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Team: Liverpool

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Best team moment: Too many

Interests: Rock music, moto gp

Timezone: (GMT) London

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23 Jul 2018 10:39:51
I can't believe some of the comments and thumbs down views on here . Jürgen brought Loris to the club after his performances in Germany . Ok for whatever reason he has not been able to replicate for us. But to hurl vile abuse at him and troll everything he does is unacceptable. Getting a negative response for pointing this out shows the mentality of those concerned. There is a massive difference between criticism for a poor performance and the abuse the lad is receiving . YNWA should give you clue . How about it.


1.) 23 Jul 2018 11:43:38
The vile abuse isn’t going to help the lad. How many of us can sit here and honestly say we’ve never made a mistake? The people abusing him need to take a long look at themselves. It’s pitiful and pathetic.

2.) 23 Jul 2018 11:48:52
Couldnt agree more! These muppets abusing him should disasociate themselves from the club. Absolute disgrace nobody knows what the guy is going through!

3.) 23 Jul 2018 11:58:01
Well said. I have said that he's not good enough right from when we purchased him but I'd never abuse the player.
The persons who are abusing him should hang their heads in shame. If man or women enough they should send a tweet or message to apologise.

4.) 23 Jul 2018 12:06:11
It's not acceptable the abuse but sadly in current society it won't stop. The club need to take him out of the lime light. Though its hard whilst Alisson is on holiday.

Everything if he does is being hyper analysed on the pitch and the social media posts he posted aimed at those hurling this abuse at him are only going to motivate the persons to continue.

Sadly due to the way some fans act I can't see anyway back for Karius. He needs a loan or some move away from the British media to kick start his career.

5.) 23 Jul 2018 12:19:47
at the end of the day, he's been replaced and the the issue has been dealt with. I see no sense in continuing to abuse him when it's clear he's no longer going to be playing (or abusing in him the first place for that matter)

6.) 23 Jul 2018 12:46:56
I assure you Walter, if Karius was aware of it the constant, low level abuse dating from, as you admit, before he had even done anything (never mind anything wrong) is just as destructive as the louder louts after a horror show.

Don't believe me? Ask the parents of children who have killed themselves after years of bullying when schools took no action because children weren't coming home covered in blood and bruises, or heard making overt slurs against protected characteristics. Maybe ask the few whose attempts at dying failed what it was like being constantly told you weren't good enough, weren't right, didn't fit and and there was absolutely nothing you could do about it.

What you, and many others like you do Walter is called bullying. Luckily they are unlikely to directly receive your bullying attempts but it's still bullying. You thank that it's okay because it's not done with anger, but it's not. You think it's okay because they probably won't ever see it, but when enough people do it they do see it so it's up to everyone as an individual to be responsible and make sure the volume doesn't build.

It's bullying. It's abusive. It's not okay.

7.) 23 Jul 2018 12:58:34
hjile couldn't agress more its not okay and just because its said to be part of modern society that does not make it okay either it needs to be moved away from football, from all sport, and from society as a whole.

8.) 23 Jul 2018 14:06:34
Just ask Robert Enkel and what was done to him before he woke up one morning and took his own life.

9.) 23 Jul 2018 16:07:52
I get your point hijkle but to call me a bully is not on. You know nothing about me.
I am have done anti bully campaigns on nemerous occasions unfortunately not so much the last 5 years or so. I have helped probably more people than everyone on this site combined to stop bulling. I've literally took beatings to prevent people from being hurt.
Just because I've said from the start I don't rate someone doesn't make me a bully. I have never sent any hate to any player buy any means. I just state my opinions and if you actually read my posts I am always polite and never hurtful.

10.) 23 Jul 2018 16:43:16
I didn't call you a bully. I said you were bullying. There is a difference, mostly in intention.

Sadly, your closing comments show you have entirely missed the point so to put it plainer:

The lanuage you use to bully is irrelevant to bullying. You can call your best mate an ugly person and not be bullying them. You can use polite words to tell someone you want their entire family to burn to death. The bullying comes from your constant, consistent, unmoving commitment to not only writing a man off but ensuring that you are vocal about it at every opportunity is the problem. The language you use is utterly irrelevant. And please note I say 'you' but it is far from just you - it is a huge problem in general. But you have chosen this thread as another chance to glory in your infalliable committment to putting the man down, and so we have entered this discussion.

And again, as I said, bullying isn't get getting beaten up. It doesn't have to be overt and in your face. The worst bullying is the persistent, hard to detect but constant and inescapable digging. If you're such a committed anti-bullying campaigner, you should know that and hopefully having it pointed out will hope you recognise that even the very best of us can inadvertently fall foul of our worst instincts.

