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09 Jul 2018 13:38:59
Eds, does Liverpool still hold any interest in Julian Brandt or has that ship long sailed?


{Ed001's Note - nothing sailed, he just wasn't interested in the move at that time.}

1.) 09 Jul 2018 14:55:31
And now ed? wouldn't make much sense as I think he wanted assured playing time. can't see Mane dropping out the starting 11.

{Ed001's Note - like you said, unlikely he would change his mind.}

2.) 09 Jul 2018 15:48:05
I think he can play the role we want Fekir for. Won't mind him if we don't get Fekir.

3.) 09 Jul 2018 17:54:11
Ed1, if memory serves me correctly Klopp wanted him but Brandt wanted game time assurances? If so do you feel he is suited to that ACM role we are looking to fill or better utalised on the inside forward role where Klopp intended to use him before buying Salah.

{Ed001's Note - I think he would be equally useful in either role, but he will not get the assurances he is seeking.}

4.) 09 Jul 2018 18:31:12
Shame he is still seeking that just from a selfish standpoint, as I would love us to sign him. I feel or how I look at it, is if Klopp were to move to try sign him shouldn't he trust his ability to play either role, anyways will be interesting to see who eventualy fills that ACM position.

5.) 09 Jul 2018 20:59:38
If he'd have signed for us when we wanted him, he'd have had more minutes at the World Cup, guaranteed. Regardless of him wanting assurances.

6.) 09 Jul 2018 21:11:33
On the plus side, it shows his character. He isn’t in the sport JUST for the money, he actually wants to play and not get paid to be sat on his arse all day lol.

7.) 09 Jul 2018 22:35:29
Not necessarily Epic Potato.

Remind me how many minutes Sane got?

8.) 09 Jul 2018 23:09:37
Maybe the playing time thing was because it was a word cup year? If so he could be more relaxed about it now. Can’t see it happening to be honest, but would be a great signing for us.



31 Dec 2017 13:45:56
Ed2 I love the way you casually drop a bombshell in one sentence, ever the tease although what you say is actually factual. Some of the LFC fans annoy you as we are aware but to what extent we will never know as you do the editing so get to see the good the bad and the ugly posts but you are loved here and just want you to know that. I often look at the other team pages and your one liners on many occasions have actually had me in stitches.

Btw for those fans here that are sensitive and have a go at Ed2 as he tells it like it is and have this delusional notion that he has it in for LFC, I urge you to look no further than the Chelsea forum as a reminder to how lucky we are here to have him.

The bombshell for lack of a better word was in reference to the VVD deal being negotiated and concluded by John Henry without telling Klopp or Edwards for those that missed it. All in all it was the man Klopp wanted so it worked out best for everyone I guess.

Anyways Ed2 thanks for another year of sharing your wisdom on the LFC forum and to many more.


{Ed002's Note - Not negotiated per se. They asked for a price, were given one, and agreed to pay it.

And thansk.}

1.) 31 Dec 2017 13:58:42
Very well put Alonso.

2.) 31 Dec 2017 13:54:32
1 minute your saying the deal was done without klopps knowledge but then you just said they asked for a price and we paid it. As if klopp doesn't know any of what is going on.

{Ed002's Note - Clearly plain English is too complex for you.}

3.) 31 Dec 2017 14:37:15
Both Klopp and VVD's agent were excluded from the initial deal on the 21st of December. they were told post the agreement on Christmas Eve. Apparently (and very strangely for a transfer deal) there was no negotiation about the amount. SFC quoted the price and we simply accepted the amount.

4.) 31 Dec 2017 14:45:45
Let's be honest, no negotiation was going to take place after the debacle in the summer. Either pay the asking price or don't bother signing him at all. After the tapping up and complaint filed there was no messing around. Hence why Henry stepped in and took care of it.

5.) 31 Dec 2017 14:59:14
Ed002. please don't shoot.

Do you know that Edwards was unaware, or do you know that Henry made the contact personally? They are two very different things of course.

If I were Edwards I would be more than a little pissed if the owner made a decision about something clearly in my remit, without discussing it. That in most circles would be considered poor management (I am not saying it doesn't happen, but it would likely erode trust with Edwards) .

On the other hand, if Henry and Edwards discussed it, and agreed that the only way to get it done without risk of it blowing up, was for Henry to handle it directly with Southampton ownership, then that would be quite understandable. It is not uncommon for contacts to be made directly between principals to "get things done", but if it were done without synchronising with Edwards first that would be interesting, and may give Edwards cause for concern.

