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27 May 2018 12:20:57
Interesting Napoli came out and supported karius almost immediately saying anyone can have a bad game. probably the understatement of the year but whilst you wouldn't wish that on anyone I think he's a busted flush at Liverpool now and this could a possibility for him?

We'll wait and see I guess .


{Ed002's Note - Oddly enough they might be a solution for Mignolet.}

1.) 27 May 2018 12:28:10
Do you think they'd take both ed02?

{Ed002's Note - Maybe they will take all of the Liverpool players.}

2.) 27 May 2018 13:14:27
What world do you live in? Team psts encouring words for a keeper who screwed up = means they want him.

Just a post, no more.

3.) 27 May 2018 13:26:44
Just a decent thing to do as well.



01 May 2018 09:11:36
Ed 001
Any known interest in fulhams right back Ryan fredericks? Available on a free in the summer and looks to be a good fit to JKs way of playing.

Or are we still on the naughty step with Fulham?


{Ed001's Note - from us? A little but it is Spurs who are particularly keen.}

1.) 01 May 2018 11:39:23
Is there a young English player in the Championship that Spurs aren't particularly keen on?

2.) 01 May 2018 13:06:20
I have season tickets at Fulham and have watched this lad a lot (although less this year as I’ve been based in Dubai the past few months) .

I don’t think he is what we need. He is absolutely lightning fast but his delivery is just so so so poor. The number of times this season and last that he has been released down the right flank, beats his man for pace, and all his has to do is do a simple cross. but 9/ 10 he fluffs it up. It’s beyond frustrating to say the least! I would advise we look elsewhere.

Red Sandman.

3.) 01 May 2018 14:15:49
Robbo was accused of the same thing but seems to have sorted it out down the left. Haven't seen a lot of this kid but his crossing seemed ok to me.

He was ex spurs youth I think but given the conveyor belt of full backs they did have I guess he tried elsewhere. If we need a RB as some suggest on here then he looks a good option to me.

4.) 01 May 2018 22:06:48
Teaching someone to cross is not difficult.



11 May 2015 18:29:05
Q for the eds ref the strike in Spain over money distribution for the league

Does ffp not play a part here? At least as part of the argument ? How can two clubs getting all the money be fair?

I post as a tenuous link to Liverpool being paid more last year than others for tv appearances!


{Ed002's Note - Meetings have been held including representatives of the French FFF and Spanish RFEF to discuss their concerns over the new EPL television deal and the deal Real Madrid and Barcelona has in Spain. They approached UEFA with a view to capping TV income in the same way as commercial sponsorship for the purposes of FFP. No resolution is in place. This upsets EPL clubs, Bundesliga clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona. The other get support from other nations such as Italy and the Netherlands should they ask for it. The further complication relates to what happens when the breakaway clubs run for the pan-European league. The Spanish club know that opens up the Real Madrid and Barcelona second string sides to La Liga - so they want assurances that (a) they can only use the extant stadia, and not the main stadia, and (b) the television rights will then be shared equally - regardless. This has been raised in a meeting of the breakaway sides in Monte Carlo last year with UEFA present and an unbiased journalist sat in to moderate - at the agreement of all parties. It remains partially resolved only. From this you may just be able to figure out the names of the two clubs looking to accelerate the pan-European league breakaway.}

1.) 11 May 2015 22:13:27
Has UEFA always been involved in these sorts of discussions, Ed002? I always sort of assumed they were not invited to the party, so to speak.

{Ed002's Note - Normally no. They were invited due to the concerns of Spanish sides.}

2.) 11 May 2015 23:07:14
Ed2 barca and Real Madrid the 2 clubs yea??



13 Jan 2015 03:31:32
Arbeloa back to Liverpool? Surely not!


1.) 13 Jan 2015 07:22:16
9th RB just what is needed



31 Jan 2014 22:28:58
Helicopter over melwood. just saying!


1.) 31 Jan 2014 22:38:53
It's .Mike One.the Police Helicopter!

2.) 31 Jan 2014 22:39:58

3.) They're chasing a black Volvo s60 full of lids.

4.) Just seen that myself think ian ayre was hanging out of it john Henry holding his legs

5.) Didn't say it wasn't just said it as an helicopter!

