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16 Oct 2017 14:26:01
Who screamed at the tv when klopp took of couts and salah for ox and sturridge. why didn't he take of gini who has been poor.

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16 Oct 2017 15:55:01
I thought Gini had a good game. Klopp would also have been slaughtered on here for being naive if he changed the midfield 3 and we lost. He instead chose to leave the back 4 well protected and hope that our dominance would pay dividends, it didn't on this occasion however I'm reasonably content with the draw, especially with a cleansheet.

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16 Oct 2017 16:19:29
So Klopp keeps it more balanced and keeps clean sheet now he's to conservative! Klopp Has been slaughtered by media and a lot on here, to have more protection for cbks now media and some on here saying should have taken one of the players offering protection incase of counter attack off to put another attacking player on. can't win!

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16 Oct 2017 16:29:41
Mourinho actually said in his interview that he was waiting for Klopp to do that which is when he would go for the win. Klopp did the right thing by bringing on fresh legs. The system was working. That’s the benefit of a strong bench in these key (match winning) positions. Side note- AOC looked lively.

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16 Oct 2017 16:58:36
OP, you are right. You just broke t=your TV for no reason. Klopp simply can't win with some of you on here. Had he done that an Utd stole a goal like Mou had anticipated, you would be screaming on here that Klopp got schooled. Klopp does not fall for that and you are still mad. Make up your mind, bro.

Did you not see that all 3 of those players were knackered and dead on their feet at that moment when they were subbed off? Also, Klopp was smart enough to make sure that yes, we probe and try to score BUT keep the back 4 protected and secure the point at least, if you can't win.

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16 Oct 2017 19:09:46
Good post there bingo. The boys who came off were shattered, they needed to be taken off.

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16 Oct 2017 19:36:27
Klopp did the right thing. He got a draw at home and will get another draw at wembley and we will slowly climb the ladder towards CL. He will also get us a draw against Maribor! 33 draws means survival ha ha ha.

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16 Oct 2017 19:42:53
Thing is we drew 0-0. No one schooled anyone both teams want to compete for the title. A draw suited Utd more away from home and a draw for us simply means we are now sat in 8th, with 3 wins in 8 league games and 1 win in the last 8. No matter how you try and dress it up it was a bad result for us. I don't care about what it was for Utd or how they play football they are of no concern to me.

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16 Oct 2017 21:02:24
The were the opposition Jayden, how they play impacts the game. 2 points off 4th. 1 win isn't good enough but take in the full picture mate.

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16 Oct 2017 21:23:37
Andy I understand what you're saying mate but the full picture to me is the other 4 league games we dropped points in previously and the fact we have 1 win in last 8 games. A draw against Utd is not a bad result normally. But due to previous results then it was a must win. Any home game under these current circumstances is a must win regardless of the opposition. They parked the bus and came not to play. We hardly beat their door down trying to win it.

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16 Oct 2017 22:19:03
Jayden, this early in the season, it was more of a must-not-lose than a must win and that is how it played out, based on our form going into it. A loss would have been a disaster and we all know that so enough with the "this is a must win game as we were at home" stuff cos that did not apply here cos we are in a sticky patch and confidence is low.

We probed and tried to create chances and we did even tho, we all knew they would not be a lot. We did not take them and that is still a concern. Either way, there are 30 games left and had we won, NOTHING would have been won nor decided to why chase a game all gung-ho and then get scored on off a counter? When Klopp does this type of calculating, they say he should have gone for it more. When he goes for it and we get sucker-punched, you say he should have been more pragmatic. You people need to make up your minds cos the guy can't win.

Also, NOTHING has been decided yet and we are on point from 4th and 4 points from Spurs in 3rd who we play next week and we have a near spotless record against them (unbeaten in the PL since 2012). The one win in 8 thing is of no relevance to me at this point cos at the same time, we have lost just 2 games in 13 this season and Klopp has lost 4 of his last 26 league games. See how I could use stats to paint a rosy picture? We take the point and mocve on to Maribor tmrw. YNWA!

