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01 Jan 2024 23:20:20
Very important question? . who is breaking it too mo he needs to sort the hairline!


1.) 01 Jan 2024 23:34:43
As a very bald guy I can’t talk but yes his hairline is creeping back and it looks like he’s got a bald spot on the crown. However none of that matters when he scores goals in the quantities he does. 150 PL goals for Liverpool. Awesome.

2.) 01 Jan 2024 23:45:42
I love the guy he could have what ever hairstyle he wants he is a legend. wonder if we will ever see skin head mo .

3.) 02 Jan 2024 00:43:22
No way. The power is in the hair.

I sometimes think Nunez should cut his hair. A little bit because it gets in the way in some games and he ends up having to redo it. But mostly I think he will somehow become Lewandowski 2.0 when he does a magically start converting all his chances. There. I said it. The hair is holding him back.

4.) 02 Jan 2024 03:44:20
Lol love it hail mate, I would give the job to Robbo and Konate or if I was going for a kinder approach Cody all the way.

5.) 02 Jan 2024 06:31:39
He's not going to the afcon, he's going for a hair transplant.

6.) 02 Jan 2024 12:25:46
You want someone to cut the hair of Samsun? It won't end well ;)

7.) 02 Jan 2024 13:02:05
I thought he was modelling it after his fav simpsons character, krusty the clown.

8.) 02 Jan 2024 14:20:19
It might be me imagining it but I seem to remember Mo having a hair cut a few years back and being rubbish until it grew back. Also his hair was short at Chelsea. So the power is definitely in the hair.



29 May 2023 10:18:02
I hope we are looking at Rabiot of juve he is a baller but also has that physicality along with the skill, free transfer would be nice and proven quality experience, world cups, psg and juventus.


{Ed002's Note - Adrian Rabiot (CM/DM) Juventus are looking to replace their midfield misfits (Zakaria, Arthur, McKennie, and Rabiot). They are looking to sell and move off the wage bill players they no longer want to fund replacements they have already identified. Rabiot will, like every other player, be offered to Newcastle. A third party has been instructed to find him a new home and whilst he could have been used in part exchanges previously he has let his contract run down and will leave as a Free Agent in the summer. He was offered to Chelsea as part of a deal for any of several Chelsea players Juventus are interested in, but Chelsea wanted to keep transfers as clean as possible. With Manchester United struggling to find midfield players, he becomes a squad option but the wages being asked could kill off any deal. A return to PSG is seen as an option but PSG have preferred targets. Monaco is a good option. Approaches have been made to Barcelona - but they will look to others, and Arsenal who have a much preferred target but should not be discounted. Liverpool, Everton and Spurs may provide options having scouted the player on more than one occasion.}

1.) 29 May 2023 11:12:08
Hailstones, that is what you hope for?

We definitely do things differently.

PS there’s no such thing as a free transfer.

2.) 29 May 2023 12:25:00
Rabiot is quality, better than all our current midfield.

3.) 29 May 2023 13:23:37
There kind of is though FP. Obviously wages and a possibility of a signing on fee but there is no fee for the transfer itself.



21 May 2023 14:48:08
Ed 02 I respect u get asked a lot of things you can't be assed asking but specifically do you know of any Defensive midfielders that we could be seriously looking at? , as we seem to be looking at 10s and 8s which is important but nowhere near as much of a priority as the defensive side of our midfield.


{Ed002's Note - I previously listed them for you.}

1.) 21 May 2023 20:18:24
Thanks all the same ed is it in the chat or a seperate bit.

{Ed002's Note - it will be on the Rumours page.}



17 May 2023 18:45:15
I wonder if there is still interest in Sangare of PSV I could see him fitting in nicely in the English game. Mainly a defensive midfielder but has an eye for goal whilst being a unit.


{Ed002's Note - Lots, but not from Liverpool.}

1.) 17 May 2023 19:04:52
My personal opinion on Sangare is he is solid defensively and works hard, but lacks the quality on the ball to play for a Premier League team with Champions League aspirations.

2.) 17 May 2023 19:43:36
Ed02 are you the fabled oracle, or is you just a sorcerer like me julie.

3.) 17 May 2023 20:09:41
Yes MK I have heard he is a good player for us but at the same time heard he is a bit rash and could get caught in transition.



