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19 Jul 2017 08:51:36
Morning Eds.

Have RBL turned down our 2nd bid of £66 million?

Is it time to walk away?



{Ed025's Note - apparently mate..

1.) 19 Jul 2017 09:35:29
Can't see it happening rbl are being firm here! Time to move on pronto.

2.) 19 Jul 2017 09:34:31
Apparently bid turned down or apparently time to walk away Ed? Please don't let it be the latter!

{Ed025's Note - bid turned down chu, RBL are putting the squeeze on now mate..

3.) 19 Jul 2017 09:58:14
Do you think Liverpool will walk away no ed025.

{Ed025's Note - im not sure farno, maybe a final take it or leave it bid to come as other targets will have to be sought mate..

4.) 19 Jul 2017 10:17:23
it could be declined for any number of reasons, it could just be about the payment plan as Ed2 alluded to a few days back they want most of it upfront if I remember right.

5.) 19 Jul 2017 11:31:46
Ed025 I honestly believe a bid in around £70m should really really tempt them.

{Ed025's Note - at this stage it will be either that or for naby to instigate it mate..

6.) 19 Jul 2017 13:41:04
Totally agree Ed mate.



09 Jun 2016 10:21:47
Hi Eds,

What are the steps involved when buying, selling a football club?



{Ed002's Note - A good question and a nice break from the usual twaddle.

Putting aside the “smaller” sides and thinking of a stable Premier League or major European league club, once it has been decided by the owners that they wish to sell or seek significant investment, it normally works that a club will appoint a broker to find and filter potential buyers or investors. As an example there is an organisation like BDO which had Dutch heritage but is a global organisation now - but they do still maintain strong ties to the highest end of the football business with that division headed up by Trevor Birch. In some cases those undertaking such activities will be financial institutions you will of heard of (banks, accountancy firms etc.), in some cases they will be small Swiss-based companies with two or three employees but excellent contacts. In some cases it will be individuals - and some of the so-termed "super agents" get involved in such dealings. Once potential buyers have been found the club and, typically, some third party representatives will sit down and talk with the interested parties. The talks would typically cover all financial aspects including existing an future income streams, investment required in terms of fixed assets and details about the relationships being maintained with local authorities, the local community etc.. The “big picture” if you like. They will at that point provide a broad indication of what they are looking to get out of the sale from a financial perspective and the terms which they would be looking to. After further meetings and once all parties are clear that the interest is serious, the books will be made available – in my experience that is something that involves two sets of accountants having a parallel meeting to the main protagonists for a couple of days, reporting back in a hotel or restaurant each evening. I have known lawyers to sit in on such meetings.

Assuming everything at this point is still OK and everyone is serious, the clubs will enter a period of Due Diligence lasting perhaps four to six weeks. This would include a detailed audit of the financial state of the business and the condition of the fixed assets, outstanding and future commitments etc.. In parallel discussions will continue regarding price and terms and once everything is concluded and terms have been agreed, a proportion of the funds wbe put in to escrow and the appropriate football association will be informed, as they need to ratify the sale. This ratification includes what is termed the “fit and proper person test” (but more correctly is the “Owner and Director Test”) that looks at the potential owners and their planned directors in terms of their character, sufficiency of funding, their capability to do the right thing and, critically, their background – no financial (bankruptcy for example) or other misconduct (e.g. influencing other clubs, banned from being a director etc.. These checks vary country-by-country and it would be fair to sat that England and Scotland are very stringent in their application.

At that point contracts will be signed, funds moved from escrow and other monies paid.

As an alternate to this, potential buyers and investors could themselves contract the broker to find clubs that are for sale on their behalf. It is even possible that unsolicited approaches could be made to clubs.

I hope this helps.}

1.) 09 Jun 2016 11:20:47
Eds, sometimes I just wish you'd put a bit of effort into your answers! That is incredibly incisive, thanks mate.

2.) 09 Jun 2016 11:38:03
I don't actually think Ed002 is a human. That would explain the gender confusion.

Ed, are you the first example of artificial intelligence? Are you Ultron?

3.) 09 Jun 2016 11:53:07
After reading the ed02's reply, my face turned into exactly like the poster's avatar.

4.) 09 Jun 2016 12:09:52
So ed2, how at through this process could Liverpool be without the public being aware? Macca said it's further down the line than we think.

