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03 Jan 2024 09:23:51
Soo, apparently Darwin Nunez have missed 18 clear cut chances in the PL so far this season. Salah have missed 9 but the difference is Salah just keeps going, You could see how annoyed Nunez was with himself after the header he missed yesterday. Hopefully he can learn to forget the misses and focus on scoring the next one. He has everything apart from composure. Just needs to calm down a bit.


1.) 03 Jan 2024 10:30:08
I don’t think that’s something that you can level at Nunez, he always keeps going whenever he misses.

He also contributes plenty when he’s not scoring.

Hopefully he’ll start banging them in soon, if he does he’ll be one of the best players in the league.

2.) 03 Jan 2024 10:46:17
I’m sure Salah does miss chances, Darwin’s seem to be absolute sitters tho.

3.) 03 Jan 2024 11:23:09
It would be amazing if Darwin could add some more goals to his game. But in my opinion he offers so much already, his runs off the ball, his chasing back, his creativity and selflessness in front of the goal to set up team mates in better positions… of course he’s not perfect and it would be great if he got even better, but he’s one of my favourite players already.

4.) 03 Jan 2024 12:09:41
At some point he has to start taking more chances. Some of the sitters have already cost us points. Nunez does offer a lot in all round play but he now doesn’t have Salah there to bail him out. Potential is massive but needs to score more, no doubt about that for me.

5.) 03 Jan 2024 12:19:38
Nunez does everything else for us except score like Mo. Oh and guess what, we don't have another player in our attacking group who does that.

Bit opposite to the OP, because I don't see any signs that Nunez drops his head at all. His assist for Mo, continuous pressing and stretching the D all good signs that outweigh his lower conversion rate.

6.) 03 Jan 2024 13:19:20
He's a 70 odd million striker. He needs more numbers. The goals will come in time though. I think the real issue is because he came in the same time as haaland he will constantly get compared in terms of output but IMO Nunez does more off the ball work than him.

7.) 03 Jan 2024 16:32:39
Mark other than prolly the Luton game, which game did Darwin's misses cost us points esp. since Salah and Jota missed their own sitters in that same game at Luton?

8.) 03 Jan 2024 16:40:21
Spot on, Faithinworks. Darwin is a much better player overall than he was even in the last 3 months let alone last season. His overall game has improved massively and he has become an absolute menace that no defence wants to deal with, IMO.

And like you said, his head never drops no mater what. Just look at the first goal. When the ball comes to him, he could have gotten into his own head and tried to score BUT notice he doesn't. He recognised the assignment and knew that the best decision for the team (not for himself) was to square it to Salah cos we needed to win the game. He chose the team over himself and that is heartening to see, IMO.

That tells me he is becoming even more intelligent than he is given credit for so full marks to him for recognising the situation. To me if his only problem is being consistent and more clinical in his finishing then, majority of the work is done cos he is already a chance/ chance-making magnet.

9.) 03 Jan 2024 18:34:47
Nunez has to be a nightmare to play against. He missed a couple he should have scored against Newcastle to the keeper made 2-3 great stops at the same time. Another day he scores 2-3 maybe more.

10.) 03 Jan 2024 19:32:01
@RedScarFace, I haven’t seen anybody - certainly on this forum - compare Nunez to Haaland. That aside, ho and when will ‘the goals start to come’ for an international forward playing club football? . It’s been a year and a half now.



31 Dec 2023 23:11:43
A poster asked about Olise as a Salah replacement and i don't think it's the worst suggestion, but if they wanted 70 million £ for Doucoure in the summer they would probably ask 100 million + for Olise. Problem is we can't spend that on potential :/.


1.) 01 Jan 2024 00:12:42
We should spend on a proven quality.

2.) 01 Jan 2024 00:18:19
£100m for Olise or £100m for Sane? I’d take the hit on Olise as his ceiling is so high and at 22 he’s just going to get better. He’s an excellent player and done well at every level.

{Ed001's Note - I would rather save the 100m personally.}

3.) 01 Jan 2024 00:45:24
£100m on Sane would be insane though. Mind you, so would a fiver.

{Ed001's Note - he has got the wrong attitude, I would be very surprised if we spent anything on him. He does not meet the recruitment criteria in terms of his person. We want players with the attitude of Salah or, to give an example of someone not at the club, Boniface. Sane is not that kind of person.}

4.) 01 Jan 2024 01:13:55
100% Ed.

