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27 Jul 2021 20:24:33
Since the HG issue seems to be going over people’s heads. There are currently 17 non-HG players in the Liverpool squad which is the maximum allowed. Potentially Shaq, Minamino and Origi will leave but if none do then there’s no space in the squad to register another non-HG player.


1.) 27 Jul 2021 20:37:11
I’d also shift Matip for the amount that he’s fit.

2.) 27 Jul 2021 21:13:52
Some WILL leave though.



22 Aug 2015 12:54:57
BR coming out and saying that the ref got the offside call right even though the referee association has come out and said it was offside. Do you guys ever get annoyed that he seems to have a fundamental problem with telling the truth?


1.) 22 Aug 2015 13:20:36
It's not a goal and the ref association are trying to defend a stupidity. It's clear cut offside.

2.) 22 Aug 2015 13:21:36
I have a problem with posters picking over every single thing Rodgers says.

3.) 22 Aug 2015 13:35:53
Does any manager "tell the truth". They all claim "haven`t had a chance to look at it" or "didn`t see it", when ask about an obvious error by the ref that goes in their favour.

Please, please, please lay off Rogers, and stop getting on like a big girls blouse, looking to nit pick at every little thing.

Like it or not he is Liverpool manager, so if you can`t be positive at least don`t be negative.

4.) 22 Aug 2015 13:41:51
"Oh yeah, it was defintely offside. Oh and by the way, the Bournemouth goal should have stood. Lovren was playing for a foul."

Think about a second. If it doesn't make sense to you that Rodgers defended the goal, then stick your head in some ice water and try again.

5.) 22 Aug 2015 13:44:17
Irish Rover, it was hardly a one line comment said in between other topics, but an entire article so not really trying to pick over every tiny thing to find fault with him. I only asked as last season after every match that you guys played badly, he'd come out and praise the team's work rate etc. And whilst I can understand wanting to defend/protect your team, this was a very clear cut decision and one in which the Premier League even came out and said the ref got it wrong.

6.) 22 Aug 2015 13:57:58
What he is saying is it is a goal! Which it is! It won us the game! So it is a goal! Care to argue this fact?

7.) 22 Aug 2015 14:00:50
Its boring!

8.) 22 Aug 2015 14:03:06
It was a goal, we won one nil, time to move on.

9.) 22 Aug 2015 14:37:02
I'm not debating whether it was a goal or not. The ref gave it, so it was a goal. My point was BR said that Coutinho wasn't interfering, and saying that he shouldn't have been called offside.

Amerigo tbh I think BR should be coming out, saying all of that AND giving up the 3 points to Bournemouth, paying for all of Bournemouth's travelling fans tickets out of his own pocket and even writing a public letter of apology.

10.) 22 Aug 2015 15:57:08
Mu got 6 pts from two deflected goals so I think we are entitled to a bit of luck also

11.) 22 Aug 2015 17:46:28
And City's result against Chelsea was a fake result and arsene wenger has never seen any of arsenals offsides and Ferguson never said that any of uniteds many many dubious late penalty awards were wrong!

12.) 22 Aug 2015 18:00:16
I'm sure it won't be the only incorrect decision that results in a goal and a win this season in the PL - time to thank our lucky stars and move on, as I'm sure we'll have our share of bad luck too.

13.) 22 Aug 2015 18:05:55
Better pray that luck doesn't run out soon because with the shambles we are seein on the pitch ATM, were going to need every ounce of it

14.) 22 Aug 2015 19:37:35
I look at the results and they say we won.
Hindsight is irrelevant.

15.) 22 Aug 2015 23:17:44
If hindsight is irrelevant, how does anyone learn?

Reflection is a key part of any profession.

16.) 23 Aug 2015 00:01:52
If it had been Mourinho that said that (using him as an example not chelsea related); then everyone would've said a great way to play mind games with the next referee we have.

I don't rate the bloke but be fair at least!

17.) 23 Aug 2015 00:13:38
Of course it is, Ron provided it is in an attempt to make your BFF look good, which it doesn't.

18.) 23 Aug 2015 03:24:50
What BR said was that it was an excellent decision by the 'linesman'. And he was right, it was an excellent decision for LFC. Stop reading redtops who love to twist words. And no, I don't like most of his interviews myself. Don't buy/read on newsnow the 'Scum'

19.) 23 Aug 2015 07:54:54
Well if that is how it works.
Sterling was on side against city so we won the league!! I'm happy enough to trade 3 points for the title!!
Better knock that star off the England football kit as well.

20.) 23 Aug 2015 09:58:05
wiwar- hindsight is obviously not always irrelevant in life, but as there is no retrospective action with regards to offside decisions in association football, in this instance hindsight is irrelevant. The result is already a matter of historical fact.

