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28 Apr 2024 07:26:28
It's very sad how some of our fans are turning on Klopp at the moment. How can it be so easily forgotten where we where when he came in and what he has achieved with and for us. If it wasn't for the sports washing team in Manchester he would of achieved a lot more woth us too. We've had so many amazing memories to look back on and achieved some incredible things. Even this season we should have been nowhere near a title if we're being honest with the number of injuries but due to a few bad games all the good things are forgotten by some. He isn't perfect but who is? He was perfect for our club in my eyes with his passion and personality. I for one will look back on Klopps reign as being an incredible journey and I can't thank the man enough for the memories he gave me. YNWA Klopp.


1.) 28 Apr 2024 07:40:50
Post of the day.

2.) 28 Apr 2024 08:03:21

3.) 28 Apr 2024 08:16:44
Sadly, people have short memories.

4.) 28 Apr 2024 09:48:23
Agree, at the beginning of this season I would have taken where we are now gladly, but our expectations were built up by the performance up to now.

5.) 28 Apr 2024 09:59:18
It's funny that some of are them now saying he should have gone two years ago! They weren't saying that two years ago or even less than a month ago when we were top of the League.
The bloke helps put us in a position were winning League title and another two trophies is in our hands with less than two months of the season left but they knock him down when it doesn't happen.
Would we have been in that position had Klopp been let go two years ago?
I'd love to know which manager would have replaced him and made us at least League champions.

6.) 28 Apr 2024 10:25:33
Hit the nail on the head there Rigsby

Where were all these clowns 2 months ago?

Klopp deserves more respect from some of these posters.

7.) 28 Apr 2024 10:27:41
This seaaon we were puching above by getting late goals but it was clear the midfield was very thin. As soon as the forwards forgot their shooting boots, the results were normal.

This might be not popular opinion here the heavy metal style is passe. It cannot be sustained and had run its course.

The change to posession style was evolution with us getting to challenge 4 titles last time and again this season. only to loose out because of not taking chances.

I am not supporting inverted right back role at all but this thinking of going back to heavy metal style is not going to gurantee titles.

We should take it both wins ans losses and give proper send off to Klopp by appreciating the good times and not getting bitter because of these last 6 or 7 games.

8.) 28 Apr 2024 10:33:22
This is why the pramgamtists here so eagerly call out the “fans” who spend all their time criticizing the team and players when we don’t win yet sit silently when we are winning.

Because at the end of the day, you’re not actually supporting the club. You’re supporting winning trophies and that’s it.

9.) 28 Apr 2024 10:39:20
Doesn't matter if people think we've over achieved this season. we we're top of the league couple of weeks ago, in the FA and europa cup n suddenly fell apart. no one knows why, can't go from playing great to utter shte n not be questioned .

10.) 28 Apr 2024 11:02:21
I read a lot about tactical flaws here but I have a sincere question as I don't know much about football. Was it Klopps tactics that stopped our attackers from putting away the tons of chances we created as well? I mean, inverted full back or not, we created lots of chances which we never scored and that is why we are where we are today. I be the players the most personally.

11.) 28 Apr 2024 11:39:58
Questions should be asked, Stromsgodset. Some fans are rewriting history though. I don't think we've been playing great, regularly, this season though. Results were great despite the way we played, I would say.
I do agree that results and performances have dipped significantly in the past few weeks but questioning that is fine. What I find strange is fans giving the answers to those problems after the events. The manager, his assistant, a book, the kids etc. are emotionally bandied about without any real thought.

12.) 28 Apr 2024 13:00:44
Theres no helping some people. Let them have their tantrums and ridiculous opinions.
Klopp has been great for Liverpool football club and I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 9 years.
Thats what its about right? Sure there has been some disappointments during that time but they only rank as disappointing when compared to the great moments we’ve had alongside them.

{Ed025's Note - im with you Semi..

13.) 28 Apr 2024 13:33:13
Klopp always said it was about the journey …. The moments both high and low are what should be remembered …. All in the context of a dodgy set of officials and a club winning by virtue of financial doping.

14.) 28 Apr 2024 14:20:46
Some posters can’t formulate their own opinions.
Be it Klopp should have left 2 years ago
Ljinders should be the next manager when Klopp leaves
Or Jones is better than Foden ??.

15.) 28 Apr 2024 14:29:41
Klopp has been awesome but has lost his way a bit with the whole inverted full back nonsense, and we didn’t transition the midfield quickly enough. 8 trophies in 9 years is a great return when you consider we are up against state sponsored teams. We’ve also been unlucky at crucial times with injuries and lost

16.) 28 Apr 2024 15:22:30
True Rigsby, we weren't playing great but results is what mattered after last season, I was hoping rather than expecting that we would qualify for champs league. n im happy with that. just we were sooo close to competing this year for the title . we as fans try n work out what's happening so we throw all scenarios out. some bizarre.

17.) 28 Apr 2024 16:47:19
Irish, you forgot "Alisson should be sold and Kelleher should be starting" and "Alexander Arnold should be sold to Real Madrid" (so we could get those big bucks and buy some nice new shiny toys) . ?.

18.) 28 Apr 2024 19:00:46
The Alisson one is one of my favourites, ArAy. That and Lijnders decides to write a book when he didn't decide to write a book.

