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13 Oct 2015 20:37:14
What do you people think will happen to Joe Allen, obviously we have recently seen that he doesn't warrant a place over Rossiter but in the past Allen has had some really good games. Last season from Southampton game to Man United game for instance, he was really good. Do you see Klopp using him and getting the best?

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13 Oct 2015 20:53:31
Who is "we"?. because personally i would start him ahead of Rossiter. I don't know why Liverpool fans are so obsessed with the youngsters. scroll down pages people want illori to come back and start games for us yet he can't even cement a place in a relegation threatened Aston villa.

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13 Oct 2015 21:01:42
Firstly you can argue that the tactics deployed did not suit his game; however I think his positional sense in those tactics were v poor and leaving too many gaps.

Going forward positional sense with each player defending when we do not have the ball and potential movement of the ball quickly (presuming Klopp deploys those tactics) for me means there are better players in the team ahead of him / younger players that could play if he was sold.

I have nothing against the player but he is no welsh xave; that being said we have not been an English Barcalona!

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13 Oct 2015 21:04:42
Allen's occasionally strung together a few good performances, and you think "okay, he's looking good now, he'll just kick on with a bit of confidence, he'll start to really influence matches, we'll see the guy we paid £15m for", but he doesn't kick on. He reaches a point of good but not great for a few matches and he has a game where he basically gets completely dominated by the opposition, his confidence is destroyed, and he's poor again until he's dropped.

I'm not really sure why it happens, tbh.

I could actually see Klopp giving him a chance, because in terms of his movement and vision, he is better than Milner at center mid, imo, but I don't think he'll take it.

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13 Oct 2015 21:05:28
I'm not sure what I've missed, but there is nothing obvious that I've seen that warrants Rossiter a place over Allen at all. Along with most, I think Rossiter could go onto make a good player, but I just think we are a bit unrealistic as to how good our youngsters are.

The way I look at it is, if JR wasn't one of our academy players and it was said that we were looking to buy him and start giving him 1st team football there would be uproar about the standard of player that we are now chasing.

If anyone should be getting opportunities IMO it should be Teixeira, but he's not better than our current 1st team players, so in the position we find ourselves in, other than Capital one games and selected Europa league games, I don't see where they will play to get the game time they need.

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13 Oct 2015 21:17:40
One or two games is not a good enough return for the price we paid or justification to be given a starting place. Nine times out of ten he is outplayed in midfield and has a negative impact on the game.

Although I would hope every player will have an opportunity to prove himself I don't see him getting a look in. We've got Hendo, Lucas, Can, Milner, coutinho, Texeira and Rossiter all of which I would argue would deserve a starting place ahead of Allen.

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13 Oct 2015 22:02:35
Neither Allen or Rossiter should be playing in the side unless it's a second string game

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13 Oct 2015 22:16:58
When Brendan Rodgers is installed as the new Newcastle United manager, taking over from Steve McClaren even he won't try and sign Joe Allen from us.

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13 Oct 2015 22:25:33
I think you may be missing the point regarding the support for Rossiter over Allen.
Allen has had more than enough chanced to showcase his talents and has failed overall.
Rossiter is a young lad with potential who has not been given enough chances.
So the clamour is for a youngster, in this instance Rossiter, to be given a chance before Allen to see if he is good enough.
It is clear Allen is not good enough, so let's see if someone else is.

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13 Oct 2015 20:27:50
{Ed's Note - We have posted a new article entitled, No Outstanding Candidates To Replace Sherwood At Aston Villa

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13 Oct 2015 19:48:45
Hi Ed's. your all doing a great job, on here most days but not a big poster, sorry if this has been asked before, tried search but could not find anything, do any of the Ed's know if Zeljko Buvacat will be joining Klopp as his assistant at some point.

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{Ed001's Note - he is already at the club.}

13 Oct 2015 20:56:38
Cheers Ed 1, did not realise he was already there, thanks for the reply

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13 Oct 2015 19:28:51
Joe Gomez gone off injured for England U21s.