18 Apr 2023 20:12:34
I am preying we are looking at kephram thuram and he would be up for playing for us, absolutely everything we need and dare i say better than mr B.


{Ed002's Note - Have you tried searching.}

1.) 18 Apr 2023 20:41:51
Hi ed i think i have seen PSG want him, why do you think we will make a strong effort to sign him? I would imagine the cream of the crop are interested.

{Ed002's Note - I have explained the interest over and over.}

2.) 18 Apr 2023 21:13:54
Sorry forgive me ed, i missed it .

{Ed002's Note - You are forgiven.}

3.) 19 Apr 2023 04:05:12
Also you shouldn’t be preying.

4.) 19 Apr 2023 08:21:25
Concerning hailstones. If we end up signing him, please don't eat him.

5.) 19 Apr 2023 09:31:29
Watch out for hailstones, he's a wolf!

6.) 19 Apr 2023 08:19:55
That's how Ed025 met his wife Waqas.

{Ed025's Note - my bird won the lottery with me stuie. ?

7.) 19 Apr 2023 12:35:30
Ed was she flicking together with her friends?

{Ed025's Note - everyone flocked around me when i was younger mate..

8.) 19 Apr 2023 15:39:35
"everyone flocked around me when i was younger mate"

"Even the Sheep"!

Only a wind up Ed025!

9.) 19 Apr 2023 14:29:53
Flicking? That’s a personal question to ask about Ed25s partner….

10.) 19 Apr 2023 16:17:17
Ed you might be the new and possibly the most qualified candidate for up your own head 11 captaincy mate.

{Ed025's Note - thats why i have such empathy with my mate trent waqas.. :)

11.) 19 Apr 2023 16:38:36
Hailstones we are one of them cream of the crop teams your on about we are Liverpool football club.

12.) 19 Apr 2023 17:51:17
On a serious note with Thuram, I'd make him plan A. I think he's incredible. Powerful, fast, strong in the tackle and he's 6 foot 4. Yet he has unbelievable close control and dribbles out of tight spaces like he's 5 foot 8. Attribute-wise I think he might be the perfect midfielder, he doesn't have a weakness. If you can improve his decision making and get him tactically set up to play in a top team you'd be looking at one of best midfielders in the world. Like a hard-working Yaya Toure. Can we sign him please? Happy to start a gofundme. Thanks.

13.) 20 Apr 2023 14:15:06
Absolutely Thomas, you're spot on. I place Kephren Thuram right behind Bellingham on the list of "most désirables".

14.) 20 Apr 2023 16:08:00
Is K Thuram a friend of Konate anyone know? May help if we are in for him.




hailstones's banter posts with other poster's replies to hailstones's banter posts


28 Feb 2024 22:08:07
Getting lallana vibes of Bobby Clark, he is ready for 1st team action now .


1.) 28 Feb 2024 22:58:33
I didn’t think he played that well. Him and McConnell both seemed over awed at times and played the safe pass far too often. Would have liked them to be a bit more fearless and grab the opportunity. Both seem to lack pace and desire to track as well which was a bit confusing given their age - thought they’d be sprinting everywhere.

Quansah, Bradley are levels above all the other young kids in my opinion although the 16 year old looked quality and koumas and Dannys did well.

2.) 28 Feb 2024 23:15:34
The game needed to settle down then you seen Clark grow into the game the pace is something they all need to adapt too of the English game rather than the reserves. I thought mconnell was steady many levels to go up, koumas looked like he was over excited as expected, danns I honestly think is a cracking substitute option to learn his craft of the bench.

3.) 28 Feb 2024 23:45:46
Clark was very good.

Yes Quansah and Bradley are the stand outs. They are exceptional.

Koumas looks a Real talent but way too lightweight right now. Because he is eighteen. Same with Nyoni because he is 16.

Danns, McConnell and Clark will all improve their power with some growing.

Clark looks a talent to me and for better as the game went all. They all have work to do. Even Quansah and Bradley. But they are all doing exceptionally well at this stage of their career.

I like Clark. He makes a lot of really smart decisions on and off the ball. I have high hopes for him.

4.) 29 Feb 2024 00:27:23
Clark played very well Brummy. McConnell played the safe pass too often but I thought Clark was excellent. It was his positive run and pass that created the space for Koumas’s goal.