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16 Oct 2017 23:05:58
Bingo you're using last seasons stats to fight an argument. And even going back as far as 2012 to predict a result against Spurs 🤦🏻‍♂. That my friend is called clutching at straws.

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17 Oct 2017 06:20:58
Last season counts nothing, Next season also counts nothing. What matters is now! People need to stop comparing ourself to last season! It’s pointless and baseless.

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{Ed001's Note - but its not, that is how you see whether progress is being made or not.}

17 Oct 2017 08:42:08
Harry, you mean like you keep comparing Klopp's team to Rafa's team of near a decade ago? Nonsense. The past only counts for you when it suits you but when it does not, it should not count nor matter. You've exposed yourself again to the kind of response that your contradictory comments invite but I guess you'll just going to whine about it. How can you measure progress if you don't look at the recent past? Oh, that does not count when it is Klopp but when it is Rafa, you are able to compare even his Valencia days to Klopp's current days at LFC.

Jayden, how can you know where you are or where you are going if you don't refer to the recent past to gather information and learn the lessons therein? The fact is that Spurs is yet to beat us under Poch cos we are a matchup nightmare for his side. Fact. We are the only team that they cannot bully nor overpower and history as recent as last 2 seasons (5 games vs Spurs and 2 wins, 2 draws and NO losses) proves that. Does that mean we will win on Sun? No. Does it mean we have a good chance of winning? Yes as our boys are NOT scared of them.

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17 Oct 2017 08:42:28
Thank you, Ed01 for that great response by the way.

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17 Oct 2017 10:41:35
Not me. Couts was shot and Salah just couldn't find the net. Ox should've been starting over Wijnaldum and then we can play Coutinho deeper IMO.

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17 Oct 2017 13:33:35
The only thing wrong with the subs was the timing, they were needed 10 minutes before.

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16 Oct 2017 13:54:54
Afternoon Redmen,

Hope you are all well.
Not the result I hoped for at the weekend but fixtures after the international break are never easy. Its a clean sheet and something to build on going into the Maribor game.
I am hoping for a second clean sheet and our first champs league victory of the season tomorrow.

Now enough of my rambling, heres the loan update.

Allan was not involved an Apollon drew 0-0 with Anorthosis.

Awoniyi played for 85 minutes as Royal Excel drew 1-1 with Genk.

Ryan Kent made his first start of the season for Freiburg but it was a game to forget.
Bayern thumped Freiburg 5-0 and Kent was subbed after 65 minutes after making little impact.

Jordan Williams played the full 90 as Rochdale threw away a 2 goal lead against 10 man Fleetwood to draw 2-2.

Toni Gomes was an unused sub as Forest Green lost 4-0 at home to Newport County.

Origi played for 85 minutes and scored the 1st as Wolfsburg drew 2-2 away to Leverkusen. His first in the Bundesliga this season.

Chirivella played the full 90 as Willem II came from a goal down to beat FC Twente 3-1.

Brooks Lennon played the full 90 as Real Salt Lake lost 1-0 to Colorado.

Shamal George was an unused sub as Carlisle beat Colchester 1-0.

Connor Randall started for Hearts in their 2-1 victory away to Ross County.
However Randall did not make things easy for his team as he got his marching orders in the 65th minute for a second bookable offence.

Ojo was not in the squad as he recovers from a shoulder injury as Fulham drew 2-2 with Preston.

It was a mixed day for Keita as RBL got an away win to Dortmund 3-2.
Despite the positive result Keita got a yellow in the first half and went off injured at half time with a groin strain.

And that's your lot.

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16 Oct 2017 14:08:42
Great info Carra! I juts don’t understand the loan deal of Ryan Kent! Should had kept him and used him. He ha space and no trickery and what you need on the flanks.

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16 Oct 2017 14:14:25
How would Kent even get a game?

Klopp isn't using Ox or Markovic or Woodburn or Wilson who are all arguably ahead of Kent at the moment.

Provided he gets lots of games at Freiburg it's a great opportunity for him. Looking forward to him coming back a better player because of it.

