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12 Dec 2017 18:41:59
Hey ed sorry if this is just throwing a random name at you but read on another site about premier league interest in a young defender from Charlton Ezri Konsa, would this be someone Liverpool have ever looked at or someone you consider to be good enough for the step Up? It is, after all where we found Gomez.



{Ed001's Note - I don't know, the people I knew at Charlton have all left (and glad to do so due to the ownership), and it is difficult to keep track on which youngsters the club are interested in from the Liverpool end, as they keep track of hundreds.}

1.) 12 Dec 2017 21:38:34
Okay cheers for the response.

{Ed001's Note - no worries, sorry I can't help.}



08 Nov 2017 18:34:18
Ed is there any interest in Westham's Reece-Oxford? And if you have seen him play what's your thoughts on him?


{Ed001's Note - not any more, he has been a bit of a problem since bursting onto the scene. Gone all billy big-time.}

1.) 09 Nov 2017 17:12:22
Made his first appearance for Gladbach last weekend.

Reports coming out that West Ham are considering selling their best young players Oxford, Declan Rice Reece Burke, Domingos Quina and Josh Cullen to raise funds for survival.

Seems odd to me, why not sell the underperforming first team players?




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09 Jan 2017 22:22:36
SO who do we all want playing against saints? mixture of the youth who underwhelmed against Plymouth or all out for the win?
Can anyone shed any light as to why Harry Wilson played no part in the FA Cup, from what I've read on here his form has been very good!
Personally like to see Karius and TAA hold there places and with studge starting if he's fit


1.) 09 Jan 2017 23:27:06
I would like this 11 . Karius TAA Matip Gomez Moreno can gini Lallana firmino number 10 Origi Sturridge sts . But I can see Klopp doing this .

Karius clyne lovren klavan Milner can gini Lallana firmino left win Origi st Sturridge rww

2.) 09 Jan 2017 23:37:14
I like your first choice too but don't see Klopp changing our formation, don't see Matip starting either tbh although would be nice.

I'd say Karius TAA Gomez Klavan Moreno Stewart Can Gini Lallana Studge origi.

Wouldn't complain to seeing Ojo or Wilson involved in the front 3 and Lallana drop deeper

3.) 09 Jan 2017 23:44:17
TBH believe near enough the XI Klopp hopes to start against united play, the only exception would be put coutinho on bench against saints with the hope to start against united. Have had a week off so can manage two game and saints should get them match sharp.

Only difference is would pack the bench against saints wth youth and give the youth another shot against Plymouth

4.) 10 Jan 2017 00:05:00
I'd go close to first team and use the game to get Matip/ Coutinho/ Hendo a run to ease them back in (either starting or as sub depending on fitness)

The rest have had time to recover and can afford to play with Utd only on Sunday

Clyne - Matip - Lovren - Milner
Gini - Stewart - Llalana
Firmino - Origi - Coutinho

Bring on Hendo for last 30mins and take off Coutinho early for Woodburn to protect him for Man Utd

5.) 10 Jan 2017 00:09:49
Strongest possible 11. Massive game

6.) 10 Jan 2017 02:33:03
I'd still have a mixture to be honest - we used youth heavily to get to that stage of the cup and I don't think, on the back of one underwhelming performance, they should all be thrown on the scrapheap. Maybe have a few more experienced players next to them - and perhaps introduce a few more youth players from the bench, as opposed to starting them - but I'd like to see some youth in the team. I suspect that Klopp will probably field a strong team after the Plymouth result.

7.) 10 Jan 2017 04:49:19
Im ready to be shot down but i wouldn't be too unhappy if we put out the same team of youngsters again (at least for the first half) . They will have learned from that game and it offers them the opportunity to show improvement, better workrate, less nerves, etc. I think, given a second bite at the cherry, the kids could overcome Plymouth.

8.) 10 Jan 2017 07:11:54
Agree with Roland, Abo and zimbo.
The "first" team have had 10 days off, this is a good game to knock off a bit of rustiness before the weekend.
Secondly, if we win or lose 3-0 then the second leg is affected, so we have to go all out for a win. Play like we did on Sunday against Saints first team and the second leg could be over.
Thirdly, it'd be nice to get Klopp's first trophy under his belt.