19.) 28 Apr 2024 19:59:47
@Faith, is a ‘pramgamtist’ a pragmatist who sits in a pram? ?.



14 Mar 2024 19:21:02
Why can't VAR work for the referee on the pitch instead of them dictating what should and shouldn't be looked at? The ref should be able to say, can you get that up for me on screen so I can have a look before I make a decision. And vice versa the VAR should say at times you might want to look at that without making any decision themselves.

The games played at 100 miles an hour the refs cannot see everything that happens but VAR shouldn't be making the decision for the ref either. Its a obvious and simple solution.


1.) 14 Mar 2024 20:41:05
it's because the game is fast that they don't have time to second-guess every decision mate.

2.) 14 Mar 2024 21:09:06
@K-86, it's cos the system is deliberately not set up to do the things you are saying hence, not set up with rational, a goal and desire to make things better.

Howard Webb told us wht VAR is supposed to do, based on the setup during his last apology tour (telling us that Odegaard doing his best Steph Curry impression in the box should have been a pen) as in, "Corroborate the on pitch decision of the ref" even if/ when it is wrong according to the actual rules governing the actual incident. The City game last week is your latest example. The Odegaard example is another one.

3.) 14 Mar 2024 22:19:55
Because the game is corrupt. It's so obvious. Just like every other game or authoritative organisation in the land. I watch football for entertainment purposes only. A bit like WWE. You know its BS but you watch it anyway.

4.) 14 Mar 2024 22:23:25
what do you guys expect here? Like if the ref waves play on do you expect them to blow the game up and say 'hold on lads, just need to double check something'?

It's not realistic.

5.) 15 Mar 2024 06:52:09
The only thing I think is corrupt are the players and their behaviour on the pitch. The constant play acting and cheating to gain the slightest advantage. All this moaning about the refs but no regard whatsoever with what they have to deal with on the pitch every game and that certainly includes Liverpool players.
Maybe that might be a good place to start when we talk about the downfall of the game?.

6.) 15 Mar 2024 08:21:22
As far as diving and getting in the refs face i think were one the teams who avoid it more than most. if that was a city player looking for a peno like the Doku tackle on Sunday the whole team would have surrounded the ref.

7.) 15 Mar 2024 08:33:42
Let the referee do his job and give each team a few challenges and the get VAR involved then. They retain the challenge if they are correct and lose it if wrong, it works a lot better in rugby league, not perfect but better.

8.) 15 Mar 2024 12:59:14
Logan - would you have just the challenge? Cos obvs the TMO in rugby League gets involved in far more than just when captain challenges a call.

9.) 15 Mar 2024 15:31:33
Faithworks, that literally happened away at Palace when Andy Madley was called to the monitor TWO minutes after the fact to check and confirm the awarding of a penalty to Palace on the tackle from Quansah on Mateta.

That scenario has not happened to ANY team neither before nor after that. Again, I'm just saying what people did and what happened. Nothing more.

10.) 15 Mar 2024 18:20:04
Yes I would Faith, unless there is serious foul play. There is a time limit on how quickly you can challenge in league too, so 2 mins later wouldn’t be allowed.

11.) 15 Mar 2024 19:51:07
When we have refs heading off to work their nixers in the home of the owners of Manchester City for very large sums of money and PGMOL giving them their backing, it says everything really.

12.) 16 Mar 2024 05:35:00
The VAR team should just be instructed to make the right call, regardless of ref's decision.

I don't actually think it's corrupt. But unconscious bias is strong-- there have been numerous studies about race and refereeing, for example, and people tend to very slightly favor members of their own race. They are probably not doing this on purpose.

Furthermore, there's another human bias where not doing something is safer than doing something. In The Trolley problem, for example, people are generally ok if the trolley runs over one person instead of a bunch, but ask them to shove another person so that person dies, saving ten, and they won't do it. This is, I think, applicable to referees making penalty decisions late in games. The notion that they "shouldn't decide a game" punishes them for blowing a whistle but imagines that they aren't deciding the game when they don't make the call.

Referees should for sure be trained in this stuff and instructed to try and overcome it.




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19 Jul 2024 12:30:31
In regards to macca and owen leaving, we were in a very different place in the food chain back then and it was obvious we were nowhere near consistently competing for major honours. Not saying real madrid don't still have a bigger draw than us from the outside but its different circumstances.




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17 Jul 2024 17:46:09
Don't know why people are fuming we didn't match united to get this lad. 110-145k per week plus an enormous transfer fee for an 18 year old with 1 year left on his contract. Im glad the people moaning have no say in our transfer business. Real must also be mugs for not matching united or maybe its united who are the mugs. Only time will tell I suppose but I know which side of the fence I'm on anyway.




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09 Jul 2024 22:40:22
The hopefully comment is so disrespectful to say about a player who gives everything for us on the pitch and has helped us achieve so much.




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04 Jan 2024 18:00:02
The main 3 midfielders when all fit have been Jones, Dom and Mac in the 6. Even last year it seemed Jones had cemented his place in the first team when he was fit to play and this year he's kicked on even more.





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04 Jan 2024 17:21:04
@NicoleBecker you are free to go support Real if you want, no one is stopping you mate. I personally am more than happy with what my club have achieved. I feel lucky to support the club as we are one of the most successful clubs in the world. Even if we weren't though, I'd still support them and be grateful for it.




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