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12 Aug 2023 13:42:37
Any idea Ed's why Chelsea haven't just matched the Liverpool offer or whatever Brighton are asking for?


{Ed002's Note - They have two other transfers they are also dealing with today and have been in discussions with Brighton.}

1.) 12 Aug 2023 13:47:48
What's to discuss? If they want the player they need to out bid us Ed? Simple stuff isn't it? Something smells incredibly fishy about this.

{Ed002's Note - What do you think is "fishy" about it. There is plenty to discuss.}

2.) 12 Aug 2023 13:52:42
Melissa Reddy saying FFP and P/ S rules are a consideration and that Chelsea had hoped we would walk away and they could negotiate better terms. which is why we haven't. This is a complete farce in my eyes. We have been messed around royally here. So come on Chelsea. you know what you need to do.

{Ed002's Note - FFP and Sustainability rules are a consideration for all clubs.}

3.) 12 Aug 2023 13:59:18
I get that Ed and appreciate your replies but what I don't understand is everyone is saying Chelsea are struggling to offer as they risk breaching FFP etc. They have had long enough to sort this out. Off loading Kepa now I see. The whole thing has been done poorly on both sides but Chelsea are under the spotlight now. When i say fishy, it just doesn't add up what's happened and what is happening now. I appreciate I'm not in your position of knowledge but there are a lot of professionals calling Chelsea out on this. No smoke etc.

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea did not want to pay more that £100M that Brighton wanted for Ceicedo - it was not related to to FFP. There has been interest in Kepa Arrizabalaga from three sides - and there is nothing "fishy" in that.}

4.) 12 Aug 2023 14:15:01
can't see how there is an FFP issue with signing MC for 110m when they are also looking to sign Lavia as well.

5.) 12 Aug 2023 14:15:59
So why haven't they bid more?

{Ed002's Note - I don't get your problem - you seem to have convinced yourself that there is some issue which simply doesn't exist. Chelsea and Brighton need to discuss the offer and a number of other matters - and that is ongoing and no doubt will be concluded shortly.}

6.) 12 Aug 2023 14:59:33
The is some reports stating that Chelsea want the payments spread over 6 or so years while the selling club want an a more up front loaded payment which I assume Liverpool have offered, hence the being of the mindset they have a deal with Liverpool, all waste of everybodys time if he doesn't want to play for us.
Last 24 hours has been ridiculous.

{Ed002's Note - No, there is no such proposal. That will be from those who have misunderstood the amatorization in the accounts - just igore anything about the money.}

7.) 12 Aug 2023 15:09:21
Hi Ed002, heard from SkySports that Chelsea will bid 115m before the game tomorrow. Do you see that Chelsea will finally end this Caicedo saga with this bid?

{Ed002's Note - That will be up to Liverpool.}

8.) 12 Aug 2023 15:14:41
So Ed, Chelsea are trying to sell their keeper to raise funds and you say ‘there’s nothing fishy about that’. Well I for one definitely smell a kepa…. I’ll get my coat.

9.) 12 Aug 2023 15:15:11
I agree Ed002, this is why Chelsea have been offering 7/ 8 year contracts as a common practice since the new owner came on the scene. It allows them to reduce the cost of the player by spreading the payments across the length of the contract.

Nothing wrong with it, just smart business and allowing the finances to be spread thinner in order to keep under any requirements that may be in place by a governing body.

{Ed002's Note - No, you don't understand - just ignore the finances. The payments are not spread over that period. Absolutely hopeless.}

10.) 12 Aug 2023 15:32:06
Talking rubbish yesterday, a hopeless case today, I'm starting to feel the love on this site ?.

11.) 12 Aug 2023 15:36:54
Thanks Ed002. I doubt Liverpool wants to be dragged into another bidding war, I hope not.

12.) 12 Aug 2023 15:49:45
What do you mean by that the transfer depends on Liverpool, Ed? Do you think that Liverpool are also considering raising their bid after that next upcoming offer from Chelsea? With all these reports MC seems keen mostly on Chelsea so how can Liverpool get this deal done even if they raise the offer.

