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13 Dec 2017 19:27:26
Karius starts! Sweet Jesus, I had to do a double take. Please let this be the start of him staying in goal.

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{Ed0333's Note - it’s a typo mate, Migs starts 😀

13 Dec 2017 20:00:41
Ed333 don't do that to me! Being a Liverpool fan is not good for the ticker as it is 😀.

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{Ed0333's Note - I think the entire Liverpool fan base throughout the planet thought it was a typo and still can’t believe their luck

13 Dec 2017 19:01:15
Mad that coutinho salah mane and firmino all start today!

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{Ed025's Note - maybe you think they are better than everton firmane?..

13 Dec 2017 19:11:28
We know they are ED!

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{Ed025's Note - we will finish above them waqas and i believe you will muller them tonight, so thats not exactly true mate..

13 Dec 2017 19:15:09
Are my eyes deceiving me? No mignolet? Halle f***ing lujah.

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13 Dec 2017 19:28:35
I didn't actually finish the post, more to come lol.

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13 Dec 2017 18:59:53
Rumours of Salah not playing are apparently incorrect and he is starting!

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13 Dec 2017 16:45:39
Afternoon all,

Little summary of some of the stories out there today -

Klopp appears to be going to allow Ings to go on loan suggesting the player wants first team minutes.

Ladbrokes has made us favourites today for Aubameyang.

Markovic edging closer to a move back to Turkey in Jan.

One of the more surprising but repeated stories is - David Silva linked again to LFC

Salah a doubt for today with a slight muscle injury.

That's all of note.

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13 Dec 2017 17:00:58
Would be good for Ings to get some regular experience, Aubameyang I wouldn't personally want, Markovic leaving would be good for all parties, I hope he can reignite his career elsewhere, would love David Silva but just can't see it happening, some may say his age is against him to that I'd disagree he's still unbelievable. Gutted to hear about my slight injury, even I was unaware.

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{Ed002's Note - I would not hold your breath over Aubameyang.}

13 Dec 2017 17:37:49
Is there anyone we could hold our breath for ed? any treats?

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{Ed002's Note - I have explained in the Sharkopod where there is interest in players that I am aware of. You can add to that the young Benfica CB I mentioned and I have explained what the agent of Vrsaljko has said - but I would not really expect anything to come of either of those.}

13 Dec 2017 18:22:40
Aubemeyang had bad relationship with klopp apparently.

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13 Dec 2017 19:33:25
thanks man.

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13 Dec 2017 14:27:32
Hi Eds, Just wanted to know if there is any problems between Salah and Mane? been reading a few reports stating that there is. Im guessing its total nonsense.

Many Thanks!

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{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any problem that Salah has with Mane or anyone else at the club right now.}

13 Dec 2017 17:07:10
The media are trying to cause problems once again, during the champions league press conference with mane, the press kept asking mane if the other players need to score more, hinting at him also saying it's a one man team, I think it has played in his mind since, Moscow game was a little greedy and same with Everton.

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{Ed002's Note - The media has no interest in causing problems for Mane.}

13 Dec 2017 19:40:46
Heard Mane is not happy that Salah getting all the acolades.

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13 Dec 2017 12:51:33
Hi Eds,

With regard to potentially strengthening at centre half - .................

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{Ed002's Note - You are really on the wrong page for this - this is the Liverpool page. We have a European page for such questions.}

13 Dec 2017 10:47:16
Benny, my mate has said he will be linesman for the game, but he'd like to know the final date by around February/ March time just in case.

He did also suggest he could source another linesman or even a referee if required. I've told him to hold fire though because I'm sure you mentioned you were hoping to get Dermot Gallagher involved.

And you never replied to my email so I'll reiterate; I'm not a left back! 😂 anywhere ahead of the defence please Ed001!

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{Ed001's Note - I was never intending you as a left back don't worry.}

13 Dec 2017 11:22:37
Thank god Ed. Not if we're serious about winning 😂 I'm a liability at the back. Though I'd play right wing back in a back 5 if you're feeling like Tris Conte!

