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11 Jan 2018 10:03:38
Heard from a good source that Ceballos is 'nailed on' to join before the window closes. No idea how my source knows but works within football and simply passed it on, make of it what you will.

Personally I would be a bit underwhelmed if the de facto replacement for Coutinho was Ceballos as seems a marked step down in quality but hey ho let's see what materialises.


1.) 11 Jan 2018 10:37:30
Why are people saying he is the replacement of coutinho? What if we are taking advantage of his situation at madrid?

Although I agree that he is not a Coutinho replacement, I think he is a good player and would be a good acquisition for the squad looking forward.

2.) 11 Jan 2018 10:55:19
Yes we ain't going to replace coutihno he is a world class Brazil international, but what we can do is strengthen the areas we are weak in we lack creative spark in midfield an someone who can manipulate the ball he is a gamble but could also turn out too b real quality well worth a punt especially if we can get keita early as well suddenly midfield is lookin healthy freeing up the attack, ox, mane, Salah, firmino, lallana, solanke, sturridge, nice options, still I would like us too buy an attacker like lemar, mahrez, suso, draxler wishful thinking though.

3.) 11 Jan 2018 12:00:02
I wonder if we will hear from wonder dog sparky?

4.) 11 Jan 2018 13:53:12
Hi eds i'm going to need your email addresses, mothers maiden names and the names of your first pets. uh. for science

Seriously though I hope we can do something like this, the buzz the club had post VVD left along with Phil.

5.) 11 Jan 2018 22:02:17
Coutinho was crap in midfield. Addressing the balance there would be an upgrade.

6.) 11 Jan 2018 22:39:08
Faith, he wasn’t really crap in midfield though was he? He played most games in midfield this season and had one of his best (half) seasons.

7.) 12 Jan 2018 19:12:12
our midfield is very weak at the moment, and could be the weakness that City will try and take control over, we really need at least one top player coming in this window, the name I have is the big guy from Roma,




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24 Feb 2019 05:08:03
Who do the Ed's and posters think, in the current Liverpool squad, are over rated as players? I only ask as I was having a lively discussion with a friend.

He maintained that Gini is over rated - I said I'd of agreed with him last season but that this season, for the most, part, he has been class.

He also said that TAA was over rated and yet to prove he can be a long term solution at right back - I partially agreed with the second half of that statement, but said that there is every chance he could improve and show he is capable of doing so.

Finally, and what caused the biggest bone of contention, was that I said I thought Andy Robertson was over rated. My friend swore at me and demanded I buy the next round (which I did) . My argument was that he has quite a few flaws in his game, which I listed (technically lacking, very inconsistent crossing, panics under pressure, gives too much space too wide players) . My friend was adamant I was being overly critical - I said that I thought Robertson's runs over shadowed his flaws and that people notice his mad rampages, so think 'wow he's great', and sort of over look the errors in his game.

Anyway, curious what players, if any, folks on here think are over rated and whether anyone agrees with my opinion (I expect to be crucified but football is all about opinions so have at it) .


1.) 24 Feb 2019 06:16:57
As soon as I first started to read your post the only name that popped up to me was also Robbo but I think that's about it, I do like him as a player but he could be a lot better imo.

{Ed025's Note - over critical salah, i dont know what you expect from a full back and a young one at that, i think he is one of your best players but maybe he never cost enough and is not very foreign for your liking mate..

2.) 24 Feb 2019 06:41:10
Its hard to not to be biased towards the team you support. By saying that, I'd say all of the first 11 are highly rated, and rightfully so (by me) . Other players in other teams are overrated.

{Ed025's Note - that has been a symptom of every red i have ever known haizan mate..

3.) 24 Feb 2019 06:55:25
Agree with you on Robertson. I think he is overrated in a big way by many, and, as you said, his flaws are overlooked and in some cases completely ignored by his supporters. This is partly due to being a lot better than Moreno but largely due to his tireless effort and running.
He is becoming a classic cult hero - a hardworking, otherwise-ordinary bloke who looks like he could be your mate down the pub. This clouds the judgement of most fans, and it is now a mark of shame to criticise him.

{Ed025's Note - maybe if he changed his name to andyrino robertsinho they would all make excuses for him like they do for bobby lowel..

4.) 24 Feb 2019 07:25:56
How can he be over rated, he only cost 8m and that's 8m well spent in my eyes, i think he been really good, or should we of spent 50m on mendy or walker?

5.) 24 Feb 2019 07:30:16
Very harsh guys. Just cos a fella asks who's overrated doesn't mean there's an answer. Everyone has different views on players but I think it's unnecessary to try pick out weaknesses in players who instead deserve some recognition. Robertson very unfair. Has played at a consistently high level but 2 or 3 below par performances and he's overrated? Come on,! No player has perfect attributes., My answer is nobody is overrated, they're doing us proud so let's get behind them and not list their flaws. Every single player has them.

