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Team: Liverpool

Where from: London/ Sydney

Favourite player: Maradona

Best team moment: Maradona solo goal vs England


Timezone: (GMT +10:00) Eastern Australia, Guam, Vladivostok

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24 Apr 2019 13:12:30
interesting reading about Ole calling city out about their tactical fouls. ed1 has been saying that for the last 2 years about how often they do it but more importantly are getting away with it unpunished to a large extent. Im sure a lot of people will be watching out for it in the game tonight.

I really hope utd give them a game tonight, not just for us but their own self respect as that everton performance was shocking ( but also guarantees that nit wit marco silva will be around another year to take them nowhere yet again)


1.) 24 Apr 2019 13:21:19
Aye, fair play to Ole to be the first manager in the league to highlight it. Hope he doesn't get fined for it, because he didn't really comment on the ref dealing with it, just that they do it.

2.) 24 Apr 2019 14:05:57
Its an old fergie tactic. Highlight something just before a game so its debated and looked out for.

3.) 24 Apr 2019 14:26:52
Part of the game tactical fouls, when they are pulled off they are great.

4.) 24 Apr 2019 18:46:57
BigVirg, I get what you are saying. What does people's heads is that the refs NEVER do a thing about it and let them go scott free. I mean, Fernandinho countless times, fouls players while the counter is on and gets nothing. I remember when City played Everton at Goodison and my word, it was comical. The ref (the hapless Craig Paulson) did not book Fernadinho until his FIFTH bookable foul.

Same with when they played Newcastle at St. James' where KDB (already on a yellow), sithed down Matt Ritchie. The ref went towards him, put his hands in his back pocket and then. NOTHING. Pep later took off KDB to save his team. This is what gets my goat and shows how biased refs are towards City cos everyone thinks they are choir boys whereas they cheat as much as anyone else.



17 Jun 2018 03:34:39
Lads, a bit Liverpool off topic - more World Cup driven.

I live in Sydney but from London, my mum is from Peru. In true World Cup spirit I bought a shirt but had it sent to my Uk address as I flew in yesterday. Shirt no.1 . It was my birthday last week and some friends bought me a footy shirt - Peru lol ( after I had ordered ) Shirt no.2

Walked into my house yesterday after 30 hours of travelling to be presented with shirt number 3! ( from my Mum who flewin from Lima last week)

Any way, anyone that saw the game was hopefully entertained and for me to watch and be so proud of our players whos were dreadfully unlucky to lose it. If we need a full back Carrillo was unbelievable!

Anyway! Hopefully you can support the Peruvian lads in the next games against France and the aussies ( sorry oz lfc fans! )

Ps well done all the charity game lads. Hamstring stopped my from playing ying this Year.


1.) 17 Jun 2018 04:33:42
Peru are my second team at the World Cup, I hope they give France and Australia a good game.

2.) 17 Jun 2018 07:26:16
Nicest shirt in the tournament.
And I have fond memories of Cubillas' superb free kick with his outstep that flew past Alan Rough at Argentina 1978.
I'd forgotten that Rough had a perm though.
All the best for the rest of the competition.

I wonder if Karius has a Scottish great great grandfather or something, lol?

3.) 17 Jun 2018 08:01:41
Ok, Peru it is 👍 pretty outraged that there is no Peruvian flag on my emoji list 😡.

4.) 17 Jun 2018 09:07:26
I thought Peru were entertaining in yesterdays game and very unlucky - ill certainly be rooting for them in future group games.

5.) 17 Jun 2018 09:47:12
Peru were great. But of luck and they’d have won the game, let alone draw it.

6.) 17 Jun 2018 17:43:39
They were great, fans were great, loads of fun and shame they didn't get the win. Someone needs to tell them to calm down at crucial moments. They played with so much emotion that they kept losing their head at vital times. Very entertaining though, the sort of team that makes the World Cup so special.

7.) 17 Jun 2018 17:44:09
Nice story but i am an Aussie so the best i can offer is that i hope you enjoy the experience.



26 May 2018 13:22:43
I was going to say. should I stay with her!? Lol.


{Ed001's Note - nope.}



26 May 2018 13:21:58
At a 40th birthday in Sydney, 10.20 pm. Forgot my scarf, wanted to go back in the taxi but wasn’t allowed. Now getting death stares for being ok here.




06 Apr 2018 15:29:10
I’ve never commented on any other site other than ours, just popped on to man utd site and they seem to think pogba is worth more than 160mil cos that what Mbappe sold for. Have I lost my mind or is something Amiss here? I couldn’t see anyone paying the 90 mil they paid for him let alone more.


1.) 06 Apr 2018 16:05:53
I wouldn't pay over 40m for pogba, decent player but so far hasn't been anything special. he still has the potential though plus he's got a good physical side to his game but i just don't see it working out for him in the prem, he needs to go to a league which is slower paced i think. He stood out in italy but bang average in the prem.

Utd as usual will probably lose money on him if sold, they already sold him once for 5m was it? Even the Sanchez on a free is costing them obscene wages and so far he's looked very poor. it's their speciality remember depay! makes the firmino transfer look like a bank robbery ;)

2.) 06 Apr 2018 16:12:34
man utd still think they are a power house club that everyone wants to play for, they are not neither is jose a manager everyone wants to play for. problem is both are used to being exactly that and have not adapted to the fact this is no longer Sir Alex Fergusons man utd but a pale imitation.

3.) 06 Apr 2018 17:09:57
Pogba is special not used properly.

4.) 06 Apr 2018 17:40:44
I would sign Pogba for about 40m and make him part of the midfield rotation, not the focal point. Why? Cos that was his role at Juve with Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio as those doing the business and made him play his game. Such a player should NOT be anywhere near being worth even 45m.