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{Ed001's Note - I am more Mike Bassett than Conte!}

13 Dec 2017 11:46:06
I expect to be played on the left side of a front 6 then 😂 Trust in me Ed. Some people call Nakamura, the Japanese MK Scouser. My free kicks are that good 😉 You've got this trophy in the bag boss. I'll put you 4-0 up in the first 20 minutes with a 25 harder, after a Carragold hat trick of sliced clearances lobbing their keeper, we'll all get get cramp, and then we'll capitulate to be drawing 4-4, before Fornax shoots from 120 yards, and the ball ricochets in off Benny's derriere for a 96th minute own goal. 5-4 to us. Put you're house on it. My training is going too well for us to lose. I de-iced the car in in my birthday suit this morning because i can't afford to fill a bath tub with Ice like Ronaldo can.

Book the open top bus mate. Football is coming home!

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{Ed001's Note - there is certainly plenty of benny's backside to bounce off.}

13 Dec 2017 12:12:12
Careful Ed. Mind games might fire Benny up! Plus if Ed002 gets involved in them, no offence, but he'll win.

He's already giving me sleepless nights over Salah. I just lay in bed at night screaming "GET OUT OF MY HEAD" as a Rodeo Clown just flashes in front of me every time i close my eyes, shoving Salah into the back of a Taxi with the license plate R3AL MADR1D.

He may be the clown, but he's the one laughing!

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{Ed001's Note - enough of the chat, you should be out kicking a tennis ball against a wall for training!!!}

13 Dec 2017 12:26:19
I've been using a marble and a lampost Ed. Tennis balls and walls are for Amateurs.

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{Ed001's Note - good lad, and remember to watch your diet. I want you to make sure to get fresh food. Especially remember to use fresh ice in your drinks, none of that frozen rubbish.}

13 Dec 2017 12:53:45
I've set some tomato and carrot traps in my garden. Hopefully I'll catch a few tonight. Nothing is fresher than wild fruit and veg.

People who use frozen ice make me sick. It's murder in my opinion. I've not touched ice since I saw a grainy video of a factory in a third world country on the PETI website showing how it is killed in the factories. They take it away from it's freezer when it is just an hour old and then cube it in an industrial blender. Disgusting.

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{Ed001's Note - it is something the world could do with more awareness of.}

13 Dec 2017 14:47:33
Sorry mate. Will get around to replying to the email. I do think it's cute you guys think you have a chance though.

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13 Dec 2017 15:00:19
Just to clarify, am I slicing the clearances into my own teams net or the oppositions?!

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13 Dec 2017 15:20:50
The oppositions carragold! You better not score a hat trick of own goals. If you do, you can pay for everyone's petrol to get home.

Cheers Benny.

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13 Dec 2017 15:47:53
Haha just checking. A hatrick of sliced clearances, it will be remembered in folk law like Dirk Kuyts hatrick of tap ins against Utd.

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13 Dec 2017 16:04:36
Kuyt hat trick combined distance: 5 yards.
Carragold hat trick combined distance: 216 yards.

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13 Dec 2017 06:41:13
If Coutinho is sold in January, Who will we bring in? I don't see us splashing money on Lemar ( though he is the closest to phil ) . Brandt and Meyer are pro in comparison! There are not too many players that can slot in quickly out there!

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13 Dec 2017 06:53:42

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13 Dec 2017 06:58:41
Can’t see us entertaining it in January myself. We have too much to play for this season first. The summer is a different story though.

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13 Dec 2017 06:59:19
I don't think he will be sold in Jan. There might be a deal struck in Jan for the summer but it makes absolutely no sense to sell in Jan. We are in the last 16 in the champions league against a team we should beat which takes us further into the competition. We still have top 4 or better and fa cup too so need all our players sorry world class players to stay. Lemar for me out of the 3 you mentioned. I don't know why people keeping saying max Meyer. For me he isn't good enough and would be a bench warmer and taking up a seat on that bench who I'd prefer to give to woodburn. Brandt I'll admit I haven't seen much of but he wants reassurances about a starting spot (who does he think he is ronaldo) . Getting lemar in Jan would be excellent as we could rest coutinho mane salah in premier league games before or after the champions league without impacting the quality on the pitch.

