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09 Dec 2016 03:47:03
Ed01 just wondering for banter if you were on the transfer committee who would you push for the club to sign for centre back as a realistic option to partner Matip not many quality ones available.

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{Ed001's Note - Ben Gibson for January. If it was to wait for the summer, probably Sule, off the top of my head.}

08 Dec 2016 23:54:40
Eds reds if we sell sakho and i belive lovren isn't good enough- who, within reason, would you all want to partner matip? Van dijk i think would be good, sule, tah from germany?

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08 Dec 2016 16:10:59
After watching the game against Bournemouth then the highlights and listening and reading a lot of comments on it I thought I'd have my say on things. Clearly matip is showing to be the bargain of the season and lovren continues to be woeful. Everyone has slated karius but between lovren and origi he shouldn't have been called upon. What was that ridiculous attempt at a header that ultimately results in the penalty. Gets caught out for pace for the second if he's not playing offside then surely he should be giving himself 5 yards on the striker. Gives away the free kick for the 3rd goal and looks disinterested on the 4th. I know he cost a lot of money and clearly he must have some ability but he keeps showing that he can't play with out a better CB covering him. I can forgive karius for his mistake young gk spills ball hardly a headline he can learn from his mistakes and when origi misses an open goal gifts the ball away at 3-1 with the worst choice of unnecessary pass and lack of challenge on the clearance for the 3rd goal. He doesn't play regularly but lovren has had a couple of seasons to improve and He still looks vulnerable. A CB partner for matip should be a serious consideration and you can't go far wrong with VVD however he will be big money I'd be surprised if he cost less than £40 or £50m after signing a long contract with saints. Imo We also need cover for mane because without him we lack pace to stretch defences. Yes Africa cup of nations is only a month but if he picks up an injury we have no cover for that kind of pace. We showed a severe lack of pace in the Europa league last season and it makes it so much more comfortable for the opposition. This season his pace has allowed other players more time on the ball because they can't afford to leave the kind of space behind them that he could exploit. Just my opinion sharing my frustrations at lovren still being a first team player. I hope we invest in two or three players this January because we are genuine title contenders in a season where other big money sides around us are still finding their feet could be a good chance to win a title with some January investment. I doubt it will happen though as Klopp doesn't seem to like the January transfer window. Rant over.

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08 Dec 2016 17:13:10
There is a chance both Matip and Mane would be off for AFCON.

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08 Dec 2016 21:00:30
Is Matip considering it ed001? Hope not.

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{Ed001's Note - he is keeping his options open.}

08 Dec 2016 21:18:19
Ffs so we could be down to Lucas and Lovren aa our CB partnership for a number of games. Not dissing either player but the thought of it scares me. We saw what happened at weekend. Anyone else?

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08 Dec 2016 21:40:20
It does worry me as well Lfc, but don't want to think of the worst before it happens, who knows he may stay with us. We can hope, otherwise it's certainly worrying but to be honest it'd surprise me if he did go, I wouldn't blame him if he did but I don't think he will, he must know he's needed at Liverpool and with it been his first season and all I can't see him going.

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08 Dec 2016 22:26:06
This is where I still feel we didn't address the defensive issues properly last Summer. We've been lucky in the fact that Milner has been really solid for us at LB but still the weak link is CB. Matip has been brilliant but we are playing Lucas ahead of a purchased CB in Klavan

I personally think more could have been done to secure a quality centre half especially as Lovren is still suspect at times and Sakho on his way out.

I really hope this doesn't come back to haunt us should Matip decide to go the ACON.

Just my opinion.

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08 Dec 2016 23:40:03
UB that's is exactly how I saw the game and how I feel about
However I would add the Klopp is not without blame
At 2-1 we were under the kosh due to Bournemouth's tactical changes - shuffling the back 4 and more direct up top with Ibe and Fraser
Even our 3rd goal was against the run of play
And we still looked all over the place
Instead of giving lallana a little "run around" should have brought on klavan for mane and pushed Lucas next to Henderson

Sometimes I think klopp gets swept away with the emotion of the game as a spectator would rather than a manager
He rarely makes tactical changes when things are not working - feels like he has blind faith in his pre-set tactics
I rarely see him consult with his back room staff apart the occasional hug and chest bump

Just an observation not a klopp out rant
Still the best manager we have had in the last 25+ years.

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09 Dec 2016 03:34:57
Why is he the best manager we've had in 25+ years? I love Klopp and were playing some exciting stuff but he's achieve nothing yet. Rafa and Kenny brought trophies in their first season with arguably worse squads. don't get me wrong, i wouldn't want anyone else except Klopp right now but i don't understand what you are basing your over-enthusiasm on.