Genuinely interested to understand whether we know whether it is one or the other (retreating to bomb shelter. )

{Ed002's Note - FSG dealt with the transfer from Boston and those in London did not. It is simple, try not to make a big deal of it.}

6.) 31 Dec 2017 15:18:37
I wonder if the Eds have any hair left.

7.) 31 Dec 2017 17:11:10
Well said alonso.

8.) 31 Dec 2017 19:52:50
Having been on this site for a fairly long time now. i can honestly say that although at times ED02 gets a bit angry with the supporters at time. he has every right. His judgement is first class along with his incredible knowledge within the game. ps I should know cos I knew him when he was a lady. best wishes Eds from one of your biggest supporters. great site!

{Ed002's Note - Thanks and have a great evening Tel.}




Alonso1786's banter posts with other poster's replies to Alonso1786's banter posts


23 Dec 2019 16:24:16
I know it's been said before but just tearing up looking at videos of how far we have come. Klopp, thank you so much for restoring our reputation and our club. We can now hold our head up high and stand amongst anyone. I have been supporting this club since I was a kid and now we have one of, if not the best team in Europe.

I remember the days of watching us on channel 5 in the Europa Cup and us being in the Champions League let alone winning it was a distant dream, now look at us champions of Europe and dare I say it one step closer to the holy grail. I honestly don't fear losing any player as much as I fear the day Klopp goes, that day I will cry. let's cherish him whilst he is here and show him how much he means to us. We need a song for our manager, one that should ring out around the stands at every game.

Best club in the world best family in the world, happy weekend and merry Xmas.


1.) 23 Dec 2019 19:38:00
Beautifully put, Alonso. I fear when Klopp leaves should he win the PL and many more Cups), I'll take a year off from watching us play cos LFC w/ o Klopp simply won't be the same anymore. Many thanks for your post and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Peace and Love!

2.) 23 Dec 2019 19:56:33
Red meister they said that when Shanks left and up stepped best manager I’ve ever seen in sir Bob. doesn't matter how far we may fall I can’t take a year off! Glory hunting we call that mate.

3.) 23 Dec 2019 21:03:24
I stop watching this club when I stop breathing.
Hopefully a long time away yet!

4.) 23 Dec 2019 22:45:08
Scouse John, I fully agree. I can never stop watching LFC cos well, I'm Red Till I'm Dead, for sure. I also know that the club will survive Klopp no matter what. It just feels like what this man has done for this club is so immense and it would be a huge loss for us in the short term. It is that short term that I dread. As for the glory hunting stuff? Come on, man. That's just hilarious. have you ever tried stand up comedy? You would be be a hoot and a half. Merry Christmas, man!

5.) 24 Dec 2019 08:42:13
the club needs to prepare now for 2024.
proper scouting in place to keep top talent coming through.
know when to integrate new blood to keep the team refreshed.
keep up to date with new an innovative ways to stay tactically ahead or in line with the worlds best.
give Klopp some sort of role within the club when he is done managing the team.
because it will be sad to let this all fall down again for another 30 years.

6.) 24 Dec 2019 10:22:17
I think we will all cope with a new manager when that day comes. Klopp will leave an incredible legacy. We will be fine. MY biggest fear though is that Klopp takes a break and manages another club team in the future. I don’t think I could take that. It would be heart breaking.



11 May 2019 15:52:47
Salah has been mentioned on a few occasions recently as to seeking a move to the Spanish giants. Players come and go, which Ed2 has stated for years and like any other club you move on and we are no different. The turning of the tide will be when we consistently win the Premier League along with a few Champions Leagues because well, at the end of the day top tier players seek trophies and titles.

You only have to look at Man City who have kept their best players because of two things, winning trophies on a regular basis over a sustained amount of time, supplemented with the fact their players are paid handsomely. It appears as though as things stand he won't get the move he wants but if he does we sell we buy and we go again.


1.) 11 May 2019 16:14:31
Even city have players that want to move on this year Alonso. Ed002 has mentioned Sane and Gundogan think Mahrez too. There’s a few more too.

We need to get a good mix of younger players in the squad ready to step up when these players leave if they ever do. But I guess that would be a perfect world from a football point of view haha.

