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23 Feb 2017 12:11:42

Read over past posts about Sead Kolasinic there but was wondering if there has been any newer info regards him?

Free in the summer and someone we should definitely be enquiringly about IMO.

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23 Feb 2017 12:26:23

Why? He's okay but hardly brilliant.

23 Feb 2017 14:22:20

Kolasinic will be a free agent, and you can be sure there will be 3 maybe 4 big clubs going for him . hard to say were he ends up.

24 Feb 2017 11:33:39
Claudio Ranieri sacked eh. I think I love football just a little bit less tonight.

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23 Feb 2017 20:17:00

sorry not liverpool related but the Leicester board are a disgrace.

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23 Feb 2017 20:27:45

Never felt more sorry for a sacked manager.

23 Feb 2017 20:50:04

It is Liverpool related because for the next game, they will all be up for it. Hate to say it, but struggling teams love changing their managers before games against Liverpool.

23 Feb 2017 20:51:01

Always felt sorry for most but not all.

But in the interests of the club, it is the correct choice.

The stakes are too high and you can't go down.


{Ed001's Note - then they should have changed the players, not the manager. It is them not bothering to try and causing the problems. The board should have made it clear from the start that they backed the manager over the players and this would never have happened. The players are a disgrace.}

23 Feb 2017 20:54:09

I know they've not been doing that well this year, but did they really expect to be smashing the league again? Ranieri even said himself that survival was priority at the start of the season.

I think this is a bad decision based, but I probably don't know many of the details.

23 Feb 2017 21:07:36

We'll said Ed1.

23 Feb 2017 21:14:47

Fantastic post Ed, could not agree more. Best post I've read on this site by a country mile.

23 Feb 2017 22:29:26

It seems that Premier League winning managers have been very transient employees lately:

Mancini won the league with Man City in 2011-2012. Sacked May 2013.

Mr. Ferguson won the league with Man U in 2012-2013. Retired immediately afterwards.

Pellegrini won the league with Man City in 2013-2014. Left the club in June 2016.

Mourinho won the league with Chelsea in 2014-2015. Sacked December 2015.

Ranieri won the league with Leicester in 2015-2016. Sacked Feb 2017.

Only Pellegrini will still in charge a year after winning the league.

Fancy a punt on Conte to leave Chelsea next season?

23 Feb 2017 22:46:51

It is absolutely sickening. I can't believe they've done this, it's clear that the players were the ones not turning up. Some of the Leicester players, if not most, should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for their effort in the PL this season. It's clearly not a tactical issue seem to be working fine in the Champions League, they got a good result yesterday.

23 Feb 2017 22:51:34

He got transfers badly wrong but still crazy how he got sacked.

23 Feb 2017 23:02:32

I've just posted on the Leicester page how I feel (I'm sure they appreciate it! )

Most people could predict that they would lose their best players after winning the Premier League (Vardy excepted) and losing Kante has been massive to them. We all knew they wouldn't win the League again but they're still in the Champions League going into March and they are still the Champions of England!

Claudio Ranieri is one of the best football managers around and should never have been sacked from Chelsea when he was.

Leicester City are a Championship Club at best and have just proved that they have a Division 2 mentality!

Their next manager will be in the mould of Warnock, Allardyce or Holloway so I expect them to spend the rest of the season scrapping for survival and the TV money but, without Ranieri, they'll be travelling to Walsall and Rochdale on a cold night before long instead of the European nights out their fans relish.

23 Feb 2017 23:04:58

I feel very very sorry for Ranieri. It's absolutely disgusting the way that man has been treated and as Ed001 has said it's the player's that are at fault. Damien Duff was speaking on Irish TV last night and could not say a bad word against his former boss.

23 Feb 2017 23:38:45

I think Walsh was mainly the reason they did what they did last year but its still a shame, unfortunately it was inevitable, yes its the players not performing but that has to be managed and obviously Ranieri cant.

23 Feb 2017 23:04:58

I feel very very sorry for Ranieri. It's absolutely disgusting the way that man has been treated and as Ed001 has said it's the player's that are at fault. Damien Duff was speaking on Irish TV last night and could not say a bad word against his former boss.

