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04 Oct 2023 05:59:54
In specific situations like the Jones red the ref sees the video and makes a decision, to have different people for different situations opens it up for mistakes, in rugby the ref and video official talk it through and the ref says can i see something where i can award the try. In this situation they have removed the ref from the decision making and handed it to 3 people 2 var and the video guy, between them they all came to the wrong decision. The 4th official is closest to the onfield screen what's his role? he's a ref he is ideally placed to review onscreen decisions and physically relay them to the ref or it could be done by the ref, if there's going to be human error it has to be on the pitch by the onfield officials var boys hung the ref out to dry. Play must stop until there's a multi person yes or no from var to the ref to the point where its conclusive the right decision is made. Rugby and cricket have it spot on and i don't get the prem there's an arrogance that football can not be managed that way that its bigger and better and more important. Saturday showed how wrong they are 4 decisions went against liverpool the 2 reds the goal the 2nd yellow for a spurs player oh and maybe a 5th Spurs integrity, there can not in anyway be one person on the spurs team who did not realise the refs had screwed us out of a goal, wheres their integrity. No its the brilliance of their performance that got em 3 points that's their integrity.


1.) 04 Oct 2023 07:59:24
I really don't think you can argue either of the reds in isolation. I don't think VAR was used correctly in showing the still for 20 seconds and then a poor angle video and then the decision is made. Don't know if true but have heard the rule is to not show stills in this instance at all. So application probably wrong and while I don't want that as a red card I can understand It being given or at least having an argument about it. Which if that's the case you can't really say it was a wrong decision.

Apart from goal obviously the main ones for me were udogie not getting yellow for waving cards at Jota getting him sent off I thought that was big protocol this year. Gomez pen not even being looked at is weird. Romero apparently in crowd after goal and didn't get second yellow either? Again this has just always been a standard.

2.) 04 Oct 2023 08:35:35
But they didn't remove the ref from the decision making. The ref gave Jones the red card.

3.) 04 Oct 2023 09:41:48
But they influenced his decision, Rigsby. The ref had initially shown Jones a yellow-card before VAR intervened and showed stills that showed the worst part of the challenge without any context with what happened prior to it. The ref was given a subjective perspective to work with instead of getting the full-picture of what happened. He may have still come to the conclusion that Jones' challenge warranted a red card if given all the information he required but we may never know if that would be the case.

4.) 04 Oct 2023 10:24:59
Pickle, your premise that it should be a red is blown out of the water due to the VAR manipulating the system to show a still shot at the END of the play (something that is actually AGAINST the guidelines) esp. after the ref saw it and gave a yellow. Your premise is dead from the jump cos once the VAR broke protocol (strangely, something they claim they can't do whenever it suits them, right? ) and showed a still shot, all other things go out the window. It is what it is.

5.) 04 Oct 2023 12:40:16
Agree 100% Fbart, in rugby the assistant and VAR are there to support the ref, and everyone is pulling in same direction, but in the end he/ she’s always accountable.

In the PL, the implementation and design seems to be overly complicated, with so many parties involved it’s leading to lots of confusion on who, how and when it should be used (not to mention the communication issues) .

The sense of panic on the audio, with multiple different views involved, was palpable. In the confusion it didn’t even seem clear to the VAR and AVAR themselves whether they’d call it onside or offside (call it confusion or suspicious as you wish)

6.) 04 Oct 2023 15:35:51
Awk lads, just every time you see it it gets worse. Even more so from the audio being released too. As Ed said in his review there were simply too many incidents to review:
- Udogie waving the card for Jota to get booked after he tripped himself over? The fact Jota got booked was ridiculous, he never foulde the guy. It gets even worse when you realise that Udogie was allowed to gesture to the ref to book Jota - why was this not a booking? Is that not the rules to be applied? It gets even worse when you realise Udogie was on a yellow when he did that so should have been sent off - 10 v 10 we'd have won easy

- Ed mentioned the penalty incident with Gomez - VAR did not even look at it. If it had have been the other way round, would VAR then have looked at it?

- the sheer number of crazy bookings given to Liverpool

- the amount of times Spurs players waved imaginary cards at the ref and none were booked? Awk, so much for those rules that were laid down at the start of the season eh?

