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07 Feb 2016 18:51:03
Starting to feel a little uneasy that over the last few years the seeds of a fan divide may be starting to take root.
There seems to be the "hardcore" fan, who feels because his dad and his grandad before that, were Liverpool supporters he has the right to class, " the new breed" as somehow not as important. (even though he may have spent the price of a £1000 season ticket just to get to and see 90 mins of football)
Nothing stays the same, and it was that romantic reluctance to accept change that has lead to Lfc being no more than a mid table team today.


1.) 07 Feb 2016 20:20:37
Correct, I blame the locals and in particular the season ticket holders for were we are today!

In no way is it a succession of poor managers appointed and terrible signings made by said managers or the formation of a transfer committee to help the substandard managers identify and buy substandard players or taking advice from outside party's who clearly no nothing about football or appointing people like Damien commoli whatever roll he did, no your spot on mate, I think the only people who should be aloud to attend home games are folks who live a minimum of 400 miles from Anfield and who are willing to pay 2k for a season ticket.

2.) 07 Feb 2016 22:31:09
Waro that's not what's being said. It's sad that the local will be unable to afford to attend a march in the future as I'm sure there will be more increases. But at some point the two roads had to merge. Football is a business now. A very lucrative at that and all who participate will be spending more yer upon year. If you don't the club will far way into the sunset.

3.) 08 Feb 2016 00:48:18
I don't agree with the rises as the new TV deal and extra fans going to games next year already will boost income to record levels however do u not think fans would be more forgiving to pay if the money went to buy WORLD CLASS players and not the average/ potential rubbish we usually throw money at. With the players we could get rid of in the summer we could have a good amount to start with, (benteke, markovic, balotelli, Allen etc) then sign a handful of top quality players in key areas, and use the likes of smith, brannigan more, that way the fans can see money out of their pockets is going to good use for once.



25 Oct 2015 19:48:59
Need Hendo back asap to add a bit of drive to that midfield.




01 Jun 2015 23:10:57
Does anyone else get P.O`d (annoyed) when players who are contributing nothing to the club either because of long term injury or non selection have their pictures plastered all over twitter, or magazines, papers etc. having a whale of a time, all smiles and champagne and dressed to the nines.

Sometimes they are not playing through no fault of their own, for example Borini, or maybe because they are crap (Enrique), but either way I like my injured/ non selected players to be mean, moody and angry !

Recovering players should be either in the gym or resting at home to ensure earliest and best return. Non selected players should be dedicating their every waking hour to improving their game so as non selection isn`t possible.

I am sure we can get a cheaper Club Clown than £60K a week Enrique !

Flanno is an example of how it should be done, under the radar !


1.) 02 Jun 2015 00:55:00
Footballers are people too! It's a job, they're allowed to have lives outside it

2.) 02 Jun 2015 00:59:35
They aren't humans after all

3.) 02 Jun 2015 08:33:12
I don't care what they do with their personal time and money as long as it befitting of the apt behaviour expected of them. I prefer not to see Jose Enrique's new nail polish though.

4.) 02 Jun 2015 10:39:45
Cant tell you how much i hate this attitude that somehow footballers should always be thinking about us, the fans, in everything they do, and that we control their lives.

I bet you'd call for someones contract to be terminated if they were seen eating with john terry at a restaurant maybe a bit too close to stamford bridge.



18 Mar 2015 19:21:42
Top 4 or not Rogers is going nowhere, I am convinced the owners will stand by him for at least one more season.

These owners don`t act on instinct, unlike a lot of folks on here, they know good things take time and we at last have a solid base on which to build over the next few years, but we must keep our best players and add only real, ready to go quality.


{Ed002's Note - You don't know much about the owners. They demand success. Rodgers promised that and has failed completely. He may well keep his job but he will be gone immediately if Liverpool have another poor start to the season.}

1.) 18 Mar 2015 19:32:07
Wow. To the point Ed But right i suppose.

