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27 May 2014 16:39:19
Hey eds,

Just wanted to know whether the club are interested in getting both xherdan shaqiri and adam lallana


{Ed002's Note - I don't know but there is interest in both.}




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09 Apr 2017 19:21:09
An interesting post further down about certain things involving Liverpool and ed2 opinion on it, namely klopps time at Liverpool so far. Klopp has had basically two seasons at Liverpool and at the very beginning he promised some level of success, ultimately promising the league title. Now a grown Liverpool fan would always take 'promises' with a grain of salt. We know it won't be easy for Liverpool to achieve this even with a top quality manager. We're financially behind the other clubs with a weaker squad than theirs so we have an obvious disadvantage, where we have to work within our means. This does not mean we can't, or that the owners do not back us. They have invested heavily on this club and are much better than our previous owners, even with their constant mistake making and lack of knowledge of the game itself.

I was happy when Klopp took over, it was a change that was required after rodgers tenure at the club which had its ups and downs. I had preferrences as to who I'd like as manager, and I'm sure most of us did, but Klopp was always a very good shout and I'd say most Liverpool fans where delighted. The embarrassing hysterics was what got me at first, certain fans had already rolled out the red carpet for Klopp even after the man himself said, let's not have a party just because I'm here, we have work to do. Fans ignored as if Klopp had earned their respect already even before a ball was kicked. Klopp has to earn respect just like every manager before him, he should be privileged to be here not the other way around, but some fans where so drowned of mediocrity that they kept their rose tinted shades on.

Klopps first season, was a failure. Not so much that he failed himself, but the resulting league finishes and two cup finals that meant nothing in the end meant that it was never a step forward. We took a step forward in terms of the mentality of the club and improvements on the football that was played on the pitch, but the facts are facts and 8th place with no cups is worse than the season before. It was failure under kenny, its failure now. Some fans choose to ignore that. I did not judge Klopp on that season, I knew he was a long term project, but when you hear fans saying 'I'm still over the moon we have klopp' you start to cringe a little, you start to think is this how far we have fallen. Be happy all you want but you have to have expectations, expectations that had to be met this season. Top 4 has been the goal for a while, and not only top 4 but being a stable top 4 team. I went into this season thinking the transfers have been hit and miss, some good, some bewildering, but it's a common theme at Liverpool hence the slightly above average squad. I thought, 5th place seems reasonable, as long as we see improvements elsewhere. I maintained that this was a long term project and even failing to achieve top 4 I knew Klopp was trying to build something that I have some level of faith in, even though it can be erratic at times. We then preceded to challenge for the title up until January, well in top 4 and destined for CL football at the very least. This was the success we knew we would achieve eventually but like rodgers, we knew we where slightly overachieving. But there is no excuses for what happened in January. This was the erratic behaviour I knew that could happen based on the past. This is why I reserved judgement. A combined problem with the players and the management saw us fall out of every competition we where in within 2 weeks with no real idea what the actual problem was, only that it kept happening against teams that where much weaker than us. This made it much more disappointing and the excuse making was getting out of hand. The rut has seemingly stopped and we are now back on form for the time being. Given the position we where in, top 4 should be the minimum we achieve. Anything less is failure. But I maintain that Klopp should obviously continue because it doesn't necessarily mean he's the failure. He is part of the problem as much as he's part of the solution, something I couldn't say with rodgers. I am satisfied with top 4, that is a huge step for us, that would be success. Klopp has done a decent job so far, but he has made mistake. Mistake I and some others have pointed out this season. Some call me negative because I point out these mistakes even though there's no malice or genuine negativity behind my comments. They also say the same thing about ed2 who's knowledge exceedes a lot of ours. At the end of the day though, it's an opinion, and no fan should be told 'you're not a real fan' or 'you're just being negative' when they are trying to be constructive in their support as well as their criticism. I haven't said Klopp out and fans that have, are the microwave fans I feel are a problem, but I get made to be in that bracket because apparently you can't question Klopp or the players and if you do then you're Klopp out. Nonsense. It's a double standard that has to be done with.