5.) 29 Feb 2024 00:39:03
I'm glad I didn't seem them sprinting everywhere. Think that shows a player with no compsure and just wants to "be seen" to be having an impact.

6.) 29 Feb 2024 00:54:42
I like Danns.

That kid is a natural, he moves like a striker.
He has great vision and anticipation.

He’s a future star that kid ?.

7.) 29 Feb 2024 01:03:43
“Lallana vibes”?

I don’t remember him doing 1 Cruyff turn so he’s clearly not Lallana-like. ?

Good little player though ?.

8.) 29 Feb 2024 01:23:17
Being as diplomatic as I can, I believe it is difficult to single out one of the youngsters in a very inexperienced side playing under extreme pressure and say that they didn’t meet expectations. It’s difficult enough for a kid of 18 (or even 16) to slot into one of the best club sides in the world and to look like he’s played there for years. To try and do it in a team where there are four or five other kiddies in the same boat actually makes the result we got on Sunday and tonight incredible. As I say being judgemental is the circumstances is a tad harsh. I’ll leave it at that.

On a different note - is anybody offering odds on a Liverpool vs Chelsea FA Cup Final?

9.) 29 Feb 2024 08:12:26
The really positive thing with our youngsters is that they all believe in themselves, they will make mistakes and sometimes make the safe pass. but more they play u can see them improving, but Danns n Kumas look natural strikers . goals for each in their 1st n 2nd games. amazing.

10.) 29 Feb 2024 09:53:01
All the kids have done brilliant but Bradley, Quansah and Clark have a different aura about them when they play. They look like a natural fit in the team and a maturity in their body movements and fluidity separate them from the others.

Not to take anything away from the others - Danns clinical and instinctive finishing was stunning - I hope we get to see more of him over the rest of the season, Koumas didn't do anything negative and was the only Liverpool player to actually have a shot on target in the first half - you can't argue with a goal on your debut and McConnell was solid again in midfield after helping our midfield dominate Chelsea's in extra time on Sunday.

The future is bright.

11.) 29 Feb 2024 10:29:25
Danns, Cannonier, Doak, Gordon and Koumas. Let's see which ones make it to top senior level.

12.) 29 Feb 2024 12:13:04
Hailstones, “Lallana vibes” already? How many games has Clark played/ or how much have you seen of him for you to draw such a conclusion or to think he is ready fro regular first team action?

13.) 29 Feb 2024 12:39:21
Danns gives me Kane vibes. Good positioning, good runs, composed finishing and decent in the end. Fingers crossed he keeps progressing we might have a star on our hands.



27 Feb 2024 01:06:22
Joe gomez is a true legend already in my eyes to come back as many times as he has and show how important he is to the team . I hope he stays his whole career with us.


1.) 27 Feb 2024 06:32:46
He can blow hot and cold but I agree he is hugely underrated as a squad option. That he can cover the whole back line makes him very important for me and I can't see the club wanting to sell him. An unsung hero and I forgot how long he has been with us. Longest serving squad member probably?

2.) 27 Feb 2024 06:33:22
I like what Klopp said about Joe a few months ago - when asked about Joe Gomez and he basically said along the lines of, he had injuries etc but because he’s our boy we stuck by him in a way some other clubs might not.

I think this is the loyalty bit that some people may critics Klopp for but I find it endearing.

3.) 27 Feb 2024 06:37:00
Just checked. He's 26 and will be due his ten year testimonial next year. Still a big part to play for the young man for several years to come I think. Hopefully he can break back into the England squad, especially now GS has admitted he's not picking players based on minutes for their club and he's certainly better than Maguire and Cody.

4.) 27 Feb 2024 10:01:00
"he had injuries etc but because he’s our boy we stuck by him in a way some other clubs might not. "

This! Many of us stuck by him too cos me personally, I always knew he had the ability to bounce back (cos well, he is that talented) provided we, the club and the manager did not quit on him. And most importantly, provided he did not quit on himself. Hats off to the lad and frankly, a true gentleman judging by the way he speaks.

5.) 27 Feb 2024 10:15:30
Joe has had a great season so far and I'm delighted he has as he seems great lad.

6.) 27 Feb 2024 10:26:05
Got to be in the conversation for player of the season for me.

7.) 27 Feb 2024 11:42:42
6 Gold Stars, I wish there was an award called "Comeback Player Of The Year" like they have in the NFL cos I think JG would win that in a landslide, IMO.