We have discussed the main points but there were lots of crazy decisions in that game - honestly the worst officiating I have ever seen since I began watching football in the 80s.



30 Sep 2023 22:27:23
Theres massive positive to come from this, with 11 men i reckon we would have won, with 10 men i reckon we could have won, with 9 men we had no chance, the only thing that cost us the game was the ref, var and Jotta. Now they come out and say VAR cocked up so hows that going to change anything. There needs to be investigations into irregular betting etc cuz that one on diaz offside was so bad it can not be explained.


1.) 01 Oct 2023 00:34:50
The biggest positive today was that Everton scored at home.



15 Apr 2023 17:54:36
So whos responsible for the speculation on Bellingham? Its been over a year we are in for him almost fever pitched in the press he wants to come he loves Hendo he's pally with Trent and let's be honest its been obvious we need him so why suddenly a player that money is no object is beyond our means?

Is it our transfer format or is it he will cost with a 4 yr contract 200 plus million with his tranfer being 120 million or near that, are the club that daft that they think they could get him for 80 mill. I am certain Dortmund must be wishing they asked 150 million for Haaland now.

Which might explain the potential fee for Bellingham. Its a massive kick in the spuds to the fans as its been nailed on for Bellingham for over a year now and now it seems we are off to Lidls to find a cheaper alternative. can't help thinking there's a sub plot in the press to completely destroy Klopp and wind up the fans.


1.) 15 Apr 2023 20:01:04
It was only ever nailed on, if you believe twitter.

2.) 15 Apr 2023 20:21:31
With the prices being quoted for Bellingham, Haaland was a Steal, maybe the greatest coup in PL history, a 40-50+ goal a season player and still with 8+ years ahead of him. Regardless of salary the guy was a steal and if he does move in a couple of years then City will recoup his fee and so much more.
We could recoup Bellinghams fee in 4 or 5 years time so really should show some ambition after spouting for the last year that he was our no. 1 target. Baulking at his fee now does make me start believing Harry, VVVV and Co who always said it was nonsense and was to placate the fans.

3.) 15 Apr 2023 22:21:27
It surprises me we never made a play for Haaland. Of course the wages involved are ridiculous, but realistically we all know he’s going to move on again in a couple of years, no doubt for about £200 million. We wouldn’t have lost money.

4.) 15 Apr 2023 22:28:29
I don't think it's over, . The fat lady has not even entered the building yet, let alone sing.

FSG are not idiots. Granted, I'll accept they are not geniuses, but they're not idiots.

So many things can still happen. And who knows what strategy this is or what's been said behind closed doors. I'm going to wait until he signs for another team. Just like it was never sure he was coming to us, it is just as sure that he's not coming to us. Media journalists make their living by making readers jump through hoops.

5.) 16 Apr 2023 08:02:57
Exactly, OP and MKS. After what Ed01 said during a thread I was on yesterday, this was an absolute NOTHING-BURGER from jump and those in the know knew it including BVB and LFC. ED02 said this an that Jude was too costly for us right now BUT why listen to reason when you can choose to believe Twitter? It was ONLY going to happen IF we were going to pay the money, which we never were.

People were fed half-truth and lies online and in articles by clout chasing journos to generate the speculation and drive the agenda and our own fans bought it hook, line and sinker. They never bothered to ask themselves, “Why would we sign a player for 130m when we have never done that before”? Or for FSG outers, “If FSG are rotten, tight fisted owners, how can they afford 130m on one player”? Nope, none of that went thru their minds hence, they chose to believe what literally never made sense. As we say in the finance industry, “If it’s too good to be true? It probably is”.

Does this mean it’s over? For this season, yes it is. For the future? No. We can definitely still make a play for Jude so we shall see. As for the Haaland stuff, that’s all old, white noise to me. If his wages are what they say they are as well as the insane agent fees then, NOPE. Not bothered.

6.) 16 Apr 2023 08:23:24
Have you considered the fact he could very well stay at Dortmund for next season? That could be the only reason for us not now chasing him - if we ever were.

