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05 Dec 2016 23:35:46
I'm backing karius. Think he's going to be utter class an you doubters will be moaning when Barcelona or the likes start sniffing. Can't believe the carry on out of some you.

scouse john L8

1.) 06 Dec 2016 01:17:39
Me to what signing has Klopp made bad for us yet. People to early to jump the gun .

2.) 06 Dec 2016 02:52:10
Couldn't agree more mate.

3.) 06 Dec 2016 08:15:36
I hope you're right mate.

4.) 06 Dec 2016 08:40:32
I'm a big fan of Klopp, Redman Reus, but 'what signing has Klopp made bad for us yet? '. Steven Caulker comes to mind :)

5.) 06 Dec 2016 10:21:23
I don't think caulker was his signing you telling me . Klopp would not know off caulker from his Germany days.

{Ed001's Note - he took advice from Inglethorpe but it was his signing.}

6.) 06 Dec 2016 10:55:09
John, I prefer Karius to Mignolet simply because Mignolet has had 3years to prove himself and hasn't improved at all but to be honest I don't see what Ksrius has done to make you think he will be class. My son knows a German kid and he said Karius was behind only Neur in Bundesleague last year so here's hoping he does a DevGea and does become class for us.

7.) 06 Dec 2016 14:34:53
Spot on, lads. Karius has not been outstanding and there are numerous reasons for that. However, he`s not been appalling either and in fact with he and Matip in the team, LFC has only conceded 5 in 7 games before Sun. He had his first really poor game vs Bournmouth and so did the whole team so to single him out is just ridiculous. he`s also light years away from migs with the ball at his feet as I no longer panic when Karius has it at his feet. 8 games is by no means, fair to judge him on especially after missing a large part of preseason through a broken hand. He has the potential for sure as he was second to Neuer in Germany, the home GK`s really so I am ready to give him time to prove us wrong or right. As for Migs, no comment.

8.) 06 Dec 2016 15:57:16
I wouldn't say Caulker was a bad signing, he's a decent defender. He was a completely, utterly and totally unnecessary signing but that's something different :P.



23 Sep 2016 19:32:29
So it looks like karius starts? I think this is the type of game you'd hope for when coming back from injury. Shouldn't have to much to do you'd like to think.

scouse john L8

1.) 23 Sep 2016 20:58:40
He was always going to be the No.1 choice. Might as well happen now.

2.) 24 Sep 2016 12:17:22
I hope Karius will start, but I will believe it when I see his name on that starting lineup.



22 Sep 2016 22:04:42
what about danny murphy stating how jose was gutted to lose out to Rafa for te Anfield hotseat? glad we passed up the chance benefit of hindsight. slick rick got that right.

scouse john L8

1.) 22 Sep 2016 22:32:26
Interesting that John, u reckon that's right?
I remember Mourinho stating once a few years back (defo after Rafa had been here and maybe after he'd gone) that he couldn't manage LFC but couldn't say why, I've tried researching it but couldn't find anything on it, anyone?

2.) 22 Sep 2016 22:47:56
Again on mourinho John, you suggest we done right in hindsight not getting mourinho, as much as I rate Rafa and owe him for probably the most memorable night of my life (don't tell me bird) I think if we got mourinho in 2004 we might have done better.
Now I know he's since been proven to be a horrible little man but even though he was full of himself (the special one quote day 1 at Chelsea) I don't think he was too bad during his fist stint that you couldn't accept him if he won you a couple of league titles and a couple of cups, shat youz all reckon?

3.) 22 Sep 2016 23:05:23
Dunno about this, sounds like hearsay to me, I remember at the time of the champions league final Porto vs Monaco, and you could already tell Jose was on his way out. Despite being linked to both Chelsea and Liverpool, I personally thought he only ever had eyes for Chelsea.

4.) 22 Sep 2016 23:23:03
I know this a long time a go .

5.) 22 Sep 2016 23:34:33
I don't know about "gutted", but he was quoted in the media as saying he wanted the Liverpool job at the time.

