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20 Aug 2015 14:02:19
Why on earth are we loaning out Lucas? This is madness!





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24 Nov 2016 13:01:25
Hey guys,

Sorry this isn't specifically about Liverpool. What is the move called in football when you're dribbling towards an opponent, you kick the ball past then on one side (say the right) and you run past them on the opposite side, then you collect the ball again.

Pele scored a great goal by doing that to the keeper.


1.) 24 Nov 2016 13:36:54
I thought he missed that one.

2.) 24 Nov 2016 13:48:49
Pele didn't kick the ball past the keeper, he let it run. Peles footballing brain worked faster than mere mortals.

3.) 24 Nov 2016 13:55:41
Yeah I just watched the video again and he did as you said there, he just let it run.

Ibrahimovic however did do this move, against Saint Etienne. Anyone know the name? It's giving me a headache.

4.) 24 Nov 2016 14:00:41
At here's a reason he was dubbe the King of Football. He was light years ahead of his time.

5.) 24 Nov 2016 14:32:42
I'd just call it good bloody skill.

6.) 24 Nov 2016 14:03:00
remember this goal by Fernando when he let it run v Newcastle?

7.) 24 Nov 2016 17:51:38
Great goal that!

It's called a run around and also a belt, if anyone cares.

8.) 24 Nov 2016 18:35:58
The Pele move is simply called the "Pele runaround". In the English game, I'm told it's called "selling the dummy" where you let the ball go to one side of the opposing player, run around the player on the other side, and then collect the ball again once the player has been passed. The Brazilians call it "drible de vaca" or cow's dribble or half moon.

9.) 24 Nov 2016 18:42:32
In indoor when someone plays 1-2 with the wall it's being a little b*itch.

10.) 25 Nov 2016 11:22:04
OK, when and how are we allowed to insert clips? Is this new?

{Ed033's Note - No, this is not new, have you just 'woke up'? Just place the youtube page url i.e. watch?v=[id] in with the post.



15 Aug 2016 13:25:04
How did Klavan play yesterday? I have him in my fantasy football team.


1.) 15 Aug 2016 13:29:17
played very well.

2.) 15 Aug 2016 13:45:57
The guy was the best CB on the pitch and had a solid debut in a tough environment. Didn`t seem top break a sweat and I don`t think I even saw him commit a foul. Brilliant player.

3.) 15 Aug 2016 14:06:01
He was yellow carded for a foul.
Looked really good and strong to me, shame about the man to the left of him though letting him down.

4.) 15 Aug 2016 14:10:59
Could turn out to be the buy of the summer, aside from Mane and Karius. Played with calm, poise, simplicity and never seemed to rush anything. Always knew what to do with the ball. Now I understand why Sakho has suddenly become so dispensable (despite his disciplinary problems) .

5.) 15 Aug 2016 14:34:12
So that would make him the 3rd Best Buy of the season ra1969😂😂😂😂.

6.) 15 Aug 2016 14:52:49
Thanks for the correction, Whentheredsgomarchingin.

7.) 15 Aug 2016 15:28:21
I was laughed at when I suggest that he could end up being very good and in are first 11 just saying.

8.) 15 Aug 2016 15:50:22
Wouldn't have him in your fantaasy football team, he was defending well but didn't stand out as a target at set plays.

9.) 15 Aug 2016 15:57:50
Fair play to the man he had a excellent game.

10.) 15 Aug 2016 16:24:34
Bigsqueeze - too early to say he is THE best buy of the season. It's only the first game of the season, for God's sake. Wanted to stay away from MOTD fever. :p.

11.) 15 Aug 2016 16:19:45
Only problem for me is that he's just turned 30 so not a long term solution. Looked like a good short term measure yesterday though so fair play to him!

12.) 15 Aug 2016 17:31:36
Thanks guys, I'll keep him in the team then!

13.) 15 Aug 2016 18:23:36
Hi Adam,

He looked pretty dependable. However, I would suggest it's not wise to have any Liverpool defensive players in your team if your points come from clean sheets.

