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03 Jun 2015 08:41:21
Is the transfer committee still in place?

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03 Jun 2015 07:53:43
I haven't seen anyone ask you directly eds.
So here goes:

Whats your take on the situation, do you agree with the media that BR is safe for now or have you heard something else the last 24hrs?

Thanks mate.

{Ed002's Note - It is all on the "Other" page.}

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03 Jun 2015 09:16:34
Looks like the other page will be very very busy in the coming year or so.

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03 Jun 2015 07:20:45
So Blatter does the right thing and steps down (eventually). My vote for the new boss of Fifa would go to Jim Boyce, a truely descent bloke with no skeletons in his closet. Maybe he could entice Brendan to take a job, spokes man maybe? He does like a wee natter after all! A perfect job for him and 2 Northern Ireland men running world football. Perfect!

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03 Jun 2015 08:12:08
Brendan for Fifa president 🙌🙆

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03 Jun 2015 06:54:40
Hey Ed001. Was watching the USA u23 squad and saw pelosi playing. Not much said about him. What's your opinion on him? Would love to hear about what kind of future he may have. I know 2-3 years ago he was pretty highly regarded.

{Ed001's Note - he suffered injuries which held him back, looks a very good player still, but he doesn't look to be at the level we would need. I think he will have to drop down a level or two and prove himself to come back up. I can't see him being any more than, at most, a lower end Prem team player.}

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03 Jun 2015 06:58:21
I know most fans will not agree with me but I think we should all rally behind BR and support him in his buys for the coming season. May be we could have a better season with some shrewd buys and the emerging youths such as Ibe, Texeira and Yesil. Also I believe BR knows this is his last chance and he will have to perform or else he will be fired in January.

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03 Jun 2015 07:45:57
Honestly not sure what things like this mean. How exactly do I rally behind a manager? Send him a nice fruit basket or something?

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03 Jun 2015 06:04:43
Ed002, not Liverpool related, what do you make of the Sepp Blatter resignation?

{Ed002's Note - Not a surprise and there is a lot more to come - but it will take a long time.}

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02 Jun 2015 23:29:16
Ed002 may I borrow your time machine to skip this upcoming season? ;)

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03 Jun 2015 06:38:59
Like everyone else on here, if the unconfirmed reports are true, then a feeling of abject disappointment will be rife.

For the first time in 54 years I will look forward to the new season with absolutely no expectations whatsoever.

No quality signings, but plenty of players with ' potential ', and then not given a chance.
No dreams of PL success, and not even expecting CL qualification.
Watching a team with no direction - and again probably not seeing the same side picked for 2 games in a row.
Players picked out of their natural positions, because they are obviously BR's favourites.

The one thing we will be guaranteed, we will all get embarrassed by the post match ( and pre match ) comments by the manager.

Again for the first time since I first stood in the Boys Pen at Anfield - I go into a season knowing what fans of mediocre clubs with no history must feel like.

I am genuinely worried about the direction FSG are taking this once great institution.

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03 Jun 2015 07:24:40
Well said John b

It's going to be a very long season

How on earth Rodgers has kept his job is beyond me, all that money spent and players bought yet majority are all played out of position.

The last 6 - 7 games last season where played with no desire or passion to win and we threw top 4 away. To me you could the players just didn't want to play for the manager leading upto what happened on the final day, which summed up our whole season.

I know its only paper talk but sterling to arsenal and we want another defender and a winger who for the last 2 seasons can't stay fit for more than 2 games.

My biggest fear with Rodgers staying is we are going to buy 4-5 square pegs to try and make them fit in round holes, then come Xmas FSG realise the mistake they made yet were already out of contention for top 4 again and a new manager is left with an even harder job.

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03 Jun 2015 09:51:17
I think FSG neither supports nor oppose Rodgers.FSG are waiting for the likes of Klopp, Ancelotti who will come fresh from their sabbatical to replace Rodgers after he fails to achieve anything again this season.

