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13 Feb 2019 21:53:51
Eds would Klopps still have interest in Guerreiro? Just a year left on his contract this summer and Klopps wanted him before.

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{Ed002's Note - Not that I am aware.}

13 Feb 2019 22:04:53
Just caught the Ajax - Madrid game and again felt that VAR takes things out of context making decisions which are too arbitrary on technical grounds. Didn't think there was enough in it to overturn the decision of the first goal. Also thought Ajax had an argument for a foul in the build up to Madrid's 2nd goal.

Why can't they just do it like Cricket? Teams can ask for VAR for goal related situations (up to 2 wrong attempts a game then you can't anymore) . VAR can overrule the ref only if ref is significantly wrong.

The current rules just allow for lazy refereeing. I am confident that in a season or two we will no longer be seeing any offside flags as linesmen would rather play it safe and wait for VAR to rule it out. Same with penalties.

Rant over


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13 Feb 2019 22:19:35
I didn’t watch that game but I’ve got to say whenever I’ve watched a game with VAR in it kind of sucks all the fun out of it, especially when you get a notification that VAR is being looked at behind the scenes, means you can’t concentrate on the game because you know it’s about to be stopped.
I had mixed feelings before it came in but for me I don’t like it, would rather we just had competent referees.

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14 Feb 2019 00:03:29
I agree with both of you. I can’t stand it, it just ruins the game. We’ll be in a position where players and fans won’t celebrate until the goal is reviewed by VAR and the ref points to the centre circle.
I don’t know about you but I want to jump and scream as the ball hits the net not on the blow of a whistle or the point of an arm.

Then there’s those decisions that people just disagree on. Take Mane last season (I think it was against Stoke) when he was clearly kicked in the ankle in the box. He’s not immediately gone down so got booked for diving and some said it was a dive and others said there was contact so it’s a pen. How will VAR help there?

If you’re going to use it then it has to be for offside decisions (if they look at it in line with the last defender we should get it 100% right) and ball out of play type decisions only. Black and white decisions. Otherwise it will cause more problems for the game than it solves.

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14 Feb 2019 00:52:51
If you have to have it, then use it properly. There was a flag raised for offside early in a counter attack. The Ajax player was actually in his own half when the ball was played. Isn't VAr there so that play continues, if he scores, then review the offside?

On a second note, I though Ajax were outstanding in the first half. Their pressing and intensity was brilliant. They created so many good attacks, just didn't have that striker to finish things. Madrid were totally outplayed in that half.

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14 Feb 2019 05:20:22
to the original post the way it is used in cricket will just make football unbearable. teams will just gather around captain and ask him to call for VAR and in football most of the decisions are fifty-fifty so VAR can hardly judge a tackle.
VAR should be strictly restricted to offside and goal line tech. whenever a goal is scored just check for offside and whether the ball crossed the line, everything else should be human and as it used to be.

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14 Feb 2019 11:19:03
Tough one this as I like the human element when it comes to decision making. VAR seems to slow the game down and it becomes almost robotic.

I do feel however that, the quality of the refereeing needs to be addressed especially in England.

I'd love to hear Ed02's take on it if you have the time?

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{Ed002's Note - Largely if it could be left at it is with the referee making the decision then that would be best. Perhaps use VAR for critical goal or no goal decisions but it has to be quick. I agree the refereeing has gone downhill - and this seems to be more of an issue in England than elsewhere. That needs to be addressed regardless.}

14 Feb 2019 14:04:57
Ak, but var is there to eradicate human error. For me it needs to review everything or nothing, I know they can’t review every decision as the game would become slow, boring and just unbearable. But why have it if a human error can then lead to a completely fair goal. One instance that comes to mind, Chelsea vs Derby (I believe) in the cup, derby should of had a free kick in the corner but instead Chelsea got a throwing (which actually came of a Chelsea man) straight from the throw the balls whipped in and they score. Nothing wrong with the goal except to two wrong decisions leading up to it. Var gives the goal because they can’t review the previous errors.

