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30 Jun 2017 18:49:58
Papers are saying we have agreed a deal "in principle" for Keita, I genuinely believe they get their transfer news from this website.


1.) 30 Jun 2017 18:59:25
I'm getting the feeling he's not interested in coming to us after everything I'm reading.

2.) 30 Jun 2017 20:28:18
He was never really interested and RBL are not interested in selling. Why we cannot take a hint and move on, is doing my head in. The kid is just not that into us.

3.) 30 Jun 2017 20:44:18
Keita will come if we successfully bid for him, but if he is as good as some say don't be surprised if he only stays for a year or maybe two, he is ambitious.

4.) 30 Jun 2017 23:38:37
Strangely, after reading the reports, especially about him talking to great length about his friend Sadio Mané, I would think he is very interested in joining us. Also, if a serious journo like Gabriel Marcotti says we agreed a deal with him in principle, I'm pretty sure he wants to come.

There's just this tiny issue of agreeing a transfer sum with the moneybags of Red Bull.

5.) 30 Jun 2017 23:52:39
If he proves to be that good in a pool jersey, as soon as a real Madrid, Barcelona offer him the chance to join them he will be gone. But we have to realise that all our players are just using our beloved club as a stepping stone until we start challenging for champions league final appearances again. Keita, VVD, Salah or Coutinho or any of our squad aren't playing for our club because of their Liverpool love/ desire/ live long dream to play for us. Gerrard and Carragher were the last of that scouse blood. Gerrard had transfer possibilities every year but he couldn't leave because he has scouse blood but football is a different sport now. Its all about €s and £s. Sure look at the academy the majority of the kids aren't scouse.

6.) 01 Jul 2017 02:19:18
The transfer won't happen. All this talk about it is pointless, he will never be a Liverpool player.

7.) 02 Jul 2017 12:23:40
Brussels red when you say we do you mean the club or people on here. In light of what the eds have said it sounds like the club doesn't need to move on because it wasn't there anyway. Can say pretty much 90% of what I see in the press about LFC transfers has been media and agent fabricated or exagerated bull so not really down to the club.



20 Aug 2015 14:02:19
Why on earth are we loaning out Lucas? This is madness!





Adam's banter posts with other poster's replies to Adam's banter posts


08 May 2019 22:24:40
Tottenham with a second half comeback, I guess last night "spurred" them on ;)


1.) 09 May 2019 07:52:25
That pun deserved a better reaction! Nicely done mate.



22 Feb 2019 11:53:03
How has Keita been playing recently? Has he bene improving? Not had a chance to watch unfortunately. I hope VVD will be back for Sunday and Fabinho is back in midfield - he's top class!


1.) 22 Feb 2019 12:31:20
Keita has been marginally better in each successive game but still a little underwhelming. there's obviously a very good player there but just seems to be playing within himself (similar to Wijnaldum last year) . Maybe its the change of culture and country or perhaps his injuries but we've yet to see the best of him in a red shirt.

2.) 22 Feb 2019 13:17:21
Keita is improving, next season he'll be our star midfield player.

3.) 22 Feb 2019 14:33:12
I read something recently that says he is one big moment from bursting into life. 30 yard Screamer or a match winning goal. I agree, soon as he gets that big injection of confidence he'll be class!

4.) 22 Feb 2019 19:51:37
I disagree, Like A Virgil. Keita is no longer underwhelming. IMO, he is improving very steadily as he is playing better with every game since his solid 2nd half at WH. As someone said, he is one quality piece of end product away from exploding and hopefully if he plays on Sun, that moment will come.

5.) 22 Feb 2019 20:22:12
Almost feel like placing a bet on Keita to score a screamer on Sunday.

6.) 23 Feb 2019 00:03:28
He just needs a run of games but midfield is so competative it's difficult for him to break in he will be a starter soon enough from what I've seen of him.



05 Feb 2019 11:03:50
I think a combination of injuries and being at the top has rattled the team a little, hence the poor performances of late. I also think the Wolves match didn't help as it extended our run of defeats to 2 matches and ruined that almost invincible image we were building.

That all being said, I think it's going to take only one good match to turn momentum back the other way. A good result against Bournemouth or United for example and the confidence will be boosted and the team will probably go on another winning streak.