14.) 16 Aug 2016 01:55:50
He conceded 3 goals and got a booking i think. He will have a negative score in fantasy league this week I would guess.



06 Nov 2015 10:31:54

- Can we assume then that he won't be stalling on a contract extension when the time comes? Don't know if anyone saw him and Klopp after the match.


1.) 06 Nov 2015 11:01:57
Loved that.

2.) 06 Nov 2015 13:52:55
At least, we know Klopp won`t hang him out to dry in the media or needle him publicly for not signing the "fantastic" contract he has been proposed.

3.) 06 Nov 2015 12:41:41
Didnt he just sign a long term contract in the summer or something?



27 Aug 2015 07:48:40
Some complain when people have needless pops at the manager.
Others complain when people are happy with a good result at the Emirates.

If you want "free speech" that's a two way street for every comment, but this website belongs to the Eds so what is published is up to them.
Ron I never said it's a problem or not a problem when people complain about Liverpool fans being happy with a "good" (we had many chances to win it, so I think that word is relative) result at the Emirates.

If people want to exercise their opinions are BR that's up to them and they shouldn't be shouted down for it by the self-righteous fans who will follow him throughout all until the day he's sacked for incompetence.


1.) 27 Aug 2015 08:43:44
What's the point of having random pops at him? He's not my biggest fan but while he's clearly going to be there unless he has a major bad spell but at the moment 7/9 points is more then most was expecting.

2.) 27 Aug 2015 09:36:18
RedTwist if Brendan is not your biggest fan then who is?

3.) 27 Aug 2015 09:56:00
Regarding draw at the Emirates I'm 99% sure all fans would take a draw home and away against the "top four" clubs surely at the start of the season.

4.) 27 Aug 2015 10:04:46
And throw away 16 points?

5.) 27 Aug 2015 10:07:48
The "random pops" are simply people frustrated with others not seeing what they see as they analyze BRs managerial time with us. I'm not sure who's a fan of whom (little joke as english isn't my mother tongue either), but irrelevantly to the fact he is still our manager, we should continue to analyze every single thing he does so as to identify faults and find ways to improve upon them. Even if it is just as a mental exercise.
It's how people improve, how we raise our standards and how we behave with anything concerning our loves. What I'm trying to say is that it is done out of love for our club and not self vindication. We should be aiming to be perfect, not ok and not good, as that is the only way to even approach perfection.

BR has improved and we can credit him with bringing in better staff to assist him with the footballing side of our club and also on having improved on transfers in some aspects (he doesn't negotiate the deals). At the same time though we can fault him for his team selections (Skrtel should have gone), the way he treats players by making false promises and the disparaging light he casts on the club by emphasizing his insecurities for the whole world to see. He is the one guiding and representing our club and as such his behavior is unacceptable.

6.) 27 Aug 2015 10:16:19

If people want to take digs at Rodgers then that's there prerogative but if they're going to give it they have to be prepared for people to have a go back. My personal crusade is making sure Rodgers gets a fair trial and that means I will object to the following:

1. Personal attacks on things that have nothing to do football management.
2. Assumptions of what Rodgers may do in any given situation and then criticising that assumed action.
3. Assumptions about things that we do not have complete knowledge of and then criticism based on that assumption.
4. Applying blame to Rodgers for anything negative at the club whilst giving praise to anyone except Rodgers for anything positive.
5. Old jokes being wheeled out which have no relevance to the current conversation.
6. Straight up insults.

I expect to be criticised in return but I'm OK with that. I just prefer it when criticism is based on evidence and not biased by personal opinion.

7.) 27 Aug 2015 10:17:57
It's not about random pops, its the silly 'Brendan' comments and pops about his appearance. Not only are they now extremely boring, but it just makes all Liverpool fans look rather immature and petty. If people want to criticise do it in a mature manner and back it up with reasons as to why

8.) 27 Aug 2015 10:21:07
Reusch we are a top four club and as such we should be aiming to win every single game. I understand the need for a more conservative approach in some games, but there is no team we cannot beat when we get things right.