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13 Dec 2017 08:20:59
He's made no secret that he wants to leave. I think we should ship him out in January for 100mil+ and get Lallana back in. If we can do a deal in January for a quality player then so be it. But right now we need to put the club first and have a strong winter, without any of these transfer distractions from Phil, and push for top 4.

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13 Dec 2017 08:35:51
I'd much prefer us getting a CB over a replacement for Coutinho, sure get somebody in the summer but I don't think it's a massive priority in Jan, a CB is.

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13 Dec 2017 08:43:17
I can't see any circumstance where we sell Coutinho in January without knowing 100% that we will be able to spend that money and get his replacement in. Whoever we intend to buy to replace Coutinho will come in the same window Coutinho is sold.

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13 Dec 2017 09:26:10
PC will move in summer 2018.

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13 Dec 2017 09:46:03
So you people think Lallana can replace Coutinho.

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13 Dec 2017 09:50:09
For me Lemar, Carrasco, Draxler, Asensio or Kovacic.

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13 Dec 2017 11:32:08
Familiar hunting ground i know, but I'm suprised we've not shown any interest in (or at least been speculatively linked with) Sofiane Boufal. He is way too good for Southampton and their bus parking tactics.

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13 Dec 2017 12:00:25
Boufal plays well once in a blue moon. You can have it all, but how much do you want it?

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13 Dec 2017 12:20:26
Boufal is a class player Jezza. It's hard to play well when your manager keeps picking Tadic and Redmond because they offer more defensively. I think Boufal has only played like 600 minutes of football this season. Considering he plays in a terrible Southampton team who play negative tactics he hasn't been bad at all. He's totally wasted in that team. Let's not forget that Coutinho was an inconsistent, under-utilised player before we signed him! Look how that turned out?

He'd be a great signing in my opinion. Plus he seems like the sort who just gets on with things and won't sulk about rotation. My only issue with him is the club we'd have to deal with. Southampton will play hard ball because of our previous indiscretions.

Anyway, we've shown no interest so it's all hypothetical regardless. I'm just surprised he's never mentioned by any fans or media outlets when discussing good attacking players. Just goes to show how many people judge players based on statistics, rather than watching them play. When Boufal plays, everything goes through him and Southampton look dangerous. When he doesn't, they scrape through games.

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13 Dec 2017 12:50:22
If Coutinho leaves I’m fairly sure it’ll be in the summer and by then Keita will be coming in, we will have Lallana, Gini and Ox also able to play in midfield, let alone Milner, Hendo and Can (if he stays) who can play further forward. Also let’s not forget Woodburn who is a similar styled player IMO even if few years behind in development.

I do think Coutinho will be missed and I really don’t mind if we get in Lemar who looks useful, but with the frontline that we have, we will be fine with Lallana, Keita, Ox and Gini behind them.

The bigger problem IMO is if Can leaves. He brings something to the base of midfield (youth, physicality and increasingly discipline and control) and I’d really like to spend a good amount or even all of Coutinhos transfer fee (if he leaves) on a top deep midfielder of the likes of Alonso if such a thing exists! It would be the trigger to transform our side I feel, and Hendo will be more effective in the box to box role.

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{Ed002's Note - And you have forgotten Grujic - although I suspect he might move on permanently at some point.}

13 Dec 2017 13:02:28
He’s not a class player he’s a classy player. In glimpses he’s got it all as I said originally, everything apart from the desire, workrate and mentality to do it consistently and then become a class player. He can light up a game, he can score great goals etc. But he’s lazy so he’s not. Form is temporary class is permanent Boufal’s form fluctuates in a game let along 5/ 6 games, half a season, a season to be described as class. He’s saints shaquiri, zaha, Townsend, bolase, Gaston Ramirez and alike.

