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Team: Liverpool

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Favourite player: Fowler

Best team moment: Trent's corner



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24 Aug 2021 18:35:47
So, I may be reading too much into this, but Trent is in some online advertising for Red Bull.

Putting 2 and 2 together to get 5, is this an indicator of Red Bull interest in buying out FSG? Would we be happy with RB Liverpool?

1.) 24 Aug 2021 18:56:37
No they’re more of a selling club then we are/ were . We’re now over that stage, hopefully.

2.) 24 Aug 2021 19:01:04
He's sponsored by Redbull. Just like he is sponsored by Under Armour. definitely reading too much into it mate. Plus imagine a complete rebrand of the stadium, crest ect. Would be disastrous.

3.) 24 Aug 2021 19:01:04
He's sponsored by Redbull. Just like he is sponsored by Under Armour. definitely reading too much into it mate. Plus imagine a complete rebrand of the stadium, crest ect. Would be disastrous.



14 Aug 2021 18:06:54
Just wondering if Ed002's surprise is still on, whatever it was?

1.) 14 Aug 2021 18:26:07
The surprise is no signings.

2.) 14 Aug 2021 19:24:03
The surprise is that Nabby broke into a trot.

{Ed0666's Note - he was meh for me today

3.) 14 Aug 2021 19:24:13
Ed002 is going to streak our first home game. That’s the surprise 😉.

4.) 14 Aug 2021 19:29:34
Surprise-> we won with our "make shift" midfielders and scored 3 goals despite playing 40 yr old😜 in DM yet kept the clean-sheet.

5.) 14 Aug 2021 19:40:04
That's very kind of you Ed0666.

6.) 14 Aug 2021 19:44:21
Good enough win without getting out of 2nd gear and not starting with our 3 main midfielders. Everything SEttled when Fab came on.

7.) 14 Aug 2021 19:45:34
If Fabinho hadn’t come on, Norwich would have got back into the game. Up til that point we were awful in midfield. Milner looked like he should consider getting his pension, Keita and Ox were both poor and ineffective. If we play with that starting midfield against better and more organised opponents we’ll get battered. Proves the massive drop off in quality after our starting three and that the apparent “options” aren’t anywhere near as good as some would like to believe. All I’ll say on Keita is that was exactly the kind of performance I expected and he didn’t prove me wrong. I think “meh” is generous Ed lol.

8.) 14 Aug 2021 19:54:48
I agree with VVVV. Fab changed the game completely.
That starting midfield today cannot start against Burnley’s 11 men behind the ball at Anfield on Saturday.
Great to get the win though and points on the board.

9.) 14 Aug 2021 19:55:58
First game of the season, a handsome away win and all some can do is slag the players.
It takes all sorts.

{Ed0666's Note - it doesent matter if it’s the first game of the season or the champions league final if a player didn’t play well you call them out. That’s my humble opinion anyway

10.) 14 Aug 2021 19:59:35
As Ed001 said, the only way to learn is to get game time. They will all improve.

{Ed0666's Note - I didn’t think the performance was that bad I was encouraged by it. Salah and Mane are actually buddies again and passing to each other how can you not be ecstatic about that. In fact Salah had a golden chance to score in the dying seconds and chose to pass to mane which was the harder option. Happy days!

11.) 14 Aug 2021 20:06:55
Joy has been sucked out of this site now by over critical experts! (Disclaimer: Not the Eds) . Even a 3-Nil away win feels like a defeat.

{Ed0666's Note - there was previous joy on this site. When???

12.) 14 Aug 2021 20:07:40
I agree. This midfield shouldn't start the Burnley game. Thiago or Elliot is a must. Fab as well.

{Ed0666's Note - Elliot looked like a 18 year old kid trying to impress the boss so he gets picked for the next game. His cameo was a sight to behold. Not sure if klopp will play him from the start just yet but I had my doubts and I was wrong the boy is ready.

13.) 14 Aug 2021 20:11:27
Ed66 mate thought everyone played wel considering playing without DM and players like Keita OX had to do more defending and cover The ground. Milli too played well despite playing in a pivotal position away from home not a bad start. Think only Klopp can do that lol 😁👍.

{Ed0666's Note - isn’t it unreal to have klopp as our leader? That was a plan b midfield today and he got a shift out of them. I personally think ox and keita didn’t set the game on fire but I’m not gonna nitpick so much as it’s the first game of the season and I’m super happy with the 3 points.

