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11 Nov 2018 16:46:24
Nice to be top, if only for a short time as City are already all over United with just 15 minuets gone.

1.) 11 Nov 2018 17:22:04
Aye, Manchester city are good for the win. Hopefully Manu can pull off another comeback (Words I never thought I'd say) .

At least Chelsea drew and Arsenal are a goal down, so its looking good otherwise. Would be nice being top, the fans seemed a little subdued today and being top would help after after Tuesdays result.

2.) 11 Nov 2018 17:48:05
Man city are different gravy, it's a well oiled winning machine reminds me of the teams pep had with Bayern and Barca, scary prospect will take some beating, they 2-0 up as I am texting easy peasy for them, the best chance we will have or anyone else of catching city is if they go late in champs league as they will have too rotate an it gets bit of a juggling act, we are doing great but sods law they a bit better!

3.) 11 Nov 2018 18:40:09
One thing about football is that you can't take anything for granted and previous seasons can give us false promises as to new and current ones. Everyone assumed arsenal would be poor. No one thought Chelsea would start this well.

Teams have dips in form and peaks too. City are on form but it won't last all season. They will not win every game. No way. They may even go unbeaten but they will draw games. Imagine if we went unbeaten but finished second. That would be sods law. If not for City I'd say we will win this league for sure but city are fantastic though so are we. I really fancy us. 5 goals conceded! That's amazing. Goals win you points but so do clean sheets.

It's going to be tight but I still fancy us. We have the big V, (had an ex with a big V once)

4.) 11 Nov 2018 18:56:57
City the most amazing start any team has ever looked at the beginning of a prem season. Must be draining to see a Liverpool team that hasn't got out of second gear yet 2 points behind you.

5.) 11 Nov 2018 19:38:35
It can't be that draining for them 8. they are still mutilating all who come up against them.

6.) 11 Nov 2018 20:29:10
Yeah, City are imperial BUT today vs Utd, I thought Utd had some good movement and were able to run at the City defence at pace and had they showed more desire and ambition in their approach in stead going there as "lambs for the slaughter", they could have done better cos City were left exposed nearly every time they lost the ball.

Also, City will not go undefeated. It simply won't happen. Why? Cos he does not rotate. The same guys play all the time hence, Pep's team always fall of a cliff physically during the winter. See last season when we thumped them all three times this past winter/ spring in the {PL and CL. This has been the case since his Barcelona days but cos his teams are well funded with great players (Messi alone, is enuff), he can get away with it. If only teams would go at them then it would be interesting. They don't so here we are.

7.) 11 Nov 2018 21:00:40
2 points behind Hail, they are great n all but this is a Liverpool sight. Were sticking with them, we still have a chance.

8.) 11 Nov 2018 23:00:23
Haha haha I am just taking one game at a time mate its a long season we need things too fit in place a bit more, but we couldn't wish for a better position too be in too make a challenge, if things click and we start really firing again whilst in a good position in 2nd half of season things could get very exciting, can't help feeling we need a killer in the box and creative midfielder that could help us in 2nd half of season .

9.) 12 Nov 2018 07:22:55
We will find out what really matters on 3rd January when we play ManC. Until then we absolutely have to stay neck and neck with them.



09 Nov 2018 17:08:11
Interesting comments from Klopp today. It is telling that he said the team feel they have to be sorry for not winning games like City in the way they did last season.

I think it is simple. Last season Liverpool finished 25 points off City, not 6 or 7 but 25. No matter how much the club spent in the summer on whichever players that gap is near impossible to bridge in one season if City play the way they can. And City are playing that way again, so it is simply not going to be as simple as we have a better team than last season why are we not top.

The football has been poor at times the last nine games or so with occasional glimpses of what can be. I agree this is more than the team not clicking, there is something underlying this poor run, maybe loosing certain coaching staff, maybe Klopp trying to play more conservatively to keep the players fresher for longer then unleashing them later in the season, or maybe the lads are trying to live up to expectations but are tripping them selves up doing so.

I say let them play, they are not City, no team is other than City, they have been built over ten years and have the best squad ever seen in English football. Liverpool will win again, it won't always be pretty but who cares, winning is winning and it will be done however the lads do it.

{Ed002's Note - You make it sound like Manchester City have been dominating the Premier League - they haven't. The three seasons prior to last season other sides won the Premier League.}

1.) 09 Nov 2018 17:43:42
That's not my point at all, I was not suggesting City dominated anything, I was saying it was telling that people feel the need to compare two teams when one has been built over a longer period of time than the other.

