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24 Aug 2021 15:23:05
Heard on sky that Saúl has been offered to Chelsea on loan. Any truth in this ED2? If so would surely be an ideal signing for us on a loan to buy given our finances currently?


{Ed002's Note - Chelsea have made a proposal to Atletico but it does not entirely satisfy their needs. Barcelona and Manchester United are both interested but Barcelona need to offer Griezmann and pay half his wages in exchange, or move on Coutinho to free up wages first. Manchester United have spoken with Atletico but it is unclear if they would be willing to satisfy the needs of Atletico - it will become clear soon.}

1.) 24 Aug 2021 15:25:55
Hes off to Chelsea then. They are putting together a strong team.

2.) 24 Aug 2021 16:30:13
ed002 if Chelsea are looking at loan with option if reports are right would Liverpool Offer if made with money in instalments be a better option for Atletico if Liverpool could come to some sort of agreement over his wages.

{Ed002's Note - they want his wages off the books and a guaranteed sale.}

3.) 24 Aug 2021 17:44:18
We should be pushing the boat out for Saul in my opinion.

4.) 24 Aug 2021 17:56:24
what kind of fee are they looking for ed seen reports from anywhere from £30m to £60m.

{Ed002's Note - I don't know what the proposal is.}

5.) 24 Aug 2021 21:03:53
I really like Saul as a player but I pause at the fact he's plays for Simeone for so long, he doesn't rotate players much, runs them to the ground, those legs are bound to be gone half way into his next big contract.




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20 Apr 2022 19:38:46
To all those who doubted Thiago I hope you all see now that he is absolutely world class. All I hope is that he stays fit for the rest of the season. When games are done and dusted like yesterday Klopp needs to take him straight off.

Also to give credit where it is due I have to say Keita has improved in the last few weeks. Don’t get me wrong I think he can still offer a lot more but he is atleast now doing the bare minimum I expect which is press and put in some effort. Still think we need to upgrade on him in the summer unless he continues to improve.

As a separate note, glad Klopp finally seems to have realised Diaz is in his best front 3 over Jota. Only wish he started him against City in the league as that game was there for the taking and I have a horrible feeling it may cost us the league.


{Ed0666's Note - I don’t think anyone doubted Thiago’s ability the doubt was him staying healthy mate. I was one of the naysayers because what’s the use of having a world class talent in the medical room for 75% of the season! You cannot say not playing Diaz against City cost us the league because when he came on in that game he had a purple patch for 5 mins and then he was anonymous!

1.) 20 Apr 2022 21:17:25
The game against City isn’t the one that will have cost us the league if it doesn’t happen, it’s the draws against Brentford and Brighton and the defeats to West Ham and Leicester. Those are specifically the games that will have cost us the title.

2.) 20 Apr 2022 20:02:17
Ed there were some on here that actually doubted his ability. I agree with you on him needing to stay fit though. If we can keep him healthy until the end of the season I think it gives us a great chance of winning everything. For me he is the first ready made world class player we have signed in my lifetime.

I didn’t say it has i said it may. I take your point that he wasn’t great when he came on but you are forgetting how bad Jota was and how much pressure he kept putting us under by losing the ball every time he had it.

Either way we need to put into perspective how great this side is and what a brilliant time it is to be a Liverpool fan. Really just hope we can maximise these few years and win the number of trophies the team deserves.

{Ed0666's Note -

1. I think Thiago was the ready made world class player we signed. I don’t think Diaz is world class yet but he is certainly on the way and it won’t be long.

2. You had to mention the J word didn’t you mate 😂

3. We’ll only keep on winning trophies if we’re canny in the transfer market like we have been. City will have Haaland soon and pretty sure they won’t stop spending ‘irrespective’ off FFP.

3.) 20 Apr 2022 22:00:25
Jota’s goal against City in the league cost us the League.

4.) 20 Apr 2022 23:44:10
Which forward should have been dropped for Diaz against City? The best player in the world, the player that scored the first goal or the player that scored the second goal?

5.) 20 Apr 2022 21:50:11
Ed0666, when you say irrespective of FFP, surely if its being broken they will be told to stop spending. The Premier Leauge can't just allow them to keep spending like they are if its clearly breaking rules can they? And if City do as they please and ignore FFP as they see it as a joke and not anything to be taken seriously at what point does the Premier Leauge take points off them and force them to stop.

