05 Oct 2023 18:07:16
Apparently, Jota's first yellow card has been deemed by the independent panel to be an incorrect decision as it did not meet the threshold of a booking. I am stunned out of my wits (insert eye roll here) .

However, ensuing red card cannot be rescinded since it was a result of 2 yellow cards.

I'll keep saying it about the dumpster fire/ ship show that was this Spurs game, it's worse than you think.

1.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 18:37:28
The first yellow wasn't even a foul.

2.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 18:42:14
Oli think that was on the ESPN but its true alright . this rule should be looked at and tweaked.

3.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 18:50:27
VAR should be allowed to look at yellow cards only if there is a second one that would mean a red.

4.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 18:52:13
And to add insult to injury Udogie should’ve got a second yellow for asking for a card after he’d tripped himself up. Then he’s not on the pitch for Jota’s second yellow when in fact he didn’t touch him!

Honestly you couldn’t make up how one sided the officiating was in that game.

{Ed002's Note - Compensated for by the vile racial abuse no doubt.}

5.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 19:20:22
You really not a fan of liverpool at all eh ????.

6.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 20:14:57
Behave ed acting like a Tory communist want us to all stay in our boxes and not have an opinion, don't recall anyone on here sending racist abuse?

{Ed025's Note - there are racial abuse claims being made by spurs and being investigated over an incident at the game on saturday TopG..

7.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 19:20:19
I really respect your views ed 02 but discussing a second yellow card and vile racist abuse is not your level. You are better than that. You talk about rules and the game can't be replayed well the rules clearly state asking for a card is not allowed and a player should get booked for doing it.

{Ed002's Note - Sure, so you are going to pick away at minor infractions of players who you think should have been sent off. I can vaguely live with that. I cannot under any circumstances live with the vile racial abuse given to the player on social media. That is unacceptable to me.}

8.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 19:56:08
Ed02, the racial abuse that Udogie got is disgraceful and I hope those who did it get the punishment they deserve. That does not remove from the absolute dumpster fire we all witnesed by nearly ALL of those who participated in the officiating of that Spurs game.

Keep in mind that vs SPurs, Udogie himself should have been sent off for a second yellow for flashing the yellow card sign you know, the very thing the PGMOL wanted to stamped out with strict guidelines? The ref did not respect it to the letter of the law, that same thi rival fans say should happen when LFC players like Darwin and MacCalister got booked for doing the exact same thing vs Chelsea and Newcastle respectively.

However, not a peep from Spurs fans in this regard. The Spurs fans I saw on social media told us to cry more when it was brought up. Just saying.

{Ed002's Note - You need to get away from this "everybodys else's fault but hours. It is tedious and scratching around for excuses is embarrassing I am afraid. I am sure Udogie was an Everton fan dressed up in a Spurs kit.}

9.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 21:13:00
What's that got to do with the price of milk ed 25? Because some brain dead hooligans have done that we aren't allowed an opinion or to speak up against wrongdoings. this isn't a Liverpool issue this is a English football issue, the difference being Scousers won't hold back or bend over.

{Ed025's Note - i was just trying to explain why the comment was made mate in case you were not aware of it..

10.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 22:13:24
I’d certainly hope that any decent person never mind football fan would condemn racist abuse wherever or whenever it occurs and I will back Udogie to the hilt if this has happened to him.

However, the fact remains he should’ve been sent off. In fact he is the only player on the pitch on Saturday that should’ve been sent off if the letter of the law is to be followed.

As we all know the officials on Saturday had no interest in following the letter of the law though and we are expected to just roll over and accept it.

11.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 22:41:21
Honestly TopG, I don’t think being scouse has anything to do with it to be honest. I’m not scouse and I’m as willing as anyone to call out the BS. I think its the unprecedented nature of the failure of the Video ASSISTANT Referee that has really got our goat. That and the fact that VAR has been so poor this season. I think deep down all fans would kick up just as big of a stink if it happened to their team because instead of helping with clarity its causing just as many problems at the moment. There is definitely an anti scouse narrative which won't ever help to unify football fans, however.

12.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 23:12:38
It’s a bit of a reach to go from a discussion (who’d have thought people showing bias towards Liverpool on a Liverpool fans forum) about rescinding (or not) a yellow card in a football match to vile racial abuse on social media.

Maybe we all take a deep breath, take a step back and apply the old adage that if you haven’t got anything positive to say don’t say anything.

13.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 01:17:03
I don't care how much you detest Spurs' players' antics or despise PGMOL, I was shocked to hear that Destiny Udogie was racially abused. I still won't believe its a Liverpool fan that did that until I see a confirmation. It makes zero sense considering Liverpool's history and fight for justice. If confirmed, whoever did that should be banned for life!

14.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 02:23:42
I won't be surprised if it is a Liverpool "fan", Noski. Tribalism is rife in football right now. It's not enough that you support your team, but you must hate on other teams as well. This is the narrative that is being encouraged on social media, hence why I left it entirely as well.

Like you, I was shocked to discover that Udogie was racially abused online. That should be looked into and should be dealt with by the club if it is found that Liverpool fans were the ones abusing him.

15.) 06 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 21:38:48
Fair enough 25 let's hope the blues don't get the same level of officiating this weekend then as I'm pretty sure you'd be pulling your hair out, if you have any left after watching Everton the last few years.