Liverpool had one season of that all out style and winning games consistantly with it, City have done it for years. I know they haven't won the leauge every year with it but Klopp said " winning games like Man City", so I was commenting on the comparison HE feels is being made, If he had said "Like Chelsea" or "Like Liecester" or "Like Spersonhrope Cement Factories second eleven " my point would be the same. They are them, you are you do it way and do the best you can.

{Ed002's Note - You appear to be only one comparing the teams aside from some throughaway statement from Klopp.}

2.) 09 Nov 2018 18:52:51
Kopp is feeling pressure, for any manager at top club with the backing of owners without winning any trophy in 3/ 4 yr is a lot.

At the same time he knows it's a big big ask to win league this season.

I think the time has come for our manager to start taking FA cup seriously and get the monkey off he's back tho.

3.) 09 Nov 2018 19:57:46
Kopitef, Klopp is at a big club where pressure is a way of life so him feeling the pressure is obvious. Having said that, he is correct. People may be thinking we should thump City at Anfield whenever we play them. I don't blame such people. Why? Cos Klopp has spoiled us all with his thumpings over City so when it does not happen, people start moaning, forgetting that City are a true juggernaut and we are their kryptonite.

I am not interested in prioritizing this or that trophy cos I believe we can walk and chew gum at the same time cos after all, we almost won the CL and made the top 4 last season so clearly, it can be done. We just need to get through this sticky patch and hopefully with Hendo and Keita coming back, we can go again. We were struggling at the same time last season and we were out of the title race before we even blinked. Here, we are still struggling due to fitness, adaptation of new players and WC players getting up to speed BUT we are in the mix. That's good enuff for me until things get better.

{Ed025's Note - using the world cup as an excuse has well passed its sell by date brover, lack of form i will have and that happens, but to be fair a lot of players never played that much in the WC and yet its still used as a viable excuse mate..

4.) 09 Nov 2018 20:22:30
Brover as Ed said excuses are running out mate.

We need to start taking domestic cups seriously.

3/ 4 yr is a lot in footy to build a team especially for a manager like klopp.

If we don't start winning trophies then things are just going to get tougher for him.

{Ed025's Note - the WC fatigue excuses are kopitef, but i must say you are all going well over the top with all this klopp has to win something baloney, hes a damn fine manager and i would love to know who you would like to succeed him if he did go? you are unbeaten in the league and sitting pretty in joint 2nd so i dont think you have a lot to complain about mate..

5.) 09 Nov 2018 20:49:43
Seems like we building a heap of pressure on ourselves listening too everyone on here, MAN CITY ARE BETTER THAN US RIGHT NOW SIMPLE! We should be focused on ourselves and doing the best we can and improving all the time . City are champions and ooze confidence you can't not be impressed but if we are good enough we will show it, if not we need too step up!

{Ed025's Note - wise words mate..

6.) 09 Nov 2018 20:59:26
Very wise words indeed.

7.) 09 Nov 2018 21:05:29
Spot on, Hailstones. Ed25, I personally did not think the WC had anything to do with it until Ed01 mentioned it a few times so I thought maybe there is something to it as he has more info than I do. As for heaping pressure on Klopp, I think people are believing all these pundits on TV, saying "Klopp has to win something or the owners will. ". Even FSG know that Klopp is pour best chance of winning anything right now.

Also, many of our fans seem to see our team thru the prism of City or Chelsea as they have been successful of recent, forgetting how much work these teams put in to get to where they got to while we were nothing but a basket case thru that time. They think cos we have the best squad we've had in the PL, the other teams should just roll over and let us take the title w/ o a fight.

If they think so then they should not be surprised why that is not happening and why they are losing their marbles over normal stuff that happens to a team at the beginning of any season as in, players not gelling and things not clicking temporarily. Also, the fact that Ed25 (a blue nose) has more respect for our club and manager speaks volumes.

8.) 09 Nov 2018 21:06:54
I love him ed25 mate. Just think spending huge amounts of money comes with responsibility and pressure.

If he doesn't start winning some trophies then media and fans will lose their patience after all he's on his 4th year.

Just don't want to lose him. Think he's a damn fine manager.

{Ed025's Note - i think so too kopitef, but going by some of the posts on here you would think he was on the brink mate, 95% of supporters would swap you for him in a heartbeat i think and if and when he does move to pastures new you,s just might realize what you had..

9.) 09 Nov 2018 21:15:30
I think we're making too big a deal of this. Just let Klopp and co get thru this period. All this talk of changing this and that is rubbish. Also, we weren't 25 points behind City to start the season. all to play for.