2.) 11 May 2019 23:38:03
Clubs that have had success in recent years or even ever have had players leave (even their best ones) and have continued to compete because they have other quality players. In recent years (until the last few years) we have had only 2 or 3 top players that have pulled us through a season. We need to realise we now have a top squad and if players leave it is not going to have the same detrimental effect it had when a player like Suarez left. We need to move away from the mentality from those years!

3.) 12 May 2019 00:41:47
Jordz, it can be argued that Aguero, Bernardo Silva and Sterling are first choice as forwards. Fernandinho, De Bruyne and David Silva would be first choice Midfielders. In regards to keeping their top players over time I meant Aguero, David Silva, Kompany and De Bruyne.

Good point, we need to get a good mix of academy players ready to step in, a team like Ajax are light years ahead in this department. On a side note, how good is Bernardo Silva? Class personified and hard working, Man City literally have a David Silva’s replacement in their ranks.



08 May 2019 22:05:55
Just when you think you have seen it all 😯.


1.) 08 May 2019 22:08:41
Wow! Could we actually see 4 English teams in the 2 finals?!?!

2.) 08 May 2019 22:12:34
Probably Zeddicus. I actually think 4 English teams in the 2 finals. Valencia vs Arsenal is the tricky one, but Arsenal will probably go through.

3.) 08 May 2019 22:17:22
After the last 2 days i have not written off the league!

Tbf to brighton, they can be very organised, the manager won't let their focus slip.

4.) 08 May 2019 22:20:59
I saw it coming, OP. Ajax just got worn down physically the more Spurs kept hoofing the ball up to Llorente. De Ligt is only 19 BUT he is too physically weak (as his body is till filling out) to deal with the brute force the Spurs players were putting on him and frankly, his mates. Well, I guess it's going to be Spurs now and frankly, it is not the team I preferred for obvious reasons (they are a mirror image of us) BUT we don't fear a soul and never have under Klopp. Let's go get #6.

5.) 08 May 2019 22:21:40
Seeing Poch in tears got me as a football fan, he literally couldn’t compose himself and who blames him so happy for him but obviously hope that’s the extent of his joy in this years Champions League.

Zeddicus I think we might well see 4 English teams in the 2 finals. What a crazy season, potentially finishing 2nd on 97 points, to beating Barcelona 4-0 to Spurs scoring 3 goals in the second half with the winner coming in the last minute. I tell you what if Brighton hold Man City and we beat Wolves we might well be witnessing the best season of football in recent years!

6.) 08 May 2019 22:35:07
Or Alonzo1786, potentially winning the PL with 97 points and beating Barcelona 4-0. Just saying.

7.) 08 May 2019 22:56:11
Redwolf that’s what I said in the last bit, is that if Brighton hold Man City and we beat Wolves we might be witnessing the best season of football in recent years and the way things are playing out that might well end up being the case.



08 May 2019 14:24:10
Question for Ed2, bit left field but would appreciate you sharing your vast knowledge on all things football related.

It has been mentioned that a number of Europe's elite teams are about to undergo massive rebuilds, with this do you see the transfer record being smashed again this summer? Also do you see Italy becoming a powerhouse once again with several teams besides Juventus dominating Europe like years gone by when we had AC Milan and Inter Milan always in the mix. I ask this because It appears that only Juventus out of the teams residing in Italy are big pull for the high end players.


{Ed002's Note - There will be at least one offer that will break the transfer record if accepted.

In Italy it is really Juventus who will be making the most changes - for example they need to refresh their aging central defence and Ruben Dias has been subject to discussions - Chiellini will be 35 by the start of next season, Bonucci 32, Barzagli 38 and loanee Caceres 33. They, like most Italian sides, have already agreed some transfers and they are fighting hard to get others agreed as early as they can. In terms of the other Italian sides, Inter have agreed four sales and two signings already but have ideas but not the money to deliver on all of them, so they have started on a balancing act that will see some lower value additions whilst still keeping the fans happy with a bigger buy or two. Milan are in a slightly different position again having agreed one in and one out but plans to do some horse trading are in place. Roma are looking to unravel some prior mistakes with one in and two out already signed off and a large wants list again. Napoli have a couple of goalkeepers signed up for next year and have some other business in work. Regardless, it is likely Juventus will dominate again with both Milanese clubs and Roma working on new coaches.}

1.) 08 May 2019 14:58:38
Does this the record breaking transfer involve a certain young French player by any chance?