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14 Feb 2019 18:28:40
Completely agree Ed. Maybe if they put the money from VAR into better training the referee's we wouldn't be having this conversation?

I'm sure Benny Baller has some good insight on this debate if he's about.

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13 Feb 2019 20:01:01
Liveerpool under 18s presently playing Wigan Athletic at Diva Stadium, Chester in fourth round of FA Youth Cup kicked off at 7.00 p. m. Wigans last 25 games is won 24 drew one, half time at the moment Liverpool leading 2-0 Glatzel and Duncan the scorers.

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13 Feb 2019 20:22:20
60 minutes now played in above tie Liverpool u18s still leading 2-0.

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13 Feb 2019 20:39:23
80 minutes now played in above youth cup tie, Liverpool still leading 2-0.

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13 Feb 2019 20:52:57
Never mind the match, get’s a pie in.
And a cup of Oxo, shaken not stirred, aye?

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13 Feb 2019 21:00:58
Seven minutes of stoppage time now being played in above tie still 2-0 to Liverpool. " GAME OVER " they will now play Bury under18s away in Quarter Finals of FA Youth Cup. They controlled the game from start to finish. Bury are managed by big Liverpool Fan Ryan Lowe he use to be in Liverpools Academy and Reserve Teams a big mate of Stevie Gerrard. Date to be announced shortly.

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13 Feb 2019 22:53:31
Bobby Duncan is going to be huge. I'm sure of it. I haven't seen him play much but his stats are exceptional. Better than Micheal Owen youth record I believe. Not sure about fowler youth days.

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14 Feb 2019 00:45:23
Received a email from LFC Today the mini derby Liverpool under 23s against Everton under 23s will take place at ANFIELD on 04/03/2019 kick off 7.00 P. M. under the floodlights. Season Ticket Holders Free Admission for Adults £3, £1 for Kids.

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14 Feb 2019 06:10:23
Good one, 007. Appreciated mate.

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14 Feb 2019 08:36:21
Glatzel is actually out scoring Duncan by 1 goal. So we have 2 potentially quality young forwards in the under 18s at the moment. We also have O'Rourke in the age group below who is as highly regarded as the other 2. Then there is Brewster a little older and further along in his development. But the shame is I feel only 1 of the 4 mentioned will actually succeed if any. My question is who do the Eds think has the best chance to succeed and why?

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14 Feb 2019 16:00:23
Duncan for sure imo.

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14 Feb 2019 16:02:30
But brewster too. You need back up players and I think they have the potential to fill those roles. Saving us money for a better RB (assuming trent moves up the pitch) and an attacking mid who can play in the hole or cover the front line.

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14 Feb 2019 19:43:52
For mine Glatzel is further advanced than Duncan. He makes smarter runs and has a better all round game atm. But Duncan certainly looks like he has a future in the game - just needs to keep developing.

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13 Feb 2019 19:08:05
I honestly don't get this thinking at all. Mane, Salah and Firmino are not unflappable. Liverpool's play/ style is not cast in stone. Competition, REAL competition and GENUINE depth are a must in any title aspiring team, more so at Liverpool where beyond Mane, Salah and Firmino there's nothing approaching even half of their quality.

Why assume that Werner wouldn't be good enough such that he wins a starting place over any of those 3? Or indeed induces a tweak or two in the system to take along with those 3 to the pitch same time?

We could be interested in Heung Min Son and folk be saying "but where's he going to play? ".
Many of these are the same people drooling over City's depth.

If Klopp's truly interested in Werner, then that tells he's looking for something different to vary our play. Same thinking with the Fekir interest. Likewise Brandt at the time.

If Klopp wants the player and the football club can make the deal happen, it's settled.

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13 Feb 2019 21:53:31
Totally agree mate fair enough maybe a world class player will demand to be a starter but Werner isn’t there yet .

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13 Feb 2019 22:24:05
Thing is who’s going to want to come to us when them 3 are in the team, individually they are brilliant, together they are world class, very few people in world football would look at Liverpool’s front 3 and think they are going to force one out. Can’t compare to city really, our front 3 picks itself and is pretty much set in stone, city’s much less so, aguero is only ever a game away from being injured, Sterling is hardly irreplaceable etc.

