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Where from: wales

Favourite player: luis garcia

Best team moment: 2-1 liverpool at nou camp


Timezone: (GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca

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14 Apr 2015 23:03:33
Anyone interested in Coutinho right now Eds? With his superb individual performances this season I wouldn't be a surprise to see teams better than us in the CL chasing him. I am worried they could easily turn his head, If he had the players of his quality around him he could achieve totals worthy of some of the all time greats really. If a team comes in for him I would doubt our ability to convince him this is the right place.

{Ed002's Note - Not that I am aware.}




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05 Jul 2020 22:29:10
As for Thiago ed001, do you remember when we signed Gini you mentioned it was not necessarily a player we were always chasing, just an opportunity arose and Klopp took it because he wanted to work with the player? Could it be something similar? Klopp has mentioned Thiago before in interviews its clear he adores him, could it just be that he would love a chance to put him in his team, if we can sort out the right deal?

Bit like when I sign 34 year old Totti on cm0102 for 55k a week, just so I can have him.

{Ed001's Note - I suppose so.}

1.) 05 Jul 2020 23:57:57
Did Ake sign yet Ed001?

2.) 06 Jul 2020 11:28:40
just deciding on Ake or Mings, Barry. Tough choice.



03 Oct 2019 09:41:58
Gomez was better second half and stopped a certain goal don't forget. He was reasonable on the ball too but what he has to do is stop trying to muscle everyone away amd just deal with the ball.

1.) 03 Oct 2019 12:46:13
Gomez is the type of player who needs time to get back into it. He can't just come in unexpectedly and be back to his best. He is young after all its hard to look amazing when you are next to Virgil! Last season after a run of games he was very good.

2.) 03 Oct 2019 17:06:18
Gomez has not been playing for a long while now so it is only normal that he struggles a little bit. If people can't understand any of that then, I can't help them.

3.) 03 Oct 2019 18:37:34
Gomez played in the League Cup less than 2 weeks ago.

4.) 03 Oct 2019 20:02:30
Bit of a step-up from MK Dons though IR?
We are allowed to agree with RedWolf occasionally ๐Ÿ˜€.

5.) 03 Oct 2019 22:41:58
Yeah, IR. Cos clearly, Gomez playing ONE game in 2 months will put Gomez in the same frame of mind and match fitness levels as Matip who has played EVERY game in the same time span. Brilliant analysis, IR. I wouldn't quit my day job and and become a footie analyst any time soon, if I were you.

6.) 03 Oct 2019 23:59:50
I don't think you should give up your day job either Redcat. when you reply to someone so arrogantly the basic thing you should do is read what was posted . Irish was 100% correct Gomez played the league cup game just 2 weeks ago, and that was in response to your wrong and invalid and misleading comment that Gomez have not been playing for a while now.

7.) 04 Oct 2019 01:44:24
People are so quick to write off players these days. A bad game and suddenly a player needs to be dropped. A year ago Gomez was being called one of the best defenders in the league, he needs time to get back up to speed.

8.) 04 Oct 2019 02:31:15
Two weeks in football is a long time as I remember people was making that excuse up for how poor we played in the champ final, it wasnโ€™t just Gomez who played badly the team played crap after we went 3 nil up. Every week a player gets bashed on here.

9.) 04 Oct 2019 11:31:00
Roy, I don't know whose post is funnier, yours or IR's. Gomez had played ONE game in two months and that is a fact. Him playing one game 2 weeks a go does not remove from any of that and contributes to him being off form and struggling vs a very good RBS team. That was my broader point BUT I guess you missed it. Clearly, using wider perspective is not your strong suit. There was nothing arrogant nor misleading in that statement. It is pure fact. If you and your ilk want to bash Gomez then feel free to do so and the rest of us will counter your insults with facts. Peace and love.

10.) 04 Oct 2019 15:31:04
Gomez has played 480 mins of football since the start of the season.

11.) 04 Oct 2019 15:51:09
Gomez is a great centre half he needs game time along side VVD to re-develop the partnership they had at the start of last season yes gomez has had game time but not with the compete first team relationships need to be built on the pitch so your all right in your own way give the lad support and trust he find the talent he showed he has last season.