As to how he'd have done, he always gave off an arrogant public persona (might be a lovely bloke in person, though), but he seems to have fallen into believing his own hype in the last couple of seasons. He does nothing special tactically and his motivation skills at United thus far have amounted to publically criticising players carrying knocks or making their first PL start. Not sure that's going to work. He wasn't like that in 2004, at least not that I remember, anyway. If he'd come here instead of Chelsea, and his career went down a different path, he might be a different manager now.

That being said, results under him probably wouldn't have been better than under Rafa, I don't think he'd have won the league with us and I don't think he'd have made the same connection with the fans. And I reckon he'd have quit as the second he saw through Hicks and Gillet. Assuming he tolerated Parry long enough to even get that far.

6.) 23 Sep 2016 00:11:12
Mou is a winner and a destroyer of clubs. He's a good tactician and truly improves players just like Rafa and Klopp. The difference is that Mou is just so toxic and arrogant and to me, he's such a turn off and it wouldn't be worth it having him. Whether he would have done better with that squad that's we had (one of the most mediocre squads we've ever had) is highly debatable. The fans at Chelsea love him because they had been highly unsuccessful (one title in fifty years) and had been the butt of all the jokes from Gunners fans hence, he saved them from perennial ridicule so he's one of them. I wouldn't have wanted him then nor now.

7.) 23 Sep 2016 00:11:44
18 and 1. I reckon the real reason why he said he couldn't manage Liverpool is because we don't have the spending power to do crazy transfers to make his job easier. First manager in history to spend over $1bn.

8.) 22 Sep 2016 22:32:26
Interesting that John, u reckon that's right?
I remember Mourinho stating once a few years back (defo after Rafa had been here and maybe after he'd gone) that he couldn't manage LFC but couldn't say why, I've tried researching it but couldn't find anything on it, anyone?

9.) 22 Sep 2016 22:32:26
Interesting that John, u reckon that's right?
I remember Mourinho stating once a few years back (defo after Rafa had been here and maybe after he'd gone) that he couldn't manage LFC but couldn't say why, I've tried researching it but couldn't find anything on it, anyone?

10.) 23 Sep 2016 01:12:46
He's not a horrible little man lol. He's very well respected and apparently does quite a bit of good for people off the field; its just his on field persona that makes people dislike him.

11.) 23 Sep 2016 01:59:22
The timeline between Jose champions league win and appointment of Rafa does not match. Unless we are tokin about after Porto win uefa cup.

12.) 23 Sep 2016 07:05:52
At the time Porto won the champions league Mourinho was leaving and Chelsea and Liverpool were changing managers.
I remember Mourinho's quote well "I have one offer in my heart and one offer in my wallet". He could well have been referring to LFC and Chelsea respectively, who knows?
He chose the wallet.
I'm glad we got Rafa. We may have won more, we may not. I personally think Mourinho can't work without a financial advantage. One thing is for sure, May 2005 was incredible, made all the more remarkable by beating Mourinho and his billionaire in the semi at Anfield.
Rafa is a humble honourable man with a deep love and respect for the city which endures to this day. I doubt Mourinho would have such a bond.

13.) 23 Sep 2016 07:36:49

Completely agree with your view and sentiments to Rafa. But under no circumstances jose would have left Liverpool had he joined in 2004. Rafa went to inter when the club was in real mess. Jose always had a soft spot for our club. Gerrard would have been the best midfielder had he played under Jose.

14.) 23 Sep 2016 07:42:42
Ron is correct, Lee. The timeline is spot on. Rafa won the UEFA cup and La Liga with Valencia, whilst Jose won the Champions League with Porto. The start was all over the press at the time. Mourinho claiming to be a Liverpool fan blah, blah, blah. Heart v wallet etc.
This story isn't news, just Danny Spud Murphy's accurate memory.