6.) 24 Feb 2019 07:33:31
Err, Ed, what did I write above about Moreno? Foreign name, poor player, known full-well to be a poor player regardless of said foreign name.
I understand why you used Firmino to exemplify, because he certainly shouldn’t be above criticism either, but this isn’t about Firmino.
Oxlade-Chamberlain came under criticism when he first joined, but started displaying just awesome performances before he got injured. The nationality doesn’t matter was irrelevant then and it is irrelevant now.
Robertson is a good player, but overrated for sure.

{Ed025's Note - i just dont get the overrated shout lowel and wonder what else you need him to do?, or better still who you would have to replace him? i think he is a great fit for liverpool mate..

7.) 24 Feb 2019 07:43:12
Robertson may be overrated but at least he is a much better LB than the other dross every other premier league club has in that position at the moment. For 8 million, he is a bargain and apart from Chilwell, the other first choice LBs in the league should not be even mentioned in the same sentence as Robbo.
If Robbo has two or three weaknesses in his game, the other LBs in the league have at least 10 to their name. Its more down to the poor standard of fullbacks in the league than Robbo being world class (which he is not as of yet) . Hence why we overrate him. He is no where near perfect but he is better than any LB in the league and that's good enough for me.

8.) 24 Feb 2019 08:02:08
I don't either ed25,its not like we only brought him cause he was hyped up to be the best fulk back in the world, he came in and worked hard to get into the team, its another excuse to bash a player who don't deserve it,

{Ed025's Note - absolutely tim. i dont know what more supporters would want from a player mate..

9.) 24 Feb 2019 08:04:25
Robbo is weak in stopping crosses and never make the player cut inside. But you very rearly see a wingback stop a cross now a days. And he's own crosses could improve if he looked up a bit more. Having said that he’s work rate is outstanding. I would love us to sign a better LB in place of Moreno to push Robbo that bit more.
TAA is still young and will improve. Again I’d like a better back up player signed to compete with Trent and push him further.

{Ed025's Note - i think defensively he is very good longthing and as a full back thats his priority, he is one of the main reasons why liverpool are very strong at the back now, maybe you would prefer him marauding down the wing like moreno and neglect his defensive duties?, i really dont know what you expect of him mate..

10.) 24 Feb 2019 08:07:21
I think in a season or 2, hopefully when Trent, Gomez, vvd, and Robbo have played a full season injury free, the defense will be viewed as being pretty much world class. can’t understand anyone slating Robbo!

11.) 24 Feb 2019 08:11:55
I disagree completely on Robbo. He would walk into any top team. Of course he could still reach another level, but overrated? I think not.


12.) 24 Feb 2019 08:14:34
I think you’re probably right there, IB. This “best left-back in the world” tag that has been attached to him needs to be seen relative to how dreadful the average left-back is these days.
I would personally prefer Chilwell to Robertson, however.

13.) 24 Feb 2019 08:24:04
Is anyone going to give a reason for him being overrated. His pros most definately out way his cons. People mentioning technically lacking? That's an attribute you could say about some of the world's best ever fullbacks. Does his game suffer because he doesn't whip in crosses like Beckham, he's got impressive amount of assists for a fullback and is always a threat for us going forward and very solid defensively. We need to appreciate he's consistently been excellent for us and actually underrated in my opinion. I'd like to see somebody point out to me his major faults because i must be blind. Appreciate him for the excellent player he is.

{Ed025's Note - i could not agree more har..

14.) 24 Feb 2019 08:37:57
I also feel people criticising his crossing is a very lazy debate. He crosses the ball so many times every game it's easy for people to blindly fault them. I'd have more appreciation for someone who's brave and always trying that killer cross. Many full backs take the easy option and just recycle the ball back to midfield if they've had a couple of bad crosses. Robbo deserves credit for this and not scrutiny.

15.) 24 Feb 2019 08:40:20
Robbo is top class. He's on and off form probably because he's on the left of a very unsettled defence, but I wouldn't swap him for any other full back in the league. It's the other side we need to worry about today, they'll target young Trent again.

16.) 24 Feb 2019 08:47:48
He is an excellent player har. But he could be world class. To me he’s major fault is that he’s doesn’t stop crosses. These are defensive duties. Just my opinion.

17.) 24 Feb 2019 08:59:37
And chilwell over robbo? Lowe I'd love to hear your reasons why you think chilwell would be an upgrade on Rob, big statement to make without giving any real reason.

{Ed025's Note - im with you har..

18.) 24 Feb 2019 09:06:52
And longthing you mentioned he never makes the player cut inside? What? As a full back why on earth would you ever want to let a player cut inside. It's probably the first bit of advice you'd give a 10 year old playing full back for the first time.

