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18 Sep 2020 20:40:14
Delighted with Thiago and the apparently imminent arrival of Jota, but where's the money coming from?

Are confident enough of offloading Grujic, Wilson, Karius, maybe Origi or Wijnaldum that we're pressing ahead knowing we'll ultimately break even (ish) . Or are we borrowing?

Or is this a bad question that'll give an Ed a headache?

1.) 18 Sep 2020 23:11:22
Why are you trying to kill the buzz mate? We’ve won everything in last couple of years playing great football. Why does money concern you? there are better people at the club than us to take care of that. Enjoy the ride or you will miss it.

2.) 18 Sep 2020 23:11:24
Trust Edwards and fsg. They know what they’re doing.

3.) 19 Sep 2020 01:24:32
It is called Creative Accountancy from Fenway.

4.) 19 Sep 2020 01:24:49
This has me worries that some "shock" deal will come out of this, and Mane's leaving.

5.) 19 Sep 2020 02:45:00
How can you be concerned with money?
Win the Champions league - spend nothing
Win the league - spend less than the competitors.
Liverpool have access to the cash to buy whoever they want without coming anywhere close to distress.
Also, who cares if they borrow? Every business borrows money to better itself. (LFC has always been a business btw)

{Ed0666's Note - I’m not sure we have the money to buy whoever without stress at all Mr Risdale.

6.) 19 Sep 2020 02:57:01
People need to be clearer on terms of how transfers are agreed before questioning financial sense. Thiago will only cost us 5mil this year and 5mil each of following 3 summer. Jota is not signing on the condition we pay a big lump now. he's going to be on a 5 year contract and because Liverpool are strong now clubs will be easier to agree to future bonuses or add ons. We see our players winning individual awards, top of goal scoring lists, club titles looking more common so those add on payments are easier to negotiate. Apparently we only more than 20 mil for thiago if he wins either league, CL or ballon d'or in his contract length so jota likely to have clauses as no chance we pay any big money this year. We will sell players which is obvious but it was silly to think we had to wait to get a certain amount which was then allowing us to spend instantly. For example it was possible that coutinho winning the European cup at any stage during his Barcelona contract length meant we would receive a lump of payment that was not guaranteed in the figure that was publically named as total cost. The likes of Danny ings having such a strong season and reaching accolades etc may be reasons behind us getting earlier than expected income. Jota will likely be balanced in our books with the likes of Wilson, shaqiri, origi or Brewster now seemingly on the market. With 2 or even 3 not being needed they will easily pay the jota cost and more. Hoever brings in 10mil as does lovren so 20 mil at least income for rarely needed defenders.

It's not so simple as thinking we can't deal with transfers until the minute we officially anounce a sale and just get that price immediately in the bank to spend. We've obviously been planning on thiago and jota for a period of time with realistic prediction of what players will leave and earn us so financial impact will never be a wishful gamble. We moan and get frustration but we never have any clue to what is happening within so always presume that activity in the public eye represents the activity in real life. Why would we actually operate under that strategy openly? Every other club would get negotiation strenght if that was so obvious. Bayern would be able to be stubborn if knowing that thiago was wanted only after gini for example left and we were in need for his replacement. If we tried to immediately offer decent money for a CB after lovren left clubs could have held out for more. It's smart business that we have prioritised the areas we weren't yet desperate to fill. I expect we now focus on shipping out the weaker players who thiago and jota will take upgrade while adding another defender at some point when the price best suits us instead oflooking forced to replace our defensive outgoings.

{Ed0666's Note - you took my advice well done sir and Thankyou.

7.) 19 Sep 2020 05:57:40
OmG har has used paragraphs, well done sir 😄.

8.) 19 Sep 2020 07:53:57
That grammarly software is good, isn't it? 😂.

9.) 19 Sep 2020 07:54:47
Christos, obviously haven’t frequented the page much recently. Ed002 has repeatedly explained that we had pre spent much of our tournament winnings. I am a little concerned with where this money is coming from but I am also not Liverpool’s accountant, wish I was. Any recruiters lurking I’m fully qualified, come get me ;) . Either way, I trust the club to be doing the right thing and I imagine we are confident in sales of out of favour players rather than Mane.

