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27 Nov 2015 20:34:44
I am not sure I understand what is the point of Klopp's comment that Sturridge has to know when a pain is serious. Sounds a bit humiliating to me. If he thought this is the case and Sturridge has some psychological issues or low pain threshold he should have told it to him personally. what is the point in doing it in public? Must be hard time to Sturridge anyway, not sure how would that help. If BR would say something like that he would get a lot of stick here.

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27 Nov 2015 21:25:35
You're nit picking. Klopp was saying that his training is more intense than under the previous manager and that players need to learn how they should feel after those sessions. Our other players have had several weeks now to adjust whereas Sturridge has not, and it's particularly important that Sturridge does so given his history.

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27 Nov 2015 22:02:14
Serious pain as in - don't train/play on because this will cause serious problems


not serious pain - as in you've had a hard training session and your body is aching but there are no long term consequences.


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27 Nov 2015 21:36:32
I still think he should have said it to him personally.

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27 Nov 2015 22:50:55
How do you know Klopp didn't tell him?

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27 Nov 2015 23:05:12
Yeah I agree he should have kept it in house but the press were firing questions at him about sturridge, fishing for a headline.

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27 Nov 2015 23:34:41
Wow abit of the famous "foot in mouth" syndrome. To quote the eds.

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27 Nov 2015 23:47:23
Yeah I think it was meant as in, he maybe thought he was in pain because of the harder sessions but it was intact an injury and he didn't stop until it worsened.

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27 Nov 2015 19:46:22
Eds, I believe some teams insure their players. If they did does the insurance cover their pay until they are healthy and ready to play. Excuse my ignorance if I'm way off.

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{Ed002's Note - All major sides insure players - generally they don't claim unless it is a major issue with a long time out.}

27 Nov 2015 22:04:05
Klopp is saying it as it is! Sturridge is causing him to worry and needs to toughen up maybe. Klopp has every right to say it as it is and that's why we love him so much already. Sturridge when fit is the best striker in league maybe behind aguero but at the mo he is a liability.

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27 Nov 2015 19:01:59
Adding to the sturridge debate I think there are two main points.

He's a person like the rest of which means if it is a mentally problem as should be showing support. He's had genuine injury problems and he may convince himself it could worsen if he plays, but at the end of the day that could happen to any player. In time he will hopefully get over it and I definitely put my faith in Klopp to get him over that.

What if he gets sold? If he premier league bought him can you imagine the goals he would get for them if he in time got over the injury problems. We are lucky to have him because hopefully soon he's going to have a good run with us.

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27 Nov 2015 19:35:09
The first of the brace he got at home to Villa was a world class finish. That, coming after his first game back from injury. Did it against West Ham last season too. I reckon he's worth the wait. Benteke is more than capable of filling in.

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27 Nov 2015 20:29:15
Well said RedTwist.

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27 Nov 2015 20:52:05
Heard a few ex players comment on Danny's injury situation but JK words are the best I've heard.

I'm sorry mate but he's right if you want to play you will go through the pain barrier.

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27 Nov 2015 17:13:54
Even if you factor in all the games Sturridge has missed, his goals to games ratio is still about 1 in 3.
That's how you justify paying him.

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27 Nov 2015 19:11:09
It's embarrassing the way us Liverpool fans have such strong emotional ties with our players.
If Klopp wants to get rid of Sturridge (or anyone else for that matter) then I fully support him!
They've never won anything for this football club, Klopp is a Winner, a born champion. And he'll discard any player he doesn't seem fit enough to meet his high demands.
Liverpool Footnall Club will be great again, and I can't wait for Kloppo to drag us to the top.

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27 Nov 2015 19:13:54
He has scored twice this season. At the ferocious rate he is scoring, and bearing in mind he is now out for a further 12 weeks, he is on course to score a colossal 4-5 goals this season. Which is about what he scored last season (5)

Saying he scores 1 goal for every three matches is scratching at statistics and failing to take into account how few games he plays.

Danny Ings has got a better goals to games ratio in the premier league this season than Sturridge. In fact his scoring record over the last three years is marginally better than Sturridge - and for two of those he was playing for an inferior team.

No sentiments in this game. He is a luxury we cannot afford.

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27 Nov 2015 19:14:59
(one of those seasons was in fact Championship - but you get the drift)

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27 Nov 2015 18:03:28
42 goals scored in 69 games equals 1,22 goals in 2 games. He is as close to world class as you get when he is fit and playing. But he is not is he? He has missed 71 games. that's just crazy injury prone.