The talent is there, that's why we are top. It's the mental side - the knowing how to cope with being in the lead - that's affecting performances lately. Don't be surprised to see a winning streak soon, especially with Gomez, Wijnaldum and TAA on their way back.


1.) 05 Feb 2019 12:00:55
You’re reading too much into it. Every team has a blip as it’s difficult to keep up intensity ina competitive league. Injuries etc don’t help. If we could have had all fit in jan I think some of the results may have been different, but the we could have suffered the same down the track and had a blip.

2.) 05 Feb 2019 13:15:30
My worry is that city will beat Everton tomorrow, go top on goal difference and the players will see that and it might affect some mentally if the pressure hasn’t already. I also think United is a huge concern for us as we notoriously do poorly against them and city won’t worry too much about them. I admire some people’s optimism about the situation but I think it’s important to note the difference in experience between teams like city and Chelsea who are tried and tested in these sort of positions compared to us. 3 points clear would be good for them, it’s not good for us, especially when a week ago we had a chance to go 7 points clear. It’s mental how quick things can change and I hope there’s another change for the positive but I see it slowly dwindling out, just my opinion.

3.) 05 Feb 2019 13:20:11
OP, there is NO more pressure than normal. Don't believe the media about pressure cos none of it is true. We are having a blip as every team does and the injuries are hurting right now as any team would be hurt by injuries to it's back line and midfield. man City lost Fernandinho ONLY and they lost 3 out of 4 games and had him vs Newcastle and STILL lost. Nothing to see here on that front, OP I'm sorry.

I do agree that the nerves are getting to the team cos things aren't working out and the players look lost. For any team to remain confident, they need certain certitudes and right now, we don't have them. Having our boys back for B'mouth hopefully, wiil give the boys a boost to play their game.

This is when they need our support at Anfield and if fans are going to just fold their arms and moan cos things don't go their way, they should pls, NOT go and give away their tickets to those who will actually give it loads fo the boys to bring this baby home.

4.) 05 Feb 2019 14:44:31
It's just a bad run of form. Obviously it's frustrating for the fans, but we'll come out of it. City is still playing in every competition, to think that they are going to be perfect for the rest of the year is a bit naive. If they win out, then they deserved the league.



26 Jan 2019 16:54:05
I know the ed said we have 5 players who can change a game for us. I'm guessing that was Alisson, VVD and the front 3. For me It's 6. I think Fabinho is in that list too.


1.) 26 Jan 2019 17:21:41
Game changing is too vague. Shaqiri or Sturridge can change a game and have done this season on more than one occasion.

I'd say we have 7 players who are in the top 5 in the world in their positions; Alisson, Virgil, Robbo, Fabinho, Mane, Firmino and Salah.

2.) 26 Jan 2019 17:46:17
Mk interesting that mate. Are you thinking of them as midfielders and forwards or their designated position on the pitch. Ie is Fab a Cm or a Dm and Mane a forward or left winger etc. For me I don’t think Fab is there just yet for top 5 in the world, Mane is an interesting one as I’m a massive fan and for me Bobby misses out of top 5 strikers. He is absolutely essential to our system but don’t think he scores enough as a striker to suit other teams systems as a striker.

3.) 26 Jan 2019 18:36:18
JK23, I'll elaborate briefly.

Fabinho is top 5 at RB or DM.

Mane is top 5 at LW or RW.

Salah is top 5 at ST or RW.

Virgil is top 5 at CB.

Robbo is top 5 at LB.

Alisson is top 5 at GK.

As for Firmino, there is quite simply nobody like him anywhere near his level. Fabinho called him a "9, a 10, and an 8" just this week. He's right too. Firmino plays all 3 roles simultaneously to a top class level. Who else does? Alli maybe potentially? Fekir pre-injury? Hamsik before his legs started to go? Messi if he could be bothered to track back? Firmino is the easiest pick for me because he is unique to world football and that makes him irreplaceable.

All subjective of course so it's only my opinion for all 7 players. But I'd love to hear a legitimate counter argument against any of those 7 that wasn't just a rival fan trying to get a bite. Our problem is with our squad depth. Our first XI is not far off being the best in Europe.

