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12 Apr 2022 01:03:50
Im seeing a lot of posts saying good result considering we didn't play well. At what point do we give the opponent credit for stopping us playing well rather than saying bad day at the office.

Citys players are far better on the ball than our players which means they enjoyed the lions share of possession and as a result had a lot more chances. All of their players are comfortable on the ball and could easily be midfield players.

We need to figure out a way of beating city without going toe to toe with them because their passing is a lot more accurate and they can and did play us off the park.

Im glad we got a result considering the performance, the chances we conceded and the fact we got lucky with a few tackles that could have been second yellows.


1.) 12 Apr 2022 07:33:09
We don’t give credit to others here. Every other team and their players are crap 😜.

2.) 12 Apr 2022 09:41:46
Spot on Jk.
May I add alison better than Ederson
Back 4 better than theirs
Attack better than theirs 😀😀😀😀
Fabinho better than Rodri.

3.) 12 Apr 2022 11:00:16
I give City loads of credit. They are a great side. But we deserve credit for challenging City even when we are not on playing well.
I wish I didn't have to give City so much credit but I do!

4.) 12 Apr 2022 05:57:02
They owned us for a good 80 minutes and reading most of the posts its the opposite 😀😀😀. I don’t know what bravery are we talking on this page when we ourself considers them inferior to us.

5.) 12 Apr 2022 06:35:04
We were far more successful in matches against City when we used to overpower them in midfield and counter-attack with such speed they simply couldn’t cope. Spurs and Crystal Palace regularly show that City are still very vulnerable to devastating speed in counter-attacks. Such a style can be used to great effect in cup competitions but is not conducive to challenging for a league title, especially when 90+ points is the objective.

We now rely on a far heavier possession-based style of play, and given City are the only team in the world (possibly Real Madrid as well) with more technical quality than us, though not necessarily a better team, matches wherein we are effectively pitting our technical ability against City’s are inevitably far closer. Where we have an advantage over City is that we can score in more ways, whereas City trade natural goal threats for better control of games.



18 Mar 2022 12:44:00
My opinion on the Arsenal game this week. Great well earned 3 points against an in form quality opponent away from home.

1st half was difficult and Arsenal dominated our midfield. However I think the reason for this was our front 3. The front 3 of Diaz, Jota and Mane are all essentially wingers who cannot really hold up play (like Firmino and Salah can) . Mane's first touch is sometimes wayward and Jota's passing as we know is not great which meant when we pumped the ball forward (which we always look to do quickly), it just would not stick. We could not get any rhythm of passing going which meant we kept losing possession and had to defend for large parts of the first half.

Once Firmino and Salah came on, the game changed. Firmino gets some stick from us but he is the kind of player you will not appreciate until he's gone. He is so silky and when you watch him in the flesh, it is like the ball is stuck to him. He has a different touch to any of our other players and it is like the ball is an extension of his body.


{Ed0666's Note - we’ll said mate

1.) 18 Mar 2022 13:41:12
So no positives then until Bobby and Mo came on despite the fact we were 1-0 up.

If them pair are the only 2 players that can hold the ball up in the forwards then we might struggle next season as Bobby only has 15 months to go on his contract and Mo is over the hill apparently.

2.) 18 Mar 2022 13:41:42
Brilliant post OP esp. on Bobbie. When our link up play is poor up top is when we miss Bobbie the most. We are already seeing that right now and he's not even gone yet.

3.) 18 Mar 2022 14:59:33
Maybe something also to do with Arsenal’s fatigue but, I agree with you, Bob F played well.

4.) 18 Mar 2022 15:09:32
Redhead I didn’t mean to sound like I was having a pop mate. For me though o think it’s a shame that to talk up a player we like we have to talk down others.

Can we not say Bobby was excellent on Wed night without making out Mane cannot hold a ball up and Jota can’t pass. Despite them doing so in a very high percentage of the games we’ve won this season.

Looking at the forwards pass completion percentage they’re all quite similar with exception of Diaz 86% (played the least mins), then it’s Salah 80%, Bobby 79%, Mane 77% and Jota 75%. I know the forwards try riskier passes and I love that fact and I’m not criticising any of them but surely that shows that we don’t greatly retain the ball better with Bobby in there over the other forwards.