9.) 10 Jan 2017 07:20:33
I probably should have read the original post. Better. I was referring to the replays vs Plymouth not the Southampton game.

10.) 10 Jan 2017 08:08:15
I thought it was unfair on all them young lads been thrown in together against a team who's players were treating it a the biggest game of their career.
But I guessed they learnt a lot about being in a team that is expected to win every game.



16 Dec 2016 00:01:39
I saw this week that the first penalty had been awarded using video replays, in Japan I think. Wondered everyone's opinion on implementing this into premier league?
As a big rugby fan it's something I've always criticised football for, I understand the controversy sells papers and the rest but surely it would help cut out diving, stop Jose whining, and generally make it a lot fairer.
Just my thoughts but love to hear your guys opinions!
Happy Christmas folks!


1.) 16 Dec 2016 07:10:43
As long as it doesn't make to many interruptions during the game i'm for it. Also hopefully it will catch out all the players that dive and get them banned aswel.

{Ed001's Note - the decision in the CWC was terrible. It made a mockery of the match.}

2.) 16 Dec 2016 07:22:38
Leave football alone please. Its great as it is. I wouldn't even mind the goal line technology being scraped.

3.) 16 Dec 2016 07:41:22
Rekon they shoild just review all goals. The play stops anyways and there's a minute or 2 before play restarts that is ample time for a review to take place.

4.) 16 Dec 2016 07:59:57
When do you stop play to check the video though? If the ref thinks no penalty play on, I assume you'd wait until play is stopped before an official makes a decision? The next time the ball is dead could be when it's in the net at the other end. Could you imagine what would happen then?

5.) 16 Dec 2016 08:29:28
Im 100% with you, Irish Rover. Leave the perfect game alone. At what point will people be happy with the rules? Stop the tinkering!

6.) 16 Dec 2016 09:20:29
Maybe if each team were given 1or2 review chances ahalf. To go to an off field ref who has video assitance With the aability to overturn offside and red card decisions.

Similar to test cricket.

I suppose the cost if providing this to lower league matches would make it a non starter.
But football is awash with money and all people want at the end of the day is a fair result.

7.) 16 Dec 2016 11:08:17
The problem is entirely due to the incompetence of referees. Too many of them have been refereeing since they were school kids and, consequently, have never played the game, even in the schoolyard. As a result of that, they don't know a good tackle from a foul tackle.

The only criteria they use is, if the player goes down give the free kick and if the player stays on his feet, play on. That's one of the reasons players go down, because they know they will not get the free kick or penalty for a genuine foul unless they do. Rooney getting sent off against Portugal was a prime example. He was hacked at 3 or 4 times and because he stayed on his feet, he wasn't awarded the free kick until he eventually went down.

They have also refereed contact out of the game, so players will now throw themselves. To the ground at the slightest touch. If they were any good or knew anything. About the game and not just the laws, they would be able to recognise that the contact wad minimal and not enough to make the cheat go down and roll over 5 times.

That is also why we see so many poor goals from a defensive point of view these days. Because players are not allowed to defend or tackle properly, due to referee incompetence.

They should be made to attend regular meetings, in the company of 3 ex-professionals, watching endless videos of tackles, with the professionals telling them which tackles are fouls or not and why.

I understand players trying to cheat doesn't help matters but believe that the incompetence of referees had only encouraged them to do so.

Please don't anyone come on here and tell me English referees are the best in the world. I've seen many European games at Anfield, refereed by guys who just got on with the job and you hardly noticed them, as opposed to the preening attention seekers refereeing our games.

8.) 16 Dec 2016 10:47:18
Reviews could be brought in for penalties, as it doesn't affect tennis, cricket or even rugby for that matter and to a degree, it adds to the enjoyment! I love the goal line technology and hope that stays! As for lesser leagues not having the money, reviews are only on the show courts in tennis usually and don't hear many complaints from both players or spectators.

9.) 16 Dec 2016 12:32:22
I'm happy with penalties being left as they are, but I think offsides should be checked if a goal is scored. A linesman failing to spot an offside is my biggest issue with football.