As for ed2, at one point I thought he gave Liverpool fans a lot more stick than other fans, I then realised there's a lot more of us here so maybe that's a factor. There's also the case of more fans means more morons. I think he has an unbiased opinion, that people need. Too many people want their ego stroked nowadays and don't want to be told the truth. 'Mirror mirror on the wall who's the most beautiful of them all' comes to mind. You want him to say all these wonderful things that just aren't true or are yet to be proved. I won't say all of the things he says I agree with, but he is right a lot of the time. People use the fact that he's not one of our own to suggest why they don't like him or why he might be wrong but I think that's a shallow way of thinking. If you are a yes man then so be it, but you of all people can not go around waving your wand saying who's a good fan and not, because you're just as bad as the ones calling for Klopp out. We argue over employees of the club, but we will always be here. Remember that next time we bash each other.

Good luck reading that, if you did, pat on the back for you. I hate reading essay posts but I felt I needed to get that off my chest.


{Ed025's Note - i thought it was a good read Kman...kudos mate..

1.) 09 Apr 2017 19:43:17
I agree with you that the fans should take promises with a grain of salt, but I also think that the owners would have taken his promises very seriously and no doubt would be looking for reasons he has not fulfilled them. Which they have every right to do.

2.) 09 Apr 2017 19:46:38
I just can't see klopp making thag kind of promise or even having too. We went for him. He had his pick of clubs from around the world. We needed to sell to him not the ither way round.

{Ed002's Note - Rubbish.}

3.) 09 Apr 2017 20:59:24
With due respect to your opinion, I would like to add few things

1. There is line between criticism and plain bashing of players. Everyone knows our squad has weaknesses and they will be addressed in the transfer window: Mane, Wiji and Matip were good buys. We have to work within our means. But still we need to support our players as long as they put their effort in. I mean why would you tell you boxer before a fight that he is not good enough. even if you maybe right. It doesn't help anyone. We are in a fight to get Top 4 and the team needs our support.

2. Klopp has made mistakes. People like to point at Caulker, Klavan etc. But compare it to what Rodger's bought and you see perspective. People say that Klopp drove Sakho out and he is better than Klavan, Lovren etc. But it was Sakho's fault for not taking things seriously which is disrespectful to the other players and staff who are putting so much effort in. If Sakho can't be professional enough then maybe Liverpool is not his club.

All good managers have a philosophy, they live and die by it. Guardiola, Mou, Wenger come to mind. They don't betray their way of playing, so why do people want Klopp to change.

3. I am behind Klopp and the team. Not because they are world-class and perfect but because they represent my club, they work hard, play awesome football most days and most importantly because Negativity never ever helps.

Stay positive, support the players the best you can. Iam not saying turn a blind eye but stop the constant whining.

{Ed002's Note - And it isd everybody else's fault.}

4.) 09 Apr 2017 22:11:32
Kman, very good read that. I visit this site a lot as well as all the others, and often find your posts are very honest, say it as it is. Supermane just opitimised everything you just said in one post below.

5.) 09 Apr 2017 23:13:25
My question about the above posts is.

We all know how the season has gone.
Great pre. Christmas terrible January etc. etc.
But no one has given a reason for the dip in form.
We perform better against the higher placed teams but fail against the lower placed clubs which in itself a mystery.
Is it psychological? As if it was physical fatigue then we shouldn't be able to match the higher placed teams.

6.) 09 Apr 2017 23:18:19
What Klopp has done well;
made one excellent signing,
got the team scoring again,
completely changed the atmosphere around the club.

What Klopp hasn't done;
made any improvement to our defence,
delivered any consistency.

7.) 10 Apr 2017 04:26:34
What Klopp has also done:

Made 3 quality signings in, Mane, Matip and Wij
Improved our record vs our top 4 rivals
Gotten the best of out players and a squad deemed "average"
12 points better off than at this stage last season
Made Anfield a fortress again
Most points accrued in the PL after 19 games
First double over Arsenal since 2000
Undefeated vs the so-called Super Managers

What he hasn't and MUST do:

Improve the mentality of the team vs lesser teams
Improve the defence
Improve the depth of the squad quality-wise as another Jan meltdown will NOT be tolerated
be more flexible and adaptable to the rigours of the PL.