If you'd like a test of your actions, think on this - how would you feel about me talking about the child in your photo the way you (and others) have discussed Karius from the start one day? If the day he joined we all said he wasnt good enough? If we jumped incessantly over him on his worst days and went out of our way to ruin his best? If we never game him a moments credit for his greatest but never gave him a moments rest from his worst, even at the point where his worst really wasnt bad at all? If he joined a public body and had people from the first moment they heard commit themselves to the concept of him being unsuitable and letting everyone know the every chance they got, without him ever even having a chance to do anything about it because nothing would change their view?

I can't change your behaviour, and I make no judgements about you as a person because I don't know you. But you (and again I point out not just you, it's a common place occurrence now) should be aware that the constant way you put down some people, even if they aren't reading it, can at best be easily perceived as something that you are very against in theory. Just think about it.

11.) 23 Jul 2018 19:05:04
I appreciate your point and I have read many of your posts and you seem like a decent person.
My daughter is in the picture, you are free to say as you want about her. The difference is if you did I am 99% sure what you would say is untrue and i would tell you so.
You are correct there are different degrees of bulling. And just to clarify I genuinely have done the stuff I stated. Not trying to be some hero but wanted to try and show a different side of me.
When I post it's just an opinion maybe I am right maybe wrong. I am not out to be nasty I am just stating what I believe is true. Its not wrong to say this player is not good enough it's an opinion. I don't use the bullying type of language to put the player down.
Anyhow I wish you well and I hope we all get to enjoy the season ahead. All the best.

{Ed025's Note - i dont think you have said anything to reproach yourself for walter, as far as im concerned you have been expressing an opinion so whats so wrong with that?, i like hjikle and agree with most of what he says usually but i believe he is way out of context with the bullying thing, when players join a high profile club and enjoy the trappings of extreme wealth, lifestyle and notoriety then they are expected to perform, if they dont they will have people questioning their ability and performance but that goes with the territory mate...its called banter and registering an opinion and is in no way tantamount to bullying unless its abusive or personal, there has been nasty stuff said about karius an indeed lovren and that is way out of order, but your posts dont come across that way to me, i think your a decent bloke who tells it like it is most of the time and belive your getting some unfair stick..

12.) 24 Jul 2018 05:10:52
Appreciate that Ed 25. I guess everybody has their opinions. I won't be loosing any sleep over it.
All the best good sir.

{Ed025's Note - your welcome mate..

13.) 24 Jul 2018 08:56:59
Like I said walter, I don't doubt you and I make no assumptions about you as a person. And apologies for mixing up son and daughter, the picture on my phone is about a cm across and I thought I remmebered you mentioning a son at some point - apparently not.

14.) 24 Jul 2018 11:42:24
to be fair i think neg walter gets more than his share of abuse on here ( cos of his negative opinions) he's always pretty respectful in his replies.

15.) 24 Jul 2018 11:50:53
You are correct I have a son who is 2. I let my daughter choose the profile pic and she choose this one.
No hard feelings and wish you all the best.



20 Aug 2017 11:25:27
Hi all, am just wondering if the Barcelona situation may cause a change in mind for Pipco. The team is not performing, star player has left, Citeh seem convinced Messi will join Pep . Rest of the team aging and other replacements below par . Any views Eds?


{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what you are talking about. He has been courting them for more than a year and doesn't want to play for Liverpool any longer. He wants to move to Barcelona.}

1.) 20 Aug 2017 11:41:42
Have you spoke to him Ed? I just wonder why you say he doesn't want to play for Liverpool any longer? Surely if Barcelona won't offer enough for him he will be happy to play for the club he's been happy at for 4 years and just signed a long term contract with? Yes he'd like to go to Barcelona but it seems they don't rate him highly enough to offer the required deal.

{Ed002's Note - You are not seemingly understanding the lengths the player has gone to to get the move he wants. Did your mother repeatedly bang you on the head as a child or are you just stupid?}

2.) 20 Aug 2017 12:13:23
can you please elaborate on these lengths, for those of us who do not know . Cheers.

{Ed002's Note - I have spent more than a year explaining to you all. It makes no sense to yet again explain.}

3.) 20 Aug 2017 12:17:50
He been wanting go Barcelona for over a year there you go not hard.

4.) 20 Aug 2017 12:26:51
Ed that is gold. I think he has a headache from his mum banging his head against the wall.

5.) 20 Aug 2017 12:29:21
People generally hear what they want to hear. I think a lot of fans never want to believe their best players want to leave, but it's football. Barring something extraordinary Coutinho will leave. Like Owen, Alonso, Mascherano, Torres, Suarez, Sterling and potentially Can. Whether it's money, cups or a mixture of both, they wanted out and forced their way out. Coutinho is no different. Liverpool may have asked Coutinho for another year, but I think he may have given Liverpool that extra year last year.

