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12 Jan 2017 19:05:07
Barca to bid for Lallana?

Anything in this ed002? Is Lallana going to fulfill his destiny and start Cryuff-turning in the camp nou?

Ron Keague

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any interest from Barcelona but I am told he is on a list of possibles for Juventus - but lots of folks are.}

1.) 12 Jan 2017 19:34:27
Thanks ed002 😘😍



27 Jun 2016 00:09:22
Looks like Sergi Canos is off to Bristol City.

Good luck Sergi YNWA.

Ron Keague

1.) 27 Jun 2016 03:56:14
Shame as he clearly has potential. The lad could really have shown a bit of patience and maybe left on loan than permanently. Maybe he saw us signing Mane and knew Ojo was ahead of him in the pecking order, so cannot really blame him on the other hand either.
Best of luck Sergi.

2.) 27 Jun 2016 05:43:39
If LFC is not giving these youngsters game time then set them free, there have been too many players futures have been dented or destroyed because of hoarding.

3.) 27 Jun 2016 07:45:22
Apparently it's 2.5 million, with large sell on fee and buy back clause. Way to stick it to the smaller clubs.

4.) 27 Jun 2016 07:51:39
Are you suggesting we just let players that we have invested in go for free Frisky? I wouldn't let you run my business.

5.) 27 Jun 2016 08:12:31
All big clubs like Real, Barcelona and Bayern have these clauses and used them especially buy back clauses on players like Alba, Denis Suarez, Kroos, Alaba, Lahm, Morata and so on. Didn't hear you moan about it then, Frisky.

6.) 27 Jun 2016 08:13:21
I read he was leaving as we wouldn't match his 10k a week wage demands which would make him the highest paid player in the academy? don't know how true that is though.

7.) 27 Jun 2016 08:15:21
No johnnyr1970, I am saying have a good business plan.

8.) 27 Jun 2016 09:55:52
Basically you're right Carra he wanted £10,000 per week.

9.) 27 Jun 2016 10:07:53
I think it's the right move for the player and the club.

10.) 27 Jun 2016 12:11:30
If he was good enough he would have been given a chance, or maybe a bigger club may have took him than Bristol City. Just because he plays for us does not
Make him instant world class.

11.) 27 Jun 2016 12:32:25
Well at least reports suggesting clauses being put in so that's all you can do if you can't give the lad game time. Well done an good luck.



02 Oct 2015 07:59:33
Guess we know what Carlo's side project is. He's one of the managers at beckhams unicef charity match on mic 14th. Support it lads

Ron Keague




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28 Aug 2018 07:17:46
Great news about the next African Cup of Nations as I thought it was really going to hamper us.

They’ve moved the tournament to July 👍.

Ron Keague

{Ed001's Note - that happened years ago Ron. Not that I am suggesting you are a bit behind on the news or anything, but it was decided even before the previous one took place that it would be the last one to take place in midseason.}

1.) 28 Aug 2018 07:29:49
Hehe, in other news, Donald Trump has announced that he's running for President. Yes folks, incredible I know, you read it here first!

{Ed001's Note - you are just being silly now, there is no way anyone would vote for that buffoon. Next you will be telling me that utter c unit Boris Johnson will be going to Mayor of London.}

2.) 28 Aug 2018 07:53:26
LOL good one ed.

3.) 28 Aug 2018 08:50:10
Maureen Yo is going to be the next manager of Crystal Palace. He is the only man capable of replacing Roy Hodgson!

4.) 28 Aug 2018 08:51:00
Suddenly all the times ed2 said “it won’t be an issue” when people brought it up makes complete sense now. As for trump, I think he will do a great job if he gets elected. He’ll really shake things up when he gets in to the White House. His wife is foreign so he’ll understand the finer points of international diplomacy. And something about a wall that’ll be great. Oh I feel dirty now.

5.) 28 Aug 2018 08:58:09
And we have just signed Sean Dundee. Trust me this guy will get the golden boot 👀.

6.) 28 Aug 2018 15:15:42
Great news about sliced bread, it will make it easier to have toast in the mornings.