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13 Dec 2017 13:47:08
I'll agree to disagree Jezza. Every time I've seen him he has always tried to get on the ball and make things happen. He's an excellent advanced playmaker, but in Southampton they don't need that kind of player because they play direct football and don't get much possession. For me, he has shown he has the ability to play in a much better side. On the odd occasion Southampton play well, Boufal is at the centre of everything. He reminds me a bit of a David Silva type player (miles off Silva's level right now though) . What i mean is that he isn't always the one to play the killer pass or score the goal, but he is the brain behind every good attack. Southampton have played well once this season and it was in one of only a handful of games Boufal has started in.

I'm not suggesting he's the best option for us, but I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep if we replaced Coutinho with him! He is anything but lazy. Just because he doesn't constantly get involved defensively doesn't make him lazy. It takes an incredible amount of work rate to constantly stay in space. Peter Crouch used to average over 10km a game, and most of it was just side stepping from left to right across the pitch, trying to lose his marker. Boufal isn't in the team to defend or get stuck in. He is the link man and it's crucial for him to make himself available to retain possession when it is won. He can't do that if he is touch tight to a player he was just man marking.

I appreciate and respect your opinion though. He is unproven in a top team to be fair. For me though, your comments have just re-affirmed my opinion that he needs to leave Southampton for a team who play football so he can finally show his quality alongside players on his wavelength (who also want to play the game the beautiful way) . Southampton are stifling his career. He's only just turned 24 so if he leaves now he can still get back on track.

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13 Dec 2017 18:20:04
What if Barcelona spend budget on Griezmann?

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Premier League Preview Wednesday 13th December 2017

13 Dec 2017 06:04:48
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Premier League Preview Wednesday 13th December 2017

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13 Dec 2017 08:23:19
Really enjoyed that one Ed.

I think Rafa might have shot himself in the foot. He has spent the last 8 weeks moaning before and after every game about how his squad isn't good enough and how he needed more money/ signings etc.

Now this may be a naive view point, but could you imagine being a player like Ritchie, Perez, Atsu, Shelvey, Gayle etc who loves to attack, but you sacrifice your natural game because you believe in your managers system and want what's best for the team? Once you've put yourself in their shoes, now imagine the man who you are making those sacrifices for very publically suggests you are not good enough and should've been replaced if money was there. Do you still want to give up your natural game to make his system work? It is the wrong attitude as you should work harder to prove them wrong. I know i didn't though. When my old boss kept calling me out individually in front of my co-workers every morning i just packed my bags and changed jobs, then he started begging me not to leave and throwing pay rises and benefits at me. It's toxic working for someone who has no respect for you though, so i left anyway. Respect is mutual and when you don't feel appreciated it can affect your performance levels in any walk of life.

Their form has fallen off a cliff since Rafa started moaning. He is a great tactician, but i think like Mourinho, he needs to change his management style. It is not good management to openly criticise the people below you constantly. Maybe once to spark a reaction, but every week? Rafa needs to suck it up and get on with it. He has a better squad than Brighton, Huddersfield, Swansea, Crystal Palace and Stoke at the very least. So if he just get's on with it in the mean time Newcastle will be safe.

I love Rafa, but his public meltdown did him no favours when he was at Liverpool, and they're doing him no favours now.

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13 Dec 2017 08:46:05
MK - by the same token, if you were one of those players wouldn't you be desperate for him to get the naturally defensive players in to allow you to play in a way you're comfortable with? Right now they are all trying to do something they aren't suited for and it's making them look dreadful. If I was them, I'd rather less game time but more opportunity to show what I can do rather than more game time doing something I'm unlikely to ever look like more than a lower division player doing. Not saying you're wrong, just a flipside - he might have made it very clear to all of them that he's talking about players that will release them to do their natural jobs.