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03 Jun 2015 06:32:45
Yuri- comparisons to Man city are ridiculous. Dr (dubious) Thaksin Shinawatra is a fugitive with no passport from Thailand. He was hugely corrupt when he was in charge as well. He tried to buy LFC at 1/2 value using his countries money, move on!
Like most I am exceptionally disappointed in FSG's decision to keep BR at the helm. IMO he has failed completely and needed to be moved on for the sake of our youth players and the club. I do not see us making progress under him, and I also think the transfer committee is a farce and the fact we are still using it will only cause us more pain! We needed a new manager and an experienced DOF!
So I am on record saying I do not agree with BR keeping his job, I want him fired and replaced. All that said the decision has been made. So this will be the last time I mention this. I will get behind the team and manager regardless of what I think of him. I hope he proves me wrong and I have to make a grovelling apology on here at the end of the season, but I seriously doubt it!

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03 Jun 2015 06:16:31
I have lost all faith in the ownership. They have made mistake after mistake but this one is the worst yet.They need to many advisors when they should just sit down and look at the cold hard facts. Rodgers is a failure and is destroying this club. They have also failed big time and even though they have invested in the club they are just to stupid to own and run it. They seem to have less and less interest and I for one can not wait till 2017. I don't care if the new owners don't have loads of money as long as they do what is right for the club. I have seen better managers in tescos.

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03 Jun 2015 04:03:16
So I was asking myself. Milner and Ings have kept us as options. BR could be a reason for them to sign or back out. Same applies to Raheem.

Will BR be any drawing factors for players in this summer?

Comments Eds?

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03 Jun 2015 04:00:12
liverpool have bidded 30m for higuain according to daily mail

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03 Jun 2015 03:05:01
So it looks like BR will get another season. I doubt it is the outcome most supporters would have hoped for and I can personally see no logic in keeping on a manager who has under-achieved on so many fronts.
However, if this is the direction our club is going in this season then I will try my best to drop my anti-BR sentiments and give him one last chance to prove his worth. This doesn't mean being blind to his deficiencies or claiming he's the new messiah if we win our first couple of games but, if the decision has been made to keep Rogers on, there is more to be gained by offering support than shouting negativity.
Good luck for the new season, Brendon - I seriously hope you can prove all doubters wrong and turn the crowd in your favour.

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03 Jun 2015 02:19:38
This is a double whammy by fsg. Another mistake made by rookie advice. Mike Gordon knows little about football but this is most likely down to his advice. FSG have never tried to develop strong ties with the club meaning they have kept an unnecessary distance between them and the club and as a result football itself (apart from the business side I.E FFP). FSG have decided to keep Rogers in his position should he continue to work with the transfer committee. That's like a double negative. I know they have had good intentions, for the club but mainly for themselves, I hope they sell up soon and the successors have to know exactly what they are getting in to.

Who knows what will happen next season, but it's been a while now where I've been dreading a summer and wanting to see change at the clubs coaching staff so badly. You can say all you want about 'stop being negative' but there are major problems at our club and it's not only Rogers. Gary Nevilles piece in the telegraph is a huge wake up call and it's actually coming from the enemy. Many of us fans have said the same things. If that's negativity then get used to it.

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03 Jun 2015 09:16:20
I've been looking forward to the summer because I could see light at the end of the tunnell well we aren't even in the tunnell now why do people on here quote football sense fsg aren't interested the business is running along fine now donuts money etc and they have their yes puppet king brenny in charge him and Ayre are a couple of fun boys

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03 Jun 2015 02:07:44
Well so much for that review, whoever these advisers are seem quite laughable.Maybe they are the same as the transfer committee.I thought the worry was the manager, unfortunately the problem seems much more deep routed.Really does go to show where we are these days.I guess the saying is true you really don't appreciate what you've had until it is gone.I think we all hope we are wrong, but have a gutt feeling we are right.

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03 Jun 2015 02:03:45
Tom Werner enters the boardroom early. Brendan is waiting with his pocket watch dangling.

look into my eyes Tom, don't look around the eyes look into my eyes Tom. And your under.

Firstly I want Benteke because he is a great shot stopper and a beautiful young man.

The boy Ings great hair, beautiful young man he will look great in the away kit.

Milner great centre half, reads the game beautifully, beautiful young man.