8.) 27 Feb 2024 12:22:41
He is having a great season and boy have we needed him.

9.) 27 Feb 2024 12:49:48
The versatility is priceless, the quality in passing is very underrated, his spirit is unbreakable, his defending has had dips but overall he is a beast and lastly the man is one of our leaders.

10.) 27 Feb 2024 16:22:09
Every team needs a James Milner or a Joe Gomez. Someone with experience who can come in and fill a variety of positions when things don't go according to plan. And who don't utter the slightest complaint because the needs of the team come before their individual needs. Going 2 or 3 deep per postion is the conventional wisdom in a squad, but having such players makes squad management so much easier.

11.) 27 Feb 2024 18:10:11
Only player to be a part of the whole Klopp era. He’s been great this season.

12.) 28 Feb 2024 09:45:16
He is indeed Liverpoolfc8, that’s no mean feat?.

13.) 28 Feb 2024 14:04:43
Anyone else remember the spat between Joe and Raheem Sterling. The vision of Sterling rising up to his full 5 foot 9 to try and go face to face and toe to toe with Joe was very funny. Joe just kept his dignity. A credit to himself and the club.



25 Feb 2024 23:17:25
Szbozlai's record of winning a trophy every year of his career is nicely in tact.




25 Feb 2024 18:44:36
I think I am in love with Endo, we got rid of milner and brought in a Japanese gladiator.


1.) 25 Feb 2024 18:54:29
Fitness levels must be insane. Was absolutely brilliant today.

Makes it all the sweeter that Caicedo was in opposite team, seems like he is another of the Rodri, casemiro types who commits fouls every other play and escapes a booking.

2.) 25 Feb 2024 18:56:32
Little man amongst giants. But excels all the time. True warrior.

3.) 25 Feb 2024 19:00:12
70% of the Earth is covered by water. The rest is covered by Wataru Endo.

4.) 25 Feb 2024 19:27:30
Man of the match for me.

5.) 25 Feb 2024 19:28:05
It’s incredible for him, another great story. Never won anything in Europe, last minute signing and he’s leading a midfield of two teenagers to a cup final win.

6.) 25 Feb 2024 19:33:33
Endo vs Caicedo is a no competition. I’d take Endo all day long in fact I’d take all of our signing over Chelsea’s without question.

7.) 25 Feb 2024 19:50:44
Damn right 16 million gets you everything these days .

8.) 25 Feb 2024 20:04:22
I demand to know! Where is endos song ?.

9.) 25 Feb 2024 20:06:52
Neville is right (which is rare) . Bunch of "millionaire bottlejobs" who let themselves be schooled by academy kids. The kids should have theoretically been played off the park, but they got stuck in and rose to the level of the big boys. Credit to Inglethorpe for the training and Klopp for believing.

10.) 25 Feb 2024 20:14:23
He left the ground in a protective boot and on crutches.

He was immense too.

Let’s hope it was just an impact injury.

11.) 25 Feb 2024 20:22:09
ArAy1969, that would be "Billionaire" Bottlejobs, I believe.

12.) 25 Feb 2024 20:22:59
Amazingly both squads had a very similar average age.

We had 5 teenagers on the bench though with 3 of those getting on.

Chelsea seem to have bought potential whilst we have nurtured ours through the Academy.

13.) 25 Feb 2024 20:34:43
Are you talking about Endo (the boot and the crutches)?

14.) 25 Feb 2024 20:42:22
Aray yeah Endo left in a protective boot also.

15.) 25 Feb 2024 20:43:13
Yeah aray.

His left foot.

16.) 25 Feb 2024 20:52:05
Aray, yep, appears to be that way! Sheesh, when is there going to be some good news on injuries?!

17.) 25 Feb 2024 20:52:05
Aray, yep, appears to be that way! Sheesh, when is there going to be some good news on injuries?!

18.) 25 Feb 2024 20:55:31
A real gem of a player. Tough, links well with defence and strikers. Great vision and positional sense. A fighter. A samurai warrior. Bargain signing.

19.) 25 Feb 2024 22:08:25
Endo was immense, a real leader on the pitch and a calm head too.

20.) 25 Feb 2024 22:13:35
Yes JK the average age of the teams was similar but in reality there’s no comparison. They have bought young players that were already excelling in a first team of top level football.

