01 Apr 2024 09:28:55
Although Pep Lijnders has confirmed that he is also leaving at the end of the season have any discussions been held regarding him possibly taking over and is this seen as a viable option by Edward’s and the new sporting director.

{Ed002's Note - He is leaving and Liverpool are considering other options.}

1.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 10:13:02
Wow - which bit of I’m leaving is hard to understand?

2.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 10:19:15
Thanks Ed002 ?
Very clear and very obliging with your answers, it is greatly appreciated.

3.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 11:45:34
WDW I remember Gerrard saying he was leaving once, I remember Furguson saying he was leaving once, I handed my notice in once at a previously before being offered a better package and like the previous 2 mentioned I had a change of heart and stayed put, Edward’s wasn’t back at the club and we hadn’t appointed the new sporting director, for me it would make perfect sense and simply asked with the return of Edward’s could it be an avenue that had previously not been explored! So “I’m leaving” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s set in stone
But thanks for the response Ed.

{Ed002's Note - He is talks with another club.}

4.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 12:26:59
What do Gerrard and Ferguson have to do with anything? King Kenny said he was finishing and he did. Suarez said he wanted to leave and he did. Firmino said he wanted to leave and he did. They have nothing to do with it either. Lijnders said he wants to leave and I believe he is talking to Ajax. He’s Dutch. perhaps managing the biggest name in Dutch football appeals to him.

5.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 12:41:51
The fact that Klopp informed fsg of his decision to step down in November and this wasn’t revealed till several weeks later along with the whole back room staff would suggest the new manager coming in is already sorted. They would have known Barcelona and BM would be looking for a new coach so it would have been stupid of Fsg to just sit on their hands and do nothing once Klopp informed them.

6.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 12:28:27
We all used to blame Lijnders for every single defeat.
Now because we see names like de Zerbi and Southgate we’re all begging him to become manager ?.

7.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 14:34:39
Southgate would be another Hodgson.

8.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 14:48:52
It's quite amusing LiverpoolFC8, seeing how emotionally charged the debate has become. Gareth Southgate would be an illogical choice mind you. There is no evidence he can succeed at club level and his tactics are stagnant, putting it politely.

As for Roberto de Zerbi, I think there's been a lot of hyperbole about him from both ends of the spectrum. Some say he's a genius and the natural Guardiola successor. Others say he's absolutely useless. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. Brighton are great to watch, but I think he needs to fine tune his philosophy for a few more years because I enjoy his teams as a neutral but not sure it'd be quite so fun if I had a dog in the fight!

9.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 15:12:31
Mc scouser 100% agreed this is exactly why I would like to see pep taking over which to me makes perfect sense and should be an almost seamless transition similar to how things used to happen back in the day with promotion from within the boot room, after alonso I’m not really that excited about anybody else coming in maybe Amorim who will have a completely different philosophy and it will take time to implement wholesale tactical changes, now xabi is no longer an option maybe Edward’s and fsg may also see this as an option, the last thing we want is a panic signing like Hodgson, amazing how people believe circumstances opinions and choices can’t alter.

10.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 15:38:01
Acered, I very optimistically thought exactly the same way when the announcement that Klopp was leaving was made but the longer it goes on I think we are far from anything being set in stone.

11.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 16:03:07
What if Pep doesn't want the job?
He might be perfectly happy as a coach, not having to deal with all the day to day issues that a manager does.

12.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 17:19:49
I think Ljinders next job is a coach, just not Liverpool and I’m happy enough with that. He’s going to have to get used to the day to day issues pretty quick.

13.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 19:24:08
Given that we haven’t signed a manager yet we can, logically, hardly be accused of making a panic signing. The way it was presented by the club was that they were looking for a DoF before they looked to sign a manager. We now have a CEO in place and a DoF. It would seem logical that they are now looking at options, and taking advice under consideration in selecting a manager. In the meantime, after Jurgen’s announcement Lijnders and other members of the back room staff said they are leaving too and, ‘the people’s choice’ has stated that he is staying at Leverkusen. We (the fans) are now leaning towards Amorim as our choice but, in terms of what FSG are thinking, who knows?

Of course, it’s possible that Klopp or Lijnders, as examples, may change their minds but neither seem like they are reconsidering - the former reiterated last week that he is taking a sabbatical and the latter seems to be in talks with another club. With Lijnders, and as has been said by more than one of us - perhaps it is as simple as him just not wanting the job?

14.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 20:55:41
I think FSG will leave it to Edwards/ Hughes.

15.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 22:21:24
What a problem Southgate would have with Trent if he became manager of LFC or would that mean that Trent is off?

16.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 23:04:02
WDW what have Gerrard and co got to do with it? Well they said they were leaving and changed their mind. It’s not inconceivable that Pep could have a change of heart if it suited him. At this stage it’s all unlikely, but stranger things have happened in football.

Personally I’d go for someone fresh, I don’t always buy the assistant angle. I recall Sammy Lee taking over Sam Allerdyce at Bolton and that was supposed to be seamless and it was dire.

17.) 02 Apr 2024
02 Apr 2024 06:48:55
Southgate has never been considered by FSG as an option to replace Klopp that is pure newspaper nonsense!

18.) 02 Apr 2024
02 Apr 2024 09:34:17
Even FSG get that Southgate would be a deeply unpopular choice to be the incoming manager. Suspect it will be Amorim, which is the best of the rest by a very long way.

19.) 02 Apr 2024
02 Apr 2024 11:39:41
Big Sam and Sammy Lee, what a dream team.
Isn't Pep rumoured to be in talks to take over at Ajax? Personally, I think that is a very smart choice for him - big, historic club which he would likely be familiar with but also slightly out of the limelight of the PL, allowing him time and space to develop.