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13 Feb 2019 22:45:31
Mikey they can’t play every game mate firmino hasn’t been brilliant this season Werner would get plenty of games
Mane started the season on fire then had a wee dip and has come back into form Werner wuda got plenty of game during mane, s dip.

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13 Feb 2019 22:55:28
Bobby Firmino wasn't world class when he joined but I think he has to be considered a world class player now. Remember, klopp is one of the best at improving players.

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14 Feb 2019 06:03:20
Sorry lads and eds. Post was meant to be a reply to another post about Werner.

Spot on Adam.

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14 Feb 2019 07:41:33
If the targeted player is keen then algoods. I think people are just playing devil's advocate a bit in recognizing that playing time is a realistic issue.

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14 Feb 2019 16:04:31
Do people not consider Firmino as world class? Come on, that back heel at Bournemouth. He's a one of a kind 6 position player. He could probably play at CB he is that good.

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{Ed025's Note - you need to stop all this putting liverpool players on a pedestal robbie you are making yourself look very foolish mate, bobby is a good player no doubt about it, but he has stank the house out this season in the main..

15 Feb 2019 09:07:11
Firmimo has been poor this season mate.

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13 Feb 2019 16:34:27

Can you confirm there is interest in Werner? I’ve tried looking on the sight but cannot see anything. If we are interested what’s our chances?


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{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any approach from Liverpool at this time - there is certainly interest from elsewhere.}

13 Feb 2019 17:50:14
He would demand to play and who would we leave out to get him in? One of our forward 3 would need to leave for us to be interested imo.

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13 Feb 2019 17:53:53
Thanks for the reply! If you were the manager what positions Do you think we need? And who would you go for!

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{Ed002's Note - Well I guess the first thing to do is to figure out if there are youngsters who can step up - and maybe Brewster could settle in if Sturridge and Origi were to go. I would expect Mignolet to need replacing and a decent older HG solution would be best - but I am not aware of any at this time. Liverpool has looked at Diego Llorente (CB) but he would want to be a starter - any of these three might prove to be a good option: Jorge Mere (CB) of Cologne and Marseille's Boubacar Kamara (CB) and RBL's Ibrahima Konate (CB). A natural LM player would help Laxalt has been looked at before and would be a good option. The club has looked at DM and CM but do not appear to be chasing and unless someone were to leave I doubt it would be a priority. If Mane or Salah were to go, Lorenzo Insigne (LW) - would be a good replacement but very, very expensive €150M asking price. That leaves the full back positions and depends whether or not cover can be provided by the younger players - else Junior Firpo (LB) would be a great option and can be used as a DM - but another who would want to be a starter.}

13 Feb 2019 19:19:35
Thanks ed002 as always 🥰.

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{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

13 Feb 2019 19:29:23
Wow great info as usual Ed and good insight of your knowledge and talent of the game.

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13 Feb 2019 21:50:27
Why would one of Mané Bobby or salah need to leave
For Timo to come yes he’ll want to play as much as he can but he doesn’t start every game for Leipzig often gets took off before poulsen we’ve seen Shaqiri get starts this season an would mean we can rotate more Keita and Fabinho both came they don’t start every game.

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13 Feb 2019 15:05:42
Hi Eds and fellow followers,
My Mrs has the hump because " I'm married to my phone" and it's all this pages fault. I'm addicted. Anyways valentine's is tomorrow so what to do eh? Keep up the great work Eds it's much appreciated.

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{Ed002's Note - Thank you for you note; it is a bit of a "my boyfriend has a crush on Mickey Dolenz and I am breaking out in acne" question. Regardless, you should ask your wife to buy you an iPad for valantine's day and then you will be able to see the page in all of its glory.}

13 Feb 2019 15:14:33
Class Ed002.Liverpool was my first love and you never forget your first bird. Have a great day.

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13 Feb 2019 16:19:35
Ah, Mickey Dolenz. created Metal Mickey, if I'm not mistaken. My mum was more in the Davey Jones camp, who caused a certain David Jones to take the name 'Bowie'.