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08 Dec 2016 15:08:40
Matip considering going to AFCON then. I really hope not.

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08 Dec 2016 19:37:01
Cameroun manager Hugo Broos: "When I took over as coach I went to see him in Gelsenkirchen and asked him to return to the team, " Broos told Belgium's Voetbal Magazine, the Liverpool Echo report.

"But he said to me 'nothing is organised properly in Cameroon'. I asked him to give me a chance to prove that we could do it better but he was not convinced.

"But in the meantime I've heard that he is now prepared to make a comeback and so I am going to go and see him again. "

Yeah, and I also heard that Torres is making a comback to LFC. To me, It`s more the manager that is causing a raucus in hope that Matip will change his mind as he said categorically in September that he was not going to join up with Cameroon for the AFCON. Matip has said nothing and remained silent and if that doesn`t change and says he`s in fact going, He`ll still be here.

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08 Dec 2016 14:56:40
Vecino "I like Liverpool and I would like to follow [Marcos] Alonso and many other team-mates of my national team [to the Prem]"

Vecino is a holding midfielder player for Fiorentina.

You got any info about this Ed02?

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{Ed002's Note - There is no interest from Liverpool.}

08 Dec 2016 15:04:42
Thanks mate 😊.

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08 Dec 2016 13:14:02
Hi Eds - I posted up a picture of a signed shirt, any ideas where I can get help in identifying the signatures on it please? :)

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{Ed033's Note - The picture is on a liverpool player sightings page

08 Dec 2016 16:22:58
I would suggest looking through the squad from 2004/ 2005 and individually search for them.

eBay would be fairly useful.

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08 Dec 2016 15:30:55
What year is it? I have a signed 2001-2002 shirt with most of the squad on it - including some rare ones such as Anelka. If I could see the signatures better I might be able to help you out if your shirt is of a similar year.

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09 Dec 2016 04:56:59
The signature at the bottom with the number 10 is Luis Garcia's. It must be a shirt between 2004-2007.

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09 Dec 2016 05:00:22
I am also pretty sure that the signature directly under the Carlsberg logo is Sami Hyypia's.

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08 Dec 2016 08:25:45
Brendan Rodgers claims three players are key to Liverpool's title chances this season.
1. Philippe Coutinho
2. Jordan Henderson
3. Lucas leiva

Think it's time to leave the Planet!

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08 Dec 2016 08:56:42
On the first two he is 100% correct, Hendo is one of those players who people don't realise ther importance they are to the team until they're out injured. No explanation needed for Coutinho, our very own Lil Magician, for No.3 I'd have either Matip, who is the glue holding our defence together - we saw how they collapsed without him, his composure on the ball and calmness he brings to the team is invaluable or Firmino, who is a brilliant player.

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08 Dec 2016 09:18:58
Agreed Magician - Lucas I love, but he's no key player for us, Hendo is most definitely one of the top Key players as of course is Coutinho, Firmino, Matip, Milner, Mane, Lallana. These players are key to our title chances, if we was to lose one of them for some time, we may have issues but luckily we do have enough quality to cover should the worst come to the worst, apart from of course the defense, that would worry me, without Matip and/ or Milner our defense is buggered.

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08 Dec 2016 09:37:58
To be fair I haven't watched Celtic play this season, but I think brendans key player choices might reflect that he still isn't giving enough consideration to the importance of a really organised defence in his tactical thinking- if it is the case it will cone back to bite him when he is back in a strongly competitive league.
But the area I think he needs to address in order to realise his potential is motivating players and building a ream mentality- some of the lfc team displays in his last 12 months were just abject, with players appearing lost or disinterested- and it was often week after week.

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08 Dec 2016 09:43:01
That is not what he said, if you listen to the interview. He came on to talk about the draw Celtic had against City. During the interview he was asked if he thought Liverpool could win the league. He said he thought they could because Henderson, Coutinho and Lucas were now more experienced than 2 years ago.

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08 Dec 2016 10:01:44
This is not in defence of Rodgers, but to a certain extent, and within a restricted role, Lucas is quite important. I don't know how many of you remember last season when Lucas was brought in during the last 15-20 minutes of most games to close them out and finish them off. He was closing off channels, fouling right, left and center, getting the yellow cards for the team, and the disruption of oppositions' buildup. Unglamorous and certainly ugly, yes, but he was getting the job done. And now with him filling in at CB, I think there's a void for that role of "play killer". I don't discount Stewart's abilities, but Lucas is simply better at it. And it's a role that we need. To help kill off games in the last third or quarter. To stifle opposition buildup. To finish off games, so that we don't have to go through unnecessary and unwarranted surprises like last weekend.

