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07 Aug 2023 18:44:39
Liverpool have reached an agreement in principle with Lyon to sign defender Castello Lukeba. Deal for 20yo French U21 international is worth around £35m. Personal terms are already in place, defender’s medical will follow in due course”.


1.) 07 Aug 2023 19:10:52
What, where how and why have u said or pulled this from?

2.) 07 Aug 2023 19:11:51
just read the source tweet for this, appears to be a twitter (x) account saying it in the hope it would come true.

3.) 07 Aug 2023 19:13:03
Would be great if true! Supposed to be a bit of a talent.

He’s not been on Ed002’s previous list of centre backs. Could be one out of the blue like Szoboszlai perhaps?

4.) 07 Aug 2023 19:13:30
Where did you hear that PickleRick. Last I saw he was more likely to
move to RB Leipzig.

5.) 07 Aug 2023 20:04:34
Source seems to be Anfield Fix on twitter. No idea what that means.

6.) 07 Aug 2023 20:15:43
Lukeba has an agreement with RB Leipzig.

7.) 07 Aug 2023 20:24:37
I'm on holidays a mate just sent this text hadn't seen it on here so posted it up. I'm guessing by the googling it was got on the aforementioned Twitter account.

Would be a good signing imo though.

8.) 07 Aug 2023 21:11:57
Made up on Twitter.

9.) 07 Aug 2023 22:46:02
he posted a praying hands after - so believe he is praying for it rather than a rumour.



19 May 2023 10:28:45
Weird news but again I'll just pass it all on.

The attention grabber which feel free to remove Ed's if you're going to get too many annoyances.

Bellinghams team has cancelled meeting with Madrid for next week and FSG have or will contact Dortmund again to be kept up to date on negotiations.

Adrian will get new contract as very likely now kelleher will leave.

Despite what FSG have said there are still having discussions of a full sale of the club and are obviously to this if they are having discussions.

Expect more back room departures and the reason that the new sporting director hasn't been announced is apparently it is expected to only be a short term appointment of as short as 3 months.

One contact in regards to the full sale is apparently a bidder for United and are waiting to see what happens there.

Again just what I have heard and am aware that this tbh just sounds weird for the most part! Would also not be incredibly keen on being a backup to United in any way shape or form but there you go.


1.) 19 May 2023 10:49:59
Fingers crossed we do the United bidders turn to us, only way we will compete.

2.) 19 May 2023 10:50:36
Welcome back macca ???.

3.) 19 May 2023 10:52:50
Nice rumours Pickle, interesting stuff. Love it.

4.) 19 May 2023 11:01:52
No jay. Macca was legit I'm just a fellow dub who got talking to a journo in London! Also thank you Ed's for fixing my post into one!

5.) 19 May 2023 11:03:12
Make perfect sense that if you miss out on Man U you would turn to us, it seems that they have done us a favour.

6.) 19 May 2023 11:32:23
Love it Pickle! I had a feeling in my bones that the Bellingham saga still has a couple of twists and turns. And I guess the bidder is the Sheik as I can't see Jim Ratcliffe wanting to buy Liverpool!

7.) 19 May 2023 11:36:18
In my view all of that is plausible. Regarding the sale, although extremely frustrating, makes sense to keep everything quiet. It wouldn't surprise me if it is all true personally.

8.) 19 May 2023 11:54:56
Reports of Real MAdrid's price for Bellingham is £86 million. How is it all other quotes for other teams, were north of £100 million?

9.) 19 May 2023 12:00:25
I’m sceltical about all of this bar the Adrian renewal which itself makes no sense as it unnecessarily takes up a very valuable non HG space. That said, it’s great to have an old school type rumour.

10.) 19 May 2023 12:02:05
As mentioned before and highlighted before also, patterns of pulling back from a deal. LFC have done it a few times and signed players we have pulled back on.

To add, I’m in the get 71 points we’ll get CL, positive vibrations ??.

11.) 19 May 2023 11:20:45
Good rumour mate. what's your view on that ed2?

{Ed002's Note - It is rubbish. I have explained the situation regarding Bellingham - and FSG do not get involved in any transfers.}

12.) 19 May 2023 15:59:24
Put that one to bed then! Cheers eds.

13.) 19 May 2023 16:10:33
Where do you think Bellingham will end up Ed002? Real Madrid most likely?

{Ed002's Note - He either signs a new contract or moves to Madrid.}

14.) 19 May 2023 16:41:04
He signs the contract with a clause for £85 mill release which we will trigger next summer.

{Ed002's Note - I rather doubt that.}

15.) 19 May 2023 17:19:12
Ed2 I assume this means Bellingham to real isn’t all done like the papers etc are claiming?

{Ed002's Note - They have some details about add ins to agree with Dortmund whilst Dortmund want a new contract still. None of this invokes Liverpool.}

16.) 20 May 2023 06:04:58
Thanks for the clarity ed2.

17.) 21 May 2023 05:10:05
Good rumor.

Qatar will surely bid for us if they don't get United.

If Kelleher is being sold. Adrian makes perfect sense.

Forget Bellingham. These 100m+ transfers rarely give value for money. I.

18.) 21 May 2023 05:55:48
What f it’s the Scandinavian fella who wants to share the purchase cost with fans? I can wait for the team selection meeting on Thursday nights - they are going to need a very big pub and a boxing ring.



16 May 2023 10:16:03
Hi all

Posted rumour a while ago after talking to a journo in London. Obviously doesn't look like all will happen especially re Bellingham.

Was talking to them again and had update on MacAlister.

Apparently he has told team mates he will leave. Brighton want 70 mill pound but are interested in kelleher which Liverpool are open to.

Brighton value him at 20 mill so want 50 on top we are looking to get the figure closer to 40.

On mount apparently he is not happy with the vision at Chelsea and is not sold on poch so we are now his preferred option.

Apologies if last post goes up half cut off.