4.) 26 Jan 2019 18:57:53
You forgot Suarez MK. He looked like he was playing 8,9,10 and 11 at times!
Shame he couldn’t keep his teeth to himself 🤦🏼‍♂️.

5.) 26 Jan 2019 19:34:46
I wouldn't say Suarez does that anymore Bobby, but you are right. He used to. Nowadays he is more an out and out striker.

6.) 26 Jan 2019 19:37:38
Yes, you are right MK. To be honest I can't remember the exact words the ed used, but for me Fabinho should be in the list when we talk about our best players, Robbo too.

7.) 26 Jan 2019 19:44:38
Adam, when i read your post, i immediately thought "at least one of those can't be right", but when I thought about who would be higher in the list, you're right, i can't think of 5 better players in each of those positions. Robbo might be the weakest of the choices, but the lack of competent lb's probably gets him in.

8.) 26 Jan 2019 19:46:49
MK really enjoyed that read. And you put forward a great argument. For information I am a massive fan of all the players below.

I’m not going to lie I’ve never actually seen Fab at Rb so I cannot comment on that. As a Dm he’s been great for us the last couple of months. There are not many great Dm out there so he might very well be in that top 5. For me if he continues his form he will not be far off the best one out there in Kante.

Mane I’m a massive fan of and on his day could easily be argued that he’s top 5. But that could be said about a lot of players in his position worldwide.

Firmino for me is world class and suited to our team. But would he do the same job and score the same goals at another club like City that Aguero does. Or Kane at Spurs, or Suarez / Messi at Barca, Lewandowski at Bayern, Ronaldo at Juve or Cavani at PSG.

The rest I agree with top 5 easily due to their quality and consistency.

9.) 26 Jan 2019 20:03:28
Crazy isn't it Rugby Parker. I tried to think of 5 myself and I could barely get 2 in some of their cases.

With Salah all I had ahead of him was Messi.

With Mane I only had Hazard and Mbappe.

With Robertson I was deliberating Alex Sandro, Alaba and Marcelo. I couldn't order them though. They all leave gaps behind them at times but as you say the quality of left backs is low in world football.

With Fabinho all I had was Kimmich, Hysaj and Azpilicueta at RB, or Kante in DM.

With Virgil I had Varane level and nobody else near to either of them.

With Alisson I had De Gea and Oblak level, maybe marginally ahead.

And with Firmino I couldn't think of anyone close enough to him positionally to make a fair comparison.

JK23, I genuinely think all of those teams would sign Firmino in a heartbeat. Fabinho is a monster at right back. First choice there for Brazil.

10.) 26 Jan 2019 20:06:27
MK sorry to disagree but sturridge is no game changer anymore, hide and seek champion maybe but game changer definitely not! I loved sturridge but after the game with wolves it just highlighted his lack of desire to play for us, wether it’s the style or he’s lost something I don’t know? But I honestly think for his sake he needs to move on and try and revive his career with someone else and I honestly hope he comes good somewhere else but I never want to see him play for us again because his last performance was pathetic. I’m not basing it on his last performance as most of his games of late have been the same, but the wolves game where he should of stood out and lead from the front but went hiding just showed he’s lost interest.

11.) 26 Jan 2019 20:14:02
Pegleg that was my point mate, you're agreeing with me 😂 Game changer is too vague. Sturridge is not what I'd consider to be a top player. Not even close. But he came on against Chelsea earlier this season and smashed in a 25 yard screamer to change the game. So I disagree with using that phrase to categorise who our best players are.

12.) 26 Jan 2019 21:19:38
Mk would you have Fab in ahead of Taa at Rb then? Just looking at our starting line up in our must not lose City game less than a month ago and Klopp chose not to play Fab at Rb or Dm. He’s also replaced Bobby with a RW at striker this season.

13.) 26 Jan 2019 23:11:52
In the top 5 means World Class, obviously, MKS, so I think you are being a tad generous with Robertson and Fabinho, just yet. I think Mendy, Filipe Luis and Kurzawa will have a word to say before you place Robbo ahead of them. And I think the same about Ndidi, Fernandinho, Doucoure, Matic and Torreira having something to say if you place Fabinho just behind Kante (why are we even looking at him at RB if he hasn't played a single game for us over there, yet? ) .

