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28 Apr 2017 13:09:34
Afternoon lads

Origi has been worrying me our last few games. I love his enthusiasm but i really don't know has he the awareness to be a success. I hope I'm proved wrong but not looking likely

What do ye make of him, I also do understand he is young


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28 Apr 2017 14:12:28
Erm its difficult. The last few games none of Liverpool's players (apart from Coutinho really) have been playing particularly well. It would of been interesting to see him earlier on in the season when we was playing better football to judge him. Yet when Coutinho, Firmino and Mane are in the team, I don't see him getting in.

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28 Apr 2017 14:21:28
Give him Time, I am very confident about him I think he will kick on in time and be our next number 9 I think.

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28 Apr 2017 12:41:04
Just one question ed01 do you believe this summer we will hold on to our best players and be able to bring in good players to strengthen the squad, or are we going to loose key players and just rebuild again. It seems to have been the story of the last twenty years. Couts is the one that springs to mind this year. Just your gut feeling on how you feel the summer will go please. Thanks.

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{Ed001's Note - I think it all depends on Champions League qualification.}

28 Apr 2017 11:54:50
Happy to see that Lovren has signed an extension and I believe he will become a better CB over the next 4 years.

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28 Apr 2017 12:14:24
I think Moreno really deserves one too, I believe he will become a better player over the next 10 years.

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28 Apr 2017 12:19:18
I really hope this does not mean that Klopp will stick with what he has at CB for next season. We desperately need a decent partner for Matip or its another 50 league goals we will be conceding next season.

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28 Apr 2017 12:25:48
you guys do not remember Mark Wright - this is like a repeat great world cup . move to Liverpool have a crap couple of season's and then become an excellent asset to the club - here's hoping history repeats itself and mind you VVD is not the answer.

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28 Apr 2017 12:29:43
Just need to give a new contract to mignolet now and we will be all set for next season, maybe bring konchesky back in the summer as back up.

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28 Apr 2017 12:30:53
It suggests we're not looking at CBs this summer which is a concern but it's actually great news for Gomez. It means Klopp's happy with his options with Lovren and Matip first choice and Gomez as the understudy. If it works out it means Gomez is seen as the long term solution to our issues at CB.

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28 Apr 2017 12:31:32
This really does not make much sense to me, unless it's to prop up his value in case of a sale in the summer, which I doubt. Does Klopp rate him so highly that he wants him around for another 4 years until he's 31? Complete mystery to me. If he's going to persist with his four CBs of Matip, Lovren, Klavan and Gomez, then I don't expect much improvement in letting goals in.

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28 Apr 2017 12:31:45
If klopp believes we don't need a CB then he needs sacking.

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28 Apr 2017 12:37:52
Over the next 10 years? LOL
He is 28 this summer mate. Do your research. We have already seen the best of Lovren, and it simply is not good enough to warrant being a regular first team player. If no quality CB is signed this summer, next season is going to be another bummer.

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28 Apr 2017 14:00:30
Maybe klopp has realized he needs to tweak the defensive system for better results. Lovren has shown time and again that he can be a top cb, remember how he had the best striker in the league, lukaku, in his pocket in the derby which prompted the Ed to call it a 'masterclass in handling lukaku' or something on those lines. Maybe a more accomplished and composed player like Godin can sort him out but how many Godins out there are lining up to sign for us? I think We need to address our approach to defense and our strategy as a priority and work on individual technique. I hope klopp can fix that.

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28 Apr 2017 14:30:01
Indian buzzer, hx was talking about Moreno and I believe he was being sarcastic.

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28 Apr 2017 11:15:22
Bertrand to Liverpool

Yes? No?



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28 Apr 2017 08:12:16
Just as I predicted Mourinho went to the Etihad and parked the bus. He's always been a manager that plays percentages so it's likely he will do the same against Arsenal and Spurs and try to nick the result with a set play or goal on the break.

Last night's score isn't actually too bad for us especially considering they have lost another player for the next 3 games.

I said they will beat Arsenal although wouldn't surprise me if this was also a draw and I cannot see them beating Spurs.

And still some tricky opponents in between like Southampton and Crystal Palace. So still a few more twists and turns before the climax. Fourth place could even very easily ne decided on goal difference.

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28 Apr 2017 09:41:43
They will play with a bit more steel against Arsenal who are abysmal. They did beat Chelsea at home. Jose knows exactly what he is doing. I am not confident on us beating the next 4 opponents which is exactly what Jose might be thinking as well.