10.) 16 Dec 2016 13:13:35
Well, and you wonder why rugby isn't as popular as football. Every sport has its ways of officiating and football has theirs. It's full of mistakes and human errors but that's what makes the game so fun and controversial. Plus I'm assuming a few jobs will be lost as well if we depend more on machines. Goal line technology made sense as it shouldn't be a judgment call, it's either in or it's not, but things like penalty decisions or offsides have more fine details so leave it up to the referee and linesman to decide as the match goes on. It works in certain games like rugby, NFL, tennis etc but it will take some flavour out of football. Most people that are calling for the rule are avid supporters of other sports that have the rule, otherwise die hard football fans are fine with it being how it is.

11.) 16 Dec 2016 15:32:40
nice to see so many passionate football fans! I understand when we start changing rules and other bits and pieces that it would soon get out of hand, and no one wants to see the game stop start with referees looking at any little detail.

Offside goals can be frustrating but as is said fairly often it evens itself out throughout the course of a season. Diving however is something that really gets to me and video refs could help cut this out but I also read somewhere about players getting cited for diving i. e being banned for subsequent games following a blatant dive as they would for a red card. surely this would be easy enough to implement into the game and be beneficial to all.

12.) 16 Dec 2016 16:05:58
We complain about referees but only because we have the benefit of replays, live we get as many decisions wrong as they do (probably more) .

We have the technology to do this, we just need FIFA to get the implementation right. Somebody above complained about goal line technology but that's a perfect example of technology being used correctly. It's accurate, fast, doesn't slow down play at all and prevents errors in a crucial area.

For me it can't come soon enough.

13.) 16 Dec 2016 16:34:41
Diving could be dealt with by retrospective action which could easily deter players.

{Ed025's Note - sounds good to me irish..

14.) 16 Dec 2016 17:36:21
The problem with what you said Irish is that a lot of things that do happen which should be dealt with retrospectively isn't.

15.) 16 Dec 2016 18:27:07
I agree irsh, that's exactly how you cut it out naturally without changing the rules and the flow of the game.

16.) 16 Dec 2016 21:55:38
If the video ref is brought in what the hell will we have left to argue about on Mondays?

17.) 17 Dec 2016 01:34:06
I tbink the linesman is an impossible job.
When you have to look exactly when the ball is played and then move your eyes to the line of attack, often a perfectly timed run is judged offside which is wrong but deemed as within human error tolerance.

18.) 17 Dec 2016 01:46:37
Hang on Irish Rover, why the hell would you remove goal line technology?! You don't keep tradition just for tradition's sake. When association football first formed, if they had access to goal-line technology then they would have used it. It does not impede the flow the game in any way.

19.) 17 Dec 2016 02:01:19
Apparently the view of the majority is that integrity in sport is secondary to newspaper column inches.
Offside decisions etc probably don't even out over a season. That's a myth of the statistically illiterate.
If it doesn't unduly disrupt the flow of the game, is affordable at the level it is applied, and makes for significantly better decisions, it would be unethical not to use it. It does not need to be 100% perfect, just consistent and better than what we have. This is a low bar.



07 Nov 2016 17:14:44
Hey guys, long time reader but first time poster here. Love the work the eds do and the craic everyone has so thanks very much!
I've been reading today about Steven Gerrard apparently on the brink of retiring and wondered if he might be coming home to anfield, obvs couldn't get into the first team but his experience and passion could be great for us in the dressing room not to mention the impact he can have on our younger players.
Anyone heard anything or any thoughts on this?


{Ed002's Note - I think he would be a major distraction and Liverpool should stick well clear of him. The club is settled and doing well. Most clubs don't like having grown men hanging around the dressing room and the showers but perhaps that won't bother Liverpool. If he were to register to play for the club there would be immediate charges brought against him by the FA. If Gerrard wishes to go in to coaching or management it would make sense for him to find his feet elsewhere - I don't know if Rodgers or Benitez would give their support to him or not.}

1.) 07 Nov 2016 17:43:58
Don't change wats not broken. Loved Gerrard as a player but no thanks.

{Ed001's Note - please do not bring him back. He is not what we need. We need the best coaches not the best former players. It is no coincidence that we look much better without him if you ask me.}

2.) 07 Nov 2016 17:47:12
No thanks.