But will stand by opinion which I feel is even more amplified after the audio release and that is Stevie wonder could see that the game was rigged in spurs favour.

{Ed025's Note - what happened at spurs was an absolute disgrace mate, and why they are all not signing on the dole this week is amazing..

16.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 06:11:50
Racism is rife in life, i live and work in that London, my mrs gets racially abused 2 or 3 times a year on the bus and in the street, just by not being a Londoner i've been told to fk off back to my home town at least 5 times mainly from 2 individuals. I complained about it, fk all happened just brushed under the carpet. My point is racism happens in many forms, bias happens in many forms, there's systems in place to protect individuals who are the wrongdoers and they get away with it, why because its been happening for years. Politicians police, top ranking sports officials, so yeah i reckon there's something dodgy going on with the pgmol and there's sim cards and computers being burned right now.

17.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 07:52:13
Sounds like someone’s related to Howard Webb trying to divert attention away from the now admitted 3 mistakes towards Liverpool in half a dozen games including two wrong red cards and one goal wrongly not given.

If you want a separate debate about racism in fans including a team in blues fans racist chants caught on tv last season then let’s have it. This is about ref decisions.

18.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 07:57:10
Pass me the tin foil.

19.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 08:34:43
My point being, if corruption is rife in daily life you can be certain it exists in sport. Liverpool seem to be the one club everyone wants to shoot down. That ref should be sacked not stood down. Is he sacked, will there be a replay will the reds be rescinded will we be awarded a point did we get fined for the cards. No and not a chance. Corruption? Seems more likely than not.

20.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 09:28:44
Fbart with you here if people are completely oblivious to the corruption by pretending it doesn't happen then what chance is there to stop it. Not saying the pgmol are corrupt but in life when money and power is involved it's naive to completely rule it out.

You have the donkeys that say AHH but you've no proof, isn't that the case with all corrupt people / organisations before they are caught?

21.) 06 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 22:52:18
Ed02 I am totally disgusted with the racist abuse. That is what I said. You were mentioning it as if all liverpool fans did this. It does not get away from the fact that these minor issues as you call them are still bookable offences in the rules of the game. We got so many bookings in that game for bad decisions and that was let go. Sometimes you need to hold your hand up.
We can talk about these decisions without being linked to the racist comments which I find disgusting.

{Ed002's Note - Where did I say "all LIverpool fans". Back to trying to deflect everything.g.}

22.) 06 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 23:17:47
Ed02, just speaking facts, man. Excuses? For what? If I wanted excuses, there's a lot I can choose from and I mentioned none. Also, Not interested in playing the victime but me saying exactly what happened is now me playing the victim or me blaming others (those who should apply them accordingly) for the rules not being applied correctly.

Okay, so you tell me who am I supposed to blame or call out except for those who are supposed to applies the rules equally but do not? Cos clearly my team suffering from rules not being applied correctly is my fault and not those in charge.

{Ed002's Note - Your posts are tedious, repetitive rubbish. We are sick of reading the same thing over and over again.}

23.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 10:00:55
Spot on @1jj, sometimes the ones chucking the stones forget that they live in a glasshouse.

24.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 10:30:10
I witness racial abuse on a daily basis now, I believe it's getting worse than it ever has been. It's always been there but wasn't always this bad, there's a huge divide in communities. There's a whole lot of effort in football apparently to eradicate it but it's still there and always will be.

25.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 13:46:16
I'm not deflecting things Ed. I'm removing myself completely from any repulsive racial abuse.
The poster was talking about a football player who was asking for a yellow card and therefore should have been booked himself.
You replied by saying compensated by vile racist abuse. Which as you say is abhorrent.

26.) 07 Oct 2023
07 Oct 2023 07:29:13
It wasn’t the first yellow that was judged as incorrect, it was the second.

{Ed001's Note - it was the first.}

27.) 07 Oct 2023
07 Oct 2023 10:21:20
From the report:

{ ESPN has seen the assessments of the panel for week seven, detailing that the second tackle on Udogie in the 69th minute was not worthy of a yellow card from referee Simon Hooper.

The report stated that "the majority deemed the decision as incorrect as they felt it did not meet the threshold for a yellow card, " with the five members voting 3-2 against a booking. }

Goes on to say the panel doesn’t adjudicate the first of two yellow cards. I guess assessing the second yellow is kinda comparable to assessing a red? Anyways just going off what the report say but funny thing is - how did they deem Jota’s second yellow to not be a yellow!? Lol that’s almost as bad as the first yellow being given for nothing.

{Ed001's Note - the other reports I read all said it was the first they said was not worthy. One must have made a mistake and the others copied it as one was ESPN. Either way it is irrelevant as they can't overrule a yellow in England, so what is the point?}

28.) 07 Oct 2023
07 Oct 2023 20:43:51
It’s a bit like the last 2-minute report the NBA report on that outlines to correct and incorrect calls. Doesn’t really change anything anyways hahaha

There is a lot about the sport where I think they have the wrong personalities in officialdom. Did you see the argument between Merson and Mike Dean? Basically Merson making the case for common sense to have prevailed and the game stopped last week. And Dean sticking to his guns that the officials couldn’t do anything because the game had restarted. Like they need to find the balance between guys who can implement the laws of the game and people who also can rule by the spirit of the law. Having these pen pusher rule followers in those roles makes it far too rigid.

{Ed025's Note - im with you faith..