7.) 16 Apr 2023 09:09:46
With live in hope ArAy and Mcgoveb makes a fair point about Jude possibly staying for 5 seasons and possibly moving to Real Madrid and recouping the transfer fee.
Providing he stays fit and in form for those 5 seasons and doesn’t end up a dud, which could happens, so there’s always an element of risk for the club I guess.

8.) 16 Apr 2023 10:12:33
Klopp wanted Bellingham for 2 years didn’t buy for 2 transfer windows coz he thought our midfield was good enough to save for Bellingham stop spouting crap about journalists and twitter feeding us crap and FSG can buy 100m+ players they bought one or a higher price one for there American team they own when they’d just bought us.

9.) 16 Apr 2023 10:20:37
The year is 2033 and Liverpool manager Pep Lijnders states that we are pulling out of the pursuit for 29 year old Jude Bellingham for a further year but there’s always next year.

DOF Jurgen Klopp states that there’s currently no midfielders in world football who are the right fit for Lijnders ball so we will likely look at giving 47 year
Old Milner and 42 year old Hendo another year extension with a last minute loan deal for someone who definitely isn’t the right fit also likely.

However If FSG can secure the investment of 10 billion for a 1% share in a club they are not selling then we will likely look at purchasing another left sided forward and clear the stadium loan in preparation for the upcoming seasons super league relegation battle.

10.) 16 Apr 2023 11:25:12
It's not been Bellingham or no one though, has it?
We were interested in Tchouameni and made a bid for Valverde.
These players might be out of our reach but you can't alter the facts to support your narrative.
Whatever you feel, we took a gamble on going with what we had (that's including Arthur ?) and it failed miserably. The defence has also started to leaking so that needs looking at, as well.
There's not a lot we can do about it now and it's not looking like we are going to have the funds that our competitors might have.
I was never that bothered about having a Ferrari anyway.

11.) 16 Apr 2023 11:29:34
We don’t need midfielders. We’re just hungover from last season.

12.) 16 Apr 2023 12:39:15
Really enjoyed that JK ?.

13.) 16 Apr 2023 12:56:58
KBL, there could be 2 reasons we pulling back as it’s been described, 1 you have stated.

2/ Cos the deal is done? As in the past not that a distant past either, we’ve “pulled out of deals” previously, for the specific player to be signed by LFC, one of the Ed’s showed the examples of whom earlier in the week, like a pattern had formed, just my opinion.

14.) 16 Apr 2023 12:59:58
Some truth in that, LFC8.
Because we needed midfielders last season ?.

15.) 16 Apr 2023 13:34:26
LFC8 in fairness mate City are also apparently having a bad season. They did play 5 less games than us mind so they should have no excuse.

16.) 16 Apr 2023 19:47:18
Bellinghamlfc sorry, you're the one talking porkies. First off, there is NO history of the club spending 100m plus for a player, fact. You chose to believe that FSG could sign a 100m player despite of gaping lack of evidence or precedent so if you believed that rubbish over the actual fact in front of you then, that's on you. hence, Hold that "L" real tight.

Also, where is this news coming from that Klopp was waiting for Jude and refused to sign anyone for two years cos I don't recall any of the Ed's ever mentioning this over the past 2 years on here? If that was the case then why tha football were we looking at Bissouma in the summer of 2021 and Tchouameni, Nunes, Laimer and Jude etc. this past summer? Can you explain that? I'll wait.

To me, that's another made up nonsense via twitter and/ or lazy journos you chose to believe cos the Ed's NEVER mentioned that. Now if you have the evidence that Klopped didn't sign a soul cos he was waiting for Jude then please, share it. If you don't then again, Hold That "L", mate.

17.) 16 Apr 2023 20:26:50
Fans got carried away with it.
I believe we were after him for sure.
But I think it's simply that we've decided we need to use the money on bringing in more players versus simply using all or the bulk of it on one. simple as that

For me, it would be worth it using all or most of it on him. You bring him and imo, everything changes in that midfield. Big risk with injuries etc, but I don't think it'd be a stretch to compare it to when Fergie signed RVP.

18.) 16 Apr 2023 22:52:28
Kew17 - that's fair comment, and you could very well be correct.