Thank you again on all your reports, that whole saga seems so confusing on both sides.

{Ed002's Note - If Liverpool wish to make a further offer there is nothing stopping them.}

13.) 12 Aug 2023 16:05:17
We should offer the asking price for Lavia and move on.

14.) 12 Aug 2023 16:10:17
Our offer was already way above what MC is worth IMO. Walk away and let Chelsea pay the £115m it's now going to take land him.

15.) 12 Aug 2023 16:10:20
If LFC were to up the bid, I think I understand what Ed002 meant by LFC screwing around now ???. They did it with RL and now MC saga. Player wants Chelsea, just let him go if it’s 115m.

16.) 12 Aug 2023 15:56:20
So you reckon that if Liverpool raise another bid Chelsea may back off? With all the fuss that this transfer has become how is that possible if we are talking about 5-10 million pounds above next Chelsea offer.

{Ed002's Note - No, I did not say that.}

17.) 12 Aug 2023 16:15:36
I can’t understand why we’d want a player who admittedly doesn’t Want to play for Liverpool Football Club?

Why don’t we put in an offer for Marcus Rashford aswel. See if Gary Neville fancies a job on the coaching staff.

Pull out! It shouldn’t even be up for discussion. This summer has been a disaster I’m worried about how we’re running the club personally. We’re a mess.

18.) 12 Aug 2023 16:19:37
How are Liverpool screwing around with MC? They have the only accepted bid from Brighton.

As for RL we obviously didn't want to pay £50m, which is why they haven't made an offer for that amount to Southampton and tried to negotiate a deal we were happy with.

19.) 12 Aug 2023 16:02:27
“Everyone” is saying Chelsea are struggling to increase their bid……

But Ed002 has refuted that.

I know whose information I listen to, Ed002 has a history and his source has stood up to scrutiny over years. He says forget about the finances - I would take that advice.

Chelsea not raising their MC bid = fishy
Liverpool not increasing their RL bid =?

It’s about value isn’t it? Clubs place a value on a transfer and negotiate around that.

Thank you Ed002 for keeping us up to date over the last busy few days, I’m sure you have plenty of demands on your time. ?.

{Ed002's Note - Thanks Ron.}

20.) 12 Aug 2023 16:26:58
Pretty sure that a new cap was I produced meaning transfer payments can only be spread to a maximum of 5 years moving forward, so even if the contract is 8 years, 5 years is the cap. I'm sure it is much more complex than that, but that's the basics, just so people stop going on about Chelsea.

{Ed002's Note - That is for the amortisation, not the payments- just move on from the finances.}

21.) 12 Aug 2023 16:32:31
Ed002, have liverpool put forward an offer to the player regarding wages etc? If so, Could they increase this to try and convince him?

{Ed002's Note - Well if Chelsea were to make a better offer it wouldn’t help. All the player is doing is keeping his word.}

22.) 12 Aug 2023 16:34:47
Ed's in your opinion, are both Lavia and MC going to end up at CFC?

{Ed002's Note - I really don’t know but they need two DM players so it is certainly possible.}

23.) 12 Aug 2023 16:36:47
I am saying if CFC were to bid 115m and we were to continue this bidding war, it will drag on and we will have the Arthur Melo situation.

24.) 12 Aug 2023 16:45:46
Oh my is this still going on?

Please let it go - no smokescreens, nothing ‘fishy’ just negotiations. We are not talking about what chocolate bar is best value for money - it’s excess of £100 mil.

He wants Chelsea (and why not) and they are negotiating, we should move on anti other targets and let MC and Chelsea get it done - I have no problem with this at all.

Maybe we could move on to other targets for position and maybe just look forward to the game tomorrow - could be a belter or very tentative!