Bobbys cameo on Wed night was very good but it was against an Arsenal defence that had worked extremely hard for 55 minutes already. For me I think Bobby has def earned a start against Forrest on the weekend and the challenge is for him to then retain that starting position.

Bobby has played the least minutes considerably this season out of him, Mane, Jota and Mo. So if it’s to be believed that our forwards cannot score or link up without him then it’s a miracle that we are still on for the quadruple.

5.) 18 Mar 2022 17:41:11
Jota is a goal scorer - he needs to stay on the pitch - if he hadn't scored before being taken off it could have been a very different outcome. Basically he won us the game. Mane and Diaz were very poor. Mane should have been taken off not Jota as Jota is more likely to nick a goal. But doesn't matter, we won.

{Ed0666's Note - my lips are sealed.

6.) 18 Mar 2022 22:14:29
For me they doubled up on Diaz because they didn't have to defend mane as much. as soon as salah came on they had to scrap that idea. Diaz is becoming a scape goat for other players for me. he shouldn't of been subbed. Jota was awful bar the goal. 1 chance 1 goal jota.

{Ed0666's Note - don’t get me started about Jota. I would cash in and recoup the money if it was me. I’m sure we’d get what we paid for and more.

7.) 18 Mar 2022 23:15:32
What I'm saying is against a team like city, chelsea or bayern we could have been punished in the first half. Going forward, I would always play 1 of firmino or salah in the front 3 to make it stick and bring others into play.

Dont agree about arsenal having a tiring defence. They didn't have to defend in the first half. The goal came from a great pass and some clever movement which is what thiago and Jota are capable of.

8.) 19 Mar 2022 09:25:54
Arsenal created nothing of their own all night except for the Martinelli shot at the end of the game when tired legs kicked in so people should stop bigging them up for so called playing well. Yeah, they made life difficult for us but a lot of teams do that and STILL get pummelled by us so what gives here?

Same with Inter. Created 3 chances in 180 mins if footie but just cos they moved the ball well at times and were defensively sound, they were the better team over two legs even tho we created more chances and scored more goals? Utter tosh. It seems we get graded at a high level whereas our opponents get graded on a curve. A really low one at that.



07 Mar 2022 13:09:17
who do you guys think is our strongest free kick taker when shooting directly at goal? Has to be TAA but he hasn't scored many recently. Salah has skewed a few wide but apart from TAA we don't really have a specialist free kick taker. Would love if we bring in a midfield player this summer who is clinical with free-kicks.


1.) 07 Mar 2022 13:30:31
Before he joined, I had read somewhere that Fabinho was quite good with freekicks (and penalties) . But for some reason he hasn't been used yet. We've seen a few times that he has quite a foot on him and can whack them in (like Ox) .

2.) 07 Mar 2022 13:32:45
Has to be TAA since I don't think anyone else at the club currently has scored from a direct free kick for us. Unless Henderson did ages ago.

3.) 07 Mar 2022 13:32:58
I'm not sure we'd ever bring in a special teams FK taker. he'd also need to be good enough to be in the starting 11!

Other than JWP at Southampton I'm not sure if there are many specialists out there these days anyway, maybe bring old juninho from Lyon back out from retirement?

4.) 07 Mar 2022 13:33:24
I think with Trent, Salah, Hendo, Big Virg, and I think Thiago takes one or 2, we're pretty well covered.

Unless you're Ward-Prowse, generally it's more important to be better at other things than your free-kick taking ability!

5.) 07 Mar 2022 13:51:28
Do you Remember that Payet for West Ham he could seriously hit a free kick!
You’ve got to remember Trent is 23 😂 if he keeps improving like this, his free kicks will also improve gradually.

6.) 07 Mar 2022 16:25:47
Pretty sure VVD would fancy a go!

7.) 07 Mar 2022 16:33:15
There’s definitely merit in bringing in a free kick specialist, imagine the elation as he’s brought on in the 93rd minute following a foul on the edge of the D, as he steps up, blazing a rocket of a shot…. oh, wait, maybe not such a great idea.

{Ed025's Note - its not american football DS.. :)

8.) 07 Mar 2022 16:36:48
You'd like to think that all players who are paid and have ample time to practice striking a dead ball you'd expect every pro to be able to take one. The same as corners. After all there's probably thousands of good free kicks scored every week at all levels of grass roots by random lads who work all hours and sink a few pints the night before.

