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Interests: Human Performance, player psychology

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06 Apr 2020 21:55:59
Thanks for the reply Eds, can't directly reply. Doesn't surprise me a team used the media to unsettle targets. I know Liverpool are definitely guilty of poor behaviour, really disappointing teams who should be role models stoop to such low levels.

Hope Sancho doesn't go to United, Bruno looks like an absolute steal, granted only playing a handful of games. If Sancho replicates his Bundesliga form and he moves to the UK and goes to United they are starting to build a half decent side!

Hope you have a great week!


{Ed002's Note - Have a great time.}



06 Apr 2020 11:52:05
Hi Eds, hope you're well. I actually had a question about what constitutes as tapping up. This isn't about whether Liverpool did it or not! (clearly did) .

In the media you generally read the same stories over and over again about x club wanting x player, then you see additional stories like z player at x club has talked to the intended target x player asking them to join x club. Then you see stories about ex players or current members of staff at x club whilst anonymised has told some journalist or sports website this certain player has made comments about joining them, or you hear this certain player has made comments to family/ team mages/ national team mates about wanting to join x club in the summer etc. Why is this not considered when tapping up?

I know it's hard to control the media, but I'm not saying this is right and 100% I do not agree with this, but if I wanted to unsettle a player and do it "legally" unless this is currently incorrect, why not bombard the media with stories and rumours, both in your country and the target players saying all the above. Surely having a player receive that constantly for a few months if not longer could have a similar effect of a club contacting a player without the players current club being notified.

The second question I had is there anything stopping players from influencing teammates to join their club whilst they are together say training for international breaks. It's clear from reading these posts no club can contact a player about moving to them without going through the legal channels. But what is legally considered the club? Surely players are also considered under this?

I can think of an example in relation to Jadon Sancho being in an environment with several players from the Manchester clubs, Chelsea and Liverpool, could have been talking to him during England training about coming to them, maybe saying the club will pay you this, get you this etc. Not saying they have , but giving it as an example. Is this also considered tapping up?

If not why is this deemed a less effective/ illegal strategy than say a manager talking to a player, because effectively a "club" is still covertly trying to influence a player to join them, just via players rather than phone calls from the club.

Apologies if this post was hard to follow! Thanks in advance eds.


{Ed002's Note - Unsettling players by a club using the media is entirely unprofessional and shows tha lack of respect for players, the clubs and their staff. One club in particular gathered a handfull of "trusted" members of the press and briefed them about four intended targets and lost a great deal of respect for it. Unacceptable.

Players talking with players they know at other clubs is the norm and no doubt they send messages to each other regularly and play Leisure Suit Larry or whatever on the internet together or whatever they do. This is not an issue for anyone.

I can think however of one club that famously gave their captain the phone numbers of targets so he could contact these players he didn't know and talk to them about joining. This is tapping up and is illegal.

Players do not have a great deal of influence over transfers and certainly do not suggest what clubs will pay them at all.. Jadon Sancho is a Chelsea supporter and have been close to a number of players throughout his career playing regularly at international level with a number of Chelsea players throughout his career. He will know Manchester City players from his time there etc.. The reason Jadon Sancho has not agreed to join Chelsea as a result of a number of meetings with his agent and Chelsea understanding what Borussia Dortmund want from a deal is nothing to do with discussions he has had with Manchester United or any other club's players. It is not considered tapping up.

Coaches or clubs making a direct approach to a player without the permission of his club is a very serious matter indeed - it can lead to severe punishments and the game has tried to eradicate it.}



11 Dec 2019 12:02:13
Hi Eds,

Watched part of the game last night. What do you think of our midfield? I think sometimes they get cut apart to easily, but I think as a overall unit with flexibility, they could be in the top 10 of mid fields currently in all major leagues. Klopp seems to integrate and change players and the midfield currently seems to perform well. Keita has had two good performances, Fabs was smashing it, Wijnadulm is very consistent, Hendo is playing well. Lallana was good before his injury, Milner is still solid and the Ox is doing okay, scoring and showing good drve and energy I'm hesitant to say they are world class. As other than Fabs I don't think they midfield has world class players, rather how they play together is what would make people perceive them as world class. Please correct me if I'm wrong, as I've probably made some gross assumptions which are miles off the mark!