Totally agree, though. It's better on iPad.

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13 Feb 2019 17:20:34
I pad? Alright for some, I’ll be lucky if my Mrs gets me a cotton wool pad 😕.

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{Ed025's Note - love it drogie..

13 Feb 2019 20:08:28
I hate this valentines day BS, it's a scam to get more money out of us, if I got the Mrs something for tomorrow she'd wonder wtf I've done!

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{Ed025's Note - is that you "jim royle"?..

13 Feb 2019 20:33:19
Ah you bugger Ed25, I didn't think you'd notice mate! hahaha.

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{Ed025's Note - you cant get me on the royle family or only fools salah mate, i know the shows verbatim mate....bonnet de douche.. :)

13 Feb 2019 20:55:45
Lol I love both programs mate!

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{Ed025's Note - me too mate..

13 Feb 2019 13:26:17
Last night showed why, although much improved, we should not fear going to Old Trafford. They are playing better but aside from Spurs who were nursing injuries at the time United have had a favourable set of fixtures. PSG even with a few missing are a quality team and United struggled when they attacked . If Martial and Lingard do not play they loose a lot up front, if they do then you have to be more cautious, but they will be very wary of our attackers also. I think we can win at Old Trafford and go on from there to win 5 or 6 on the spin.

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13 Feb 2019 13:38:58
Dont be scared of any of our opponents but give them respect they deserve. Moreover in derby game like Man utd vs Liverpool form goes out if the window its who want to win it more.

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13 Feb 2019 14:02:56
That's where I think we will have them Horse. I'm convinced they will go in to it with he "let's stop them winning the league " mentality and that could be there down fall as they may push on to much, which is what we want teams to do. Always respect them as there record shows you would be a fool not to, but no fear of going there at all.

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13 Feb 2019 14:15:48
Im not scared of this United team I’m just wary of United in general. Much worse united teams have been able to dispatch us even when we’ve been a lot better than them. I’d even go so far as to say I’d take a draw so long as united turn up against city as well because I know they will against us. If we get our tactics right we should be able to get a result so long as there’s no big injuries from now until the game but when was the last time we won at Old Trafford? It’s been a while. I just hope Lingard and martial are missing for that game as they’re the players that always seem to do well against us.

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13 Feb 2019 17:16:51
VVD will dispatch them all!

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13 Feb 2019 22:09:48
The PSG game did not tell a lot of us what we did not already know about Utd since OLS came in. They had a good run of fixtures vs teams 7th and below to get going. They then played only TWO very good teams in PSG and Spurs. Vs Spurs, they were man-handled from start to finish and only won due to Spurs inability to finish the bucket load of chances they got. Then vs PSG, their limitations came even more to the fore. Why? Cos PSG did not have to break one drop of sweat to dispatch Utd. Not one drop.

Sure we have to be respectful of Utd and of any team really cos any given weekend, you can get beat. Having said that, the fans pooping their pants and sating "We will definitely lose to Utd" with NO facts to back them up are the ones I have a prob. with.

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13 Feb 2019 11:21:17
Just thinking of Gordon Banks. He come to Anfield playing for Stoke just after the wold cup. When he came on the pitch the reception he received was fantastic and no one was more surprised than him because he previously was our nemesis when playing for liester (spelling) from then on it became the custom of every keeper to receive a good reception. He was the best I have ever seen.

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13 Feb 2019 10:55:40
Wonder how many people think we will loose to United now? Think they will give us a harder game then they gave psg mind you

Ole has the same hate for Liverpool as Fergie

Let's see how they bounce back against Chelsea now.

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13 Feb 2019 11:34:52
Dont think Ole is capable of hate tbh.

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13 Feb 2019 12:26:34
Didn't Ole support LFC as a boy?

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13 Feb 2019 12:27:13
Osg seems a nice bloke I don’t think hate is in his vocabulary! He will have them up for it no doubt but the wind has been sucked from their sails for now!