2.) 18 Mar 2015 20:08:21

3.) 18 Mar 2015 21:59:53
Eds if the owners demand success, how did BR see xmas, and who do you think they would look at next time a more experienced man or another BR type manager .

{Ed002's Note - Done to death.}

4.) 19 Mar 2015 00:11:46
BR is on thin ice REGARDLESS of if he keeps his job this year. People should just stop placing their opinions as if they were the owners. People thought KK would not be let go by the owners YET he got the boot. If the owners could do that to a club legend after failure, BR has no chance in hell of keeping his job if they think he has failed and based on his pre-season promises, he has failed.

5.) 19 Mar 2015 07:24:25
Sacking Rodgers calls their own judgement into question.
They only sacked Hodgson because they were forced to by the fans.
I don't buy this idea that they are trigger happy.
Yes they want success but they look like they are the type to build towards that success rather than expecting it instantly.

6.) 19 Mar 2015 08:12:41
Jonny - if you think Rogers is building towards anything if he has yet another bad start to the season (bear in mind that will be 4 years in a row where he has screwed up the start of the season) then you are deluded. If he does enough this year to put us back into a decent position to start next year then fair enough (i.e. Champions League and hopefully the FA Cup as well) but this is the last time he can allow another awful start

7.) 19 Mar 2015 11:31:12
Please see how the owners acted with regards toward the Redsox before saying you ''don't buy'' something. History there and here would suggest that abject failure in the face of expenditure, will result in being given your marching orders

8.) 19 Mar 2015 17:48:15
Thanks for the deluded comment. Classy.
This is the last time he can have a poor start. According to you.
The owners have said nothing to back you or me up.
It is just conjecture.
My point is that he is their choice of manager.
If they sack him then they are to blame for having poor judgement in the first place.
I don't think he is a bad choice, I think he is a brilliant choice, I just hope they have the balls to see it through to the end with no knee jerk reactions ie. sacking him.
Long term I think they will be rewarded by choosing him as manager.

{Ed002's Note - They know he was a poor choice and that has been borne out of the vast amounts of money spent and the complete lack of any success. They have had people reviewing the club from top to bottom and have made many changes already as I have explained. Now the money has gone and the club is in very significant debt with on going FFP issues. His promise to challenge in the Champions League and to win or challenge for the EPL has been replaced by him saying that getting a top four place will be a better achievement than last season. His media skills and his foot & mouth problem are an absolute joke. He has publically discussed internal club issues regarding players all season.}

9.) 20 Mar 2015 07:28:37
Wow a manager who exaggerates what they might achieve.
Blow me down with a feather!!!!

{Ed001's Note - what manager does that then? They usually do the opposite. Your comment is just the idiotic retort of someone with no real comeback. It is a waste of time my replying as you clearly made no point, but I am doing it because it is not usual for you.}

10.) 20 Mar 2015 07:39:11
Sorry Ed.
I just don't agree with that.
While going from 2nd from 7th is not success it is progress.
If they can't see that then they are blind and incompetent.
Also I thought we have a transfer committee to spend the "vast amounts of money" you talk about.
You can't pin it on the manager if he only gets 25% of the decision making process can you?
As for his media skills. yes they are crap but so are a lot of managers in the premier league.
In fact I don't listen to a word any of them really say without taking it with a large pinch of salt.
I get the impression that you just don't like him.

{Ed001's Note - it is only progress if the following season you don't go from being 2nd to struggling to get into the top 4. If you can't see that then you are blinded by Rodgers' pearly whites. It is incompetent to see progress when none is being made.

The transfer committee had deals set up that were vetoed by Rodgers, in favour of his signings. Remy, for instance, so yes he can be blamed for the club having to spend nearly 3 times as much to buy Balotelli instead. I am not sure how blind and incompetent you would have to be to see Balotelli is not a better option than Remy, even though I don't rate Remy either. So yes, I can pin it on the manager, as he had the final say, which he is keen to mention whenever he can.