{Ed0666's Note - life is seldom played on a level playing field mate

6.) 20 Apr 2022 22:35:38
Ed0666 the thing that gives me hope with City signing Haaland is that when he signed a similarly big money target man at Barcelona it went really badly. Fingers crossed that it repeats themselves.

{Ed0666's Note - I really hope you’re right matey

7.) 21 Apr 2022 03:13:05
Haven’t City been under a on-going investigation for 3 years (according to the German press) .

There comes a point where you say ‘why bother? ’ If they haven’t managed to find anything then either the wrong people are looking or there’s nothing to find.

8.) 21 Apr 2022 04:35:00
No one doubted Thiago! It’s his fitness and injuries we doubt when fit he’s the dogs b#%#%#!

9.) 21 Apr 2022 08:42:34
I disagree, ED666. There were posters on here (and I can name a couple of them) who doubted Thiago's ability to fit the way we play and thought he was not suited to the premier league. One in particular whose agenda against Thiago was clear for all to see, said he expected Thiago and Jones to fight for a spot since Elliott was clearly Klopp's choice.

I know it's all in the past now and we move on BUT let's not act like his slanderers where not here giving him all types of hate even last season when it was clear he was struggling with CV, a bad injury in a struggling team.

10.) 21 Apr 2022 11:51:43
Isn't this site about opinions and not 'I -told-you-so' when a player manages to stay fit and show his quality? What I love about this site is the fact we can have these debates, we really don't need people coming out like the sun shines out their @rse. It's called 'Banter' page for a reason.

11.) 21 Apr 2022 14:02:39
Here here Stuie. People in glass houses and all that mate.

12.) 21 Apr 2022 14:08:35
Oli can start a fight in a phone box, lol.
He’ll be referring to me I suppose, though I thought I’d addressed my thoughts on Thiago.
Different seasons, different situations and different outcomes.
He’s always been a good player but he didn’t show it consistently last season.
Anyway, there’s no point getting into an argument, the football by the entire team is fantastic at present and all is well in the world.

13.) 21 Apr 2022 18:18:09
Juicer, Thiago proved you wrong. It’s all good, bro. Peace and Love.

14.) 21 Apr 2022 19:20:38
West Derby, it’s not that they haven’t found anything, but that the authorities have handled it so incompetently that it’s allowed them to get off the hook. It is interesting that the UAE government are big mates with Putin and cosying up to Assad as well as being accused of installing spyware on uk government equipment. I can see sanctions coming if things continue and it could certainly cause issues for city the same way that Abramovich has for Chelsea….



18 Mar 2022 10:38:42
Trent out for weeks apparently. Sounds like a bad one but hopefully he only misses Forest and Watford. If it’s 6 weeks as opposed to 3 could be the end of our title push.


1.) 18 Mar 2022 10:48:14
He might be a pretty vital part of the jigsaw but we can manage. We’ve managed missing players in a regular basis so now is no time to lose all the confidence. Klopp will sort it out.

2.) 18 Mar 2022 10:51:59
Really worrying since right-back is probably the only position where we don't have a true quality backup. At least we have a little break during the internationals before the run-in for him to hopefully recover.

3.) 18 Mar 2022 10:57:41
Some would say the injury comes at a very convenient time. Straight after Arsenal and prior to a FA cup game where he might not have started and in a International window where his manager doesn’t rate him and involves 2 pointless friendlies.

Hopefully Trent will be resting up and ready for Watford.

4.) 18 Mar 2022 11:19:07
Exactly as I saw it JK.

5.) 18 Mar 2022 11:30:59
Yes hopefully he can be back quickly over the coming break. Gomez or Milner at RB in the meantime?

6.) 18 Mar 2022 11:41:12
Or maybe he just hates international like
Most of us and they are making sumthn big out of sumthn small?

7.) 18 Mar 2022 11:52:39
Bit of a stretch but would SImikas be worth a go on opposite flank or even Robertson switching over?

Alternatively both switch from left to right through the game.

8.) 18 Mar 2022 12:38:53
Does sound worrying but Klopp only a few weeks ago was saying that Firmino’s hamstring injury was serious and he was back in 3-4 weeks. Have to look on the bright side and say it’s probably come at the best time possible. I’d rather deal with Trent being out for Forest and Watford than be City dealing with the absence of Dias for up to 2 months.