6.) That's only 2miles from Norris green you know, probably Noggy dogs fighting with the crocks crew again and the Matrix are after them




Marshy's banter posts with other poster's replies to Marshy's banter posts


05 Feb 2019 10:32:31
What's the fuss about? two draws and the world's fell in?

Prior to a bumper December, we were playing like this and getting results. We're 3 points up on 'the machine'that's broken down three times recently. I'd of snapped your hands off if you would have given me this at the beginning of the season.

I'm kind of glad Origi didn't score at the end as two horrendous assistant referee mistakes would have been a little far fetched. One I can live with!

Have faith.


1.) 05 Feb 2019 10:46:02
It’s not simply two draws though is it.

There was the defeat to Wolves in the cup.

There was the defeat to Man City in the league.

There was the lacklustre win against Palace that we were fortunate to get away with.

Then we have two draws that a team allegedly competing for a title should reasonably win, but we struggle to get a draw.

There are clear problems here, we lack the quality and depth of City and are being found out. It’s City’s to lose at this point. I can see us scrapping to get a draw against Bournemouth and I can’t see City dropping points.

2.) 05 Feb 2019 11:03:06
the fuss is about that the performances by now should have improved especially as we have less games and some really good players have kind of dropped off the pace and it is a cause of concern for some fans like me. We are kind of stuck in 2nd gear this season and fans desperate for the title want to win every game and you cannot blame them for winning against Leicester at home and west ham away. The problem is we are one loss away from once again chasing for the title when we could have been a healthy 7-8 points clear. Things only get tougher from here. I am not sure why it is that difficult to understand.
one can expect a drop in such a big season, but our timing couldn't had been worse. We just have a little breathing space now and cannot afford any more slips and with first team defenders and midfielder injured and battling fitness it is a huge ask. so yes fans are concerned however yes that should not result in abuse.

3.) 05 Feb 2019 11:07:51
Still we have done better than city 3 more points!

4.) 05 Feb 2019 11:14:20
Yes you could have been a healthy 7-8 points clear, but let's not forget Man C have lost to Newcastle, Leicester and Palace games you would think they would have won, so maybe if you look at that way you may have been 1 point behind Man C.

5.) 05 Feb 2019 11:13:33
Unfortunately we haven’t got the bottle. We have nobody to step up to the plate like Augero did. If we don’t win it this year it will be a long time before we do as the pressure and nervousness from the fans will see to that.

We lost this title against Manchester City. I would rather have lost having a go at them rather than the way we did, playing for a draw. We had the chance to go 10 points clear, then it was 7, then 5 and now it’s 3.

The only chance we have is if City crack under the weight of chasing 4 trophies. With the squad they have that’s a long shot. The last two games we would have won like we have done most of the season but, now that the defence has started to implode as well, we can’t even do that.

6.) 05 Feb 2019 11:56:08
Frankly, one of your lines in particularly is a perspective from many fans that has me perplexed - "Then we have two draws that a team allegedly competing for a title should reasonably win, but we struggle to get a draw"

yet City, who are defending champs and obvious title challengers this year have lost more than us. so are they allegedly competing for a title?

I wonder if some fans need to take a breath, recognize we're not going to win every game and just get ready for the next challenge including giving the lads all our support. The standard seems to be perfection, but I just feel like we need to see it for what it is. We are punching above our weight, and doing a fine job of it. the lads need all our support to help get them over the line.

7.) 05 Feb 2019 12:37:08
Akrubbish, weren’t you saying earlier now is the time to slag the players off? No you’re saying we should not be abusing them?

Personally I agree with the 2nd part. Just get behind the team.

8.) 05 Feb 2019 12:38:52
Spot on OP and Faithworks. To the rest I ask you this. Where do you get this self entitled attitude that gives you this audacity to think that LFC has the right to win the PL without the other teams trying to stop us from doing so? I mean, where have these people been for the last 29 years when we haven't won the league? Under a rock? Please, keep your your righteous indignations and self-entitled attitude to yourselves cos this is real football with real stuff involved.

We are trying to do something that NOBODY thinks we can do. Defy all odds to win the PL this season. You think that is easy? You think City will just lay low and let us win? Clearly, some of you lack the fight and stomach for a battle vs the odds that are against us hence, you whine and bleat on and on when things don't go your way. Good thing Klopp and the boys are not a weak mentally as some of us are cos if they were, we would NOT be 3 points ahead of City in spite of all our issues right now.