Also looked the boy Raheem in the eye earlier he was out again last night, it's ok though gave him some moisturiser, beautiful young man.

Ok Tom when I click my fingers you will wake up and sign this wee bit of paper giving me full control of transfers.


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03 Jun 2015 01:47:59
Can someone tell me how a closed door meeting between BR and club owners can have info leaked to the press in a matter of minutes after the meeting finished? How valid is this info?

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03 Jun 2015 08:59:39
It was leaked to the press because obviously the club wanted to put it out there. To me that is not a leak but a statement

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03 Jun 2015 01:22:41
i don't understand the owners keeping BR as our manager, they must be able to see that the team this season played some of its worse football in years and it does not look like its going to get any better, i think he kept his job because of injuries to our major players and the fact suarez left, but surely they must be informed that we played so bad because we had a manager who does not have a clue, last season he had all the money any manager could wish for and he blew it on lallana ballo and paying manquillo loan wages and then does not use him, its funny if our players have a bad game BR drops them but when BR has a bad season he does not get dropped, he shouyld use this with the players, also he would have said there's players coming back from long injurys like flanno and the loan players coming back to help the team, he had all the excuses ready for the owners, i don't know about ian ayres but he would have backed BR because it would have meant he failed,

with our management team i can only see us finishing outside the top 10, mike marsh is not a good coach, i will nopt be looking forward to next season with BR as our manager, i have always thought that the owners have done a great job since they have took over but this is one mistake that will come back to bite them and they don't know how much BR can take the club backwards, the owners have to come out and tell us the reasons why they have kept some one wh failed so bad in his job, also they have to tell us what they expect of him next season maybe then the fans will back their decision, if not then they don't care about us as fans and what we think, i'm seriously thinking of showing my anger at keeping BR in his job by stopping going to the game, i don't want to watch players getting played out of position again, i want the team to play with passion instead of the players just going through the motions on the pitch, stoke showed us what players playing with passion can do to teams, i can see the same thing happening at the end next season, BR saying to the owners the reason we came 12th is because we lost a liverpool legend in stevie g and the injuries kept sturridge out as well as the other injuries and also the new players were bedding in to the team, it will be the same reasons as he gave them this season, the future does not look so good with BR still in charge, the owners need to take some resposability

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03 Jun 2015 08:33:22
The season will continue as the last one finished. Stoke 6 Liverpool 1, with Crystal Palace doing the double over us.

Brendan Supporters go to Anfield and cheer for your manager.

Sensible anti Rodgers supporters go down the pub.

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03 Jun 2015 01:03:41
after reading a few news articles about BR staying the only thing that i can put it down to is sturridge being injured, for me its the blame for at least 3 major things that have happened because of his injuries and if he is injured again for the whole of next season then he can't be relied on and the position the club is in we need reliable footballers who will play all season, but with sturridge and his history with injuries then i am not hopeful

1 = loss of goals

2 = BR keeping his job

3 = sterlings contract negotiations, this is a tough one for people to get their heads around but think about it, if sturridge would have been fit and played all season scoring goals like last season then sterling would not have been know where near the strikers role, he would not have scored has many goals and he would not be thinking he is better than he really is, after all he is a 20 year old winger, he is not even the best winger in the prem and he is not a striker his number of goals he scored as our main striker is woeful, i do not think he will get much better,

so that's my reasons why sturridge being so injury prone has had an impact in unforseen ways, i think sturridge is a great striker when he is fit look at what he can do with a better player next to him and he stays injury free, i would also sell him if we can't get another season out of him, if he is going to be injured for all of next season then he is no good to the club he can't score from the treatment table unless the physio is a woman, but i'm being serious all these top sides don't have their star players injured all season, they get rid and get some one who is just as good if not better

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03 Jun 2015 00:54:46
Seeing as it's looking like we'll get Milner (no-brainer signing I think) and how versatile he is. just wondering what do people think would be his best position in our team?

I know he's known to prefer a central midfield role but if we keep playing a wingback system i think he would be an ideal RWB as he has a great cross and will defend his wing solidly and link up well.