25.) 12 Aug 2023 16:49:04
Ok thanks. Would it be possible he’s just holding out for Chelsea, but if they don’t match our bid, it’s not completely out of the question that he may still come to liverpool? But if Chelsea indeed do make an acceptable offer to Brighton, that’s where the lad will end up… Chelsea’s communication to Brighton is presumably, we’ll make a better bid, but just need to tie up a few loose ends with other imminent arrivals before we can sit and discuss the structure of the deal etc. makes perfect sense to be fair.

{Ed002's Note - It is possible.}

26.) 12 Aug 2023 17:54:27
I may be wrong here because I’m not on twatter where all the truth seems to be but I have not ever heard that Caicedo said he ‘doesn’t want to play for Liverpool’.

I’ve only heard that he prefers Chelsea where he’s thought he was going for the last 3 months or so. So being that Liverpool are in London this weekend (where I believe he is staying at present whilst refusing to train with Brighton) is there not a possibility that Liverpool will get a chance to sell him the project and he might decide to come to Liverpool after all?

Personally I think he’s worth half of what we offered and won’t be the transformative player people seem to think he will be but if he joins I’ll support the lad just like I support everyone else in a red shirt.

27.) 12 Aug 2023 19:06:34
I hope MC comes to Liverpool.

28.) 12 Aug 2023 20:26:15
Right I’ll try and explain amortisation as this is doing my head in. Amortisation is spreading the cost of a player over the life on their contract. Nothing to do with how it’s paid. Over however long of a contract they sign. How they pay for that player is irrelevant. That’s why chelsea were offering 7/ 8 year contracts to begin with as it was spreading the cost into their accounts. It now seems that FIFA / fa whoever it is that decides these things have now got wise to that and capped that ‘spreading’ period to 5 years regardless of how long they sign for .

29.) 13 Aug 2023 01:11:11
Would have thought that the length of the player’s contract is irrelevant to how the transfer payments are made. That one seemed simple.

{Ed001's Note - they are. People are getting mixed up. The fee was just amortised in the accounts over the length of contract, nothing to do with when it is actually paid.}

30.) 13 Aug 2023 16:15:09
The years on the deal likely are being added to reduce the leverage the player may have with outgoing transfers down the road, and from I can tell, that's the extent of it. Still important, but not beyond that.

Amortization and cash are two separate concepts. Amortization is now capped at 5 years by UEFA, so an 8 year deal is no longer used as a maneuver to circumvent the essence of FFP.

The payment schedule is whatever the buying and selling club agree to, and has no impact on FFP. Clubs have to always consider their cash flow, as you obviously need cash to run a company, so this is important. It's going to be appealing and a selling point to a buyer to get more cash up front, and likewise, a selling club needs to be careful not to overextend themselves but could also use this as an advantage if they're currently in a good cash position. Most PL clubs are not.




SzSz8's banter posts with other poster's replies to SzSz8's banter posts


20 Nov 2023 07:30:41
RIP Jose de Oliveira, sincere condolences to Bobby and his family, YNWA.


1.) 20 Nov 2023 07:47:19
Was about to post the same. Condolences to Bobby and his family.

2.) 20 Nov 2023 13:17:00
Sad to hear, condolences to Bobby and his family.

3.) 20 Nov 2023 14:34:51
yeah, man. I just heard the news last night. RIP, Jose De Oliveira. You raised a brilliant son who any father would be proud of. A truly wonderful family, as a whole. Peace and Love. YNWA!



01 Sep 2023 16:04:28
I wouldn't let Salah go for £250m in 1 payment this summer. If the Saudi's want him that badly now they will want him that badly next summer, simples!

We have the crown jewel which the Saudi's want for their league, let's make them dance to our tune.


1.) 01 Sep 2023 16:29:04
There is no like for like Salah replacement. But no club is rejecting £200 million for a 31 years with 2 years left of his contract let alone a £250 million bid. Issue with the bid is the timing. If this had happened a few weeks ago we could have reacted by having enough time to bring in a replacement. Personally I don’t want him to leave but if a £200 million bid comes in today and we can somehow bring in Victor Osimhen, I would take it.