Don't get me wrong. These two players are spectacular for us right now and I wouldn't change them for anyone else. I just think they are not so "head and shoulders above the rest" like our other 5 seem to be.

14.) 27 Jan 2019 00:19:57
Yeah I love Klopp JK, but he bottled it by dropping Fabinho. He went back to the tried and tested, played it safe, and it backfired.

15.) 27 Jan 2019 00:56:59
Interesting read that, agree with most of the comments, but got to big up my man Firminio, trying to argue he's the best in his position (role) is easy as nobody in world football does what he does he's a one off and as long as he's given freedom he'd improve any team anywhere.

16.) 27 Jan 2019 00:58:17
Give Bobby the keys to the city . The bloke in unbelievable.

17.) 27 Jan 2019 01:09:00
ArAy, I'll give you Felipe Luis as a reasonable suggestion. Kurzawa not a chance though; not yet. Mendy, I have always maintained is not as good as Robertson. I said it at the time when both signed for City/ Liverpool and I stand by it. He is anonymous defensively; bordering on incompetent actually.

Ndidi, Doucoure, Matic and Torreira are miles off Fabinho. Literally miles, and if they had anything to say about that they'd be on a wind up. Fernandinho is very good though and I would've included him if he wasn't lucky to escape two yellow cards most weeks. He's probably just top 5, but not as good as Fab for me.

I genuinely think people are just scared to admit we have some of the best players in the world because they're scared of disappointment. A team with only 5 world class players would not be pushing this City team like we are. Because Ederson, Laporte, Fernandinho, De Bruyne, Silva, Sterling, Sane and Aguero are all world class players.

18.) 27 Jan 2019 03:40:20
Love the spirit here, but honestly think that’s a bunch of rose tinted glasses mate. To a Liverpool fan like you and I, absolutely these players are TOP draw and I wouldn’t replace any of them. But if you ask a neutral, very few will agree with your assessment across the board.

For example, people saying only Mbappe and Hazard are forgetting there exist players like Greizmann, potentially Dembele, Lozano, Sterling, Sane, Suarez, Alexis Sanchez, Perisic and many more.

19.) 27 Jan 2019 08:12:33
Mk agree with what you say on the city selection and the midfield 3 Klopp picked was disappointing considering the run and form some of the others were in. That’s what I love about this site. Getting to read everyone’s opinions regardless of whether they are against mine and to be honest quite a few people have swayed some of my thinking.

20.) 27 Jan 2019 08:56:08
MKS, it's all very subjective, as you well know, so you and I do see some things differently. I'm not afraid at all to say that we have an amazing squad right now. The table does not lie; we are not on top due to luck or the others under-performing. We thoroughly and completely deserve to be where we are.

Perhaps I am saying that "the system" we play with is the real champion or reason for our success? A combination of superior footballers playing in a well oiled system that utilizes their individual abilities and talents? Did we have 7 World class players last season? Or has "the system" (and adjusting or adapting it) pushed the team up to that much of a higher level?

Maybe I've watched way too much football over the years and have become a little too pragmatic than I would like to be. A team with 7 World class players that is yet to win any title yet? My preference is to whisper such words rather than go into the town square and beat the drum, about it. But you and I can go out into the town and raise hell about it once we win EPL and CL this season. 😉.

21.) 27 Jan 2019 10:00:47
Last season I'd say we had 4 ArAy. Robbo was not at that level quite, and Fabinho and Alisson had yet to sign.

Klopping, of all those players you listed only Ousmane Dembele, Sanchez (and frankly, I'd say you are crazy if you'd swap either of them for Mane), Perisic and Sane play the same position as Mane. Sanchez has 4 goals in 12 months, and Dembele couldn't get a game 5 months ago. Sane is a fair shout though and I'd dare say most non-reds would put him ahead of Mane. I'd always pick Mane because I think his form is less patchy than the younger, inconsistent Sane. Mane also protects his full back far better. But that's a reasonable argument. Perisic is a really strange suggestion. You know he has 3 goals this season right? He's a good player but not even in the same debate as Mane, Sane, Hazard and Mbappe.