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13 Oct 2015 20:40:02
According to the local rag the injury is not to serious

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13 Oct 2015 17:32:02
the signing of danny ings never really thrilled me but he is starting to look good and i hope our new manager can make him even better he is quicker than i thought and he does have an eye for goal, well done to the lad and i hope he continues to get better, if he can start scoring more goals then he will give klopp something to think about because as good as benteke is his injuries mean danny ings can overtake him in the pecking order and if that happens what a waste of the money we paid for benteke, don't get me wrong benteke is a very good striker who has a lot to offer but if he is as injury prone has sturridge then being on the treatment sheet means he is not scoring goals, i hope with the new manager he will not be injured as much and the same goes for sturridge, with them 2 injury free for a whole season our team will get a lot of goals and then it will be down to the defence to stop the other team scoring, exciting times are ahead of us and i can't wait, at last i'm looking forward to the games something that was lost with BR in charge

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13 Oct 2015 18:50:05
Ings won't get a look in
Gonna be well down the list behind:

Add in Gotze and Reus with Subotic and Hummels as back up strikers then Danny needs to look elsewhere

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13 Oct 2015 19:01:28
Apart from being quick, technically good, a decent finisher, decent in the air and a nice lad. He's also hard working and prepared to listen and make himself a better player. I can see him becoming a big player.

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13 Oct 2015 22:03:59
He's Shocked me Danny! He's better than I expected to be fair

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13 Oct 2015 16:00:32
Ed1, first of all mate I really enjoyed the podcast this week. Do you expect Teixeria to start getting first team chances under Klopp?

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{Ed001's Note - thanks mate and yes, I would really expect him to get a shot now.}

13 Oct 2015 15:41:03
hi eds and reds

ive been thinking about our GK and i think if he can overcome his weak areas of his game he would be a top GK, so do we really need a new GK or for Mingolet to train and get better where he is weak, because there's no doubt about his shot stopping, so would it be better to get a better GK coach or is he just not good enough because he has pulled off some great saves and last season he was in contention for the golden gloves award

the reason i'm asking is because i can't decide what is best for the club, spend on a new keeper or a goal keeping coach, what do you all think,

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{Ed001's Note - what do you mean there is no doubt about his shot stopping? I doubt it. He is average at best in that area. If the ball is low and at him, he jumps out of the way then throws his arm down, because he is so afraid to just stick a foot out. He is playing the wrong sport and is a truly awful keeper. Get rid please.}

13 Oct 2015 15:49:24
He's not that bad Ed lol

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13 Oct 2015 16:13:00
If all players 'overcame their weak areas' they would be top players! That said willing to start Klopps tenure with a clean slate for all players.

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13 Oct 2015 16:39:39
It is amazing he gets paid by a top club to be a professional goalkeeper, put it that way.

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13 Oct 2015 16:45:29
Every goalkeeper needs to be a relatively decent shot stopper Because there goal keepers. What sets apart a good and bad keeper in my opinion is distribution, commanding his area and communication between his defenders.
His distribution is poor at best, his commanding of the area is none existent and I can only guess his communication is poor as all the players seem so nervous and not assured when around or near him.
That's my opinion anyway.

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13 Oct 2015 16:58:06
Migonlet just dosent cut it for me. Ed is right he is terrible at the basic goal keeping stuff, for example the Sion goal you do not go down with your legs open and go down with your body on the floor to collect the ball. He is a good shot stopper in the sense of long distant and has saved us in some games no doubt, but he does not control his box, makes the wrong decisions on the corners and insists on kicking the ball to the bi line, with coutinho and what was sterling waiting was just ridiculous. We need a new number 1 and i think Klopp will go for that. what is strange to me is that the goal keeping coach has stayed.

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13 Oct 2015 16:59:39
He's not a keeper who should be playing for a top 4 club.
I think he will be replaced by next August.