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27 Nov 2015 19:50:57
Not sure Mikey's being emotional, quite the opposite in fact.

Buying a player of Sturridge's quality would cost at least £40m and even then there's no guarantee they'd work out. The most straight forward and most economical way that Liverpool can have a world class striker in their squad is to get Sturridge fit. If there's a chance he can become fit again he's worth it.

Klopp's a sensible guy, he'll stick with him.

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27 Nov 2015 20:25:10
Is he out for 12 weeks.

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27 Nov 2015 20:36:34
No not being emotional, just rational.

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27 Nov 2015 20:47:34
Here are Daniel Sturridge's exact numbers:

Since joining us in January 2013 he has played a total of 70 games (5,332 minutes) scoring 43 goals and assisting 16 times. 5332 minutes are around 59 full 90 minute matches. So Sturridge scores or assists once every 90 minutes or so, so to buy that calibre of player you will need £ 40+ million plus insane wages. Not happening.

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27 Nov 2015 21:19:37
I hate to say it guys, but the best player on the planet is no use whatsoever when he is injured. if its all the time.

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27 Nov 2015 23:59:43
He's not injured all the time.
Just half the time lol.

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27 Nov 2015 16:12:59
the whole daniel sturridge debate has been a massive topic for debate for a while now, I don't think many lfc fans or other teams fans would debate that he has got great ability and can be devastating with his pace, skill and finishing. then the flip side I believe in his near 3 year stint at lfc he has played 70 games but MISSED 73 through one injury or another. in that time his ratio is also among the best to goal to game ratio lfc has had, but surely the amount of games missed out weighs the goal to game ratio? I don't want to speculate on how much players are on so on so forth but I would be very surprised if he wasn't in top 3 earners at us. I have read loads of comments saying why sell him he the best we got when fit so on so forth but that's my biggest issue injuries are part of the game and I feel for the likes of ings and gomez who have suffered acl pretty much together and will miss most if not all of the season this I see as part of the game injuries but with sturridge some one just needs to look at him and it seems it's a 6 week lay off. even then there another set back in between he comes back again. I know a lot of lfc fans would disagree with what I'm saying and hey I seen what rvp done when he left arsenal for United and won them the league so I understand the reasoning behind trying to keep some one as good as sturridge but in my eyes I think this has become to much of an issue with so many false dawns that he all fixed and better now ready to go when he just breaks down again. I would love to hear the eds oppinions on this matter but I think it might be best for all parties to part ways.

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27 Nov 2015 17:21:00
DS is easily one of the best finishers in the league.
It pains me to even consider selling such a player.
However, Klopp wants his squad playing AND training at ultra high intensity. DS will not be able to do that IMO so the only outcome is to sell him. It's a sad state of affairs.
I don't know who would buy him or for what price, I suppose we'd be hoping to break even.

Replacements I believe are not currently a priority, we have Ings, Origi and Firmino.

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27 Nov 2015 18:44:19
First, Aguero is a better finisher. Second, I don't see what we gain from selling him other than his salary and if the injuries continue, we will have to to move to some arrangement of pay as you play. The money we may get for him if we sell him will not be worth it no one will pay much for a player who is always injured. He should be another option we have for about third of our games. a bonus. What is there to lose?

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27 Nov 2015 19:10:26
Fano- I said "one of the best finishers". I stand by that. His wages are over £5m a year. Pay as you play is pie in the sky, ask ed002. Klopp expects the whole squad to train together at the same intensity which helps build team spirit. He won't indulge individuals to the detriment of the team.

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27 Nov 2015 15:43:13
What was the outcome of sturridges scan?

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27 Nov 2015 16:30:31
Based on the Daily Mail, the scan showed nothing serious and that he should be good to go. I propose that many on here read Klopp`s comments about Studge`s unending injury woes. Very interesting, indeed.

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27 Nov 2015 17:22:30
You need to check "medical-records. com"

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27 Nov 2015 18:06:06
Kjmain, I agree with the content of your post.

But please use paragraphs, I'm getting a headache!

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27 Nov 2015 14:57:14
As much as Studge injuries bug me, some fans seem to forget the season of the SAS. if there were half a chance we could resolve his problems and pull a season like that out of him, the club should continue to be patient!

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27 Nov 2015 16:31:42
Read Klopp`s comments about this subject in the Daily Mail and you`ll have a full picture of what he thinks about Studge and his fitness issues.

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27 Nov 2015 16:40:57
Part of it is how much does Sturridge want it?

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27 Nov 2015 19:36:41
could someone please give me an idea as to what was printed in thedaily fail. I will not read the daily hate mail.

