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27 May 2018 12:20:57
Interesting Napoli came out and supported karius almost immediately saying anyone can have a bad game. probably the understatement of the year but whilst you wouldn't wish that on anyone I think he's a busted flush at Liverpool now and this could a possibility for him?

We'll wait and see I guess .


{Ed002's Note - Oddly enough they might be a solution for Mignolet.}

1.) 27 May 2018 12:28:10
Do you think they'd take both ed02?

{Ed002's Note - Maybe they will take all of the Liverpool players.}

2.) 27 May 2018 13:14:27
What world do you live in? Team psts encouring words for a keeper who screwed up = means they want him.

Just a post, no more.

3.) 27 May 2018 13:26:44
Just a decent thing to do as well.



01 May 2018 09:11:36
Ed 001
Any known interest in fulhams right back Ryan fredericks? Available on a free in the summer and looks to be a good fit to JKs way of playing.

Or are we still on the naughty step with Fulham?


{Ed001's Note - from us? A little but it is Spurs who are particularly keen.}

1.) 01 May 2018 11:39:23
Is there a young English player in the Championship that Spurs aren't particularly keen on?

2.) 01 May 2018 13:06:20
I have season tickets at Fulham and have watched this lad a lot (although less this year as I’ve been based in Dubai the past few months) .

I don’t think he is what we need. He is absolutely lightning fast but his delivery is just so so so poor. The number of times this season and last that he has been released down the right flank, beats his man for pace, and all his has to do is do a simple cross. but 9/ 10 he fluffs it up. It’s beyond frustrating to say the least! I would advise we look elsewhere.

Red Sandman.

3.) 01 May 2018 14:15:49
Robbo was accused of the same thing but seems to have sorted it out down the left. Haven't seen a lot of this kid but his crossing seemed ok to me.

He was ex spurs youth I think but given the conveyor belt of full backs they did have I guess he tried elsewhere. If we need a RB as some suggest on here then he looks a good option to me.

4.) 01 May 2018 22:06:48
Teaching someone to cross is not difficult.



11 May 2015 18:29:05
Q for the eds ref the strike in Spain over money distribution for the league

Does ffp not play a part here? At least as part of the argument ? How can two clubs getting all the money be fair?

I post as a tenuous link to Liverpool being paid more last year than others for tv appearances!


{Ed002's Note - Meetings have been held including representatives of the French FFF and Spanish RFEF to discuss their concerns over the new EPL television deal and the deal Real Madrid and Barcelona has in Spain. They approached UEFA with a view to capping TV income in the same way as commercial sponsorship for the purposes of FFP. No resolution is in place. This upsets EPL clubs, Bundesliga clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona. The other get support from other nations such as Italy and the Netherlands should they ask for it. The further complication relates to what happens when the breakaway clubs run for the pan-European league. The Spanish club know that opens up the Real Madrid and Barcelona second string sides to La Liga - so they want assurances that (a) they can only use the extant stadia, and not the main stadia, and (b) the television rights will then be shared equally - regardless. This has been raised in a meeting of the breakaway sides in Monte Carlo last year with UEFA present and an unbiased journalist sat in to moderate - at the agreement of all parties. It remains partially resolved only. From this you may just be able to figure out the names of the two clubs looking to accelerate the pan-European league breakaway.}

1.) 11 May 2015 22:13:27
Has UEFA always been involved in these sorts of discussions, Ed002? I always sort of assumed they were not invited to the party, so to speak.

{Ed002's Note - Normally no. They were invited due to the concerns of Spanish sides.}

2.) 11 May 2015 23:07:14
Ed2 barca and Real Madrid the 2 clubs yea??



13 Jan 2015 03:31:32
Arbeloa back to Liverpool? Surely not!


1.) 13 Jan 2015 07:22:16
9th RB just what is needed



31 Jan 2014 22:28:58
Helicopter over melwood. just saying!


1.) 31 Jan 2014 22:38:53
It's .Mike One.the Police Helicopter!

2.) 31 Jan 2014 22:39:58

3.) They're chasing a black Volvo s60 full of lids.

4.) Just seen that myself think ian ayre was hanging out of it john Henry holding his legs

5.) Didn't say it wasn't just said it as an helicopter!

6.) That's only 2miles from Norris green you know, probably Noggy dogs fighting with the crocks crew again and the Matrix are after them




Marshy's banter posts with other poster's replies to Marshy's banter posts


03 Aug 2018 20:18:06
Jesus! Watching reading Derby game just saw frank lampards outfit, he looks like Harry hill!

Needs to sort those collars out!




15 Jun 2018 19:47:54
OMG! De Gea just had a ray clemence vs Scotland moment!

Bet Karius is feeling a little better tonight!


1.) 15 Jun 2018 20:41:18
DDG pulled a Rob Green vs USA in 2010, if not worse. Sorry, ITK's BUT the mutant is human, after all.



07 Jun 2018 10:14:08
Thanks macca for the info as always. Ref the goalkeeper situation and the comments on Butland one can only assume Butland was 'competition' for the jersey whereas now they're looking to make a complete 'No 1' goalkeeper statement. I can't see it any other way.