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13 Oct 2015 17:17:05
i have to agree with all the posts ,but as everyone said he is weak in a lot of areas of his game , to which i agree so can these be improved on or should i say can mingolet improve on these parts of his game , he must know what he is bad at so why has he not got better at these , is it him or is it his training which means the coach is not good enough if you get what i mean , ed001 i agree with you but what gets me is why he has not improved his game in these areas we can all se he is not good in these parts if we can see it then the coaching staff must see it , myself i would get a better keeper because a very good keeper can win you games and mingolet does not do that for us , so again is it just him and he can't improve or is it the coach who can't train him to get better , maybe its something we will never know until we get another GK coach and i believe we have kept our GK coach ohj well we will soon find out because Klopp will decide if he is good enough or not and that will be our answer , thanks for all your thoughts on this fellow reds

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{Ed001's Note - I think it is too late to fix his problems now, I would rather have Ward between the sticks.}

13 Oct 2015 17:17:14
Overcame his weak areas?!?!? Really! He has nothing but weak areas. The only strong attributes he has the ability to con Liverpool fc into paying him a wage

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13 Oct 2015 17:18:56
He is sadly not good enough , the ed is correct , with a really solid keeper maybe our centeracks whoever they end up being will improve and the defence will function as it should , he flaps at crosses and does not boss the box etc etc , 1st thing I would change in my opinion

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13 Oct 2015 17:36:03
I'be been saying for months that GK is our biggest problem. He doesn't give our defence any confidence and his balls out from the back always hit the opposition first and come straight back at us.

I know our defenders are much maligned but I think a top keeper would make a world of difference to how our back 4 plays.

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13 Oct 2015 17:37:03
If shot-stopping is his only talent then the bar is way too low to judge him as a keeper hence, not good enuff

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13 Oct 2015 17:57:54
I'm with Ed and all the other doubters - I'm sure he is a nice guy but he's not a top drawer keeper.

The back 5 has been our biggest problem for a while now. Even when we came second we had a shocking defensive record.

We need to trust Klopp now. He will see these problems. He will fix these problems. But it will take time.

And we supporters damaging Mig's confidence in the meantime won't help anything.

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13 Oct 2015 18:20:38
I agree he is not De Gea but far from being our worse problem. In some games such as the Derby he was the MOTM. He has a lot of good saves. With a better defence including good DMs he would be less exposed and less of a problem. All these 'the defence has no confidence because of him are poor excuses for weak defenders/DMs

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{Ed001's Note - except that confidence always starts from the keeper. I am pretty sure Hansen has said that many a time, and I doubt anyone would call him a weak defender.}

13 Oct 2015 19:56:18
Again, I don't think he is as good as De Gea or even Heart. But other than the big 4 I can't think of a better PL keeper not even Llouris in his current form. I do think it will be easier to find better DMs. even from the PL. top top class GK are few and far between

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{Ed001's Note - you are deluded if you think he is as good as Lloris, seriously deluded. Or clueless. Not sure which in your case. Then there is Cech, Courtois, Begovic, Butland, off the top of my head. I would rather have average keepers such as Krul than Migs too. And Hart is in the average bunch with Krul, he is nothing special and it is only his nationality that keeps him in the Citeh team.}

13 Oct 2015 14:20:56
I quite like the idea of Benteke as the striker with (from left to right), Couthino, Firmino and Sturridge as the players to play off him.

Do the eds have any opinions on whether this would work and if not why not. I know we are all speculating and guessing at possible formations, but I thought I'd throw this out there for discussion

Love the site. I read it every day.
Thanks Eds for all your hard work

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{Ed001's Note - it wouldn't work for me, Sturridge is best up top, he is the best striker we have, it would make little sense to play him anywhere but up front.}

13 Oct 2015 15:29:51
I'm not slating the lad but Benteke is starting to look redundant to me, another square peg for a round hole. Sturridge - and Ings for that matter - are a better fit. Maybe Klopp can turn it around for him??

Also Lallana, we have too many for that 10 position and more than that, he's just not been up to the standard. Again, hopefully Klopp can turn it around for him, but we've collected so many midfield players in recent years that he seems surplus to requirements.

I agree with Ed1, Sturridge's quality is ever evident - Ed, do you have any word on his injuries? Is it looking like he is past all that? I hope so, seems a good lad, and doesn't deserve his career to be wrecked.

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{Ed001's Note - sadly he will always suffer with injuries due to his explosiveness. That kind of acceleration places great strain on the body and it comes with a price attached.}

13 Oct 2015 15:46:27
i remember reading an article about sturridge and one of the reasons he left chelsea , it was because he did not want to play out wide on the left he wanted to play as the main striker , so would it make him happy to be playing in a position he does not like , plus he is a better striker than anyone at the club the only way it works for me is to play with 2 up front , or maybe use each player in different games , when we need a striker to hold the ball up use benteke or use sturridge when we need to attack with fast counter attacks , but again i would go for the 2 up front

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13 Oct 2015 16:01:59
ed1 you say explosive players suffer with injuries, so it begs the question how has cr7 been so lucky, is there a way of training/playing that can limit injury proneness or is cr7 just a freak of nature.