10.) 20 Sep 2020 00:23:11
Cotsi, it isn't possible to pre-spend money. Businesses invest according to their anticipated cashflow. ED002 is wrong.
The windfalls from winning the CL and EPL might lower the debt % but the winnings certainly weren't "prespent" as that isn't how any of this works.



13 Dec 2019 18:10:37
It gets better: Milner signs a new deal.

1.) 13 Dec 2019 18:32:25
That's more good news.

2.) 13 Dec 2019 18:54:40
Perfect. Milner more than deserves it.

3.) 13 Dec 2019 19:00:31
What next today eh, even more good news coming out of the club!

4.) 13 Dec 2019 19:45:28
Kylian Mbappé to sign in January!

5.) 13 Dec 2019 19:52:42
Really pleased Milner has done that. He embodies everything Liverpool has become. One of our best.

6.) 14 Dec 2019 04:02:28
Does he get 10 ribenas as goal bonus now?

7.) 14 Dec 2019 10:02:47
Am I mistaken or he told he is not drinking anymore Ribena? 😅.

8.) 14 Dec 2019 10:36:46
This is excellent news very happy. Hopefully the younger talent can lean from a true professional of the game.



26 Nov 2014 18:43:22
Team: Mignolet, Manquillo, Skrtel, Toure, Johnson, Lucas, Gerrard, Allen, Henderson, Sterling, Lambert

Be interesting to see how Gerrard and Lucas are deployed. I'm assuming it'll be a diamond with Gerrard at the tip and Lucas at the base, but I'm worried that it'll be both of them as DMs which didn't exactly work against West Ham.




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04 Dec 2021
New image uploaded to the
Liverpool Player Sightings page entitled, Big Div

Click picture for larger image



10 Nov 2021 16:49:53
Michael Edwards' departure at the end of the season confirmed. Best of luck to him and here's hoping Julian Ward gets on well as his replacement.

1.) 10 Nov 2021 17:36:38
Might pull a big one out the bag before he goes lol.

2.) 10 Nov 2021 18:09:33
Michael Edwards did a more than awesome job for this club and great credit goes to Klopp for allowing him to do his job and letting him have a say in who we sign. They seem to have been quite a great team along with the other members of the scouting team. All the best to him in his future engagements.

3.) 10 Nov 2021 19:42:31
Heard it here months ago. love this site.

4.) 10 Nov 2021 19:47:29
Absolutely lad's he did a fantastic job for us and if by chance he happens to end up at another football team I'll bear no grunge to the man YNWA.

5.) 10 Nov 2021 20:03:02
They were reporting it everywhere months ago RedScarface.

6.) 10 Nov 2021 20:10:26
In fairness he’s probably been on gardening leave the last 6 transfer windows. All the best to him though. Rumour mill is he could be heading Newcastle.

7.) 10 Nov 2021 23:43:56
A lot of talk of Edwards buying but his selling was his ultimate skill, 19m for Solanke.

8.) 11 Nov 2021 07:52:02
13 goals in 17 games and sitting top of the Chamionship at 24 years old with his best days to come.

9.) 11 Nov 2021 08:43:40
I think Edwards next job will be a lot bigger than Newcastle…I think he’s set his sights abroad.

10.) 11 Nov 2021 16:20:45
I also don’t think there’ll be any final rabbits out the hat. Firstly, he’ll be on some form of gardening leave towards the end of his contract as the club won’t want him knowing their plans going forward, secondly, and notwithstanding the first pound, there’s no money.



06 Nov 2021
New image uploaded to the
Liverpool Player Sightings page entitled, Ole at the wheel

1.) 07 Nov 2021 15:02:51
Pogba heat map 😂😂😂😂.

2.) 07 Nov 2021 19:35:45
Ole gunnar solskjaer meets with Klopp. He asks him, "Your team wiped the floor with us 5 - 0 I can't get over it, how do you run such an efficient team? Are there any tips you can give to me? "

"Well, " says Klopp, "the most important thing is to sign intelligent players. "

Solskjaer frowns. "But how do I know the players in my team are really intelligent? "

Klopp says. "Oh, that's easy. You just ask them to answer an intelligence riddle. "

Then Klopp phones Mo Salah. "Please Join me and Solskjaer in here, would you? "

Salah walks into the room. "Yes, boss? "

Klopp smiles. "Answer me this, please, Mo. Your mother and father have a child. It is not your brother and it is not your sister. Who is it? "

Without pausing for a moment, Mo answers, "That would be me. "

"Yes! Very good, " says Klopp.