{Ed002's Note - I am not sure what it has to do with "the public". Some clubs have changed hands with little or no publicity. Right now if you look at Milan, Marseille and Inter they are not getting vast amounts of publicity. Others have seen a lot of publicity and erroneous information - not helped by easily led fans who have no grasp of what is involved and are happy to celebrate pettifogger that was Kenny Huang. I explained from day one that he was a shyster etc. but through the forums and message board he became the New Messiah and many, including a number of regulars from here, took to singing his praises, worshipping him, and taking him small tokens as gifts. Fortunately we called in a favour and had his offices checked only to find a bill-skipping charlatan and he was soon consigned to history. You need to ask Macca how far down the line any sale of Liverpool is.}

5.) 09 Jun 2016 12:46:02
Thank you for the answer Ed002. It helps alot.

Hope you have a good day.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

6.) 09 Jun 2016 12:48:08
I started to remember about Kenny Huang. Are there any legal actions taken after those claims proved to be just frauds, Ed02?

{Ed002's Note - No, you cannot sue the Liverpool fans for being naive and easily led.}

7.) 09 Jun 2016 12:27:23
Standard acquisition process with the added complexities of the fa vetting process. You would also see such vetting also applicable in other industries such as care, fsa regulated businesses etc. I've been through this process numerous times

Think we are uncovering Ed2's actual role in football given the knowledge. My thoughts are that he/ she operates at a very high level such as this. Perhaps in a very senior position within the FA.

8.) 09 Jun 2016 13:08:06
" No, you cannot sue the Liverpool fans for being naive and easily led"

Be honest Ed002, you've contemplated it. 😄.

9.) 09 Jun 2016 13:24:56
Macca, I await your response eagerly:
How far is the selling of the club along?

10.) 09 Jun 2016 13:41:23
Hi Ed002, very interesting read up there. You mentioned that the test for new owners was very stringent in the UK, so I was wondering how did Cellino manage to buy Leeds? If I remember correctly, isn't he quite a shady character with plenty of financial issues?

{Ed002's Note - He appealed the disqualification he had.}

11.) 09 Jun 2016 14:53:15
Ed002, did I read correctly that you basically had some dealings between Kenny Huang and Liverpool?

{Ed002's Note - Huang had no dealings with Liverpool - I explained that over and over at the time whilst all of the Liverpool supporters were reaching for the Kleenex.}

12.) 09 Jun 2016 15:51:20
Ed002: legend!

13.) 09 Jun 2016 20:02:45
I genuinely hope fsg stay. They've pumped huge money into the squad, developed the stadium, got us the right manager and nearly got us a good bit of silverware. Fingers crossed we develop that tiny fraction more to win the next few finals we get to. They've shown strength when they've needed to (Suarez to arsenal) and demonstrated that they can learn from mistakes ( how they've dealt with the sakho problem. ) plus they've been pretty fair to us fans too. The grass isn't always greener.

14.) 09 Jun 2016 20:53:56
Bizarrely, I was once asked if I was interested in buying Skonta Riga. I was a young lawyer and did some work for an Arsenal player (very low level) . Anyway his agent obviously mistook me for someone with means (obviously didn't see me in my Vauxhall Corsa) and asked if I was interested in receiving a prospectus for Riga or one of another couple of clubs that he mentioned that I can no longer recall. The number quoted was ridiculously reasonable for a team that was regularly in champions league in those days, but sadly I had to decline.

15.) 09 Jun 2016 21:17:47
Fellow reds . welcome to THE LEGEND that is Also known as . Ed002.

16.) 09 Jun 2016 21:46:02
Great summary by Ed02 on an acquisition process. A couple of minor things to add, if I may -
The 'public' as such doesn't get informed till after the two parties sign a binding agreement, often known as a term sheet.
The total period of this sale could vary from 6 weeks to over a year depending on how close or far the two parties are from agreement. These agreements are often very complex and the variable at question is not just the amount paid but many other things including timing of funding, board ownership and control, minority shareholder handling, etc. In some of these situations a buy out of a club doesn't have to mean purchase of 100% of the club, but just majority ownership and operational control. As such, when someone like Macca said we are far ahead, that probably indicates that the two parties have already signed a letter of intent, or memorandum of understanding standing. If true, this could mean that the deal closure is less than 12 weeks away.

17.) 10 Jun 2016 00:17:41
Given the clubs value from when fsg bought in I would not be surprised if they sold.
It would make sense tbh, fsg would alway have a exit strategy. Also may explain how we got klopp.

