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21 Dec 2018 23:57:26
Tell you what, if Brazilian lemons are as good as Fabinho I’m going to bin the Jif next pancake day!

Bobbys Blinders

1.) 22 Dec 2018 12:22:36
I've long since left Liverpool, but what I wouldn't give to be a travelling supporter in the away end at the end of another solid win and see the Jurgenmeister giving it the fist pump to the Liverpool fans. I know a number on here do travel away. how good does that feel?



14 Dec 2018 20:09:42
With all the Alisson love at the moment I thought I’d post an observation that you really don’t hear people talk about with keepers and that is pace. He has genuine pace and brilliant acceleration from a standing start.
It not only helps when he’s sweeping up behind the defence but it helps him move his feet quickly to make saves and in particular helps him close the angle quickly on one on ones and forces the striker to rush.
Just wondering if anyone else had noticed it because I really don’t think I’ve ever really considered it being a major asset for a keeper before.

Bobbys Blinders

{Ed025's Note - all he is short of really bobby is a red cape and to wear his undies over his kecks.. :)

1.) 14 Dec 2018 20:23:25
I think he’s actually got those Ed ;-)

{Ed025's Note - your probably right bobby.. :)

2.) 14 Dec 2018 21:14:10
He's the best human being in history. Pace of Usain Bolt, agility of Tom Daley, strength of Dwayne Johnson, good looks of Chris Hemsworth, goalkeeping ability of Lev Yashin, passing of Xabi Alonso, intelligence of Stephen Hawking, modesty of Mahatma Ghandi, and the touch of Diego Maradonna. Did I mention his voice is more beautiful than that of Celine Dion?

{Ed025's Note - i see a bit of a man crush developing there MK, playing devils advocate i think hes a very good keeper who is having an amazing run of good luck, he has saved shots with his leg, stomach, arse, and inner thigh in the last few weeks mate and i know thats spreading yourself well but most of the time they still end up in the back of the net, that sort of luck does not last forever and i just hope you stand by him when it turns..

3.) 14 Dec 2018 21:51:28
I can hear your teeth grinding from here Ed 😃.

{Ed025's Note - i cant juicer, they are in the bathroom on the shelf mate.. :)

4.) 14 Dec 2018 21:51:40
Reminds me of a certain De Gea ed25.

All the luck in the world with some of his saves!

{Ed025's Note - the better you play the luckier you get they say drogie, i actually think alisson is ahead of de gea at this point mate..

5.) 14 Dec 2018 22:09:23
I've got a man crush on Alison too, but got to say Eds025 is running him close, teeth in a jar in the bathroom is a shoein. 😁.

{Ed025's Note - when i put them in IDLLK im a dead ringer for bobby ...alas when they are out its steptoe im afraid mate.. :)

6.) 14 Dec 2018 22:21:55
'they are in the bathroom on the shelf mate'

Hahaha love it Ed!

7.) 15 Dec 2018 01:10:24
Well i agree with nearly all, but Ghandi was far from modest.

8.) 15 Dec 2018 06:42:09
Love it eds 25. 😂😂
Mk scouser where have you been hiding?

9.) 15 Dec 2018 07:03:25
ed025 teeth in the bathroom u just killed it man haha.

10.) 15 Dec 2018 09:01:17

Alisson is that good he should really be wearing his pants over his shorts.

Next season will see a cape added to the keeper top for sure.

{Ed025's Note - things can change very quickly when it comes to keepers wolverine, todays superman can become next seasons mr bean mate..

11.) 15 Dec 2018 10:14:27
It's standard operating procedure, Ed025. After we bought him and at the start of the season he was supposedly not as good as Pickford, De Gea, Courtois, Kepa and Oblak and others. Now that he is being called "the best goalkeeper in the World" by many, he is being considered "just very lucky". And there are still people criticizing him and there undoubtedly will be even if he has clean sheets for the rest of the season. Basically, "and the beat goes on". 😉.

{Ed025's Note - i cant knock the start he has had ArAy, they say you make your own luck in this game mate so good luck to him..

12.) 15 Dec 2018 11:20:46
I appreciate your candor Ed25, gritted/ grinding teeth notwithstanding. As for Allison, I don't believe it is just luck, as some define it to be. Luck can be defined as "when preparation meets opportunity". I see this in Allison. The guy is supper-concentrated for all 95 mins. He can have near nothing to do all game long like vs Napoli and STILL pull out a season-saving stop like vs Everton or Napoli. That is not luck. That is a guy who works hard on his craft, doesn't talk to the media and now to some extent, is getting into opposition teams' head.