7.) 28 Aug 2018 22:14:01
😄 I can’t be expected to remember something that happened years ago at my age 🙁.



26 Aug 2018 20:39:05
I don’t want to jinx things but I feel like I need to start a post giving praise to Alisson Becker.

We have 9 points and it could easily have been 5 points as we didn’t play well in the Palace and Brighton games.

He pulled off saves in both of those games which if they had gone in no-one could have complained. Those saves helped win the points for us.

Ron Keague

1.) 26 Aug 2018 21:03:00
He's saved us 4 points already. But whisper it. Don't jinx him.

2.) 26 Aug 2018 21:22:26
He's amazing, an absolute beast of a signing like VVD.

3.) 26 Aug 2018 21:54:17
Saved us 4 points is a bit of a stretch. He has made saves he should have made. He has given the defence more confidence and looks a top keeper.

4.) 26 Aug 2018 22:22:26
Absolutely Mark. Good start but let's not get carried away yet. When he makes a save or two you don't expect him to make then start saying he's saved us points. His distribution and command is a marked improvement though.

5.) 26 Aug 2018 22:49:16
genuine question - how do the stat geeks determine whether an individual player or individual event occuring "won us the game"?

6.) 26 Aug 2018 23:07:40
world class goalkeeper without a doubt. he's freekick save was incredible, and he made it look easy. if De Gea made the same save it would be in every newspaper.

7.) 27 Aug 2018 05:52:03
Please stop with this GK praise please. Migs saved a penalty in his first game for us!

8.) 27 Aug 2018 07:46:27
Great post Ron, we'll be singing his praises at the end of the season when he helps us win that title :) .



20 Jun 2018 17:55:40
Egypt out!

Send a plane out to bring Mo home wrapped in cotton wool 👍.

Ron Keague

1.) 20 Jun 2018 19:56:08
Maybe some bubble wrap aswel.



20 Jun 2018 10:12:12
Shout out to the Japan and Senegal fans at the World Cup.

Stayed behind after the game to help clean up the mess in the stadium. Great example to every fan who goes to football matches


Ron Keague

{Ed001's Note - it was Colombia not Senegal wasn't it? And this is something Japanese fans always do.}

1.) 20 Jun 2018 10:15:11
No it was Senegal.

2.) 20 Jun 2018 10:16:41
I think Colombia MAY have helped the Japanese.

But no Ron is correct the Senegalese did it after their game with Poland too.

3.) 20 Jun 2018 10:24:49
Absolutely class that, every fan should clean up after themselves. I certainly wouldn't leave my litter for somebody else to clean up!

4.) 20 Jun 2018 10:43:06
Several fans have done it - Japan, Senegal, Colombia and Algeria that I've seen photos off. Its really classy, and compared to the destruction I saw after the England match on outdoor big screens it's frankly embarrassing for us.

5.) 20 Jun 2018 11:28:00
Always take my rubbish home with me at any event I attend. Especially at the cinema! I took out a bank loan for a medium Sweet popcorn and Tango Ice Blast. No way I'm leaving the flavourless ice and under-coated popcorn behind. I want my money's worth.

6.) 20 Jun 2018 12:13:26
Pinch of salt/ 30 minutes in the freezer and it's good as new MK!

7.) 20 Jun 2018 12:27:51
Should of seen town after the champions league final.

8.) 20 Jun 2018 14:56:31
The poor cleaning staff is sat watching like "De took er jerrbbss" ;)



27 May 2018 06:23:21
An unusually long post with important opinion on Karius


Ramos pulled down Salah on purpose. A dislocated shoulder effectively ended Bryan Robson’s career over a period of 6 seasons. He’d come back, play a few months, almost get fitness back and his shoulder would go again. I hope Salah has not done any long term damage.

Karius will be feeling terrible. To be honest I think the first goal is a piece of genius by Benzema. Karius didn’t throw the ball at a stationary player, Benzema anticipated the quick throw and deliberately moved to block it. I can only applaud him, he studied Karius and spotted an opportunity. I feel terrible for Karius but it wasn’t his fault.
On the 3rd goal it was a complete f-up, but the game was almost up anyway.