14.) 14 Aug 2021 20:36:26
The midfield didn’t set game on fire very true, but they weren’t awful either, if Fab was playing DM with Hendo and Thiago ahead of him I think we would have been much better, but I think we would have been much better with any combination of the others with Fab as well. I think we’re missing a player that can play instead of Fab without the quality dropping too much. Hopefully a player that can add to the midfield when Fab is playing as well. A big ask I know, but that’s what I’m hoping for.

Really enjoyed the game today, it really feels that we finally have football back!

15.) 14 Aug 2021 20:48:06
Spot on ED66 mate in the past we had brilliant teams compare to today and yet Managers couldn't win games. Klopp is genius.

You're right OX and Keita were average but they had fantastic structure behind and in front of them, so bad stuff from their game was brilliantly covered.

16.) 14 Aug 2021 20:55:26
Roberto Firmino has scored Liverpool's 8,000th goal in the Football League/ Premier League, becoming only the second side to hit that total, after Man Utd (8,089). Milestone.

17.) 14 Aug 2021 20:40:19
Ed, your super happy. Next you will be calling it soccer and that your stoked at getting 3 pts.

{Ed0666's Note - ha ha they have certainly put a spin on our beautiful language that’s for sure buddy 😂

18.) 15 Aug 2021 00:43:09
It’s three points but could easily not have been. Against better opponents we’d not have been so lucky. It’s just as well our front players, keeper and defenders were on it. And thank **** for Fabinho. A proper midfielder.

19.) 15 Aug 2021 12:09:29
VVVV, against better opponents, that midfield group would not have played so your point is moot. Just saying.



14 Aug 2021 17:22:34
All the recent talk on here about Ged made me think about Tommo. What ever happened with him in the coaching role? He did really well filling in after Houllier's health scare, but nothing ever came afterwards. Was it him not wanting to do it or was the Sky thing paying more or was it something else?



12 Aug 2021 20:40:25
You know, the more I'm reading some of these pages over recent days makes me really, really want us to sign Sanches. I'd support him to the hilt and I'd be made up when he smashed it in a red shirt and proves all the negative naysayers wrong.

I'll love it.

Love it.

1.) 12 Aug 2021 21:30:22
I’m amazed at the amount of fans on here who watch Lille week in week out and know how crap he is. I understand he was awful at Bayern’s and Swansea but time has passed since and he’s only 23, I’m not claiming that he’s brilliant and has been amazing for Lille as I don’t watch French football but in the couple of games he played in the Euros I thought he looked quality and I’d be quite optimistic if he signed.
That said I had been told some time ago by a friend of someone who works for the club that Sanches was a target but he was asking for too much money.

2.) 12 Aug 2021 22:09:36
All entitled to their own opinions! Love him or hate him it’s their choice.

{Ed025's Note - renato marmite.. :)

3.) 12 Aug 2021 22:02:57
So one of you really want the club to sign Sanches because an overwhelming percentage of posters don’t? And the other wants him signed because he played well in an international football tournament ( remember Phil Babb) even though he has been a poor player for 2 of his previous clubs?
I’m old enough to remember when Liverpool fans were lauded for their football knowledge. 😳.

4.) 12 Aug 2021 22:23:26
I don't have an opinion that sways in any particular direction on him as a player. He looks alright for Portugal but you can't judge a player on international football alone.

My issue is with his fitness record. He's had 16 separate injuries in 4 years, averaging about 30 days injured at a time, missing 59 games in total. In fact he's literally just missed the French equivalent of the Community Shield last week with a thigh injury. Last season he only started 14/ 38 league games for Lille.

If Klopp and our scouts want him i have no doubt he must be a talented young midfielder. There are very serious and very fair concerns about his ability to stay fit though. I don't know if it's down to poor diet, lack of professionalism, poor physiotherapy or simply bad luck? Let's just hope he can kick on at Liverpool and leave his injuries in the past, if he signs.

5.) 12 Aug 2021 22:29:45
I’m split on this one, his record isn’t great but if Klopp and the scouts have picked him there must be potential in there for them to Be willing to spend.

Plus, we all went bananas for Keita thinking he would be unbelievable for us and take us to a new level. He didn’t.

Mane, Salah and Wiji as examples were all seen as not good enough by some on these pages and they did take us to a new level!

Truth is no one can be sure how a player will turn out so, if we sign him, let’s see how he gets on before we throw him under the bus.

