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19 Jan 2019 06:39:26
We have decided to change the Teams page to be the Liverpool Match Posts page, so look for posts talking about the latest Liverpool match there.

But most of the posts still go to the Liverpool Banter pages.

19 Jan 2019 06:39:26
In order to view all of today's banter, you have to visit our liverpool banter 2 to liverpool banter 10 pages linked at the bottom of this page.

Also more posts are being added to the Liverpool Other Posts and the More Liverpool Posts pages.

19 Jan 2019 06:39:26
With our site (no Ed002). More posts will be going up on that Liverpool FC Banter site from now on.

19 Jan 2019 02:40:03
Can anyone tell me what the clubs intentions are for Marko Grujic? It seemed like he was highly thought of at Hertha before he got a couple of niggling injuries. I only ask as we seem to be being linked with a move for Weston McKennie. They both seem to play in a very similar position on the pitch. I can't comment on style of play as I haven't seen enough of either to form any sort of judgement. My point is why spend money on new players when we have players out on loan doing a decent job trying to turn the managers head and push there was in to the first team squad?

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{Ed001's Note - Grujic is trying to get himself a good move, rather than force his way into the team really. His dad is a pain and it would be best to be rid of him.}

18 Jan 2019 09:38:53
Thanks for the reply regarding Kimmich Ed333, interesting choice but great reasoning as to why.

Another question for the Eds, who's your favorite player of all time and why?

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{Ed0333's Note - Kenneth Matheson Dalglish no question. The King brought me unbridled joy as a kid and that smile illuminated my pretty boring childhood. Nothing was more satisfying than King Kenny scoring and securing our last league title 29 years ago as player manager on the last day of the season against Chelsea at Stamford bridge. For me that even bettered Istanbul.

18 Jan 2019 18:36:13
I just want to point out re Coutinho that he never 'feigned' an injury. All we know is that while his head was being turned by Barce, Klopp said in press conferences that he had a bad back. This was Klopp's decision and whether it was true or whether it was to deflect questions, we will never know. But we also don't know that Coutinho was feigning. So let's take that out of the debate re whether he would be welcome back or not. I for one would welcome him with open arms. His kids are scousers and he'd be a perfect Lallana replacement in the squad.

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18 Jan 2019 18:44:01
Lol. So far from the truth.

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18 Jan 2019 19:04:08
Yes we do. He pulled me out of the squad because of injury but then went to play for Brazil days later.

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18 Jan 2019 19:10:25
Stoneage, I never believed he was injured nor feigned injury. Klopp may have just said that to make an excuse for him not playing the game we had to play at the time. Now, Cou playing for Brazil three days afterwards, just made the situation awkward, something that in the bigger scheme of things, does not really matter, IMO.

Now as for whether we would welcome him back or not, I personally think that Klopp has moved on from him and made us a much better, more complete, and more consistent outfit. We are a more well-rounded team than when he was here with players committed fully to what the manager wants and why would Klopp want to mess that up by getting him back? I don't see it. I think we need to move on from him cos frankly, he ain't worth the trouble. He made his bed and he should lie in it.

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18 Jan 2019 19:18:26
Holy moly! You let that one slip Anonymous Woolback. We know who you are now!

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18 Jan 2019 19:20:29
Again, it was Klopp's choice to pull him from the squad. Perhaps protecting him for what was turned out to be a lucrative sale for us. Saying he had an injury is modern gamesmanship to keep the media at bay. You don't know the conversation at Melwood between Klopp and Coutinho and there's no evidence that Coutinho feigned.

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18 Jan 2019 19:26:45
He did fake an injury but so did VVD so we can’t really have a go at couts then praise VVD for coming to us. I would have him back because I don’t think we have the money to buy him that’s the only reason. Am sure there cheaper options out there.

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18 Jan 2019 19:47:21
Cheaper and much much better options out there.

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18 Jan 2019 20:15:48
I wouldn’t want to see him playing for ManU or Chelsea.

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18 Jan 2019 20:17:08
As far as I'm aware he was out for Barcelona when he joined. I think he missed a good few games if I'm remembering correctly.

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18 Jan 2019 21:17:04
I'd love to see him at Man United. I can't think of anything that would make me cheer louder than Fabinho, Gomez, Trent, Robbo and Virgil wiping him out time and time again at least twice a season.

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18 Jan 2019 21:28:57
Riiiiigght, ok. Clearly have no clue.

