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31 Aug 2019 18:35:24
Ed001, how close is VVD to being the best CB you’ve seen at the club?


{Ed001's Note - he just needs to continue to play at this level to be it. A couple more seasons.}

1.) 31 Aug 2019 19:32:42
I would say he has not got the time to be better than Alan Hansen.

2.) 31 Aug 2019 19:46:06
Amazing performance from the big man. A bit worrying, the scuff between mane and salah. I got to say, salah was driving me crazy with his selfishness. They weren't touted as the best front three for individual skill, its the interplay. Salah is ruining it. But i forgive him as his goal scoring record is brilliant. Although (it sounds weird) he'll score more if he passes.

3.) 31 Aug 2019 20:04:01
What Salah did is not healthy at all and it may have its repurcussions. Mane was in a great position to score and the pass was totally on. Salah is clearly ruining the chemistry between the front 3 by his selfishness. This is not healthy rivalry.

4.) 31 Aug 2019 20:16:12
Thought VVD would be punch drunk by the end!

5.) 31 Aug 2019 20:17:44
Can we please kneejerk more about this?

6.) 31 Aug 2019 20:25:11
Klopp will iron out whatever issues there may be, let's not forget how vital for us Salah is. All three are crucial for this team and these things happen, we move on and hope for the best. These lads are professionals not schoolkids, it'll get sorted.

7.) 31 Aug 2019 21:35:10
Has anyone seen the video doing the rounds of the lads walking back to the changing rooms up the tunnel. Bobby is walking in between Mo and Mane and he proper plays it up to the camera. It’s quite funny in fairness.

8.) 31 Aug 2019 21:43:18
salah has been doing this for a long time now with none of his team mates saying anything, I think it needed one of his team mates to lose it a bit for him to take note. This started at the end of the 1st season when he was chasing the top scorer hopefully he will get back to be more of a team player.

9.) 31 Aug 2019 21:49:13
I liked Klopp's reaction during the game and in the post match press conference where he smirked and then laughed about it. It's not the first time one of our forwards has not passed to the other with the better scoring chance. But isn't that how forwards are trained and told what to do; get in the box and shoot? Anyway, we're always going to have this subject popping up when we have two (and not one like most other teams) potential Golden Ball winners. If Klopp says it's been sorted then I believe him. And if Mane and Salah are smart they'll kiss and make up, otherwise both will get hurt by any potential feud starting up (and take the team down along with them) .

10.) 31 Aug 2019 23:02:38
Totally agree Gino, we’ve had some great CB’s over the years.

11.) 31 Aug 2019 22:47:24
Firmino's virtually unique as a top quality forward who isn't greedy as hell. And anytime he has a few games where he doesn't score as a consequence of his lack of greed, people start crawling out of the woodwork to say he's not doing enough and flutter their eyelids at a "natural striker".

Salah's greedy and so is Mane. They wouldn't be good for 50 a season between them if they weren't, that's the reality of it. And I don't think you can say "well it's okay for him to be greedy generally, but in this precise circumstance he should've passed", because you cannot micromanage footballers like that and still have them play any sort of natural creative game.

Mane will be over it by Monday.

12.) 31 Aug 2019 23:23:08
I think it’s a difficult comparison to make. He’s definitely the best in the league and one of the best in the world. Light years ahead of that oaf Maguire.

13.) 31 Aug 2019 23:25:57
I’m torn on the Salah thing really. It infuriates me when it’s a simple pass for a Mane tap in but all the best goal scorers are greedy without exception so I don’t want to take that out of Salah’s game either.

14.) 01 Sep 2019 05:25:20
I agree that Mane and Salah are both greedy to a degree. Mane, however, seems to have a little more intelligence to understand when there is a better option available rather than just shooting. Salah doesn't seem to be aware of anything except the goal once he is inside the penalty area.



27 Mar 2019 13:26:50
Whats the score with Ojo for the next year do we know Eds? Hasn't kicked on at all in france, thought he would be special being the most expensive 14 year old in history!


