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Team: Liverpool

Where from: Malaysia

Favourite player: Gerrard, Ronaldo R9, Raul

Best team moment: 2005 Champions League Win!


Timezone: (GMT +8:00) Beijing

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01 Feb 2020 20:43:50
Hi Eds and reds, Klopp mentioned a change in Fab’s position at half time; I couldn’t spot it on the tv so would greatly appreciate if someone could explain what he changed?


{Ed001's Note - he was moved slightly higher up the pitch and given more freedom to get forward.}



12 Jan 2020 11:13:17
Hi Ed001, do you think Alisson has improves in his handling? Seems like he gives out zero rebounds these days?


{Ed001's Note - hard to tell, he is not exactly being worked enough to judge him!}

1.) 12 Jan 2020 12:00:16
He seems to hold on to everything he can, so refreshing after the years of Mignolet and Karius.

2.) 12 Jan 2020 13:17:13
Ha I suppose so Ed. It’s just that when I watched some old clips of him on YouTube (I know, I know) he seemed to parry a lot in those days. Now his positioning is so good that he’s able to just catch to ball.

I agree Lambo mate, safest pair of hands!

3.) 12 Jan 2020 13:36:23
He makes saves look easy and everything Is effortless, honestly liverpool have never had a better keeper in there history, he might b the best I have ever seen in the world.

{Ed025's Note - you obviously never seen ray clemence hailstones..

4.) 12 Jan 2020 13:45:16
It's a bit like Andy Robertson. We've had a lot of top class forwards, wingers, midfielders and cbs over recent years but have struggled to get a really good lb and gk. Now we have two of the best around. Thought Ali's catching was class yesterday.

5.) 12 Jan 2020 14:53:08
He's up there hailstone but Ed is right. He hasn't had to pull many out of the bag. Teams are reduced to shooting from mid distance at best and he gets down really well. But we haven't seen him up at the top left hand corner much. What he is having to do he is doing really well.

6.) 12 Jan 2020 23:51:07
Neville southall wasn’t bad either.

7.) 13 Jan 2020 00:25:28
Ray clemence was awesome but very different keeper in my opinion. More commanding of his box, prob better in the air but Becker is better at starting attacks and def better with his feet :-) .

8.) 13 Jan 2020 05:52:40
When did we sign Nev lerchy?



23 Sep 2019 04:34:57
Hi all, just curious about something from yesterday regarding the supposed time wasting by Trent; the warning was given to Adrian earlier, then another player does it (in context) and gets booked. Is that correct? What do you think Ed001?


{Ed001's Note - I would have had no problem if he was actually booking him for time wasting rather than just to get the crowd and Chelsea players off his back. He had no problem with Trent taking longer over throws in the first half. It only became time wasting when he needed an excuse to show a card to a Liverpool player. Otherwise it is fine as the warning applies to all players not just Adrian. }

1.) 23 Sep 2019 05:08:51
Oh I see. Gotcha Ed. But yea, it did look dodgy, as in the decision to book. And Jorginho was mouthing in the ref’s ear all game but that’s apparently fine.

2.) 23 Sep 2019 06:20:28
It’s such an inconsistent area, the time wasting by apposing teams at Anfield is unbelievable at times, especially from the keepers yet nothing ever gets done about it, maybe a yellow card gets shown in the dying minutes.

3.) 23 Sep 2019 07:46:55
I understand the ref was under pressure, but he had spoken to Hendo about it just a few minutes earlier so was clearly trying to make a point. It's up to the captain to relay to the team that the ref has set down a marker and any borderline time wasting will be carded. Not saying I agree, just how it looked to me.

4.) 23 Sep 2019 08:22:54
Whether he is harsh to book him or not, it's brainless from Trent really. As Burkey pointed out, he had spoken to Hendo 30 seconds or so earlier. He had to book him, or else his word meant nothing from that point on.