9.) 27 Aug 2015 10:21:50
Redtwist - there is no point in having random pop at him, however if people choose not to have faith in him then that is at their discretion.

10.) 27 Aug 2015 10:59:07
Reusch, no. i'm 100% sure all fans would want a win home and away against all clubs.

11.) 27 Aug 2015 11:01:20
Just to add, even winning 1 and losing 1 gives u 1 more point than drawing both games, why would we take a draw.

12.) 27 Aug 2015 12:22:20
I think your well wide of the mark there 'Reusch' old son.The vast majority of 'pool' fans would expect or at least hope we would win all of our home games.I agree that most fans would take a point away from home against City and Chelsea but Arsenal,as we very nearly proved on Monday night,are beatable at home and we should look at that game as two points dropped.We should always aim to hammer Man U no matter where we play them and be well pissed off if we don't !!!

13.) 27 Aug 2015 13:50:29
Defiantly would not take a draw at old Trafford against that small club! Anything other than a comfortable win for us would be a massive disappointment for me!

14.) 27 Aug 2015 14:36:31
Sorry Adam, you're just not getting it:

Free speech (type) means for every comment. It doesn't exist in reality but there are countries who's laws protect most free speech.

If you want free speech, don't complain about anything anyone says, which includes someone having a pop at you for having a pop at the manager/result/performance.

My own personal opinion is the eds do a good job editing comments and I probably take more hits than most.

{Ed001's Note - you take it well though Ron. To be fair.}

15.) 27 Aug 2015 17:17:00
Adam and Phoenix make great points. My whole deal has always been that people are free to air their views without name calling a and such. Also if you. Will post an op, post something with some logic in it that will spark a healthy debate instead of just posting rubbish that has no basis in logic and just stinks of disingenuous tripe and many do that here when it comes to defending BR. They know who they are. Even the Eds have had clashes with them because some of them will say anything or even make up stuff to absorb him of blame, to the pint of doubting the info the eds put out YET have nothing to debunk said info. They also know who they are. That is what I cannot stand and will continue to call such people out for their demagoguery. I enjoy debates and am greatful to the eds for the info they share which is very informative. But people need to post sensible comment with logical reasoning behind it and then people can respectfully agree or disagree instead of posting baseless rubbish or shouting down peolple' who disagree with Sadi comments.



30 May 2015 16:02:21
Ron Keague is Brendan Rodgers?


1.) 30 May 2015 16:44:45
Is that a question?

Some of us still do support him you know, albeit a little finely at times.

2.) 30 May 2015 17:34:48
Does that make davey bootle Colin Pascoe?

3.) 30 May 2015 17:41:25
Sounds like DaveyBootle is Colin Pascoe.

4.) 30 May 2015 17:49:42
Great legs Davey! 😉

5.) 30 May 2015 18:22:02
Probably Rodgers' son.

6.) 30 May 2015 18:35:57
He's our manager, I want him to do well because that means LFC is doing well.
Same as all our previous managers and all our future managers, I'll support them.

7.) 30 May 2015 18:57:45
Everybody here is entitled to an opinion imo. Jibes at someone just because he has a different view than others is uncalled for according to me. For the record i am not a rodgers in guy. If it were up to me I'd have sacked him the day we lost 3 1 to Crystal palace in November

8.) 30 May 2015 19:09:05
That was a subtle change of words there in ny reply ed LOL 😂

{Ed030's Note - I had to edit part of your response, yes. }

9.) 30 May 2015 19:16:48
Yeah Ed it was probably a little too overambitious try to get that through

10.) 30 May 2015 19:50:35
Cheers lids.

I might be your arl fella for all you know.

You think I'm soft enough to think that the manager hasn't balled things up?

Well I'm not, but he hasn't been helped on his way.

If he's given another opportunity, it's going to be a painful season for many of you, because by the look of things he might stay.

Personally, I'm trying to be optimistic after a hell of a season.