Again the disclaimer of don't shoot the messenger just passing on what I've been told.


1.) 16 May 2023 11:36:58
Bang bang. Fifth messenger kill.

2.) 16 May 2023 12:18:11
Don’t apologise pickle your only posting on a rumours site it’s just some cretins on here like to put people down to make themselves look better

Keep the info coming my red brother.

3.) 16 May 2023 13:26:24
I won't shoot the messenger because I'd like us to sign these players so I'm choosing to believe it's true. If you had said something similar about Gravenberch I would have had to shoot you I'm afraid.

4.) 16 May 2023 14:38:39
Hahaha fair enough lads just seems you need to put a disclaimer with anything nowadays! And people wonder why ed002 gets annoyed!

At the end of the day it's a journo who probably has a connection in and around the club more than likely they have a mate who has a connection at the club.

So this will obviously be from the point of view of Liverpool which is why I probably believe what they said about Bellingham as a few months ago I think the club did think they would get Bellingham. I think I even said in that post too that things change!

On another note I am not fully sold on Mount especially at the potentially reported wages. I will counter that by saying in our current on the ball system of something like a 3-2-2-3 that the advanced right sided 8 might actually be Mounts ideal position and I'm not sure there is another club in the world almost that has a position in their side more suited to him. What is everyone else's thoughts.

5.) 16 May 2023 15:40:21
I agree on mounts position on the right for us but also I think their is better options out their also for the cost and wages as stated
He is of ideal age and seems like a real hard worker for the team . Also English so I wouldn’t discount him at all I think klopp would have him running through brick walls for the cause and think mason would happily do it so although it’s not a signing that will have the fans jumping for joy I think it could be 1 of those signings that go under the radar but turn out to be a really good 1 for the club .

But equally I don’t see why bajetic couldn’t be as useful in the same position

So i would go for a more defensive minded midfield player for competition with fab or to replace fab as top of my wish list.

6.) 16 May 2023 17:39:05
Cracking old school style rumour!



05 Mar 2023 12:11:58
Hey all don't shoot messenger. A mate has got talking to a respected journalist recently as part of his work and he has shared his beliefs on Liverpools potential transfers for the summer so thought I would share.

Bellingham he believes will happen says there should be no issues on terms with player and that he believes the clubs are going to be able to meet on a fee of 120-130 million pounds.

As for another midfielder he said he believes that in order of want Mount would be second, Madison (incredibly surprising to me and I don't particularly rate) would be 3rd. Nunez would be 4th on the list and club also considering viability of teilemans on a free but doesn't think will go down that route.

Gvardiol he believes is the number one priority at CB and didn't have any other names. Me personally I think this is almost a bit of a 'no sh! t' I think most clubs want gvardiol especially any looking at a CB.

The last piece which was completely wild to me is considering Frimpong as an RB option. I don't know as I didn't have the conversation but I assume we have just scouted this player a lot as it makes no sense as a signing overall for me.

Just passing on the message I personally take this with a pinch of salt but thought I'd share as it is a respected journalist.


1.) 05 Mar 2023 13:33:56
Cheers! Thanks for sharing PickleRick. Find it hard to believe the part about Maddison but hope the part about Bellingham is true!

2.) 05 Mar 2023 13:39:41
Meant to add as part of it that the journalist is London based which would add to the take with a pinch of salt as they wouldn't be in direct contact with anyone at Liverpool but obviously would know a lot of people in the industry. The only prior was that they told my mate a couple of weeks ago almost about Bobby having made his decision but I think quite a few were reporting at that stage tbh.

And yeah dracred I was very shocked by the Madison part and as I said would not particularly want him at all and not sure how he would even fit in our system. But yeah I think every red in the world wants the Bellingham part to be true so fingers crossed on that one.

3.) 05 Mar 2023 13:50:27
If we get Bellingham and Gvardiol I will kiss the messenger.

If you are confident in your info then I suggest you start running. Just to make it fun of course although it will be futile. I have a very particular set of skills you see and I will hunt you down.

4.) 05 Mar 2023 15:35:24
Baj has saved us a tidy packet. He could be considered as 'instead of caicedo'.
Gvardiol being a red gives us a major advantage, he also looks robust.

Who replaces Ox and Milner i wonder? Nunes has not done enough at Wolves to warrant 45m, has he?

5.) 05 Mar 2023 15:35:38
I'm confident that they have heard this info Davey after that things change everyday and even if accurate as I said have the world probably wants gvardiol us wanting him doesn't mean a move but hey dreaming is fun ?.

6.) 05 Mar 2023 20:21:40
European Paper talk is reporting Locatelli of Juventus will be available at the end of the season for £31 million, a question for the talent spotters on here is he any good, as i don't watch much european other leagues games?

Also speculation that Potter will be replaced shortly by Zidane?

7.) 05 Mar 2023 21:12:05
A summer of Bellingham, Mount (to try to balance the books) and Gvardiol would be absolutely awesome!

In terms of our midfield then, looking at the players who have played a reasonable number of games for us this season, we'd have Henderson (probably slipping more to bit part than every week, a la Milner), Fabinho (who should still have 2-3 good years back if he can refind his form), Bajcetic, Elliot, Thiago (if he can just get fit) and then Mount and Bellingham. We will still have Jones too and I reckon/ hope that Milner will sign a player/ coach deal with us.

Our best defence will be Virg and Konate with Gvardiol pushing to take one of those spots. I reckon we will keep one of Matip and Gomez and sell the other. I can see Phillips staying too if we sell one of our 'second pairing'.

Robbo being pushed by Kostas and Trent being pushed by Ramsay or Bradley. Frimpong looks a player, and if he joins I would assume that one of Ramsay or Bradley will leave.