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16 Oct 2017 14:28:51
Markovic is not wanted, AOC is a failed winger, Kent signed for big money, nothing else! Wilson was never looked ( scored 30 odd goals last season for the U23 ) Woodburn is not a winger.
Kent is a carbon copy of Mohammad Salah. Proper out and out winger, A lighter version of Wilfred Saha or Garay!
Ryan Kent is noting like AOC or Woodburn!

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16 Oct 2017 14:37:30
So you would have kept Kent around for an odd game now and then and a few minutes off the bench, whilst paying him his full wages, rather than send him to a team playing in one of Europe's top leagues against good opposition where that team is paying his full wages and a fee on top?

I'm glad you're not making the decisions Harry, that's all I can say.

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16 Oct 2017 14:57:59
I wouldn’t have bought AOC in the first place. Offloaded Markovic and kept the lad in the side. Yes and brought him for a cameo in most of the games. How is he inferior to Tom Davis?
I am sorry but what kind of treatment are we doing with Karius and Ward lol! Are you calling for the transfers atm?
If we list the number of fringe players at Liverpool then this discussion would go no where!

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16 Oct 2017 15:05:17
As always Harry your tangents are baffling beyond belief.

Tom Davies? You know he doesn't play for Liverpool right?

Kent was loaned out right at the end of the window, so it was obvious that we were getting Ox and Markovic wasn't being sold.

So in that situation you still think it was a bad idea for him to go and get first team football somewhere else and provide income for the club? If so then you are so far off your rocker you've slid out the old people's home and are halfway down the street.

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16 Oct 2017 15:22:33
As the ox is being played outwide atm, i would have rather saved the money and given kent a go, considering we went and bought the ox, i loan probably is the best move for him atm so he at least gets some game time.

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16 Oct 2017 17:01:45
Harry's ramblings aside, I think this week's goal was Origi's second goal this season or am I wrong, Carra?

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16 Oct 2017 18:55:22
His first in the bundesliga the other came in a cup game bingo.

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16 Oct 2017 19:38:12
Ok, thanks Carra.

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17 Oct 2017 10:40:37
I wouldn't have bought Ox either Harry but it's hard to fall the lad a failed winger when he never gets games there. Especially considering he was pretty good against the Mancs when he came on. Give the guy a chance.

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17 Oct 2017 10:43:18
Kent is not the messiah - he's a very naughty boy.

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16 Oct 2017 13:33:19
Would like to get peoples views. I know we had a very very low offer for kabouily rejected by napoli. Was wondering if giving the choice between him and vvd who people would go for. I think both are head and shoulders above what we have right now. So thumbs up for kabouily or thumbs down for vvd.

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16 Oct 2017 13:46:18
VVD isn't above what we have, not in my opinion he's not. Give us Koulibaly anyday, but I don't see either happening.

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16 Oct 2017 14:10:56
Koulibaly Coz He plays exactly like ours and what Klopp wants his CB’s to play. HIGH LINE AND HIGH ATTACKING! And most importantly he is a very good defender. I like VVD and he has potential but I don’t know what will happen to him if he play in our set up without a STOPPER infront of him!

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16 Oct 2017 14:12:10
You like your capitals don't you harry mate lol.

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16 Oct 2017 14:13:01
Not above what we have? Even if your not a fan of VVD, nobody in the entire world can argue he's not better than the absolute garbage we've got at CB.

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16 Oct 2017 17:04:07
Fowler, your "absolute garbage" comment is a bit harsh and OTT, IMO. Our Cb''s are not great BUT they are not garbage either. Steady with the hyperbole there, mate.

As for Koulibaly or VVD, either one would work for me as either would be a step in the right direction.

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16 Oct 2017 19:38:16
But according to you in the post below VVD is not good, ain’t it Bingo mate? Please avoid replying me with a 4 para post!

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16 Oct 2017 22:23:16
No I did not, Harry. I said he has flaws in his game and that is concerning. Potentially, he could be great and if he buckles down and fixes his concentration issues cos right now, he seems to have downed tools at Saints.