As for not liking him, I don't see the relevance, you may be unable to separate personal feelings, clearly, but some of us are capable of being rational in our decision making process. Rodgers has failed to reach the targets he set out himself. No one expected him to win the league this year, no matter what he said, but he mismanaged the team and tactics so badly that we aren't even in position to challenge. That is unacceptable that we are scraping around chasing Arsenal's 4th placed trophy. Everyone laughs at Arsenal fans for accepting that each year, yet Liverpool fans are now trying to claim it is an achievement! It is not an achievement when you finished 2nd the previous season and spent huge sums of money building a squad to do even better.}



05 Mar 2015 19:34:28
Is Ryan Mclaughlin still seen as having a future at LFC ? Although he must be around 20 now his name rarely crops up when discussions about potential future right backs are taking place.


1.) 06 Mar 2015 00:54:33
Nah, he's a bit too old now I'd suggest. He does a good job bombing down the wing but I just don't think he has the Premier league ability.

2.) 06 Mar 2015 03:38:01
pretty sure no one thought flannagan had the premier league ability initially as well.

3.) 06 Mar 2015 08:19:17
I was really hoping to see Mclaughlin get a chance at RWB in this 3-4-3 system we play right now, instead of shoe horning Ibe and Markovic into that position. If Brendan still does not give him a chance now, then i'm afraid its game over Mclaughlin at LFC.

4.) 06 Mar 2015 09:25:03
Indian Buzzer, I don't think that this time in the season is the right time to give players a CHANCE.Now is the time for proven players to get us over the line into a top 4 position If Rogers started putting in young unproven players now and didn't get top 4 because of it then he would get the sack at end of season

5.) 06 Mar 2015 11:04:08
I think he should be looking to get loan experience before getting that chance. Fair enough if we were stuck or if he was seen as a huge talent then give him a go but otherwise I like the way Wisdom played at Derby and now at West Brom (or used to before Pulis took over). Also Ibe can't but have improved for his half season with Derby.

6.) 07 Mar 2015 11:28:32
His only problem is that he is more injury prone than Carroll.




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20 Mar 2015 19:50:09
Bit unfair to say "stuck with Manquillo". He is very young, arrived at a big club in a strange country and was part of a very out of form team.

From what I have seen the kid give his all and did a decent if unspectacular job.

Surely he should be allowed to see out the second year of his loan, and maybe just maybe with the right coaching and a year of settling in behind him, his confidence will grow and he will attempt to get down the line more and deliver improved crosses as his friend Moreno does on the left side.

I think he defo has some talent and composure, but it may take another year to discover if he has enough of it to provide the club with a bargain !





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21 Mar 2017 22:03:58
and sky.




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20 May 2016 19:04:33
Does this mean Lfc can now stop paying Brendan 100k per week, as his "gardening leave" has ended?


{Ed002's Note - Yes.}



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14 Feb 2016 21:25:33
I think Kids, locals given your seat free on the understanding they must give it up if and when you turn up. what's the problem with that?


{Ed001's Note - so they then have to boot someone out? Not workable on H&S grounds, as you would have all these extra people milling around potentially.}



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11 Feb 2016 23:28:28
Dave brought my dad over to Palace match for his 70th Birthday, we live in N. Ireland and watch every Lfc match together on Tele and make trip to Anfield once a year.

Cost £800 all in, so yeah we "hardly ever go to game", but when we do its the cost of a season ticket.

There are plenty of good LFC fans who aren`t "local working class heroes", but we are prepared to pay out good money for the Anfield experience, which is being eroded by the so called "True fans" many of whom stomped out of the ground in a huff when Palaces 2nd goal went in. The preferred response from a true fan would be encouragement for a struggling team.




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05 Feb 2016 19:26:07
Seems simple enough, Klopps 10 day rule is designed to "encourage" Studge to push through twinges real or imagined in the knowledge its back to square one if he blinks.

Hopefully Studge will then appreciate not all niggles are an "injury", but instead part and parcel of life .