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17 Oct 2018 23:15:31
It's really inspiring stuff aoe. Top man. Keep us posted. I'd be very interested to hear about your writing and publishing journey.

16 Oct 2018 17:49:50
Thank you so much you bunch of legends. apologies for the lack of grammar in parts, I just wasn’t able to read back on it when I wrote it so I hit send and sat in a corner moaning “what have I done” for the rest of the afternoon.

That’s okay though, because I normally behave like that most Sunday mornings anyway. For now, two projects down for this year and hopefully one more fantasy project in final stages of editing before the end of the year. I have a three year plan to making a living off this malarkey and when I have accrued enough experience, and overcome at least a thousand more unexpected problems, I’ll be passing on the knowledge to those interested and hoping to write/ publish their books. Trust me - if I can write a few books, any of you can write a few books. Cheers guys.

17 Oct 2018 06:56:07
What a man you are aoe, well done mate, keep up the fantastic work :) .

15 Oct 2018 21:47:21
Good old boring international football at its finest. We were lucky, Spain was robbed. Boo England, yay for the peoples champions. Viva Espana!

15 Oct 2018 11:47:42
Okay, here goes. My name is rob power and I have a quick story to tell. It's not really a sob story so don't roll the eyes just yet. I'm an incredibly private person so this is obviously my complete hell. First of all - to all the posters that showed me such kindness with wonderful words of encouragement when learning of my writing I cannot thank you enough. Back to the nearly but not quite sob story- a decade ago I fronted a Dublin band that achieved "underground" success called army of ed (aoe) on the cusp of greatness, We were voted best band in Ireland by emergenza and headlining every top venue in Dublin, and pretty much on track to a possible career in that world. It was all peaches and ice cream until my dad suddenly fell ill. We were always a close enough family with average health insurance so things were tough. For quite a while I had to look after him during chemo and such and I doubt I'm alone at all when saying how difficult a time it was. With the stress of full time job- full time band and nightly full time carer, things inevitably slide. I don't regret anything for this is life and I have a happy one. Anyway, I'm rambling, for a year or so I used to sit up with him and do the duties I'd wish on no enemy. But it's my dad and my mom had enough crap dealing with stuff in the waking hours. Sadly, playing guitar to wile away the hours until dawn swiftly became a no go. So I gamed a lot and for a while that was fine. A few hours of quiet with master league on pro evo between his "confusion attack's" as we called them was my life from 11pm until 9am on a constant basis. But eventually I became miserable, seeing so little to look forward to in life. I'd like to take this moment to drop in that during that dreadful time, this site was a home away from home. I hadn't the confidence to post but I read every post numerous times. I can't tell the editors enough how grateful I am and to the rest of the posters on here how much you all helped me without any of you knowing. I wasn't depressed I was just so very sad for so many years and many a time, you guys made me smile. Anyway- I started to write a story during that time because I needed something/ anything to tear me away from what was going on. I'd never written anything more than a few lines in songs so to attempt a book was ambitious to say the least. I wrote a paragraph and then a chapter and then the whole bleedin 500 pages of a fantasy novel as far from my world as possible. Moreover, my dad who had also written as a younger man before he became an English teacher, read the work and offered advice whenever he had his his good days. (He'd never liked my band but he liked my story) it was the one true thing we could talk about. One book became two and he was weaker and unable to keep up with my progress and as I penned the third, he was the first warrior to fall on us- nearly three years ago. He was half way through the second book when he passed which believe it or not, really kinda gets me. (Really could have used his dark humorous tips on some of the more difficult parts) On the night he died, we were in the hospital and though he'd gone, I whispered in his ear that I'd look after mom. And then I told him how the book ended. To this day- he's the only one to have been given the secret. (Much to the annoyance of my wife who has supported me throughout so many years) though it is sad, I am lucky to have been able to tell him all the things I wanted to and somehow used those dark nights to create something that (at least to me) is something to be proud of. Cut forward a few years and I followed through with my dreams. I formed a publishing house and released "spark city". A year on, after pushing it I'm finally seeing fruits of my labor, it's highly rated and is going some decent business in the states. This weekend, I released my second book and though the entire country's internet breaking down didn't help its launch, it is a number one release in the states and debuted at number 2 in uk. No idea how but it certainly sounds impressive. To be honest i alluded to it a few months back- it's not the follow up to the fantasy book, that comes in March. It's a (hopefully) humorous book called the little book of lies. I don't expect it to light up the world but again it's something I'm proud of. To finish- I've never told that story to the public despite various media sources requesting appearances to discuss it. A certain daily tv show in Ireland has enquired about my availability and getting in the first interview before another certain late night Friday night tv show gets wind of the tale. Eventually I will have to if Spark continues to build momentum but I wanted to say it here first. I also don't want to charge any of you guys a penny for any of my work because of what this page means to me. If anyone has kindle unlimited both books are free at the moment. If you do buy any and like so many Americans (who should really know better) any positive reviews would be welcome. Thanks a million guys - Robert j power.