07 Feb 2022 21:25:49
General consensus seems to be that Mane will be off this summer which I’m not against tbh now we have Diaz who btw I thought looked brilliant in his cameo yday!

Firmino has been fading for a few years so if we get a decent offer I would also sell. Would fit in well somewhere like Atletico - swap for Felix would be an absolute dream!

I also think Salah will have to be sold if he hasn’t signed by summer and in all honesty I would be sad but from a business sense would understand the desire not to give him such a massive contract. What I would do use Salah and Mane money to target Gnabry who should be a reasonable price as he’s coming to the end of his contract and Bellingham.

So in effect replace mane firmino and Salah with Felix, gnabry and Bellingham. I wou.


{Ed025's Note - if you sell the 3 of them you might just get jude,s left leg..

1.) 07 Feb 2022 22:37:54
I really don't think Atletico will swap Felix for Bobby. maybe Felix the cat.

2.) 07 Feb 2022 22:51:30
I suspect unless Madrids money problems are worst than I thought, that there is no way they are selling Felix let alone swapping him for Mane. He supposedly cost around twice what Mane did and is not yet in his prime. I can see a future where Salah is sold because he won't renew and mane is moved to the right.

3.) 07 Feb 2022 23:25:42
You need to stop playing fifa josh😂.

4.) 08 Feb 2022 08:01:58
Obviously we would also have to pay for Felix but from what I’ve heard he’s not happy at Atletico and simeone doesn’t always play him so it’s not that unrealistic if we forked up some money.

{Ed002's Note - That is not going to happen.}

5.) 08 Feb 2022 10:22:30
Heard from whom?

6.) 08 Feb 2022 12:07:46
Been lots of rumours flying around. I’m sure he said himself he wanted to leave a couple years ago due to the style of football. Talent is absolutely wasted under Simeone. Someone like Klopp would turn him into a monster.

7.) 08 Feb 2022 12:18:08
Josh, cos you heard that Felix is not happy does not mean he wants to leave. Atleti got him for 120m. You think they will sell him for even half the price? Come on, man. As for Mane, I think he still has stuff left in the tank and if he is fine with limited game time as part of the rotation then, I wouldn't mind keeping him. If he wants to go then, Im all for it.

IMO, I just don't think Klopp is going to run any of Bobbie or Mane outta town like many are impatient to do. If he never ran Divvy outta town then, good luck hoping he will do it with players who have actually given him their best years. As for Bobbie, not sure there's that much value there except if he wants to leave so might as well keep him cos he can more than do a job in midfield cos his legs are no longer there to play the hi energy stuff he was known for in his younger days.

8.) 08 Feb 2022 09:02:43
Can dream Ed, he would be my perfect signing. I’m sure he will be snapped up by one of the other Elite European teams soon unless Simeone changes his style of play or leaves.

9.) 08 Feb 2022 18:11:31
Mane has just been voted player of the tournament at AFCON form what I've read. He also scored the goal that secured Wenegal's first AFCON triumph. Even when he's not on his game he's a constant physical menace to the opposition.
I just don't see him going anywhere for another season or two. He's still got so much to offer.



22 Sep 2021 11:31:43
Have to say, with the form and hype around Elliot this season it’s easy to forget just how good Curtis Jones is.

We would have been absolutely mad to have sold him in the summer. He is way above Keita and Ox in the pecking order for me.


1.) 22 Sep 2021 12:08:31
But maybe not for Klopp though.
And he's the one that counts.
Jones has a very bright future in front of him, I can't get my head round why some on here slag him or write him off.

2.) 22 Sep 2021 13:25:20
Agree I'd have hin above Ox and Kieta, is ball control is excellent!

3.) 22 Sep 2021 13:28:24
If Jones stays as he is he will be a good squad player for us. Hopefully he can keep developing and become more.

4.) 22 Sep 2021 14:09:31
Jones is a baller. Not just me saying it. Other rival fans that I have seen on SM say the very same thing. Same goes for Elliott. Thy both have bright futures at the club. Whether they will be starter or squad players, is another issue entirely and only time will tell.

5.) 22 Sep 2021 14:14:56
A great young player, one I believe could make it big time should he have the right guidance. I love ox but yeah, CJ would have to be ahead of him.