TAA - kept giving the ball away. He’ll have learnt a lot from that game.

Robertson - outstanding tackle on Ronaldo

VVD and Lovren - both casually watching Bale be completely free 12 yards from goal for the 2nd

Wijnaldum - best reds player on the field by far. His best game for us.

Milner - got found out by the pace of the game. He looked gassed.

Hendo - had no time on the ball, credit to Madrid for that.

Lallana - should not have come on. Looked like a stranger to the rest of the team. Skin looked soft though.

Mane - second best reds player on the field, brilliant goal. Our best chance of scoring all night.

Bobby - credit to Madrid they marked him tight and closed his space down quickly. They did a job on him.

Overall - the Salah injury changed the dynamic of the game. Madrid started very quickly and closed us down well. But we had 2 threats with Mane and Salah. Once Salah went off we were back to last season minus Coutinho. We are a totally different proposition when all you have to do is mark Mane. They played really well, they prepared really well, they deserved to win.

On the keepers - I think you have to give Benzema more credit for the first goal. I said for years “we’ll never win anything” with Migs in goal. I thought I would eat those words when Klopp got us to 2 finals in his first season but I was right. I thought the same about Karius version 1 but he has improved in his second spell. However, it is still one of the most important positions on the field and the position we can improve on the most. Oblak has a buy-out fee. I think it’s €100m. Just pay the money and have a top class keeper for the next 5 years plus.

Ron Keague

1.) 27 May 2018 06:39:08
Ron, Oblak signed a new deal with atleti just a few days ago. Release clause is now 175 million euros. Cross that off the list.
Go all out for Alisson now.

2.) 27 May 2018 06:40:11
Ron all the blame lands at karius hands.

Benzema kept in his eye sight all the time why he didn't turn to left to lose him then throw it to someone else I don't know.

Got to be his last game for one his confidence will be rock bottom and secondly I can't see the players wanting anything to do with him after that performance.

3.) 27 May 2018 06:42:49
Nice post Ron but i disagree on a few things, its not Brilliance from Benzema the ball could have went anywhere after he blocked the pass, its lack of awareness of where he is moving from Karius. I can't blame VVD or Lovren for Bales second, Bale is in the area infront Robertson which before Salah unfortunately went off youd have found Mane who actually gives Robertson more protection than he got from Lallana. I can forgive Karius more for that goal then the first as it moves and dips alot, but i think its caused by the first mistake in a way his head is still in the clouds from it and if you watch his feet its like playing chess he's already thinking he's catching it and giving it back out to our players to try quickly get back up the field.
Trent Arnold only gave the ball away because of a lack of options after he settled down i can't recall Marcelo, Ronaldo orIsco skinning him so thought he done well.

4.) 27 May 2018 06:44:47
Agree with most of that but to lay blame on VVD and Lovren for bales Worldy whilst at the same time saying the first wasn’t Karius fault makes no sense. I don’t care how many time Benzema has studied Karius distribution that was 100% Karius’s fault. How many times do you see goals like that scored at a professional level? Hardly ever cos most keepers would never get caught making such a basic error.

{Ed025's Note - im with you swish..

5.) 27 May 2018 06:59:02
Guys I didn’t blame VVD and Lovren for Bale’s goal, but they were just stood there whilst he was free in the area.

I’ve seen Gary Crosbie head the ball out of Andy Dibbles hand to score. I’ve seen George Best kick the ball off a GORDON BANKS kick to score but have it disallowed and I’ve seen Sander Westerweld kick a ball straight at an Everton player (forget who) and see it rebound into the net for it to be wrongly disallowed.
Crosbie was genius, Best was genius and Westerweld was a complete f-up. Last night was a bit of both.

6.) 27 May 2018 07:15:36
I can’t believe anyone is still defending Karius. Benzema stuck a leg out because Karius tried to throw it across his path when he was less than 2 yards away. It was as if he never even saw him in his excitement at catching a harmless through ball.