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18 Jan 2019 21:55:52
I don’t think Coutinho would join Utd.
PSG, perhaps Germany?
Does Messi have the position that Coutinho would otherwise occupy in any other team?

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18 Jan 2019 22:29:33
Wilson can replace Lallana Stone age, Coutinho was a great player for us but if we're going to spend huge money on somebody it should be to make the 11 stronger and to do that by buying Couts he'd have to be bought to play in the middle 3.

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18 Jan 2019 22:31:23
Very true John.

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18 Jan 2019 22:33:56
Coutinho Firmino. Mane
Keita Fabinho
Robertson VanDijk Gomez A. Arnold

He is the missing piece of the jigsaw.

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18 Jan 2019 22:35:13
That's a terrible shout MK, he's top draw as you well know, United is the last place I'd personally want to see him end up.

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18 Jan 2019 22:51:03
Who cares? He had the chance to part of something special and he chose not to. Fate will sort the rest out.

I wish the lad all the best but we have to move on, without him. The club and the shirt are more important than any individual and always will be.

The best player in the world is useless to us if he doesn’t believe in the team, a player who wants to run through brick walls for the team is priceless.

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19 Jan 2019 00:13:45
Waro, each to their own. I'm leaning the other way though. It's a game, and it's just a job to him. It wouldn't be personal and even if it was, who cares? I thought we called the Blue half "bitter"?

Don't we want the top draw players in the Prem? Don't you want to beat our rivals at their best? It's a bit of a sham to hope all our rivals are so weak we win by default.

Coutinho is just one of thousands of footballers in the world and he has nothing to do with us anymore. I honestly don't care what he does because "We've got Mane! "

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18 Jan 2019 20:58:14
😂 sorry forgive the typo!

We do however have Ed001’s word for it and i take his word over anybody else’s when it comes to matters at Liverpool.

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19 Jan 2019 04:56:16
I wouldt want any player back who forced his way out of the club. Torres, Masch, Suarez, Coutinho, etc. I don't wish any ill-will on them as it is a game and a job after all but there's something that grates with me about the thought of any of them feeling that Liverpool were not good enough in the first place.
Some midfielders would play with two broken legs for LFC, others would skip matches with a ‘sore back’.

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18 Jan 2019 18:33:49
I didn't see any posts awhile back when we signed lee nobes from city. He was there head physio but I guess he's working wonders if he gets trent fit for tomorrow lol.

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18 Jan 2019 19:10:56
Wait, is Trent fit already?

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18 Jan 2019 20:52:17
As soon as TAA got injured it was reported on the BBC as only two weeks, but everyone here was quoting four weeks.

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18 Jan 2019 14:40:47
So Klopp has said Trent and Wijnaldum could be involved against Palace. I don't think either will be but the plus point from these comments is that Trent shouldn't be out for the 4 weeks first mentioned.

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18 Jan 2019 15:19:40
Trent is out for 4 weeks. Did Klopp actually say that?

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18 Jan 2019 15:52:55
Virgil, Klopp said “We will see. We will wait for both for sure really close for Saturday, I don't want to close any doors before anybody tells me to close them. ”.

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18 Jan 2019 16:03:31
It's on sky now pre match press conference I assume.

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18 Jan 2019 19:12:22
Wiji gave an interview this week saying he would be ready for Palace tmrw BUT he does not have the final say on that cos Klopp and the medical staff do. We shall see.

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18 Jan 2019 22:27:19
Ok cheers Bandit appreciate that. Just don’t understand it still. Pretty sure everywhere said 4 weeks. I asked on here if he was out and Ed’s reply was “yep”.

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18 Jan 2019 12:51:21
Ed 001, what happened with Ryan Babel at Liverpool? His first year or two he was involved in the team and scored a few big goals (United in the league, Arsenal in the UCL) . Then he fell off.

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{Ed001's Note - too busy with attempting to launch a musical career.}

18 Jan 2019 13:44:58
Had all the attributes to be a world beater, except a brain.

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18 Jan 2019 13:55:15
His Dutch smooth grooves never cut it on these shores.

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18 Jan 2019 18:09:25
Hi goal v Chelsea at Stamford bridge in CL was best memory of him, that was some shot as well.

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18 Jan 2019 19:14:43
Jonered, check his goal at Lyon in the CL. A true belter. But that is the problem, isn't it. Too few highlights and NO consistency in performances. Also, him having a fledgling musical career just shows his complete lack of focus as a footballer.

