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17 Aug 2018 10:37:50
Feeling weirdly confident going into this game week with a match away at palace.

Can be a tricky tie and definitely on of those that we managed to drop points in the draft.

We will find out how the team has progressed with the result and performance on Monday.

Will take a boring 1 nil all day.

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17 Aug 2018 10:55:59
Last season away to Palace we actually struggled in midfield against them. I don’t think that will be the case on Monday. Extremely important to get another 3 points on Monday.

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17 Aug 2018 11:05:53
These are the kind of games we have to win if we're to have any chance of being up there at the end of the season.

It's a tricky match. I think we'll need a professional performance from everyone on the day.

I'd definitely pick Milner to start, with Keita and either Henderson or Gini.

I would also take that boring 1-0.

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17 Aug 2018 13:12:28
If we win this game comfortably 2 or 3 nil then I'll really start to believe we are the real deal.

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17 Aug 2018 06:55:11
Good morning.

Love Ed 001's player profiles.

Would Ed 002 be interested in doing an occasional profile of people he has met or people who interest him? Not necessarily from the world of football. It's just that it would be really fascinating to hear about some of those people that Ed 002 considers to be of significance.

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{Ed002's Note - It is an interesting thought Tommy and actually one I might be able to do something with.}

17 Aug 2018 11:34:00
Id be all on that. I'm sure there are some pearlers that won't be able to shared though unfortunately!

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17 Aug 2018 11:37:21
I would really look forward to it if you can can find the time and the inclination.

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17 Aug 2018 11:45:05
Brilliant idea Tommy - I would love to read those too!

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17 Aug 2018 13:10:50
I’ll second that. Great idea mate.

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17 Aug 2018 13:26:35
It was hearing about Aretha Franklin that made me think about it.

Wouldnt be at all surprised to hear that Ed002 had met her sometime.

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{Ed002's Note - Nope.}

17 Aug 2018 19:32:21
She’s a bit mainstream for ed002 😄

Look forward to these ed002 👏.

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18 Aug 2018 00:09:54
I bet he could belt out a pretty decent rendition of R. E. S. P. E. C. T or Natural Woman when the mood strikes!

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{Ed0333's Note - Ed’s 001 does a passable impression of a natural woman I mean a wonderful rendition of natural woman.

17 Aug 2018 23:36:23
Great suggestion Tommy. Looking forward to it. Can't wait to hear who it was that got Ed into the rodeo clown business.

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17 Aug 2018 09:33:41
Seems like Klavan is off to Cagliari. A little sad to see him go. Solid and dependable option off the bench and always gave 100%.

I'll always remember his 94th minute winner against Burnley. I was sat at the Bob Lord Stand and the abuse I received for celebrating his goal was worth it 😂.

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17 Aug 2018 10:31:12
Gave his all for the club everytime he played fair play to him. Does anyone else think it’s a little risky letting him go. We will need to rely on Matip who is probably our 2nd most injury prone player, Gomez who has had some serious injuries in the past and Lovren who is currently injured. Yes we have youth but it’s a tall ask relying on one of them if the s##t did hit the fan.

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17 Aug 2018 11:09:19
I think the emergence of Nat Phillips has changed the picture a little bit. And there is also Connor Masterson. If injuries to starters did happen, we would probably be lacking in the experience part, but certainly not enough players to play the position. Gomez, Matip, Phillips and Masterson as backups is not a lost cause. If VVD is injured or rested, Lovren and Masterson can play his position. If Lovren is injured then Gomez, Phillips (and even VVD) can back him up. At some point, you have to give the U23's their shot and test them.

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17 Aug 2018 11:37:29
You also need to remember that Fabinho or Wijnaldum can play there too if absolutely needed. I was actually impressed with Gini when he played in defence.

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17 Aug 2018 20:34:54
EpicPotato, Fab can play RB, not CB and Wiji cannot play CB even tho he played in a back 3 vs BHA last season, a team that did not bother to attack us last season. That's not going to happen this season, I can guarantee you that. Just saying.

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17 Aug 2018 09:24:21
So klavans off best of luck to him delighted he got that goal against Burnley cheers rag!

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17 Aug 2018 09:05:15
Morning Ed1, can I check if the following players on the profile list please: Dennis Bergkamp (I'm sure he is) and Alessandro Del Piero.
Thanks mate, hope you're well.

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{Ed001's Note - yes mate both on there.}

17 Aug 2018 19:22:58
Thanks Ed.

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{Ed001's Note - very welcome Nick.}

17 Aug 2018 08:53:23
Hey eds just a general question can teams change squad numbers during the season for example if migs and Karius leave this window, can we give the no.1 to Alisson or do teams have to wait until the new season? just a general question.