3.) 07 Nov 2016 18:11:58
Yeah guess you guys are right, things going very well atm no need to disturb the status quo. I do hope he flourishes as a coach tho and does well for himself.

4.) 07 Nov 2016 18:15:40
It's a completely new system with different players and different management style. Why bring back someone who's a constant reminder of the past, when the team is focused on the present and the future? Experience is experience and valuable, true. But you know what they say about somebody's experience? It's like his/ her toothbrush. Nobody else wants to use it. Let the current team/ players build it's own experience.

Plus, I think it would unsettle the dressing room and the power politics, that go on in every team, considerably. Why would Henderson and Leiva sit quietly and watch, as a man from the past came back and took back a share of team leadership?

Lastly, Jurgen Klopp is a smart, wise, sly fox. He may tell the Press what they want to hear in terms of "Stevie is a fantastic person and he'll always have a place back here", but I doubt very much that he would let Gerrard back in within a 100 yards of the team he has re-created.

5.) 07 Nov 2016 18:43:12
Ed002 can I ask what charges the FA would be charging him with if he did?

Personally I totally agree that he is a bad influence if brought back to the club in any such manner apart from being a club ambassador.

{Ed002's Note - It has been done to death and see no reason to open it up again.}

6.) 07 Nov 2016 18:51:29
Give him Owens job get that manc out our club.

7.) 07 Nov 2016 21:31:59
No way should Klopp have Gerrard anywhere near the wonderful team he's building.
We've moved onwards and upwards, with a great team spirit.

Gerrard could probably still get playing time in China if he wants to.

8.) 07 Nov 2016 23:58:57
I think He'll be back and I would welcome it.

He's Liverpool through and through.

Why not give him a chance?

Look at Pep at Barca.

If it doesn't work out then let him make his way through the leagues.

But if it did work like Pep then the club is the winner.

9.) 07 Nov 2016 23:58:57
I think He'll be back and I would welcome it.

He's Liverpool through and through.

Why not give him a chance?

Look at Pep at Barca.

If it doesn't work out then let him make his way through the leagues.

But if it did work like Pep then the club is the winner.

10.) 08 Nov 2016 01:26:52
Dermot, Pep to my knowledge, didn't do all the awful things SG did to the club neither did he put the club in the awful position its in now, per Ed02. He's a has been and should stay exactly where he is as in, very far away from the club as he will put the D in Distraction and we don't want any of that here now especially, with the great dynamic and chemistry within the club right now.

11.) 09 Nov 2016 14:26:38
Tks for that Hamilton red.

12.) 09 Nov 2016 16:18:08
Sorry my full reply to Hamilton Red was not listed.

{Ed002's Note - I am not opening it up again.}




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12 Dec 2017 21:38:34
Okay cheers for the response.


{Ed001's Note - no worries, sorry I can't help.}



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03 Dec 2017 19:25:25
Ahh okay. Thanks ed.




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03 Dec 2017 18:52:22
Declan Rice looks like a star in the making as well! Any chance we could be in for him ed?


{Ed001's Note - not that I am aware of, but they are not looking to let him go he is seen as their big hope for the future.}



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06 Nov 2017 22:33:05
I imagine there is something going behind the scenes with Clyne atm Hailstones, probably best not to talk about it/ him until we know the facts!
Perr Shuurs is a new name to me also but any acquisition would be welcome!




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24 Oct 2017 23:02:59
Would love to see Masterson given a shot, unless that means fans jumping on his back after a mistake and ruining his confidenece!





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12 Dec 2017 09:22:09
Fantastic to see him improve so quickly and look so assured in every game. but let's slow down and not put to much pressure on the young man.




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11 Dec 2017 21:36:29
Totally agree with your view on the penalty, what annoyed me more than the result was having to listen to Danny Murphy and Alan Shearer talking nonsense about the decision and Klopp's team selection.




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07 Dec 2017 22:28:22
Cheers Ed great review as always! An emphatic win and classy performance all round. As you say it's nit picking to look for negatives but Sturridge clearly not on the same wavelength as our other attackers. Seems like Solanke is a better option atm which is a real pity as Sturridge is superb when on form.




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05 Dec 2017 00:20:40
Haha love it Ron!




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05 Dec 2017 00:17:44
Please god let that be a wind up.