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22 Jun 2022 12:31:48
Hi Ed02,

Hope all is well.

I know in the past you have been critical on our loaning out of players, and rightly so, but it does seem that we are sending more and more out.

Have we improved this and do we have a better planned route for the loaners? Or is there still a way to go? I really hope we have


John Wigan

{Ed002's Note - To be honest I don't know John. It is good for players to get experience above youth or PL2 level but what was missing was the "roadmap" concept that some clubs use with their youngsters. It makes sense for the kids so there is some improvement.}

1.) 22 Jun 2022 13:17:57
Can I just say how great it is you stuck with us Ed002. I hope it's clear the vast majority on here really enjoy your info and insight. I really hope the trolls don't make you question providing info to the rest of us.

I just wanted to ask, I believe it was someone else asked actually, if you had any time to put the list of highly thought of youngsters together? As always, no pressure. Just asking?.

{Ed002's Note - I asked someone else to do this for me.
Rayan Cherki (AM/RW) of Lyon. Endrick (AM/F) of Palmeiras is attracting significant interest. Ilias Akhomach, Gavi Pedri, Pablo Torre and Ansu Fati at Barcelona. Mohamed-Ali Cho of Real Sociedad. Jude Bellingham (CM) of Borussia Dortmund. Carney Chukwuemeka (CM) of Aston Villa. Gabriel Slonina (G) who will move to Real Madrid or Chelsea and be loaned back to Chicago Fire. Kayky (F), Liam Delap and Dario Sarmiento (RW) with the City Football Group. Lucas Gourna-Douath (DM/CB) LG-D signed a new contract last summer ending interest of Chelsea. PSG may again look to the kiddie. Jamal Musiala (W) who Bayern Munich took from Chelsea. Kaide Gordon (RW) is the pick of the Liverpool kiddies at the moment. Omer Faruk Beyaz (AM/W) of Stuttgart will get better. Charlie Webster (M) and Levi Colwill of Chelsea have excellent careers ahead of them. Florian Wirtz (AM) who replaced Havertz at Bayer Leverkusen. Leonidas Stergiou (CB) from St Gallen. Bruno Iglesias (AM) and of Real Madrid. Roony Bardghji (AM/F) of Copenhagen. Xavi Simons (AM) of PSG.}

2.) 22 Jun 2022 14:30:00
Thanks Ed002. Going to enjoy researching the lesser known ones on this list. Thank you sir.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

3.) 22 Jun 2022 16:44:24
Ed is Charlie Patino of Arsenal not very highly regarded.

{Ed002's Note - If you are going to try and turn the tables to say people who are not mentioned are"not very highly regarded" then this is the last. It is a complete waste of my time and someone else's effort.}

4.) 22 Jun 2022 20:58:15
Bit oversensitive ed, don't think anything was meant by the question.

{Ed002's Note - RTF question}

5.) 22 Jun 2022 21:24:04
I was just asking as I had seen something about him on the internet but not seen him and did not know if he was being overrated.

6.) 22 Jun 2022 21:27:47
Fifa 23 sorted.

7.) 22 Jun 2022 21:55:45
Jadon, wtf.

8.) 22 Jun 2022 22:55:51
Jadon if you don't enjoy using this site, you can leave and let the rest of us enjoy it.

9.) 22 Jun 2022 23:47:33
Exactly redhead. Abuse of the Eds must stop.

10.) 23 Jun 2022 01:21:26
Whoa, I’m totally in support of calling out abuse but can’t see any here and I think there is a massive amount of overreaction that is perhaps understandable given the events of recent times but is unwarranted here,

Perhaps it’s time to take a small break and get ready for a chilled weekend.

From my perspective, thanks for the information Ed02 (and associate) - it’ll be interesting to look up the young players listed, particularly the ones not based in England.

11.) 23 Jun 2022 07:11:22
There is no abuse there was so ever don’t recall Jadon ever being like that on this site I think Ed just took my question the wrong way.

12.) 23 Jun 2022 08:41:43
Throw Fabio Carvalho and Harvey Elliot into that list.

13.) 23 Jun 2022 08:58:01
Seriously folks? Suggesting that someone has misinterpreted a question and is perhaps being oversensitive is not abuse. Get a grip.

14.) 23 Jun 2022 09:02:46
Tbf grino, it looked kinda smart arsed to me. Maybe you didn't intend it that way but in context I can understand Ed2's reaction.

15.) 23 Jun 2022 10:40:37
If you ask for someone's thoughts and opinions and they provide a detailed analysis of a group of highly thought of youngsters . and then question why x, y or z is not on the list then what was the point? Agree with Ed002 here. of course there are lots of kids not mentioned who have outstanding potential. but that doesn't take away from the original list or opinion.
It perhaps would have been better to thank the Ed and suggest a player that you have seen/ heard of that is also potentially a future star!