I doubt it though myself. I don't think any deal is done, but let's wait and see.



02 Apr 2023 09:35:58
The loss of form the sale of Mane and FSG selling not selling has put this club backwards. Not sure where FSG stand on Klopp but their obsession with adding value rather than success on the pitch seems to be the wrong ingredient, Klopp is the man who brought success maybe they fluked it with him but it seems FSG seem more interested in themselves than the club.

The investment coming in is due to sell a bit of the club and not from them, remember we pay them for the rebuilding of the stands so its not as if they are in love with football more in love with making a dollar on their investment. Nuclear option 1 sack Klopp no need to spend big, option 2 Klopp walks and no need again to spend big, it seems FSG are in it for the money.


1.) 02 Apr 2023 09:57:41
The sale of Mane?
He wasn't the player he was a few seasons ago and we replaced him with younger and more expensive players.
That's not letting our players rot, is it?
How will a new manager have more funds to buy players? We've got a manager that has won us the League, CL, FA Cup and League Cup with FSG money. What makes you think someone could do better than Klopp has?

2.) 02 Apr 2023 10:02:02
If Klopp hadn’t come in fsg wouldn’t have been successful at all. Fluked a few signings and Klopp worked miracles now it’s over.

I say “fluked” because if it was intentional where is it now?

I wish they would pack up and go but it’s unlikely in the meantime Klopp has seemingly lost the plot and ideas not helped much by every single player looking lost.

It’s the whole package, from top to bottom.

Fsg budget will not fix it that is the worry and do they really care. Doubt it.

3.) 02 Apr 2023 10:13:01
It’s funny how supporters turn….
Half the posters on here I’ve never seen when we were challenging for the title, winning cups etc

Now the chips are are down, they’re all out thinking they know everything.

{Ed025's Note - thats just the way life is im afraid drogie, when things are going well the sun is shining and the birds are singing mate, then things go tits up and the dark clouds gather and the knives come out, its not just liverpool mate it happens in all sports and in all walks of life, it could be worse could follow everton.. :)

4.) 02 Apr 2023 10:15:10
Adding further

The reason we had only £10 mill profit is down to the fact they used money to pay off the debt instead of adding players and investing into the team!
They hit a jackpot with Klopp. Prior to him it was Brendan Rodgers and his obsessions!

5.) 02 Apr 2023 10:23:45
ALL of the players that have played regularly are rinsed mentally and physically. It is the end of an era for that group of players, plus the big MF signings have not A-been good enough (naby) or B-been consistent or injury free enough (the rest) .
Klopp has never overseen a rebuild, now is his chance.
Why no sale is forthcoming, i have no idea because it is a perfect time for new owners to come in and invigorate the club and give Jurgen the cash he needs.

Its time for a massive clear out.

6.) 02 Apr 2023 10:26:09
I don’t think anyone can do what Klopp did on the way the club model works. And I’m not sure if Klopp can do it again looking at the current problems.

Which is a major worry. Because if anyone knows how easy it is to fall off the top of the cliff and not win a league title for decades is us.

For me our best bet is Klopp. But if he goes then FSG could find their current value of the club drop as we could easily go from competition challenging and winning team to maybe not even being at the top table of CL football season after season.

7.) 02 Apr 2023 11:13:45
Spaceman, I totally agree it is time for a massive clear out. The issue is it won't happen as the money recieced for the 10 or so players that really need to be moved on will be minimal and the replacements need to be starters . We need 3 new midfielders, a new CB and a RB to challenge TAA. that's a lot of expenditure.

Naby and Ox are leaving for nothing. Milner may stay but if he doesn't he will be free. Fabhino needs to leave but we won't get much for him. Matip the same. VvD looks like he needs to go so may get a few quid there . Maybe Mo as well. But realistically the biggest asset we have is the goal Keeper. And if he's sold then we are in bother. The big clear out is needed but the rebuild to replace, even after sales, is going to run it to hundreds of millions. No chance FSG will do that.

8.) 02 Apr 2023 11:48:05
Spot on jk23. If we got new owners willing to invest big money into team like arsenal's for instance there is other managers who could bring us success. If it's fsg's model we stuck with I can't see any manager who could bring the levels we've seen over last few years other than klopp.