24 Feb 2017 00:05:04

It must have been a hard decision for their board tho. Leicester are in massive danger going down this season, Ranieri just couldn't stop the rot and the board had to do something atleast to give themselves a chance to stay in EPL

Now on payers last year ED2 said after Chelsea fiasco. U just can't change the whole team/ players. Its better to bring a manager who can motivate/ get best out of his players that's what his job is.

Now if Leicester stay up in EPL that will be a great decision by their board. If they go down will look bad decision by their board.

{Ed001's Note - it is irrelevant if they stay up or go down, it was a bad decision. About time players were treated like adults and not pampered all the time. Clubs could change the whole team/players and then it would never happen again. It is because they always end up taking the players side that this keeps happening.}

24 Feb 2017 00:29:01

Feel sorry for the guy but hardly surprised. Too late in the season to make significant changes to the squad and clearly, a change needed to happen. They were only going in one direction and if they stay up the decision, in business terms at least, is vindicated.

24 Feb 2017 08:38:46

Fortunately Ranieri is a great guy and will just shrug it off as "football".

It is a poor decision though.

24 Feb 2017 10:54:10
its things like this that really bother me about football now. a complete lack of respect. the players should be ashamed of themselves as should the board for folding to the players wishes.

they have this man to thank for what is most likely going to be the greatest moment in their careers.

why is it that clubs feel the need to back the players? i this simoly financial as its cheaper to replace 1 man rather than 11?

i for one hope they are relagated and raneiri finds a fantastic job. because as well as his wonderful achievements he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

23 Feb 2017 22:24:07
Not LFC related but Leicester City have sacked Ranieri ahead of game versus Liverpool. Good for us but WTF!
He's the best appointment in their crap history!
He won them the League and they're in with a massive chance in the Champions League. What's happening with football? Is it impatient foreign owners or something else?
Claudio Ranieri was the catalyst for Chelsea's success and has performed miracles at Championship side Leicester. I truly am flummoxed!

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23 Feb 2017 22:19:35
the sooner klopp wins the league, the sooner we can give him the sack.

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24 Feb 2017 11:23:24
Till then we give him the TIME lol.

23 Feb 2017 22:12:36
Like any football fan I'm stunned and disgusted with the Ranieri sacking, hopefully we're the instant karma come Monday night against their heartless board . The man masterminded one of the greatest underdog stories in sport.
On to matters of past sacked / mutual agreement/ resignations at our own precious club since the boot room dynasty. It'll be interesting to get everyone's viewpoint on our ex managers greatest achievement and biggest mistakes. Here's my two bob's worth
1.Souness, well he won a trophy FA cup 1992 but made some terrible signings and knocked back Schmeichel and Cantona then spoke to that rag .
2. Evans, won the league cup had us playing some great football was Liverpool through and through but was probably too much of a nice guy allowed that spice boy carry on
3.Houllier, bit more tactically astute and the treble season we should be very thankful for that some great signings but could be stubborn always playing Owen and Heskey over God and Jari Littmanen used to do my head in
4 . Rafa, obviously Istanbul and the FA cup the following year . Bought some absolute quality Alonso and Torres especially. He put us back to the top in Europe. Wasn't shy trying to take on the cowboys. Now for his mistakes again stubborn some baffling substitutions the Barry for Alonso debacle.
5.Hodgson. No positive to speak of . Terrible signings seemed out of his depth .
6. The King, won a trophy got us playing a lot better brought Suarez in . Unfortunately blew a massive amount of cash on Carroll. Thought he got a raw deal from the owners still rankles me the image of JWH look of distain on the Wembley steps .
7. Rodgers, closest we've come to winning the PL some exciting football bought one or two fine players Coutinho Sturridge Lallana and Firmino. Again stubborn probably cost us the league with his stick to the tactics at all costs mentality . The started to believe his own hype.
8. Klopp, we're on the ride . believe.