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28 Apr 2017 09:42:09
Just win our games get to 78 points and keep our fingers crossed.

Man u winning all there games can get 79 points. So one draw and us winning all ours is fourth.

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28 Apr 2017 10:43:57
I think Man U will drop at least 4 points in their remaining games- so 3 wins and a draw should be sufficient- but any losses and we are are out.

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28 Apr 2017 12:04:45
Swansea will be tough, Arsenal will be tough and Spurs I hope will score 3 or 4 past them. Saints and Palace may be no mark games with 6 points on offer for United. let's see how they fair against Swansea which should be a tough match for them first off.

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28 Apr 2017 12:10:51
I think we'll come 3rd.

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28 Apr 2017 12:45:46
In my eyes there's still 4 teams in for 3rd and 4th you can't rule Arsenal out yet. They would go level with us if they were to win their games in hand. Makes for an exciting end to the season and happy that we are involved in all honesty it would be nice to have it in the bag but where is the fun in that!?

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28 Apr 2017 12:50:36
Love you Ron! Keeping the faith.

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27 Apr 2017 23:37:24
If united and city win there games on Sunday which they most probably will then we will be fifth with same number of games played and huge pressure going into the watford game monday night.

Its not in our hands anymore as we expect others to drop points now . that palace defeat is a big blow and we need to win all four of our games at any cost.

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28 Apr 2017 00:08:20
It'll be back in our hands soon enough .

But whether we can keep it in our hands is totally another thing.

Jose played for the draw tonight prioritising the Europa league but still having a chance in getting top 4 if that goes Titsey up.

Feloni is Jose's new henchman fouling an breaking up play to knock other team out of rhythm. He will be badly missed for the next 3 games.

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28 Apr 2017 00:22:43
It's the sad reality, the Palace result barely feels real and in all honesty I saw very little in that performance to say we will be able to beat Southampton and West Ham too, until we learn to defend we don't deserve top 4.

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28 Apr 2017 01:24:52
Utd will almost definitely drop points at Spurs and most likely down the road at Arsenal too. I remain optimistic.

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28 Apr 2017 06:34:54
In his usual coarse, noisy, vulgar way, JM is turning things around at MU I think.

I read somewhere the other day that they haven't lost a premier league match for 20+ games.

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28 Apr 2017 07:07:06
So, after 33 games each, it was in our hands.
After 34 it might not be, but it might be, we don't know.
Whatever happens there will still be 4 games left to play, a lot can change in 4 games.
We'll get there 😎.

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28 Apr 2017 07:51:35
Everyone's going on about the tough games utd have. we can't even beat palace at home. Were doomed!

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28 Apr 2017 08:24:46
Lol roller keep the faith, seriously though we need our players to stand up and be counted now. I have placed misguided trust in that before and been let down. Im trying not to be pessistic but Its unlikely we will win the 4 games so we will be heavily reliant of other teams having a harder run in with hopefully a few slip ups. It will no doubt go down to the last day with a lot of nail biting on our part.

I would have been more confident if mane was not injured because he has that unpredictability that always threatens a goal and he is a winner. We need more players like him in the team in future.

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28 Apr 2017 09:28:34
The same Palace that beat Chelsea. Are they doomed? Hope the players don't think like you.

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28 Apr 2017 12:28:55
Obviously they do. turning up for the big guns and not giving a crap about the teams under 8th in the league. Crap mentality. But we'll see.

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28 Apr 2017 13:00:25
All, we did well to get 3 points away at Westbrom and Stoke, and yes I am gutted about CP but they're a tough side and we got sucker punched. Could so easily have been different with a few less injuries, or if Coutinho had won a penalty, just as it could have been different if Migs hadn't save against Berahino.

There will be ups and downs, City or Utd will definitely drop points between them, let's just focus on winning our last 4 games and making top 4 ours. Believe and support the team!

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27 Apr 2017 22:30:10
We need a high-scoring clean sheet in at least one of the remaining four games. Like a 5-0. It may just come down to goal difference, with the stragglers slowly creeping up. And on a side note, I'd be quite happy if Spurs nipped Chelsea to the title. Second best attack and best defense in the league, not to mention a quiet, no-nonsense, drama-free manager.

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27 Apr 2017 22:45:29
It could easily happen against an already relegated Boro on the last day. Bournemouth and Hull have both put four past them recently.

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28 Apr 2017 00:10:51
Chelsea deserve it for me.
Strong defence and rapid counter attacking football at its best.
Top manager as well.

