

Being dead serious, we have been there or there abouts under Klopp and we’ll be there or there abouts again. Good managers but that’s it he’s made a lot of mistakes and been in positions that could have achieved more. I think most of our success was in the transfer market. Klopp getting out before salah is completely useless in my opinion and vvd is shot.

{Ed025's Note - VVD has been touted as your player of the season so far mate, but each to their own i suppose..

12 Apr 2024 09:20:56
Well said Ed25, Mr Bean is just speaking absolute nonsense as per bloody usual.

12 Apr 2024 12:44:39
Klopp could have a different kind of send off that doesn’t involve a squad who threw away the fa cup Europa and potentially the league singing and dancing with a trophy they won months before the parade. They’ll be embarrassed themselves. We should have won more under Klopp and a carabao cup parade would almost symbolise that.

12 Apr 2024 16:06:44
Turn it in, worst things about getting beat is the crap that comes out some peoples mouths.

11 Apr 2024 22:01:21
My god that was dreadful. we've been poor for a good while if truth be told, good here and there but in general v poor. Gakpo only positive I could take from game, thought it done OK. Endo+ gomez atrocious in particular. V real possibility the season fizzles out the way we playing, if vvd r mac ain't doing it for us nobody is.


11 Apr 2024 22:49:28
The game was set with the starting selection, klopp underestimated Atalanta and over estimated Jones Elliot Tsimikas and Nunez, they had bad games and let the manager down and the club, Nunez unless he produces before the end of the season should be sold, too many chances too many misses and looks average by comparison to Mane Salah and Bobby, he's not as good or ever will be as good, Carra is spot on. Endo was the sticking plaster player who was all they could get he's not the worst but looked poor today and sunday. One thing for certain we've always had a world class striker, salah mane bobby etc if they cash in on salah i feel we will struggle to get anyone as good and let's not forget Klopp was the draw to Anfield.

12 Apr 2024 05:19:17
Gakpo was awful and should not have played 90 minutes it amazes me how you think he was in any way good? He is par of the problem player after player that is clumsy and was born with clown feet. Gakpo don’t make me laugh he was pure gak.


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