6.) 22 Sep 2021 14:44:51
Curtis Jones absolutely carried that midfield last night. I think a lot can be taken from games like that, where squad players are dropped in and have to step up and lead the way, often alongside young players who will be looking to them for leadership. Curtis Jones is a very young man himself and was playing in the 6 for most of the game, a position completely unfamiliar to him, yet i thought he showed great maturity and asserted himself in the absence of the more senior pros. I also thought the likes of Kelleher, Tsimikas, Gomez and even Konate (on his second bloody appearance) were all very impressive and stepped up in the knowledge that it was down to them and nobody else to win the game.

The forwards were a little more difficult to judge because despite their goals, the starting midfield were so utterly useless at providing them with anything at all. When you put out teams like that the overall performance will always be a little disjointed, but simply put Keita and Ox were embarrassingly bad. We can make excuses about rustiness and disjointed teams all we like, but the performances from those two last night should have set alarm bells ringing. If you can’t do it against a Norwich B team, then when are you ever going to do it? It’s a sorry state of affairs when your £50 million midfielder leaves the pitch, is replaced by an 18 year old debutant and the team begins to play much better as a result. It’s an even more damning indictment that the improvement surprised nobody.

A young lad who played as a left winger in his formative years should not be getting thrown into the holding role over an experienced pro like Keita. Ox should at least be able to complete a pass to a team mate when playing against a Norwich B team, regardless of how rusty he may be. Both of them should have taken the game by the scruff of the neck, yet instead they did anything but that, preferring to leave it up to someone else, even if that someone else was a kid. I just can’t see how Klopp can see anything other than preferring to play Jones over those two.

7.) 22 Sep 2021 14:57:31
I just recall an instance yesterday in the first half where Keita lost the ball by the half way line and to say he was even jogging back would be generous. Curtis on the other hand sprinted making up a good few yards to win the ball back.

Local lads are so important to any club to show the passion that new players from different cultures need to play with.

On top of that he is actually an absolute baller. I said it a few weeks back. Curtis and Elliot are the future of the club and will save us over 150/ 200 million if they continue to be developed correctly and get game time.

I exclude Trent because he is already well established but add Gomez and we have a great core of players for years to come.

8.) 22 Sep 2021 15:45:52
Ox and CJ are very different players but I'd agree Curtis is ahead based on current form.

9.) 22 Sep 2021 15:59:48
When and where did people coin this new phrase, absolute baller. No offence but it's a bit cringy.

10.) 22 Sep 2021 16:01:32
I think we all agree Jones is ahead of the OX who has never fully recovered unfortunately. With Elliot, Thiago both injured and Milner sick Jones should get a chance to stake his claim on Saturday.

11.) 22 Sep 2021 16:24:20
I really want Ox and Keita to come right and I hope they can, but I thought the midfield looked considerably better once Morton came on and Jones moved to the left.

12.) 22 Sep 2021 17:09:48
Jones is already quality ld easily have him starting or sub above Naby or Ox. I’d have Morton in above those two after last night and a pocket full of U23 games.

13.) 22 Sep 2021 18:02:51
CJ will be a 1st team regular.

14.) 22 Sep 2021 18:31:10
Don't you mean baller Barry?

15.) 22 Sep 2021 19:29:06
I agree that Morton made a big difference when he came on. Curtis wasn’t suited to the 6 role as Klopp said.

16.) 22 Sep 2021 19:56:19
Barry's a baller.

17.) 22 Sep 2021 20:54:41
You know it lad's😉.

18.) 22 Sep 2021 22:05:46
He's a baller, he is.

19.) 23 Sep 2021 01:41:57
It's been said here before many times, but I'll repeat it anyways. What you're seeing is the difference of the attitude and performance of a player who feels he's got it made and has no pressure on him whatsoever on a very comfortable salary (Keita) . And two youngsters (Curtis Jones and Tyler Morton) who have the hunger and drive to still prove a lot and show everything they're capable of.

But that aside, I don't think Klopp has much of a choice when it comes to playing Keita. I think he's had enough (a lot of supporters and viewers certainly have), but has to keep him in that "pecking order" or rotation to preserve whatever financial value Keita can get for the club. Nobody can argue with the fact that this particular transfer has been a bust (can you imagine, supposedly the club offered 70 Million to buy Keita on the spot in the summer of 2017 and RBL refused and agreed for 55 Million for the next year in 2018?) .