2.) 01 Sep 2023 16:30:01
Don’t be daft SZSZ8 he is 31! He’s legs mite go in 6 months time then your getting sweet FA.

3.) 01 Sep 2023 16:32:56
Players and agents have the power I’m afraid.

4.) 01 Sep 2023 16:41:25
He's going nowhere. 7 hrs of transfer window left, impossible to get a raplacement at such short notice.

5.) 01 Sep 2023 16:46:14
They will pay it next summer, let's say they pay £150m! With Salah we get CL that is worth £60m minimum, plus if clubs no we have that money in the bank they're putting a premium on.

Longthing, me daft ? Salah only needs his legs to move in the Saudi league, they will make their money back 10 fold in merchandise and let's be honest it is pocket change to them.

Ron they only have the power when the person holding the contract allows them to. Salah will not go on strike, so what's the issue.

If Salah does get sold, can you imagine the melt down on this site about FSG making profit, etc this window. ?.

6.) 01 Sep 2023 16:49:24
Alonso speaks sense.

Irrespective as to how valuable we think he is no team is turning down £200 million in these circumstances.

7.) 01 Sep 2023 16:50:57
You don't replace a legend like Mo. You change the way you play.

8.) 01 Sep 2023 16:59:57
My guess it’s 150m with 50 m add on price for Salah, just my speculation, Ed’s have pointed out his agent has been touting him, Mo wants to go, so be it.

9.) 01 Sep 2023 17:04:23
I'm sure posters were saying there was no way you can turn £150m down for a player who is 31yrs old, but guess what, it's happened!

Osimhen is a great finisher but unfortunately I have no clue how he is needed in our squad if we did or didn't sell Salah. Who would play on the right? Don't say Szoboszlai or Diaz, they are in our top 3 players this season and moving them from their positions would be laughable!

10.) 01 Sep 2023 17:05:52
Not that it matters, but I wonder what Mohamed Salah wants? ?.

11.) 01 Sep 2023 17:33:25
SzSz8. Hypothetically speaking I wouldn’t move Szoboszlai or Diaz. I would deploy a 3-2-3-2 formation with Nunez and Osimhen upfront and Diaz Mac Allister and Szoboszlai behind them.

12.) 01 Sep 2023 17:45:53
To be fair Alonso I see where you are going with it, but this formation requires 3 x CB's and the reliability of our CB's is questionable.

I would however sell Salah next summer, buy Osimhen and 2 X CB who know this system and be very happy. but impossible this window, which is why £250m wouldn't get Salah this window.

CL football will mean Osimhen and top CB's will seriously think about joining us, without CL it won't happen! Salah near enough guarantees us CL football next season in my opinion.

When you do the maths from this point of view then turning down £250m makes perfect sense for the future of the clubs finances and our chances of winning/ competing for the major trophies.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool have zero interest in Osimhen.}

13.) 01 Sep 2023 17:58:22
I agree Ed002, I was just politely trying to understand Alonso's posts and make a scenerio where they could work. Which then justified my point of selling him this summer at this point can not be beneficial to the club in any way. ?.



14 Aug 2023 09:11:18
A question for you Ed001 and fellow reds. If you could handpick any DM in the world at the moment for Liverpool, available or not, who would that be?


{Ed001's Note - Bruno Guimaraes.}

1.) 14 Aug 2023 10:17:22
I think Bruno G looks superb but I wouldn't have considered him a DM, more an old fashioned box to box CM. Do you think he would be able to play DM for us with the rest of our midfield so attacking @Ed001? We all know he's unattainable right now but just curious anyway, cracking player.

{Ed001's Note - he played there at the weekend. He has played there many times before too.}

2.) 14 Aug 2023 10:23:21
To be frank, Bruno would be great.
He's a very good player.

3.) 14 Aug 2023 10:19:46
Ed1. I didn’t even think of Bruno Guimaraes. Even if we offered Newcastle say, £90 or even £100 million and they accepted. Would Guimaraes even be open to moving? I would like to think so but I’m not so sure.