8.) 09 Apr 2017 21:20:04
Yes ED02. its everybody else's fault :)
Mostly yours. Lol

Few other things which I blame on ED02 and Chelsea in general

1. Liverpool loosing out on Sanchez and Alli
2. Mane, Henderson, Lallana and Sturridge's injury
3. Trump winning elections.
4. Global warming (which Trump denies by the way)

9.) 10 Apr 2017 01:08:03
I disagree with a few things here. If you were hoping that Klopp would win you the PL or get top 4 realistically with the squad low on confidence, bereft of ideas, going nowhere fast (which many thought was full of dross) that BR himself trashed for not being good enough, within the 8 months, then I think you need to give your head a wobble cos that make no sense at all.

Also, I know this is becoming a narrative on BUT Klopp has NOT had two full seasons yet. He didn't have a pre-season to evaluate the squad when he came in midseason cos if he had (like he did this summer), the players who are no longer here now, would have been gone by then. A bit of context is needed here before making such inaccurate and "convenient" statements cos BR, Roy and Rafa, all had a full pre-season in their first season's and BR and Roy didn't win a thing before getting sacked so how has Klopp failed exactly esp. if his first full season is not even over yet?

Finally, if you thought we would win the PL with a small squad with holes in it, blighted by injuries and all that, then you were duped either by the media or by yourself cos NOWAY on God's green earth would that have happened and Klopp NEVER mentioned that we were in for the title.

And even if he said he would win the title this year? So what. he over-promised? Did BR not do that in his tenure here and didn't even make a final in three years and Klopp made two in 8 months with a squad he did not pick? Did Rafa win the PL when he promised he would after six years? NO! And if he's such a failure, why did he get an extension from FSG? Then, John Henry is who your ire needs to go to for paying for a known failure, then.

Klopp is no genius (neither does he pretend to be one) and is prone to mistakes like EVERY other manager in sports and needs to improve BUT it seems the knives are out for him now cos we drew a game vs B'mouth and pulled a win out of the hands of defeat, 18 points won from losing positions (Best in the PL), 12 points better off than ;last season but clearly we have gone backwards. GET A GRIP!

10.) 10 Apr 2017 10:22:30
Are the defensive lapses a result of the team being set up to attack the ball as far up the pitch as possible?

This obviously leaves a lot of space behind for the opposition to exploit on a counter attack especially when the 2 full backs are high up the pitch providing width.

Compare this with the likely champions elect who seem to defend deeper as a team and then counter attack with the lightening pace of Hazard, Willian etc. With Kante all the while backing up play while protecting the defence.



05 Apr 2017 22:20:55
Very disappointing result, I know what happened in the match generally as I was watching on and off and there was some very bad mistakes made by Klopp and the players. I think people saying we won't achieve top 4 are jumping the gun even some questioning Klopp again which you would expect, but the run in that we have does not help the current mentality at all. It's strange to say it as we should get most of the points out of our remaining matches but we have been terrible against the lesser sides this season. Some want to put the onus on the players and say it's a mentality thing, some want to put it on the manager, I would say it's both. It wouldn't happen consistently if it was just the players, there's something else wrong there. Top 4 is still in our hands regardless and we sit in 3rd at the minute, whilst the others still have some tough games to play.

In terms of the game, the switch in formation and the sub (matip for coutinho) ruined the flow of the game and Bournemouth knew we where going to be defensive and just took advantage. We are seriously an utter shambles at the back, I've been saying this all season and I like how there was some earlier in the season saying our defence wasn't that bad haha. The concerning thing for me, is that I don't see our goalkeeping and defensive issues being sorted out anytime soon with Klopp. I think he needs help in that regards, otherwise we will just have to rely on our 'high risk, high reward' style of play to bail us out. It will not work in the premier league, as it did in the bundesliga that's for sure. I hope these areas are addressed once and for all as we haven't had a decent defence since Rafa.

Top 4 is the bare minimum this season and we can class that as a success and a step in the right direction, I'm not overly confident because of the teams we have to play but I think we will scrape over the line somehow.

WBA away on Saturday which just magnifies my worries. I don't see how we win that game but we have to.


1.) 05 Apr 2017 22:32:11
Fact is that klopp failed with his 2nd half substitution. he let us down bitterly today. I am beginning to think that he is overrated.

2.) 05 Apr 2017 22:34:46
Stoke on Saturday.

3.) 05 Apr 2017 22:37:05
My bad we have stoke away on Saturday, still a tricky fixture given our circumstances. Really can't get over why we are so bad against the lesser sides.