Up front, I'm really pleased with our business. Bobby is leaving (sob) but we have got our next iteration of the front 3 in Nunez, Gakpo, Diaz and Jota, along with Salah. I can see Doak getting muntes in the cup too as he's the only RW we have to challenge/ rest Salah. Carvalho is an interesting one, not sure where he will fit in as he currently looks like a Coutinho type player which a) we don;t tend to use much and b) will be challenged by Mount as a CAM.

Bellingham, Mount and Gvardiol please Santa John!

8.) 05 Mar 2023 21:32:14
Potter for Zidane makes perfect sense for me based on Chelsea’s recent approach.

Wouldn’t be at all surprised by that one 007.??.

9.) 05 Mar 2023 21:55:55
Love these rumours. They’re what make this site great. Nice one mate.

10.) 05 Mar 2023 22:09:51
Adding Guardiola would be great but can’t see it. Would swap him out for Matip though.
Midfield of Hendo and Fabs as the old guard with Elliot, Bajcetic, Jones and potentially Jude sounds good to me. I personally just don’t see a place for Thiago. Great player but the whole possession experiment has obviously failed. Think he’ll return to Barcelona.
Up top of Salah, Nunez, Gapko replacing Bobby, Diaz and Jota looks good to me. Talk of this danish lad from German League coming but not sure who’s place he’s taking.

11.) 05 Mar 2023 22:23:17
Not sure Guardiola at CB would work for us Westwood, I’m generally not one to be negative but I think we should be looking at someone a bit younger.

12.) 05 Mar 2023 22:27:57
Hello Westwood666,

Would not blame you if you updated your username to Westwood7777777 in honour of today as i have done many years ago!

Think you meant Gvardiol (RB Leipzig)? as would not swap Guardiola for Jurgen!

13.) 05 Mar 2023 23:55:58
I'd prob rake bellingham and frimpong tbh.

Depending who else leaves in midfield maybe one

{Ed002's Note - Frimpong would be TTA replacement.}

14.) 05 Mar 2023 23:57:37
That Frimpong is rapid by the way. Would be a hell of a back up to Trent. When i say rapid I mean prime Kyle Walker rapid.

15.) 06 Mar 2023 00:30:57
I don’t think the question is who replaces Ox or Millie or Keita. I think their combined role will be replaced by Hendo. The question is who replaces Hendo as the regular midfield starter?

16.) 06 Mar 2023 09:31:54
Haven't seen really any of him MK but any rumour about him you see fees of 50-70 million pounds. Surely this is insane money for what would be a back up RB when we have just got Calvin Ramsey and have Conor Bradley there? This was why I could not understand this rumour at all personally regardless of how good a player he is. Just seems like on the priority list would be way down there for me?

17.) 06 Mar 2023 10:53:25
Frimpong in at right back, as a TAA replacement as mooted by Ed002, to then move Trent into midfield to utilise his running and passing? Appears that they have been trying to get Trent to do this in games this season. Then you'd have Ramsey and potentially Bradley as back-up at RB? Trent as long term Henderson replacement?

18.) 06 Mar 2023 12:06:44
What a great runour.

Personally, I'd love a new first choice RB and move TAA to the midfield. Our defence would improve a lot with a quality RB, but I'm not sure it'll happen. we haven't seen any efforts to move TAA to the midfield.

I guess we haven't got someone to properly replace TAA at RB so it makes it difficult for the coaching team to try TAA in midfield, but still. hard to see it with other priorities.

19.) 06 Mar 2023 12:38:23
We definitely do t need RBS. We have both Ramsey and the lad at Bolton who both look like excellent prospects.

20.) 06 Mar 2023 14:13:10
Looking at reports, Frimpong is more of an attacking RB/ RWB so a speedier (albeit maybe not yet as accomplished? ) TAA.

I agree with Jones Red, we have 2 very promising prospects so why would we spend so much elsewhere?

21.) 06 Mar 2023 17:15:31
Fully agree with that Zedd and your first breakdown I think is spot on. I think gvardiol albeit a Liverpool fan is a bit of a pipedream. I think matip will definitely be the one to go if any didn't Gomez only sign new long term deal?

22.) 06 Mar 2023 18:39:54
Trent is one of the best players full stop, cannot believe some of the rubbish on here.

23.) 06 Mar 2023 20:06:05
Taa has been nothing short of a revelation in the attacking right back role but I’d love to see a right full back in the Andy Robertson mould come in and someone who just wants to run in to space trents game is perfect for the right midfield of Liverpool can get forward and back without having too much defending . I’d for 1 be all for this but if it doesn’t happen as long as the team win couldn’t care less if Trent played in goal or at all but just think he’s perfect for that right midfield role .
2 midfielders a centre half and a right back would be my shopping list this summer .
Move Trent to RM so essentially 3

24.) 06 Mar 2023 20:52:21
Isn't frimpong going to man utd?

25.) 06 Mar 2023 21:15:17
He's not worth 50-70m. Basically Lamptey without the injuries. Rather give Bradley the chance as back up than burn that kind of money.

26.) 07 Mar 2023 00:53:38
I remember that Lamptey was highly thought of, with many here wanting him to be signed and be the back-up/ eventual successor to TAA a few seasons back. So I was kinda surprised to see that he has been used extremely sparingly this season. Not sure if he has fallen out of favour with De Zerbi or if it is because of his injury troubles.

That aside, I agree with MK. I would rather give Bradley and Ramsey a proper chance first before looking at the market for another RB.

27.) 08 Mar 2023 07:48:12
Don’t want either of Mount or Maddison, Mount nowhere near the kind of quality we need and Maddison is a lightweight show pony with an appalling attitude and supports Man United.



02 Jun 2022 09:14:21
Just a quick one and sorry if it has been asked/ answered haven't seen it.

Is there any word on a 3rd choice keeper? Presumably we would be looking at a home grown older figure similar to longergan couple years ago? Or are the club happy with Ali, Caoimh and youth?