9.) 07 Mar 2022 17:55:19
Coutinho is back in the PL Maxx.

10.) 07 Mar 2022 19:24:10
I don’t know where I was watching it but there was a thing on free kick takers David Beckham when I looked was 3rd highest of all time and he scored about 64.
Everybody goes on about the one he s ores for England against Greece think he had about 20 that game so god knows how many he had so to score 64 over about 15 years and be the 3rd highest of all time shows that most of them are a waste of time.

11.) 07 Mar 2022 23:03:46
Unless my memory is starting to fail but I seem to remember teams were scared to tackle or do a tactical foul on players around the edge of the box when facing United with Beckham in it, meaning United had more good chances to pass the ball about leading to more decent chances on goal. So having someone who is known as a dead ball specialist isn’t just about scoring from free kicks but it also means teams can be scared to defend properly.

12.) 07 Mar 2022 23:29:07
We could always bring Charlie Adam back.
TAA for me. Salah's are not that good.

13.) 07 Mar 2022 23:31:14
Very good point Mikey, I hadn't thought about that.



23 Dec 2021 13:17:47
Great result yesterday but having read the site following the Spurs game I have been quite disappointed with our so-called fans, and their comments.

The reaction to Kane's tackle has been abysmal. People calling him all names under the sun for a mis-timed tackle. I was at the game and in real time, the tackle did not look bad. There was no mention of a red when the tackle was made amongst the fans. People calling Kane's character into question is ridiculous as the tackle was slightly late and there was clearly no intention to hurt the player.

Its also worth mentioning that when our Harvey Elliott mocked Kane's speech impediment I don't recall anyone calling Elliott a scumbag (which would have probably been an accurate description) but seen multiple comments like that directed to Kane.

I also see no-one up in arms over the fact Morton somehow stayed on the pitch yesterday following a very high tackle (higher than Kane's) .

I think our fans are guilty of being hypocrites and it is quite embarrassing. So much has been said recently about 'be kind' and mental health yet in the same breath we won't hesitate to abuse Kane on social media.

I get his comments following the game were not ideal but which player would ever come out and say 'that was a red card I should've walked'.

All I'm saying is let's not throw stones when we live in glass houses. Refs make mistakes all the time, its not a conspiracy against Liverpool.


{Ed0666's Note - your exactly the type of person my wife would like me to be. You make salient points and when I grow up want to be like you. Unfortunately I haven’t got the rational and emotional intelligence of yourself.

1.) 23 Dec 2021 13:55:18
Difference is VAR, not available yesterday. Should have been at least looked at for Kane.

2.) 23 Dec 2021 14:31:16
Pretty sure Robbo came out and said just that. But yes, abuse/ trolling or whatever you want to call it should never be accepted.

3.) 23 Dec 2021 14:33:14
Implying Elliott is a scumbag because as a teenager he made fun of someone's voice is a bit much pal, if u really think that then it's probably best to stay at home because the world is mean.

I agree with pretty much everything else though, I find it hard to believe there's any big conspiracy against Liverpool, just people fairly poor at their jobs doing the best they can do.

4.) 23 Dec 2021 16:17:59
If you go in with your studs up then there is Always the intention to hurt someone. Anyone who has played the game at any level will know that.

5.) 23 Dec 2021 16:58:49
OP, Im no hypocrite. I thought the Morton tackle was red-worthy and had VAR been there, pretty sure the ref would have had a decision to make and had there been a red card awarded, I would not have had an issue with it. Either way, I fully agree with all the other stuff you said.

{Ed0666's Note - I said the same thing yesterday when I was editing during the game that was a red all day long.

6.) 23 Dec 2021 17:30:04
Don't disagree that players shouldn't be abused, but Kane is getting it so hard because he has a track record doesn't he? He's always playing on the edge of the rules looking for light fouls/ pks but constantly fouling and making strong challenges himself (bit of a hypocrite himself) . I don't rate him and certainly don't respect him. He also didn't do himself any favors by claiming he thought he got the ball in his post match interview did he?