Don't think anyone really made that position their own for us this season and would like to see marko and ibe used further forward anyway.

He can tackle but I don't think he's the CDM some make him out to be. i think we'd do well to sign a proper classy one.

On another note. sad to see it's not looking like there will be an improvement in how our transfer dealings are reported/leaked early in the media. Top clubs don't have stories in papers saying "we've more-or-less signed player X" they just sign them and announce them. hopefully there's some desire at fsg to tighten this up as it looks amateurish to me and i'm just a no nothing fan.

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03 Jun 2015 06:28:33
If Brendan has any sense, he would revert back to the diamond formation and use Milner and Hendo as box to box mids on either side of Lucas/Can. please do not even mention RWB or LWB on this forum. I do not want to see the team resort to desperation by going back to 3 at the back. But going by Brendan's cluelessness, i would not be surprised if Milner ended up as our 1st choice GK.

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03 Jun 2015 00:51:42
Banter please eds

So has Brendan got proof that Tom Henry is involved in the fifa scandal or something?? If my boss gave me a massive budget to deliver competition to the very best and I produced nothing but mediocrity and debts I don't think I'd be popular. I can only assume that they didn't fancy the huge payoff that he would have required and further promises have been made for success. I worry about the clubs future. That being said a midfield of Henderson, Milner and Lucas/can sounds good to me, dogged and full of energy all we need to do is make the Milner move happen, keep Lucas happy and stop playing can in defence. The clyne joke shows that we are planning to play a right back but personally I'm comfortable with we have at the club already. Benteke is definitely not the right man up top. Good player but not suited to us so save the huge fee and buy someone will compliment the players we have or use what we've already got. I don't see why we have so many advisors employed by the club yet we still appear happy to waste money. Maybe I'm wrong and there's something I've missed so please feel free to explain this to me!!

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03 Jun 2015 06:28:48
I blame Tom Henry

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03 Jun 2015 00:38:39
So I'm just going to go out and say it. Milner would be a stupid signing in my opinion. Wages are too high, he's overrated and he's old now. Mark my words this signing will be another flop,

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03 Jun 2015 00:16:47
Two things for the ed's.

1. Is yarmolenko leaving this summer and if so who to, we showed intrest at one stage i'm just wondering if the deal towards PSG is the likely hood for him.

2. This one is aimed more at ED01, do you think there are any players out in the varios European ( that would come to us) who could bag 20 plus goals a year.

{Ed001's Note - 1. I don't know sorry.
2. yes, there are always hidden gems out there.}

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03 Jun 2015 06:45:54
Yarmolenko is leaving according to the player himself.

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03 Jun 2015 00:12:49
Oh dear jasus we're stuck with rodgers ian ayre and clueless owner's for another 12 months. A man who can't motivate his team at home against utd. i'd be pretty sure the players won't be happy he's staying, well apart from joe allen, but he's
Hardly what you would call a player. Mid table here we come.

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03 Jun 2015 08:34:56
Mid-table ?

That is too optimistic.

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03 Jun 2015 00:08:30
Havent used this site for years back when nobody had an acount, but i had to mention my feelings on todays result. It has something that has brought an extreme feeling of sickness. Now my problem with the current deliberation is, i personally believe that Brendan is 100 per cent not the man for Liverpool he is a poor manager who rode on the brilliance of Suarez last year. My issue though is is if we are to get out of the rut we are stuck in of finishing outside the top four we need money spent, i don't believe the current fsg place enough confidence in Rodgers to spend the money. I would personally rather they placed full confidence in Brendan and let him spend his way than are current situation. I would just like to ask the Ed's has the change in light towards brendan rodgers this season effected the amount of money that will be put towards buying players this summer.
Many Thanks

{Ed001's Note - no, the lack of Champions League football is the main issue affecting that.}

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02 Jun 2015 23:49:09
With my Brasilian connections.

I hope Coutinho and Lucas leave and save their careers.

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03 Jun 2015 06:31:01
U will get your wish soon enough. Lucas will probably leave this summer and Coutinho will follow suit next summer after another mediocre season under Brendan. The worst part will be watching them win trophies at their new clubs while LFC remain stuck in a deep rut under Brendan and FSG.