{Ed004's Note - Pogba would go for atleast double that if not treble that. Bar De Gea he's the best player in the team that's sitting second in the league. He can't be all that bad}

5.) 06 Apr 2018 17:58:40
The Ox is better than Pogba 🤝.

6.) 06 Apr 2018 19:56:17
pogba makes joe allen look world class. :)

7.) 06 Apr 2018 20:07:58
Ed 04 is that sarcasm?

{Ed004's Note - Is what sarcasm? You'll find a lot of Utd fans that will say he's our best outfield player. He's had a poor few months but carried us at the start of the season.}

8.) 06 Apr 2018 20:42:28
Teams will pay a premium for pogba because of wuaat he CAN do.

9.) 06 Apr 2018 21:02:39
Pogba is an absolute beast of a player being horribly misused at Utd in my opinion. People saying he’s a bad player should realise that. This said, even playing under Mourinho stifling style you would expect a little better from him than he has recently been but every player has down days. All this said though, I certainly don’t see anyone paying more than what Utd paid for him again, unless of course Mourinho goes and he gets used properly and is allowed to showcase his real and obvious talent.

{Ed025's Note - he has talent westwood thats not in question, what is in question is his heart, application and commitment mate..

10.) 06 Apr 2018 21:16:49
Half of his value is based on his media and marketing profile. Even in the current climate, I can't see United making a profit on him.
Ed004 is correct in that Pogba was a standout performer in the first half a dozen or so games when United were more positive and scoring goals. Since October, De Gea has been the player carrying the rest of the team. If Pogba had the mentality of players from a previous era, then he may well be one of the standout players in Europe.

11.) 06 Apr 2018 21:28:35
The ox comment made me laugh Ron :)

12.) 06 Apr 2018 21:24:45
I like pogba as a player. To be honest, if milner, lalana, can are leaving, grucic not ready. Hendo, pogbba and Keira with the ox and wijneindum. With the academy players. That would do me:-)

13.) 06 Apr 2018 21:29:17
Pogba was offered to Man city in January. Pep has confirmed it in the presser.

14.) 06 Apr 2018 22:54:04
Ed04, Pogba is already worth double 45m (he was bought for 89m rising to over 100m) and he is still playing crap cos the who was bought for that amount. His talent is not in question, like you say. It is everything else like his heart and determination as well as being used by a clueless manager who only knows how to destroy players (unlike his past) just to suit his way of playing which is like watching paint dry.

I watched Pogba a lot in Serie A and he played on the left of a midfield 3 (in a 3-5-2 formation under Conte) and then on the left of a 4-4-2 diamond under Allegri and those were his best years. He was not THE guy pulling strings cos that was Pirlo's role. Pogba was part of the supporting cast with Vidal, Marchisio etc. and that worked for him. You cannot compare those top players to the likes of even Matic, Mata and the McTominay's of this world. That is just a fact of life. Mou is trying to make him what he is not, at least not yet and that I'm afraid, is the problem. Pogba was never a leader at Juve. He was just one of the lieutenants and that was it.

15.) 07 Apr 2018 13:23:33
2 things about Pogba. He cares more about his image than Man Utd and leading on from that, if he played for a more expansive team we'd see a whole different Pogba. He's got all the ingredients but Jose can't bake them right pie for him.




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04 Sep 2019 11:30:26
yes, its really important we replace players that don't make the first team squad.




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06 Aug 2019 22:56:33
Johnny, I think his wage demands were high to go to utd cos it’s is a step down and no CL football. He clearly didn’t want to go there unless they over compensated him.




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06 Aug 2019 11:22:24
you can't just put buy back clauses in for the sake of it. you'll get less money upfront and less interest in people buying them. let players move on for good.




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05 Aug 2019 14:26:36
Good luck Migs. Pretty happy with Adrian, thought he was great for west ham.




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05 Aug 2019 04:08:49
i'm sure it was 6times ( who I assume was 5times prior) that put the ox down on every post for weeks before and after we signed him. maybe time to admit you're not the best judge of a player!





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14 Oct 2019 03:31:31
ED25, if you think Hendo is an embarrassment (captain of the CL winning team) in an England shirt what does that make Keane and pickford? those 2 Leading the England back line having shipped 13 goals in 8 games and dragging the club into a relegation dogfight. those 2 give me hope I might be able to win an England cap. lol.


{Ed025's Note - they are just as bad if not worse swish, hendo does a job at liverpool but should be nowhere near the national side, he does try hard though..



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12 Oct 2019 04:25:48
500 mil player that he only play for 6 minutes a game and the odd start in the carabao cup. Pep will spend big to replace silva.




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08 Oct 2019 10:41:46
ArAY, of course those clubs will pay big fees for players at their peak, hazard is 28 and just went to madrid for 100 mil+, grizeman 28 went to Barcelona for 100+, suarez to Barcelona for big money at 27, higuain to juve for big money at 27/ 28 etc. Neymar will be 28 next summer and there will clubs trying to pay big money for him- that just examples of the clubs you mentioned. If he's the player they want, him being 28 won't be the deciding factor. ( as demonstrated in this summers' window)




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17 Sep 2019 14:34:58
Ignore Walter . Last season he thought arsenal would finish above us and thinks we should have bought butland instead of Allison. No reasoning with some people.




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14 Sep 2019 12:19:12
does seem a bizarre decision to sack the valencia coach this season. seems like what he is saying probably isn't too far from the truth.


{Ed002's Note - It was not a shock to anyone except the coach himself. It was also largely a self-inflicted wound - although there is mitigation the club having the owner that they and the involvement of a third party. The coach should have been listening and not taling about three players.}