5.) 23 Sep 2019 09:17:33
It's a silly rule. All home teams bypass the time-wasting rule by ordering their ball boys/ girls to delay returning the ball when their team is ahead hence the rule is unfair to an away side as only the players can be booked for time-wasting. Just add the time at the end of normal time for God's sake.



16 Sep 2019 12:54:44
Hi Ed001, this past week we’ve heard numerous praises for Bobby (and rightly so), from Steve Bruce comparing to how it was the same with Cantona in that Utd side (in terms of making the team tick), to people labelling him the Brazilian King Kenny. Seeing that they are before my time, are the comparisons on point? Interested to hear fellow reds as well.


{Ed001's Note - exactly on point and what I have been saying for a long time. He is the key to the way we play. He runs the attack, the movement and space he creates, plus his ability to then play others in and the vision to spot what he has done, are the difference.}

1.) 16 Sep 2019 13:24:15
He reminds me of a Tevez/ Bergkamp hybrid. Tevez for hustle and Bergkamp for guile. Such a great player and at the top of his game right now.

2.) 16 Sep 2019 13:59:08
Thanks Ed. I know you’ve been singing his praises long before. Would you agree players like Bobby would have a longer lifespan in the game, considering his biggest asset is his intelligence and not any particular physical component?

Have to agree there Redwillis, he does have a bit of both!

{Ed001's Note - yes, because his game is not about pace and stamina can last well into the 30s.}

3.) 16 Sep 2019 15:05:21
And many of the people now singing his praises a year ago were saying how he wasn't good enough!

4.) 16 Sep 2019 18:47:00
I don't see the hype to be honest. Will score less that 15 league goals this season.
Need Harry Kane or the like and we will get 2nd for the next several years.

5.) 16 Sep 2019 18:52:47
If this was an NFL team, Bobbie would be the capt. (they have a shinny "C" on their shirts) of the offence, just like VVD would be the capt. of the defence (With a shinny "C" on his shirt as well".

6.) 16 Sep 2019 19:00:28
Off fishing walter?

7.) 16 Sep 2019 19:12:37
dont yuo bored of trolling walter seriously mate
you post for a reaction
I don't think yuor a liverpool fan forgive me if you really are but that above post is just laughable.

8.) 16 Sep 2019 19:15:44
Need to make the WUMmery more opaque there, Walter.

9.) 16 Sep 2019 17:31:47
Exactly Salah. I for one have never said that he wasn't good enough. I just always thought that initially he would be better playing behind another striker.

I am of course both wrong and right at the same time with that theory. He's best with his starting position as the number nine to draw defenders out of position, but he is kind of playing behind a striker; well two of them actually, when he drops deep. It's just that the strikers are running in from wide positions rather than being typical central strikers.

I've just read that back and I'm finding it hard to understand myself, but hopefully you can see what I'm trying to say.

10.) 16 Sep 2019 19:26:36
Why are you all feeding Walter the scraps that he wants? Surely after this weekend (if he even watched the game) must be ridiculously stupid if he can't see what quality Bobby brings.

Even someone who has never watched a game of football in their life could watch that game and come to the conclusion that he's a class act.

Stop feeding him.

11.) 16 Sep 2019 19:58:10
Very true and a good way to look at it actually EP.

12.) 16 Sep 2019 23:36:45
About 2~3 years ago I said he was my favourite player of the premier league era and had more than a few thumbs down (I do miss that feature) . For a couple of years we've heard how underrated he is, but you can't say that anymore, there is so much press about him.

13.) 17 Sep 2019 09:04:14
I actually agree with Walter for once. if we brought in Kane we’d come second for sure. with bobby though we’ll be winning the league!

14.) 16 Sep 2019 22:51:21
Time and again we have seen how our game suddenly changes the moment Firmino comes on, if he's not starting. The team goes up a gear and our attacks become more confident and purposeful. What further proof do you need? Even Ian Wright (yes, the Arsenal player) says Firmino is the best 9.5 in the World; nobody better at what he does.