{Ed001's Note - I have no idea but I doubt Newcastle would be interested in selling him for any price.}

4.) 14 Aug 2023 10:53:14
Interesting, I would have expected Tonali to be more defensive than Bruno G - probably a nice balance having the two of them there (I didn't see their match myself so just basing that on paper) .

{Ed001's Note - I expected that too, but Tonali was the box-to-box mid and scored because of it.}

5.) 14 Aug 2023 11:03:09
There was a story last week (sorry, I can't remember where I'd read it), where Eddie Howe said that they have no fear over Bruno leaving, or wanting to. Sounds like he's really settled and committed to Newcastle.

Fantastic player, but I doubt we could get him.

6.) 14 Aug 2023 11:55:27
Thanks Ed001, your choice of DM was unexpected but makes perfect sense and initiated some interest talking points.



11 Aug 2023 07:30:10
Great news to wake up to, perfect negotiations over Lavia whilst we waited for Chelsea to show their cards and then a no nonsense bid to Brighton.

The majority of comments this morning saying I never sore this coming, etc, were the same people slating FSG and having a go at posters who were trying to explain that negotiating is a process. There is something going on that we're not a where of.

Anyway who cares, we have got a dream DM and I couldn't be happier ? YES he is a DM and Trent will be playing the inverted RB, like it or not ?.


1.) 11 Aug 2023 08:26:22
OP, I didn’t see this coming either for sure and I’m no FSG I’m not out bro either. That said, I’m happy we got the player the club and Klopp wants even tho I think we severely overpaid for him. He’s a red and will get my full support. I’m just a bit worried about his attitude and the flakey way he conducts himself thru out this saga. What if he dies this ti us in the future? Either way, we have a DM now.

2.) 11 Aug 2023 11:43:14
Those are fair points OliRed. My way of looking at it is people are paid a lot of money to do a job. They evaluate every aspect of a player, then work out if it fits with what the manager is looking for.

Like when I get in a plane I have no idea what the pilots doing but trust they know their job, even if when I see them they look like they can't boil an egg ?.




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12 Feb 2024 17:39:33
Be great if it happens L5.




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11 Feb 2024 10:13:55
Give L5 a break, there are far worse opinionated posters on this site who talk BS! I wouldn't class him as a troll either, just because I disagree with Ed002 on this doesn't mean I don't appreciate his work on this site.




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26 Jan 2024 19:40:21
I'm guessing Kev your ex was the daddy of the wing and got bored of you once he'd ruined your capabilities to sit properly!




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09 Nov 2023 10:30:36
West Derby Wanderer3, it isn't just Scouse banter, it is a general British sense of humour, not exclusive to Liverpool. maybe not even exclusive to Britain ?.




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09 Nov 2023 07:23:36
It's not mocking, it's having a laugh!





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25 Feb 2024 13:42:18
JK23 funny you should mention John Terry, I sore him on Hammersmith bridge earlier on his way to Wembley, not surprising really as I heard he likes it on a Bridge. sorry Wayne! ?.




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25 Feb 2024 11:25:55
I was on the North Circular looking at Wembley Stadium in the distance! I clearly saw Salah and Nunez sitting in the arch hiding, they had their full kits on and looked ready to go so they must be starting.

VVD was in McDonalds though kicking off about the McRib not being a permanent fixture on the menu, he kicked the bin on the way out and broke his foot, so he is out!

Don't know about the rest of the squad and I don't want to make anything up about them, it's not in my nature!




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18 Feb 2024 17:24:59
Tommy Gunn your England bashing was going well until you had a pop at Bellingham, no when to quit mate and control your jealousy!




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23 Nov 2023 08:00:18
PB you want the majority to be acknowledged in the EPL voting system. However you start harping on about Brexit when the majority WAS listened to!




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10 Nov 2023 18:07:53
Ed025 your aunty doesn't even need balls now adays to be your uncle ?.


{Ed025's Note - I never thought of that Sz. Good point mate..



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