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15 Feb 2016 11:54:31
Sky sports saying matip to join in the summer.

Lfc hopeful

1.) 15 Feb 2016 09:11:54
Did you hear that from "monkey sponge" on Twitter by any chance?

2.) 15 Feb 2016 12:19:00
its in the Echo now too.

3.) 15 Feb 2016 12:25:34
Sakho he literally just said Sky Sports, not twitter. Sky Sports have just released this through there app and SSNHQ.

4.) 15 Feb 2016 12:43:33
Not surprised really because sahko is NOT boss.

5.) 15 Feb 2016 15:12:31
sorry mate I replied to somebody about liverpools interest in Leon Goretzka not about Matip joining Liverpool.




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03 Sep 2019 09:45:35
It’s all irrelevant now, but I was curious what the plan for Bobby Duncan was, going into the transfer window? Was it Liverpool’s intention to keep him here and they never considered loaning him at all, they obviously turned down a loan and then sold him (presumably sold him after what went on) . I was just curious as to why they weren’t open to loaning him out if there had been some sort of rumblings about him wanting a loan, I mean there must have been civilised discussions at some point before his agent went full on nuclear in the press, no?

Lfc hopeful

1.) 03 Sep 2019 11:13:13
Liverpool sign young player to extended contracts before sending them on loan. The idea being to maintain their value and/ or provide them with a secure future at the club beyond the loan spell if they develop sufficiently. If Duncan wasn't going to sign a new contract then there was no point in sending him on loan for a year or wasting time and energy developing him.

{Ed002's Note - That is not the issue with Duncan.}

2.) 03 Sep 2019 11:16:44
I think it was a case of he thought he was better than he actually is. He thinks he is first team ready and should be in the squad ahead of our front 3. He did the same thing at City. Player greed I'm afraid is very much were we are at these days.



08 Aug 2019 16:48:33
Klopp has said that Naby has returned with “a totally different body language”. Now if he can just sort out the spoken language, we can all relax!

Lfc hopeful

1.) 08 Aug 2019 21:03:40
Let's hope so, OP cos he is just too talented to not come good, IMO.



21 Jul 2019 23:39:52
I was interested to read James Miller’s comments that his representatives asked the club last year if they wanted to discuss a new contract but the club declined at that time. With just a season left, and the way he performed last year I would have thought Liverpool would have been open to discussions over the summer, admittedly they might not offer terms that he would want, but he seems an invaluable member of the squad still, who’s as fit as a fiddle. One of the things I suppose it shows is that he is keen to remain at LFC (i presume it’s not just a case of him protecting himself financially) as there were suggestions that had Leeds been promoted he might look to leave us for them for playing time and it being his club. Do any of the Ed’s know if the club are planning to offer him new terms?

Lfc hopeful

{Ed002's Note - I don’t know what the plans are but I suspect they will hang on to let his contract run down and decide what he wants to do. It makes no sense to offer a new contract.|

1.) 22 Jul 2019 22:04:57
That makes sense, Ed02. There's no rush, IMO.



16 Jul 2019 12:06:54
Ed1, what do you make of Klopp’s apparent idea to turn Lallana into a deeper midfielder, do you think he poses the right skills and attributes to succeed in that sort of role? Was thinking you could maybe look at it as though he was a player we were scouting for that role, similar to the way you break down a player profile?

Lfc hopeful

{Ed001's Note - added that to the to do list mate.}

1.) 16 Jul 2019 12:15:21
thanks mate.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome.}

2.) 16 Jul 2019 12:38:39
Can’t tackle though.

3.) 16 Jul 2019 14:38:46
Could be a good one to do a podcast on Ed001? Not much research needed as you already have an idea as to what you want to say. So can just talk into the mic for 15-20 mins to give your own in depth opinion on it.

Red Sandman.