15 Oct 2018 13:15:11
Just hit google on you, really interesting, don't have a Kindle so ordered a hard-copy, can't wait!

It's so interesting to find out the different lives we all lead on this site.

{Ed001's Note - I will go and ask around the book stores here and see if I can get a copy too. Really looking forward to reading it.}

15 Oct 2018 18:25:13
It's really amazing, isn't it? Just to get a glimpse into each other's lives (high and lows) aside from our one common love of this football team. 😊.

16 Oct 2018 05:38:32
I can't remember if I clicked the reply button or not last night but aoe, I'll be buying mate, great post.

16 Oct 2018 09:23:36
Great read aoe. From e fellow musician and creative I salute you mate. I'll be having a read for sure.

16 Oct 2018 17:52:37
Really inspiring how you have come through such a struggle. Thanks for sharing. Ynwa.

04 Oct 2018 10:40:11
That was supposed to read

Bobbys got style Sturridge had pace
Campania - what a nice place

If you can amend please


04 Oct 2018 10:34:30

Andy Robertson and our Mo
Sadio Mane - Alberto
Henderson - Fabinho
On the bench at San Paolo
Fab Shaq and Naby
Jurgen klopp you just see
James Milner it's not fair
Wijnaldums got more chest hair
They had style they had pace
Campania - what a nice place
Joe - Virgil - Dejan who?
Alisson Becker we love you
Jurgen with an attitude
Players that weren't in the mood
Trent, don't just stand there let's get to it
We need a goal - oh $hit we blew it

Rogue rogue
Rogue rogue


03 Oct 2018 19:23:08
Keita for Hendo, just what the doctor ordered. Once we are at least two goals up we can bring him in thirty minutes to the end (out of respexlct for his office and ) because he is better suited for slowing down the game.

03 Oct 2018 23:35:34
Erm. awkward. Eds are you going to tell him or shall I?

03 Oct 2018 09:09:14
Allison-Trent Gomez VVD Robertson- Keita Fabinho Wijnaldum- Salah Firmino Shaqiri.

That would be my line up for the Napoli game.

Milner and Henderson could do with a breather as the fixtures have piled up. Mane is the only player in our squad to have started every game so likewise deserves a break. In any event Keita, Fabinho and Shaqiri deserve a start. It will be a tough game and a win would be MASSIVE for us. or 'moerse' as we say here.

03 Oct 2018 13:13:47
Milner and Hendo are two players you want in your team in a tricky away trip.

30 Sep 2018 10:39:49
Goodmorning Eds is there any truth in the Ramsey rumours? His injury record is truly worrying no matter how good he is.

29 Sep 2018 02:27:55
Just for fun
After the game the other day I found it crazy that certain players are lucky to have pulled on the red shirt.
To get to play pro football is a dream for 99% of us
How on earth do players like Alberto Moreno along with other at our club
And the others like him at other clubs up and down the country do it
Never learn or improve when they have top class coaches and facilities on hand?
All for giving players a go and would love to see all clubs bring in young British players

Is it the coaching at fault or players
I no I am picking on Alberto. But using him as example
How in the 4 odd years has he not grasped the basics of defending?

Funny how so many players from all clubs in the epl
Make a killing by being no better than crap
No matter what team you play for you give it all.


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