{Ed001's Note - probably another loan spell.}

1.) 27 Mar 2019 20:14:00
I have been saying on here for a long while that he is not good enough for Liverpool, I know he came through the junior ranks with huge hype but I have never seen what all the fuss is about. I would go as far to say I don’t see him making it at a top flight club.

2.) 27 Mar 2019 21:56:35
I think that myself now, really thought he would have been a regular in france this season.

3.) 28 Mar 2019 10:35:55
Agreed cobra, ever since his back injury, he's been none existant, shame really because he showed a lot of potential but that's not the case now. Good luck to the lad of course but he's going nowhere with Liverpool.

4.) 28 Mar 2019 11:29:08
Who actually thought he'd be good though? Probably the same people that were saying Ibe was as good as Sterling.



30 Jan 2019 08:17:30
Arite Ed001,

How good was Stig Inge Bjornebe? He seems a bit of a cult figure because of the name but seen he got in the PFA team of the year one season. I was only 7 years old that year.


1.) 30 Jan 2019 10:10:26
better than Torben Piechnik who we signed at the same time.

2.) 30 Jan 2019 10:57:56
Or Bjorn Tore Kvarme.

3.) 30 Jan 2019 11:35:43
Good at first then became obvious he was limited and became a liability.

4.) 30 Jan 2019 22:47:00
Kwarme was dreadful. Could not defend against a chair.



22 Jan 2019 17:40:09
Looking for your opinion on Trent as a footballer
1. At the moment do you think he is one of the best youngsters in world football and how far can the lad go?

2. A lot of fans seeing him as a weak link to our team at the moment, do you agree with this?

3. and finally do you see him moving into midfield?


{Ed001's Note - 1. He has to be up there though he has a lot to learn.

2. He can be at times, depends on the opponent he is up against and how the team sets up.

3. Probably yes.}

1.) 22 Jan 2019 21:52:50
I do think we need an experienced right back, to teach him the ropes and be solid when we need him. Maybe cover left too if needed. If he has 2/ 3 years left at the top level that’s fine, he won’t be first name on the sheet, but allow Trent time to learn, drop out if he needs to, even play midfield on occasion if we can.

2.) 22 Jan 2019 22:59:12
Don't understand the stick Trent gets. here we have a Scouser who's been a regular in a team who reached a champs league final last year, and who this year is the best defence in Europe and are leading the league ahead of a super City team. I'd say he's up there with the likes of Neville and Ashley Cole as players when they were the same age, with a higher ceiling than both of them. He's not perfect yet but do we think were going to get kids coming into the team from the academy and playing like seasoned pros from the get go?

3.) 22 Jan 2019 22:56:12
Whilst admittedly Trent is not the complete defender yet he more than makes up for it with his passing, crossing and dead balls. He offers so much with his ability on that ball and so much more than a classic right back. He can pass inside to the midfield or false 9, down the line to Shaq or Salah and he’s able to switch the play to Robbo (as he did against City) and Mane. I’m a massive fan of the kid and wouldn’t swap him with any right back in the PL.

4.) 23 Jan 2019 19:43:51
TAA is one of the best passers of the ball in the PL, IMO and frankly, the best crosser as well. Those bending balls he puts in are awesome. I mean, check that cross field pass to Robbo for the equalizer at City (on his weaker foot, mind you) . Had very few 20 year olds can do that in such a high profile game. Did I also mention he is deadly from set-pieces? As Ed01 said, TAA is up there as one of the best youngsters around in world football.

{Ed025's Note - dont half go over the top with your assessment of liverpool players red wolf, yes TAA is quite good but at times sloppy and his crossing is at times embarrassing mate, still only young and learning his trade of course but again has a lot of improving to do to meet your predictions...just my view of course..