11.) 30 May 2015 20:42:09
So why won't it be a painful season for you Davey if he stays? Because he's presided over in your words " a hell of a season " that's just gone. So clinging to a lame duck of a manager will make it easier for you personally to watch the same again will it? While those who want rid will be in pain watching it, sounds like for some bizarre reason your getting off on him staying because it's pissing everyone else off. Me personally I want what's best for my club, you seem to be reveling in watching people upset no matter what the cost to are club. Strange very strange.

12.) 30 May 2015 21:45:52
Hey guys, hope it wasn't intended as a jibe, it was a genuine question, I genuinely thought he might be Rodgers from something he said previously

13.) 30 May 2015 23:01:52

Strange is slating the manager when appointed before he even started, backtracking on a season when we finished second and played our "poetry in motion" then reared your head again when things don't go right.

14.) 30 May 2015 23:06:14
Waro is right. Some just want him to stay so they can gloat instead of giving logical reason for him to be kept which they can't give because if they had any, we would have read them by now. All they wanna do is be contrarians and get off on saying "I told you so" even tho they agree that he is aweful and had a hell of a season. Like you, I want what is best for our club and BR has disappointed me with his conduct and failures that I want rid because I will cut myself to bits if I have to watch the dross I watched this season.

15.) 31 May 2015 07:10:13
People have different opinions. Some posters will look at what Rodgers done when we came 2nd and hope that he might be able to do it again. Like i said personally i think he should be removed but there is no right or wrong in these things, just opinions. i'm pretty sure every fan wants what is best for the club but have different ideas how to go about it. let's keep it civil.

16.) 31 May 2015 14:27:54
I think its Biesla and his seminars you should be thanking for the title push season. It was him who advised Ted on the diamond. Ted blows with the wind and his dossier entries. An academic fraud of the highest order. We travel to Old Trafford this season,Ted looks at their 3 at the back system - let's try that. The following fixtures fall in well for a run, we go on a run; the system gets rumbled at Swansea but we come away with the 3 points through a lucky Hendo deflected goal but the warning signs were there. So what does Ted do for the Utd game, he sticks with the 3 at the back whilst Mata gets between the lines and mop head plays on Can. This is of course after we all see the big hoof to mop head the week before against Spurs, all illustrated and broken down on MOTD. Pointless even discussing the fixtures post Utd game as we became a laughing stock either out thought or bullied taking 7 points from a possible 24, 6 of those being of a team relegated and another team who missed the drop by the skin of their teeth on the last day of the season.




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28 May 2017 16:18:38
Isn't he a defensive midfielder?


{Ed002's Note - Not really.}



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25 May 2017 07:37:09
He should also be done for time wasting. He took ages getting off the pitch.




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20 May 2017 11:10:22
Bruffio - I'm not saying we shouldn't sign him for 12 million, I'm questioning whether such a transfer can even exist for someone who hasn't signed a professional contract. If I'm wrong then fair enough.




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19 May 2017 20:41:42
Not trying to be negative, but how can we agree a deal for 12 million when he hasn't even signed a pro contract with Fulham?




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18 May 2017 14:35:32
While adding a left back and left winger are important this summer, keeping our best players is going to make or break it being a good window or not.





Adam's banter replies


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20 May 2017 21:58:28
If we sign a striker I'd like it to be Sandro Rodriguez personally. He reminds me of Suárez the way he plays.




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16 May 2017 22:24:25
We need to go there with out hat in our hands and apologise for the Dempsie business. Offer them the right money that they deserve for him as well. Going to be a cracking player. He's a Liverpool supporter as well.




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13 May 2017 00:09:58
I like the idea of having more attack-minded players in our midfield too. Always thought two attacking midfielders and 3 front players is the way to go. Not sure if we are doing that already.




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08 May 2017 16:46:43
I want to put Steve Staunton in goal like in the Everton match 😉.




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06 May 2017 12:34:24
He did mention Cech.

Reading the list reminds me of how good the Premier League was growing up. Personally I would have tried to fit Zola in that 11 somehow!


{Ed001's Note - oh I forgot all about him. I loved Zola as a player.}