12.) 04 Oct 2019 17:49:58
RedWolf, I understand your point and I posted the same a couple of hours after the game in the match posts pages . But that's besides the point here, In your original post you said:
"Gomez has not been playing for a long while now"
Which is incorrect, Irish was stating a fact when he posted:
" Gomez played in the League Cup less than 2 weeks ago. "

Its irrelevant if one game is enough or not to regain sharpness, most likely no, but that will be my opinion and because I don't know enough I am definitely keeping my day job . Peace and love to you too brother.

13.) 04 Oct 2019 18:37:28
I would agree with what you have said Berg, it's a balanced assessment. Gomez maybe needs a "run" of games to see his best, which might be hard for him to get.
Clearly not the one game in two months waffle, which would be a good reason if it was correct.



09 Jul 2019 14:47:55
We've signed the youngest player to play 10 games in Eridevise, about to sign the youngest ever premier league player. Now I heard we are interested in a very young player from the brazilian leagues; Embryano. Anything eds?

{Ed002's Note - I know his mother.}

1.) 09 Jul 2019 16:10:47
I believe his club aren't keen on celling him yet.

2.) 09 Jul 2019 16:29:08
I can sense a star being born. Hope we don't sign him prematurely though.

3.) 09 Jul 2019 16:34:38
im sure there are restrictions on young players from Brazil i think they have to be 18 plus to move.

Could be wrong.

4.) 09 Jul 2019 17:40:13
Jkh1983 taking the bullet! I heard we've agreed a deal, but it's not going through for another 9 months.

5.) 09 Jul 2019 18:42:20
Doesn't he have to get past the fetal stage first b4 being considered as transferable?

6.) 09 Jul 2019 19:10:11
Beef. Believe it or not we are going for an even younger player from minor Italian leagues. Name of Pregnazzi.

7.) 09 Jul 2019 20:14:01
I've heard a rumour from my milkman this morning that were signing a local lad called Twinklin Z'eye.

8.) 09 Jul 2019 20:23:08
Think you are forgetting the youngest of them all, from the Bundesliga. Flirtner or something. Or the russian hope for the future, Tinderovich.

9.) 09 Jul 2019 16:18:52
Are you and his mother married? Maybe he is your son? .

10.) 09 Jul 2019 21:44:37
Rugby Parker lad, why should we wait for 9 months when the seed has been planted?

11.) 09 Jul 2019 22:21:08
Hopefully the club don't labour too long to get this lad out here.

12.) 09 Jul 2019 23:30:07
Doesn't he pla-centre half?

13.) 09 Jul 2019 23:51:01
I'm not sure he's quite ready to cut the cord yet, unfortunately, as his delivery is great.

14.) 10 Jul 2019 06:08:25
Are you his father ed02๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†.

15.) 10 Jul 2019 10:06:03
AHAHAHAHAHA. This is the best thread ever. I'm not even going to try come up with my own, just enjoy the genius of others.

16.) 10 Jul 2019 13:00:29
Normally all the loonies come out at night. Here we get together and post during the daytime during silly season. ๐Ÿ˜‚.

17.) 10 Jul 2019 13:14:56
We won't sign him. Period.

18.) 10 Jul 2019 14:13:05
Pillsboro Town hijacked the deal.



16 May 2019 14:45:15
Accidentaly hit send

{Ed002's Note - I can't do either - just reply to the previous post

1.) 16 May 2019 14:55:17
Ed002 you legend๐Ÿ˜‚.



16 May 2019 14:37:18
Harry Wilson. Wonder what lies ahead for him. I know a few reckon he doesn't graft of the ball, but you can drive that into someone. Sterling was never going to be a Guardiola player in most peoples minds for instance.

Wilson has got talent with the ball, good technique, agility, and that low centre of gravity to breeze by players, and the best thing is. he is already our player! You can bet if he is a derby graduate who has been a top performer in the championship sonce Jan 18.