As for the replies, don't read the replies. It's that simple.

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17 Oct 2017 04:51:14
Koulibaly or Manolas for me. Yes they are playing in a slower league but they are both getting a brilliant education on the technical side of defending not to say the dark arts of defending. wouldn't be bullied, concentrate well and are fast.

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17 Oct 2017 10:42:38
I feel like he's always yelling at us Corleone haha.

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16 Oct 2017 13:27:24
At 2 30 on Saturday I was pretty satisfied, although we didn’t get the three points I felt we played well and Klopp’s plan worked better than Mourinho’s. Since then my view has soured a bit and I find myself questioning a couple of the more negative decisions Klopp made. First of all, however, the good must be acknowledged.

A lot of people are saying that Mourinho was playing for a draw, I think it was a bit more subtle than that, he was playing not to lose; his approach, like so many teams approach to playing Klopp’s Liverpool, was to play tight at the back and hope to nick something at the other end. With Martial, Young and Mkhitaryan (that fella needs a nick name) looking to find the gaps in Liverpool’s defence and Lukaku menacing our CBs that was a sensible approach. It’s worth noting that he also tried to mark Henderson out of the game but quickly abandoned that plan. Klopp countered with the most defensive set up I’ve seen him employ in a long time. There were two key parts; the first was that Can played deep so that he and Henderson were more of a pair, this immediately countered Mourinho’s initial plan to pressure Henderson as Can was there to offer a second outlet.

The second decision was to reign in Gomez and, in particular, Moreno. Moreno is yet to redeem himself in my eyes but Saturday showed that, when he plays more conservatively and with discipline, he can be an effective defender. With the fullbacks holding their position and Can alongside Henderson there was no space for Utd to exploit and they were completely shut down as an attacking force. In this battle Klopp completely outsmarted Mourinho. I’d also like to reserve special praise for Gomez who impresses me more every game, I initially thought that, when he had regained fitness, Clyne would take the fullback position back from TAA but with how Gomez is playing I’m no longer sure. Part of me still wants to see Gomez at CB so Clyne’s days aren’t definitely numbered but there’s a decision to be made there.

Klopp may have won the battle in front of his own goal but this meant Liverpool lacked the fire power to win the battle at the other. With Can playing deeper there was a lot of pressure on the third midfielder to drive the attack and I just don’t think Wiji is good enough for that role. If Mane was fit Couts would have played there so Klopp had a decision to make between Wiji and AOC, I think he made the wrong one. AOC is yet to do anything of note in a red shirt but Couts had to drop off the Utd defenders to effect the game and that left our forward line outnumbered. AOC starting on the wing instead of Wiji in midfield would have balanced the team much better.

The other thing that infuriates me is again how late Klopp left his substitutions. I have no problem with Couts coming off, with his recent schedule there was almost no chance of him lasting the 90, but by leaving it so late there was no chance for the subs to effect the outcome. As a team Liverpool lost the plot in the last 10 minutes of the match anyway. AOC showed some promise and looked like he could hurt Utd but Liverpool couldn’t make use of him, we lost composure and started aimlessly punting the ball forward instead of using the fresh legs in our forward line to tear holes in Utd’s defence.

Klopp got a lot right on Saturday but, whilst we were a bit unlucky not to get a goal, I think it was missed opportunity. Thanks to the relatively poor starts of Arsenal and Chelsea the top four is still very much achievable but with just one win in eight matches we MUST find our form soon.

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16 Oct 2017 14:14:50
He did not get 3 points against one of the worst UTD side turned up against us in my memory. A midfield without Pogba and Fellaini ( meaning no lumping of the ball up and no creativity at all ) . At home you got to win your matches we did not and now the advantage goes to UTD for the return leg! I have seen people calling UTD crap, if they were rubbish why did we fail to win the match?