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27 Nov 2015 14:40:50
Regarding Sturridge I believe that we should look at Arsenal. They had Van Persie, very talented but had injury issues and finally it paid of that season where he was captain. That he left them for United is of course ironic.
I think even Walcott, Wilshire etc have also had their problems.
I think we should trust Klopp to do the right thing.

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27 Nov 2015 15:15:02
Then they sold him and won the league for United.

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27 Nov 2015 15:21:17
I fail to see the irony in his move, but this is an excellent example. It did pay off for Arsenal, and luckily for us I don't get the impression that Sturridge would throw it all back in our face when he does recover. Klopp has said its not that serious and was likely just a case of him adapting to the intensity of our training now.

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27 Nov 2015 17:51:05
I think people are overlooking into Sturbridge matter. There is no list of suitors outside waiting to sign DS. Given the club makes him available and the price we slap on him, I highly doubt there would be even one interested parties in England.

Chelsea won't come near another Torres Debacle
The last thing city want is another Aguero in the sidelines.
Arsenal will not buy him for the money we command.
We wouldn't sell to UTD.

I am not sure how many games would he play this season, but if any player is put of action, it becomes immensely difficult to find a buyer.

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27 Nov 2015 20:19:52
Thats probably your best post ever Harry. But you've heard about Spain and Italy right?

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27 Nov 2015 21:33:09
I actually think Studge would suit a slower paced game, such as italy's or spains. Less running, higher lines, and generally slower defenders. I wouldn't rule it above a foreign club asking his availability and fitness.

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27 Nov 2015 21:58:11
There is no money in Italy, Certainly big money.
Barcelona do not need a mainstream striker for at least another 2-3 years. Real is the only option but I highly doubt they would come anywhere near a player who has missed 71 games in 4 years.

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27 Nov 2015 23:05:44
how much do you think studge would fetch? sometimes you have to cut your losses harry. Also to say there's no money in Italy is a bit unfair. there are some well run clubs.
Real ''is the only option'', what makes you say that? how much do you think we would demand?

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27 Nov 2015 14:02:31
Hi Ed002

Do you no if Sakho Hendo and Coutinho are fit for weekend please mate?

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{Ed002's Note - Coutinho is fit but as I explained the club slipped Henderson by a week and Sakho remains a few weeks away.}

27 Nov 2015 15:08:28
Ok mate i thought Hendos extra week was this week just passed.

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{Ed002's Note - No.}

27 Nov 2015 13:49:38
A couple of points regarding last night:

- The referee -

I thought on the whole he had a good game. Most of the big decisions he got right. Yes, the crowd got on his back last night but in that second half a large number of fouls where entirely our own fault. When a ref gives a foul for a perceived push near the start of the game, take note of it. He was consistent on that throughout the game and we constantly gave away fouls for doing it. Needless and brainless.

- Mignolet -

He got what he deserved with the award of the indirect freekick and honestly he was lucky that he didn't get one or two more in that second half. You would think he would have learned after the goal. Not to be.

On the subject of the goal I found Migs positioning very poor. It was a great shot but he only had a very small space to aim at and Migs was nowhere near it. Leave the wall to do its job and make sure you don't get beat on your side. Its not difficult.

- Tempo -

The game died a horrible death in that second half. After about sixty minutes we just looked knackered.

- Studge -

What can you say? If he didn't have bad luck he wouldn't have any. The issue for me isn't getting Studge fit. It's relying on him so much we are desperate for him to come back. I want to see a Liverpool team where when somebody goes out long term then somebody lays down a marker and says "that's my place". If we had that then there would no need to rush Daniel back or have any pressure on this return. I often wonder with him whether he is just trying to hard and not, as some think, at all.

- The new stand -

It is starting to look good. It will look fantastic when its finished. Can't say I would want to be sat up there mind. Anfield wise you are going to be a long, long way from the action. You may as well be sat in the twelfth man.

- Wine Gum issues -

That miserable couple sat next to me still haven't offered me a wine gum. That's at least three bags now through the group stages. Then they stink the place out with Bovril. Ergh.

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27 Nov 2015 14:47:21
can't you take your own wine gums we don't like to share. Sorry to be negative.

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27 Nov 2015 16:35:17
Spot with Mingo`s howler (s) . he got he reward for taking the mick out of the ref for holding the ball for over triple the time alotted for holding it. as for studge, I don`t know anymore what to think. I`m just hoping one day, all this will bebbehind him BUT it has to start from him, mentally and maybe a lifestyle change is needed.

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