{Ed001's Note - they very rarely get cut apart, that is what is so good about them. That is why most teams play balls in behind the defence when they attack us.}

1.) 11 Dec 2019 12:36:33
I think Liverpool today are one of the world's best teams. If you're one of the world's very best teams you are world class. Let's put it this way. Which TEAMS are world class? Liverpool must be classed as that.

We have a world class gk, world class defence (may not have a million clean sheets but got a hell of a lot of assists and barely a loss in a year)
A world class midfield and a world class forward line.

Players like hendo and gini are always overlooked when people talk about "world class" because they graft. They do the dirty work. It's not all slide rule passes and stevie g tackles, pirlo passes.

I bet you this, no teams enjoy facing our midfield. They can all pass, can all keep the ball well under heavy pressure, AND keep their head up and pick a pass. And they're all capable of scoring if the opposition takes their eyes off them. It gives the front three that little bit of space.

I remember when we signed the ox, or gini. People weren't overwhelmed to say the least. But when jorginio was for sale people were drooling over him. Why? I wouldn't swap gini for 2 jorginio, or the ox for 2 jorginios

With keita and aoc I don't think we need an attacking mid like some say. I think our midfield is the most important factor. The defence and attack speak for themselves. We need to be careful not to weaken our strong midfield. I wouldn't take coutinio on a free transfer now.

2.) 11 Dec 2019 13:23:31
when do we get "cut apart"?

3.) 11 Dec 2019 16:18:33
Apologies, poor choice of wording, sometimes I feel teams can pass through our midfield too easily, however as many of you had pointed out, we rarely get cut apart, so I'm probably just too much of a pessimist aha, thanks for the reply Eds! Hope you have a good day.

{Ed001's Note - no worries mate take care.}

4.) 11 Dec 2019 18:25:28
They pass over the midfield because no one wants to play through them.

5.) 11 Dec 2019 18:44:23
OP, I fully agree with you that they pass thru our midfield however that can only happen if they play thru our press or on the odd occasion, we are out of position when we lose the ball. All of these things can happen during a game which is why our defence can look exposed at times. Play through us in midfield? No team can do that against us on a consistent level. Even City and Barcelona can't do that. Spurs lost the CL final for this reason exactly.

6.) 11 Dec 2019 20:27:14
I’m looking forward to adding Grujic next season as well.

7.) 12 Dec 2019 08:52:57
could be one of the top 10 midfields?

We are champions of Europe!

8.) 12 Dec 2019 10:46:28
maybe more so the season before last, I would agree that our midfield was very prone to being passed by. IMO it was mostly due to a naievity in the way some of our players would press. Milner was a shocker at this, pressing hard and then getting beating by a little 1-2, or tuck around the corner.

anyways, that has been reduced considerably these days. But I must say, a simple 1-2 or smart angles can cut through the best midfielders around. Football can be a simple game sometimes!



21 Sep 2018 12:03:38
Hi Eds,

Long time lurker, fist time poster.

I've just read reports about Klopp declining an amazon documentary. Personally I think it was a good move to turn it down but I'm sure you could offer some better insights into whether a documentary would be a positive or negative thing for the club? I certainly could see a documentary improving exposure and marketing opportunities, but I also see why Klopp would feel it could be a disturbance.

Would love to hear one of the Eds thoughts on activities like these.

Also thanks for all the top quality insights I get to read everyday :)


{Ed002's Note - All access fly-on-the-wall documentaries have been made about many sporting clubs including (off the top of my head) the New Orleans Saints, Manchester City, Sunderland, French World Cup squad, Seattle Mariners, Liverpool, Gillingham and I am sure many others. Typically they have no real impact and certainly there would be no new marketing opportunities arising as they are simply snapshots in time. People quickly forget - as an example. I have not seen any comments on this site about the Liverpool documentary since it aired.}

1.) 21 Sep 2018 15:51:14
Glad Klopp rejected it. The Man City one is absolutely cringeworthy. I remember Rodgers agreed to one as well and it was utterly embarrassing.

2.) 21 Sep 2018 16:45:05
The portrait of Brendan in Brendan’s house still sticks in the memory 🙈.

{Ed002's Note - Do you think Klipperty kept the painting when he started renting the house?}

3.) 21 Sep 2018 17:01:31
Klopp found 12 Snickers under the master bedroom pillow the day he moved in.

4.) 21 Sep 2018 18:12:37
Thanks Ed's002, have a good evening :)

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome - and you enjoy your evening as well.}

5.) 21 Sep 2018 20:46:46
Can't help but think that Rogers calling out and embarrassing Sterling in front of the cameras was the beginning of the end for him at LFC.