Back at Old Trafford, Ole gunnar Solskjaer asks to see Harry Maguire.

"Harry, answer this for me. Your mother and father have a child. It's not your brother and it's not your sister. Who is it? "

"I'm not sure, " says Harry. "Let me get back to you on that one. "

Harry goes to to the whole Man Utd squad and asks every one he can find, but none can give him an answer. Finally, on the way out he bumps into Paul Pogba

Harry says, "Paul! Can you answer this for me? Your mother and your father have a child and it's not your brother or your sister. Who is it?

Paul Pogba says, "That's easy. It's me! "

Harry says. "Thanks! " and goes back to the Managers Office to speak with Ole gunnar Solskjaer.

Harry Says, "I did some research I asked the whole team and I have the answer to that riddle. It's Paul Pogba. "

Ole gunnar Solskjaer, stomps over to Harry Maguire, and angrily yells into his face, "No, you idiot! It's Mo Salah! "



26 Oct 2021 16:15:47
Keita's injury is just bruising according to Ljinders. Fabs could be back at the weekend. Thiago close to making the weekend, but probably not. Next week hopefully.

Less good news is Milner is set to be out for a few games. Expected to be out until after the next international break.

Kelleher not expected to be fit for Preston after being ill.

1.) 26 Oct 2021 17:53:52
Exactly what I just read SR, plus Sepp van den Berg cleared to play for Preston. 👍.

2.) 27 Oct 2021 08:40:12
Thanks, OP. I guess we will have to go with Adrian in goal v Preston, I guess.

3.) 27 Oct 2021 14:25:09
Considering he had a week off after the Atletico game, shouldn't Alisson start?

{Ed0666's Note - err no hes played a lot of football recently done a lot of travel and I can’t believe you just asked that question

4.) 28 Oct 2021 06:25:09
Come on Ed0666, come on! That was not a question at all.

{Ed001's Note - you put a question mark on the end of it, so it was a question.}



12 Oct 2021 19:03:41
Kelleher starts for Ireland tonight lads. Should help with a bit of match sharpness for Watford on Saturday.

1.) 12 Oct 2021 19:37:08
Watched kelleher at Norwich very composed and saved a penalty so no problem for me.

2.) 12 Oct 2021 20:41:25
Kekke het was brilliant vs Wolves last season where we comfortably pummelled them 3-0 and was just as stellar vs Ajax in the CL where his point blank save vs Huntelaar secured the points. He was promoted to Ali’s deputy for a reason.

3.) 12 Oct 2021 20:41:49
Kelleher I meant to say. Darn autocorrect.

4.) 12 Oct 2021 21:33:55
Oli the could be his new nickname Kekke Kelleher.

5.) 13 Oct 2021 10:20:06
Like the sound of that actually, Barry. Good shout, that one. I may just keep it.

6.) 13 Oct 2021 14:25:54
Your welcome OR.




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20 Jan 2022 17:26:20
Swansea weren't using him. That's why he's back.



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20 Jan 2022 12:41:17
You seem to be on the fence about Dembele, VVVV. Tell us how you really feel.

Jokes aside, you're right. Idk why we still seem to be interested, but everything about this bloke screams Balotelli all over again. Except probably more costly given his likely wage demands.



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17 Jan 2022 18:06:01
Presumably Sanches would long to mediumm term replace Keita or Ox if he arrived, both of whom have had injury problems (and the former an effort problem) . Not really sure of the point in replacing one injury prone player with another.

Honestly I'd rather take a punt on Jason Knight for half the money. He at least has a good fitness record, excluding that one time his own manager joined training and deleted his ankle.



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17 Jan 2022 12:14:26
Maybe it's just this month's payroll week.



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07 Jan 2022 17:47:39
I'm sure we could borrow the £237m and spend it on players if we really wanted to.

But we'd be screwed for the next few years as a result of servicing the debt. So I think it's best the club doesn't do that. Or that we fans listen to that top financial expert.




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20 Jan 2022 18:52:11
Richarlson when Everton go down maybe? A bit of a drama queen, but can play.

Dennis is pretty much carrying Watford. And obviously we have existing interest in Sarr.

Omabamidele of Norwich has looked good for Ireland, but international footie's not great to judge on.



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20 Jan 2022 10:07:07
Christ that was longer than I thought it was.