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24 Feb 2017 00:14:26
I can't mention Sourness without feeling sick but the others have all got their merits. Biggest problem for me, in LFC's recent history, has been David Moores.
In Medieval times young David would have been the rich landowner's young but stupid son for whom a role had to be created because of his obvious inability to fulfil any natural duty. "I know" says Lord Moores of Everton, "Let him rule, thus weaken, our enemy! "
"Excellent decision my Lord, are you thinking of palming young David off to the Red Sector? " replies the sycophantic servant.
"You mayn't quote me as such, Hector, but I would not be disappointed if my son were to poison the Red Kingdom with his misguided notions and ridiculous making of decisions. "
"Shall I ready the horses my Liege? "
"The journey o'er Stanley Park is but swift, Hector. My son, alas, is not worth the equine sweat. Lords Parry and Souness may escort Sir David lest he be mugged and may be retained at my son's disposal henceforth. I shall send my seal and a letter commanding my son to success"
"Success my Liege? . tis not my intention to contradict but. "
"SILENCE HECTOR! . I cannot very well command him to fail. The illusion of paternal concern will fade with time.
When the time is ripe I shall instruct his escorts to . I struggle Hector, . maybe misguide my son to his father's advantage"
"you're a bit of a c::t my Liege, if I may be so bold"
"Maybe so Hector, but Souness and Parry shall do my bidding. We shall destroy the Red Sector through my worthless issue and none shall be wiser for eons! "
"You, my Liege, are a genius"
"Don't be impertinent Hector. Pour the wine"

24 Feb 2017 11:17:39
There's so much more to the king than that mate.

24 Feb 2017 11:27:08
All of those managers failed to win the league which is what matters the most. Regardless they all got amble time except Roy. Blaming the board is a pure lame excuse in my opinion on couple of failed signings? Rafa was the closest not coz we finished second but He assembled the most complete team in Europe.

24 Feb 2017 14:04:23
Re Danfield5. hey I know full well there is more to The King than that brief summary of his 2nd spell above . He's the reason my 7 year old self chose Liverpool in 1981. Sorry I forgot to mention the fact he's our greatest ever player and the greatest man to be involved in our cherished club. Like Harry mentioned they've all failed to bring back the league the post was only meant to gauge opinion. AnfieldPete brilliant Moore so and Parry and the cowboys are more to blame than any of the ex managers.

24 Feb 2017 15:09:39
Is there a time warp here? Kenny gave us 3 league titles.

{Ed033's Note - Is it The Mandela Effect?

23 Feb 2017 11:52:16
if there is 1 striker that you think is suitable for the Klopp system we are playing and yet able to score goals, who do you think it is? Of course he must be attainable.

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23 Feb 2017 12:26:49
lacazette would be nice.

23 Feb 2017 12:31:58

23 Feb 2017 16:03:52
Luis suarez. Always thought he would excel under klopps system.

23 Feb 2017 15:59:29

23 Feb 2017 20:04:55

23 Feb 2017 11:48:17
Forget Ronaldo and others, The biggest transfer miss of Liverpool over a decade has to be David Silva. He makes the entire game look easy. The vision and weight of the lofted ball over the top to pick Aguero for the final goal and the space he creates for himself to receive the ball from Yaya to set up Sane for the third goal was absolutely magnificent.

Silva is a revelation in a midfield. A rare gem who could actually operate in any positions across the midfield. I don't think I ll see another technically perfect player than David Silva.

Against the most physical midfield of Monaco he litreally owned the show.

Take a bow.

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23 Feb 2017 12:32:22
Agree with you there H.

23 Feb 2017 13:15:07
Me too. well it certainly wasn't Depay anyway! Haha.

23 Feb 2017 11:41:02
Thank you Manchester City and Monaco, I am in love with Champions League again. That is why good players want to be in the CL.

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23 Feb 2017 12:28:44
harry, why do you never make posts like these after we've had a good result?

i can't remember a single occasion that you waxed lyrical about our own team.

i bet if that was a liverpool performance you'd be having a go about defence needing to be better!

23 Feb 2017 13:16:23
87 does have a point you know.

23 Feb 2017 16:01:38
Point noted 87. But with the whole page posting up down and center after victories, I just keep it low.

23 Feb 2017 16:33:18
It's certainly not why goalkeepers want to be involved with the champions league - games like that 😆.

23 Feb 2017 09:50:41
A few weeks ago, we were laughing at Man U. They are doing well now, aren't they? As much as I dislike Maureen the man, he is a good manager.

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23 Feb 2017 11:21:12
They're in form. They're not doing as well as we are though.

23 Feb 2017 12:30:08
they're in good form at the moment. however, even after the epic implosion we had over the 10 games or so before spurs, we're still above them.

go figure.

23 Feb 2017 13:17:43
I'd give anything to see them lose the final against Southampton!


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