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03 Jun 2015 09:09:03
Yuri and Indian Buzzer, you want 2 of our better players to leave?

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03 Jun 2015 10:08:32
To save their careers.

If Lucas goes, Rodgers wants him out.
Coutinho will follow.

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02 Jun 2015 22:49:13
Any chance the owners will read this site today and reconsider keeping Rodgers? If so, this site would unequivocally be the greatest in the world!


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02 Jun 2015 22:18:32
Well, Its the ultimate nightmare really.

Brendan Rodgers, the idiotic transfer comitee, the lack of decision making are the first three nails in coffin and the final nail will be the 30M pound signing of Benteke.

He will of course be sacked mid season but the damage will all be done by then in this summers transfer window.

This is lowest I have ever felt as a Liverpool supporter. Normally there's always a ray of hope but I see nothing but midtable for years to come.

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02 Jun 2015 22:46:09
50 years since I first stepped foot in the boys pen that used to take up a back corner of the Kop. Tonights news is not what I wanted to hear but kind of had a feeling would be the case. I may be wrong and hope I am wrong but I have this horrible feeling of resignation, resigned to the fact that we could struggle again next season. I honestly don't think Rodgers can improve (Again I hope I am wrong) His media presence is seriously flawed, His tactical sense is far away from the genius he thinks he is. His man management, something that was sold to us before he came to Liverpool as being one of strengths, has actually been one of his main weaknesses. I can't see where a drastic improvement can come from. FSG will have their reasons I'm sure, but for me as a lifelong Liverpool fan I can't see a reason for him to stay, and for a man that is always saying we have to pull together, fans, staff, owners and team I really don't think that has, is or will happen. I hope I am wrong. Massvely dissapointed tonight.

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03 Jun 2015 02:53:49
Many of us feel your pain, Shape. Like you, I have lost all hope for next season as I have almost nothing to be excited about cod like you, BR has nothing more to offer us and will go back to doing what he was doing as in, NOTHING. The fact that some of the good players we have as well as some in the staff are fed up and would like see the back of him, is what scares me the most. Lucas, Sterling and/or Sahko could leave and where does that leave us? The owners have bottled it big time and the fact that West Ham is bringing in Unai Emery for talks to replace Big Sam just made me even sicker. I would have loved him because he is a double European champion of the EL and would have been a good fit for us. The managers are there but they have bottled it by taking the safer route and chosen failure and mediocrity as the new face of our great club. I hope I'm wrong but this will not end well and the owners will regret this cowardly decision.

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03 Jun 2015 05:40:17
I here you mate, especially how he handles the media. And I would've loved having Klopp at the club but yeah the decision is made. I do still feel hopefull for next season, we have a decent squad just need 4 proper signings (like every season) that's why I'm badgering on about not signing average players like Milner. There's just no place in the team for him. We need to identify talent across europe, not look at players "that's proven in the PL" cause that criteria's a myth and fails more often than not! Rodgers has a philosephy that's settled into the players now. There was a time last season where we actually played very very nice football (strangely the same time Gerrard was not playing) so due to that I do think we can still have a good season but if we start bad, I'd give BR 2 months then give him the sack. Tell Klopp he's rested long enough and tell him to manage LFC.

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02 Jun 2015 22:45:28
If we sign Milner, I'm sure Rodgers will turn him into a great benchwarmer and play joe Allen wherever Milner could play.

God help us in the next few months.

I'm not for getting rid of managers after a crap game, but the last few months have been utter dross and the players look lost!

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03 Jun 2015 00:54:15
Few months, more like we played well in a few games.

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03 Jun 2015 02:56:20
This will end badly off the owners and we will be a truly midtable club. I propose the fans check out the comments' boards on the journo websites and see the comedic hammering our club is receiving for this poor decision. I had to laugh in irony, tbh.

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03 Jun 2015 03:42:58
Why would Milner be a benchwarmer? He is going to be our 1st choice GK next season to free Migs to play as a striker. Allen will be shoehorned into a CB, RB or even a GK as long as he starts. This is coming right out of Brendan's book on cluelessness.

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