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02 May 2016 11:11:40
I hope the javier pastroe link is true. A real bit of quality in the middle.

In my option that is our weakest area not defence, a quality midfield can take pressure off a defence.

All our lot do is heap pressure on the defence.

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02 May 2016 11:25:53
Hasn't set the world alite at PSG. Too weak to play centre midfield and too slow to play out wide. Would be a waste of money and frankly we can't carry a luxury player like him.

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02 May 2016 11:30:30
Pastore is a class player . That would be a great signing.
We live in hope. 😀👍🏼.

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02 May 2016 07:51:55
I hate moaning about players but Skrtel gives me reason to do so. How on earth this guy has managed to stay this long at LFC is a mystery. Klopp making him captain vs Swansea was very surprising too but pretty sure that was Klopp telling Skrtel that he had a chance to play himself back into the team or for a spot in Thursday's match.

Thank heavens Skrtel will not play on Thursday as his performance yesterday proves that he needs to be moved on.

Skrtel's common and regular traits of standing off of advancing attackers, last ditch tackles and wrestling players in order not try come off second best but gets bullied anyway is something that should have seen him leave long time ago. We should have bitten City's whole arm off when they wanted to sign Skrtel years back.

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02 May 2016 09:18:49
I'd moan about Skrtel, but I'd just be repeating myself and others. He's just a poor defender who's only good with numbers, no wonder why his stat sheet looks 'good'.

- Jon Snow.

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02 May 2016 09:38:31
You don't have to moan much longer. It should be a case of saying thank you for your efforts Martin and good luck for the future.
We all know it will be a matter of time before he finds himself a knew club.
Let's show a bit of class and respect the good times. He scored 16 times for us and whether you like him or not he has on them occasions made you go get in there son.

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02 May 2016 11:24:30
Is Skrtel not leading the pack when it comes to own goals?

Not a case of whether one is a fan of Skrtel or not. He should have been long gone. He always had the likes of Agger and Carra looking after him. Being our most experienced CB at this point you would think he is capable of marshaling our back four? He in no shape or form is capable, never was, has and never will be. He makes any CB partner look inept.

The biggest problem is that in recent years he has never had any competition for his spot. His individual stats make him look 'good' but what one sees with their eyes on the pitch is what matters.

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02 May 2016 06:59:06
Some lfc fans on here need to respect that all lfc fans have their own opinion, you may not agree, the person posting may be a complete tool like myself, but respect that every person on here has a right to their own opinion. It's the same club we all love and support so a little human decency would go a long way.

To the people I have previously insulted, I am sorry.

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02 May 2016 08:23:21
Hey pal, I respect the opinion of anyone who admits to being a tool, Ha ha.
It's a banter site and it would be pretty boring if we were all sheep.
Sometimes you might need to except that your post will come in for a bit of hate from Trolls.
Keep posting mate.

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02 May 2016 06:38:05
What's up with Coutinho recently?

In the last two games I would have subbed him off after 25 mins let alone wait 45 mins

There is something not quite right there, maybe an injury? Not 100% recovered? End of season fatigue?

He just seems to get caught in possession so easily and when he is around the box he only seems to be interested in getting a shot off, he never seems to interested in putting through a killer pass for someone else.

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{Ed001's Note - he was sick in the last match.}

02 May 2016 10:37:34
Couts like most players we have play well when the players around them are playing well, what we lack are players that can cause those around them to start playing well even when it's a shambolic performance like yest.

We lack that influencing type of player.

We lost that when we lost Gerrard. Carra and suarez.

With that being said it doesn't mean couts is crap, he just needs the players around him to be on form for him to be effective.

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{Ed001's Note - when did Gerrard ever get his team mates playing well? Like Couts he could score a goal out of nowhere, but he never lifted his team mates either. Carra could and Suarez could, but Gerrard never did so.}

02 May 2016 07:05:24
We have been heavily relying on him since Suarez departure. There is a huge pressure on the kid week in week out. Alexis Sanchez syndrome.

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01 May 2016 20:43:33
Bit of a different question to ask but Ed001 can I get your opinion on Scholes as a player. I was having an argument with my mate and he was adament that Gerrard was a better player to him. I love Gerrard as a player as much as anyone but is it bad that i prefer Scholesy even though he played for united.

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{Ed001's Note - they were totally different types of player, both had a nasty streak, but Scholes was sly with it and got away with some of the slyest nastiest tackles in football because he was Scholes. He could tackle but chose not to bother, as it was easier to just foul people. So, like Gerrard, he lacked the defensive responsibility and positional sense, but they manifested in different ways.

Going forward, Gerrard was all about charging in like a bull in a china's shop, smashing through defences with power and pace. Scholes was about ghosting in late and getting on the end of things in and around the box. Both scored and created lots of goals in their own way, but Scholes was less reliant on physical attributes than Gerrard, which is why he was able to come back from retirement and continue, with little sign of a struggle.

Both had a great range of passing, but Gerrard would always look to hit a 50 yard pass first, Scholes would only look to the 'Hollywood' ball when it was definitely on. Scholes' finishing was sublime, he was lethal and it was not just about hitting with power. Gerrard was mainly smashing it at the target every chance he got.