4.) 05 Apr 2017 22:38:38
Can we just play Spurs, city and Arsenal again please lol.

5.) 05 Apr 2017 22:40:56
We play at Stoke on Saturday.
Any better? 😁.

6.) 05 Apr 2017 23:00:37
Kman its simple klopp only knows 1 way to play and that's counter attacking/ pressing upfront where it works against teams who are looking to attack us where they leave massive gaps in midfield and in defence where we perfectly exploit it . against mid table teams its completely different they defend deep giving us no space or gaps to exploit it.

7.) 05 Apr 2017 22:59:52
For heavens sake. We are 3rd in the League. 6 points gap on UTD and Arsenal as well as a better goal difference. 2 points ahead of City too.

They might have games in hand but we have the points on the board. 1 point gained against a team who played extremely well at Anfield at this stage is better than no point at all.

8.) 05 Apr 2017 23:15:07
Valid points, Kman. I will add that I expected a drop in intensity after an energy and emotional sapping game vs Everton which suck the life out of you the game after. I will say that we could have seen the game out and making a defensive change at 65 mins, is NOT good management even if it works. BUT I will say that on their second goal, Klavan has to take responsibility here. King just turns him like he was not even there and he doesn't even stick a leg in to stop him. Klopp made a blunder making the change BUT sometimes, players have to be accountable and right there, Klavan screwed up big time. On the bright side, Origi and Couts are back in form, we created enough chances (not a lot) to score, in fact we could have scored 3 goals in the first half alone, we have one extra point more than City for 3rd spot (games in hand are NOT points in hand) . This bodes well going forward. Now, regarding the defence, we are prolly leading the PL in goals conceded via individual errors. Our players are NOTY focused in critical defensive situations and that is a huge concern.

9.) 05 Apr 2017 23:43:28
Can't believe some of you don't think you'll make top 4. I think your a certainty.

10.) 05 Apr 2017 23:52:17
Kopite the thing with that is that we had the lead so it wasn't as if we found it difficult to break them down, the thing that changed the match was actually us sitting back and allowing Bournemouth back into the game when we should have went for the jugular. That sort of change worked more for the bigger games but we always concede against the lesser sides like free handouts. I agree that Klopp only knows one way of playing and preparing for games and when that goes wrong we're effectively in for a bad result unless we get extremely lucky which we have a few times this season. Klopp definitely needs help on the coaching staff in my opinion, he's just as bad as rogers at sorting out a defence.

11.) 06 Apr 2017 01:28:08
I remembered reading (maybe I took it in a wrong way) people used the point of Klopp not changing the formation to a more defensive ones, but instead bringing in attacking players when we were leading, and that decision led to the team lost the lead and eventually lost or drew the game (so sorry I couldn't recall which game) .

Ironically, when Klopp made this decision, and here we are, saying this and that.

No, I'm not saying Klopp made the right decision, but I seems to understand the reasons behind it. It backfired, and we drew. "If" is a really enjoying word to play with. What if Matip in, and we were solid and maintained the lead? What if Coutinho stayed then injured himself? What if Coutinho off Sturridge in and they scored two and we lost?

I'm not having a dig on you Kman or anyone else who agrees with you. Only that, I couldn't agree on most of your opinions above.

12.) 06 Apr 2017 02:35:35
Some of you are slating Klopp for only knowing how to play one way and yet in same breath criticising him for bringing in Matip to close up shop which is clearly not his normal tactic.
In this case he changed his tactics and it didn't pay off. But a lot of managers would have done similar - sit back protect the lead hit them on the counter attack (which did nearly pay off if only Clyne etc had taken their chances) . Not sure what i would have done. But clearly players need to stay focussed until final whistle and value every chance when it comes.

13.) 06 Apr 2017 02:55:25
Haizan, you are talking too much sense. I suggest you stop cos there many on here who are too eager to jump on a manager's decision as soon as it fails w/ o taking into consideration that a manager has NO control over the outcome as Klopp himself, had NO control over Klavan bottling a challenge vs King for their equalizer.

After reading Klopp's post game comments, you will understand more the reasons why he pulled Couts at the time he did and why did not start Matip. I don't like the result nor Klopp bringing on Matip that early as he could have brought on Woodburn instead to keep their defence honest. BUT I understand his decisions hence, NOTHING is ever black and white in management so we move on.