Using logic why would such a sought after manager come to us given our current and ongoing failures. With no guarantee of funds. He is not just against BM but against at least 3 massive spending clubs, and without substantial investment it's a career breaker for him.
Just my opinion, don't shoot me down lol.

18.) 10 Jun 2016 08:14:10
No, this is not a "career breaker" for Klopp. LFC have won 1 league cup in 10 years, have not won the league for 26 years and have qualified for the champions league once in 7 years.
The LFC job is a free hit for Klopp, the expectations of the club in the eyes of neutrals is pretty low.
Had he taken the Arsenal, City, Man Utd jobs then he would have expected to have produced from day 1.

19.) 09 Jun 2016 20:23:30
Thank you Ed002 for the in depth, but simplified version of the process.

20.) 10 Jun 2016 23:49:41
well said ron, if klopp wanted a easy option he would have taken the Bayern job, reading those stats you put up it shows how far we have fallen, if he gets it right greatness awaits, if not we shall trash his name ( he has already lost 2 cup finals) and move on to our next saviour. personally I think it all depends on if and when and who the fsg sell us to, not because klopp is a cheque book manager but because if we do become super rich, it would be nice to know we could afford the very best players and there wages, we may have to cut corners to make our way back to the top, that defeat in basel has been so damaging to us, once again we have to play catch up, however I wouldn't want anybody else but klopp leading us in our journey, looking forward to his 1st full season in charge.



11 Jan 2016 08:30:51
Hi Eds,

Did Liverpool ever make a Loan bid for Subotic and was it rejected?


{Ed001's Note - yes, no.}

1.) 11 Jan 2016 08:45:40
Hey Ed001, do u think the club will go back to BVB with a permanent offer for Subotic? He might cost around 10 million GBP and the club is stripped to its bare bones in the CB department right now, or will Klopp wait till the summer for someone like Matip or Caseres?

{Ed001's Note - I don't think Klopp sees him as the long term answer.}

2.) 11 Jan 2016 08:52:23
So a loan move could well happen?

{Ed001's Note - not if he gets a permanent offer elsewhere that suits him, as that is what he is looking for.}

3.) 11 Jan 2016 10:03:48
So I guess we can rule out a loan move then. Do you see us bringing in a CB before the end of the window?

{Ed002's Note - The club has made no secret of their desire to add a centre back but first choice Subotic is not available on the desired loan or loan to buy. They could simply buy him but seem reluctant - perhaps what money the club has available will be used elsewhere. Matip can sign a pre-contract agreement know but is otherwise not available unless a significant offer were made - I don't know why the club has not signed a pre-contract with him at this time. The other two stand out Germany based centre backs that Klipperty will know are Niklas Sule and Sead Kolasinac. I am surprised the club has not looked to either as both could be attainable this month - perhaps the money is not there? Caceres is certainly available, but makes zero sense to me. Ilori has returned so perhaps Klipperty thinks the situation has eased and with others soon returning from injury that may prove to be enough - my views are well known. Ba was looked at but I think a move this month is unlikely - and whilst expectations are high, he remains unproven at this level.}

4.) 11 Jan 2016 11:41:55
I agree that Caceres could be a bad signing, but it definitely smells like the money just isn't there atm for our preferred options. Sule would be a great signing and Matip would do nicely for now also. The prospect of playing a fragile Toure with an even more fragile Ilori against Arsenal and United is frightening. We have zero cover for our only two semi-fit center backs and surely the club would've already bought someone in time for these games if they had any money. Sadly it seems a loan may be our only option, let's just hope we can get someone half decent. Maybe Chelsea would let us have Djilobodji!

{Ed002's Note - Djilobodji is certainly available and there is a meeting scheduled regarding him in the next couple of days - but Liverpool has not shown interest.}

5.) 11 Jan 2016 11:42:30
Ed002, isn't sead kolasinac a left back? i though he plays left back for schalke04. If nikolas sule is available then perhaps liverpool should look to buy him. he has looked great in few games i have seen him play for hoffenheim.

{Ed002's Note - Obviously he would only have been about 16 or 17 at Hoffenheim and I don't know what position he played. He only started playing LB when Keller arrived but had previously played at CB. This versatility is what is attracting attention of a couple of major sides.}

6.) 11 Jan 2016 16:20:50
Money used in elsewhere in the sense you are talking about grujic right ed?

{Ed002's Note - Not in particular.}

7.) 11 Jan 2016 16:33:53
Howedes is the answer. An €11 million release clause.