10.) 09 Nov 2018 21:40:36
There are 6 top teams in the prem capable of winning trophies, it's easier said than done. Klopp has improved this team enormously. We are clearly getting nearer the top and have been improved in all the key areas.
It is a fact that City have spent significantly more than Liverpool and do have a better squad. Liverpool are currently 2 points off top after a tough run of games while not playing that well.
Imagine playing well and having nothing to show for it. This team will click soon, it's too good not to.
There is no guarantee of a trophy in a season but that does not make Klopp a failure as has been suggested by some posters earlier today.

11.) 09 Nov 2018 21:40:46
I can’t stand all of this ‘we were 25 points off City last year’ rubbish. We dropped points in the league as we had a poor start and we concentrated on the Champions League from Feb/ March onwards.
We are a completely different team now than that which started last season so if we concentrate fully on the league we have a great chance.
City are brilliant but we only have to play them twice. Beat everyone else and the league is ours. We are more than capable of doing that too.

12.) 09 Nov 2018 21:44:23
Cheers ed no point trying too dress it up they are fooooookin ridiculous we are doing well just too b in touching distance, for me it's pep he is brilliant and he is that good he has made mourinho the grumpy old nasty bitch he is today . Plus it helps being ran by one of the richest people in the world lucky sods . P. s see how good tony looked on weigh in WAR TOMORROW! Can't wait .

{Ed025's Note - im looking forward to it as well mate..

13.) 09 Nov 2018 23:22:38
Seeing as u need a striker or 2 and our midfield getting slaughtered do ya fancy swapping gylfi and Gomes for origi and solanke too compliment richarlison hahaha! enjoy tomorrow mate and be nice if u get something at Stamford bridge .

14.) 10 Nov 2018 01:21:34
I simply can't believe the defeatist talk coming from reds fans. Take your tongue out of city's collective arse and get behind the boys. City have won nothing yet. I can count the goals we have conceded on both hands this season and that is a major difference to last season. Okay we lost a ucl game, so what. We will still qualify. It's all about the league for me and we are still unbeaten. I really don't care if we win 1 0 or 7 0 as long as we pick up 3 points.

City have the best squad ever seen in English football? Big claim about a team yet to lift the European Cup. Take a look at l I verpool in the 80s or utd in the 90s, they would blow city away.

{Ed001's Note - City can only play if the pitch is perfect, they couldn't handle the bobbly pitch at Wembley against Spurs, all their pretty footie vanished then. Liverpool of the 70s and 80s produced quality football week in, week out on pitches far, far worse than that Wembley pitch.}

15.) 10 Nov 2018 03:11:52
Now now ed don't make me regret not being born then!

{Ed001's Note - it is true though mate, they played on pitches that were an utter mess and still played passing, possession-based, winning football, as did Clough's teams.}

16.) 10 Nov 2018 04:17:31
True Ed, Wigan done them last season eh. I'm guessing that pitch wasn't perfect.

I don't think red star are the walk over people made them out to be, well of course they're not.

I don't really understand where this negativity is coming from. We win 1 0 one weekend and then moan because we didn't win 6 0 like City did. We are miles ahead of utd and that alone makes me smile.

I think we are only 2 points off city. So one win and they lose and we are back on top. Its football and anyone can lose a game. Only one team has ever gone a whole season without a loss and they had a tonne of draws. We are still very much in this title race.

It wasn't that long ago that a point at arsenal was a damn fine result. Now it is disappointing, there is a message in there and its that we have improved massively. I still fancy us this year. I really do. I never thought we would win the European Cup this term. We came so close last season and two finals in two years is a lot to ask when there are many fantastic teams in it. I'd love to win it but you never know, say we go out in the first round, having a few less games than city may be the difference that sees us win the league.

We are still very much in this. And we know we can be much, much better.

{Ed001's Note - Wigan's pitch was very similar to Wembley's as they have rugby league played on there.}

17.) 10 Nov 2018 09:10:10
Spot on, Ed01. I watched the City game at Spurs and had Kane and esp. Lamela not missed complete sitters, City don't win that game. City need to play well and for all conditions to work for them (nice pitches, the weather, the ref etc. ) in order for them to win. Vs Wolves, they did not have their way with them and they got just a point which their perf. deserved. Vs Burnley, the ref ate his whistle when Kompany should have been sent off for raking his studs on Lennon's man jewels. See how that works?

Wolves were the only team of all the teams (bar us who Pep has given up on) they have played that had the guts to get after them and we saw the outcome. Until teams go after them and make teams difficult for them, they will continue to smash them for fun like they did to Saints who just went there, pulled their pants down and let City thrash them.