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28 Apr 2017 03:23:12
The amount of gas that already comes out of spurs fans without achieving anything is enough for me, if they win the title they'll say they're a bigger club than Liverpool etc and the nonsense that comes out of there mouths at time is unbearable, that's the type of mentality spurs fans have. At least we know what to expect from plastic Chelsea fans. I like poch though, he's a very promising manager.

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28 Apr 2017 06:37:29
I'm with you Kman, my experience of both their fans is grim but I really rate Poch.

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28 Apr 2017 07:08:06
No time for Spurs. I don't think the Boro game will be easy.
4 x 1-0 wins will do for me 👍.

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27 Apr 2017 22:01:57
Pub Banter:

I remember many years ago when Man Utd, Liverpool and David O'Leary's Leeds were the title challengers.

One night, Liverpool and Leeds were playing. I was in my local which was packed with Liverpool fans including the owner, Jimmy. Also there was Tony, a very bitter Man Utd fan who hates any team that challanges Utd but in particular Liverpool due to a bad experience I believe working in Liverpool in the 70's. An angry man.

Anyway, just before kick off, Tony (the utd fan) was sitting in the middle of the Liverpool fans, bolt upright, arms folded, angry face on.
The owner Jimmy decided to hop a ball off him and shouted a question to him from up behind the bar as to which team (both chasing Utd) he would rather see win. 'What do you hope for at Anfield tonight Tony? '

Tony didn't even pause. 'A ****IN EARTHQUAKE'! .
Classic banter to be fair 😂.

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28 Apr 2017 09:32:07
0-0 and a 22 man brawl?

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27 Apr 2017 21:26:55
Ed 001, if you're about, I would be interested to hear your views on Mourinho's comments about Jones and Smalling and their mental attitude towards playing through pain. It just reminded me of our difference of opinion regarding Sturridge and his injuries, we had on Sunday. I presume you think Mourinho is also a dinosaur with regards to the mental side of the game?

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{Ed001's Note - Jose is Jose, it is this expectation that his players play through injuries that caused the breakdown of his relationship with Chelsea. Now he is again hitting out at a club's medical team, this time through the players. If he doesn't trust the players or the medical advice then he needs to make changes. One thing I would never accuse Jones of is being afraid of playing through pain, he has spent so much time out in large part due to playing through pain and making injuries worse. I will take the physio and doctor over Jose every time. They are trained to know when a player is ready.}

27 Apr 2017 21:42:45
Many thanks, as always, for your quick response and posting my comments.

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{Ed001's Note - no worries mate. It is a good point that you made, though I think Jose is going to end up causing the same division he did at Chelsea if this carries on. He can't keep publicly criticising his players the way he has done without them turning on him. He was always careful in the past to protect them and take all the criticism on himself.}

27 Apr 2017 21:51:33
I hope Jose does a better demolishion job this time 😁.

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27 Apr 2017 22:31:46
It's in his skill set, Ron. Wait and watch. :-)

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28 Apr 2017 00:18:35
I wish he'd transfer list a few of them.
Jones is a top player but will injury stop him fulfilling the potential.

Fergie reckoned when he signed Jones that he could be Utds finest ever player.
That's some praise.

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28 Apr 2017 06:25:07
Yeah, that was a good one from Fergie 😆.

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28 Apr 2017 09:27:28
Hes fine now. Set those standards.

Make every player look hows he's treated the others.

It has to stop next season though if he doesn't was a revolt.

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27 Apr 2017 19:58:30
What result are people hoping for in the Manchester Derby tonight? Either a draw or Man city win for me as City have an easier run in nd if utd drop points tonight they also have some other tough games coming up which they could drop more points.

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27 Apr 2017 20:06:01
1) city win

17) draw

193) united win.

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27 Apr 2017 20:54:28
I think a United win is better for us, but I despise them, so I want them to get tanked 5-0.

Doesn't seem like that's happening though.

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27 Apr 2017 21:01:30
Zed. Explaine dem numbers, I've had a few!?

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28 Apr 2017 09:13:40
Did a bit of analysis in a post a couple of days ago that with a draw, both city and united could catch us - city with one more point than our potential 78 points, and United on tge same points, so it will come down to goal difference between us and united for 4th place.

If united win, both teams can pass us, albeit we will be on gD with city.

If City had won, it could still be in our hands as we would have higher potential points then united.

Hence, big preference for city win, less so for draw, and defe didn't want United win, not least as I hate Maureen!

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