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20 Jan 2022 10:00:11
This is the way I see it.

Phillips, Origi, Ben Davies and Rhys Williams have no meaningful future role in the senior team and should be sold.

I'd personally like to keep Neco Williams and Gomez as squad players as I think they're good enough to be of use, but it's been suggested that Neco isn't happy with his role and I cannot imagine Gomez is happy playing about 4 times all season so far. He's also had injury problems. So they can both be sold. We will then need to buy a defender though, unless the club consider van den Berg good enough to step up.

We should sell Keita as imo he isn't good enough. We should also consider selling one out of Ox or Thiago as I don't trust either of their injury records. Add Milner leaving on a free and we need a first team midfielder.

I tried to put prices on those guys, but it's really guesswork. They could bring in £100m between them, or they could bring £60 - 70m. Maybe even less. And from that we have to buy a midfielder and a defender. Although the defender just needs to be squad player level. Doesn't need to be a £50m signing. We can save that for the midfielder.

Could have to make a decision on Kelleher. Any time he's played in the last 18 months he's looked like first team level and if he has any ambition he's surely going to have a discussion with the club about his future soon. idk, maybe he's happy enough, but if I was him watching Gavin Bazunu, who is not as good and younger than me, get established as #1 for Ireland because he's playing regularly when it should be me, I wouldn't be happy enough.

Onto the forwards, I'm in favour of keeping Salah. Even if he has been touted around Europe since we signed him and his rep. is a git, he's here, he does the job with no issues and we cannot replace him for the same as it will cost to keep him here longer. Mane and Bobby either need to be sold and replaced in the summer or offered new deals. In terms of quality I'd keep Mane. Downward trajectory or not, guys who bag 15-20 from the wing a season are not easy to find. But with my sensible hat on, I'd sell Mane first as I think he'll get us a greater fee than Bobby. We could sell and replace both, but then we'd need to buy two new first team forwards. And getting quality in that area of pitch is not cheap, it might be beyond us unless we did really well on the sales of Origi, Phillips, Williams etc.

I'd consider extending Bobby for a year, depending on how he plays between now and the end of the season. But he might want longer than a year and also he might want £350k a week or something if we've gone and doubled Salah's salary. In that case he would have to be sold and replaced. A lot will depend on what sort of fee we can get for both him and Mane.

Overall we're looking at changing 2-3 players in the first XI with maybe another squad player or two thrown in. It looks a bit more dramatic than it actually is cos it's potentially changing 2 of the established front 3. To me it's more of a case of trimming off players who don't have much of a role in the squad and reinvesting the money wisely rather than ripping the whole lot up and starting again.



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19 Jan 2022 09:39:00
The screamers and the handful of occasions where he dances past three opposition players with the ball underlines the level of talent he has but doesn't use.

Keita could be so good if he just worked harder on the pitch. I know he's had injuries, but Henderson had bad runs of injury. Look at what he achieved. It took 4 years of constant injuries before Sturridge was finally finished at this level. Even Lallana who's not going to be remembered as a great, did a lot more for us despite bad luck with injuries. It's largely a work ethic problem from Keita and that's what annoys me so much about him. I cannot stand lazy players. You're being paid more in a week than most people make in 2 years, you could at least run.

Compare him to Lucas. Lucas does not have Keita's technical ability, and even at his peak was behind Keita in terms of strength and speed too. But he worked hard, made the most of what he had and was a tidy little player. In fact he was becoming a very good one before he got a set of studs into his cruciate. And even though he was never the same after, he was still able to graft and do a job for us. You wouldn't worry that he'd duck out of a tackle that'd cost us a chance like you do with Keita.



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18 Jan 2022 21:55:01
Kloppers, it's Keita. How can we realistically be positive about a guy who's taken the p. so much in his Liverpool career?

We've had two false dawns with him this season alone. First pre-season where he looked like he might finally have wrapped his head around the concept of putting effort in on the pitch, only for him to revert to his previous habits of strolling about and shirking tackles as soon as competitive footie started and he was dropped for Elliot (a kid) after 2 games.

And then when he (finally) put in a performance against United, he was injured the next game. And any time he's been on the pitch since he's, guess what, strolled around the pitch shirking tackles.

I'm not going to get excited about the potential benefits of an in-form Keita until I see an in-form Keita for more than 60 minutes a season.