{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of Liverpool looking to add another GK - and they still have four registered with the U23s. They could potentially look to an older GK who could also help out with the youth players - that is the approach Chelsea have taken in the past.}

1.) 02 Jun 2022 11:45:33
Adrian seemed very keen to return to La Liga in an interview last week. I know the coaches really rates Marcelo Pitaluga and Harvey Davies. Maybe giving one of them the chance as 3rd choice makes more sense than signing an older keeper, now we have 2 goalkeeper coaches (Achterberg and Taffarel) . Doesn't really make sense to have an older keeper to help the kids when there's 2 coaches there. Seems like a waste of a wage to me.

2.) 02 Jun 2022 13:23:07
We had Longergan, City Carson, Chelsea Green, United Grant etc just makes sense to have an experienced HG player 3rd choice. Adrian is a complete waste of a non HG spot. Should have gotten Fraser Forster i think. Darren Randolph could work. Id rather someone like that than say Pitaluga 3rd choice, he needs to be playing games out on loan next season i think. Surprised no one’s interested in Kelleher more than capable of playing every week in one of the top leagues great young modern keeper.

3.) 02 Jun 2022 16:10:59
For a 3rd choice GK we are better off keeping Adrian. Settled at the club and probably low wages. Club has more important positions to sort out. Forster is a giant but like a kid playing the ball out. Adrian suits a sweeper GK better than him.

{Ed002's Note - Forster is not an option. Perhaps a one year contract for Afrian.}

4.) 02 Jun 2022 18:19:37
I thought Ben Foster would have been a good choice but a. Former Utd player and b. Has he already got a move lined up?

{Ed002's Note - he has koi edSpurs.}




PickleRick's banter posts with other poster's replies to PickleRick's banter posts


06 Nov 2023 09:01:55
I want to start by saying I don't want penalties given for the type of handball that we saw yesterday.

But with the more 'Simplified' law, I just thought the ball hitting any outstretched arm that was going toward goal was going to now be a penalty. Would have been mental scenes having a goal overturned for a penalty the other end, but we have seen it before.

Have I misinterpreted the rule or was this a bit of a bottling by VAR? Yesterday just stunk of a 4th round away day in the FA cup where the players didn't fully want to be there so can't be too angry about result even though on balance of play we should have done enough.


1.) 06 Nov 2023 10:06:32
I take it Liverpool didn't win yesterday?

2.) 06 Nov 2023 16:57:08
What handball, exactly?

3.) 06 Nov 2023 17:37:56
I know what the OP is talking about.

You can't give a penalty for that. It hit his elbow and he had no idea. A penalty should only be given for foul play inside the penalty box. That wasn't it.



04 Aug 2023 15:19:53
Am I the only one that thinks we win our first 3 games of the season and everyone will be on here singing praises?

Or is this going to be another season of people waiting on downfall? We need a cdm no doubt unless Jones is going to be converted full time to 6 and rotate with Baj someone I still think is completely forgotten about.

I have been of opinion all summer even after midfield clear out that we need a CB more than a Cdm but after seeing Quansah a bit in pre season (I know) but also reading the reviews about him last year he looks a player to my untrained eye.

Klopp has not shut up as well all summer about the special group of kids. He has also said we shouldn't rely on them but bar a Cdm / Jones playing at cdm we wouldn't be 'relying' on any and I would be happy to see a small squad with chances for many young stars to break through.

If we go into season as is I still make us almost a banker for top 4 let alone top 5 (I think Newcastle will note replicate form personally) Chelsea may be up there spurs won't Villa won't be ahead of us.

I do think we are a couple of signings away from having any potential to challenge for the league but we have a truly truly special and exciting front 5 plus subs and if it is somewhat of a transitional season further back with a lot of minutes for players coming through then me personally I'll be happy out as I don't see how we can play in a way that will make games not entertaining.

I may be in the minority but last season at times even when we won the football was just not entertaining and I think our team currently is set up to be entertaining. I think we may have some stupid results but I think at home we beat the bottom 12 or so easily and away probably 8 of them and then a handful of games from the rest that will put us comfortably top 4. I also don't rule out 2/ 3 more signings before the end of the window the team winning the first 3+ games of the season letting the wave of momentum build up and from there who knows!


1.) 04 Aug 2023 15:28:40
Need a pacy centre back.

2.) 04 Aug 2023 15:53:56
You can only really go off ‘right now’ mate.

And as it stands we are making the same mistakes Yet again.

Nobody knows the future, it’s unlikely but we could sign Kimmich and Tchoumeni tonight, and tomorrow be talking up our title chances.

But as we stand right now we’re Bang in trouble.

3.) 04 Aug 2023 16:05:11
Rick, unless we sign a number 6 very soon, we might not get many points from our first five games .
its that important,
think Klopp will do his best with the defence, but any injuries will be set us back .
still great to see Baj and Thiago back in training,
fingers crossed they both stay fit .
going to be some high scoring games again, talking 4 3, 3 2,
we look strong enough going forward, to get Top Four,
no stopping City tho .
think we will do well in the Cups .

4.) 04 Aug 2023 17:17:42
As it stands right now I'm the most pessimistic about a Liverpool season since Brendan Rodgers last summer in charge. A title challenge looks way beyond us and even top 4 looks unlikely to me.

5.) 04 Aug 2023 17:42:27
Right now we don't win our first three games of the season. Newcastle and Chelsea away with no DM and a big hole in the defence. I'd be happy with 3 points against Bournemouth.

6.) 04 Aug 2023 18:39:09

If there’s one club that has bigger midfield issues then us right now it’s Chelsea.

Not having a 6 can’t be an excuse for not beating them IMO.

Not saying it will be an easy win but I don’t think us not having a DM should be the reason based on their midfield situation.

7.) 04 Aug 2023 20:17:19
We all need to settle down and see what the club comes up with. From the sounds of it as per Ed02 we need to stump up the cash.