{Ed001's Note - might be a stretch to talk for that long on Lallana!}

4.) 16 Jul 2019 14:58:51
Maybe you could take a page out of Ed002's book and add some musical flair and sing to us? You teased us a bit with your "Benny Baller joke of the week" jingle - you loyal audience are left wanting more!

Red Sandman.

{Ed001's Note - sing? Oh mate I couldn't do that to you all. It would leave all other music sounding out of tune by comparison....}

5.) 16 Jul 2019 15:00:35
This is all pre season talk, we all know he won't have a place in this team when the season starts.

6.) 16 Jul 2019 15:14:00
I think Lallana will be someone that may be a target for mid table clubs as we approach the end of the transfer window.
I just don't see him getting that many games. Maybe towards the busy Christmas period but we have Fabs, Hendo, Wiji, Milner, Keita, Ox and Shaq to cover 3 positions. Then you will have the younger lads who will want an opportunity too.
Obviously if he stays it's great for that additional option but if he wants regular game time a move is probably the sensible option.

7.) 16 Jul 2019 15:49:22
The Lallana conversion makes no sense when Marko Grujic is available and better suited with a contract until 2023. Just my opinion. I like AL and he's certainly a good squad member willing to do whatever is required but I think he needs a bit of freedom to move and use his skills that I can't see him getting with our set-up and available players. I guess we'll see.

8.) 16 Jul 2019 17:59:37
Or does he have the quick feet to find himself some space in midfield when he’s facing our goal and we’re being pressed, Reynard? I guess we’ll find out in Ed’s profile!

9.) 16 Jul 2019 18:17:21
Ed if you have a skin full first probably take you 10-15 just to pronounce his name.

10.) 16 Jul 2019 15:49:22
The Lallana conversion makes no sense when Marko Grujic is available and better suited with a contract until 2023. Just my opinion. I like AL and he's certainly a good squad member willing to do whatever is required but I think he needs a bit of freedom to move and use his skills that I can't see him getting with our set-up and available players. I guess we'll see.

{Ed002's Note - But no work permit and zero chance of getting one under a "talant" exemption.}

11.) 16 Jul 2019 19:29:52
I have a hard time believing this Lallana as a #6 thingy. I don't believe it will see the light of day cos we already have Fab and Hendo and to some extent Wiji, who can play the #6 much better than Lallana can. Even Jorginho who he is being compared to, is more of a DLP than a DM a la Fab or Hendo so not sure what all this is about, really. I will say that this is preseason hence, it is the time to try diff. things so in the end, it is what it is.

12.) 16 Jul 2019 22:01:25
Sorry to ask a stupid question, but how are grujic and many south Americans able to play in Europe but not the UK while we are still (for now) a member state of the EU.

{Ed002's Note - They have to qualify for work permits - and rules change from country to country.}

13.) 17 Jul 2019 21:45:51
Im not sure about his ability to play a deeper role and with fabhino in the team it doesn't seem like we will see it much. But lallana can tackle. Maybe not well enough to play as a dcm.

14.) 17 Jul 2019 23:14:20
Me neither, Robbie.

15.) 18 Jul 2019 05:52:26
With AL in last 2 games against weak opposition I feel klopp was just using him in that role to gradually get him up to speed after 2 seasons without any rhythm, confidence and fitness. He could get a lot of the ball and have more time to play.

Against any sort of top tier team he'd never play there. Maybe only be used in cup games if playing league 1 or 2 weak teams.



01 Jun 2019 22:38:30
Yes yes yes! Thank you Jurgen and the owners! What an end to the season. We are the champions, champions of Europe. Enjoy the summer everyone, the premier league to follow I think. Ed 1, yes my friend, yes!

Lfc hopeful

{Ed001's Note - my poor neighbours!}

1.) 01 Jun 2019 23:41:06
Exactly my thoughts too Ed1 mate, bloody hell after Origi's goal I went ape sh*t mate, I'd actually been out for a cig and when I came back in just as I was about to sit back down, he scored lol amazing, my god, just amazing! I aren't going to sleep tonight but bugger it, AJ fight soon, you only live once! I can't calm down after that, I'm so fkn over the moon. YESSS!