14.) 06 Apr 2017 03:31:51
Bournemouth played well? They were one of the poorest sides we have played at home. The manager got it wrong tactically today. It happens, we move on to Stoke.

15.) 06 Apr 2017 04:28:38
Hamzah the point is very simple, if you assessed the game properly you would have realised why the game turned out the way it did. Before the substitution and subsequent change in formation, we where pretty comfortable and we could have gone for a third which is what you're supposed to do in these types of games, now if we had conceded trying to get the third then your point is valid but we didn't. Against teams where we are bossing, why should we suddenly take our foot of the pedal? In the reverse fixture of this exact matchup we lost because we took our foot of the pedal. The reason Klopp went to 5 at the back is because coutinho felt sick or whatever and he didn't want to put on Sturridge, Sturridge doesn't have the pro activity of coutinho or any of the other players so it's one less player running around putting pressure. So instead of putting constant pressure we decided we would just sit on the lead, and that's ok if you can properly organise a defence, but unfortunantly as we have seen countless times this season Klopp hasn't been able to. So in summary, you do not go defensive when you're playing a team lesser than you at home and are bossing them and have a very shaky defence, this allows them a chance to get back into a game. You do it when the team is piling constant pressure on you and you are seeing less and less of the ball, that is when you go defensive and it is usually against the top teams. It's simple.

{Ed001's Note - the defence was fine, how many shots did they give up? The goals both came from individual errors, not a lack of organisation. Klavan simply didn't know where the ball was and took too long to realise King had it, because he was looking up in the sky for some reason. Not sure what on earth goes on in that man's head at times. All the pace of a sleeping sloth, yet he charges into the opposing half to make challenges, knowing full well he will never get back if the ball goes to an opponent. The point is that, while I disagree completely with the choice Klopp made, at least so early in the game, but it wasn't actually doing as badly as I would have expected.}

16.) 06 Apr 2017 13:23:33
Old Fergie reckoned what separated the best from the rest at the highest level was not so much physical ability but mentally ability. Speed of thought. speed of reaction and concentration.
It Makes sense when you think all the players are trained to a certain level of fitness. But all don't perform at that level for the same length of time,
some tend to dither or panic and make costly mistakes when all that's needed is to catch the ball or hoof it to row z.

17.) 06 Apr 2017 14:30:35
Spot on, Ed and Dermot. Our defensive issues are mental, not physical nor are they tactical. B'mouth have scored 6 goals against us in two games and 4 of those goals can be attributed to individual or collective mistakes. They are the worst team to ever come to Anfield as they were for the most part, very poor. They had 2 shots at goal yesterday, scored on both and both were due to our individual errors. Money on new players can't fix this as this has been happening even since BR's time. It is mental and the players have to be accountable and sorry to say, they have not over this season as most of our goals can be traced back to an individual error of some sort.



01 Dec 2016 19:34:04
Can someone please explain to me wtf has happened to sturridge. It seems his injuries go right under the radar nowadays especially ones that take him a month or two to heal from. I remember this happened last season also, where his absence just came abruptly without being announced or anything. I'm certain he won't be involved at all on the weekend and it just begs the question, what is the long term plan with him. I understand if he was fit he would most likely be playing but the situation is just so confusing. I hope he gets back soon as we need the depth whilst coutinho is out and mane leaving soon. Origi or firmino pick up any injuries and we are f'ed.

On a more positive note, great to see lallana back. I'm not sure he will be risked for this game but he might be on the bench. I'm sure his absence won't be as missed in a game where it will be a lot more open as Bournemouth actually like to play football and try and win games. So there will be chances, we just have to be clinical and on point at the back. I definitely see goals for both sides to be honest. Should be a good game.


1.) 01 Dec 2016 20:17:46
Kman, I agree with you about the Sturridge situation. I was wondering about it myself. I don't mean to sound all "cloak and dagger" about it, but he just disappears from view due to a simply declared calf strain or bruised hip and then nothing is spoken about it until he is on a starting sheet once again. Is it because we have all become used to his absences that we don't pay that much attention to it? This will be the 3rd season in a row where he's missed at least half of the season. Just a great pity to have such unquestioned talent and ability not being utilized and seen on the field.