1.) 16 May 2019 15:38:37
Shaqiri replacement for me mate wether that be now or next season. He has huge potential.

2.) 16 May 2019 15:51:54
I hope if they get promoted he spends a season with them in the Prem, better for his development if he plays as a starter.

3.) 16 May 2019 16:04:21
All depends on him and the effort he is willing to put in. We have seen Klopp and coaching staff improve almost every player they have worked on. So the potential for Wilson to break out is certainly there.

4.) 16 May 2019 16:33:52
Yeah I didn't finish. I meant to say if he was say a derby academy graduate and performing like this, he would be one of the hottest properties and the media would link him to everyone. Half the fanbase would be clamouring that we should go for him, and spurs would be ready to pay 35m for him (grealish ๐Ÿ˜‚) .

I hope he wins the playoff final for Derby and then is loaned to them to get regular prem football. I think this is unlikely because they would likely want a permanent move and I think he might just fancy that over a squad role for us.

I really don't want us to be kicking ourselves when this guy say tears it up for 2 years in prem and who knows what next after that?

{Ed001's Note - would we really be clamouring for him? He has done ok but not sure he has done enough to deserve a spot in Liverpool's team. He does not work hard enough.}

5.) 16 May 2019 16:24:55
If he can't track back he will find his game time limited like Shaq.

6.) 16 May 2019 19:45:15
Its the fine balance of promoting youth to help boost the squad can work like with Trent, gomez
Iโ€™d be happy to give Harry a go in out squad, be interesting to get views on what his value would be if we cashed in
Solanke ยฃ20m ish surely Harry would be a fair bit more.
If he took llalanas place say would that be such a bad thing.

7.) 16 May 2019 20:03:13
Heโ€™s got one hell of a strike but not a lot more imo, I would cash in when his stock is fairly high.

8.) 16 May 2019 23:04:11
Needs more strength.

9.) 17 May 2019 11:46:42
he does not have he engine to unseat any of our starting 11.




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22 Jun 2020 15:30:28
Maybe we can buy him off a southampton or salzburg in 5 years.



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14 Jun 2020 11:59:14
Can liverpool just not register a player in their squad if they don't want to? So they wouldn't take a non hg place?

{Ed002's Note - Sure - but why would they do that as they would be paying a player who would be unable to play?}



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10 Nov 2019 13:14:23
Hi mate I agree, Maddison would be an excellent signing.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool have no interest in him.}



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08 Oct 2019 22:45:48
Anyone care to guess how many times virgil will ask about january transfers in the next 3 months?



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25 Sep 2019 15:57:38
So full of bs that klopp trusts ljinders with his life by the seems of things.




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05 Jul 2020 22:25:01
Love how suddenly everyone is an expert on Diego Carlos. Honestly, who can bare to watch a 90 min sevilla match to know how he actually is. Maybe old time posters can remember 10 years ago a certain Croatian cb at Lyon who was supposed to be the answer, what do most think of him now? Simon Kjaer is another who was destined for greatness on this site, whatever happened to him?

Not picking on you Alonso1786, I appreciate your post, but I don't think the eds are having us on when they say there is very little money anywhere. Not just Liverpool but almost every team around. So that also means we are unlikely to generate much money from sales of potentially Wilson, Shaqiri, Grujic, Lovren because no one will be able to pay the kind of money we would want. That goes for Origi too but doesn't seem to be any hurry for him to go either.



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22 Jun 2020 15:32:54
Where are we going to find this magical full back who is good enough for us on both sides but is willing to join us without being first choice? He doesn't exist.



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21 Jun 2020 22:53:46
Its really ridiculous that theybare allowed to just publish utter lies and make money from them.



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21 Jun 2020 10:55:31
Im still on cm0102 myself. Just started the 2160/ 61 season.



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21 Jun 2020 10:54:42
On one hand we have won a few games like that, by the odd goal, maybe a little fortunate, but at the same time in most games we waste many good opportunities too so the opposition could count themselves fortunate that it's not a riot. If anything it gives us a clear direction to still improve.