Take Caicedo for example. 21 but already had a full season as first choice in a Premier League team. Enzo Fernandez is 23 but he’s won a World Cup!

We had young players both in the team and on the bench who have had very little or no first team experience. These are not youngsters that have done enough in professional football to be sold for £40, £50 or £100million. These are kids that have pretty much come straight from the U21s and into a League Cup final at Wembley.

It was astonishing what they did. Don’t let the average age comparison fool you.

Chelsea will also tell you that they have injuries too, which they do. But if you look at the quality of the players missing there’s simply no comparison. We have a potential CL winning team out injured. They have Thiago Silva and Reece James then it becomes a bunch of average players that probably wouldn’t play anyway.

They’ll try to detract from this achievement with their nonsensical comparisons. See it for what it is.

21.) 25 Feb 2024 22:56:41
Beckers I never said there were any comparisons with the teams or players

All I’ve said is amazingly both teams have a similar average age.

22.) 25 Feb 2024 23:06:38
@BP, credit to many Chelsea fans I've seen who don't subscribe to such nonsensical comparisons. Chelsea faced a very depleted side and then, faced an even more depleted side with teenagers/ 20 year old's coming on and bossing them off the pitch in extra time, end of. The shameless Chelsea fans are just embarrassing at this point.

23.) 25 Feb 2024 23:19:13
It kind of reminds you of the knight guarding the Chalice in the Indiana Jones film (the one with Sean Connery in) . The baddie picks a shiny, jewelled chaliceand dies to which the knight says something like ‘He chose unwisely’. Indiana steps up and picks the raggy, old wooden cup and the knight says ‘you have chosen wisely’.

Perhaps we put that up on a big screen the next time the ‘hundred million’ superstars from the West End visit Anfield.

24.) 26 Feb 2024 00:39:04
Sorry that wasn’t a dig at you JK I know you didn’t say that I was more adding a bit of context to your post. Just saying ‘both teams have a similar average age’ doesn’t tell anywhere near the full story.

I watch quite a bit of LFC TV and have seen the likes of Bobby Clarke, James McConnell and Jayden Danns playing for the youth teams in front of about 50 people. Playing at Wembley in front of 80,000 people in a major cup final is such a huge step up for these kids and for them to handle it in the way they did is nothing short of heroic.

Chelsea’s young players are seasoned professional footballers in comparison. They are used to playing in front of big crowds on the big stage week in, week out.

If we’d lost it still would’ve been heroic but for them to come away with the trophy is just insane.

25.) 26 Feb 2024 06:28:52
Beckers for iinfo mate I 100% agree with everything you said.

One of my mates actually told me Chelsea squad average was the same and I called bulls##t.

So I went and checked and realised he was right. But as I touched on and you elaborated mate there is no comparison as Chelsea bought all (or majority) of theirs whilst the majority of our youngsters yesterday have come through our ranks.

{Ed025's Note - i heard that 4 Liverpool players tested positive for Calpol JK,, :)

26.) 26 Feb 2024 06:54:48
Ed025 brilliant haha

Ive also been told that Klopp is leaving the end of the season for Hollywood.

He’s to star in a Arnold remake “kindergarten Klopp”.

{Ed025's Note - love it JK..

27.) 26 Feb 2024 09:02:42
That really made me laugh ED025!

28.) 26 Feb 2024 09:10:55
Ed025, what is Calpol?

{Ed025's Note - its a medicine for children mate..



22 Feb 2024 01:15:13
How long can we get out of endo? I hope at least another 4 years, its a joy to have him.


1.) 22 Feb 2024 05:27:25
I loved Endo the minute he walked through the door and wanted him to succeed. He gave his everything from the the first game and slowly started to show his worth. For me he possibly has been our player of the season and we are lucky to have him.

2.) 22 Feb 2024 06:11:57
Fair play to Endo he’s really turned the corner and shown what a terrific player he is.

I watched him in the early games of the Europa and he looked a level below in fairness, but since dec and his return the last few games he’s really been as much a key component of the team as others.

In regards to players of the season so far I’d go with Mac. The guys been in the team more or less every week and majority of it learning a new position.

Crazy to think he only cost what he did as well.

Whoever comes in next will have a squad that can challenge from the off.

3.) 22 Feb 2024 07:27:30
I would like to hear some of the opinion of people who slated him on here when he signed/ early in the season.