18.) 10 Nov 2018 15:35:33
If we came 2nd to City despite collecting 90 odd points would that be a failure of a season? it could well happen this season, that's how good City are. We might win the league, we may not but it is going to take an almighty team on top form to stop us.

19.) 10 Nov 2018 17:08:07
Second is improvement I guess. If its a close second then it's such an improvement that it must be a positive. If we are miles off then second will be a failure.

I think we will win it. Liverpool have more heart than city and it could see us over the line.



09 Oct 2018 15:50:27
Good afternoon Eds and fellow reds. May I first say a big thank you to Ed 25 and all the reds who sent the most wonderful and uplifting messages on Sunday, it was a hard day to get through but me and my boy read them and smiled. He said "we are not walking all alone dad", that got me a bit.

So back to business. At this I international break I think we are on a good if not excellent position. Out of the Caraboa cup is disappointing, the loss to Napoli was disappointing. But with two games against respectfully the weakest team in the group to come we should still be in a good position come Christmas in that competition. In the league we have played Spurs away, Chelsea away and City at home and not lost. We sit third, undefeated in the league but level on points with Chelsea and City, all without playing well pretty much all season.

It will come, the performances will happen and I think we will go on a long winning run post internationals. Ask any United fan would you want to be where we are and you wouldn't get the question out before the answer"yes" came back. Can't wait to get the internationals done and get back to it. YNWA.

1.) 11 Oct 2018 22:48:34
Not only the run in CL seems easy on oaper, but the run in PL aswell. The club and players just needs to focus as this next run of games last seasons seemed to be the probelem. But from last season we seem to be playing well againts to so called lesser/ lower teams, so I belive we can to well in the next run untill the next international break!

2.) 11 Oct 2018 23:27:15
Was intrigued by this post so looked back at what was said. Just Wow sir. Your queen will be unbelievably proud of you and her prince. You and your son will never walk alone. We are Liverpool. We are family.

3.) 11 Oct 2018 23:27:31
Agreed Kimuraking. Oh, and your son is spot on.

4.) 12 Oct 2018 00:54:08
You should be proud of yourself Kimuraking. I'm sure your boy certainly is mate. If I remember correctly you are also in Hull? if so let's meet up mate! I'd love to meet such a good person like yourself, let me know when you're free if you want mate.

5.) 12 Oct 2018 06:41:56
From my memory, every title winning team goes through a dip at some point of the season. I just hope that this is ours right now, and the rest of the season is an even better upward swing 👍.



07 Oct 2018 12:02:37
Two years ago today at just 31 years old my Queen left me to sit on a different throne in her new kingdom. It has been so so hard for me and my young son. The one thing we have had through that time is LFC. And today on the hardest day of the year they happen to play the biggest game of the season so far. In amoungst the sadness and tears I'm sure will be support and cheers. If we score today we will look to the heavens and smile, she loved a big game and always cheered when we scored. I hope the lads deliver for us all today but especially for my Queen.

{Ed025's Note - sad day for you mate and my sympathy goes out to you and your family at this very difficult time, hang in there fella and lets hope the reds do the business for you and put a bit of a smile on your face because you deserve it..

1.) 07 Oct 2018 12:28:48
Ah bloody hell mate, I couldn't even imagine what you've gone through the past couple of years, my thoughts are with you today. Fingers crossed for later on, I'm sure we're going to it, I really hope for a win so you can have just that one bit of happiness on such a terrible day.

2.) 07 Oct 2018 12:30:45
So sad to hear. Two years is nothing in a lifetime. I'm sure you look at your young lad and see your queen all the time. You are lucky to have him, as he is you. Here's hoping we do the business for you and your boy today but even if we don't appreciate what you've got and raise a glass to your queen, today of all days.

3.) 07 Oct 2018 12:44:05
I lost my mam and my mother in law 2 year's ago as well and that was bloody hard but to lost somebody so close so young and with a child is horrible. Please God the red army will hepl ease the pain today and put a great big smile on your faces👍.

4.) 07 Oct 2018 13:11:50
Sorry to hear of your loss.
And well said The Irish Rover, could not have put it better myself.

Best wishes to you and The Young Prince the very best for today and in the future.

5.) 07 Oct 2018 13:24:17
It’s so hard losing someone so close and so young. I lost my mum at a young age and it’s fhe worst feeling ever. Stay strong my friend, especially for your son.

What ever the score today, she’ll be looking down and smiling at you and your lad.