I also agree that the more you play, the luckier you get BUT in this case, the harder you work, the luckier you get. Why? Cos if you are always at the ready, you will see things before they happen and snuff it out. or as they say in the NFL, "The field becomes smaller as you work harder and prepare intensively". Allison is the best GK right now in the PL. In Europe? We shall see.

{Ed025's Note - its not all luck red wolf the guy has made 2 world class blocks but luck does have a part to play, if the ball hits his thigh and goes in against gomes in the derby and then VVD,s miss kick goes over the bar then you lose, in the same way that his save in the napoli game knocks you out, luck certainly has a part to play in all games but its not totally down to that mate..

13.) 15 Dec 2018 20:04:42
At work longthing76. Been working 60-70 hour weeks. I'm off until the 14th of January though so I may be bothering you guys again for a while!

{Ed025's Note - nice to hear it mate..



10 Dec 2018 21:27:13
What happened there? Everton were winning, I went out to make a cuppa come back and they’re 2-1 down and Siggurdson is missing a pen! It’s a funny old game! Well I’m laughing anyway! 😂.

Bobbys Blinders

1.) 10 Dec 2018 23:39:37
The Everton comedy goals DVD is going to be great this season.



08 Dec 2018 00:44:01
Just watching the debate on Sky and if I could ring their necks I would. They’ve made Klopp’s comments all about that one tackle by Mee on Gomez when that is really not what he said! It was the tackles previous to that on Gomez and Moreno in particular when they made sure to go through the player after the ball had gone!
If you’re going to debate a point then at least debate the right bloody point you absolute imbeciles!
Sorry guys needed to vent but had no one else to vent to! Thanks for listening ;)

Bobbys Blinders

{Ed033's Note - You've got some big rings that fit around people's necks?

1.) 08 Dec 2018 05:29:33
I would avoid that show if I were you, I think you can actually lose IQ points, it will rot away your brain trying to reach the levels of stupid on display.

2.) 08 Dec 2018 08:45:50
Not just there talk sport are very bad for it they love too cause some drama for the big talking point of the day.

3.) 08 Dec 2018 10:33:28
Sorry Ed I was angry! I’ve calmed down now so I can see my error, I did of course mean wring.
Cheers for the support guys and I agree it was a moment of madness even watching the show never mind the stupidity of actually falling for it! Played right into their hands there didn’t I?!

{Ed001's Note - we have all done it, the key is to learn from it and avoid it in future!}

4.) 08 Dec 2018 10:41:59
And this is why I watch/ listen to none of them. Full of overpaid gobsh*tes who pretend like they know what they're talking about when in fact they haven't got a clue lol I can't handle that. You have Ed1 or Ed2 on one of these programs then sure it's worth the watch because they know what they're talking about! Not many people in the know though that's the problem, these fellas speak out of their arses and their main objective is trying to make what they say come across as believable! Not for me.

{Ed001's Note - I think the problem is they are deliberately being obtuse to entice people into calling in to complain on a premium rate number personally.}

5.) 08 Dec 2018 10:49:05
Hahaha about right there Ed mate.

{Ed001's Note - talk****e do it as well and now Radio 5 live. It is wrong and should be banned. The phone lines should not be allowed to be premium rate and then I bet we would soon see those kind of shows junked.}

6.) 08 Dec 2018 11:02:03
It’s so annoying isn’t it? You tune in to sporting broadcasts to watch or listen to some interesting, insightful, maybe even educational debate and all you get is a bunch of imbecilic ex professionals, cross eyed, bouncing up and down on the desk and bashing themselves over head with a wooden club.

I realise the broadcasters like to create stories, agendas and emphasis on certain baseless nonsense, but I just don’t understand why they put such buffoons on their programmes. Is it because most of the audience are equally as stupid or because buffoons can debate nonsense for longer? Like throwing a Rubik’s cube in a cage of monkeys and watching them try to hit things with it, thereby engaging the viewer through annoyance of the sapien ineptitude.

Well thanks for getting me going there BB!

7.) 08 Dec 2018 11:02:10
I know Ed mate, I'd hate to think of how much they cost but I bet its at least a fiver now, robbing buggers. Same goes for them text messages though isn't it, you text a 5 digit number I think and it can cost you a bloody fortune! So not only do they enjoy pissing people off, they take pleasure in robbing you whilst doing so! I can't and won't support anything like that, it's wrong on too many levels and the sad thing is, they're all doing it! Like you correctly say though, they take this away and we'd see the whole lot crash down, I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep.