8.) 04 Aug 2023 21:33:14
Might get shot down for this but for me liverpool is becoming about Trent. Whilst he is a good footballer he should not be built upon for the sake of other good players and success.
Mango is pointed out that this doesn’t suit robbo. It certainly doesn’t suit any of the centre backs. It is also not effective tactically to have him roaming around because he can ping a ball. The cost outweighs the outcome by a million miles. Come on klopp gove your head a wobble and play to the teams strengths not one individual ?.

9.) 05 Aug 2023 00:43:13
We have about 6 potential DMs! Just because they are not labelled DM on FIFA doesn’t mean they are incapable of playing there!



22 May 2023 09:25:45
To throw something out for debate that I haven't really understand is Isak has been getting a lot of praise by pundits and fans across the country. I think he has had a decent season no doubt but he has 11 goals and 2 assists in 1656 minutes of football.

Nunez has 15 goals 4 assists in 2365 mins.

I think it's fair to compare these players in the sense young enough players came for similar price first season in England and have mixed time of up front and on the left.

I just fail to understand why people seem to be a lot more sure that Isak will kick on while Nunez won't. Personally I amnt sure either will be amazing I think both will be good premier league players but the difference in perception over the last couple of weeks has been baffling to me.


1.) 22 May 2023 11:29:35
I think it’s safe to say nunez has absolute raw quality but he has to relax I feel he’s too emotional when playing and it hampers him.

2.) 22 May 2023 11:32:49
I'm a big fan of Nunez and not prepared to give up on him, but I think the answer to that question is fairly obvious.

Isak has showed more promise, he's a much more technically gifted and complete all round footballer. He has a better touch, better awareness and is a generally neater footballer.

3.) 22 May 2023 11:28:00
Is the glass half empty or half full?

4.) 22 May 2023 11:38:21
Despite us claiming to be the best fans in the world most other clubs fans dislike Liverpool so anything Liverpool will always be judged harsher.

In regards to Isak I’ve only seen him play against us so can’t really judge him against Nunez.

Nunez is rough around the edges but every diamond can be polished.

5.) 22 May 2023 11:51:37
OP, watched Isak at La Real Sociedad a few times (vs RM and Barca, to be sure) before he came to the PL an IMO, Isak is more experienced than Darwin is at this level hence, he is just further ahead in his development than Darwin. IMO, Isak has had time to hone his talent cos he is very good esp. technically, had good pace, can finish and can assist and can play out wide. For me, Darwin has every thing you need a CF to have to be great in terms raw talent. He just needs to put it all together, relax and allow the game to come to him, as DHfc said. Just my take.

6.) 22 May 2023 13:05:51
My biggest worry about nunez is how many injuries he gets, can't seem to string 6/ 7 games in a row together. Like him as a player tho.

7.) 22 May 2023 13:17:21
Is it just me or is there an elephant appears in the room every time Nunez is mentioned? There are a lot of posts that say something along the lines of ‘I’m a fan of Nunez but …. ’. Not saying it will necessarily happen but a couple of poor games at the start of next season could see him emerge as the next owner of the ‘waste of money’ role. Don’t forget with Naby leaving we are going to want a new whipping boy.

I’d say that Isak has shown up to greater effect this season although Darwin was playing in a side that didn’t live up to anywhere near expectations for at least the first two thirds of the season.

{Ed001's Note - I remember in the early part of the season Jesus was being lauded for his goals while Nunez crucified for not scoring enough. Yet Nunez had actually outscored Jesus! It is media bull. Nunez is a raw talent in his first season in a tough league, he just needs time to bed in.}

8.) 22 May 2023 13:38:23
WDW, I am afraid that will happen, as well. I mean, just look at the way certain fans turned on him when Klopp simply mentioned that Darwin need to work on his game without the ball, do better reading the game and improving his English language skills so he can understand what he is being told. That should not be to anyone who has been paying attention and has been watching him closely YET they turned on him. Something I found really sad an pathetic which just shows you how reactionary and OTT footie fans today can be.

@Ed01 funny you mentioned this cos a lot of the Arsenal fans who were bigging up Jesus for being a better player than Darwin and Bobbie (who also outscored Jesus) are now realising how poor a goalscorer he is which I find bizarre. It seems in their bid to big him up, they did not do their research cos had they, they would have known that Jesus was a poor goalscorer at City who was back up to Aguero for over 3 years for a reason whereas he was supposed to be the ONE Pep wanted to oust him.

9.) 22 May 2023 13:48:46
I prefer him through the middle but Gakpo seems to be first choice there. Diaz is first choice on the left. Seems he has a big fight on his hands.

10.) 22 May 2023 14:01:21
And Jesus has been in the PL for awhile and was playing in a high flying Arsenal while Nunez was in his first season and in a crap performing Liverpool team.

11.) 22 May 2023 14:07:23
I actually think Nunez scoring is not as much issue as him losing the ball quite a lot. His pressing also needs some work.

He does some brilliant things but it's just all very inconsistent at the moment. There are games where he never gives up the ball and you think he is putting it together and then he gives it up quite cheaply again next game. Just inconsistent.

I was begging for us to sign this player at the start of the season and I would say it was an ok first season but he is a little more raw than I expected.

On the plus side, I knew he was quick before he signed but I must admit he is quicker than even I thought. The man is lightning fast.

I think there is a world beater in there but he must make the necessary steps to get there. Right now, he is just full of potential. Hopefully he s second season thing works out. He has mentioned it himself so clearly he also believes he puts it together second season. That's a good thing as it means he should have some confidence going into next season. I'm excited to see how he develops.

12.) 22 May 2023 14:25:08
The media just create stories for clicks and reactions, that's why the majority of it is nonsence. It just wants a reaction and then the journalists get paid based on the reaction rather than the quality of their insight. Hence the rapid slide in product.

As for Nunez ed001, would you say he is best through the middle? Or out left? I have no doubts he has what it takes, but Gakpo seems a better fit through the middle and Salah and Diaz have the wide slots locked imo. I know its horses for courses but when you spend that sort of money you want him playing more often then not.