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16 Oct 2017 17:13:49
Complete nonsense, Harry. You are contradicting yourself again as usual. You spend your time worshiping Mou and Utd on hefre and just cos Mou choked and parked the bus cos he was afraid Klopp would embarrass him (as he's done most of the time in the head to head), you now call them the worst team in Utd's history. You also spent your time saying that Utd would smash us on Sat BUT cos that did not happen, you are now slating Klopp who you gave no chance of getting a point, for not winning. Your hatred for him is becoming so cringeworthy that I'm starting to fear for you. Give it a rest, mate.

Yes, they were rubbish and that is a fact. I did not say that, Gary Neville did. Parking the bus does not mean that you suddenly don't know how to complete 3 passes together on the counter and Neville slated Mou for that and on many other points on Sky. Get over it!

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16 Oct 2017 17:19:46
Putney, hindsight is always 20/ 20 so for me, no point replaying the match after the fact. We had chances to win and did not take them and that is that. Also, why make changes when we are bossing the game in every dept.? What if we made the change and it stifled our momentum and we lost the initiative, what happens then? This is why you have to consider many factors before making a change as you don't make a change that early as you don't know how the team will react to it.

We gave them nothing and Klopp was smart enough not to fall for Mou'stcrap cos that is how BR got done in 2014 and we lost the league. Also, this is the 8th game of the season and there are 30 games left in the PL and not beating Utd is not the be all and end all and decides nothing cos even if we won, it would have decided nothing. Losing would have been a disaster and Klopp was well aware of that. We take the point and move on.

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16 Oct 2017 19:47:19
Absuing / mocking / bullying or imposing your opinion on someone doesn’t make your hindsight / opinion / argument correct Bingo. It makes no differences to my view. There are lot of posters I know personally but who don’t give a damn about your view bingo!
You don’t need to reply on every post against every poster. Try respecting each other’s opinions!
Discussions are fine as it is to determine what is right! Arguments brings ego.

I am done!

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16 Oct 2017 22:37:31
Harry, It is only me imposing my opinion if you cannot prove me wrong. I called you out on your hypocrisy and clearly you can't handled being called out. I posted facts about your conduct and I noticed that you did not dispute anything I posted so that means you agreed with me calling out your hypocrisy. The other day, Ed01 called mocked you and called you a spoilt, petulant child. Were you outraged then? If the answer is no then save your phony outrage for those who care cos I certainly don't.

As for you knowing posters who don't agree with me, you must think I care about such nonsense or require positive reinforcements or something. Unlike many on here, I actually enjoy debate and I have a very thick skin unlike "some people I know" who need people to agree with them for self validation. We are all free to respond to any posts we feel like and no one gets to tell anyone what and when they can post their comments. I will continue to do that in a respectful manner. If you don't like them, don't read them. Simple.

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17 Oct 2017 10:44:53
A good post Putney, well thought out and I agree for the most part. A loss to Man Utd would have really put the cat amongst the pigeons but as it is, the team knows they were realistically the only team that could have won, and a well deserved clean sheet too, and that's a big confidence boost vs. where we were before the game (and worth a lot in the long run if we can build on it) .

At the end of the day, we all need to recognise that setting up with the kind of balanced side required for clean sheets, is by definition going to limit your chances against a side as good as Man Utd. despite that we had a few good opportunities to win it, with De Gea's save, Salah's miss off the boot of Coutinho and Can's touch a few of the notable ones, not to mention a couple of headers from corners.

It is something I am happy to see from Klopp and if we can continue to play like that consistently, cut out stupid goals, and Mane, Salah, Firmino, Coutinho and Lallana can get back on form we'll still score more than enough to be a force to be reckoned with.

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17 Oct 2017 10:46:01
Harry, if you read Putney's review, there's not much to disagree with. A very fair assessment.

We did well to have so much dominance of the game whilst still stiffling their opportunities to catch us on the break. Really disappointed we didn't score, and agree the subs were too late to have any impact. Klopp needs to realise that 60 is the new 75 ;-) .

I am pleased to see that we can play a more defensive shape when needed, and would've liked to see AOC for Couts, and Couts for Gini, even if just for the first half, as that could've been the key to unlock more shots on goal.