{Ed001's Note - I am so glad to be away from all that rubbish now.}



02 Dec 2018 18:39:24
One for Ed25 here. Fabinho absolutely bossed Gomes in midfield. Gomes is ok but Fabinho is on a different level.
I do understand how you think Gomes is so good as he’s probably the best you e seen at Everton for a good while.
Fabinho though is a better player and he comprehensively proved that today.

Bobbys Blinders

{Ed025's Note - i really dont know what game you watched bobby, but gomes was the best midfielder on show there mate..

1.) 02 Dec 2018 22:07:37
I thought both players mentioned, played well.

2.) 02 Dec 2018 22:13:09
I will have to agree with Ed25 here but not in the way he thinks. Gomez had a very good game. So did Fab, really. Now was Gomez the best mid on the pitch? I don't think so cos the game was pretty ragged in midfield and he lost as many balls in midfield as the other mid's on the pitch so I'd call that a stalemate.

3.) 02 Dec 2018 22:15:55
Fabinho was ok today, but have to agree about Gomes. He does look pretty class to be honest. Based on chances I think it deserved to be Liverpool’s day today, but that’s a sickening end for the blues. You’re prediction was pretty spot on Ed.

{Ed025's Note - a draw would have been the fairest thing RITRW, but we move on and im pretty proud of our guys mate..

4.) 02 Dec 2018 22:17:58
Fabinho for me played his best game for LFC but Gomes was very good and certainly not the player I watched for Barca. I actually had to check if it was the same player.

5.) 02 Dec 2018 22:36:04
Ed's 025 your team did u proud, you called the result pretty much, I think you guys are on the up for sure.

{Ed025's Note - nice one mate, i think so too..

6.) 02 Dec 2018 22:39:46
I thought Fabinho was the best midfielder by far and he was only a 7/ 10 at best. I forgot Wijnaldum and Sigurdsson were even playing. Gomes should've conceded a penalty for deliberately swiping Salah in the face and did nothing else but a few aimless runs. Gana was incompetent at even the basics. Keita did nothing when he came on either.

The amount of Everton passes that trickled tamely out for throw ins was embarassing, and aside from Fabinho everyone in our midfield was hiding from the ball. It was a real scrappy game that was occasionally lit up by Mane, Firmino, Bernard or Richarlison. Neither set of players showed up but one team found a way to win.

{Ed025's Note - say no to drugs..

7.) 02 Dec 2018 23:32:55
Not buying the Gomes hype at all today.

He showed good technique with a few passes and produced a good highlights reel, but over the whole 90 minutes, I thought he floated in and out of the game. In what way did he have more genuine influence over the match than, let's say Wijnaldum? None whatsoever in as far as I can tell. Didn't seem to be on the ball more than any other midfielder, didn't put in loads of tackles that I recall. Got into the box once to miss a header from 2 yards. Certainly didn't control the game unless 42% possession and second best for all but two 10-15 minute spells in either half is your idea of control.

Clearly very technically adept and become a very good player with the right coaching, but a sprinkling of good moments doesn't make a top class midfielder.

If Jordan Henderson returned the exact same performance for us that Gomes did for Everton today, I reckon people would hammer him as being anonymous.

8.) 02 Dec 2018 23:48:57
Mk I think that’s quite red tinted! We gave away a lot of possession and we were cut open a few times. One day mane could have had a couple, but another we could have been 2-0 down.

9.) 03 Dec 2018 00:29:56
Got to agree with Ed 025 there, Gomes was probably one of, if not the best player on the pitch for me. Best midfielder I’ve seen at Everton since probably Areta. I’d of said a draw would of been a fair result aswell but there’s nothing better than a late winner against the Ev.

10.) 03 Dec 2018 04:06:28
Gomes looked decent at times but when you're playing alongside headless chicken like Gueye, it's hard not to look half good. Just glad he didn't score or we'd never have heard the end of it from ed025!

11.) 02 Dec 2018 23:29:10
Yea can’t argue with that and I couldn’t have really complained at all with a draw. This Everton team looks like like it could be the best i’ve seen if they carry on this way. Hard to take but definitely exciting for you lot going forward.

12.) 02 Dec 2018 23:46:34
Watch the game again Ed25. Fabinho was constantly breaking up your play and never gave the ball away. Gomes on the other hand didn’t make a single tackle and consistently gave the ball away. He tried though
Don’t get me wrong he’s an ok player. But the difference is someone who does well for Everton is nowhere near good enough for Liverpool.

{Ed025's Note - i expect you to be biased bobby, but even for you this is hitting heights of epic proportions mate..