2.) 01 Dec 2016 21:25:38
Ed001 is Studge injured again? Thought he was back for weekend.

{Ed001's Note - he was meant to be, but it is doubtful now. Just have to hope he is at least fit enough for the bench, but it is unlikely.}

3.) 02 Dec 2016 14:50:26
If that kid god a dead arm he'd be bloody injured for a fortnight. Rediculous in my opinion and enough is enough. Let's see how origi does, Sturridge will be gone in the summer. i'd like to know the stats about how many weeks/ months he's been injured since he joined us. Waste of wages and needs to be on his way. Slam me if you want but he's not good / capable enough for us.

4.) 02 Dec 2016 17:33:37
Why are you savaging a player because of injuries? Do you think the lad wants to be injured? Do you think he enjoys these constant problems? I know it's frustrating for the fans - imagine what its like for him - when Ings got injured again there was an outpouring of sympathy, why is it different for Studge?



30 Nov 2016 23:32:08
So it's Utd vs hull and Southampton vs Us. I would have liked to avoid Southampton the most, I think against united you would prefer two games, so they don't have any chance of a smash and grab, Plus it would be a massive occasion. Against hull, it would almost be a bye, no disrespect to hull but they look very weak at the moment. I hope I'm left with egg on my face and they somehow beat united. Southampton is a game where we would be favourite and the pressure would be on us to beat them, but they are a tricky team as they showed against us last week and tonight against arsenal. I assume we will play a full strength team, so we should get through.




10 Sep 2016 11:53:32
Huge day if you are a sports fan, first the old firm derby, Celtic vs Rangers. Shortly followed by the Manchester derby, shortly followed by Liverpool vs Leicester, shortly followed by the kell brook vs GGG fight, shortly followed by ufc 203. I feel sorry for anyone tied down to any arrangements.


1.) 10 Sep 2016 14:40:36
Well not a bad start so far.




Kman92's rumour replies


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19 Mar 2017 14:44:09
Why would you say this before a game with city? We loose today and its not in our hands anymore, again. One thing I will say is that I can't wait for united to finally play some of the top teams, their schedule in the premier league has been peculiar to say the least, the last top team they've played is us way back in the middle of Jan. Even their European ties, imagine we had these sort of ties last season lol. I guess that's football.




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13 Mar 2017 13:34:22
So some think that mignolet is only being played in the first team to put him on the transfer market? I'm not so sure about that although it's an unlikely probability. I think Klopp is just taking the more practical approach, Karius did not settle well, and has been shaky with a number of the opportunities he had been given at the start of the season. Mignolet who was the more experienced premier league goal keeper was the only one he could turn to, not ideal by any stretch but a better option for goalkeeper at the time. Whilst we would never know if Karius would have been better in goal given the same games, mignolet has done alright. I wouldn't be surprised at either outcome in the summer, however I'm just not convinced by either of them. I think Karius was a poor choice to begin with but I think we decided to build a keeper rather than buy an established one which is a mistake we keep making, a never ending loop of purchasing players with potential that either never live up to it or never get the chance.




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30 Dec 2016 16:37:13
Not such a wise decision in my opinion. He's a good squad player and a player we will most likely need in the run in that we have next month. All sorts of games in every competition so he would play a valuable part of that but we are loaning him out? The timing really baffles me, should have just let him go in the summer then.




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17 Dec 2016 15:32:56
That lasted long didn't it haha.




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30 Aug 2016 02:57:46
Well, if it's true that he was a medical away from coming to Liverpool, then that would seen that he was pretty keen on coming at one point. Messi, Ronaldo and Suarez aren't so your point has zero relevance to what I'm saying. It is fair to say coric would have been a better purchase than wijnaldum, because he's more of what we need, and it's my opinion.