Good write up, Putney.

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16 Oct 2017 11:58:21
Ed just throwing that Nfl collegiate system article back at you for your new list, also what about some other players, Figo, Raul, The man who really sparked a change in football in my eyes was Ronaldinho,

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{Ed001's Note - Ronaldinho was already on there, but I have added the other two. The collegiate system article is top of my list, but the research is taking a while as I don't know anything about the system used, so have to read up on it first. I am just knocking out the odd article quickly inbetween reading up on it.}

16 Oct 2017 12:40:50
Thanks a bunch ed, I'm sure everyone agrees with me when I say we hugely appreciate the articles you write and the time you take for each of them.

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{Ed001's Note - cheers mate. Sorry this one is taking particularly long though!}

16 Oct 2017 13:06:42
Definitely agree Welsh mate - he does a top job at writing them.

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16 Oct 2017 19:49:56
No need to apologise mate you keep cracking on, having said that let me throw another one into the mix, a review of the Brazil 1970 World Cup squad?

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{Ed001's Note - good idea that one, my favourite non-Liverpool team of all time is that. I have added it to the list.}

16 Oct 2017 22:38:48
That was some team, Welsh and Ed. The ironic thing is that many in Brazil still believe that Pele was not its best player, Not even close.

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{Ed001's Note - he was never my favourite from it, but he was the main striker and they always get the plaudits.}

16 Oct 2017 11:00:09
Morning Ed001,

One for the list if you don't mind.

Michael O'Neill and Martin O'Neil.

But primarily the first one. He seems to have done wonders with NI and I was just wondering your opinion about him in general and whether you think he has the chance to make it at one of the top clubs?

Martin O'Neil I have always felt has been stealing a living as a football manager but i'll await your judgment on him as well.

Cheers in advance.

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{Ed001's Note - I have added both mate, thanks for that.}

16 Oct 2017 11:50:33
I love Micheal O'Neill. He has done wonders with the GAWA but there is a massive difference with making the most out of what you have to work with, in our case about 22 footballers and having money and assembling a team. Im not saying he couldn't do it but personally i think he should stick to the great job he is doing with us, just give him a good pay rise, he deserves it! 😉😉.

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16 Oct 2017 09:40:11
Hi Ed. Thanks for your reviews. Was reading the one on VVD. I can understand your concerns, and was watching him yesterday. Do you think all being said his strengths elsewhere would make it worthwhile taking a chance on him, or would his poor tracking back expose us even more than we are now and make it a more detrimental signing? Cheers in advance.

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{Ed001's Note - I have always been of the opinion that he is a player we should steer well clear of.}

16 Oct 2017 10:10:46
Klopp like him and nothing else matters. For thee money we will need to throw in, I would have personally signed Koulibaly.

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16 Oct 2017 10:43:42
With you there, Ed. Never really been convinced with VVD as he quite erratic BUT if Klopp wants him, what can one do?

Harry as for Koulibaly, he is a good shout BUT who says he would come or if Napoli is willing to sell? This is a guy Chelsea could not even get, rejecting Conte point blank. Even if we met his release clause or whatever and wanted to come to us, who says that Napoli's owner Lorenzo DeLaurentis, a true headcase in negotiations, would sell? Your hero Rafa knows all about him. You simply cannot get any of his players hence why, clubs don't even bother trying. PSG got Cavani cos Cavani forced his move even after his crazy release clause was met. Maybe Ed01 can shed some light on the fact that we did bid for Khoulibaly and tho a low bid, we did not follow it up. Ed01, can you help with this? Cheers.

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{Ed002's Note - I have explained about the offer for KK already - try the search engine.}

16 Oct 2017 10:51:30
Klopp may want him Bingo mate but he must have a second or even a third option, or I would hope so? because I really can't see us getting VVD. I think we're wasting our time even trying personally. Especially with interest from the likes of Barcelona and Juve.