6.) 07 Oct 2018 13:24:31
Thoughts and prayers for you and your son. Cherish the memories of your queen and know that she is always with you both.

7.) 07 Oct 2018 13:37:45
My thoughts are with you all.

8.) 07 Oct 2018 14:07:37
Stay strong and sorry for your loss! I am sure she would be happy watching from upstairs. We will not only win today but smash them pieces!

9.) 07 Oct 2018 14:08:51
They'll do the business for you pal! enjoy.

10.) 07 Oct 2018 14:12:25
Thoughts and prayers are with you mate I know loss and it ain't hard but as long as you never forget then that person is always with you still.
Hope we stuff the blue moon boys today for ya.

11.) 07 Oct 2018 15:15:29
So sorry to hear that mate, the thought of losing my partner rips me half, hope we smash Citeh for you and your lad.

12.) 07 Oct 2018 15:52:13
Bless you and your son. All the best on this hard day x.

13.) 07 Oct 2018 16:04:30
Sincere sypathies and hoping that you and your son have the strength and courage to continue and keep moving forward. Tragic loss, but life must continue. 🙏.



25 Sep 2018 21:27:01
Harry Wilson take a bow. Fantastic goal.

1.) 25 Sep 2018 21:29:16
And now he's done Romero outside the box.

Red card. :D.

2.) 25 Sep 2018 21:48:37
Class, get in lad.

3.) 25 Sep 2018 22:03:38
Scott Carson and Andre Wisdom in the Derby team too, btw.

4.) 25 Sep 2018 22:31:38
Get in. Liverpool Ressies just done Utd.

5.) 25 Sep 2018 22:35:49
Also, Wilson did the "5 times" gesture after scoring, in case anyone missed it.

Good lad.

6.) 25 Sep 2018 23:05:06
What a hit, son. What a hit.

7.) 25 Sep 2018 23:34:38
We won it 5 times. Great job putting your name in the Puskas ring tonight Harry Wilson. You'll never walk alone.

8.) 25 Sep 2018 23:37:19
My word. I laughed off the Torres comparisons but damned good show Mr. Wilson. Amazing to think of the quality young players at Liverpool right now.

9.) 26 Sep 2018 00:04:21
The lad is quality. Really hope he makes it with us.

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17 Oct 2018 16:34:49
He might just get a game Saturday. Milner, Mane, Naby, Salah all doubtful by the looks of things.
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09 Nov 2018 17:43:42
That's not my point at all, I was not suggesting City dominated anything, I was saying it was telling that people feel the need to compare two teams when one has been built over a longer period of time than the other.

Liverpool had one season of that all out style and winning games consistantly with it, City have done it for years. I know they haven't won the leauge every year with it but Klopp said " winning games like Man City", so I was commenting on the comparison HE feels is being made, If he had said "Like Chelsea" or "Like Liecester" or "Like Spersonhrope Cement Factories second eleven " my point would be the same. They are them, you are you do it way and do the best you can.

{Ed002's Note - You appear to be only one comparing the teams aside from some throughaway statement from Klopp.}



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04 Nov 2018 17:58:22
However putting a slightly better spin on it, next week we have Fulham at home, they leak goals for fun, we should win that game comfortably. City I think are away to United. Now Jose is master of pulling off the big result. So if City only get a draw and we beat Fulham back to all level in the leauge again. I know it's straw clutching but we are still in it.



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04 Nov 2018 16:08:06
City can play any combination of there first team squad and win games with room to spare. To make 25 points up was always going to be so hard and second I feel is all any team can hope for for some seasons to come. I said at the time we should have gone all out in the league cup as we haven't had a trophy since 2012 and it would have been a good way to start winning them again. But that has been and gone. City look imperious and will be if not impossible certainly very difficult to catch if they open a 5 or 6 point lead over the others in the league.



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21 Sep 2018 12:53:07
This will not be popular but I'm of the opinion the most important competition is the one you are currently playing in. So on Tuesday the most important competition for Liverpool should be the cup. If a player needs a rest then they should be rested but not because it's a league cup game. Liverpool haven't won anything for six years, the league cup is the first trophy you can win and should be gone after with the same vigour as all the others. Momentum is a big thing and if Liverpool change 7 or 8 players and get beat by Chelsea, the following Saturday the momentum is with them. Play the strongest team available and rest when needed.



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11 Sep 2018 06:33:57
And Alli who withdrew from England duty through injury will battle through the pain and play Saturday. I hope TAA and Henderson if they play against the Swiss don't get injured or Southgate will find that Liverpool players are getting a lot of these four day injuries in the future .