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13 Dec 2017 09:25:32
A great read. A must win for us today, I think we will beat them but it's not going to be as easy as some may think. They're in terrible form West Brom but if they was going to change things around guaranteed it'd be against us! just our luck. We need to be ready for whatever they have. A big problem I think we have is we are so complacent at times against the 'smaller' teams. They should be respected like any other team, top of the table or bottom, they have plenty of time to turn things around.

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13 Dec 2017 09:55:25
True hjikle, but he keeps using the word "quality" which to me implies he thinks those he has jack that trait. I just feel as though his moaning has been detrimental. Not only could it possibly offend the Newcastle players, but it also gives them an excuse.

Why did you lose? "Oh, it's not our fault. It is the owner not spending enough money".

Rafa may well think these things, but airing your dirty laundry in public is suicidal. You can privately want to replace players, but making it public is a gamble. Some will react positively, but in the modern game, most won't. If I'm honest (as a 23 year old) my generation are generally stubborn and easily offended, especially when we're embarrassed by someone in front of others! Modern day managers just need to accept that social shift in attitude and adapt to it. Young people nowadays a generally still behaving like teenagers in their mid 20's. Just look at the England Cricket team if you want a case study! Part of being a good manager in any industry is knowing your employee's personalities though and treating them in a way which maximises their performance.

Klopp from day one has backed all of his players vehemently in the public eye, and just worked on the training ground to get the best out of them. It has turned previously awful players such as Mignolet, Milner, Moreno, Can, Lovren and Lallana into relatively decent players or at the very least, average players. Hence why we can now compete for the Champions League with half the starting line-up still being the same as the team Rodgers had in mid table. Rodgers always blamed the players when things went wrong and lost the dressing room because of it.

Man management is a massive part of being a successful football manager nowadays. There is a fine line between being too nice (Bilic, Wenger), getting the critical but respectful balance right (Guardiola, Dyche, Pochettino), and being overly critical (Rafa, Mourinho) . It is very hard to find a middle ground and you may have to treat some players differently.

That is why you see some managers getting the absolute most from their resources, and others like Mourinho spending the second most money in Europe and still losing to Huddersfield and failing to get anywhere near to the top of their league (or even play good football) . He's not only looking like losing his dressing room, but also the stands because of it.

You can be a great tactician and spend all the money in the world, but if the people below you don't respect you then they will make you look bad knowing full well you will carry the blame. That is sadly the reality of modern football, and modern society. If Rafa can't accept that, Newcastle will go down.

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13 Dec 2017 10:49:16
You have a point there I guess - especially with the excuse part. Footballers seem to loose their drive very easily, you never want to give them excuses before playing because them seem to become self-for filling prophecies more often then not. It'll be very interesting to see how that plays out for Rafa - at the start of the season I was hoping that someone like Chirivella or Grujic who are trying to learn some positional dicipline in the defensive roles would go on loan to Newcastle but I'm glad they haven't now.

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13 Dec 2017 13:54:44
Been lurking for years and years, finally decided to register to applaud MK Scouser for his exquisite posts, not that I always agree with his points. And of course all hail to the mighty Eds.

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13 Dec 2017 15:44:20
Cheers Molby Man! Look forward to seeing more of you on here now you're registered!

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13 Dec 2017 16:29:00
Hope to pop in with a quick remark now and then. As for Rafa, you got to love him, no matter what, even if he joined United, but thankfully that won't happen.

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13 Dec 2017 17:02:23
I can see were Rafa is coming from, and the lack of transfer funds and a takeover could mean the end of Rafa at Newcastle .

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13 Dec 2017 17:24:20
Good to see a Molby fan here! What a player he was! ❤️❤️.

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13 Dec 2017 18:21:03
Rafa should shut up and learn a thing or 2 from Sean Dyche.

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12 Dec 2017 22:36:31
Ed001 I couldn't find a reference to him so wondering if you could do a profile on Gaetano Scirea. Possibly my favourite Italian defender.

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{Ed001's Note - I have added him to the list for you.}


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