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16 Oct 2017 11:07:40
Well every player has a price Bingo! £70 mill or upwards is a magnificent deal for any club let alone Napoli. That is why we need CL at a minimum level for even start a negotiations. If you are willing to meet Southampton’s asking price which could be potentially above £60 mill then we have a decent chance to open up a negotiations for KK.

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16 Oct 2017 12:56:29
Harry, Drawing Southamptom into this is a red herring as they are nothing like Napoli, not as big as Napoli, don't have the same ambitions as Napoli and don't have a head case for an owner. That is the reality and those are the facts, like it or not.

You are correct in general about price and fee and negotiations BUT Naploli's owner is as I said, a head case and they don't need to sell any of their best players cos they have tonnes of cash money and also, they are neck and neck with Juve to win the Serie A. Would you sell if you were him? There is a reason you can't get any of Napoli's players so teams most of the time don't even bother. You can propose to pay the release fee and the guy could still not sell. That is the reality and it is nothing new to anyone who follows Italian football.

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16 Oct 2017 13:37:53
Spot on Bingo.

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16 Oct 2017 01:57:36
Hey Ed25, where are you these days.? Haven't seen much from you.

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{Ed025's Note - been on loads of times Eka mate, i spend more time on here than even the everton page..

16 Oct 2017 08:09:41
Nop! He left me and now spends time with the Raver 😎😎😎. His fav poster ❤️❤️❤️.

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{Ed025's Note - raver was just a fling harry, you will always be my No 1 mate..

16 Oct 2017 09:54:13
Hands off edd 25 Harry is mine. 😋.

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{Ed025's Note - i dont blame you walter, harry is the pin up boy of liverpool banter mate..

16 Oct 2017 10:46:15
You mean as in ‘pin the tail on the . ’?

Just kidding mate - we love you really.

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16 Oct 2017 10:32:07
At last. Nice to see you again! What it is like to be an Evertonion nowadays?

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{Ed025's Note - underwhelming Eka..

16 Oct 2017 12:27:41
Which is why he's over here more then the Everton page :) you seen the light Ed025 mate? lol :)

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{Ed025's Note - im afraid not corleone, once you are touched by everton there is no going back mate..

16 Oct 2017 13:07:54
Hahaha! nevermind mate, it was worth a go lol.

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{Ed025's Note - plus i dont moan enough to be a liverpudlian corleone..

16 Oct 2017 13:20:55
Lol I can't argue with that mate.

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16 Oct 2017 06:05:43
to ed0xx: what's your take on the "Klopp eases Liverpool’s pressing game in the search for solidity" theory? Has it been visible? Is it true?

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{Ed001's Note - it is hardly a news story is it. Klopp did this last season, as I have been saying repeatedly. We were in such poor form he had to do something and so he did. Look at the final few games of the season, it was much less invigorating and exciting, but we kept clean sheets and won games.}

16 Oct 2017 06:18:20
Lol to Ed0XX, whose the new Ed 😄😄.

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16 Oct 2017 10:20:08
cheers Ed001. Thanks.

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{Ed001's Note - welcome.}

16 Oct 2017 10:46:09
Spot on, Ed. Even this season, we don't press like before anymore as it was becoming too much of a burden on the players. Now, we press in moments where it is effective and don't press when it is not. I think Klopp is indeed learning from this and adapting his tactics to suit the rigors of the PL.

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16 Oct 2017 10:52:15
Agree Ed and I made this point back end of last season - the way we shifted to a more conservative game plan when we starting leaking results in Jan was a clear indication klopp can adapt and I don’t understand people that think we have no plan B

I for one was very happy with the Man Utd game - not because of the draw but for the balance we showed in the game. Only one side ever really had a good chance of winning and if we can do that more often, over the course of a season we’ll be in good shape

Klopp will hopefully never lose his swashbuckling touch but to be able to control that game at times too is critical to challenging against the best.

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16 Oct 2017 13:05:11
Spot on, SG. Mou tried to bait Klopp into playing more expansive way and chase the game from the off cos he did the same thing with BR in that fateful game vs Chelsea and they stole a goal and the rest is history. Klopp did not take the bait and made sure that we probe and probe BUT we definitely keep our defensive shape and should not lose this game as that would be a disaster. Mou is only peeved that Klopp did not make the mistake and take the bait and is lashing out. Typical deflection from the Moaner in Chief.

