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26 Oct 2015 11:53:04
Hi eds do you have a update on sturridge and Henderson fitness. Would be a completely different team then


{Ed001's Note - Sturridge is still being assessed to determine the extent of it and Hendo is due back towards the end of November.}




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30 Dec 2018 14:59:07
Southampton 1-1 CMON.


1.) 30 Dec 2018 23:38:07
That didn't last.



28 Dec 2018 18:58:56
Just read about the golf club incident in john arne riise word from his book. Bellamy should of been locked up. lost all respect for that animal. knew he was a headcase but wish John would of battered him to a pulp now. As for Steve finnan just standing there.


1.) 28 Dec 2018 19:18:13
Bellamy has his own version of events which sound significantly less serious. I believe it's in his own autobiography. I imagine the reality is somewhere in between, unless Ed001 can shed some light on the situation?

{Ed001's Note - I know what both have said and what a few others have said and you are right, something in the middle. Bellamy was hammered and being a dick, something he was prone to at the time. However that is the Bellamy of then and he has changed a lot and so should not be judged by that one incident alone. He can still be an idiot on the bevvies, but he has grown up a lot since a friend of his convinced him to visit Sierra Leone (iirc) while he was playing for Man City. The lad has grown up thanks to that visit and came back and behaved, in the main, very well in his second spell at the club. He even took a large wage cut to return on a far lower salary than any other offer on the table to him at the time.}

2.) 28 Dec 2018 19:51:01
What did you make of him as a player ed? Off field antics aside.

{Ed001's Note - when he concentrated on his game he was an excellent player. Had pace, skill and worked hard.}

3.) 29 Dec 2018 00:34:35
Idk, reading it I feel like there's a certain element of Riise being a tough bloke after the event. "I could've totally kicked his ass if I had wanted to! "



06 Feb 2017 15:41:20
Correct me if I'm wrong but who did we buy in summer that's in our first team now. matip on a free? Klavan and mane and some guy called grujic. Mane was a premier league player anyway so was going to slip into our team easily. Where is grujic. Klavan, karius are pointless signings. we're getting left behind by teams.


1.) 06 Feb 2017 16:00:35
Grujic has been injured, klavan was signed as a back up and has been used as such, karius was dropped to protect him from the media and the moronic section of Liverpool fans after some poor form.

2.) 06 Feb 2017 16:06:41
Klopps hands are tied by the snakes fsg. Did you read what comolli said about the budget he was given.

{Ed001's Note - Commolli is a snake. First and foremost. The man is not someone I would trust in any shape or form. There are issues with FSG, but limiting spending power is not down to them, that is down to the club's lack of income. Which is something they have worked hard to address. There are a lot more things to have a go at FSG over, budgets is not one of them.}

3.) 06 Feb 2017 16:35:12
Like making us pay back the money for the main stand? Do you recon roman abavavich will make Chelsea pay back the money for there stadium?

City owners completely turned around city what did we get? Nothing.

Liverpool should be lightyears in front of city commercially but yet we aren't that's because fsg never invested properly in the first couple years to push us up league.

Where have they spent money ed? The only times we have ever spent money is after someone big gets sold. What's the good of that?

{Ed001's Note - so you are on their backs for not throwing money at the club? Roman is irrelevant. The City owners are nothing to do with us. If you want to pay millions out then do so, but you can't moan at owners for wanting the club to live within its means. This childish expectation of club owners throwing their own money in is ridiculous. Clubs should be run within their means if possible.}

4.) 06 Feb 2017 16:57:07
While i agree that there may have been a window of opportunity to throw a substantial amount of money at recruiting better players, a project as some of the richer owners call it, i agree with the Ed that we have to be run within our means, its the rules after all but more importantly if serious money was given to buying players would we have spent it well? Comolli and Rodgers in charge? I think not! Now that you can lay at the feet of Fsg.

5.) 06 Feb 2017 17:00:15
I'm not being childish ed, nor do I want us permanently in debt. But you have to admit what they are doing isn't working. You can't honestly believe that we are capable of winning league with them in charge?

They are in it for them, recent leaked emails confirm this.

{Ed001's Note - the ONLY way we would really be able to guarantee winning the league is for someone to spend huge sums of money to do so. Other than that, we are a long way behind the rest thanks to previous regimes. Though, to be fair to G&H, they did try to fix it when they were in charge. We have a lot of ground to regain, that can not be done by just throwing money at the problem, you have to invest wisely.

If you want to question FSG, it should be about the way they went about the stadium, the way they tried to raise prices to a ridiculous level and the silly (and completely false) comments about not being able to continue the redevelopment due to lacking finances.