21.) 23 Aug 2015 10:40:45
Mourinho gets away with it because his team are the Champions so people think his mind games are working

I personally admired his handling of the media in his first spell but now I just see him as a pantomime villain - it's so over the top now it has become ridiculous

Think BR is just trying to mimic him



27 Apr 2014 22:45:17
A lot of you seem to be complaining about the way Chelsea played. But it was the smart thing to do. Teams that play 'attractive attacking football' have come to Anfield and lost. If Chelsea had played attacking football they would have lost too. Especially since Hazard's injured, Oscar's gone off the boil, Schurrle is a bag of Revels and Willian hasn't been the best in the attacking 3rd. I won't even bother mentioning their misfiring strikers.


1.) Nobody`s asking them to play attacking football or open up to suit us. Other teams have come to Anfield and been quite defensive. What Chelsea did was refuse to play nor compete which is fine ONLY when the other team makes a mistake which we did. Time wasting and slumping on the pitch for cramps along with other childish antics just shows that Jose was so scared of us that he refused to play by parking two buses. If that`s a coach`s gameplan for success, then God help the chavs in the CL this season because they`re going to need him dearly.

2.) Best we all play defensive, negative football so we all have a better chance of winning games. Seems Sam Alardyce is a progressive-minded tactician after all. God help the Premier League

3.) Im not complaining about his defensive football. Its his own style of play as a manager. but those time wasting was well. not professional at all.




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15 Jun 2022 01:05:54
Jason Havertz, “€50m” (if that’s the real number) for a player who’s scored 30-60 (all comps) pretty much every season for the last 10 years including 52 this last season and been ballon d’or nominated (and which many agree was robbed of the title against messi in 2020 or 2021) Whilst Mane has been on the decline for the last 18 months according to most fans on this board ? granted mane scored 21 goals last season but half the goals = half the price ?.




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05 Jun 2022 01:38:41
Havertz actually does press quite intently imo. He does have that sort of Ozil/ Berbatov air about him, and he’s definitely not a Kante/ Henderson but he definitely busts a gut getting forward whenever I watch him. definitely hampered by Tuchel and the set up but so are all the Chelsea attack.
Can’t remember who said Tammy doesn’t need a lot of chances to score but they clearly never watched him under Lampard where he’d miss 2-3 chances from 5 yards out every game 😂 incredibly frustrating player.




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05 Jun 2022 01:32:30
Salah has been angling for a move for the last 2-3 years VVVV 😂 you wouldn’t have been to laissez faire about it any of those years.
But back to the OP, none of the Spanish teams actually want Salah, they’ve not wanted him for the last 2-3 years his agent has been hawking him around. IF they decide to try this summer I’d expect they’d probs only go as high as €50m max. It’s all great saying get rid of he wants to leave but it’s pretty obvious no-one’s chomping at the bit to get him. Even Chelsea said no when his agent offered him to them last year.




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13 Jan 2022 01:27:06
Mbappe or Haaland would likely want wages far in excess of what Salah wants to renew 😂.




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13 Jan 2022 01:24:31
Considering Kounde’s price tag it would surely have to be a VVD replacement if he was sold.





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15 Jun 2022 01:26:46
The opposite, Liverpool have now spent massively on a replacement for a player they were expecting to replace this year. The choice now is to pay 2x salary for 1 position whilst getting no money for Mane in a years time, or take the offer from the only club showing interest in Mane, getting a wage off the books whilst offsetting some of the cost of the replacement.

Considering Salah has said he’s going to stick out the last year of his contract, I don’t think Firmino is going to sign a new contract, so to have all of the front 3 that have pushed Liverpool to the pinnacle of football over the last 3-4 years all leaving for free, limiting the amount of money Liverpool would have to reinvest not only in their own replacements but other parts of the team would be hugely detrimental. ( Liverpools biggest expenditure on players: Alison &VVD were paid for by Coutinho’s sale)

As per the Ed’s without Mane’s sale, and with having exhausted other avenues of financing, the owners will have to lend the club their own money to finance the Nunez deal (not to mention any further deals this window)

So without raising fairly significant funds from sales, it’ll severely hamper further deals both this summer and in the future (unless the owners dip into their own pockets) with how leveraged Liverpool currently are.




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14 Jun 2022 18:57:56
The price probs has more to do with him having a year left on his contract than anything else.




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05 Jun 2022 01:47:07
Think Klopp will probs play him as a wide forward initially or as a sub in the centre in games that are legit over. It’s a lot of pressure to play CM and a big step up for him where mistakes as CM can easily turn into goals.




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05 Jun 2022 01:44:23
What I don’t understand is why Southgate has England playing a back 5 (despite its relative success in the euros) against a 40th ranked team. Esp when none of the back 5 ever play in that system except maybe coady? Ed001? Any insight as to why an international manager would play a system that the players generally never play during the normal season?


{Ed001's Note - because he is clueless.}



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09 Mar 2022 13:00:43
Mendy? Ain’t he still suspended whilst he’s waiting for his trial? 😂.