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{Ed001's Note - bit of both, but he is suffering badly now and his knees are shot because of it.}

13 Oct 2015 16:04:51
Thanks for response Ed.

What is your view on Benteke then? Is it too early to tell? Do you think he will find form under Klopp? Form, in so much he will either be assisted in adapting his game or else his natural attributes will suit Klopp's style. I suspect the latter is not a like scenario ?

Cheers for sharing any views.


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{Ed001's Note - I think he needs to adapt or Klopp to adapt the system to suit him, his natural game is not really suited to the way Klopp usually plays. The good news is that he has shown, in flashes, that he can play high intensity, quick break football, so it is up to him now. If he shows willing, he has the pace, power and technical ability to benefit from the Klopp style.}

13 Oct 2015 16:46:11
If sturridge plays as one of the 3 his role would be more of a second striker running in behind benteke a role i think he'd excell at the only question mark would be his defending

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13 Oct 2015 17:57:06
Thanks Ed, I would agree.

Do you see a future for Lallana?

Any others you feel you can mention would be better off moving on?

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{Ed001's Note - I still think the signing of Lallana was a mistake, if he stays he is just blocking a spot for a youngster for me. Having said that, I think his willingness to work will be well received by Klopp and he will stay.

Other than Skrtel, Allen and Enrique, I can't really think of anyone. I mean other than Mignolet.}

13 Oct 2015 18:41:02
Jay19 & Ed01. Look at Aguero. Same exact story.

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13 Oct 2015 13:39:05
hey lfc fans. its been a while. .

prediction weekend is coming in a few days time

but anyway. does anyone else think harry redknapp has a serious chip on his shoulder regarding anything to do with liverpool?
he constantly spreads negative comments all the time

what is his problem.

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13 Oct 2015 14:20:41
He was asked a question and answered it with what Macca told us on here. It wasn't a lie,he simply answered with the truth.
I don't think there was any malice int he comment,he's infact usually been pretty defensive about LFC and said we deserved better than what BR was offering.

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13 Oct 2015 17:20:10
hi bobatron , i never seen what macca said can you tell me what macca said about it , cheers mate

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13 Oct 2015 17:39:27
And he has been vindicated. BR was aweful and he got slated for telling the truth and now, has the truth not set him free?

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13 Oct 2015 18:24:36
I agree with the OP. Leaving aside comments about Rodgers, Redknapp has always had a problem with LFC. I remember him having a pop at Rafa back in the day. Basically he's a twit.

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13 Oct 2015 19:23:49
Harry says whatever the press want to hear. He is a cash cow. Second rate, two bit has been. Average manager at best and a crook. He really has gone down in my estimations. I would just ignore him. Hypocrisy at the highest level. his opinions change depending who asks and how much they pay him. Fool

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13 Oct 2015 12:36:17
Loved the last podcast on Klopp. The sheer delight in Ed001's voice is a joy to behold. Its like Christmas has arrived. Benny is such a natural also (he must have some broadcasting experience)? On another note there was a worrying thought that Klopps high intensity pressing might not be such a novelty in the intensity of the premier league?

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{Ed001's Note - there is also the point that he has a much bigger squad to choose from, so he does not have to worry about tiredness so much.}

13 Oct 2015 13:13:25
I agree good work edd/benny, well done lads its the only thing that gets me to work on a monday. I coukd listen to your insight a lot more than 45 minutes though :). Btw edd your jingle is just awful 😂

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{Ed001's Note - you just don't appreciate a natural singing voice!!}

13 Oct 2015 16:56:42
anybody else think Benny sounds like Ricky Gervais ? or is that just me

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13 Oct 2015 20:39:09
Defo agree Tom, yeah! Thought that from the first one.
Whenever Benny speaks, I can't help but picture the show with cartoon characters for him, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington!!

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