9.) 02 Apr 2023 11:52:05
The clear out needed is simply selling/ losing the ones that either play very little or play poorly when they do and are frankly over paid.

I mean, Bobby, Ox and Firmino should have been sold seasons ago. Youth players could easily make up the minutes they have all played (or lack of minutes therein) and at a fraction of the wages

Then there is Matip, clearly declining and constantly injured - again sell.

I'd sell Gomez too, just has not been the same since his injury and now, frankly, is an absolute liability almost every game he plays

Jota as well, great memories of him fit and firing in the goals, but always a niggle or so these days

Look there are others as well like Jones, Williams and Phillips we could consider selling too

Look, a lot of those above could be replaced by youth players, again at a fraction of the wages, whilst bringing in much needed cash for investment needed in the squad

Then there are the 'big' calls to make:
- Fabinho for example, Ed2 has said we are looking at potential replacements so if we can get the right player in, offers would be considered for him - there have been a plethora of names mentioned already
- VVD, ah the big call. Quite the decline from where he was - would you sell now? Maybe give another season and ascertain then? I think he plays too many games, regardless of his form. Is he plays rubbish, as he has done a lot for both club and Country, he still always starts for us - needs dropped at times, rested, rotated imo if kept, or sold and replaced

Load of names for incoming mentioned. Personally, I like the idea of Ndicka and Gvardiol in. If we did sell VVD, I would then keep Gomez a season, we cannot sell all 3 of Matip, VVD and Gomez in one window - if we kept VVD then sell the other 2 - and assess the following season, if VVD or Gomez (whoever stays) improves then brill, if not, sell and replace

Look, we can talk about sales and purchases all day but we need to improve tactically and get the hunger back in the squad - that is the main thing Klopp needs to fix, he does need to be ruthless with some, as all great mgrs have been, but it is the mentality of the squad that needs fixed - no amount of investment will gloss over those current issues.

10.) 02 Apr 2023 12:03:45
Kimuraking. th1

Surely the club sale is not ruled out. It is a perfect time for someone to come in as the value of the club is decreasing.

We have some good young players that can save us plenty. Bradley, Morton and Doak help fill some of the gaps.

As for the rest, there is a whole lot of wages coming off the bill, and possibly 70/ 80m if Mo goes, but beyond that, FSG need to step up or else the value of the club will continue to fall, and if they are as ruthless as some make out, this will bother them.
The funds for incoming players need to come from elsewhere, other than sales.

2 starting MF's and a squad / rotation MF, a CB and a Bobby replacement (kamada on a free maybe) and someone to replace diogo would be enough to boost us back to good form (imo) .

The question is, which of the players are burnt, period. Mane looks spent, as do most of our regulars, which begs the question, are they done after years of heavy-metal?

11.) 02 Apr 2023 13:15:22
spaceman - you do know Sadio Mane plays for Bayern Munich right? Just checking.

12.) 02 Apr 2023 18:35:31
The solution is for FSG to sell to new owners who have deeper pockets and more ambition.



01 Apr 2023 18:32:01
Klopps pre match interview hinted that loss of form is down to players struggling to get going in games where the tempo is slow and they struggle again if they fall behind. So its a motivation thing. I would liken you defend from the front, mane and robbo a great combo and salah and trent another and combine that in a game you have a core of a great combination from defense to midfield, the loss of mane and diaz injury and nunez slow to get going has broken the right side of the team and combine what mane going with an ageing midfield the oposition can cut through and push robbo back and trent well he's had a stinker along with virgil and matip and gomez, tbh the teams gone largely down to age but the breakdown of the key components of the team the players that made a difference, sadly i would say the loss of mane had a massive impact on other players as the dream front 3 are now down to 1 and between them they made the rest of the team tick.


1.) 01 Apr 2023 18:47:52
I really do t mind getting beat but not in that manner we saw today it was truly awful and embarrassing. Unfortunately must take some of the blame for this mess as he’s been far too loyal to average players instead of moving them on last season and now he’s reaping the rewards.
Really want this season over ASAP.