There is also the poor job they have done in choosing the staff they appoint, the likes of Ayre and Rodgers were completely out of their depth in roles they were trying to learn on the job. Hopefully the Klopp appointment is the right one, but he needs time and backing, particularly by the fans (which is conspicously absent at Anfield which has turned into Highbury in terms of noise levels), to rebuild. They still have to do more to turn a noticeably deficient scouting network into one that helps us to find the right players at a more reasonable price. What has been done to ensure that we don't miss out on the likes of N'Golo Kante when they are in the lower leagues around the world in future?

Most importantly of all, they have been completely and utterly useless in terms of their development of the community aspects of the club. They are too busy trying to build a franchise and failing to understand what actually makes football clubs in England so different from the rest of the world. Until they pull their heads out of their backsides and actually improve that aspect of the club, they will always have a significant portion of local fans who will not support them, no matter what the club wins. LFC is a global brand, but it is more than that, it is representing the fans, not just on the pitch, but off it. That means in all aspects of life. They need to do more to rebuild the ties in the community that they have gone a long way to destroying.}

6.) 06 Feb 2017 17:18:40
Moaners and FSG haters need to give it a rest cos their embarrassing posts and jibes are becoming tedious, not to mention that NONE of what they post is true as Ed has royally debunked them. Is it FSG's fault that BR's arrogance and incompetence bottled us the PL? Is it their fault that Studge, Can, Origi and Lovren are off form? Is it their fault that they gave 300m to BR, only for him to splurge on Aspas, Allen, Marko, Moreno, Lambert, Borini, Balotelli and the lot? You say they don't spend money yet gave Commolli 100m in one summer to burn on Downing, Coates, Carroll and Enrique and Hendo, of which only Hendo is at the club still. The FSG slaters need to find another hobby cos their reasons for berating them, are illogical and have no basis in fact.

{Ed001's Note - to be fair Noah, there are reasons to dig at FSG still, they are not perfect. In fact there is one I am going to write an article about, as they have really peed me off about one thing.}

7.) 06 Feb 2017 17:01:07
Not having a go at the owners here. but whoever is signing said players. Klavan was bought as back up? We already kolo tour at the club who would of taken a 1yr contract. He is 10 times the player klavan is.

Can't really call grujic until we've seen him but I'm sure one of eds said he wasn't ready for the first team anyway. Karius. well we already had a young goalkeeper, we needed experience to push him on, or sell him.

We really need to up our game when signing players. The squad is so light it's a joke. We got shut of some players like ibe, benteke ect. for good money and that money should of been spent more wisely.

We didn't even buy a LB which was our worst position. We have some excellent players here but we need more quality players to keep up the challenge.

8.) 06 Feb 2017 17:30:18
Noah it is their fault that they hired Rodgers in the first place. You just don't get it. If you can't get the major decisions right, managers, Dof, scouting then you don't stand a chance.

9.) 06 Feb 2017 17:26:59
Keeping aside MU, Which club has splashed more than us, Chelsea had massive sales to match their spending while City oh my god, do you want us to spend £50 mill on John stones to solve the issue or £30 mill on Bravo? We bought players who Klopp wanted.

How much has Spurs spent this season? How are they doing well in the league?

10.) 06 Feb 2017 18:08:41
Great post ed01, summed it up nicely and i look forward to reading your article. FSG in terms of finance on the whole have been generous, we have not had the right people in charge of those finances to make the right choices at the right times in terms of player purchases.

But you are spot on in terms of the outreach and building stronger local ties with the community. It is why i feel they will sell up when the circumstances are right because they have no affinity with either the fans global or otherwise or the community it should be representing.

I won't go into their negotiaing policy and the number of clubs we have alienated since they have been in charge. I am not however denegrating the good thay have also done for the club and and grateful they were able to step in when the club was in trouble. Ultimately it may be time for them to sell the club to owners that have a long term business and emotional investment.

{Ed001's Note - agreed. Though I am not sure my article will end up being anything other than a rant, as things stand. I have put it off a few days to try and write a considered one, but it is difficult as it is something personal which has really disappointed me about the club. Especially when you consider what other football clubs and other sports teams in general have done in the exact same situation, with regards to this matter.}

11.) 06 Feb 2017 18:55:31
Child illness then ed?

Your spot on about the community. What they don't get is that with franchises in america you can always move to a better placed area etx (which is pathtic)

There should be open days at stanlet. Players visiting everywhere atleast once a week. Offes for free places to disadvantaged, disabled and ill children for matchesm lower ticket prices atleast a game a year. Funding into the community for new youth centres

Everton pretty much do the lot. Tbey are the peoples club. no natter werher people like to think it.

Theres a college they built next to the stadium for starters. They do back to work schemes. All sorts.

End of rant but we have to do more than hust have liverpool shops and the abnual hospital visit.

Sakho did stuff which i loved him for as do others like but as a whole the clyb need to improve majorly.

{Ed001's Note - Rafa and Montse were brilliant in this regard too. Especially Montse.