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28 Apr 2017 18:18:20
I agree with ed25 here, some fans are ridiculous with the notion that we always have to wear rose tinted glasses regardless of the situation. The same people sounded a lot different during the Rodgers era, and unfortunantly it's a double standard that's started to rear its ugly head. I agree that if lovren was handed a contract after a game where he performed well, people wouldn't complain as much but there would still be some who frown upon it. All season fans have been saying we need a better centre back partner for Matip, even when lovren or klavan have played well, because some fans are actually educated football fans that think logically. Now with several of the eds saying we're not showing any interest in any centre backs at the moment coinciding with lovren getting a fat new contract, maybe some fans think we may stick with what we have or at least not get a CB that is a clear improvement on what we have. If that is the case then people are right to doubt. I'm tired of this beating around the bush, slating and needlessly bashing players and the management should stop, I agree, but when criticism is deserved and constructive then be quiet and get of your high horse. Lovren in particular has been a consistently error prone player for the entirety of his time here, which has costed us points. I'm interested to know your views on Moreno and mignolet, do you give your unwavering support then? Lovren is at best a 3rd choice centre back, I think that's where he should be, unlike others who want him sold.

In the live chat, I remember people where questioning klopps choice to leave out coutinho and firmino for the first half against stoke and play a completely new system with a few youngsters after a disappointing draw against Bournemouth, some voiced their frustrations and one troll said Klopp out (this was at 1-0, with the team performing awfully) . Then a few posters that didn't speak at all at 1-0 came on at 2-1 calling anyone that criticised the decision fake fans and bashed everyone lol. When we lost to palace, they where nowhere to be seen the whole time. These are the so called 'real fans'


{Ed025's Note - i cant argue with any of that Kman..



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28 Apr 2017 03:23:12
The amount of gas that already comes out of spurs fans without achieving anything is enough for me, if they win the title they'll say they're a bigger club than Liverpool etc and the nonsense that comes out of there mouths at time is unbearable, that's the type of mentality spurs fans have. At least we know what to expect from plastic Chelsea fans. I like poch though, he's a very promising manager.




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26 Apr 2017 17:32:35
I think the issue people had with mane was his attitude. Obviously £34m was a lot for anyone, nobody could say they didn't bulk at the transfer fee but some of us genuinely wanted him. Like with Lallana I thought he would be a great signing but at £25m I wasn't so sure. You win some and you lose some, and to be honest we have been losing far too often. Even last summer, it was a hit and miss summer, mane Matip and wiji have all come good but karius, grujic, klavan haven't. I guess the others didn't cost nearly as much so it's not as negative as it may seem but just taking into account our record before hand, I hope this summer breaks the cycle. I hope we hit more than miss.

Also where mane and wijnaldum Klopp signings. I thought they where both looked at before and recommended to Klopp.




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24 Apr 2017 16:34:17
I agree with ed2 I think sahko was treated rather unfairly and very ruthlessly. I feel like even if sahko had said sorry (which might have happened) he would still have found himself in that poisition. Something must have happened where Klopp took it very personally, that in addition to being given the bad word about sahko might have contributed to easily banishing him the way he did. He does have a bad attitude but I don't think its the unmanageable type of attitude, I think if you're stubborn yourself you might not be flexible for people like sahko. Either way I don't think anyone would have batted an eyelid if sahko was properly replaced instead of a panic buy in klavan.

If I was sahko, honestly I might have done the same. Even though it was disheartening to see, we can't blame him for wanting some form of revenge, maybe I'm just a vengeful person.




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24 Apr 2017 00:45:21
The defensive problems are a combination of poor management and average inconsistent players. For example if we had a manager that stressed more importance on defence we wouldn't have as bad a record even with the same players (I'm not saying that's what I want I'm just making a point), that's should be quite obvious. That isn't klopps strength and that's where I think he will fall short in achieving major success with us in the premier league. In the bundesliga he didn't have the best defensive record either but their defence was superior to ours in personnel therefore they where better in that regards. In the bundesliga most teams play a very modern European way of zonal marking (most not all) and therefore it's not exposed as often as it is in the premier league which has a very varied way of defending. So whilst a lot of our goals is due to poor individual errors, they are also due to poor preparation and poorly set up. You don't concede pretty much every game if it's just the players, it's definitely more than that.

In regards of who our best defender is, it's clear sahko is better than both lovren and klavan. I would even go as far as to say sahko had a better season last year than what Matip has had for us this season individually. But would you not say Matip is our best defender, yet we are still abysmal with him in the team and have conceded just as many with him in the team. It does not mean he's not a good defender. Sahko might not be our best defender (I personally think he is) but he sure as hell should be in this team. It remains to be seen how Klopp intends on replacing him because klavan will never be an adequate replacement.