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09 Dec 2018 14:47:14
I’ve been at sea for four months, so haven’t had a chance to comment as the internet is extortionate but I always read the posts, I have two weeks off before I head back for another 4, I just wanted to say a few things, I’m so proud of the team, and the club.

The posters on here are same as ever, great with a few who want their cake and eat it but in general the vibes been positive and great full. Last thing is a thank you to the EDs, Ed001 and Ed002 full of useful information and Ed025 for being a laugh. I love my club, and my city, it’s good to see both teams doing well and it’s even better to see the banter being quite friendly.

Thank you all for making a dreary 4 months bearable and keeping me posted with results and performances. Stay safe everyone. Ps I know it’s late but sorry for what happened to you salah, you’re a bigger man than most to be so forgiving and I will download the book that was so raves over on here by one of our very own. Peace out.

11 Dec 2018 10:22:30
Thank you very much Cesar, much appreciated. I hope you enjoy your time off mate.

08 Dec 2018 14:55:46
Why is Salah looking sad or at the bench when he scores?

He's simply thinking- is there no one else.

08 Dec 2018 10:22:49
if liverpool buy Veratti make the best signing from Suarez. i read L'equipe. : psg need to sold . because of fair play rules. i think 100 milions make the deal. what do you think?

08 Dec 2018 15:38:21
Good player but I don't think we hold an interest my friend.

07 Dec 2018 06:30:08
For what it's worth, just read a piece on espn ranking the top 10 players in the world in each position. Of course they're all debatable, but we did quite well. Alison ranked 4th, VVD was also 4th (ramos was 1, tit), Robbo I think was 8th (not bad from a recent hull player), Mane was 1 for wide forward, salah was 7 and bobby 9 for forwards, klopp was 2nd behind pep. 6 out of the top 100 according to espn, not too shabby.

07 Dec 2018 06:46:01
Very good, thanks for sharing mate but personally on THIS seasons form, for me Alisson is the best keeper in the world. I'm not just saying that because he's our keeper but all the clean sheets/ top performances are proof of it. No keeper can match him right now. There's of course still going to be people saying De Gea's the better keeper, not this season he isn't.

29 Nov 2018 08:58:51
Was just wondering if anyone has any idea of exactly why Buvac left? Would be interesting to know the reason.

{Ed001's Note - this has been explained a hundred times, he felt pushed out because his input was not being listened to as much.}

29 Nov 2018 10:54:29
I think many people, including myself were concerned when Buvac left. Still though, the way I look at it is pretty simple, we've had a better start to the season then what we did when he was with us last season. I'm not slamming him in any way but I've noticed people saying since he left we haven't been quite right. Correct, we've been better.

{Ed025's Note - results yes, playing style no..

29 Nov 2018 17:37:27
Yes, that's true Ed25, can't argue with that but imo that's what it all comes down to in the end mate is the results but you are right, the playing style has definitely changed.

I think we'd all love to see the same playing style as last year along with us barely conceding with this defence and keeper lol we'd be flying but we can't have it all mate, we do things the hard way which will make it more satisfying when we win the league, I'm so bloody convinced that title is ours Ed mate.

{Ed025's Note - i know mate, but city look very good at the moment and it will take a monumental effort to depose them of their title..

29 Nov 2018 21:19:43
True Ed25, I just have a real funny feeling they're going to have a bad period mate, maybe it's just wishful thinking? lol but I don't see them going on like they have been all season, we can only hope mate :) .

I just hope all their players remain injury free, so then if they do have a bad period there's no excuses. I want Liverpool to win the league fair and square mate, no cutting corners.

{Ed025's Note - the trouble is salah that a bad period for city is them only winning games 3-0 mate.. :)

30 Nov 2018 06:35:32
Well, until they play Liverpool mate ;) .

{Ed025's Note - we will have to see on that one..

26 Nov 2018 21:50:07
There is an article with Martina Cox, the wife of Sean Cox on the BBC Sport site.

22 Nov 2018 10:51:08
A disciplinary report from this season.
Remember, no referee, no game.

Match Abandoned Report
Reason for Sending Off

1. In the 85th minute of the game, Blue scored an equalising goal, to bring the game to 1-1.
2. Blue player, not the goal scorer, collected the ball from the back of the net. Too initiate a quick restart.
3. As he reached the 6 yard line, the Red captain, put his arms around the Blue player, to slow him down. At this point, I lock my eyes on them, to make sure no offence happens.
4. The Red captain let's go and the Blue player, still with ball in hand, makes it to the edge of the 18 yard box.
5. Red goalkeeper ( RGK ) then runs up behind (coming from the goal line area) to the Blue player, and proceeds to violently kick him.
6. RGK uses his right leg/ boot to kick the AP players outside, right knee.

During the carding procedure, I walked toward the Red corner flag and called him in my direction. From how RGK had behaved prior to this incident, and throughout the match, I decided against bringing him in close to my personal space, too ask his name and show him / explain the sending off offence. As I believed he could be a volatile person.
With RGK around 10 yards from me, I brandished the red card, and pointed toward the changing rooms.