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08 Dec 2016 10:15:54
Also worth bearing in mind that Lucas is probably a big influence in the training room as one of the most experienced players, the longest standing LFC player and a massive personality.

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08 Dec 2016 10:36:17
Doing the old "envelope" trick again Bren?

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08 Dec 2016 12:45:51
For me the key people are Karius and Matip. Matip to remain fit and maintain form and Karius to come to terms with the league and ensure he can cope when we do come under pressure. The attacking options we have means we can and should cope if Coutinho is injured or having an off day. If Matip and Karius get it right, consistently, then we have a great chance.

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08 Dec 2016 12:48:22
Lucas may have a pivitol role as it seems he is very close off the pitch with Firminio and Coutino.

Rodgers was trying to sell Lucas during his tenure.

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08 Dec 2016 13:40:41
Would that be the same Lucas Leiva and Jordan Henderson that he moved hell and high water to try and drive out of the club in favor of his brother from another mother, Joe Allen? Still comedy gold and the guy hasn`t learnt a thing. "It is better to be silent and be thought of as a fool, than it is to open one`s mouth and remove all doubt" - Abraham Lincoln.

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08 Dec 2016 15:00:37

According to you what should he say mate? If he keeps silence you would abuse him for showing arrogance.

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08 Dec 2016 16:32:16
He should probably stick to talking about his current team Celtic Harry.

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08 Dec 2016 16:35:51
He is free to talk, Harry. However, he should be honest and not try to pull the wool over our eyes as what I posted about those players are verifiable facts. What he said was ironic BS hence, he should have said nothing and I`m sure.

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08 Dec 2016 16:43:16
My point exactly, Mikey.

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08 Dec 2016 17:15:07

You mean to say he should skip the question asked to him? What if someone ask Klopp about Tuchel and his ex club BVB?

If you want to just slag him, you could pick up plenty from the past mate.

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08 Dec 2016
New image uploaded to the
Liverpool Player Sightings page entitled, Can anyone help with the names of these signatures please!?

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07 Dec 2016 23:32:08
It has been said plenty of times that Matip won't be going AFCON but has this changed at all. Given his ever increasing importance to the team - could turn into as good a transfer as Hypia - it would be a real loss if he were to go.
It shouldn't be the case that we depend on one player and perhaps we need a few games without him in the side for the other CB to step up, which may even prove we aren't so dependent. For me it's the only minor concern in what has been a great season so far.

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07 Dec 2016 23:59:47
I don't think it's changed mate, though I may stand corrected but I certainly haven't seen anything indicating him going to AFCON (thank god) I do agree it is a big concern, we don't have him in the lineup and we missed him dearly, we need another player as good as Matip.

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08 Dec 2016 00:01:48
It's never been said he "won't" be going.
It has been said it's "unlikely" he'll be going.

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08 Dec 2016 08:45:21
You sound like my wife Ron "its unlikely I will need you tomorrow night you go to the pub and watch the game. "

Unlikely is good odds but I guess the better he plays the more chance he will be asked to reconsider.

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08 Dec 2016 13:44:05
Matip hasn`t played for Cameroon since the last WC and he gave his reasons, mostly due to injury. As a result, he already said categorically that he isn`t going and that he needs to play and regain his form after playing a decent part of last season with screws in his ankle that got taken out after his LFC move. It`s the Cameroon manager that is trying to muddle the waters. International managers do that all the time.

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08 Dec 2016 18:04:33
This is what Matip said
“I would say at the moment I will be concentrating on Liverpool, it is a long time until January so you never know, but that is the idea. ”

That was back in September. Hardly cut and dried IMO.

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08 Dec 2016 19:40:15
Exactly, Ron. It`s a month till the competition and if he were going, we would have known already as we all knew Mane would go even before he was signed. It`s the manager of Cameroon that is causing confusion and until Matip comes out categorically and says he`s leaving, then he`ll be here.

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07 Dec 2016 22:47:16
M`vila freebie in janurary any one?


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08 Dec 2016 00:26:34
Does anyone know how well he did at Sunderland? He was some talent before his move to Rubin Kazan but I think he is another player with major attitude issues.

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08 Dec 2016 06:24:38
I'd much rather we buy a highly rated CB. And push Lucas back to the backup defensive midfield position where he belongs.

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08 Dec 2016 13:46:43
Why would we want him when he is poorer now, than when many on here were clamoring for him in the past, during which he was average at best?

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