19.) 24 Feb 2019 09:09:18
Who is overating these players. For instance wini. I think he is a very good player. I think he should be contributing a lot more goals/ assists than he does but then that comes down to a lot of factors for example tactics etc. most fans will think that there players are the best players in the world (we probably more than most) . I'll content the question and ask our strongest 11 who would you replace for someone better within reason


For me there is one/ possibly two spots open and both are in midfield and that's harsh.

20.) 24 Feb 2019 09:16:26
As in any player in the world?

21.) 24 Feb 2019 09:30:42
Har_red92. Yeah go for it mate. Let's not forget ox and naby when he fully goes up in the gears are more than able replacements for hendo and wini for me.

22.) 24 Feb 2019 09:33:23
I wouldn't replace Robbo with ANY player, he's a fine young player who imo will improve as time goes on, yes we got him for a bargain price and yes he was for damn sure worth it.

All I was saying is he could be better, I don't think anybody has ribbed him? people are looking into this way too much, nobody is calling him crap or anything just saying he could improve his game which is the truth and anybody who can't see this is simply blind.

I will praise him all day long because he's done a stellar job at Liverpool BUT he's not the player people make out he is. He will improve in time and will be quality I have no doubt about it, for now he's doing a good job but I think he's capable of doing an excellent job, he's just not quite there yet.

Longthing has took the words out of my mouth, he doesn't stop crosses and as a defender he needs to improve on this.

23.) 24 Feb 2019 10:17:47
Fair enough salah everybody is capable at improving to be fair. I think some people find different meanings to the term overrated but I just think that he's being rated by most pretty accurately and not I rarely hear people over hyping him. I'm just a huge fan of his personally and was kind of surprised by the number of people picking him. When in fact I'd consider Trent to be a much inferior fullback, not slating Trent at all but shocked that people were picking robbo over him.

24.) 24 Feb 2019 10:24:45
IR89 I love every one of them players but if I'm essentially picking a world11 without my red tinted glasses. I'd only have VVD for definate, maybe robbo at a push to alaba. But other than that It can't be possible to claim we've 9 or 10 of the best players in their position. Messi hardly going to sit on the bench realistically haha.

25.) 24 Feb 2019 11:53:33
Just want to clarify, after reading all of your responses, that I was not in any way speaking ill of Robertson or insulting his contribution or anything - the key word is overrated. A great player can be overrated, a bad player can be underrated, me saying he is overrated is not of reflection of his ability but rather the hype surrounding him and the fanatical opinions of him by many. I think he is a good player, I think he will improve, but he is not perfect and he is not, in my view, the best left back in the world, as some have claimed. I just hope the flaws in his game are recognised and worked on as, if he irons them out, he'd be indispensable. As it is I see him as a good player with much to improve upon.

26.) 24 Feb 2019 11:57:44
I’m going to take one on the chin here and this is purely based on the overrated element, not being good or bad etc. Our defence has been good this year, much better when Gomez was fit and undoubtedly this player has made a difference and improved things, even if just psychologically, but I can’t put him up in the bracket that some on here do as one of the absolute best in the world and that player is Allisson. I know I’ll get thumbed down and that ok, but there’s been a couple of goals that have gone in when I’ve thought could he not have done a bit better / do you see DDG stop those, and he still takes too long with the ball at his feet. He’s definitely improves us, of that there is no doubt and perhaps it’s because he isn’t exposed as much as some keepers so doesn’t get the chance for a M. o. M display, but I’m waiting to see him make a few unbelievable saves where you go “wow” to rate his as highly as some do on here. Good keeper, don’t get me wrong!
I’ll put my gum shield in now 😂🙈.

27.) 24 Feb 2019 12:32:37
That Virgil Van Dyke is seriously overrated. he's not scored a hatrick all season and couldn't save a penalty for his life.

{Ed025's Note - love it virgil..

28.) 24 Feb 2019 13:19:16
it's hard to say which is overrated. If anything, I'd say that many of our players are underrated.

29.) 24 Feb 2019 14:48:13
Now that was a piece of top class goal keeping!

30.) 24 Feb 2019 17:14:26
Matip is over rated.

Robbo is like Denis Irwin. Nothing spectacular but a solid dependable player with a good engine.

31.) 24 Feb 2019 20:27:41
True har, if this question was asked 3 weeks ago robbo’s name wouldn’t of come up, and I imagine Kieta would have. Easy to respond on recent form.

32.) 24 Feb 2019 20:34:44
I love Robbo, but would have Alaba over him at this moment in time.

33.) 24 Feb 2019 20:43:06
Your friend is partially spot on! Robertson cannot defend save his life.