RGK then ran toward me, using many expletives. I raised the flat of my left hand, as he pushed his chest into my straight arm, causing this to bow, I placed the red card, that was in my right hand, back in my pocket, and then used both arms to keep RGK as far away as possible. He was then leaning forward, screaming expletives, and then with his face very close to mine. RGK said things like " You can't put your hands on me" " I will stab you".
We was completely alone and I had no support from any of his team mates.

A Blue player then shouted something from toward the halfway line, which took RGKs attention. He veered off from me, and headed toward the half way line, before being blocked by his team mates.

He turned back away from his team mates and back toward myself. In which he said " You better run home after the game because I will **** you up " amongst other expletives that escape my memory.
He then headed toward the changing rooms, still shouting at me.

I then walked to the edge of the centre circle, which was where the ball had ended up. I picked up the ball, blew my whistle, and signalled the end of the game on the 87th minute. I was surrounded by all players asking for the last 3 minutes to be played, but I refused to change my decision, and consequently the Blue players started shaking my hand. One Red player shook my hand, their manager refused, as did many others.

24 Nov 2018 15:49:59
OMG no one should have to put up with that, fair play to the ref for high lighting this by calling off the match.

25 Nov 2018 23:47:27
After reading that, who in their right mind would want to be a referee.

27 Nov 2018 21:20:22
Makes you wonder and actually realize that it's still a game made for young boys played by grown men.

29 Nov 2018 21:10:07
For that reason and that reason alone I packed in after 20 years and won’t be refereeing again. Kudos to those who turn out every week and suffer abuse for the love of the game, without you all there is no football. take a bow refs 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

18 Nov 2018 10:24:14
Theresa May has visited Goodison Park this afternoon to seek expert advice on how to handle empty cabinets and how to make quick exits out of Europe.

More on this story to follow.

18 Nov 2018 19:46:46
Brilliant .

14 Nov 2018 20:30:26
Eds 001 just read your response
Waste your time? I thought you guys had built the site to generate conversation and genuine opinion on the club.
My opinion is that our midfield is our weakest link, and both Chelsea and City are stronger.
Wijnaldum is way too inconsistent and Milner is super committed but getting on and looked burnt out against Red Star.
Keita is yet to gain consistency and an injury free period, Fabinho has taken an eternity to settle Ox is long term injured so I see my point as valid and your response way over the top.

{Ed001's Note - if you say so. If you think Chelsea is stronger than I really do not know what you are watching. Ross Barkley is a regular in it, and he is crap. Jorginho is the most overrated played in the league right now. Kante is truly world class, but he can't continue carrying them forever on his own. As for over the top, we did not build the site to be constantly asked questions, it is not a Q&A site, so you are wasting my time asking questions I find whiny and have no interest in a discussion about.}

15 Nov 2018 08:44:04
Personally Shughes, I don't think we have a weak link at the moment mate, the squad is fantastic and are doing very well results wise. The midfield, I don't think they can be compared to Chelsea's, we clearly have the better midfield.

Wijnaldum I do agree he's not consistent enough but on his day he offers alot, unfortunately this isn't often and as much as I like the lad I wouldn't complain if he went elsewhere. Milner is better than Barkley by a country mile, there's no debate about that one. Hendo is better than both Jorginho and Barkley put together.

Keita, now I was having a convo the other day with somebody about Keita, I watched him a hell of a lot the past 2 seasons and he's absolutely unreal but I was asked 'how long does it take though, for him to settle in? ' this is normal, I don't expect to see him at his best until back end of this season/ next season.

Same goes for Fabinho, I honestly don't know what you mean by saying 'Fabinho has taken an eternity to settle' he's only been here a few months mate lol you have to think, these new signings from other countries don't just have to settle into a new club they have to get used to the manager and his style, the tactics, the players around them, a new country, there's a list longer than my arm what they have to get used to so we can't just expect them to be incredible from day one, that's very rare. I said it the other day and I'll say it again, the biggest problem these days is the modern fans want instant success, they lack patience. Please believe Shughes I'm not saying you're one of them, I'm just going on one.

Overall we have one of the best midfields in the league imo. We have THE best defence, THE best GK and probably the second best attack behind City (debatable) .

Chelsea imo don't even have a fantastic squad, they have Hazard and Kante who are the engine of that team, especially Kante he's just special that lad but without them where would they be? I must agree with Ed1, Kante can't keep doing everything for them forever. When you have Barkley as a starter you know your team isn't as great as some make out.

Our midfield is full of talent, we don't need one player to carry us anymore like Chelsea do, can you imagine them without Kante? they'd have one of the worst midfields in the top 6.

Right or wrong just my opinion of course but if I were a Chelsea fan I'd be wanting that midfield sorting out but fingers crossed they don't ;) and fingers crossed someone puts in a huge bid for Kante to take him from them lol I'm almost jealous they have him.

14 Nov 2018 17:17:54
Interested to hear, in the event we had an entirely fit squad to pick from, what formation and what midfield would you choose? I am particulaly interested to see if Your systems and midfield alter much between open and expansive games Vs those against a very tight and compact side.

Thoughts would be appreciated, have a great evening.



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