{Ed001's Note - I am not convinced Sane is all that good anyway. He can be, but he only turns up when he wants to.}

5.) 01 Jan 2024 01:31:08
Your average player will be £100m soon. I wouldn’t let the figure of a transfer alarm you, because the sales that the club do also will seem of massive value.

6.) 01 Jan 2024 06:15:27
Ed 1 who would you like as replacement for Salah if he was to leave or do you feel Elliott could make that position his own? Thanks and happy new year.

{Ed001's Note - there really isn't anyone I have seen out there. There is no one coming up through the youth system who looks possible either imo. Elliott and Szoboszlai can cover, Bowen looks the best option out there though it would mean changing the way we play.

If we are going to stick with the system we are using with the wide forwards staying wide, then we might actually be better reverting back to an old fashioned winger, rather than inverted forward. Someone who can ping the ball in from wide areas on his right foot, rather than having to cut in on his left every time and narrowing the play. It is fine them doing that when you have a full-back bombing on past them, but without that it makes it too easy to defend against because the winger is just running into bodies. You need the overlap to draw men away. So maybe switch Diaz to the right and play Gakpo on the left. I am not sure Gakpo is comfortable on the right or I would suggest giving him a run there.}

7.) 01 Jan 2024 08:06:52
Dejan Kulysveski for you. Absolutely lethal (best out there in terms of skills and numbers)
I have been mightily impressed by Brennan Johnson as well (purest form of old school winger)

8.) 01 Jan 2024 08:48:16
You’re joking right? Kulysveski? The guys only ever scored 10 league goals in one season at Parma and since then his highest has been 5? You just said Olise isn’t good enough but Olise has got exactly the same stats as him bar 1 goal here or there for the last 3 years? Oh and Olise has actually reached double assists last season? Spurs your new team mate?

9.) 01 Jan 2024 09:24:05
Different players @Kloppers. You are comparing a Stewart downing to Eden Hazard. The inverted system means you want your wingers to stay wide.
If you are on numbers then Vinicius Jr for you.

10.) 01 Jan 2024 09:46:27
Kulysveski reminds me of Dirk Kuyt in some ways, hard working, not the most technically gifted footballer ever, not a bad player but I’d be surprised to say the least if Liverpool even consider Him .

11.) 01 Jan 2024 09:54:20
Oh nearly forgot Happy New Year to all the Ed's and posters. I think the next 4 weeks is going to be busy for you.

12.) 01 Jan 2024 10:04:57
If your after a old school winger we have 1 in Diaz

I actually think Diaz would thrive on the right IMO he looks to shoot far too often when cutting in when their are better options maybe a shift in position wil naturally make him get his head up more to see the game in front of him .

And on top of Diaz szoboslai played right wing at leipzig I think we have the squad as Ed says to cope without salah and endo

Let’s hope their back asap.

13.) 01 Jan 2024 09:50:30
Edd01 I was about to send a post basically asking why we have to replace Mo with a left footed winger on the right. Back in the day the likes of Peter Thompson and Steve Heighway and later Steve McManaman were excellent players on the right. Maybe their goal output was not in the same league as Mo but I am sure their assists were right up there. Surely a couple of wingers pinging in crosses to Darwin or Diogo would increase their goal output. Also having 2 fullbacks with the quality we have over or under lapping would increase our offensive play. Maybe this is to radical in this day and age.

{Ed001's Note - no one wants to do that any more because a cross is a low percentage chance of a goal. But if you are putting loads in you increase your chances of scoring more than making one clearcut high percentage chance anyway.}

14.) 01 Jan 2024 09:29:07
I'd definitely like to see elliot get a run at rw when salah away. different type of player completely but he deserves a shot at it for way he has played this season. Good fi isher elliott.

15.) 01 Jan 2024 11:37:53
A fair point about the low percentage of a goal but as you say the more crosses the greater the chances created. So many teams seem to want to walk the ball into the net but get crowded out by bodies in the box. In Trent we have one of the best crosses in football. Love it when used to overlap the winger and ping a cross from the bye line. I just think Darwin would thrive when quality balls are played in to him.