15.) 23 Sep 2016 08:24:13
Just to add to the above, I agree. Heard all this years ago. If I remember correctly, the cited reason for not coming to us was essentially the hierarchy. Talks with them didn't go well. Something along those lines. I seem to have some recollection that he had been talking to us for quite a while before it became public about new manager, but I may be wrong on that.

16.) 23 Sep 2016 08:36:47
Not sure if any one else remembers but in 2004 I recall reading that Rick Parry and Jose Mourinho had a verbal agreement that Jose would join Liverpool at the end of the season only for Ambravich to lure him to Chelsea with loadsa money. Was the only time Jose broke his word.

17.) 23 Sep 2016 08:42:54
I hate the whinger he's absolutely the most over rated manager in world football. He goes somewhere spends hundreds of millions (usually a big club with a good squad already) wins a few things annoys the hell out of everyone destroys the club from the inside and leaves. Nobody will ever love him. Porto is the exception of course winning the champions league there was a huge achievement.

18.) 23 Sep 2016 09:16:43
tjred, just let the Barcelona coach who's eye is still on the end of mourinho S finger and the "daughter of a whore" physio know what a nice man mourinho is, I think they may not be too sure.

19.) 23 Sep 2016 11:14:03
I hate the argument that managers only win because they had money to spend. Mourinho is arguably the most successful manager of his generation, he's won 18 major trophies in 14 seasons, he's consistently been successful and that takes more than spending a lot of money. Conversely there have been plenty of managers that have spent loads and not won anything. Who know's what would have happened if he came to us but the most likely thing is that he would have at least matched Benitez's trophy haul.

20.) 23 Sep 2016 12:04:48
Over rated he may be but let's be honest he has won a lot in the past.

I remember the rumours years back and always hoped it wouldn't happen, thankfully it didn't purely because of who he is and how he comes across. Don't want that at Liverpool.

Man Utd feel like they have got a god in him been their manager, I don't know. I feel he will fail there as have every other manager who's been there since fergie. Well I'm hoping it goes this way atleast.

Somebody on my facebook said the other night 'we're back, mourinho knows what he's doing' he's a man utd fan and they had just beat Northampton 3-1. I say no more.

Mourinho is a has been, game over I think.

21.) 23 Sep 2016 12:07:48

you're letting your dislike for JM cloud your judgement mate. to suggest he is overrated is ridiculous. the man has won CL with more than one club, countless league titles, won the league with Real during a period of pure Barcelona dominance. have a look around most of the successful managers in history, guess what, they're at the biggest clubs with big transfer budgets.

to echo what muscat said, there are plenty of managers who have spent big and won nothing.

22.) 23 Sep 2016 12:10:22
All of Mourinho's clubs have had a financial advantage in their country and none of his success has been sustained.
I don't like the guy, there have been too many controversial incidents involving him including refs, coaches, players, doctors, ambulances, other managers etc. He may be a delightful bloke when he's winning but when he's not his true colours shine through. I don't have much respect for someone like that and his record is overhyped IMO.

{Ed007's Note - Inter Milan didn't have a financial advantage in Italy and Benfica are the only Portugese club who have regularly featured in Deloitte's top 20 richest clubs. To win the CL with Porto and Inter were fantastic achievements and anyone who thinks otherwise is letting their dislike of Mourinho stop them admitting it.}

23.) 23 Sep 2016 13:08:39
There was a time when Mourinho was the most popular manager in the league, he was smart, funny and fresh, not totally dissimilar to another manager close to our hearts. I'll admit he's completely shredded his reputation in the last few years though.

24.) 23 Sep 2016 13:03:45
Agree ed007. I can't stand him, and I think his arrogance caught up with him last season, but he's got to the top with every club he's managed, so definitely not overrated. I just think the 'Us against the world' approach is wearing thin.