6.) 20 Aug 2017 12:57:48
Only thing that doesn't make sense with what ed002 says is that Coutinho signed a new contract. Why would he do that if he was so sure he wanted to go? And without release clauses. At the time he even saying: Stay here and they will end up building a statue in your honour. Go somewhere else, to Barcelona, to Bayern Munich, to Real Madrid, and you will be just another player.

For me that does not add up with a player that desperately wants to go to Barcelona.

{Ed002's Note - Release clauses? What are you talking about?

7.) 20 Aug 2017 12:58:59
Did Coutinho tell Liverpool he wanted to leave when he started courting Barcelona, or were we in the dark, so to speak, until Barcelona started bidding?

{Ed002's Note - Done to death. Go and read the posts.}

8.) 20 Aug 2017 12:59:24
And some people haven't been reading the site for a year and therefore are unaware of the whole situation as you don't hear it in the mainstream media. I think the whole thing if he was happy here for 4 years is a valid point.

{Ed002's Note - And are they not bright enough to use the search engine? It gets tiresome for the editors having to repeat themselves over and over again.}

9.) 20 Aug 2017 13:04:44
Ed02 has been getting us prepared for this scenario for a yr.
I did believe you Ed02, I just don't think you would of kept saying it just to wind us up.

{Ed002's Note - Sadly many of the others still seemed shocked about it and are in denial.}

10.) 20 Aug 2017 13:16:37
Ed002 has said many times that pipco has been courting Barcelona through international team mates and his agent. pretty simple really.

11.) 20 Aug 2017 13:22:44
People hear" I'm signing a new deal to hopefully become a legend at lfc etc etc, those words came out of his mouth, so your talking crap, yes he may want to leave but the needs of the club are way more important than his, if this move was a year in the making why did Barcelona wait til the week our season started to bid? He signed his contract, they left it late, they have to deal with that,

{Ed002's Note - I am not "talking crap", it is simply that you are so stupid you can't understand what has been going on for more than a year. The contract is of zero relevance in this matter. Coutinho is desperate to leave and both Klopp and Liverpool know that. Suck it up.}

12.) 20 Aug 2017 13:34:18
I don't think we will sell. I have spent the summer convinced that we are just waiting for the right price. However, the tr came way too late in the day. We hold all the cards and have only one reason to sell and that is to keep pc happy. I expect most players would like to play for Barcelona and he can follow his dream next year (if he still wants to go) we don't need the money, Phil has to perform as it's world cup year. I ghink liverpool can go a long way this season with pc in our team. Let's spend this year looking for a suitable replacement and let him go next year.

{Ed002's Note - So I guess you also think with the transfer window still open for another two weeks that it is also too late for Liverpool to buy any players?}

13.) 20 Aug 2017 14:18:45
Ed02, I was not replying to you with my comment, I was replying to Sydney's comment about fans hearing what they want to hear, I should have said that at the beginning of my post, I certainly wasn't saying you were talking crap, apologies for the mix up.

{Ed002's Note - No problem.}

14.) 20 Aug 2017 14:41:59
Port red, my point proven. Liverpool fans heard Coutinho saying he wants to become a legend bla bla. But chose not to hear that he wants to leave. Even though the editor and other sources have been saying for a long time that Coutinho wants to leave. I remember the Ronaldo saga and I was one of the fans in denial. Anyway it's just football, players come and go, in a year or two it'll be Mane pushing his way out. So chill 😉.



07 Aug 2017 22:57:32
If we allow Cout to leave the problem is there aren't any replacements of the right quality in any position that are currently available. Why would any club sell one of their best players regardless of the fee because of the difficulty of finding a replacement. Unless they are in dire need of a cash injection. So talk of Dele Ali or any other established international is futile. I can't believe LFC will let this happen.


1.) 07 Aug 2017 23:25:41
Lfc might not, but the player can.



26 Jul 2017 13:04:39
Afternoon guys, can you please give me your take on the transfers situation. The press are reporting that Keita is not for sale ok that is RB leipzig's decision . Barcelona allegedly want Couts, we say not for sale but the press say we want £80 mil . The press say Barcelona have agreed terms but have not contacted LFC, does this count as tapping up? Apologies if you have already answered this topic.


{Ed002's Note - I have explained everything over and over and over and over again.}



27 Jun 2017 11:54:06
Hi, new to this forum and hope this is a new question. Keita is a major topic for the media in general so ignoring the cost could he do for us what Kante did for Leicester and Chelsea? And therefore is he worth it?


1.) 27 Jun 2017 12:01:43
He offers a lot more than Kante!

2.) 27 Jun 2017 12:06:36
I haven't a seen massive amounts of Bundesliga last season but from what I did see of RBL Naby Keita seems to me to more of a deep lying playmaker type player as supposed to the ball winning midfielder Kanye has become famous for.