15.) 17 Sep 2019 14:34:58
Ignore Walter . Last season he thought arsenal would finish above us and thinks we should have bought butland instead of Allison. No reasoning with some people.



23 Jul 2019 17:29:14
With all the ridiculously detailed information that Ed002 provides (just had a look at the European pages), I’m thinking he’s akin to Raymond Reddington from the Blacklist; seems to know all the information and contacts in the world. The Concierge of Football, perhaps? ;)





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20 Mar 2018 08:56:39
Righto. Thanks ed!




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20 Mar 2018 08:48:57
Just to follow up Ed, who would you put in that world class bracket that’s “attainable”? Obviously that rules out De Gea and Buffon. I would say Alison and Oblak?

The other German options, Leno, Horn, Ter Stegen are very very good but I don’t know if they’re that much of an upgrade, if at all. Interested to know what other reds feel as well.


{Ed001's Note - Alisson would be the onlyone and I expect him to go elsewhere.}



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20 Mar 2018 06:01:12
Hi Ed, so based on your response up there do you think Karius has impressed to the extent that he should be the No 1 for next season?

I seem to recall one of the posters saying that Karius really impressed in training, and I also think he has improved leeps and bounds from last season. I’m excited because in a short space of time it seems like he has eradicated, or at least not exhibit, most of the errors of last season. It would be great if we can continue to see him develop year on year.


{Ed001's Note - unless we are going to get a world class keeper, I see no reason to change him.}



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30 Jan 2018 12:58:45
Just a “friend” eh Ed? 😜.


{Ed001's Note - well yes, until she got married. Her hubby objected to her having other 'friends' after that. Miserable bugger.}



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20 Jan 2018 07:26:01
If I had a birdie from Colombia I won’t be on this site as often.





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19 Feb 2020 07:19:37
Ed, would I be right to suggest that said swearings would be due to:
1. The drop and roll technique they employ that we are not teaching at our academy?
2. The calls and non-calls by the ref?

Also what did you make of our play? Seemed like after Mo went off we sort of had no penetration? There’s a ball by VVD to our right wing that I thought Mo could get to, but Ox didn’t manage.


{Ed001's Note - yes and yes. I mean how can you make a call from 40 yards away when your assistant is 2 yards away and says it is not a foul and you are on the blind side?

Mo was struggling too, I never saw that as the problem.}



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16 Feb 2020 10:41:48
Interesting read as always Ed.

2 questions:

1. In the specific areas that you compared them, where do you think our Alisson still need to improve? I personally can’t think of any except maybe command of area?

2. Were you surprised Van Der Sar stayed around Fulham for quite some time then? No other clubs were interested?


{Ed001's Note - 1. I totally agree with you, it is command of the area that he mostly needs to work on. Alisson should bully everyone in there and control it when a set piece is coming in.

2. Not really a surprise as no one really wanted him in the first place. People didn't understand what was so good about him then, as he was one of those players who made it look so easy. It was actually a surprise when Man Utd went in for him. In hindsight they should have gone for him much sooner.}



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09 Feb 2020 15:46:30
Very interesting read Ed, and enlightening too! What, if any, do you see that is still lacking, apart from experience?


{Ed001's Note - it is the experience dealing with big name players that he needs now. It is one thing working with players who are not well known and them responding, totally different getting the stars to listen to you.}



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24 Jan 2020 09:22:36
High praise from you there Ed! Do you know what was the single biggest factor in Virg upping his game to this level? I know prior to us signing him you mentioned he’s a perfect specimen physically but suffers from lapses in concentration etc.


{Ed001's Note - it is the mentality he has changed. Klopp demands intensity, adding that to Virgil has made him almost the perfect centre-back.}



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12 Jan 2020 13:17:13
Ha I suppose so Ed. It’s just that when I watched some old clips of him on YouTube (I know, I know) he seemed to parry a lot in those days. Now his positioning is so good that he’s able to just catch to ball.

I agree Lambo mate, safest pair of hands!