6.) 12 Aug 2021 23:22:07
Im not to excited in getting a midfielder in general, whether its Saul or Sanches. I think the priority should be getting a young striker.

7.) 13 Aug 2021 02:55:21
The concern is the club are pushing for Sanches because they can get him on financial terms they find attractive, I’d of hoped we’d sign the best player possible for the position, not the one who it just happens we can get on the cheap.

8.) 13 Aug 2021 07:28:56
Seano, because Lille are cool with our payment plan does not mean Klopp does not want Sanches or would not like to have him in the squad. I like you, think we should get the best player available but if that is not attainable and we need a body in midfield then what do you do? Not sign anyone? That is true but clearly wants to sign someone. If RS signs, I will support him to the fullest.

As for those slandering him cos he failed at Bayern (a team in disarray at the time under hapless Carlo) and Swansea (a basket case in disarray who got relegated), that’s just weak/ lazy lazy slander that literally means and proves nothing about whether he will fail or succeed in the PL. Salah and KDB, anyone?

9.) 13 Aug 2021 08:08:50
I liked the look of Sanches at the Euro's for Portugal, he looked like the player that I was expecting to see when he turned up at Swansea.
He has now matured, just like Salah did, like De bruyne and Matic did. The Sanches we would be buying would be a different animal to the one who was relegated at Swansea.
I would be excited to see him at Anfield and it wouldn't surprise me if he teared it up.

{Ed025's Note - you keep telling yourself that mate..

10.) 13 Aug 2021 10:01:18
Olired-to slander someone is to make a false statement damaging their reputation. I don’t think anything that I said was in any way slanderous. So by your argument he will only succeed in a successful team? Ok. Got it. 🤣.

11.) 13 Aug 2021 08:55:27
We will see Ed25s. He reminds me of Seedorf the way he plays.
People are judging him on being 20 playing in a struggling Swansea team. I am judging on the player I saw at the Euro's He kept the mighty Bruno on the bench and was by far Portugals best player.
I think he will suit the way we playand having top players around him he will shine.

{Ed025's Note - he reminds me more of mr bean mate.. :)

12.) 13 Aug 2021 09:56:59
Making comparisons with salah and de bruyne to convince yourselves he's a good player who could turn it around in the same way is reaching, to put it politely. If its true, you should never sign a player because he's a bit cheaper in wages and the club can spread the cost more, who are we buying him off, Crazy George's? (for anyone who doesn't remember they were an home furnishing/ electrical shop with extortionate interest rates, but you could buy a telly and take 50 years to pay it back)



11 Jun 2021 22:39:01
Liverpool FC are so good, we're top of the league in Uruguay!

1.) 11 Jun 2021 23:22:29
Following on from this, Everton in Chile are 10th, so they are just as average there as they are in England.

{Ed0666's Note - has their manager deserted them also?

2.) 12 Jun 2021 08:27:37
Love it.




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19 Aug 2021 20:53:49
If only that Clint Dempsey transfer had come off!



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05 Aug 2021 23:22:14
Me arse.



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02 Aug 2021 21:55:38
20 odd mill for Millar, Grabara, Wilson and Awoniyi and a quarter of a mill from not having to pay Gini for ther last month. I mean, that goes a little way towards the agent's fees at least. Now we just need the 34 million.



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31 Jul 2021 15:50:47
This was a couple of years ago. Same as Zielinski.

And Mkhitarian. And Yarmolenko.



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31 Jul 2021 15:14:35
Ed, to clarify has Bowen been recommended by the same scout as Salah?

Generally, do scouts concentrate on certain leagues or positions or will they act across the board?

{Ed002's Note - No.}




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13 Sep 2021 18:49:10
Saw him smoking at a fruit machine in the Pumphouse once with a pint in the other hand. Even then, I was quite shocked that a professional footballer would be smoking.

My enduring memory of him was Jeremy Goss scoring past him from 30 yards out at the last game the Kop was standing. I've never got over that defeat. He didn't even move.



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28 Aug 2021 11:34:55
Bit of a sad indictment on Rashford really.



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28 Aug 2021 10:16:42
Hopefully he'll help Utd as much as Bale helped Spuds last season.



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25 Aug 2021 16:07:17
Stevie Caulker, obviously.



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24 Aug 2021 09:19:28
I used to have a c pub.

It was the plan when I'd been barred from the a and the b pubs.