Do you think we could have nunez up top with Gakpo behind? Salah and Diaz out wide then two in the middle, with Gakpo dropping in when we don't have the ball? Or is that overkill and a disaster waiting to happen?

{Ed001's Note - I think we can play that way in some games but not in others. I think he is better in the middle but having the option of him coming in from wide is very useful.}

13.) 22 May 2023 14:32:38
PickleRick part of the information you passed on the other day now appears to be true. New sporting director is apparently coming in for only 3 months. If even one of the other two pieces of information come true then we are in for a good summer. Whether that’s Bellingham apparently set to cancel talks with Madrid. Although I believe that ship has long sailed and he is off to Madrid. But stranger things in football have happened. And the other piece of information you dropped in that we could be set for new owners.

14.) 22 May 2023 14:41:50
Fully agree, Davey. Im not quitting on this kid anytime soon.

15.) 22 May 2023 15:45:10
Problem with Nunez vs others mentioned is that they actually know how to play football. Yes Nunez may have a better output but his overall play is just so poor that it makes him an easy target. The only way he fits in our team is to tell him to stay on the last man and look for the ball over the top - even then he will probs miss 50% of the chances he gets due to his lack of composure.

16.) 22 May 2023 15:57:04
WDW, the 'but' for me isn't Nunez himself, it's the way he's been used. If we'd played to his strengths as City have with Haaland we wouldn't be having this conversation. Why sign a player and then try to shoehorn him into a system that doesn't work? We need to adapt to players and be more open to change rather than the other way round.

Through the first half of the season, Darwin was a nightmare to defend against. Nobody could contain him and he was getting 4/ 5 clear chances a game but wasn't finishing very well. This was down to confidence rather than skill, his finishing at Benfica was elite.

By February time, he seemed to have put this right. He was taking his chances on the whole, and looked way more composed. So what did we do? Shoved him out wide where he couldn't impact he game and he stopped getting the chances he was previously. I'm baffled to be honest, if he'd continued in the same position with his improved finishing we'd be ending the season with a confident Nunez on 25+ goals ready to go and kick on for next year.

17.) 22 May 2023 16:30:06
I fully believe that Nunez is going to bang 20+ league goals next year. His ability to get in behind the defence is first class and he will get more and more goals the more he gets used to the league and our style. I’m sticking my neck out and saying Iv seen enough to predict he’s going to be a beast.

18.) 22 May 2023 16:57:20
None of our forwards, bar Gakpo, are cohesive in this tactical setup. We seem intent of hitting forwards with hopeful long balls as early as possible instead, many of which end up as hospital passes.

In the rare times we do break into the inside channels the forward makes the wrong decision and/ or the teammate is providing the wrong passing option. Rinse and repeat.

I really hope we spend some time on coaching the forwards to play with each other this summer. This has to improve otherwise we're wasting all this forward talent we have invested so heavily in.

19.) 22 May 2023 22:24:50
I think the new system is designed for Darwin through the middle and Salah and Diaz staying wide. With the marauding fullbacks we couldn’t play Darwin through the middle as the wide forwards couldn’t go inside because Darwin was occupying that space instead of dropping off like Bobby does so that meant there was no space for the fullbacks to get forward.
We became very easy to defend against and lost the ball when the fullbacks had to either play it to the wide forward with his back to goal or come inside to a crowded midfield.
With the new system it allows the wide forwards to stay wide and the 2 more attacking midfield players to get into the box always knowing we have 2 DMs and 3 defenders to block the counter.
We will also see more longer balls up the middle with the midfielders feeding off knockdowns from Darwin.
I think that’s how this season was supposed to be but Jota and Diaz being out so long completely ruined the left side of the attack.
I fully expect Gakpo to be converted into one of the midfielders (a la Wijnaldum) and he’s already been played there a few times.
The system has been working so imagine what will happen with a full preseason and bringing in some players more suited to the system.
Good times ahead I feel.



07 Feb 2023 10:24:35
Question of posters here and I will clarify that there are no wrong answers and hope regardless of what anyone writes on this that they don't get backlash as it is pure personal preference.

What do people get more enjoyment out of in football.
Do you prefer
1) the excitement of a huge new signing like Nunez in the summer and let's not get into his performance since signing I mean almost the anticipation of their first game how they will perform and potentially change the team.

2) watching the development of a signed player who you had never heard of or didn't think much of suddenly or over time becoming great? We've had a lot of these over the last 10 years in Salah mane Robertson Henderson even and probably many more could be named.

3) Watching a youth player breaking into the first team and watching their rise. Not even necessarily pure club developed like a Trent or Curtis but even your players like Elliot Carvalho Bajcetic etc.

For me personally I've always loved seeing young players as you can watch them early on almost exclusively focus on the positives in their game and watch with pure imagination of them becoming the best in the world. Like Doak this season obviously if you compare his minutes against a world class winger he's probably been awful but you just see that little bit of spark and suddenly you can let the mind wander to 5 years time and him getting 20+ goals a season. For me there is nothing better in football than that and that's why I usually love the first rounds of the cup where you get to see a pile of them almost and every year I end up having one or two new players I haven't really seen before and imagine what they could be.

Obviously if Liverpool signed a mbappe level player and he came in for next season and scored 40 goals am I going to be over the moon yes and obviously you do need to sign top quality players from time to time but there is something slightly missing with them. Maybe it's the feeling of them loving and doing anything for the club? As thinking on a lot of our players it is usually when you see the passion they have for the club that endears them so much to me?

Anyway long-winded post but hopefully get some diverse answers as we have an incredibly diverse fan base from all over the world here. Wish all you well in these turbulent times as a Red!


1.) 07 Feb 2023 11:15:44
1 or 3
2: these tend to be slow burners so you don’t tend to get excited.
1: it’s always exciting to see how a mega money signing gets on, VVD was probably the best recent example.
3: always great to see kids coming through, especially local ones, you see the potential and then realised potential, it’s always good, Trent being the latest example.