1.) 07 Jun 2018 12:49:16
Or he’s gone to the World Cup and they’re waiting until he returns?



06 Jun 2018 16:26:01
Hi eds ref Karius do we know what prompted the tests he has undertaken? Did he complain of symptoms at some point?

Just curious really as there's talk of the tests but nothing to explain why they were undertaken some days after the incident.


{Ed001's Note - he was sick on holiday and phoned the club so they sent him to the Boston clinic.}

1.) 06 Jun 2018 16:53:55
Ed’s, It’s great to see that the club looks after the players to that extent but it’s got me thinking. If that was the rest of us we would seek medical attention when we need it and not phone work first. I assume the club make sure that it’s their own trusted professionals and partnerships that looks after their investment but my question is to what extend does the clubs assist with players’ lives and how reliant are the players on their clubs?

{Ed001's Note - he phoned the club because they have the best medical staff on hand. Plus he was in a foreign country and probably wasn't sure what to do. They don't really do enough imo, clubs I mean, to assist with players' lives. Anyone who has moved abroad at any point knows how difficult it is to adjust without help. The club should provide them a lot more help in the early stages.}

2.) 06 Jun 2018 17:26:55
Didn't United assign someone to Pogba to help him move and settle etc?
I know they get aid without Housing and moving costs but I always assumed the club would do it all, show them around the city etc, is that not how it is ed?

{Ed001's Note - some clubs do more than others, with regards to player liaisons to help them settle in to a country and sort out places for them to look at, ensure they aren't ripped off etc. Chelsea are certainly known as one of the better clubs in this regard. LFC have a lot to catch up on, but they are just one of many clubs that seem to neglect the care of their primary asset's wellbeing away from the pitch.}

3.) 07 Jun 2018 01:22:58
Apologies for the late response but thanks for the response ed. Chelsea always seem to crop up as a team that gets a lot of things right.

{Ed001's Note - like everything in life, they get some things right and some things wrong. In this area they are ahead of the curve in the Prem.}



06 Jun 2018 09:20:11
Maybe the eds should consider a 'Dear Sergio' tab so we can ask medical related questions to Mr Ramos, as he seems to be such an authority in this field.


1.) 06 Jun 2018 10:47:22
Add Courtois, Sutton and Kroos to the helpline as well.

Takes a real piece of "so and so" to question a medical result from an independent professional. They are essentially implying we bribed a doctor to write and release a false diagnosis to make a hollow excuse.

I've not seen anybody from Liverpool blame this for the result. That seems to be a presumption made by uneducated scum who support other clubs and want an excuse to troll.

It is a massive shame that people are incapable of understanding that this is a bigger issue than somebody losing a bloody football match. This is literally a matter of life or death. Football has to change. We can never allow a player to go 5 days before being diagnosed ever again. Karius could literally have died in his sleep because of complete and utter negligence. And Ramos's lack of remorse is vile.

{Ed001's Note - my biggest question is - where on earth is the PFA on this matter? They are supposed to be protecting their members' safety and wellbeing.}

2.) 06 Jun 2018 10:57:10
I really worry about how this lad is going to safely carry on with his career. There have been smart comments suggesting I just want rid of him, but that is not the issue for me.
Every time he has to make a leap for a ball in a crowded penalty box he is going to be scared for his welfare and so am I as a spectator. It’s horrible for the lad and the shocking thing is it seems it’s going to take ANOTHER tragedy for anyone to take it seriously.
Some very serious conversations need to be had as son as possible in my opinion 🤝.

3.) 06 Jun 2018 10:59:09
It's disgraceful Ed001. It has put a dark cloud over the sport. It is truly embarrassing. The BBC should be ashamed of themselves for publishing Sutton's bile. God knows what his former team mate Shearer must be thinking. His excellent documentary on head injuries in football has been shredded to pieces by this deplorable lack of compassion and education. Clearly, nobody learned a damn thing.

{Ed001's Note - I doubt Shearer will care unless it involves him. His only concern is himself, hence why doing the doc bothered him so much.}

4.) 06 Jun 2018 11:09:23
You're probably correct Tris. Amazing how he has gone from being so passionate on the subject, to literally remaining silent over a major incident. Perhaps he cares more about public opinion than what he believes in.

I have to say by the way, that most of the educated discussion on this is coming from the Irish media. Kudos to them for being mature and serious about the issue. Shame my fellow Englishmen in the media are complete morons but at least their is a voice of reason. I imagine brain injury has to be taken very seriously when Hurling and Rugby are arguably the most popular sports!

5.) 06 Jun 2018 12:16:03
Hi MK. Rugby would be rated 4th most popular at best over here competing with boxing. Gaelic football, Hurling, Soccer would be top 3. Get a lot of concussion releated issues in our football too as it is very physical. Even at small club level it is taken very seriously.

Karius deserves to be shown that he will never walk alone now above all other times.