Scholes had better players around him, in the main, playing a style of football that suited him, giving him an option in wide areas almost every time he got on the ball. Gerrard sometimes played in very average sides with team mates who hid from the ball. How can you compare the two?

It is like comparing Pirlo with Gattuso, to a slightly lesser degree, both great players in their own right playing in the same area of the pitch, but doing it is such a different way that you can't really compare them. All you are going to do is choose the one who plays the style you prefer or who played for your team. They were two of the very best in the world, let alone England, at playing the way they did, that is for sure.

For me though, I just look at them and think what could have been. They should have been the best in the world, but the coaching they received never allowed them to become it. Gerrard was never given the discipline needed and Scholes was not played far enough back early enough, to really make the most of their skills.}

02 May 2016 05:02:05
Flipin heck Buttercup you have surpassed yourself today with that assessment of scholars and Gerrard. It was sheer poetry, my eyes welled up reading it. Did you eat three shredded wheat for breakfast? But you failed to mention scholes was a lesser player than Gerard because he was a ginger!

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{Ed001's Note - ah but being ginger meant he had to be better to receive the recognition as people are so afraid of gingers they refuse to notice how much better they are than the rest....}

02 May 2016 06:20:41
Scholes was a great player in my humble opinion, Gerrard was too, both great players, now move on to Thursday and I hope a anfield is rocking because we will need a special night again.

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02 May 2016 07:09:55
Scholes was originally a striker who found a better place for himself in midfield. Gerrard was originally a wide midfielder who found a slightly worse place for himself in centre midfield, but albeit still greatly excelled at it.

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02 May 2016 08:58:25
United fan here in peace.

Although I agree with Ed001 that they were different players, I would have had Scholes in my team if it was an either or situation.

I think both of their long range hollywood passing and goalscoring abilities are on par.

But where Scholes edges it for me is in his short intricate passing to break open tight defenses that sit back. The tiki taka kind of Barcelona passing, the little flick over the top of the center backs etc.

Also Scholes' ability to slow the game down or quicken it up at will was superior to Gerrard's imo. Scholes kept possession much better than Gerrard I think and brought his teammates a lot more into play.

I agree that their tackling and rather lack of discipline was more down to coaching and tactics rather than their own inability. Just look at Scholes in the season's Queroz was number 2 and was in charge of tactics, Scholes was very disciplined in terms of positioning and interceptions and chose his forward runs almost to perfection.

Gerrard was a superb player, a better leader, great box to box ability but Scholes edges it. I am always left wondering what could have been for that talented England team if Scholes, Gerrard, Rooney were used with the right tactics.

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02 May 2016 09:27:38
I'd be interested to read a post from a Utd fan who thought Gerrard was better, or a Liverpool fan who preferred Scholes.

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02 May 2016 10:35:13
Hey redfaith, obviously you prefer Scholes and I prefer Gerrard, my justification is Gerrard's ability to take a game by the scruff of the neck and win it despite his team mates.

We'll never agree who was better so I'll just say how did they never even make a semi in international competition let alone win anything? A wasted generation.

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02 May 2016 05:09:26
Scholes is an old school CM who was first class in passing and dictating the tempo of the game and much like other classy CM (Zidane, Xavi ) He couldn't put in a tackle and always Played alongside a top class CDM. He was considered better than Xavi by many.

Gerrard was the most complete all round midfielder in the world excelled in almost all the position he has played. Fine passing attributes with brilliant goal scoring records.
You could play both in the same team very much what Spurs are setting up now.
Dembele - Scholes
Alli - Gerrard.

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02 May 2016 01:00:45
We need goals Thursday, and we know that Villarreal defend deep and narrow. This allows a lot of space wide but not much in the middle. Does anyone else think benteke might start? Milner can get some crosses in and benteke on his day can be the best choice. Maybe even with Sturridge, we need goals after all. Lucas has to play in the middle, hopefully stop the counter attacks. I just feel a little like we might struggle to break them down with only the option of through the middle, and our crossing isn't the best.

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02 May 2016 10:42:37
There is a certain logic to it but there's no way klopp will trust Benteke. Firmino will start and I think studge will too.

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02 May 2016 00:40:00
United struggle against Leicester, yet to play West Ham. City majorly struggle against Saints, yet to play Arsenal. This is why I believed we could make top 4, but we've absolutely blown it every time a door has been opened for us. : (

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02 May 2016 00:11:09
What's the story with Jordan Rossiter been linked with city spuds and barca?
Are we not going to keep hold of him or will he join Sinclair on the move?

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02 May 2016 00:07:46
I'm going to be slaughtered for saying this but Ojo won't make it at Liverpool. He plays football at walking pace. There's no energy to his game and I can't believe he is being so lauded. Furthermore I believe his movement and positioning is suspect and he can't defend for toffee. Just saying!

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02 May 2016 00:40:21
Mr bluesky.

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02 May 2016 00:42:40
Think he's got every chance myself.