2.) 07 Feb 2023 11:15:47
The problem is most fans genuinely love a player coming through the ranks and becoming top class but now the majority of fans that also want that want the instant success of the flashy new toy so the balance has now became impossible.

For me watching bajcetic this season while the team is struggling can make him a player for now and the future. The problem that exists is fans already want a new 100 million pound player to play in his position. Once said player is signed then bajcetic will be benched and eventually loaned out for game time.

There isn't really any best of both worlds anymore with the instant demands of what I call social media fans.

3.) 07 Feb 2023 11:15:56
I find the excitement over signings in general a strange part of modern football - for me they're a means to an end, I want us to sign players because we need them to improve, not because I get excited over new players generally. During the 2018-2020 period I paid almost no attention to the transfer windows.

Different when I was kid of course, I was absolutely over the moon when we signed Torres because I'd watched him in the World Cup and could scarcely believe we'd brought someone in of that calibre. All I had ever known was United and Chelsea bringing in the superstars whilst we scrape the bin for the Jermaine Pennants and Josemi's of this world. So I understand the excitement for kids, getting a new player on the back of your kit etc.

Favourite of all time has to be when we brought Robbie Fowler back though.

4.) 07 Feb 2023 11:48:33
Great q. Honestly, if I'm honest my favorite are bargain buys. One like Robertson that get bought for cheap and turn out world class.

But overall I don't judge too much by how a player comes into the club.
They all excite me when the play well?.

5.) 07 Feb 2023 11:37:38
Personally, i get the most enjoyment out of seeing a player signed at around 15-18 years old and then breaking into the team.

You get the buzz of the signing, it reflects good on the scouts, it reflects good on the youth coaching, and it sends out the message to other young stars that we give players chances.

Sterling is the best recent example. Was gutted when he left, the snake ?.

6.) 07 Feb 2023 12:20:57
I agree MK. Sterling is a great example, but currently look at the excitement surrounding Doak and Baj. Most fans really want to see a youngster become the next Owen or Gerrard.

7.) 07 Feb 2023 12:21:19
Mk it’s very rare for us what u suggest!

8.) 07 Feb 2023 12:25:45
I tend to fall on the side of a promising youngster coming through. I have high hopes for Ramsey who looks great but injuries have blighted his season upto now.

However the emergence of Bacjetic is the biggest positive for this season for me.

9.) 07 Feb 2023 12:33:01
I kind of agree glengormly although possibly not as strongly. I do think there is balance possible I mean even City ignoring other stuff aside have been bringing through young players and I'm sure their fan (s) appreciate and love foden more than haaland or at least some.

But I don't think I could fully enjoy following a team if it was like pure Harlem globetrotters of sign the previous years World XI every year type of thing and there's no imagination about what could be essentially. It's a bit like in life if you get to a point where you say I am 100% satisfied I can not improve and have nothing to strive for anymore then what's the point?

But at same time do agree with the point on Bajcetic and yeah he's not 100 mil player and people want instant results but he's probably an 8 million player at least which is what Enzo Fernandez was 6 months ago so it's tough.

Interesting reading through the comments though. And I will also qualify that in a sport I care less about say American football or something I probably would enjoy just seeing the best possible side money can put together go out and see what they can do. So I also do understand how a more casual fan of the club or the sport might just want to watch the absolute pinnacle.

10.) 07 Feb 2023 15:26:54
When Owen came through the ranks was a great feeling. Ditto watching gerrard all those years. Same of Fowler.

However, the likes of a new torres or suarez was also a sight to behold.

Having said that, of the above, only Gerrard stayed loyal (after a little flurting with chelsea) .

11.) 07 Feb 2023 19:33:06
3 for me. Nothing ever gives me more satisfaction then watching a top talent Work their way up through the development squad and into the first team. It’s why I’m so proud of players like Trent, Gerrard, even Owen (traitor) and to a lesser extent, because they bought young rather than developed from scratch, Sterling and Elliot etc. It’s why I’m always so gutted when players like Ibe, Wilson, Kelly, Coady, Flanagan, Robinson to name just a few don’t quite make it despite having the ability, they just don’t quite manage to kick on. It’s also why I will back players like Curtis Jones to the hilt despite them being an easy target on here. He has the ability and potential but he’s a kid and he needs our support to realise it.

12.) 08 Feb 2023 01:52:33
Same sentiments for me Westwood. I always look forward to a game once I see that a youth player is named in the match-day squad. There's nothing like the excitement of watching a player work their way up the ranks and being awarded with game time with the first team.

I think we can add Gomez into the list of youth players who did well for us. People always forget what an absolute beast he was in our title winning season. I believe he outplayed VVD a few times and this is saying something since VVD was at his peak then. He (and VVD) never seemed the same again after their injuries in 2020.



07 Jan 2023 10:53:34
Ed001 if you don't mind I've seen you say you would look at Rabiot this window and am very curious as to why?

I have seen him play a bit and he has quality no doubt but it's more what I've heard around him? Like when he was linked with united in summer people were saying how he has downed tools almost and gone through the motions for couple of seasons but then people saying he would have a good season this season as he wanted to get to world cup and also secure a next big move?

Is this quite false in your view? Am genuinely curious as what I've heard I would not have him as a character for us at all nearly strikes me like keita that if he got the move could just relax and do not a lot again?

Any other posters that know anything aswell as I am curious.


{Ed001's Note - his issues are down to his mother falling out with the coaching staff. Added to that he is a Liverpool fan by all accounts. I think someone like Klopp could get the best out of him and deal much better with his mother than has happened in the past in an Italian football world that is still mired in 1960s thinking with regards to women.}

1.) 07 Jan 2023 12:49:50
Ah knew there would be some reason, thanks for the response! Was completely unaware of any situation with the mother. As always this is why your knowledge is appreciated.