{Ed002's Note - Divock Origi is Begian not French.}

2.) 08 May 2019 15:20:36
Ha, very good Ed and anyway, he's Scouse now, not Belgian.

3.) 08 May 2019 15:35:48
Ed2 thanks for your reply honestly much appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

4.) 08 May 2019 15:56:30
I read not long ago that Juventus had plans to play Emre Can as a centre back long term. Do you see that happening Ed002?

{Ed002's Note - No. They have replacement CBs on their list of potential targets so it would be as no more than cover when required.}

5.) 08 May 2019 16:31:47
I don't understand how Juve can pay the massive wages. They are signing quite a few players on £300k per week.

{Ed002's Note - Rubbish.}

6.) 08 May 2019 16:57:56
Could that record be a certain Belgian teammate?

{Ed002's Note - Mignolet? No.}

7.) 08 May 2019 18:27:46
Neymar to Real Madrid.

8.) 08 May 2019 21:11:19
I think Real Madrid are going to look at Hazard, Mbappe or Neymar. They were so poor they know they need something like that to get their fans more positive.

Reckon they want Mbappe the most!

Gonna be exciting though as a lot of teams need to rebuild a bit!



30 Dec 2018 14:25:55
Lots of games left but oh my, the Man City game next week is BIG! On the Arsenal game, Gini was my MOTM and its not the first time this season he has bossed the midfield. I would say he is one of the first names on the team sheet, more so against the top 6 sides. Once Naby and Fabinho are fully up to speed and the OX is back to match fitness our midfield is not an area we need to address.

I feel to take us to that next level we need a quality player who can play number 10 and anywhere across the front 3 as we seem to rotate and of course for injuries which all teams suffer now and then. One for my fellow reds and also Ed1 or Ed033 if you're about, if you had a choice to pick one of the following who would you pick and why;

1. Christian Pulisic
2. Nabil Fekir
3. Houssem Aouar
4. Marco Asensio.


{Ed0333's Note - I’m inclined to agree with you that we need a 10 and play across the front if needed. For me that player has to be Nabil Fekir. He can make Beluga caviar champagne out of a rotten potatoe. He creates goals, scores, goals, bamboozles and has the X factor. His contract is up in 2020 and he’ll be cheaper than he was in the summer and clearly Klopp fancies him. Obviously the caveat is his knees but he’s played 25 plus games for Lyon this season and used in rotation I’d take a gamble on him as I think he’d be a sensation at Liverpool. I love Pulisic but not at the expense of Salah as that would be like passing up fillet mignon for a Twix bar. Aouar is very highly thought of looks unreal on YouTube but when I saw him play live he was pony. Asensio I really admired as he lost his mother tragically to cancer as a youth and him and his siblings were raised singlehandedly by his father. Through share determination and grit he realized his fathers dream of his son playing for Real Madrid. He has an abundance of talent no doubt but not sure he could play a myriad of positions like say Fekir.

1.) 30 Dec 2018 19:21:24
Ed033 love the detailed response and what a inspiration story regarding Marco Asensio. I am torn, I love Fekir and he ticks all the boxes like you say but Marco Asensio has the potential to be one of the best players in the world and currently is a really good player at such a young age. Did we hold interest in Asensio when Coutinho left? and if so do we currently hold any interest? Also is Klopp still interested in Fekir?

{Ed0333's Note - I’m pretty sure we have enquired about Asensio at various times but Ed’s 002 would be you’re best bet for a definitive answer. I would assume Klopp is still interested in Fekir but I’m guessing we’ve moved on so again ask Ed’s 002 as he is the oracle on all things transfer related.

2.) 30 Dec 2018 20:53:57
Can someone explain to me why Shaqiri isn’t that player? He can play anywhere across that no 10 and either wing. He’s proven he fits right into our philosophy and scoring goals from relatively limited starts?

Far more important for me is better cover at full backs, a good striker in the ilk of Bobby and eventually a keeper to replace Migs.

Would be good to see what Brewster and Bobby Duncan are all about before we bought a striker to be fair.

3.) 30 Dec 2018 21:23:22
I don't think we'll sign Fekir, but I wish we would. In my opinion, there are 3 key players that shouldn't get injured - Alisson, VVD and Salah. With Alisson, I don't think we can do better than Mignolet for now. With VVD, I would still be somewhat comfortable with Lovren-Gomez. But with Salah, I'm not comfortable with Sturridge or Origi. If we were to have Fekir though, Bobby can move up. 7 points ahead, best chance to win the league since forever. That little bit of quality will definitely get us over. At the end of the season, you can think about trimming the squad. But win the league first.