I blame it all on Leicester and their title winning season in 2016. Everyone got so enamored of N'Golo Kante and his "he plays two positions and does the same as two players" moniker, that the club went out and tried to get a player who did the same (although not the same positions as Kante) .



31 Aug 2021 23:25:27
On a positive note Mbappe can sign a pre contract with us in January!





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21 Jun 2022 15:20:38
Good player, reminds me a bit of James Rodriguez. Unfortunately just lacks a bit of pace to be a RW in our system imo but could be a good player in CM if Klopp could convert him.


{Ed002's Note - Marco Asensio (RW/LW) Goals have largely dried up and his representative is working with a third-party agent to find a club willing to pay something like €40M for the player. The third party has said that the player ideally wants a club in the Champions League but the discussions he has had have been with Leicester City, Newcastle and Leeds so far, and admits knocking on the door of other PL clubs including Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Spurs. Player is almost certainly not open to moving to a side not in the Champions League. Milan and Juventus were approached but showed no interest, although MIlan have since met directly with his representative to discuss price having stepped back from another target. I suspect he might be seen as an option by Liverpool being able to play on either wing or in an AM role - and Liverpool have approached his reprentative. PSG provide a potential option. Real Madrid will be open to using him in a part exchange deal of some type but finding a buyer at the asking price might be difficult but will also perhaps try and do something with Dortmund. A new contract seems unlikely, but Madrid will not want him to run down his contract. Milan or Liverpool could win out.}



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02 Feb 2022 14:52:57
I love Bellingham but can’t see it happening if we sign this Carvalho kid. Let’s be honest, the owners won’t splash the money required and we need to prioritise a more defensive option in midfield to rotate with Fabinho who can also play the Hendo role as number 1 priority.




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02 Feb 2022 12:26:36
Tbh I think we should give Salah a new contract. Worst case scenario we offload him in a few years, similarly to what arsenal have done with Auba. Surely there would be a massive amount of clubs in the Middle East willing to sign him given his profile. Makes it a win win really. We get the best out of him for the next few years and can offload him if need to.




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31 Jan 2022 23:16:49
Sky sports just said it’s off.


{Ed0666's Note - they’re correct



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31 Jan 2022 22:06:04
Seems like it’s nearly done.





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27 Jun 2022 10:00:21
Not seen him play but if he is capable of driving from midfield and beating a player as others have said then he is exactly what we need.

We don’t have anyone in the middle of the park other than Thiago who doesn’t really have the legs who can beat a man and unlock a team for us.




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25 Jun 2022 09:34:14
They have added legs to the midfield so he will improve them. City being ruthless as usual in improving their squad, will sign the Brighton left back next. Have to admit they have done really good business this summer. We are at risk of being left behind if we don’t bite the bullet and improve our midfield. Surely we can’t just sit back and watch them pull away.




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20 Jun 2022 17:09:08
In my head I refuse to believe the best manager in the world doesn’t see keita is dross and that we need a midfield this summer if we are serious about winning one of the big trophies.

He should be banging down the door of the owners demanding more money rather than us just waste a season coasting into 2nd with a good champs league run. Shouldn’t be leaving this to chance. Next season Mo will be gone, Hendo, Virg and Thiago all a year older. Time to capitalise while we can and the core of the team is in/ near their primes.




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19 Jun 2022 15:45:45
Tbh if we got Bellingham then I would see hendo taking on the Milner role and rotating between both 6 and 8. In theory if he stayed healthy then no need to sign a Fab cover as Hendo not too bad in there. Bring him on for last 20/ 30 mins if needed for his leadership or if we are struggling.

Still need to sign someone this year though, will be the difference between winning the league or not imo. Shocked so many would be happy going in with our current midfield options. Yes they aren’t terrible but unless we upgrade on Hendo and Keita I don’t see us winning anything significant unfortunately. In desperate need of some energy and legs in the middle of the park.




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11 Jun 2022 22:50:39
Klopp is allowed to get some things wrong. Naby is like playing with half a man on the pitch most games. It’s been his best season in a red shirt but he is useless and has no intelligence on the pitch. Will run and press a CB of full back to look good but then won’t track a midfield runner when we need him to. He is poor on the ball and too often just aims passes into space, almost like he doesn’t see players in front of him.

Get rid asap. Would rather keep ox than naby. At least he gives 100%. I know we have loads of people who defend him on here but surely not one of you believes he actually gives his all to the cause and in my opinion that is the bare minimum we should expect.