34.) 24 Feb 2019 20:50:04
Good reply seano, that's a fair thought.

In regards to allison I think he's been a great signing but I've had slightly similar thoughts but never said out loud. Don't like to put him and migmolet in the same sentence because they're a class apart but I feel allison hasn't been put under the microscope completely yet.

If migs had made some of the errors he's made this season he'd be slaughtered, myself included. But I find it refreshing actually that fans are appreciating his ability and what he adds as opposed to his few errors. I'm not just referring to Leicester and utd goals but other sloppy passes etc. I rate him highly but I think maybe he's had it handy with our defence giving away so little in terms of chances.

I don't like when people reference number of clean sheets to summarise a goalkeeper. I overheard someone last week saying to a utd fan that allison is better than de gea because he's got more clean sheets. Stupid. Just wonder if clyne matip lovren and Moreno were infront of him like our previous keepers had would he be more scrutinised.



08 Jan 2019 03:52:23
Time was too late for me so didn't watch the game - have only read subsequent match reports and seen the team line-up. It seems we have failed to take the F. A. cup, and Wolves, seriously, and are once again out. We haven't won a trophy for a while, this competition represented another chance of doing so - I do not like the fact we played a weakened team nor do I like the fact that we now have a reduced chance of silverware. We are in the running for the league, but absolutely nothing is guaranteed. We are into the knockout stages of the Champions League, but absolutely nothing is guaranteed. I personally think Klopp should be taking the F. A. cup more seriously - I certainly think our squad has enough quality for us to be able to do so.


1.) 08 Jan 2019 04:38:37
The squad was used in this game and clearly it wasn’t good enough. We can’t play the same players every single game, the likes of Alisson, VVD, Robertson, Salah, Firmino and Mane have played almost every game this season and need a rest at some point.

2.) 08 Jan 2019 05:30:43
That is what worries me Smeg Head. We are one or two injuries to the players you just mentioned away from seeing our league title challenge falling apart. So many people saying that our squad is the best it has been in a long time and that we should be challenging on all fronts with the players we have. I am sorry but that's ridiculous. The one game we needed our squad players to step up but they bottled it big time. There is a reason why Klopp does not rotate very often and that's coz he has no faith in the players outside our first 11. Maybe this squad needs a lot more polishing that we imagined.

3.) 08 Jan 2019 05:54:34
Absolutely the squad needs work. We have gone from having a great starting 11 to having a great 14-15 players but we are still a far cry from being able to field two separate fantastic teams like City can do. That’s where we need to be aiming towards. The game was a chance for some of the kids to perform and I’m afraid they didn’t take it. The young defender that came on did ok, but they rest did nothing of note. Jones was awful, genuinely awful. I know he’s a young lad etc but you do expect that if a player is going to make it with us that are performing better than that even at that age. Moreno is worthless, Migs positioning for the Neves goal, despite it being a great strike, was terrible. Studge proved that despite a good start to the season we need to look elsewhere and stop dreaming of latter days. The only player I liked was Divock, not because he played overly well, but he was trying and had the quality and confidence at least to have a go which ended up in a goal. Rather have him a backup up top and out wide than Sturridge as at least he has some pace and skill to beat a man.

4.) 08 Jan 2019 06:01:49
Also Keita needs to be playing centrally, awful out of the left.

5.) 08 Jan 2019 06:28:39
We are still in the Champions League and top of the PL. Our first eleven can't play every game between now and May without causing injury, exhaustion and consequently, a dip in form.
The FA Cup was the ONLY time to rotate the squad. It doesn't mean Klopp didn't take it seriously, he just prioritised the other competitions.
Weve been crying out for youngsters to get some competitive gametime and this was good timing to throw them in at the deep end. It didn't work out for us but, hey, look on the bright side - some lads got much-needed experience and our schedule for the rest of the season is a little less burdened.
Good move by Klopp imo, a decent team was put out but we fell short.

6.) 08 Jan 2019 07:38:33
Here is our 2 starting 11s if everything is fit and before Clyne went

TAA VVD Gomes Robo
Fab Hendo
Firm Salah mane

Clyne Matip lovren moreno
Shaq Milner Keita
Original strudd ox

So we have 22 internationals but
Prob 5 to 6 need replacing now.

It's just that many vwere injured.