4.) 30 Dec 2018 21:24:43
I would love an out and out striker then Bobby can play the number 10.then play up top so I would love timo werner salah's improvement under Klopp has been great so would love to see what he could do with timo werner.

5.) 30 Dec 2018 21:36:20
Ordinarily, I would say Werner if it was the start of a new season. But I don't think he can bring the instant quality we need that someone like Fekir can. I think Werner would still need a few weeks of bedding in. Fekir is all class, he will make an impact instantly.
If we'll go for an out and out striker to make an instant impact, it would've to be someone like a Lewandowski or Icardi (with all his baggages) .
I think we'll win the league even if we don't sign anyone by January, but I would like that little bit of extra quality to come in by January to make sure we get across the finishing line first.

6.) 30 Dec 2018 22:53:12
I love Shaq, he can play the number 10 role well and has done thus far. We still need another player who can play that role but also carries near enough the same quality as the front 3 in their positions in case of injuries and with Klopp liking to rotate. We need to strive for success looking to improving the squad to sustain challenges for all trophies not just for this season but year on year out, that's the level we need to reach for. I feel we are now in a position to cherry pick a few positions that need improving with real quality.

Fekir would be perfect as he was willing to join us and covers a number of positions, although my thinking was more so for summer than the January window but if he did arrive in January than even better for our push for the title.

Marco Asensio was only mentioned as it appears Real Madrid are looking to sell. He has not been linked to us and probably has a host of clubs after him but the kid is special and has the potential to be one of the best in the world in years to come, not to mention ticks the boxes for the front 3 positions and possibly number 10 role.

7.) 30 Dec 2018 23:35:03
The Fekir ship has sailed and judging by how terrible the Lyon owner is to deal with, I would not bother with him really. As for the game vs City, we go in there for the win BUT knowing a draw will be a very good result.

8.) 31 Dec 2018 06:51:24
1. Christian Pulisic - An average player who has less goals than Harry Wilson.

2. Nabil Fekir - Arguably the best player in his position and one we could do very well with

3. Houssem Aouar - A more central player and a good one but personally I would go for Barella

4. Marco Asensio - Not needed.




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02 Jul 2019 16:37:55
As in Frank.




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09 Jul 2018 18:31:12
Shame he is still seeking that just from a selfish standpoint, as I would love us to sign him. I feel or how I look at it, is if Klopp were to move to try sign him shouldn't he trust his ability to play either role, anyways will be interesting to see who eventualy fills that ACM position.




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09 Jul 2018 17:54:11
Ed1, if memory serves me correctly Klopp wanted him but Brandt wanted game time assurances? If so do you feel he is suited to that ACM role we are looking to fill or better utalised on the inside forward role where Klopp intended to use him before buying Salah.


{Ed001's Note - I think he would be equally useful in either role, but he will not get the assurances he is seeking.}



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30 May 2018 21:33:19
Touche Ed25. touche.




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30 May 2018 21:29:52
Alright Ed25 we will stop disturbing you, go get that deal over the line.


{Ed025's Note - im trying to scupper it alonso.. :)




Alonso1786's banter replies


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27 Dec 2019 23:55:58
I love Salah and don’t won’t him to leave but if he departed in the summer and Mpappe joined (will never happen in a million years) then 100% yes. Mpappe has the potential to be a generational great and is already world class.




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05 Nov 2019 23:24:32
Personally think Lijnders should stay for the Aston Villa game with our 1st eleven and the team that faced Arsenal in the last round of the League Cup should travel for the first match of the CWC. Aston Villa away is tough and sending out our kids is not giving us the best shot, plus the side that faced Arsenal in the last round of the League Cup are capable of beating any of the sides we could meet in the semis of the CWC.




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31 Aug 2019 22:16:04
Really sorry to hear you have gone through that Berg, it is true when they say Liverpool is a family and this club and site gets us through some tough times.




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05 Aug 2019 01:11:50
I found it very odd.




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04 Aug 2019 19:56:03
First half we were poor, second half we were the better team. Positives to take from the game, I would say Firmino who looked sharp and Salah, although he didn’t take his chances. Defensively we looked solid when Matip came in and we dropped the high line. It’s only the Community shield so not the end of the world, on a side note I just knew by looking at Gini’s face and body language he would miss lol.