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18 Jan 2019 20:19:50
What was the goal where he dummied it and banged it in, class. Thought we had a top player on are hands.

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18 Jan 2019 20:44:52
Against Derby if I remember correctly. I remember thinking "we've got a hell of a young player here". But like others have said before, lack of a brain and focus meant he never progressed.

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19 Jan 2019 00:06:42
Just another player who runs like a crab.

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18 Jan 2019 11:46:15
So I think it’s safe to say with all the talk about players going in the summer and who we can get in as cover on the bench and not who we are signing now shows how good our squad is. The norm for an open transfer window would be to check this site ever possible min just incase of an update but I have to say how nice it is to be top of the league and other teams trying to sign players in this hard transfer window. Keep up the good work red men!

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Southampton v Everton Match Preview for 19 January 2019

18 Jan 2019 11:29:25
{Ed's Note - figodasilva has posted a new article entitled, Southampton v Everton Match Preview for 19 January 2019

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18 Jan 2019 09:39:51
Do we have any updates regarding redevelopment of Anfield and what the next stage is likely to be?

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{Ed002's Note - No, there is nothing new.}

18 Jan 2019 19:09:16
Redevelopment of the training complex at Kirkby may be finished by 2020, so there won’t be any physical change of Anfield until then at least.
Perhaps a new planning application for the ARE with new corporate provision though.

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18 Jan 2019 09:28:39
With the striker clearout set to happen in the summer Bobby Duncan, Paul Glatzel and Rhiaan Brewster must be licking their lips. At least one of them will benefit from this, even if a forward is signed.

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18 Jan 2019 10:33:59
I would hope so, but do you really see the club selling Sturridge and origi and then reverting to any of those 3 as the back-ups?

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18 Jan 2019 10:43:12
Personally, I would like Bobby, someone who can cover any of the front 3 positions and then Brewster (knowing of course Salah can and has been playing a striker) . Hopefully because of the nature of interchangeability in both our system and our players themselves we'll be able to see enough of Brewster.

It does mean we'll have a clear a path to that first team though. Ings having all but moved already and then Origi and Sturridge to follow suit.

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18 Jan 2019 10:58:13
I’m sure if both Origi and Sturridge go well bring in another experienced forward, and Brewster can be the no.3.

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18 Jan 2019 10:58:47
Faithinworks, it seems to have gone unnoticed on these pages, but Brewster, Jones and Camacho have all been removed from the academy listing on the Official site, and added to the first team squad listing.

Klopp has also rejected offers from Germany for Brewster and promised him first team football opportunities in order to convince him to stay at Liverpool and not leave for Germany. As soon as he is fully fit, expect to see him on the bench regularly. Unless Klopp has lied to a player again, in which case expect him to leave.

Camacho has been told to stay and get first team minutes despite concrete interest from Sporting. Now Jones is attracting interest from Germany too. We have some really good teenagers in our squad and the reality is that if we want to keep Sturridge/ Origi around the team to play a combined total of about 1000 minutes a season for £200k p/ week wages, then these kids will go and be a success elsewhere.

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18 Jan 2019 11:12:57
It wouldn't be a surprise if the club moved on players who have generous pay packets but don't produce regularly for the club (i. e, Sturridge, Markovic) . Their time has come to an end at the club. And I don't think it's too hard for Klopp to make difficult and ruthless decisions, once his patience is gone.

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18 Jan 2019 14:17:43
I was of the understanding that we have tried to get rid of markevich on numerous occasions, but either nobody wanted him, or they wouldn't pay the asking price. Now he will go for nothing in the summer.

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18 Jan 2019 16:21:49
Thats all well and good but Brewster has just been ruled out for the season. Having said that can’t see Duncan doing much worse than sturridge.

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18 Jan 2019 17:15:07
Doesn't matter if he is out for this season because Sturridge isn't leaving until the summer.

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18 Jan 2019 19:45:16
Don’t forget the charges that Sturridge still faces MKS.
If Origi is sold / loaned out in January and then Sturridge were to receive a ban for a significant period of time, it potentially leaves forward cover somewhat lean?

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18 Jan 2019 22:19:26
I personally wouldn't buy anyone to replace the likes of Sturridge, Origi, Lallana, Clyne and Moreno. I know they're only kids but would we really be any worse off letting Brewster, Wilson, Jones, Hoever/ Neck Williams and Lewis replace them? And that's without mentioning Camacho. After all they've hardly played this year. Any signings we make should be aimed more at improving the starting 11 for me.

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