Not child illness though one of the charities is a youth charity. LFC should be looking at the huge strides Citeh have made with their work within the community, as well as Everton. Even Man Utd have come a long way from the days when they would get a request for charity help and all the would send would be a few old pencil cases with pictures of players who had left on them (yes that genuinely happened on more than one occasion).

Footballers all should (and I believe do) have stipulations in their contracts about community work. It is about time Liverpool put them to work actually fulfilling those contractual agreements. All of them, not just some, should be representing the club at various engagements at least one hour a week, at the minimum. There should be none of this crap about stopping people getting autographs etc at Melwood. Big time charlies need to realise they get their huge sums because of the fans and give something back.}

12.) 06 Feb 2017 19:22:04
When things go wrong, the owners get it, as does the cat and the neighbours dog, just for the sake of it.

13.) 06 Feb 2017 20:35:32
Spot on ed.

How can it not be the best thing in the world that someone whould stand in the pissing down rain, thunder storms, snow to get my signature. Jesus i would pay someone to ask me to do it haha

America football have a lot of stuff like that its not loads i know of but i've seen a lot of like open days they have which would be huge. Would of wet myself if gerrard had come to say visit are football club for a quick chat. Its stuff like that going to insoire academt players. do they not realise the impact they could have turninf uo on a sunday to watch the local kids.

I went to the open training at rhe ground right and they did nothing for the kids and literally sat us on the kop and trained the other aide of the pitch. Was stunned you literally needed binoculars to get a proper sight.

As for the hospitals, disabled, homeless. It really comes to something when you wouod have to be asked to do stuff by contract.

Getting paid 50k a week and not having an urge to drop into a local school of your own back to just go in at lunch time for a quick kickaround. hospitals to take the kids playstations. I know i've gone off and thag but the first thing i would do if i won the lottery is by 1000 playstations, tvs, ipads all different stuff and go to all the childrens hospitals in my area. disability resisdencies. nspcc and that. Just give to them to the nurses ro set them all uo for the kids. Make all there toubkes just that little bit easier. Its your ****ing duty if you have been blessed to look after the others who havent. Yes snobs are nobs and sort themselves ou5 but as an organisation like liverpool there is no excuse to being not doing enough.

Rafas wife still works for a charity round liverpool - olly and one of the things it does is send children who have lost there parents on all exoence paid trips to disneyland each year, 40 went last year. She STILL does it. When was he sacked? Sacked btw! Those two are prper patrons of this city.

Ferdinand donating 500k of toys for a childrebs without christmas charity and it got about 1% publicity because he just f**king did it. Little segment on sky it got because the people wanted him to get a thank you.

Its there but there needs to be so much more.

{Ed001's Note - exactly. It is a sad world when you don't choose to give time and money when you have plenty of both. Just look at the work Craig Bellamy put in for charity in recent years. That is a lad who became a better person and better player for it. Others should take note.}

14.) 06 Feb 2017 19:53:14
Yes and spurs will come undone too as they also have a weak squad. 1 injury to Kane or Ali and they are doomed. they also have a spine loris, walker, vertonghen, alderwield, rose. Put that 5 against ours and who comes out on top.

15.) 06 Feb 2017 18:51:22
So FSG sell to Chinese or Arabs who throw lots of money at players to come to club we don't win the league will you blame the new owners who ever they maybe or the manager or the players.

We are becoming moaning fans who bitch when things go wrong and you have the cheek to sing you will never walk alone while coming on sites like this and complaining about anything and everything wind your necks in and support the club, team, manger and club.

16.) 06 Feb 2017 21:27:52
Are people stopped from getting autographs at melwood? Wow! Would I want to shout on top of my voice chanting the players' names if they can't take out a couple of seconds to scribble on a sheet of paper? This is an appalling and absolutely unjustifiable rule for any kind of sport that pays out millions in wages!

17.) 07 Feb 2017 05:21:05
Absolutely spot on Supermane and something I have always thought about too. If I was a player earning the money they do I would be making visits to local schools, hospitals, etc etc every god damn week and be doing so off my own back. These players are blessed but this is one of the issues of modern day football: the pay is so astronomical, and the players are so mollycoddled, that they believe their own hype, think they are something special and lose that connection with fans.

Whenever I see players walk past fans asking for an autograph I feel slightly enraged: does it really take that long to just stop, say hello, sign something, take a quick selfie? It is the bare minimum they should do. It ain't like they working 12 hours a day they earn ludicrous amounts of money for what is, in the grand scheme of things, not much work. It's so bang out of order to treat your fans in such a callous fashion as if they are mosquitos to be swatted away - the players should have a long, hard look in the mirror at themselves because their attitudes are absolutely disgusting (bar one or two decent ones *cough* Lucas *cough*) .