6.) 21 Sep 2018 21:48:43
And dental floss, Benny.

7.) 22 Sep 2018 07:49:32
Definitely found his whitening toothpaste.




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28 Mar 2020 10:37:35
Okay, thanks Eds, have a good day.


{Ed002's Note - And you.}



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28 Mar 2020 09:36:26
Apologies if it's not clear, what I'm getting at is why is any sporting body assuming Covid-19 will be solved by the beginning of next season? The season is already disrupted if they try and start later, so write it off? Then football and any other sporting event can resume when Covid-19 has a vaccine and is no longer spreading. Unless the work is vital e. g. health work, plumbing etc, or you can work from home, everything else in the world is currently suspended and rightly so. So why should sport be treated any differently just because some people (FA etc) want to start again on time next season, when that is likely unrealistic and probably irresponsible.


{Ed002's Note - You have clearly misunderstood something and gone off at a tangent. No sporting body is assuming anything about dates that the virus and disease will be gone. The vaccine is a completely different matter. I have explained the situation with the Premier League and other leagues. It is a dynamic situation and I have explained that there will be a meeting of all of the Premier League members on Friday - and you can expect some sort of statement about dates at the end of that meeting.}



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28 Mar 2020 08:54:08
Thanks for the insight Eds. Seen as football is on hold indefinitely, how on earth can any teams, uefa, the fa etc even consider starting again In August? The vaccine realistically is a year away, and we've already seen a number of players and coaches get the virus! It hurts but surely the most logical thing to do is bite the bullet and at least right off any sports globally until 2021/ 22, if not 2022? I know there are huge financial implications of this, more so for your every day individual not earning 10K+ a week, and ideally clubs and or the countries these individuals are affected should be given support.


{Ed002's Note - I am not sure where you are getting this from but as I have explained everyone would like the season to start on time, but it is not in control of anyone until the blight is over.}



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09 Mar 2020 21:54:58
Worth shelling out on Havertz, he's a beast.




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11 Dec 2019 11:56:39
I would love Minimino. I think he would be a fantastic signing to provide injury cover and depth as well as help push for competition in the side. Only watched him twice, but thoroughly impressed, reminds me of Kagawa before he left Dortmund and ruined his careers.

I genuinely think Liverpool had one of the harder groups this year, Salzburg are a fantastic team and if they don't get ripped apart in the summer transfer window I could see them performing well again next season.





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04 Jun 2020 09:48:32
Doesn't quite answer the question as he's not a waste of talent, but an absolute crime to be let go by Arsenal, but I think Gnabry is an outstanding player. Arsenal could have had an amazing player but lost him. Not quite sure if he left because of game time, or Wenger just didn't want him, but he's gone on to be a top player. I remember watching him vs us when he was on loan for Hoffenheim I think, basically their only player and really troubled us.




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29 May 2020 13:58:10
Thinks Eds have it spot on. Everyone should play at neutral venues, no fans, nothing. No one gets an advantage. Maybe correct me if I'm wrong Eds, but to allow teams to play at the intended venues, and then also having neutral venues makes it more complex?

Also on a less serious matter, I'd love to know what constitutes as a neutral venue? Maybe get everyone playing in the Scottish stadiums?


{Ed002's Note - There is a list of eight stadiums belonging to Premier League clubs that were to be used when it looked like all games would be at neutral grounds. Two others (St Georges Park and Wembley) were discussed and rejected by a number of sides. Now, with between six and 12 games to be played at neutral grounds, the venues are being reconsidered.}



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07 Mar 2020 19:20:06
Heard the commentators banging on about how Bobby hasn't scored at home. So what? He's a top class player, and any team would be biting their hand off for him in their team. His touch and movement generally is excellent and his work rate and ability to win the ball back is second to none. He will always be a Liverpool legend in my eyes.




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11 Dec 2019 16:18:33
Apologies, poor choice of wording, sometimes I feel teams can pass through our midfield too easily, however as many of you had pointed out, we rarely get cut apart, so I'm probably just too much of a pessimist aha, thanks for the reply Eds! Hope you have a good day.


{Ed001's Note - no worries mate take care.}



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05 Dec 2019 15:31:46
Congratulations Robbie! I hope both your wife and baby are doing well and having a well deserved rest! That's far more exciting than the derby :)