We are having a blip (how dare we have one? ) and it is having a mental effect on the players and the staff. That much is clear BUT to come out with stuff like "We should not have let Clyne go" (What does that even mean? ), "We lack bottle" (And City who have lost more games than us and are behind us do? ), Oh and the best, "We lost the title against City" (a complete non argument wreaking of cowardice), just shows how mentally weak some of us are and how much people want to be right and wallow in self pity so they can beable to handle disappointment better. PATHETIC!

9.) 05 Feb 2019 12:44:29
Excellent post faithinworks. Couldn't have said it any better.

10.) 05 Feb 2019 13:22:23
Frankly are you seriously having a go at the players for losing away at city, beating Palace by only one goal (disgraceful) and then drawing against Leicester (who beat City and Chelsea recently) and West Ham (who beat Utd and Chelsea at home) .
Yet I bet you’re lauding City who have lost to Chelsea, Palace, Leicester and Newcastle this season.
Get a grip mate what you’re saying makes no sense.

11.) 05 Feb 2019 13:23:49
I think comparing us to city is ridiculous. The same city side won the league last season at a canter and broke the record for points, they can lose 4 games, 3 to weak oppositions and they’re still 3 points behind us, I mean isn’t that an even more worrying proposition. They’re a tried and tested team for the title and we are not. So comparing us to them it’s void, and based on performances, that is being proven. I think after the United match, all will become clear, but I imagine the tone will be the same from some fans. The ‘enjoy the ride’ and ‘who would have thought we would be here at the start of the season’ comments will start flooding in.

12.) 05 Feb 2019 13:26:03
So many victim artists, get a grip lads we've dropped some points, bournemouth won't have enough at anfield then bayern won't fancy it much either they've been poor this year, then go to old trafford with some confidence, if not we pick ourselves up and go again its football, a lot of quality competition in this league nobody has the devine right to 3 points every game but we've done better than anyone else so far, supporters or stroppy brats?

13.) 05 Feb 2019 13:37:06
Swifty, I hope the qmreasomably quick turnaround of our mext 4 matches will do us some good (4 in 18 days)

14.) 05 Feb 2019 18:25:23
It’s the manner which we have been playing, we have been poor for the last 6 games or so and there is no sign that it’s going to pick up any time soon just when City hit top form. The wins against Brighton and Palace were lucky, the draws and defeats underline where we are at.

15.) 05 Feb 2019 18:55:31
Frankly, I can tell that you are scared and that is fine. The prob you and many others are having is that you are allowing your fears to get the best of you. That is not wise. There was NO luck involved in beating CP and BHA. Vs BHA, they had NO shots on target and we got the win off a well deserved penalty after Salah manufactured a moment of magic. Vs CP, we overcame a lot of adversity like injuries and a red card to go 4 2 up, eventually winning the game 4-3. That is NOT luck. That is have the cojones to go on till the very end come hell or high water. That is bravery and choosing not to let fear get the best of you. Fear is a choice, my friend. If you have nothing to fear BUT fear itself then you can withstand whatever is coming at you. Support the team cos they need you now mlre than ever. Cheers, mate!

16.) 05 Feb 2019 19:35:17
The funny thing is after we beat Brighton 1-0 the headlines were praising the result as that of title winners. Away from home, grind it out kind of victory. and then of course when we drop points it becomes 'these are the games title winners find ways to win.

Another one - when city were rolling it was 'cant see where they'll drop points all season, then boom they lose. Same for us. See the pattern!? Its a long season with lots of twists. Yes are in a rut, but it doesn't mean life is over just means the lads need a bit of encouragement to get out of it.

17.) 06 Feb 2019 12:41:13
Draws and defeats underline waffle waffle what? Where is the plural on defeat coming from we've lost one game? We're all desperate to win the league but this sulking is petulant, to better this city team we need our lads to perform like winners, something a lot of our fans don't have in them obviously.



03 Aug 2018 20:18:06
Jesus! Watching reading Derby game just saw frank lampards outfit, he looks like Harry hill!

Needs to sort those collars out!




15 Jun 2018 19:47:54
OMG! De Gea just had a ray clemence vs Scotland moment!

Bet Karius is feeling a little better tonight!


1.) 15 Jun 2018 20:41:18
DDG pulled a Rob Green vs USA in 2010, if not worse. Sorry, ITK's BUT the mutant is human, after all.