Sterling and Lozano are both mainly right wingers and only Sterling out of them is actually a better right winger than Mane. Lozano is living off the hype of one world cup goal. He's still not scoring as many goals in Holland as Jozy Altodore managed. Remember Assaidi?

Suarez is a striker. Unless you meant Dennis? In which case get help!

ArAy, I think you are not the only person against publically admitting our players are world class. These suggestions are getting desperate now 😂.

22.) 27 Jan 2019 10:03:37
Oh Klopping, I missed Griezmann. He's a central striker too so if you want to argue he is better than Salah, go for it!

23.) 27 Jan 2019 12:21:53
GK-Alisson/ Oblak/ DeGea/ Stegen/ Courtois
LB-Robertson/ Alaba/ A. Sandro/ J. Alba/ Marcelo
CB-VanDijk/ Varane/ Laporte/ Koulibaly/ Umtiti
DM-Fabinho/ Kante/ Busquets/ Fernandinho/ Casemiro
LW-Mane/ Hazard/ Neymar/ C. Ronaldo/ Sane
RW-Salah/ Messi/ Mbappe/ Sterling/ Bale
ST-Firmino/ Dybala/ Lewandowski/ Suarez/ Griezmann.



10 Jan 2019 13:52:09
I think Fabinho is going to end up as a cult figure at Liverpool, like his compatriot Lucas, and like Kuyt and Hypia. I know he hasn't played a great deal yet, but he's started to show himself as a quality defensive midfielder who also picks out great forward passes. Not only that, but versatile too - he had a decent game against Wolves in a position I'm guessing is unfamiliar to him. Great signing in my opinion and a future cult hero.

As a side note, I was reading a post yesterday asking to pick one player we would like to sign. For me it would be Lozano - he has the pace to fit into a Liverpool attack and also end product.


1.) 10 Jan 2019 16:42:11
I think Fabinho could end up at CB after watching him against Wolves. He seems to have a knack for spotting danger and puts himself in decent positions to stop balls going through and crosses coming in. Not to mention he’s decent in the air.
Remember City signed Kompany as a defensive midfielder and he’s been immense at the back for them when he’s not injured.
I think Fab could end up being our Kompany.

2.) 10 Jan 2019 17:37:14
I don't think that will be the case BB. Maybe if Gomez wasn't around then Klopp may look which is the easiest area to get a replacement for, but the fact that Gomez and VVD are so good together, I think Fabinho will revert back to playing the role he was bought for.

3.) 10 Jan 2019 17:52:43
Fabinho is not particularly effective in heading the ball and that is crucial for a CB in the English game. And Gomez is far better at tackling. I prefer he stay at DM where his skills are far better suited.

{Ed001's Note - seriously? He is excellent in the air!}

4.) 10 Jan 2019 19:23:38
And also excellent at tackling i would say.

5.) 10 Jan 2019 21:11:50
Fab has the ability yo fill in at cb coz he is obviously a clever player.

But, he is a CM who would be wasted at CB. His directness and confidence to turn on the ball and look forward is brilliant. And I think he has goals in him. Both headers and long range shots. You don't take penalties if you can't kick a ball.

Agree though, great signing, sealed the deal before utd got out of bed. So they signed free who has barely Played.

6.) 11 Jan 2019 08:24:23
Maybe later in his career when he loses some pace, think about moving him back there, why would we consider it now when we have a brilliant youngster and a Rolls Royce back there?

7.) 11 Jan 2019 13:41:00
I’m with you on Gomez of course but whenever we have a big game Klopp puts Gomez at right back and Matip or Lovren alongside VVD.
If Klopp doesn’t fancy Trent at RB I think we could do far worse than Fab and VVD at CB with Gomez at RB and try to transition Trent into the midfield?
Just a thought as I was really impressed with Fabinho’s reading of the game when he was at CB considering he had 2 kids on one side of him and Moreno on the other.
Imagine him and VVD being able to bring the ball out from the back and ping 60 yard passes to Mane and Salah.
Sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it.

8.) 11 Jan 2019 20:50:54
BB, Always loved Fab and knew he only needed time to adapt to LFC and the PL. He is still adapting by the way so let us give him time to get going cos there are still flaws in his game like dallying on the ball, passing and decision-making under pressure. Also, comparing Kompany to Fab is a bit of a stretch.