2.) 01 Apr 2023 19:24:17
How exactly would Mane help here may I know? Teams have been targeting our right (Trent) area for years! Over the years we had someone to cover him today we don’t have that!
This has nothing to do with Mane!
Do you think teams would target that area if we had someone like Caicedo along side a proper DM?

3.) 01 Apr 2023 20:19:39
Because Mane took pressure off the midfield the loss of him alows teams to cut into our midfield and quickly into our defence who for some reason klopps got em playing a higher line. So with mane gone its not only weakened the front 3 its weakened the midfield and pair that with a high line you got teams cutting through ya. With mane the system was set it was proven it allowed the midfield time and space and mane salah and bobby were key components of it losing mane and bobby to some degree has allowed other teams to press into our midfield and quickly through our high defensive line. Klopps got to change this high line crap cuz its caused more problems than its solved.

4.) 01 Apr 2023 20:37:57
Mane was abysmal in his last 6 months.
You went against Ljinders when he played possession
Now you are against Klopp when plays pressing
What exactly should he play mate?

5.) 01 Apr 2023 20:47:29
Capital Income, Mane was superb the 2nd half of last season.

6.) 01 Apr 2023 20:49:06
Wasn’t mane put top scorer in the last 6 months? Not saying he would have changed anything as I think he moved on at the right time. But he was top scorer the last 6 months through the middle though.

7.) 01 Apr 2023 20:49:40
Mane was washed by some accounts and those people wanted him gone. They got their wish and He left cos he wanted to go and now he is the one we missing that would make Trent, VVD, Gomez and the lot play better? Embarrassing. People should make up their minds.

8.) 01 Apr 2023 21:58:02
What we're missing is not necessarily Mane, but what we were getting from that left wing position that he occupied. 120 goals (in total) in 6 years, or 269 appearances: 20 goals per season or a goal almost every second game. None of Diaz, Nunez or Gakpo are close to showing us that kind of success, where it really matters as a forward. And nobody should discount the pressing from the front, or the tracking back that his replacements have not done as much of. Yes, his form was slipping gradually, agreed. But his replacements still haven't reached as high as his lowest production, in my opinion.

9.) 01 Apr 2023 22:15:19
I personally think Diaz can't be compared to Mane. Mane was an inside forward, Diaz is a proper winger. And he has been sensational for us since he came in. Except his finishing everything seems top notch about his game.

10.) 01 Apr 2023 22:51:55
Why are people surprised at the result? Have you not been watching this season? Irrespective of the causes, which have been discussed over and over again, we have been a poor shadow of the team we were a couple of years ago. We have played poorly against average sides and lost and once or twice - prompted by an outburst of pride, as with United - we have risen to the occasion. When our heads drop against good teams we get hammered - Real Madrid in the first leg and City today.

Something at the club has to change in the summer with either FSG backing the club with transfer funds or a change in the way that the team is currently playing. If we aren’t prepared (or financially able) to change the squad then it seems quite possible that Klopp will leave, one way or another.

What ever happens I think there are more important issues for the medium / longterm future of the club rather than fretting about our final league position or the form of players for the remainder of the season.

11.) 02 Apr 2023 08:46:42
Gotta agree there, WDW2. This was Napoli, Brighton, Wolves and esp Real Madrid all over again. We’ve seen this movie multiple times before YET people moan as if this is the first or second time this is happening esp away from home.

12.) 02 Apr 2023 08:51:08
Good, fair, honest comments from Ed025. And a valid counter argument to ". we need X players brought in now. ". A team doesn't go from heroes to zeroes in 12 months. Something else is going on that we don't quite understand.

{Ed025's Note - you needed to strengthen and refresh every season delvecs and not just rest on your laurels mate, klopp has been too loyal to this set of players and now you are paying the price mate..

13.) 02 Apr 2023 09:39:56
Sure'nuff. Organic growth is the key, not just growth by acquisition.

The "In Klopp we Trust" schtick is a dangerous dogma to spout. Someone needs to manage the organic growth and if they can't then they should be deemed part of the problem and not the solution.

(Who exactly is performing Klopp's performance review in the organisation, btw? And, regardless, everyone should know when to walk) .