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24 Sep 2019 20:28:49
Who is he?

Lfc hopeful



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24 Sep 2019 18:08:39
The other thing i wonder about is where will we sit in terms of Nike’s priorities, second to Barcelona I would say, and they’ve got lots of other football clubs. I presume new balance focus most of their football activities on us?

Lfc hopeful



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11 Sep 2019 10:58:05
As far as I am concerned, of the 3 sources it’s only ed2 who has no dog in that particular fight, so I’m most inclined to believe him. I doubt he wastes his time coming on here to tell lies. As my old history teacher would say, you need to apply the 5 W’s when considering a sources info; who, what, when, where and why.

Lfc hopeful



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28 Aug 2019 11:23:00
This isn’t so much a football issue as it is a social issue. The ‘yoof’ of today expect everything right now!

Lfc hopeful



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28 Aug 2019 11:21:39
I love the idea of a return to the boot room days but are we confident that Pep can make that step up from a number 2 to being the boss? I’m not doubting his football brain at all, but the modern day manager has to have so many different skill sets and the fans have to have absolute patients. I’m just not sure how much of a gamble that would be. I know he was sacked for not getting promoted in his time as a manager, but I’ve no idea if he was very harshly done by (to be fair firing a manager after a year is most often a bit harsh) but is he Liverpool manager material, or is he an outstanding coach? They aren’t necessarily the same thing.

Lfc hopeful




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29 Sep 2019 18:06:03
Why was the guy in the VAR not a premier league ref?! Surely we could have more experienced refs i. e those that are forced to retire at a certain age, surely they should then move into VAR where their experience can be put to use. I understand that, as we stand, the old refs mightn’t be regarded all that highly, but that would make sense to me, once their fitness is no longer up to it, that their experience needn’t be lost.

Lfc hopeful

{Ed001's Note - they don't have enough Prem refs, and they won't even use Lee Probert, who is out injured, in the VAR because he is injured. You would think that would make him perfect to look after VAR while he gets back fit!}



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19 Sep 2019 13:00:40
XaW, my understanding of VAR (in the PL anyway) is that if the TV images bare out what the ref says over the mic, they won’t overturn a decision whether they disagree with that decision or not. But I’d find it hard to believe that the ref on Tuesday said the the VAR ref that robbo took a swing at the ball, missed everything, then the attacker started to go down before any contact was made and he then fell into robbo’s standing leg. He surely said the defender tripped the attacker - which was fair enough for him to think- but the tv pics don’t back that up. I really do think the only way we’ll understand what is going on is for them to be mic’d up, or else it feels even more cloak and dagger than it did before VAR. And I agree with comments above, obviously I’m most bothered because I’m a Liverpool fan, but I said it on the day it happened that Man City should have had a blatant pen against Tottenham. We used to be able to say, ah well the ref didn’t see it- what excuse is there now for that city non penalty? It calls referees interpretation of the law into even more question these days, because everything is seen.

Lfc hopeful



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18 Sep 2019 18:23:33
It’s is pointless if it isn’t going to intervene in these cases, in fact I thought it was introduced for precisely these cases. Fair play to the ref, it looked like a pen on tv from front on, but the the replays showed, very clearly, that Robertson didn’t kick him and after that his legs start to crumple and he hits robbo’s standing leg and goes down. It’s a farce, ed25 will be going mad when Mo still gets his ‘dodgy’ pens, as he sees it.

Lfc hopeful



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18 Sep 2019 11:23:34
There’s no words to even begin describing that decision.

Lfc hopeful



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18 Sep 2019 08:58:08
Who is it that cleared Cagliari, ed? Is that the Italian fa?

Lfc hopeful

{Ed001's Note - an Italian judge on behalf of Serie A. Clearly an imbecile.}