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13 Feb 2019 13:53:14
Utd have a great team who finished 2nd last year. They were clearly not playing for Jose. With an attacking manager they are enjoying their football but haven't had many hard games. We can beat them, I have no doubt but it is a hard place for us to go. And the tension will be unbelievable. I only just realised that a draw puts us top of the league

I'm worried about our form though, we've dropped a lot of points for potential champions. And we have lost a lot of games. Not in the prem but in all three cups we have lost 5 I think. That seems a lot. I'm convinced klopp didn't want us in either domestic cup and it could be the genius move that helps us win this effing league.

I wish we would go back to our gung ho footy, just score more than the opposition and not worry about how many we concede, with vvd and Alisson we won't be conceding loads. Our forward line is built for quick counter attacking football. With a relatively short forward line slow build up play has to be at waist height or lower.

I dunno, I'm worried by city's form and I'm worried about the pressure.

I'm elated that gini wjildadum is back though. Most underrated CM in the league. We need trent and lovren back too. I feel Henderson needs to be played more too and lallana should not play unless we have absolutely no choice.

Also sturridge is a better sub than origi imo. I'm blathering, I'm nervous.

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13 Feb 2019 13:56:43
He hated the Hobbits didn’t he? They stole his precious apparently.

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13 Feb 2019 14:14:19
Dear lord just relax and enjoy the season. We have dropped 13 points this season. That is championship winning form. Our biggest problem is city is having another fantastic season.

Just enjoy it and hope we make it.

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13 Feb 2019 15:34:55
Robbie, Trent is back and no way is sturridge a better sub than Origi. He was top class but sadly not anymore.

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13 Feb 2019 16:36:22
You do realise everyone apart from the winner loses in the cups, right? Everyone else has lost more in the league than us and yet you focus on something else entirely irrelevant instead. Some fans will never be happy.

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13 Feb 2019 17:20:11
Who said Sturridge is world class? Two good seasons riding on the back of Suarez doesn’t make you world class.
He certainly had a shot on him but I’ve never understood the gravity myself.

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{Ed025's Note - im with you mate..

13 Feb 2019 23:04:15
Sturridge had the ability to become world class. Injury ruined his career and I reckon he is lazy in his attitude towards football now.

But he is a better player than origi. He played for wolfsburg last season and scored what? 1 goal? 2? Sturridge scored 3xs that many in one month in the Premier league this term. Despite the statements made by DS and klopp, I don't think they get on. Sturridge has scored plenty of worldies in his career, I've seen origi score maybe one.

Don't get me wrong, I like the lad and I think he is a good addition to our squad. But he would not have saved a point at Chelsea, he isn't capable of kicking the ball like DS and Chelsea were parking the bus.

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13 Feb 2019 23:26:46
Run of the Milner I said top class not world class. I agree Suarez made him maybe look better than he was but at one stage he was definitely very good, remember when he was on loan at Bolton (from Chelsea I think) and he was scoring for fun. This year I’ve only seen him 3 times. He had a brilliant/ speculative effort against Chelsea and scored a worldy, then was worse than bad and totally uninterested in the fa cup and the 3rd time I seen was when he came on as a sub v Leicester (I think) where he was brutal and totally uninterested again. So maybe you are right when you say he was riding on the back of Suarez but in the form he once had he would have made a brilliant back up.

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14 Feb 2019 14:21:02
Doohamlet you make some fair counter points. Maybe he had the ability shame he was unable to find the work rate and consostency to be “top” class.

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14 Feb 2019 16:09:21
I think it's work rate in training. I've seen sturridge tracking back many a time.

I think he knows his career is now on the downward trajectory, due to injury. And that has made him lazy in his approach to the game now.

Still a better player than origi, to say other wise is ridiculous.

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13 Feb 2019 09:44:53
NASA has confirmed all united fans have returned back to earth safely.

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13 Feb 2019 09:58:50
Bit of a bump I heard 😄.

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{Ed025's Note - i got told they struggled at OT because there was no atmosphere, im over the moon.. :)

13 Feb 2019 10:16:21
Pretty sure Pogba caught in the marquinhole.

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