{Ed002's Note - Any release clause is of zero relevance. Add to that no interest whatsoever from Liverpool.}

8.) 12 Jan 2016 04:55:27
Howedes is in Orlando, enjoying the Bundesliga winter break. An hour a way drive and I can break the news that Mikey Mouse himself is flying him over with his private jet!



17 Nov 2015 20:11:15
Aussie youngster Brad Smith pens new Liverpool FC deal


1.) 17 Nov 2015 23:11:05
Good let's hope Jerome Sinclair follows suit.

2.) 18 Nov 2015 00:09:47
Great. He was on good trajectory til the contract issue.

3.) 18 Nov 2015 06:28:22
He has also missed significant amount of playing time during his contract rebel phase and will have need time to get back to his best.

4.) 18 Nov 2015 11:22:53
Am I correct that that's two now under klopp who have signed or has it been more? Brannegan and smith?



17 Nov 2015 20:11:47
Aussie youngster Brad Smith pens new Liverpool FC deal.





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11 Aug 2017 11:28:50
Hi Eds,

Did Southampton accept or reject VVD Transfer request?


{Ed002's Note - They have made it clear that they do not wish to sell him.}

1.) 11 Aug 2017 11:35:44
Am I right thinking didn't they keep Jose Fonte for another season after he submitted a transfer request before he moved to west ham the following season eds?

{Ed001's Note - he moved in the January of the same season.}



08 Aug 2017 08:21:08
Hi Eds,

What is the next step for a player and club, after a transfer request is submitted?


{Ed002's Note - The club to decide if the accept it or not.}



17 Jul 2017 08:54:20
Hi Eds,

Whats the latest on Naby Keita to Liverpool. I'm hearing so many differnent things and it would be nice to hear the truth.

Are RBL still adamant that they won't sell?

Will Liverpool be making a 2nd bid?

If they don't want to sell, why make a 2nd bid?



{Ed002's Note - Read the posts please.}

1.) 17 Jul 2017 10:24:37
RBL don't want to sell as he's one of their best players but every player has a price and if Liverpool pay a fee which RBL accept then he will leave. LFC will be making a 2nd bid for the players. I believe £70 mil will get us keita.



10 Apr 2017 14:28:43
Hi Eds,

With the 2 year Acdamy player ban. Does that mean that we would be unable to sign Ryan Sessegnon? or could we sign him on a Pro deal when he turns 18?



{Ed001's Note - pro deals can be signed at 17.}



05 Jan 2017 17:20:47
Hi Eds,

Do you see Harry Wilson getting a chance in the 1st team anytime soon. Perhaps at the weekend?



{Ed001's Note - it is very possible, especially with Mane away, that he is given a run out to see what he can do.}

1.) 05 Jan 2017 17:37:22
I've been saying for a while that he should get his chance and he needs rewarding for his excellent season with the U23s.




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26 Aug 2017 11:24:28
Hey Macca.

Has a bid gone in for the said player?





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11 Jul 2017 14:24:57
Maybe he's a fan of Little Mix ed002.


{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what that is.}



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02 Jul 2017 21:13:00
Will we have talked to his agent, to see if he would be keen on a move and what wages he would likley want?

Also, do you expect us to make a bid for the player?



{Ed002's Note - RTP.}



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28 Jun 2017 17:37:33
Shouldn't we be making a bid then Edd01?


{Ed001's Note - what is the rush?}



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28 Apr 2017 22:18:32
Give Origi a chance was clearly joking. After all, most times the Eds say the very same thing.





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28 Jul 2017 11:45:04




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28 May 2017 13:51:56
Hi Ed002 - What would the talk with the 2 of his representatives entail? Wages, If he would be keen to move?



{Ed002's Note - Yes, broadly those issues. And about the sort of figure RBL would look for if they could be persuaded to sell.}



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24 Jan 2017 11:10:16
Are we currently working on trying to get a deal done Ed002?


{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of anything happening at the moment.}



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31 May 2016 08:18:11
Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting Moores Ed01? if so, what's he like.


{Ed001's Note - not since I was young and I can't really remember him that well. Not sure it could be considered pleasure, he was a bit of a laughing stock to be honest. He honestly thought he was bezzies with the players, most of them just laughed at him behind his back. It is quite sad really. He was so desperate to be loved that he let himself be used and so lost their respect.}



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20 May 2016 18:19:13
And the worst two Ed002?


{Ed002's Note - Blackpool and QPR.}