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{Ed001's Note - they have to be registered with the Prem and then can only be changed the next time they have to be registered, which is usually at the end of a transfer window.}

Review Of The Day 17th August 2018

17 Aug 2018 07:29:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 17th August 2018

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17 Aug 2018 07:46:42
Thanks for the review Ed. So interesting still having the euro transfer window open. There could be massive repercussions for EPL clubs. Pogba, Hazard, Ramsey etc.

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{Ed001's Note - I hope so, at least keep it interesting.}

17 Aug 2018 07:52:21
Morning Ed,

Funniest most bizarre thing I've read all week I think 'England Move Up To 6th In World Rankings' hahaha! I wouldn't mind if they were any good but they aren't lol!

Thanks Ed mate have a great day.

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{Ed001's Note - the rankings never seem to accurately reflect any real level of how good a team is. I don't understand why they change them based on previous years' 'points' scored. Why not just have it set as is now, then each time a team plays they move up or down based on the result? The points thing makes no sense and can be easily skewed, as the Poles did before the World Cup to get a high ranking in the hope of an easy draw.}

17 Aug 2018 10:57:54
AC Milan’s new owners, Elliott Management Corporation, are throwing the money around a bit, upsetting the transfer apple cart somewhat?

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{Ed002's Note - No they are not.}

17 Aug 2018 12:06:01
What is the story with Milan’s ownership Ed002, I read the Chinese owner/ s defaulted on a payment to EMC?
And that Milan have taken Milinkovic-Savic on loan?

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{Ed002's Note - Try the European pages - this is the Liverpool page.}

17 Aug 2018 13:20:53
I shall, thanks.

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16 Aug 2018 23:52:41
Come on Ed's 001 it's dead on here you should be cranking out those articles, I need something. zedicus feel free.

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{Ed001's Note - I am trying to mate, but this Jack Charlton one is taking so much time.}

16 Aug 2018 16:42:57
Right people, Ed’s! Interested to know your opinion on who you think Is the most important player in our first eleven, the player that makes us tick, the player we would really really struggle without. My mate said Bobby, which is obvious to see why. I said VVD. Think without him, the defense breaks down, and even the midfield in front may leave gaps and space for the opposition. He is the core of our team and I think we would be f***ed without him. What’s your opinions reds/ Ed’s?

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{Ed001's Note - goalkeeper is the key player but it is the midfield that makes the team tick. So it would be one of them, depending on the who is picked and the way we are playing.}

16 Aug 2018 17:39:01
Thanks for your answer ed. Now that you’ve said that lol. Who do you think is our best midfield 3 when everyone is fit? Cheers ed, appreciate your insight and knowledge on footy!

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{Ed001's Note - that is tough. Keita defo. Henderson and Fabinho just, though Milner is currently playing well enough to replace any of them.}

16 Aug 2018 18:12:19
Follow up end if I may, I know you are a big advocate of don't change a winning team, so would you start same 11 on Monday night?
No fixture congestion at the moment, but I could possibly see hendo in for wijnaldum for tactical reasons personally.

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{Ed001's Note - I think we need to get Fabinho game time as soon as possible, so I would have him in if anyone was to change.}

16 Aug 2018 18:23:09
That’s the great thing about Klopp’s team. There is not one individual who the whole team depends on.
We’re a team, all the players are integral. There is a team spirit and everyone works for each other.

Most important individual is Klopp. He sets the team up, he motivates the team, he creates the team spirit. 👍.

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16 Aug 2018 18:44:03
Ed, do you not think that Firmino is the only one is almost irreplaceable?
You said midfield Is key which is fair, but we have options there to rotate, without losing much.
I don’t see anyone in world football who fits our system, works as hard and offers as much to Liverpool (not saying he’s the best cf in world football) as Firmino does.

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{Ed001's Note - not even sure he is, as we could just slightly change the set up to play a proper centre forward.}

16 Aug 2018 18:44:30
Personally I don’t think it’s as simple as just 1 player making the rest of the team tick. For me Firmino is extremely important but Mo and Mane would still score plenty of goals without him. People say the team don’t play as well without Hendo in the midfield but we won more or less every game he missed last season. VVD has made a huge difference to our back four but again he doesn’t keep the clean sheets on his own. We have an extremely good team/ squad and I think they all make each other tick with Klopp being the key string puller behind the scenes.

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16 Aug 2018 18:49:12
Naby Kieta is going to be AWESOME this season lad's.