I said in a post 2 weeks ago that Karius was an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately it happened in the biggest game of all - twice!

7.) 27 May 2018 07:16:21
Being caught out by a playing sneaking up from behind is one thing, throwing it at a players foot who’s standing 3 feet in front of you is totally different.

8.) 27 May 2018 07:24:11
He didn’t throw it at his foot, Benzema moved his leg to deflect it.
We’ll never agree on this but I’ve seen a lot worse eg Westerweld in the last minute of a 0-0 Merseyside Derby.
Graham Poll wrongly saved our skin that night.

It’s moot now. The media has decided: it’s Karius or Klopp who goes. If Klopp doesn’t replace Karius then the blame for everything will be on Klopp.

Good luck to Loris YNWA.

9.) 27 May 2018 07:25:50
I don't think it was genius by Benzema, it was opportunistic. Karius was way too casual and Benzema took advantage. It was good by Benzema but never in a million years should be have been given the opportunity.

As for Bale's first, there is no criticism that can be leveled at the CBs, there is just no accounting for a goal like that. That one we just need to stand back and applaud.

10.) 27 May 2018 07:02:01
Agree with Swish. Schoolboy errors don't even cover it for me. Shocking by our keeper, absolutely horrendus! A worldie by Bale which no player could do anything about. Our keeper hung us out to dry.




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17 Dec 2018 06:19:05
Fair play to Bobby’s teeth for calling this spot on 👏.

Ron Keague



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11 Dec 2018 17:07:28
Nice one carralegend 👍.

Ron Keague

{Ed025's Note - he is very good ron..



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11 Nov 2018 17:03:30
It would be a Nice deal for Migs.

Ron Keague



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05 Nov 2018 14:13:09
If this happens ticket prices and tv subscription will be climbing exponentially.

Ron Keague



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04 Nov 2018 01:09:18
No ed002 I’m not a Luddite. I just won’t be watching or fully engaging with a competition that doesn’t take place in the UK. The champions league is special because it is a rarity and you have to be successful in your domestic league to qualify. Plus most matches are midweek sandwiched between the premier league.

A pan European league will have no interest for me. Do I care if Real Madrid are better than Liverpool or PSG are better than Liverpool?

No, I care if Man Utd is better than Liverpool, I care about being the best in the Uk. How many Real Madrid fans will I be able to taunt down the pub? How many PSG fans will I meet at work?

The money men just don’t understand football and if they do leave the best and most successful league in the world - the premier league - then it will be to their detriment. Football in England will thrive with or without these so called “elite clubs”.

Ron Keague

{Ed002's Note - Ron, it really doesn't bother me if you decide to support another side instead of Liverpool.}




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18 Jan 2019 20:15:48
I wouldn’t want to see him playing for ManU or Chelsea.

Ron Keague



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18 Jan 2019 00:00:23
Not excusing anyone for their actions but at the end of the day this is a multi-billion pound business being officiated by (at best) feckless morons.

FIFA could stop this if they wanted to.

Anyone caught illegally tapping up players is banned from the game. i. e. they are not allowed to coach or manage a club for a certain length of time and they pay a heavy fine.

Managers will cheat, players will cheat IF you let them.
The rewards massively outweigh the punishment.

It’s the same argument for simulation.

All that being said, I’m embarrassed that Liverpool FC is one of the main culprits.

Ron Keague



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17 Jan 2019 07:19:14
Well we’ve all heard how much you love a Mars bar 25 😉

This is Daniel Levy’s club we’re talking about here. He’s always totally unreasonable with his negotiations. So he can taste some of his own medicine 👍.

Ron Keague



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17 Jan 2019 07:17:01
Ask Bielsa 😉.

Ron Keague



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17 Jan 2019 06:10:48
If he wants to leave then that’s his agents job and if Spurs want him then maybe a swap with Son, Alderweireld or Trippier will work for us 👍.

Ron Keague

{Ed025's Note - are you kidding me ron?, thats not a swap thats daylight robbery, if you were offered a mars bar for origi...i would take it mate..