{Ed007's Note - He's definitely needing to modernise some of his thinking and he seems to have lost a bit of his zest but I don't think you can question his past successes. He also seems to have lost his sense of humour, teasing reporters with his cheeky chappy answers etc.
For me The Us v Them thing only really works once you've built up a certain rapport with the fans by saying and doing the right things at the right time or it just comes across as you've got a chip on your shoulder and you're involving the club in your own personal (petty?) vendettas.}

25.) 23 Sep 2016 13:39:04
Don`t care for the Moaner that much because I can`t stand whiners, in general. IMO, I think we got the best deal. Rafa got us an improbable CL trophy by beating the Whinger -in-chief to do it. Jose has never gotten over that till this day. Jose would have polluted our club the same way he`s done to every club he`s been to due to his toxic rhetoric, pathetic mind games, never taking responsibility for his own actions, blaming players when he loses and and his unquantifiable arrogance and ego. At least Rafa put the fans first, most of the time. He IS a has-been and I no other big club worth it`s salt (apart from an overly-desperate Utd) would want him, IMO.

{Ed025's Note - i cant argue with that hamilton mate..

26.) 23 Sep 2016 14:20:42
He won't be classed as a great manager until he's had sustained success at a club in my opinion.

27.) 23 Sep 2016 15:12:55
Muscatred, spot on that mate, even though he was st Chelsea it was hard (for me anyway) to dislike him and he was successful, that was part of my original point.



10 Sep 2016 22:43:27
bit quiet tonight eh? its amazing how 4 goals against the champs can make you forget we need a lb and a dm. NEXT.

scouse john L8

1.) 11 Sep 2016 02:59:14
the negative brigade will still come out with something e. g georginio wijnaldum.



27 Aug 2016 14:29:41
Frustrated. Make it worse rose mis hit his shot. Gutted I am.

scouse john L8




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23 Aug 2019 22:04:40
Lot of people didn’t fancy the ox when he signed I myself was happy 😃 tho I did think the fee was astronomical. But I like him, as a player he turned the doubters around he seems like laugh . I will stand and argue with anyone who doubts him and I think it’s class offering him a extension but nothing I wouldn’t expect the club to do. Some of you still don’t get what it means to be a red YNWA happy bank holiday guys.

scouse john L8

{Ed047's Note - I liked him but always thought he flattered to deceive, never quite reaching the level I’d hoped for.

His injury record is shocking and from that side of things was not sorry to see him go.

Nice lad though and wished him well when he went.



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15 Jul 2019 19:53:56
Wands for feet 🤣🤣🤣🤣 count on 1 hand the amount of times he performed magic for us. He was an is rubbish. He wouldn’t even get in the spurs team as eriksons replacement.

scouse john L8



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15 Jul 2019 19:47:38
Never thought he was good enough. We won the lottery when he left not just money the team improved he was a noose around its neck. Can’t believe we still talking about him. There is no one in our squad I would drop for him.

scouse john L8



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13 Jun 2019 16:34:06
I think he will sign. I hope so too.

scouse john L8



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09 Jun 2019 23:22:01
Blimey ed01 sounds like my marriage that mate🤦🏻‍♂️.

scouse john L8




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24 Aug 2019 22:54:36
They looked better after mane bobby and gini went off. Think they are genuine top 4 contenders. Used to like arsenal under wenger going off them now tho.

scouse john L8

{Ed0666's Note - most teams would play better if Mane, Gini and Bobby were subbed off mate 🤣



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18 Aug 2019 00:45:22
If it hits your arm hand ball no matter what ends all the moaning and it’s fair.

scouse john L8



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10 Aug 2019 09:51:41
Matip been brilliant it will be a travesty if he loses his place to Gomez just because he is fit again. We looked more composed when he came on in charity shield. Matip ‘s last two competitive games sets up goal in champions league final and score in charity shield. Give the guy the credit he deserves definitely starts for me.

scouse john L8



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07 Aug 2019 18:27:05
Wonder if maguire will cope with the pressure of playing for you’s. Not the fee but the constant scrutiny and expectations 24/ 7 Tougher than playing for England that’s for sure.

scouse john L8



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06 Aug 2019 15:47:09
Matip starts for me. Deservedly so too. Gomez will have be content with sub and cup games and to wait like matip did.

scouse john L8