7.) 08 Jan 2019 07:55:46
Don’t see how you can say Jones was awful, admittedly it wasn’t a great performance but he’s a youngster playing his debut in a weakened side which lacked ideas. While we would love to see it, you cannot be expecting the youngsters to provide that spark although I thought he had a couple of moments where he got on the ball and showed some confidence to try and run at their defence. Also Keita was playing centrally as part of a 2 with Milner which was part of the problem. Milner would cone deep to pick up the ball but Keita and the 2 full backs were too high up the pitch to provide an option when Wolves pressed (which they did well) . Eventually Shaqiri realised what was happening and started dropping back to look for the ball. Also Jones had Moreno “behind” him who was unable to pick a pass all night and pushed up behind jones giving him no space to do anything. I use behind in the loosest sense of the word as his positioning was all over the place even by his standards last night. He wandered all over the pitch seemingly unaware of his defensive duties. Pretty sure I saw him at CF at one point when he should of been chasing back. I lost count of the number of times I screamed at my tv because of him. I think we need to give the academy players a chance as lb cover for the rest of the season because they can’t do any worse! I know he was offside but couldn’t believe it when Keita played him through and he took an unnecessary touch and then blazed a shot high when the obvious thing to do was stick it across the 6 yard box first time to Origi or Sturridge which Robbo would do every time. I’ve always given him the benefit of the doubt for his attitude but he looked like he couldn’t care less last night.

8.) 08 Jan 2019 08:15:13
Tbf to Jones anyone would look bad on the wing when the two strikers are playing sleeping lions up front most of the game.

9.) 08 Jan 2019 08:32:42
Nobody has said his career is over. He simply didn't make the most of the opportunity that was given to him. The way Woodburn and TAA have done in the past. Self-confidence is key at this level. He didn't show much. Look at Hoever; he has loads of it, even when playing with the big boys.

10.) 08 Jan 2019 12:52:39
Agree with this post, but remember all the players that played tonight are Liverpool players aomin theory should always be good enough to make the team. The truth is Moreno is an awful player. Sturridge looked like he couldn’t be bothered. Origi although played better second half still isn’t a great player. Milner unfortunately was terrible and looks like he needs more time to regain match fitness (probably rushed back too early against city) .

Fabinho ha fro cover centre backs nd Lovren went off injured early. Which left a very inexperienced back 4 in front of a terrible goalkeeper. Keita needs more time to settle in and unfortunately I don’t feel playing him on such a disjointed team did him any favours. Maybe our squad doesn’t contain the quality deep enough, but Klopp has to give the first 11 a rest at some point. If we’d beaten wolves then lose to Brighton he would’ve got slaughtered. Hopefully January doesn’t turn into another awful month for us again.

11.) 08 Jan 2019 13:01:55
Thought origi and sturridge were truly awful last night absolutely no movement what's so ever.

12.) 09 Jan 2019 05:19:57
Behave, milner is not 2nd 11

I counted 17 top top players. You didn't mention lallana, instead you get the ox out of his hospital bed and throw him on the left wing!

I didn't count the ox of lallana but both got, that makes 19 top players. That is a big squad.



13 Dec 2018 10:19:20
In light of us agreeing terms for Fekir in summer, only for us to change our mind and sort of stuff up the transfer, would Lyon take this personally/ hold a grudge against us for that? Do clubs hold grudges against other clubs for perceived bad behaviour? I only ask as, imagine we were going to move for another Lyon player like Aouar of their left back whose name escapes me, do you think Lyon might be inclined to refuse to negotiate all out?

This is all hypothetical I know but I was wondering, at this sort of level of business and sport, if grudges still occur and if they impact on future business between interested parties.


{Ed002's Note - they are difficult to deal with at best. They won’t want to be messed around again.}

1.) 13 Dec 2018 16:11:23
Ask Fulham about holding a grudge.

Red deano YNWA.

2.) 13 Dec 2018 16:43:53
Their left back is Mendy and yea clubs do hold grudge.

3.) 13 Dec 2018 18:37:16
Red Deano. Let's hope that us loaning them Sheyi Ojo last season did something to patch up that relationship.

4.) 13 Dec 2018 23:16:57
I don’t think a business would “hold a grudge” which negatively impacts them going forward.
The difference is the buyer is trying to persuade the other team to sell and if they have a poor relationship then they will have to be more persuasive than if they had a good relationship. i. e. show me the money.

5.) 13 Dec 2018 19:09:42
Are we looking at bringing anyone in this January ed? Seems to be unusually quiet for Liverpool in terms of rumours, we must be top or something.

{Ed002's Note - I cannot sensibly answer about dates I am afraid.}

6.) 13 Dec 2018 23:55:05
Seems to happen to us a lot! Remember that summer we signed texeira?

7.) 14 Dec 2018 09:04:21

8.) 14 Dec 2018 19:22:45
LFC would do well to stay away from the Lyon owner who is a terror to deal with esp. after the mixup with Fekir the last time. Personally, I've moved on from him and IMO, we should too. If anything, we should be buying a defender cos that is where we are thin right now, NOT in midfield.



04 Nov 2018 05:45:32
Brief assessment of yesterdays game:

Keeper - saw some criticism of him for the goal but I think he did reasonably and think defenders should of closed the shot down better.