Fbart's rumour replies


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09 Jun 2024 17:33:43
If its on the cards for salah to go on a free then pressure needs to be applied to him, sign his replacement now and make it clear that you mr salah will be on the bench all season or you can go now even if its reduced for 30m its 30m more than nothing.




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26 May 2024 20:03:12
I assume he has told Edwards and Slot he wants to leave and they gave him permission to talk to Barcelona? Or is this just Barcelona trying to spread enough of a rumour that it turns Diaz head. I don't like this South American attitude that Barcelona is the destination and Lfc is a step on the way. p. poor to say i want to play for Barcelona when you play for Liverpool.




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25 May 2024 12:47:06
Quansa, best young CB will continue to develop and in my opinion will push Konate out the team and he will be requesting a move, any Cb brought in will be to replace Konate and Virg long term. Last 3 games he grew in confidence. Huge potential.




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25 Apr 2024 11:11:18
Theres a reasonable assessment that VVD is world class, he can not do it all he can not be expected to do the work of the other Cbs and Dms. Last night, Slobbo was man to man on calvert lewin for his goal, he went out with him and half followed him in and passed him over to VVD no disrespect but Trent is not going to out jump anyone at the far post, VVD had his jum blocked and Slobbo bottled out of tracking Calvert Lewin back in. My point Vvd is not the only defender there, Slobbo a contender for next Gerrard? He looks lost out there. VVD looked better when he had a better midfield but then Matip would regularly carry the ball into midfield and move the team up. there's no match craft, before the first goal you could see it coming sombody needed to go down with a bang on the head and try and take the steam out of em for 3 or more mins but no they lost their heads and credit to Everton they were well beaten.




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22 Apr 2024 20:25:03
Tbh if Amorim is out of the frame, why not just take a punt on Stevie G, would rather him than a 3rd choice. Maybe Jose was at fulham yesterday as an advisor for Amorim but can't see em going for jose mouriniho.


{Ed025's Note - seriously...Gerrard????..




Fbart's banter replies


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20 May 2024 05:10:05
Did anyone see Klopps chat in the dressing room? Darwin Nunez sat head in hands and at the end it seemed like he did not want to clap for the boss. I kinda get the impression he's a bit of a child. Someone in the dressing room looks like they've put him down. Looks very uncomfortable.




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17 Feb 2024 17:30:47
I just hope the injuries don't do our season, looks like Jotta will be out for a while Jones looks like an Ankle, Nunez i hope it was just a niggle, he is key but Jotta is deceptively good and scores crucial goals, we will see where we are when we face city.




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06 Oct 2023 08:34:43
My point being, if corruption is rife in daily life you can be certain it exists in sport. Liverpool seem to be the one club everyone wants to shoot down. That ref should be sacked not stood down. Is he sacked, will there be a replay will the reds be rescinded will we be awarded a point did we get fined for the cards. No and not a chance. Corruption? Seems more likely than not.




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06 Oct 2023 06:11:50
Racism is rife in life, i live and work in that London, my mrs gets racially abused 2 or 3 times a year on the bus and in the street, just by not being a Londoner i've been told to fk off back to my home town at least 5 times mainly from 2 individuals. I complained about it, fk all happened just brushed under the carpet. My point is racism happens in many forms, bias happens in many forms, there's systems in place to protect individuals who are the wrongdoers and they get away with it, why because its been happening for years. Politicians police, top ranking sports officials, so yeah i reckon there's something dodgy going on with the pgmol and there's sim cards and computers being burned right now.




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05 Oct 2023 09:21:28
An issue with em being allowed to ref in the uae is because they are eufa and fifa level refs they see having a prem ref as having the best. Ok so fifa and eufa should step in and say they fell below the standards required and are suspended from eufa fifa games, i believe being self governed sets out bias in its own right, a powerful statement to the two involved would be to remove them from any level of reffing from the prem and above thus kicking them down to championship level and lower. So if a club fails they get relegated if a ref fails they get relegated. Clearly the pgmol is too buddy buddy.


{Ed002's Note - It is nothing to do with FIFA and EUEFA.}



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