He seems like very good value for money vs Caicedo.

4.) 22 Feb 2024 09:13:27
If you're thinking financially, both Mac Allister and Endo have been excellent buys. And their wages are not astronomically high either. Schmadtke and Klopp did well to bring these two in.

We should stop looking at, and comparing with, Chelsea's recent purchases. Clearly, they don't know what they're doing. Yes, their players may come good, but purchase price and wages were, and are, being paid now.

5.) 22 Feb 2024 09:27:16
@Alonso1786, same with me. I saw him in that game vs Newcastle and I said, "Yep, we got one here". Cos I saw some things he was doing as a DM in terms of his positioning, body shape when receiving the ball, putting his body in the way to win fouls and knowing when to pass it quickly and when to take a touch and then pass it.

Esp. after the Arsenal game where he went toe to toe with Rice and matched him, if not outplayed him. He just needed time to get to grips with the PL and with his team mates cos he did not have a preseason with us. Glad he is killing it right now and frankly, has been for the past 3 months.

@Piffmunda, don't hold your breath, man. You won't find them. Even the ones who had all types of mess to say about him, using him as a foil to slate FSG for not getting Caicedo or Lavia (whatever happened to those two? ) have either disappeared. Or are reluctantly giving him credit BUT regurgitating the same rubbish of "We still need a world class 6", whoever/ whatever the football that is.

6.) 22 Feb 2024 10:08:16
I was 1 of them who thought was a poor signing and I'm delighted he has proved me wrong. 1st 3 months of season he did look like poor signing but from start of dec he has been magnificent. Such a likeable player who gives everything and v intelligent positioning. also v good on ball. Only fault I have with him now is he seems to start games quite slow, takes him a while to get into it.

7.) 22 Feb 2024 10:14:42
He's a great player. He was judged early on by many when he was taken by surprise (by his own admission) by the pace of the Premier League. He's adjusted really well and looks a real bargain.

OP - I think 4 more years would be a push but another couple to bed in a long term DM is very realistic.

8.) 22 Feb 2024 11:48:46
Nice one, Digger10. I didn't want Ox here when we signed him either and I made my feelings known on here at the time. He proved me wrong and I admitted it and since then, I do not criticise our signings anymore at the beginning. I give them time to either confirm what I thought of them at the start. Or you know, "disappoint" me. As you can tell, I ma open to being "disappointed in this regard, lol.

9.) 22 Feb 2024 15:47:36
Shipley, I would hope that Endo gives time and space to Baj to come back and also time and space for Trent to grow into the role.

We could then have Trent and Baj rotating the DM role, and Trent and Bradley rotating the RB role.

Great to have versatile options, especially with Mac (who I also hopes has a long career with us) learning the DM role (mainly through necessity) during this season.

10.) 22 Feb 2024 17:12:28
OliRed, I agree. Endo’s positioning is exceptional and his ability to win the ball back is also of a similar standard. Another thing he started to display once he got comfortable in the team was his willingness to receive the ball and keep things moving.




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12 Feb 2024 16:16:07
Really hope so!




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30 Jan 2024 17:56:28
Maybe because he wants to manage ajax.




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29 Jan 2024 11:18:14
I really like ruben amorim he has achieved a lot in his short career he speaks english if he has a genuine desire to manage us i would be happy, he is going under the radar but could be a shrewd option.




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05 Jan 2024 13:03:16




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01 Jan 2024 23:45:42
I love the guy he could have what ever hairstyle he wants he is a legend. wonder if we will ever see skin head mo .





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28 Feb 2024 23:15:34
The game needed to settle down then you seen Clark grow into the game the pace is something they all need to adapt too of the English game rather than the reserves. I thought mconnell was steady many levels to go up, koumas looked like he was over excited as expected, danns I honestly think is a cracking substitute option to learn his craft of the bench.




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27 Feb 2024 12:49:48
The versatility is priceless, the quality in passing is very underrated, his spirit is unbreakable, his defending has had dips but overall he is a beast and lastly the man is one of our leaders.




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26 Feb 2024 13:13:42
I also doubted the move . how stupid was i? I would like more japanese players because of him the proffesionalism is impeccable.




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25 Feb 2024 20:04:22
I demand to know! Where is endos song ?.




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25 Feb 2024 19:50:44
Damn right 16 million gets you everything these days .




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