16.) 23 Jun 2022 10:41:17
Redhead i do enjoy using the site, i post most days on a range of topics. don't give abuse and have a bit of banter about my club. From now on ill just stay out of any conversation with that particular ed.

17.) 23 Jun 2022 10:44:23
Think this was in relation to stand out academy level players Jurgen. Elliott and Carvalho are first team squad players so a level above that.

18.) 23 Jun 2022 12:19:06
@Tom27 I only mentioned them because the likes of Wirtz, Musiala, Gavi, Pedri, Fati and Bellingham were included in the list who are all first team players.

19.) 24 Jun 2022 00:28:35
Oh the humanity.



26 Jan 2016 07:07:50
Hi eds,

Just got back from Benidorm last night and on the plane was Ian ayre, are we looking at anybody's players from clubs around there or was Ian just there watching sticky Vicky!

John Wigan

{Ed001's Note - Domenech the keeper is of interest. Most feel he is the best keeper they have and the best outside of the top 3 in Spain, yet he has lost his place to Matt Ryan.}

1.) 26 Jan 2016 07:57:38
One would assume he's there to talk numbers rather than scout his technical talents though? Especially as he's not getting a game

If this is indeed what he was there for. could have been sticky Vicky you never know.

{Ed001's Note - Ayre is no scout.}

2.) 26 Jan 2016 09:44:03
Wow, just had the weirdest deja-vu.

3.) 26 Jan 2016 11:09:21
Ed what do you make of the interest in Domenech now in regards to Ward. Whether there is a plan to bring him in before the window closes or not, I don't know, but if there is it kind of makes bringng Ward back from loan a most perplexing and head scratching move. Or maybe they are planning a summer move for him. Your thoughts? Thanks in adavance.

{Ed001's Note - I do not know of anything other than interest in him, not just from us, so I can't say if there is a plan or if we are simply going to let the pair fight it out or what. Apologies.}

4.) 26 Jan 2016 11:26:17
All good, I understand. Thanks.




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20 Aug 2021 11:03:08
Hi Eds,

Probably aimed at Ed2, but anyone feel free to comment.

I know we have spent ludicrous amounts on agent fees in the past on signings, but my question is how do the fees compare when negotiating a new contract? As obviously Liverpool have done quite a few recently


John Wigan

{Ed002's Note - There will be fees associated with new contracts and they are far lower than transfer fees.}

1.) 20 Aug 2021 12:23:18
Ed002, is there a ground zero to when agents fee became astronomical?

{Ed002's Note - Certain agents, one in particular, are taking the opportunity to try to exploit the situation. FIFA and indeed the FA want changes and FIFA have made five proposals which have been in discussion for a while and may be discussed further when the "elite" clubs meet at the end of the month. The FA have proposed some additions which is not necessarily a good idea as other countries may not follow the same path (like the dates of the transfer window).

2.) 20 Aug 2021 12:31:42
Thanks Ed.



19 Aug 2020 10:00:54
Hi all,
Weston mckennie rumour resurfaced, which Ed didn't think was true then, but I think I have sussed why the rumour is there. Southampton are in for him so the rumour is just a year or 2 early for when we sign him from our feeder club.

John Wigan



14 Aug 2020 10:49:04
This Tapping up really irks me as it's so unnecessary in this day and age. Surely klopp can give his speech to the agent who can then pass it on to the player?

John Wigan



12 Apr 2019 18:46:12
RIP Tommy Smith.

John Wigan

1.) 12 Apr 2019 22:42:18
I remember being about 10 years old and a car pulled up in the middle of Birkenhead were me and my mates were playing, out jumped Tommy and he jumped into the phone box. I stood there opened mouthed just staring at him as he left the phone booth, said hello and jumped back in his car. I was so star struck I couldn’t even shout to my mates to come over. Afterwards no one would believe me, “oh yeah of course Tommy Smith just pulled up, used the phone and then drove off and you were the only one who saw him” they said. I found myself angrily defending “well I go to Anfield every week with my dad and I know what Tommy Smith looks like”. I just wish I could remember what car he was driving, I think it was a triumph but I was so staggered I couldn’t take it all in.
RIP Tommy, you made a young kids day and gave my old man so many great memories and tales to share with me as well, Mr Liverpool through and through. I’m reading Kevin Keegan’s book just now and he recounts some funny tales about Tommy pinching his boot sponsorship with Hummel, sad day for the LFC family.