Kompany was an accomplished CB coming out of the Anderlecht academy and was so good at 17 (made his CL debut also at 17) that Fergie wanted him at Utd. Fab is a natural RB and made his debut for Real madrid under Mou at RB. He went to Monaco also as a RB but got switched to DM by the manager and we know the rest.

Also, everyone knows that Klopp plays Gomez at RB in bigger games cos he is more defensively sound than TAA, who is more offensively sound than Gomez. It is not a case of Klopp not fancying TAA. It has more to do with who we play and the threat we have to face even tho I think Gomez should stay at CB and keep learning while we get another RB in to challenge TAA.




Adam's rumour replies


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19 May 2019 15:44:58
Ed025, I normally agree with your comments, but nothing in my opinion is too small, even the egg and spoon race. If I'm playing a game of Monopoly, you bet I'm going to try my best to not let anyone buy matching colour sets so they can start building hotels.

Liverpool should be aiming to win every competition they compete in, otherwise what's the point of entering? If it's "too small" then ask to be omitted from the tournament out of respect for the other teams in it. But no matter how "small" the Community Shield is, it will still make my day to see Liverpool lifting it. That doesn't mean I'm copping out of wanting my team to win the title or Europe, but winning is winning, it's a shiny metal trophy, as is the carabao - and I'm feeling greedy for metal! Ultimately, I'd rather be placing hotels on Mayfair and bankrupting my friends than them doing that to me, or not playing at all.


{Ed025's Note - thats a bit needy of you if you dont mind me saying adam, i would like to think liverpool are above needing pointless trophy,s and should be concentrating on the bigger stuff for me mate, it would be a terrible shame if one of your stars got an injury in one of these worthless encounters and were out for the season, take tiger woods and all the other big stars of golf, they concentrate on the majors and leave all the fodder to the less talented, there is a reason why they do that..



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07 Feb 2019 19:31:03
We'd certainly be Ligt of a few bob after all that 😉.




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23 Jan 2019 21:30:43
Thanks mate! Interesting Grujic comments.




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15 Jan 2019 15:37:26
Thank you mate.




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12 Jan 2019 19:10:28
I just remember that free kick he scored against Brighton, absolute magic. The guy is top quality, Shaq isn't in the same league. He would bring so much creativity for that front 3. But the way he acted was disgraceful and he's burnt his bridges here, sadly.





Adam's banter replies


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14 May 2019 11:59:20
I wouldn't count the super cup as just a friendly, after all, you need to have won in Europe to get there.




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13 May 2019 18:17:14
The trouble with these arguments is there is no right answer. Some Liverpool supporters value the European cup more and see it as an opportunity to move even further ahead of other British teams in Europe, others want that PL title because it's been nearly 30 years (? ) since we last won the league.

Other fans will have different opinions based on their team and league. Possibly if you asked a fan of a team in Scotland whether they'd prefer winning the Scottish League or the European Cup, they'd choose the latter since it's arguably held in much higher regard. But with the PL that's not the case.

Then you have teams like City who have won the league, and now their owners want the European Cup. On the flip side, our owners prioritise the league title over the European Cup. So I think the answer depends on who you are. If you own Liverpool then no, the European Cup is not better right now.

Personally I would have chosen the league first because it's been so long, but I think a 6th European Cup would be fantastic and it'd move us one more trophy ahead of our rivals. We really would be driving forward as the most successful British team in Europe.

On a side note, I'm disappointed we didn't progress further in the domestic cups. I'd love to have seen us competing in them, though who knows if that would have hampered our European performances.




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10 May 2019 23:09:17
A lot of people talk about having something to play for. I think it works in the opposite. I think you always play to your best, unless there's something to play for, in which case sometimes the nerves get the better of you and your level drops. But when you have "nothing" to play for, you can relax more and really go for it without worrying about the consequences of failure. That could work to our advantage with Brighton.




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09 May 2019 21:17:50
Let's hope they're feeling inspired by Liverpool and Tottenham's performances this week.




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09 May 2019 14:05:48
Benny, it also would have been disrespectful to our fans and the European Cup had we played a second string against Barcelona, as you called for the other day (if Leicester had got something at City) .