He does however have a great energy when he plays similarly to Kante however I'd say his strong points are his range of passing and his vision above his tackling and ball winning, although this is still obviously a decent part of his game I don't think it is to the level of Kante.

3.) 27 Jun 2017 12:07:38
Yes and yes imo. Would love him and Werner but we know bayern get first refusal onbundesliga players so they'll probably end up there.

4.) 27 Jun 2017 12:16:30
I really don't understand this comparison.

I have watched as much footage of Keita as I could find and he is nothing like Kante from what I've seen. I think the comparison starts and ends with them being short midfielders of African heritage.

Kante is a ball winner, a destroyer, and a metronome.

Keita looks more like a Wijnaldum or Pogba in terms of style. He seems all about powerful running, goals, assists and getting involved in the attack, with a bit of defensive work on the side.

I am baffled by the comparison. Can anyone shed any light on it for me because video highlights of Keita aren't the best way to gauge what he is like as a player.

5.) 27 Jun 2017 12:22:01
You are right MK they are different players, one driven by setting up fast bursting attacks and the other focusing on breaking down the attacks of opponents from what matches I have watched.

6.) 27 Jun 2017 12:35:54
Based on what some in Germany are saying, NK is Kante with more attacking ability.

7.) 27 Jun 2017 14:07:48
He must be some player.
Kante is an engine,
He is just the player that we need.

With him in front of the back four it would probably cut our goals conceded in half.

8.) 27 Jun 2017 15:21:59
Id say Keita is a player who gets the ball deep in the midfield an plays smart passes to open up the game. His partnership with werner was essential for RBLs successlast Season.

As i do watch Bundesliga every Saturday i can say that Kante and Keita don't have that much in common besides beeing in the CM. Kante is like mk said "a ball winner, a destroyer, and a metronome" where Keita is more of a player that dictates the attacking play and tries to set up the forwards. Also i think Kantes defensive play relies on his body/ strenght where Keita is still behind.

9.) 27 Jun 2017 15:37:54
He is not a dm. He has a similar energy to Kante and build which allows him to dash back or press and nick the ball but really he is a forward moving midfielder. He is quick and dynamic going forward. He's v hard to get the ball off. When he receives the ball he looks for a forward pass or a quick burst forward. He also bursts forward after his passes which results in one twos or arriving in the box in time for a cut back. Dynamic would be the word to describe him. He also has an eye for a through ball. He'd be perfect for us imo playing in the wijnaldum role. He does what gini does only quicker and more effectively in terms of end product. However due to his constant bursts forward he could leave the midfield exposed. It's his energy and work rate that rescues him sometimes.

10.) 27 Jun 2017 17:12:17
Spot on, Redwills. NK is dynamic and in the Wiji role, he would be awesome. I saw some clips of NK playing for Guinea and my word, he is a machine. he gets the ball and his speed of thought and burst of pace through midfield and into the box is insane. The guy can run for days. He is also technically-gifted on the ball with great passing ability and has a shot on him as well. Like I said, he is Kante but with more attacking ability even tho, he does not lack pace.




everythingnow's rumour replies


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19 Jul 2018 16:22:44
Surely the Belgian reserve keeper will be in demand, if the price is right. Those suggesting either Ward or Karius for our backup have not considered what a 25 year old player needs in their career.




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11 Aug 2017 14:59:41
Hi Ed002, to add to your answer to Dean's question, what is the minimum fee you would accept? Cheers.


{Ed002's Note - I would rather not talk about money but if Liverpool could het £100M they should be very satisfied.}




everythingnow's banter replies


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31 Dec 2018 16:10:52
That’s good. Thank you.




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31 Dec 2018 15:53:04
Agreed very sad news . Can anybody advise how many of our fantastic side that won the fa cup in 1965 are still with us . Happy new year all . Crossed fingers for Thursday.


{Ed002's Note - 7 of the 11.}



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09 Nov 2018 19:10:19
I am a Klopp fan and to criticise for lack of a trophy is ridiculous. How about going all out to win the league cup and forget league and Champions league for now just to satisfy the moaners. We lost the Europa and Champs league finals to top teams whereas Man U virtually had a stroll. Even our domestic cups needs a bit of luck in the early rounds rather than premier league opponents.
So cheer the lads on and trust the decision makers to take us there YNWA.




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23 Jul 2018 16:06:24
The abuse is disgusting and looking through other posts there are plenty of comments calling players absolute rubbish .
I also wonder why people expect both Karius and Migs to stay as no 2 or 3 . They both have their career ahead of them and I guess would like to progress rather than be a bench warmer .




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15 Jun 2018 21:29:02
Well said .