5.) 24 Jan 2019 00:48:32
Little Naby.
I don’t think people are out here to get at Trent. Especially not in the same way as they do about players like Moreno or possibly lallana. It’s just if you look at some games this season and last season at times Trent has looked like the weak link and teams have taken advantage of that and targeted him. Now I for one think he’s a brilliant player with all the potential in the world but he needs time and also maybe some competition for the right back spot to keep him at the top of his game. I’m sure he will be a Liverpool favourite for years to come.



23 Dec 2018 00:14:52
Ed001, I remember before Van Dijk signed and we were linked you were very apprehensive because of the way he seems to stroll through games. Do you think he has completely eradicated this from his game now and if so do you see any areas where he needs to improve anymore? I have never seen such a perfect defender in my life.


{Ed001's Note - certainly not eradicated it, there are certain times he still is a bit lax and has to rely on recovery pace, but nothing like he used to. Now it is just an odd moment in a game, rather than a whole game. I think there has been just one game I remember since joining us when he was strolled through a game.}

1.) 23 Dec 2018 06:17:51
Looks like you called it on Fabinho too Ed.
He’s looking very decent, I wasn’t sure of him at all early doors.
His emergence will ease a lot of pressure and fatigue in the midfield too, it’s any three from six or seven now.
No rush for Ox too, I think we plan for the season without him and let him ease his way back. An appearance before the season end would be a huge bonus.

{Ed001's Note - he is a class player Fabs, got a great range of passing, just needs the players to realise it and make the runs for him to pick out.}

2.) 23 Dec 2018 06:24:20
In one of your recent match reviews (I think it was against Bournemouth), you mentioned that van Dijk’s mere presence is enough to do the defending for us sometimes.
I thought this was an intriguing point, so would you care to expand on it a bit more?

{Ed001's Note - for instance against Watford, when the ball went to VVD's area of the pitch, a lot of the time Deeney never even bothered to try and compete for it, but just dropped off and waited. Other times a player who would normally look to run in behind just won't make the runs because Virgil can outrun them, so they don't make their usual runs. What you find is that allows us to reduce the space in midfield further, as we can push higher.}

3.) 23 Dec 2018 07:27:51
Spot on, Ed. VVD has indeed improved on his sluggish, laid back attitude that used to be part of his game. I remember last season at Palace where he almost cost us the game (at 1-0 down) when his lax approach to a pass by Matip allowed Townsend in but Benteke skied the chance. That has not happened to that extent this season.

In fact, I have seen him be a lot more aggressive and when he is like that, NO striker can mess with him and like you said about Deeney, he is starting to get into the opposition strikers' heads. Just like Allison is doing and well, we all know Klopp has 5,000 sq. foot villa, firmly rooted in Pep Guardiola's cranium.

4.) 23 Dec 2018 08:18:06
would it also be possible due to the teams performance ed001? i feel the whole squad right now feels they can win something this season and everyone has upped their game. van dijk may be playing at his best because not only do they want to win, bt they genuinely feel they could, more than ever before.

and i see fabinhos been getting involved up the pitch so much more, even getting an assist along the way!

{Ed001's Note - hard to tell, not even he will know for sure what has changed. I would think it is most likely down to the change in attitude at the club though. Where in the past he had games that were too easy, no game is ever allowed to be seen as too easy under Klopp.}

5.) 23 Dec 2018 09:11:02
Ed I dunno if it’s done but any chance of a mini mid season review on the manager and players and maybe s rating on each? No pressure 😝.

{Ed001's Note - not a chance mate, got my parents here for a couple of weeks yet, so won't have time for much. I haven't even started the match review for Friday night's game yet!}

6.) 23 Dec 2018 11:04:11
😂😂😂😂😂 no worries pal I don’t want to weigh u down have a great Christmas to u and your family.

7.) 23 Dec 2018 11:09:45
Ed001, what are the chances of you helping Ed025 see the fab in Fab and the ordinary in Andre Gomez?

he's claimed i've red tinted glasses, and i do, but i just find it unbelievable that even after the recent games, he still finds Fab ordinary and Andre Gomez fab.