Defence - mixed bag. Gomez and Van Dijk looked very good, Van Dijk in particular was peerless and should've had at least 1 goal - he could've had a hattrick. Fullbacks it was a different story - neither Robertson nor TAA effectively closed down Arsenal balls from out wide - Van Dijk was a monster in the middle so this was never telling but they rarely stopped crosses coming in, that must be improved upon. TAA had moments in the game were he looked lost/ devoid of confidence and he does have those moments from time to time, he needs to find consistency over the full 90. TAA was also very restrained going forward though his distribution, bar a couple of mistakes, was good and he kept and used possession well - I'd sign Wan Bissaka in the summer and start training TAA in the midfield position. Robertson for forward well, but sometimes too much which left gaps - these were not exploited thankfully. Robertson needs to work on his composure as well - under pressure he panics and tends to hoof the ball anywhere instead of trying to use the ball well. He never stopped running the entire game though, his heart is admirable.

Midfield - this was the weakest area today and the lack of creativity was apparent from the get go. Milner played a good box-to-box game, got himself a goal, and looked to break up play often, I thought he was the best of the 3. Wijinaldum was good in terms of breaking up play but is not a natural defensive player and his positioning is, at times, a little incorrect. I thought he was OK though too subdued for my liking. Fabinho had a poor game I'm sorry to say, pace of the game had him shook and he always seemed to be a yard or 2 away from where he was supposed to be. Picked up a yellow card early second half and that seemed to scare him as he rarely got close to their players, or the ball, afterwards. He's only had a few games this season and this was the most intense we've had so far - I do expect him to improve and perform better as the season progresses. I feel Henderson, had he been fit, would certainly of started ahead of him otherwise.

Attack - Mane is a player Arsenal just don't like. Always looks a threat against them, always tries to make things happen and both he and Salah were our best attacking outlets. Thought he was good, by and large, and was fouled a number of times only to have the ref turn a blind eye. Salah was very lively, caused them issues, but never really clicked into the top gear we know he has. Took on shots at times when team mates were better placed and failed to make the key passes connect a couple of times in the match. He can play better. Bobby was disappointing as, though he worked hard, he never really got onto the ball/ made something happen in the final third except for that one chance first half. Perhaps the service wasn't good, perhaps their midfield were pressing him too much, but I was not surprised to see him hooked when he was.

It was an intense, enjoyable (for the neutral) game to watch, I thought both teams had presentable chances, both teams could of scored more. We had a goal wrongly disallowed, and I think, in terms of chances, had the better ones. Never the less a draw at the Emirates is nothing to turn your nose up at - they are a different beast under Emery and the signings they have made, combined with this renewed optimism, makes them a tough team to beat. I do think, however, that our midfield lacks a spark at times - the sooner Keita can come back and rediscover his RBL form the better.


1.) 04 Nov 2018 07:48:45
Brilliant assessment, Seano. I totally agree with you that Hendo was sorely missed. We had NO control over the midfield at ant part of the game and Klopp recognized that hence, we went to a flat 4-4-1-1 in the second half to protect against Fab's lack of rhythm. Had Hendo and indeed, Keita been fit, it would have been much better cos Hendo is a MUCH better controller of tempo and the press would have been better executed. Keita would have been the one breaking the lines for us on the counter. Your assessment once again, is spot on, Bravo, sir.

2.) 04 Nov 2018 08:01:50
Fabinho seems ponderous. We sold Can and replaced him with someone no better, for me.
I’d dread to see Fabinho at right back, he’d get skinned all over the place.

3.) 04 Nov 2018 08:40:52
Fabinho was very poor but I’m not one of these fans who thinks that Hendo is the second coming and we would have won with him. When Hendo doesn’t play and we don’t win then the drums beat for him but what about the games he plays in and we don’t win (he played in both defeats this season) . All Our midfield with or without Hendo need to step and replace the goals and assists Coutinho used to give us. Our front 3 are brilliant but they can’t do it week in week out especially when teams double up on them.

4.) 04 Nov 2018 08:58:34

The old klopp with Buvac by his side would have played Shaqiri in that midfield to take up some pressure of creativity to open up spaces. This klopp is pragmatic. He moved on from a winning formation 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3 which Fabinho would never fit!
We don’t press anymore which makes Firmino completely ineffective. A counter pressing team that had the best transition from defense to attack has been completely destroyed in this new tactic. Firmino was built up on pressing.

5.) 04 Nov 2018 12:45:22
Fillet, what does Buvac have to do with anything?

6.) 04 Nov 2018 13:12:15
Thank you Ed. Agree with TJ first post regarding being open about the break away league. Have a great day.