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02 May 2016 00:58:57
We had three great English hopes on the wing. Sterling, Ibe and Ojo. I don't think the latter two will make their mark at Liverpool. I really hope I'm wrong. And to be fair sterling was aching to leave. A top class winger or two are desperately needed in the summer I think.

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02 May 2016 01:00:58
Funny how opinions seem to change when we lose, now one of our brightest prospects is no longer good enough. I'm sorry i don't see how you could be so negative on an 18 year old kid with so much natural talent, after watching him play in just a handful of first team games.

I didn't get to watch the game today but even on the back of what may have been a poor performance, i think he has the necessary qualities to reach the highest level and surprisingly, one off-day will not end up defining his career.

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02 May 2016 01:05:11
He reminded me of Paulo wanchope today but then there wasn't much to shout about from anyone. think he will be a good player for us in time.

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02 May 2016 02:15:26
What I've seen of the kid in the game he's plays it . He can beat him with pace . Got a good cross on him and he works hard.

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02 May 2016 04:28:26
He has talent, pace and technical ability but he does need to learn to work hard and not do the laid back look that we sometimes get before bursting into life. Watch he likes of Mane, Mahrez, Sanchez and they are always moving and making runs. Ojo needs to make a lot more sprints off the ball and try get in behind and disrupt the Defence rather than sitting wide and hoping for the ball. There were at least three of four occasions a run in behind was on but he didn't make any sprints forward to get in behind.

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02 May 2016 03:24:41
Am I not allowed to have an opinion on Ojo HX Red? I'm 43 years of age. Been watching Liverpool since the age of seven and had a season ticket for many years. I can safely say I've seen a few players come and go in my time so when I see someone like Ojo saunter through games I think I'm allowed to have my say. Their was no urgency on his part to hasten the play, drop his shoulder or make something happen. I appreciate the whole team was utter tripe but you'd expect a kid trying to make a name for himself to try and do something extraordinairy or do something of merit. I feel as if he has Benteke syndrome and I hope he changes his style of play because he has all the physical attributes to be a player. Speed, strength and skill. I hope Klopp can work some magic with the kid.

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{Ed001's Note - I have to say, there are a lot of questions to be answered about whether you should have an opinion. Personally I am not sure you have done enough to deserve one. You do seem to coast through games a bit, recording them to watch later as you can't squirm your way out from under your bird's thumb to watch it live and other sundry excuses ;-)

02 May 2016 05:53:07
Is nothing sacred? I trusted you with every sinew of my being Ed's 001 and you outed me in the most heinous way imaginable. Karma will exact my retribution for me my friend. In my defense I have a girlfriend who makes me carry her shopping bags at the mall so on occasion I have to record the game and watch it later. I'm not proud of my actions but I feel the trade off is worth it (incredible coitus) Besides I've only recorded around 6 games and most of them were in the Europa League against Azerbaijan Rovers or Klamkood FC. In other news I'm watching the United v Leicester game and three things strike me. What an outrageously good footballer Riyad Mahrez is. kasper Schmeichel is tremendous makes Migs look infantile and what an ugly man Wayne Rooney is.

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{Ed001's Note - now you know it is b****x, no one who has ever had sex before refers to it as coitus! All that effort to try and pop that cherry and you are still stuck with it. Poor bar steward.}

02 May 2016 06:11:48
I'm surprised you know what coitus means you knuckle dragger. I'm off to bed now and hopefully I dream of meeting Ray Winstone and Jamie Carragher again like I did last nite. It was bitter sweet because Winstone took a shine to me but Carragher gave me the cold shoulder I was gutted.

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{Ed001's Note - Ray Winston is far more your type, a nice Hammers fan for you. Carra is a bit feminine for you. You like the butch ones. Interesting how talking about coitus immediately brings those two to mind for you.....}

02 May 2016 06:23:18
You the one that flicks my switch buttercup. Every time I see you in your XXXXXL Liverpool top On Skype. My heart skips a beat and I start listening to Taylor Swift songs. All those oppressed homo erotic feelings come gushing out. I wish your weren't so insanely manly so your girlfriend would leave you and we could be together and live in a harmonious wonderland. Say it will happen buttercup I don't think I can take it much longer.

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{Ed001's Note - sorry mate, I know it breaks your heart but you will have to stick to your fantasies of Harry....}

02 May 2016 06:58:10
Nice exchanges, it used to this fun when anyone could post real timw reliable info starting with" my aunt's boyfriend son who works at xxxx" until thw eds start to stick to serious questions.

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02 May 2016 01:03:19
He's terrible. Has played 6 games for the 1st team and has 1 goal and 3 assists.

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01 May 2016 21:55:18
This isn't taking the p**s but I seriously hope people who were saying Ibe should be starting over Lallana have realised they were wrong. Granted, I'm a big Lallana fan but Ibe has a lot, and I mean a lot of learning to do before he even gets to our level, Ojo looks the more mature at the minute, maybe it's a confidence thing I don't know.

He's young and will improve but I'm certainly not Ibes biggest fan, and with him and Moreno down the left we're in for trouble.

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