{Ed001's Note - I think there is no hope for him. Apparently Gomes is wonderful after one good game but Fabinho has to play well for 35 years before he can be considered average.}

8.) 23 Dec 2018 11:25:44
'Where in the past he had games that were too easy, no game is ever allowed to be seen as too easy under Klopp. '

interested to hear more on this, probably after the january window closes ed001 ill ask again if you don't mind.

{Ed001's Note - yes mate feel free.}

9.) 23 Dec 2018 11:35:32
And yet Ed25 slates us LFC fans, for wearing designer-made rose-tinted glasses whenever we big up our own players eh, Ed01?

{Ed001's Note - a lot of people do the same. Jump to knee jerk reactions when it comes to the game and then refuse to change them until brutally obvious they were wrong. He only admitted Firmino was any good at the end of last season.}

10.) 23 Dec 2018 11:36:25
I think that’s one of the key differences as you mentioned ed, the belief. Before teams would know if they can hang on, they could get one via set plays or a mistake. Now they’re defending thinking well we’re probably not Gunna score an easy one. also the physical presence we never really had. Matip is tall and weak and Lovren isn’t massive. Milner and hendo were always strong for their size but no Beasts. Now Fabinho and vvd and Gomez with his pace and jumping, teams don’t even think they can come out and bully us.
Again before, teams knew counter attacking could nick them a point as we struggled to break down teams parking the bus, which we seem to do now. Getting that one goal is crucial and now we can hang onto a lead, it pushes teams out more meaning they have to get out, rather than again hope for a corner chance or mistake. Is great to see!
Finally, I think you are right again about transfers, I’d love to see a versatile full back come in, cover on both sides, as that’s are only real weakeness I think, if we have to play Moreno or Clyne.

11.) 23 Dec 2018 13:03:22
I remember hearing in the wolves game commentary, one of them said he had recently taken his kid to a Liverpool game ( kid supporting the other team) . Kid turned around half way through and said dejected about Virgil ‘he’s not going to make a mistake is he’ . Pretty much sum it up. I remember playing as a striker for years I would try and sniff a mistake in a defender and rubbish him down. Occasionally I met ones where it was just a complete waste of time!

12.) 23 Dec 2018 13:46:10
YIKES! Ed01, it took Ed25 till last season to finally agree that Bobbie was any good? Bobbie has been good since Klopp walked in the door and has been improving ever since. Well, I don't blame him tho cos some of our own fans STILL doubt Bobbie despite him being proven quality and all he does for the good of the team. In fact, I remember you saying once last season, that Pep actually adores Bobbie as a player. I guess "The best manager the world has ever seen" patently false, btw) has red-tinted glasses as well eh, Ed01.

{Ed001's Note - Bobby is great, but Ed025 is old and so it takes him a while to see the truth. Old men hate to admit to being wrong.}




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08 Apr 2020 17:29:05
If he is a Lovren replacement how will it push Gomez down the pecking order?




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25 Sep 2019 15:24:00
The new Nike arsenal kit is the nicest kit the league has seen in decades.




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04 Aug 2019 22:27:26
Obviously, every sports reporter in the country has confirmed it.




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24 Jul 2019 12:52:58
How can a 18 year old who scored 12 and assisted 14 in the league ‘decent’ Hahahaha what more can a kid do to be called more than decent by you?




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29 Jun 2019 13:30:52
Jk not interested in BF has AOC, NK, F, GW, JH plus RB, RF and HW who can all play behind the striker. Also STOP USING ACRONYMS.





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16 May 2020 17:15:05
When Liverpool show an interest in a player it’s called tapping up to ed002. How dare we.


{Ed033's Note - Ed002 is just keeping people on their toes. Stay Alert :)



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20 Dec 2019 15:45:10
should be an automatic ban for people suggesting songs on here. Please implement this rule Ed.




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15 Aug 2019 08:30:46
Literally could of googled.




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29 Jul 2019 11:12:43
Jesus Christ.




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29 Jul 2019 11:11:30
TNS wasn't a friendly, Champs league qualifier.