07 Jun 2018 10:14:08
Thanks macca for the info as always. Ref the goalkeeper situation and the comments on Butland one can only assume Butland was 'competition' for the jersey whereas now they're looking to make a complete 'No 1' goalkeeper statement. I can't see it any other way.


1.) 07 Jun 2018 12:49:16
Or he’s gone to the World Cup and they’re waiting until he returns?



06 Jun 2018 16:26:01
Hi eds ref Karius do we know what prompted the tests he has undertaken? Did he complain of symptoms at some point?

Just curious really as there's talk of the tests but nothing to explain why they were undertaken some days after the incident.


{Ed001's Note - he was sick on holiday and phoned the club so they sent him to the Boston clinic.}

1.) 06 Jun 2018 16:53:55
Ed’s, It’s great to see that the club looks after the players to that extent but it’s got me thinking. If that was the rest of us we would seek medical attention when we need it and not phone work first. I assume the club make sure that it’s their own trusted professionals and partnerships that looks after their investment but my question is to what extend does the clubs assist with players’ lives and how reliant are the players on their clubs?

{Ed001's Note - he phoned the club because they have the best medical staff on hand. Plus he was in a foreign country and probably wasn't sure what to do. They don't really do enough imo, clubs I mean, to assist with players' lives. Anyone who has moved abroad at any point knows how difficult it is to adjust without help. The club should provide them a lot more help in the early stages.}

2.) 06 Jun 2018 17:26:55
Didn't United assign someone to Pogba to help him move and settle etc?
I know they get aid without Housing and moving costs but I always assumed the club would do it all, show them around the city etc, is that not how it is ed?

{Ed001's Note - some clubs do more than others, with regards to player liaisons to help them settle in to a country and sort out places for them to look at, ensure they aren't ripped off etc. Chelsea are certainly known as one of the better clubs in this regard. LFC have a lot to catch up on, but they are just one of many clubs that seem to neglect the care of their primary asset's wellbeing away from the pitch.}

3.) 07 Jun 2018 01:22:58
Apologies for the late response but thanks for the response ed. Chelsea always seem to crop up as a team that gets a lot of things right.

{Ed001's Note - like everything in life, they get some things right and some things wrong. In this area they are ahead of the curve in the Prem.}




Marshy's rumour replies


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10 Aug 2019 11:45:36
Judging by the explanation given ref something hitting the back of his leg, I had exactly the same and it was a ruptured Achilles. Hope not but if it is we won’t see him back this side of xmas at the earliest.




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19 Jul 2019 13:20:45
18 unlucky games since your last derby win in 2010 Ed to change sometime eh?


{Ed025's Note - we have had some bad luck marshy but law of averages says we have to spank you one time soon mate..



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12 Jun 2019 23:36:41
Think it would stop having Mo from going ahead with his restraining order tbh! Lovrens obsession is a bit unnerving.




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09 Jun 2019 07:14:56
Might not happen immediately but I see the potential and reasoning. Didn’t do Gareth bale any harm moving from left back to midfield and ultimately up front. though we was a bit of a jinx at left back!




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04 Mar 2019 07:58:45
He’d better be careful then. another leg injury and they might shoot him.


{Ed025's Note - nice one marshy..




Marshy's banter replies


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04 Apr 2020 23:21:37
Do you feel the same about the likes of JCB who employ 12000 people majority in this country who are furloughing at 80% with no top up? A company worth approx £4.4 billion

Why are football clubs pilloried for using processes instigated by the government that multinationals can apparently use at will.


{Ed002's Note - The “worth” of a company has what relevance. maybe just stopping the whining and contributing any way that you can might help you overcome the desire to justify the action of Liverpool FC?}



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24 Jan 2020 20:18:58
Really? Grow up.




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10 Aug 2019 12:00:43
Try the excelsior bottom of dale street loads of screens and big screen as well, plus decent beers.




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05 Aug 2019 13:21:23
Be nice for them to enforce the 'no stuttering' rule for the penalty taker as well. Jesus would have had to take his again in that case. As already stated, it's hard enough for keepers as it is. This is a general comment, not just on yesterday's outcome.




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05 Aug 2019 13:12:12
Will be even more enjoyable watching Mo rip Maguire a new one when Maguire's in a Manc shirt!