16.) 01 Jan 2024 11:39:50
@Kloppers, I fully agree. Kuluszewski is bang average and Im not even the one saying that. It is many in the Spurs fan base who are saying that. Such a bang average player to replace a PL goalscoring monument in Salah? Nah, ain't having that.

And nobody I have seen has ever accused him of being "absolutely lethal". Literally nobody whether it be at Juve or at Spurs. Nope, I'll pass.

17.) 01 Jan 2024 12:04:55
Nobody is scoring 30 goals a season. Not even Mbappe. neither would Olise. So that is not the point.
Kulusveski is ridiculous talented. Has a lethal left foot. Works very hard. He has pace and can play both ways inside and outside.
What else are you looking in for a winger, may I know? Dribbling? One on one? Touch, Technique, please explain.
Salah is like Suarez. You cannot replace player to player.

18.) 01 Jan 2024 12:13:59
Lille forward Zhegrova could tick a few boxes for those lookin planning for Salahs departure.

19.) 01 Jan 2024 13:52:12
I would try elliot in salahs position. He's not meant to be the same type of player as salah. He could be a David silva type player. Very good passer, creative and looks like he will only get better and better. Hopefully nunez becomes a top finisher and have explosive pace on the left. I can't see Diaz or gakpo being long term options on the left. I see one being possibly sold next season if performances don't get better. I think it will be Diaz. Gakpo is a firminho type player. Not as good but very tidy player and links up play well when he's in form.

20.) 01 Jan 2024 14:40:13
Kubo and Kudus look like good options to me. Not on Salah's level but no one available is.

21.) 01 Jan 2024 16:39:59
I think Elliot could do a job, he won't score half the goals but he is a different player who could create more, and he is a better defender off the ball than Salah (who runs his socks off but is not a particularly good defender) Signing players from Tottenham is a no go and the swedish guy is not that good either.



i want to apologise for bashing Liverpool's Mo Salah

24 Dec 2023 07:39:02
{Ed's Note - Limpbisquits has posted a new article entitled, i want to apologise for bashing Liverpool's Mo Salah




23 Dec 2023 11:40:52
Liverpool FC Logo

Limpbisquits has written an article entitled, i want to apologise for bashing Liverpool's Mo Salah


1.) 23 Dec 2023 12:36:10
Yes unfortunate about the toe. Salah gets marked just as much as any other player.
He doesn't run past players like previous seasons. Absolutely he's ageing and has lost that extra speed he relied on.
On a plus side and the most important factor for me he's really adding to his assist finally. He will always get goals.
The question I have is he really that hard to replace?

2.) 23 Dec 2023 13:25:20
Well that's the question, who replaces him in terms of goals, assists, all round threat and most of all, fitness?

3.) 23 Dec 2023 14:31:20
There’s only one player that could replace Salah and we ain’t getting him, Mbappe and although he is left footed seems to play more on the left. No one even comes close imo.




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31 Dec 2023 17:46:33
We were trying to get red of Tsimikas and Robertson can't go on forever! So he will be the long term replacement for Robertson i suppose. Which would be great as he is a very good LB.




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31 Dec 2023 08:51:28
I heard the same rumour about Endo!




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29 Dec 2023 16:06:50
Firmino doesn't play in front of any fans as he is a bench warmer and is listed for sale by his club. And despite Salah not being at his best because of a toe injury that is finally getting better he is the best RW in the world apart from Mbappe, show me any other Right winger with 15 goals and 8 assists so far this season! So 100 million or whatever will not improve us in any shape or form when the likes of Højlund cost 80 million pounds.





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02 Jan 2024 20:34:44
Actually Endo was only ok yesterday, re-watch their first goal, he is no mans land with the slightest feint from Gordon, school boy error.




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02 Jan 2024 08:05:15
Salah taken off eh? Good thing he stayed on, involved in all 4 goals! and could have had 2 more assists if Nunez had more luck. Fantastic 2nd half from Salah!




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01 Jan 2024 16:39:59
I think Elliot could do a job, he won't score half the goals but he is a different player who could create more, and he is a better defender off the ball than Salah (who runs his socks off but is not a particularly good defender) Signing players from Tottenham is a no go and the swedish guy is not that good either.




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30 Dec 2023 16:55:16
What a load of nonsense. We haven't even played consistently well this season yet. And am 99% sure you are no liverpool supporter, Negativeredwalter2.0.




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