Klopp has shown that we can play swashbuckling footie and still stay defensively sound BUT we need to do that more consistently, I agree. Klopp is right. Jose Pulis' tactics would NOT be welcome at LFC and Mou is just Allardyce with money i. e a bus parker who has the ability to buy the high class players who can park buses in a more effective way. That is his choice BUT he should stop moaning when the real Tony Pulis does this to him this season at OT.

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Virgil van Dijk

16 Oct 2017 05:41:33
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new player profile about, Virgil van Dijk

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16 Oct 2017 06:07:16
So should we go for him or not go for him Ed01? Either way it looks like Klopp is adamant on him! I am interested to see the people reacting to this article, especially the usual “ Klopp my messiah “ posters! He is the number one choice of Klopp and he will move heaven and earth together to secure him. A good read mate!

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{Ed001's Note - please no Harry. I have made it clear for years that I do not rate him at all. He is lazy. A stroller who thinks effort is for others. Yesterday Yoshida's shirt was soaked through with sweat, while his was still fresh and new. He did not break sweat or make an ounce of effort. Look at when the ball is at his feet, he does not react giving the Newcastle player a chance to kick it to a teammate and they scored. Admittedly Forster was at fault for not saving it, but VVD had plenty of time to clear it but failed to react.}

16 Oct 2017 06:21:31
Fair enough Ed. Good to see you have an OPINION on the player and you STICK with it regardless of the manager / board or the color of the shirt.

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{Ed001's Note - I change my opinion based on what I see on the pitch, not based on which teams are interested mate. I always remove my bias etc when I write or watch players, as you never know what will happen in the future. The only person I could never do that with was Paul Ince, but that was because he was an arrogant prick who strutted round Melwood like he owned it, when he was not worthy of the shirt.}

16 Oct 2017 06:28:25
So if Matip and VVD plays in our centre, whose shirt will be soaked thru? My guess is Klopp's shirt.

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{Ed001's Note - and mine!}

16 Oct 2017 07:14:34
Exactly Ed01. Opinions evolve and it is based on what you see on the pitch or what you have seen in the past. You need to Star this post. Half of the people on this page doesn’t understand the difference between opinion and support. If you have a negative opinion on a player / outcome of a match / an instance you are quickly labeled as “ Non supporter “ how dumb is that.
VVD will have everyone’s support if he becomes a Liverpool player. But VVD is an average player is just an OPONION and it changes only on the football pitch!

Agree2 Disagree4

16 Oct 2017 08:57:52
When you can't just comment without having to throw in a cheap dig at your fellow supporters or your clubs players or coach, how dumb is that? Your comment about VVD is perfectly fair and contains no dig at Klopp or Hendo or Lovren or Space Aliens. That is all you need to do.

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16 Oct 2017 09:03:20
Good profile mate - off subject but I was scrolling through the different player profiles you have done and it has to be said, I absolutely love Joy Barton's photo lol fantastic mate. Wonder when that pic was took of him ;)

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{Ed001's Note - it is an old one of him, but it is a personal fave, shows his best side.....}

16 Oct 2017 09:15:42
I love it mate, I just wish he could read it for himself, and of course see his photo :) haha!

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{Ed001's Note - he is far too arrogant and up his own backside to care mate.}

16 Oct 2017 10:54:30
Thanks for the player review, Ed. You have been very consistent on VVD's flaws as long as last season and I agree with everything you have said. He should not be judged on this season's perfs. so far cos tho very poor, he seems to have mentally checked out of Southampton cos he simply does not wanna be there and seems to be downing tools in real time. However, his flaws are clear for all to see and have been for months now. Klopp wants who he wants and that is it. Will VVD buckle down and work on his game if he came here working for the coach he likes and playing for the team he wants? Still remains to be seen BUT he is not good to watch right now.

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