13.) 03 Dec 2018 07:04:57
I personally think gomes was the best midfielder in last game. Always kept the cool head and distribution was good.

14.) 03 Dec 2018 07:12:32
Thought Gomes was pretty decent first half, less so the second. I thought Fabinho let a few runners get through him early on which helped Everton get chances and he did have a few missed passes. That was all in the first half. He stepped up when nothing else was happening in the middle and was for me the biggest reason Everton were nullified for second half. Delighted with his showing. I wonder will Everton manage to hold on to Gomez though or is it a loan to buy?

{Ed025's Note - no its just a loan aoe, barca will either take him back or make us pay a fortune for him mate..

15.) 03 Dec 2018 13:55:34
Defo kismet that Origi got the winner like that. Payback me thinks.

16.) 03 Dec 2018 13:56:10
Gomez wasn’t even the best Gomez on the pitch today.




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18 Jan 2019 16:07:28
I know Amerigo it’s obscene what these players get paid these days!

Bobbys Blinders



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17 Jan 2019 21:30:13
Think I heard that one too. Something about a horse, a goat and 50 kilos of Nutella?

Bobbys Blinders



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15 Jan 2019 21:24:44
Epic every player you mentioned there is a forward or winger where you can afford to make more mistakes. At the back you simply can’t. If we had a 16 year old at the back Palace would target him with everything they’ve got and it could set him back immeasurably.
Why not just player Milner there who we know we can trust until Gomez and TAA are back. Simples.

Bobbys Blinders



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13 Jan 2019 00:34:23
Juicer on what planet is Couts as quick as Shaqiri? I suggest you look at some videos mate Shaq is miles quicker than Couts could even dream of being.

Bobbys Blinders



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12 Jan 2019 11:39:53
Unbelievable isn’t it? After all that he and Barcelona pulled to get him there a year later they’ve realised he’s not as good as they thought.
I always loved Coutinho but he wasn’t quick enough to play our system properly. Play him in the front 3 and you lose Mane or Salah, play him in midfield and he slows the play too much.
Surely Barcelona will want close to what they paid for him too? He’s simply not worth that.

Bobbys Blinders




Bobbys Blinders's banter replies


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17 Jan 2019 23:50:28
Terribly managed? He’s not an animal who needs to be trained in how to behave!
He needs to work harder to get in the team! Simple! Why does everyone feel sorry for a kid who’s basically mugged us off for 5 years taking a wage that we could be paying someone who actually wants to knuckle down and help the team?
Football is big business and there’s no room for shrinking violets at the top of the game. The lad needs to man up and take some responsibility for the way his career has gone. Its nobody’s fault but his own.

Bobbys Blinders



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17 Jan 2019 23:35:54
Interesting watch that Ed.
Still effects me seeing those scenes that day I was only 12 I remember my mum coming in and saying ‘oh no not our fans causing trouble again’. If this film is to be believed that’s exactly the kind of response they were counting on.
As we’ve all known since it happened there’s much more gone on than meets the eye.
The families have been incredible to get as far as they’ve got but let’s hope the truth comes out soon and those responsible are punished.

Bobbys Blinders



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17 Jan 2019 19:51:17
Ed2 is not the source he just reads tweets from that fat kid from Bolton. He’s the real source ;-)

Bobbys Blinders



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17 Jan 2019 19:55:56
Bang on Naby. He was given a chance that any of us would die for and he’s done absolutely nothing with it. Surely he has to take responsibility for coming to Liverpool and not working hard enough to be in 2 different managers plans?
We owe him nothing he’s taken a hefty wage from us for 5 years and given us nothing in return.

Bobbys Blinders



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17 Jan 2019 17:31:24
I’m with Piff on this. Managers and clubs get hauled over the coals for talking to a player but get lauded for sending spies to hide in bushes and watch opponent’s training sessions?
That just doesn’t seem right to me.
I know you like Bielsa Ed1 but for me what he’s been doing in underhand, deceitful and just downright wrong. As for his press conference I thought he made matters even worse. Genius? Not for me.
I don’t see how talking to a player, who is obviously interested in talking to you or he wouldn’t be there is worse than that.

Bobbys Blinders

{Ed001's Note - no one sent spies to hide in bushes. Utter lies. The man was on a public footpath and it is nothing more than scouting, after all Lampard said he had the same information on Leeds, so what does it matter? There are absolutely no rules against teams watching other teams training sessions. Liverpool in the 80s used to regularly host scouts and coaches who would come to watch training.

Talking to someone else's employee is nothing like the same, it is another ludicrous comparison.}