7.) 23 Dec 2021 19:01:47
It looked a red from the stands but I haven’t seen the highlights of the game yet. However reading the comments above looks like we got a way with one!

{Ed0666's Note - it was 100% imo

8.) 23 Dec 2021 20:41:26
OP, some great points mate - just one thing though - the last comment about players putting their hand up saying I deserved a red card - Andy Robertson actually did that after the Spurs game.



17 Dec 2021 09:28:58
I was one of the fans who said Konate makes me feel uncomfortable when he plays, but following his recent performances at Newcastle and AC Milan, where he played on the left side rather than the right, he looked to be a lot better. I am not sure if this is down to the quality of opposition, or down to the fact he prefers the LCB position but he looked a lot more solid.


{Ed077's Note - at RBL, Konate played RCB more often, in a back 3. Upamecano would usually play LCB (or Orban or Halstenberg). So having to play RCB should be an alien concept for him.

Maybe he is starting to settle into the team better with time and familiarity?

1.) 17 Dec 2021 10:18:02
It took Fabinho until December in his first season before he really started making an impact. I think we will see much more of Konate from January onwards (Provided the league isn't suspended by then. )

2.) 17 Dec 2021 12:47:02
Ed01 alluded to it a while back or when we signed him he was used to playing in a back 3 so he has two other CBS covering for him I do believe it'll take time for him to learn our system but last few games seems to be coming on well.

3.) 17 Dec 2021 14:24:06
He’s a young lad in a new league. Deserves a chance to find his feet. He looks like he’s heading in the right direction.

4.) 17 Dec 2021 14:24:06
He’s a young lad in a new league. Deserves a chance to find his feet. He looks like he’s heading in the right direction.

5.) 17 Dec 2021 17:48:07
*having to play RCB shouldn't be an alien concept for him. I meant to say.




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22 Jun 2022 22:55:51
Jadon if you don't enjoy using this site, you can leave and let the rest of us enjoy it.




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24 Jan 2022 13:05:47
@Jay Dub Red- I actually would prefer a player who asks for guaranteed game time. For me it shows a positive attitude and a player who wants to play football.

I would seriously question any player in their prime who moves to a club just to sit on the bench.

Good on the player for wanting to actually play football.




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17 Mar 2021 11:47:17
how many teams in the world can say they have 2 top class players in each position? Not many. It is definitely the exception, not the rule. As previously explained, we do not have the money to have 2 top class players in each position either.




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10 Jan 2021 02:07:51
I would take socrates from arsenal. Bags of experience and going on the cheap. Good short term option.




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17 Jan 2018 12:10:18
you can't expect players to come from different leagues and replicate their goal tally. this is the most competitve league in the world and Hazard has proved he is one of the best players in the world. If he scores 100 goals a season in China, comes to England and only gets 20, does that mean he's underwhelmed?





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03 May 2022 12:48:34
@JK23 If Liverpool done that they would be slapped with a lawsuit from the agent for inducing breach of contract or the agent would pursue Salah for unpaid agent fees.




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18 Mar 2022 23:15:32
What I'm saying is against a team like city, chelsea or bayern we could have been punished in the first half. Going forward, I would always play 1 of firmino or salah in the front 3 to make it stick and bring others into play.

Dont agree about arsenal having a tiring defence. They didn't have to defend in the first half. The goal came from a great pass and some clever movement which is what thiago and Jota are capable of.




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24 Feb 2022 16:17:08
Mark I agree. Penalty for me also. I always think what if it was the other way round and if that happened to one of our strikers, I would expect a penalty and if not, I would expect VAR to have intervened. I think the ref done a lot of favours for us last night. Bit unsure on the Mane penalty as well.




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14 Nov 2021 16:35:29
Reece James is playing very well at the moment. I hate the fact most liverpol fans think there is an agenda against liverpool. For as good as trent is going forward, we have all seen that defensively he is not the greatest.




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07 Nov 2021 21:07:49
Was trent playing centre mid today or was he just drifting in alot?

Also, has anyone thought about a potential offside for Ogbonna for the 1st goal? When the corner came in he was in an offside ppsition and although he didn't touch the ball, he must be considered to be interfering with play? Surprised no one has mentioned it and surprised VAR didn't take a look at that.


{Ed025's Note - clutching at straws mate..