11 Aug 2017 09:14:31
Just away from the rumours for a second, was reading how many loans that citeh and chelski have sent out at the minute, 18 and 15 respectively. I know the eds have different opinions on this but my question is that they must be pretty hot at organising and keeping a track on these, so why aren't other clubs as good? . Also have they got feeder loan clubs as citeh have sent a number to the same clubs . Just wondering as Liverpool don't seem as slick at it (whether you agree with loans or not)

John Wigan

{Ed002's Note - Each loan player from Chelsea has a liaison officer assigned (some are ex-players) who regularly see them, deal with any issues and report progress back to the club. For instance there was an issue with Lukaku and the club decided at the start of 2014 that he would be sold in the summer. His liaison tried very hard to reverse that decision, but to no avail. There was also a problem with a couple of players in the Netherlands and that resulted in the club having them get involved with spending some time with the local community (schools and charities). Chelsea has also helped clubs they have and are building relationships with - this may include providing training facilities, loaning coaching staff, having ex-players work with them in some capacity etc.. They have a structure in the Netherlands and Belgium in addition to relationships with South American and old Eastern Bloc countries. They are still working a deal with a Champions League side as well. In Italy I know that the clubs with a significant number of players on loan have regular contact and bring them back as a group for training on a couple of occasions mid-season. I am sure there will be someone at Liverpool keeping contact with the younger players on loan. Manchester United has a couple of long-term relationships with mainland European sides which have helped considerably in the past. Manchester City are building up their capability as you say. Many clubs in Spain and Portugal have built relationships with other sides and it helps with brining in players from South America.}

1.) 11 Aug 2017 12:11:28
Wow ed just wow, your knowledge is ridiculous, it seems Liverpool are behind certain clubs in more way than one. That liaison officer sounds like a good job to me, I may write a letter to Jurgen! 😉 Thanks again for the reply.




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31 Jan 2022 22:23:02
Seems like everyone is happy then, Fulham get a bigger fee and keep him on loan till end of season plus neck, Liverpool get their man, all be it for slightly more than they initially wanted, but probably karma for what they eventually paid for Elliott? Sounds like the 3rd party played a negotiating blinder Ed? That's if it's completed in time 🤞.

John Wigan



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25 Jan 2022 18:50:30
Spurs bid = meltdown on here.

John Wigan



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10 Sep 2020 10:09:05
Ed25. Whilst your about, you must be happy with your new midfield, surely a cull of existing players is next? 😀.

John Wigan

{Ed025's Note - hopefully john, we have quite a lot of dutch elms there mate who need culling, im a lot happier than i was a month ago thats for sure..



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19 Aug 2020 12:32:20
Firstly agree with everyone about the tapping up, but surely the only way they would find out if it has happened is if either the player or his agent admits it, or the buying club.
Is this something they would do to engineer a move as otherwise it makes no sense.
Again I don't agree with it just wondering why they find out.
Not sure why we can't behave correctly as it's not hard to show someone we want them through their agent!

John Wigan



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07 Aug 2020 13:18:07
If the CP offer was £12million, ours at £10million is unusual but not really derisory. Wilson is mooted for sale at around 15 million with same appearances also as Jamal, but 7 goals also, don't sure why people think our offer is so wrong.
If the £12million offer is still on the table surely it means Norwich haven't totally dismissed it?

John Wigan




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14 Feb 2022 13:55:00
I can't recall matip winning a header, to say he is strong in the air puzzles me.
Surely if Burnley were offside constantly then the high line worked no?
Can't argue with your scoring although generous for matip and Salah imo, thought naby did ok TBF also, but wasn't a high bar to go against.
Scrappy result but a welcome one at this stage.

John Wigan



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08 Sep 2021 13:09:46
Correct Ed, also the Wimbledon FA cup final, he got accused of bottling it!, Think it had something to do with Vinny Jones assault early on. Bit unfair as the whole team weren't great that day.

John Wigan

{Ed001's Note - that's not true to say that, as Jones himself said (and he was left with scars for life after McMahon got him back later in the game) McMahon never bottled it. Wimbledon just went out there and got the win. They were capable of it at their best and we were not at our best. It happens, certainly not McMahon's fault that 11 players were not at it against a team that played out of their skins. We should be applauding the Wimbledon team for being good enough to take advantage and win.}



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24 Jul 2021 11:31:29
When you consider how knighthoods are thrown about these days it's incredible to think he was never considered. How many trophies in his time is astounding!

John Wigan



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01 Jul 2021 09:55:29
Daretodream, Gini started most games so surely replacing him?

John Wigan



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16 Jun 2021 15:48:08
Not sure why we can't pinch a few from around Europe, I mean players come why not refs, that Spanish ref last night is from Madrid so can't ref a lot of big games, worth a cheeky bid😆😆.

John Wigan