6.) 06 Jun 2018 12:28:42
To be fair MKS you must remember that everybody is an expert. The nature of Salah's fall for example could have caused glenohumeral subluxation/ dislocation, acromioclavicular joint sprain (most likely I would guess), rotator cuff injury, fracture or subacromial impingement to name but a few. However we must take in to light as highlighted by Dr Ramos that every shoulder injury is identical and if he has injured his shoulder before then somebody else's must have the identical prognosis and response to treatment. As for the unsympathetic responses from his fellow professionals it just again goes to show that cynicism rules over compassion. Again as Dr Courtois made us aware yesterday that every brain and head injury are identical and respond in the same way! A true lack of intelligence and understanding has been on display from most in response to Karius' concussion least of all our own medical department.

I must also say that the lack of action taken in response to a keeper being floored from the official behind the goal was also embarrassing. The information that has come to light about the injury should be a wake up call and an opportunity for the sport to right some wrongs but instead seems to have conjured an opportunity for others to twist the knife and call somebody out for something they know very little about.

I thought the protocol mentioned yesterday by somebody regarding the NRL in Oz seemed a very plausible and ideal solution to managing concussion cases without impacting a match.


7.) 06 Jun 2018 12:41:22
Red One, I'm pleased to hear that at least one country takes it seriously! And I completely agree on showing Karius support.

Greggers that was a very good post mate. 100% agree and you've perfectly highlighted how pathetic the likes of Ramos and Courtois are.

I think I may have read about that protocol. Are you referring to the suggestion that you get a free substitution for the head injury to be properly assessed by an independent head injury expert, and that if the player is okay you can sub them back on? I thought that was a good idea. Would allow us more chance to properly diagnose head injuries without having to stop the game for 20-30 minutes. It also prevents club medical staff from being pressured into patching up who are unfot to continue and sending them back out!

8.) 06 Jun 2018 12:44:15
May be that is why we are looking at a new keeper Ron. Nobody knows what is going on with Karius. I am not sure if he is under any kind of treatment to be fair or he needs one? What we know is Klopp is desperately looking for a new keeper and a very good one which indicates either Karius won’t fully recover from that collision or he might need a break.

9.) 06 Jun 2018 13:10:09
Yeah, that was the one. I think a 15 minute period where you have a free sub unless if the injured player does have to stay off then that substitution becomes one of the allocated 3. In fact it would be less time consuming as the potentially concussed player would be taken off the pitch more quickly and allow the game to run rather than having to treat the player for a sustained period on the pitch.


10.) 06 Jun 2018 13:13:05
Red One probably has a very good point there, the most sensible discussion comes from places where head trauma is much more common and where the average person will understand it better. But you're absolutely right - it's ridiculous, including the conspiracy theories that a world leading hospital would risk the billions of dollars in income by being complicity in a false diagnosis just to support a Liverpool keeper (or alternatively, to help boost the value of the keeper) . Supposedly because John Henry either donates to the hospital, is on the board of the hospital or knows someone on the hospital board. You really can't make up the depths some people will go to.

11.) 06 Jun 2018 13:42:17
Greggers - that still puts pressure on player to return to the game, potentially against medical advice (subs could be gone for example) . We just need the potential for injury subs, with massive (and I really mean massive) penalties for clubs and medical professionals found to be abusing this rule - potentially league appointed third party doctors assessing players for signs of head trauma and video refs to ensure that an incident that could potentially cause head trauma did occur, rather than the usual tap on the upper arm leading to players going down clutching their skull.

{Ed001's Note - the medics examining it need to be independent.}




Marshy's rumour replies


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01 Aug 2018 22:46:37
Those 9 you mention ed025 I reckon would still spank your lot!


{Ed025's Note - nah marshy, dont get me wrong we are not great but we are talking perennial underachievers here mate, of course you cant have all worldies in your squad but most of that lot need a new accrington or somewhere..



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01 Aug 2018 19:53:41
Surprised your bitters haven't put a bid in for him then ed025.


{Ed025's Note - we have enough prima-donnas marshy the last thing we need is another one mate, he should go on the scrap heap with the likes of ings, mignolet, karius, origi, ojo, grujic, clyne and moreno, sell the lot or swap them for a twix..



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29 Jun 2018 21:42:51
Stop now please.




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23 Jun 2018 07:54:42
I'd love a decent rumour!




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08 Jun 2018 09:03:51
Thank god the ex German international Stephan Kuntz has retired!





Marshy's banter replies


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07 Jan 2019 10:55:26
7-0 against Spurs in 1978 with Terry Mac's header. still my favourite Anfield goal. If you haven't seen it, get on you tube.




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28 Dec 2018 23:21:47
And long may it continue, though he'll have to up his game if he's going to match Chelsea's floor hugging exercises.


{Ed002's Note - This is what makes the Liverpool supporters so embarrassing - you want to make everything about someone else. Always, always an excuse thatt it is someone else's fault.}



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03 Dec 2018 16:06:40
He can't really complain can he? it was a bit OTT.




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22 Nov 2018 13:15:43
Remember Benitez having a go at Drogba for falling down in the 1st semi final champions league 2008? he definitely didn't fall down in the second leg! bit of a tool there Rafa.




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01 Nov 2018 12:34:21
Hey Irish. imagine if he was on the table again, definitely not something you want you're kids looking up to!