7.) 04 Nov 2018 15:00:56
It's still early days for fabinho yes he didn't do too well today buy he has to adjust.



21 Oct 2018 08:03:48
A couple of questions for posters and/ or Ed's to possibly answer:

1) Is Lallana's time done at Liverpool?

2) Has Buvac's departure affected our style of play?

To answer number 1 I would personally say Lallana should not be selected for us. He is the remnants of the the Rodgers era and looks every inch the Rodgers player - in short he is ill-suited to our game. He is especially out of place when played out wide - I'm not sure why Klopp does it.

I can't answer number 2 because I simply don't know but our style of play does seem to have changed and, as of right now, despite results, we continue to perform at a very mediocre level. Interested in all thoughts and opinions.


{Ed025's Note - i think lallana is a decent squad player seano and is not up to speed yet due to his injuries, i think you all expect too much of the team mate, it cant be champagne football every week and grinding out results like yesterday is part of a winning formula, my only slight concern would be the lack of quality outside the first team but that can be addressed in january and im sure it will..

1.) 21 Oct 2018 08:25:39
I just love that we are not conceding goals. Keep that up and we won't be far away.

2.) 21 Oct 2018 09:23:48
1) You’re probably correct but it’s far too early to judge him. He won't be match fit for a long time.

2) I’m sure it’s had some effect but it’s hard to quantify. The fact is - as Irish Rover points out - we don’t concede as many as last season so there isn’t the imperative that we go at teams 100 mph from kick off. We can play a bit smarter and pace ourselves over the season.

3.) 21 Oct 2018 12:27:09
For point 2) i believe that Buvac left because of our change in style, rather than he himself causing it. We know that the change in style is in an attempt to conserve more energy over the course of a season and has been put forward by the medical team. As i recall it the reason for Buvac leaving was that he felt insulted that Klopp was taking so much advice off the medical team rather than Buvac himself?

While the front 3 haven’t hit top form yet it is clear to me that this is our new way of playing and you cannot say it is a problem or drop off in form. We are joint top of the league with 3 goals conceded in 9 games. Long may it continue.

4.) 21 Oct 2018 13:04:00
OP, Ed01 said that Klopp has changed the way we play to be more pragmatic in order to save ourselves from burn-outs at the business end of the season. Whether that was why he and Buvac had some beef, I don't know (I don't care either) BUT that is Klopp's decision.

Also, can I just say that this whole Buvac talking point makes no sense, IMO. Let us stop building him up into what he is not, please. He like any other assistant, has some input in the way we play BUT he is NOT the be-all and end-all of LFC's playing style. Klopp's assistants are giving a lot of lee-way to make their voices heard and he delegates a lot to them and does rely on their input, as any good manager who is not a control-freak should do.

That does NOT mean that Klopp does not have a mind of his own and his convictions or can't function w/ o Buvac. If Buvac wanted to make us play a certain way and Klopp and/ or Kravietz or Kornmayer disagree, that is a diff. of opinion and nothing more, nothing less. Please, let us stop giving this man more credit than he deserves cos in the end, NOBODY on here knows his true impact on the team to give a better judgement on him, really.

{Ed002's Note - You are doing Buvac a massive disservice and Klopp needs that level of support which is why Liverpool has Lijnders back.}

5.) 21 Oct 2018 14:25:44
Not to do Buvac a disservice but did you not say around the time it happened Ed002 something along the lines of Buvac’s ego being too big and spitting his dummy out?

{Ed002's Note - No, I said nothing of the sort. At the time, I told you what had happened and that he was gone, but nobody thought I was correct.}

6.) 21 Oct 2018 08:58:50
Spot on, Ed25. Not conceding is just as important as scoring. We cannot play the way we did last season and win the PL. That will simply NOT happen. Hence, Klopp has reeled in the ideology of swash-buckling football (which wins games BUT not leagues) for more pragmatism in a bid to keep up with City at least till Feb. and then see what happens. Altho, more improvement is needed, no doubt BUT let's persevere with the team for now in hope for better days. YNWA!

7.) 21 Oct 2018 09:14:05
That's a fair point Ed, we've perhaps been spoiled with our attacking football in recent seasons so a more reserved approach looks worse. You are right though, grinding out wins are what makes champions and we've already ground out a fair few. I hope they can continue to do so but you'd have to think, sooner or later, that performances will have to improve.

Agree Irish Rover think the defence is a big boost. Do think Gomez needs to partner Van Dijk though, looks a much better fit than Lovren who, though he plays good overall, always looks liable to make a mistake. I think Gomez with TAA at right back is the way to go moving forward. The manager, with aims of tightening things up, may prefer Gomez out wide though.