Those attitudes off the pitch are endemic to the performances on it as well - lack of passion, desire and importantly connection to what Liverpool is supposed to represent. What stake do the players (except local lads like Flanno, Gerrard, etc) have when they are disconnected, through their own actions as well as the clubs, from the very fans they are supposed to want to win games for? You can see it on the pitch their is a complete lack of desire and this is in part because the players have no affinity to the club. Gerrard may have faded in his last few seasons for us but he provided that connection between the fans and the players and he made sure everyone around him felt it too. The players should be made to work harder within the community and with the fans - or god forbid actually do so under their own impetus - or the club should look at moving them on. The club is a family, a community, more than a franchise - it's about time they started acting like it.

p. s. read your article on LFC's response to the charity request Ed - disgusted isn't the word.

{Ed001's Note - I am disgusted too Seano.}

18.) 07 Feb 2017 17:33:55
This is why in American pro sports, you are almost required to be part of the community building process, setting up foundations to improve them cos trust me, the last thing you want to be known for when you are a pro athlete, is being a jerk.



10 Jan 2017 13:04:04
Hi guys. Any updates on squad injuries.
Are Henderson and matip fit for man United match? Coutinho in training. what about lovren. You reckon we'll have a fully fit 1st team for Sunday?


{Ed002's Note - There has been nothing from the club on injuries yet this week - perhaps later today.}

1.) 10 Jan 2017 15:35:53
Henderson? not sure but may be fit. Matip is back in training as of yesterday so more than likely will start vs Utd, at least I hope he does.



14 Aug 2016 08:23:48
Seems to me a lot of our fans are being very negative about the season ahead of us. don't understand why.
We have a very good squad of players and hopefully will get shut of some fringe players and hopefully recruit the LB we all know we need. But over all our squad is capable of challenging for the top spot with a bit of luck and IF we can keep certain players fit.
Hoping for a win today.
Will be sat in linekars Inn in altinkum, Turkey at 5pm to watch the game
Come on you reds


1.) 14 Aug 2016 08:52:14
Negative? Who's negative? I'd have to disagree.

2.) 14 Aug 2016 09:33:36
I feel we'll be "left back" if we don't address our weaknesses.

3.) 14 Aug 2016 10:08:47
Come on fella season starts today . Get behind the team will ya?

4.) 14 Aug 2016 12:01:10
I think because people are worried that we are beginning the season with mignolet (as default) and Moreno at left back, with arguably the same midfield as last season so unless they have improved drastically we might see the same issues. There's always going to be questions asked before a season let's just hope those answers get swept away as the season starts, as I'm sure some of them will. Don't forget everyone supports the team, pessimistic or optimistic, everyone on here supports lfc.

Plus I have seen more positivity than negativity on here so it just makes no sense that I keep seeing posters right 'I see a lot of negativity on here and I don't understand why' firstly that brings more negativity of anything, secondly, if questioning why we haven't got a new left back is 'negativity' then I have no idea anymore.

5.) 14 Aug 2016 15:06:08
Who says they having improved? They all had not her season under there belt. people go on about Tottenham building a young team, have we not got the same.




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31 Jul 2019 09:00:34
Can't wait to see him regular.




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15 Jul 2019 14:22:38
Hope so he is a decent playmaker.




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15 Jul 2019 14:15:48
To be fair to him I think he did well when I watched them last season. Scored some decent goals too. Perhaps if he threw himself to ground and rolled around for fun the fans might appreciate him more.


{Ed001's Note - sorry but that is not why they don't rate him. It is because he is half the player Iniesta was and did not do well most of the time.}



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15 Jul 2019 14:13:01
Isn't the 88million the amount that Barcelona still owe us? So basically we can have him for 2 years and then keep him. To be fair I'd take him. he would of turned 1 of those draws last season into a win. at least 1. I know he left in bad circumstances, but we all make some mistakes in life. Hopefully there is a chance of him fekir or cornet.




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26 May 2019 09:38:51
Ed. no absolutely not move brewster on. But sturridge for anyone in any other position 100%.


{Ed002's Note - So what are Liverpool going to do with all of these players? Or is Depay a Firmino replacement?}




magico's banter replies


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08 Aug 2019 21:15:51
4 nil for me tomorrow night. can't bloody wait.
Next season I expect to go head to head with city all the way again. Spurs to push till January and fall away. still next better players in my eyes.
The rest can fight it out.




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15 Jul 2019 14:20:45
Personally feel we should get lovren and lallana off our books. Their replacements and a back up left back are all we need. Lovren is dodgy and lallana too injury prone.




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15 Jul 2019 14:18:09
Liverpool wouldn't pay the 80million. barca still owe us that amount.




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25 May 2019 09:20:09
Better than rush for me. some of the outstanding goals he scored. absolute genius. Was just up against great strikers in the league at the time too.




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07 May 2019 20:54:23
Remind me. how much did we get for coutinho and how much was neymar?