{Ed001's Note - she is overbearing mate. Gets far too involved in everything, started a fight with his coach etc, which must be extremely embarrassing for Rabiot. Must be hard to play well when you are unable to look anyone in the eyes out of shame!}

2.) 07 Jan 2023 14:53:40
PickleRick, you're worrying too much about this whole *burps* Rabiot thing. The universe is massive, Liverpool's midfield is insignificant, there are infinite versions of you across infinite realities, and nothing you do or say *burps* matters. So stop being such a Jerry and let's go on an adventure! I'M WANNABE RICK! *burps*.

3.) 07 Jan 2023 18:10:07
Kudos to PickleRick for the username. Great episode.

4.) 07 Jan 2023 20:01:27
Just googled the mother.
Christ, I would avoid him like the plague until he gets a backbone and reins her in.




PickleRick's rumour replies


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20 May 2024 11:09:38
Have only watched him live once but I saw him get beat 'poorly' in the air a couple of times in that game and this would be my only concern as I think we are in general now a bit of a weak in the air team so we need our two CBs to be aerially dominant in my opinion.




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14 Sep 2023 11:29:26
I doubt it will happen mainly because I don't think the player would be willing to take a significant enough wage cut to make it happen and also clearly still has eyes on a return to Barcelona as a free agent by the sounds of things.

From Liverpools point of view I think it would have to be considered even for minimal or no fee.

You are talking a saving of 10-15 mill on wages and healthcare! I think we would be in a healthy situation moving forward financially with the reduction in wage budget this summer especially if things did accept a move. also if there was a move on the table so all a moot point I guess!




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10 Aug 2023 14:27:00
Why do people fail to understand value. Us not paying 50 mill for Lavia which we still might has nothing to do with an inability to afford it.

Have you ever been at a cinema or an airport and though wow I'm not paying 5 quid for a bottle of water. That has nothing to do with an inability to afford it you make a choice not to.

Only difference is here is it is a once off commodity. Similar to if you are trying to buy a house there will be many houses you might be able to afford but choosing not to pay the asking price on one doesn't equal you can't afford it.

Before people bring up Bellingham now and say we should have bought him, one the player wanted to go Madrid, I assume the wages would be a hell of a lot higher too something that has to be considered. And as ed002 has spent a long time trying to explain there are other factors like agent fees various taxes depending on where deals get done and occasionally 3rd party payments for whatever service may be provided. This is before getting into how the fee is to be structured in terms of fixed payments and add ONS and when they take place.

The club will weigh all of this up and decide whether they are still interested. Similar to if you were buying a house and weigh up the price the location the size the interest rate the duration of any mortgage the agents fees and so on and decide whether it is right for you. Just much easier to play with others money.




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07 Aug 2023 20:28:32
Saying you have ran a sports club so have insight is like saying you owned a shop so can tell a MNC how things should be done, just calm down mate it's embarrassing.




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07 Aug 2023 20:24:37
I'm on holidays a mate just sent this text hadn't seen it on here so posted it up. I'm guessing by the googling it was got on the aforementioned Twitter account.

Would be a good signing imo though.





PickleRick's banter replies


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02 Feb 2024 09:25:00
I think this game Trent will start RB just from a legs point of view I think Bradley has played a lot of minutes and could probably do with a game off.

I think it becomes more of a question after this game when they are both fully ready to go for a game. At that point I think you probably have to at least try Trent midfield but even at that I'm not sure any of Maca Jones and Szob on current form have a right to be dropped. Arguably Szob out of the 3 on current form is most replaceable in team which is crazy.




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04 Oct 2023 07:59:24
I really don't think you can argue either of the reds in isolation. I don't think VAR was used correctly in showing the still for 20 seconds and then a poor angle video and then the decision is made. Don't know if true but have heard the rule is to not show stills in this instance at all. So application probably wrong and while I don't want that as a red card I can understand It being given or at least having an argument about it. Which if that's the case you can't really say it was a wrong decision.

Apart from goal obviously the main ones for me were udogie not getting yellow for waving cards at Jota getting him sent off I thought that was big protocol this year. Gomez pen not even being looked at is weird. Romero apparently in crowd after goal and didn't get second yellow either? Again this has just always been a standard.




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30 Aug 2023 07:13:10
I don't know what vVD said but I would be happy for them to throw the book at him IF it is done for every player.

I quite like the idea of cutting out time wasting play acting asking for cards and aggression towards the refs. If it means matches are finishing 8 v 8 for a while so be it. Unfortunately I feel like with most things we will gradually see less of this being enforced up until Christmas where it won't be discussed at all and then some time in April it will get brought up again and be the centre of attention for a couple of weeks only to disappear again.




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28 Aug 2023 11:07:25
Agree with frode but not just an endo issue was a whole midfield issue.

I think if teams are happy to actually think they can dominate the game and have a high line against us I think we should allow and go back to pure counter attacking football.

This originally was where we had success before everyone played a low block and we struggled to break it down and had to switch style. I don't know why we have to adapt basically the same style every game. A team with a high line would be destroyed by Diaz Nunez and Salah on the counter. Then at home to a lower side we can play a posession dominant side with more creativity probably gakpo in for Nunez etc.




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22 Aug 2023 22:32:32
The problem is VAR only comes in when it's an 'error' this challenge is prime example of when what I have wanted for a long time would work perfectly.

Ref blows whistle for foul as he's walking over just say to the VAR I think that was high and endangered opponent and am thinking red can you confirm I have seen this correctly.

The VAR respond and go well it was slightly high but he does try to pull away from it and there was no forceful nature we would recommend yellow.

Then the ref has the option to go okay and give yellow or at this point go have a look .

The key is that all this is before the decision is made and therefore there is no feeling of if VAR is involved it is because the ref got something wrong instead it is now a tool to help on decision making.

I also don't see how this would take any longer than the check after the decision is made.




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