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16 Aug 2018 19:03:34
Fair ed, either one for me as palace will definitely look to play long and down their left most likely so the height advantage of Fab and Hendo with the ability to cover on the right side defensively I think will be needed.

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16 Aug 2018 19:30:08
Good shout Shane but Milner played so well last game that it would be tough to drop him and he has the energy to help out Trent too. I'd go Milner Fabinho Keita personally but would understand if Klopp opted for Henderson over Milner.

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16 Aug 2018 19:35:08
I have rarely seen a change in a team such as the one when Salah went off in the final. Psychologically speaking, having him in the team, in the form he was in gave the players the belief that his goals mean we can beat anyone. Last season I think it was him.

For the system, Bobby sets the tone. He is the lynch pin of it all. That said, Milner was the driving force behind everything on Sunday, though it is unlikely anyone would say he's our most important player. Really what I'm saying is we don't have that one player anymore. I'm just so chuffed to say that after a long time, our collective is the strength of the team, not just one player.

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16 Aug 2018 20:25:49
We have a red machine and it’s going to be awesome.

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16 Aug 2018 21:25:42
The more opinions you read, the more you realize that it's the system that is the real champion of this team. It's the one crucial thing without which everything breaks down. And the closest person I can associate the system with is Jurgen Klopp. 😉.

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16 Aug 2018 22:35:54
I didn't realise how strong we were until we blasted West ham away with wij and Milner.

Don't get me wrong I like this two but thought they would always need a hendo or fab behind them. Nope.

One I hope get a chance is grujic. Think he could be a monster in a few years. Apparently we pulled the plug on the Cardiff deal and have turned away torino. What's your info eds? Is he getting a shot or just waiting for the right offer?

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16 Aug 2018 23:05:57
Grujic is as good as gone imo, he won't be getting his chance which is a shame, when he first joined and played like he did in his first pre season I thought we had a right player on our hands. Shame it never worked out for him, I do wonder though why he hasn't moved on.

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16 Aug 2018 23:08:05
Well said Ron and Ary. Couldn’t agree more. It’s a system that only works if all 11 are pulling together.

I feel our squad has quality strength in depth in all positions, I’d say Klopp is the only one that’s irreplaceable right now, he is the brains, motivation and driving force behind the performances and positivity at the moment.

Great time to be a red 💪.

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16 Aug 2018 23:13:18
Do agree Salah, can’t see how he will get a look in, not even sure how Lallana and even Ox to come back, how will either push their way back into contention. Grujic seems so far away from 1st team football. Unfortunately.

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17 Aug 2018 01:52:34
Our best player? Salah

Our most ‘Klopp’ like player that I love to watch? Firmino

But if you’re picking the players we’d miss the most it would have to be either Becker or VVD. take one or both of those out of the team and you change the whole psychology.

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17 Aug 2018 07:07:40
It's VVD for me; mostly because of the impact he made when he came in last year.

However, I absolutely agree with some of the comments above. There really isn't just one single player that makes it all tick and we have a real team again.

Bobby is probably my favourite player - his tireless work opens up so much for everyone else. I'm also very excited to see how Keita does this season, he looks a frightening prospect.

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17 Aug 2018 09:43:35
{Ed001's Note - I think we need to get Fabinho game time as soon as possible, so I would have him in if anyone was to change. }

Yep Fabinho in for Gini should be the only change for Monday.

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17 Aug 2018 09:46:56
Salah has to be the player we miss most, until we win a match comfortably in his absence it has to be him.
Last season we didn't look anywhere near the same team when he wasn't playing (and to a lesser extent Mane) our game requires pace up front alongside fermino.

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16 Aug 2018 16:28:26
Hi Eds

Why are there such a few posts on the banter page since yesterday?
Usually the page is filled with posts.

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{Ed001's Note - probably because less were sent in. I have no idea.}

16 Aug 2018 16:47:12
Im going to take a wild guess and say nothing to winge about. We had a great window, first game was brilliant.

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16 Aug 2018 17:17:40
Everyone's Fekired after the transfer window.

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16 Aug 2018 19:59:57
It's a good thing, we should all zip it and let Ed1 work on his Jack Charlton article lol :) .

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16 Aug 2018 22:09:37
I'm waiting for the rest of the Mike Tyson series, Mo.

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17 Aug 2018 01:02:30
I know it’s a long shot Ed especially now the season has started. Loved the boxing articles especially gatti. Would it be possible to put Julio Cesar chavez on your to do list? Always appreciated.

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{Ed001's Note - added him mate.}

17 Aug 2018 10:40:21
Spot on Bergenred. A really good transfer season followed by a good whacking given in the first game of the season, has kept the doubters and moaners quiet.

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