Seano_'s rumour replies


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11 Mar 2019 18:39:40
I don't think either will ever happen but, if push came to shove, I would definitely have Son over Coutinho. Coutinho is excellent don't get me wrong, but Son's all round game is superb and he is an absolute grafter. He'd suit out style perfectly as well.




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20 Jan 2019 13:15:11
Thanks for the response ED, appreciated.


{Ed002's Note - You are welcome. But without checking I am not aware of any offer from Liverpool - and if there were they should know it would need a very significant offer.}



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20 Jan 2019 06:09:44
Do you envisage any clubs making a move for him at that price ED? I know half of Europe has been watching him but, as good as he may be, that sort of price tag could put off even the biggest of spenders - I certainly wouldn't imagine Liverpool stumping up that sort of money.


{Ed002's Note - There has been declared interest in him from Barcelona, Manchester City, Monaco and Manchester United - that started with Mr Mourinho a couple of years ago. He has recently signed a long term contract and they do not wish to sell and the player is happy.}



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13 Dec 2018 10:01:35
Is Timo Werner going to be happy to be back up? Would he offer more to the team than Firmino? No on both counts in my opinion, and he'd cost an arm and a leg - highly doubtful.




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02 Nov 2018 02:36:04
There was an article about this in The Guardian which stated that the Turkish press is having a field day dragging Karius' name through the mud, primarily because there news stories are often picked up by the British press. It also mentioned that the back-up keeper at Besiktas is a former Turkish international and some have suggested he should be starting games over Karius. The article went on to state that Besiktas were happy with Karius, that he had adapted to life well in Turkey, and that such stories were pure fabrication. Make of this what you will but it seemed to make a certain amount of logical sense to me.





Seano_'s banter replies


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18 Mar 2019 15:38:09
Good luck to you Mike, hope you continue to progress and improve as time goes on.




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13 Mar 2019 22:10:27
@redplanet - they're just words mate, they can't hurt anyone. They are widespread, they convey meaning and passion superbly, and they are something your grand kids will encounter sooner or later - if you're that concerned wouldn't it be better to teach your grand kids about politeness, respect, when its acceptable and not acceptable to use said words, etc etc instead of just blanket banning them from all contact with it?




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11 Mar 2019 04:38:12
Thanks for the response ED, it's a little disheartening to hear that we have no youngsters of that quality but, as you have alluded to before, it can all change with time and experience (Harry Kane a good example) so we can but hope that someone really pushes themselves onto that level.

Why do you think Wilson's call up affected him so much? Was it an ego thing? Did he stop working as hard in training? I'm still hopeful that he could play a part in the squad next season but, aside from his highlights reel (which does look impressive), haven't seen enough to know whether he's of the required standard.


{Ed001's Note - yes mate, he did let it go to his head. Not really his fault, it was a stupid thing for Wales to do. He was not even pushing for a first team place at the time with us, he should not have even been under consideration.

He does still have a lot of ability, but I have yet to see anything which convinces me he is good enough to push for a first team place regularly. However, he could be a good option for the bench and injury cover and then it is up to him to work at his game to make the step up.

These kids always hit a wall at about this stage in their development nowadays and it is not because of the lack of opportunities in the first team. It is the way they are handled by clubs. When kids used to come through, they would be playing in the streets, at school, for other youth teams and also for our youth teams. Now they are banned from a lot of things, as the clubs want to wrap them up in cotton wool to protect their assets they invest in. So they are not developing the experience of playing against bigger kids in games with no officials that can turn rough and having to learn to ride challenges and deal with being outmatched physically. They are instead playing carefully selected, closely matched opponents. It is not teaching them enough about how it is in the real world. They are not having to fight through half as many obstacles as in the past, so how can you expect them to build that stubbornness and drive to succeed that kids used to have?

It is telling that Kane is a success story, as he was struggling and there was an internal dispute at Spurs about whether he was good enough to make it. He had to fight to prove himself and worked damn hard to do so because of it. Since then, he has had a lack of real guidance from football's most overrated manager, hence why he is now not always a plus for the team and they sometimes play better without him. However, despite that, his technique and ability is improving, it is just how it is being used that is the problem now.}



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11 Mar 2019 04:27:15
Salah was excellent, and certainly a MOTM contender. I'd of perhaps given it to Bobby but can see a lot of merit in it being Salah as well.




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11 Mar 2019 04:26:09
Do you think the standards of the league (and indeed our team) are higher than when Fowler and Owen made their break through? Do you think that is a factor in the readiness of these youngsters? And do you think Fowler or Owen would've been given their opportunity if they were in the youth set up today? Curious about your thoughts Ed.


{Ed001's Note - much higher but that is not a factor, it is simply that we do not have any youngsters at that level or even close to it right now. The one that did look like he might well have was Wilson, right up until that Wales to call up. He has never been the same since.}